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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  December 18, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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we begin this morning with an accident involving a philadelphia police car. we're trying to get more information. here is the scene. sky force 10 was over it in germantown. you can see the police car has damage to the front end. nbc 10 has a crew on the way to the scene. we will bring you an update later on. sky force 10 over a school bus crash. 36 children were on the bus when another car rear ended the bus. the bus cass headed to m.o.t. charter school. three students went to a hospital for minor injuries. police cited the driver of the other car for following the bus
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too closely. a chilly and breezy morning this morning. a live look outside at the flags on top of the aramark building in center city. it's dry but again that wind is making it feel even chillier, and there is rain on the way. let's find out when with brittney shipp. >> good morning. as we head into the next couple of days, where he e are going t dry. a cold and windy day. it was warmer yesterday, which was nice to be in the 50s. the weekend will stay dry. the storm will stay to the south of us. our current temperatures right now, big difference from yesterday. 39 degrees in millville. 38 in philadelphia. mid 30s in pottstown. 38 in allentown. 39 in dover. temperatures in atlantic city at 40. gusty wind speeds close to 30 miles an hour in atlantic city.
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breezy in allentown and gusting up to 21 in mount pocono. that will continue throughout today, we will see windy conditions and colder temperatures. this is how the day will break down. 40 and windy by noon. by 4:00 p.m., 40 and then dropping down into the 30s by the time you are heading home from work or heading out to an early dinner. make sure you bring your thicker jacket today. >> thanks. reports say a plan is in the works to keep the taj mahal casino open. but the deal is far from done. a billionaire is reportedly in negotiations to save atlantic ci city's second largest casino less than 48 hours before it is set to close its doors. ted greenberg is live in atlantic city to give us an update. what do you know? >> reporter: keep in mind that this situation has been volatile for weeks. this more thanning ning it appe
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are close. a source tells me there's no official deal to keep the taj open. positive signs but uncertainty remains over the future of the trump taj mahal, a source involved in the negotiations tells nbc 10 a verbal understanding between the parties involved was reached late yesterday but stresses that no documents have been signed as of this morning. a scheduled shutdown of the taj has been planned for saturday, but two days ago the head of bankrupt trump entertainment resorts sent this letter to billionaire investor carl icon who holds the company's debt and stands to gain control of the casino asking that he continue to fund it to keep it open and save its 3,000 jobs. in the letter ceo robert griffin told icon he was their last hope writing that the state, city and union have abandoned the company to a verdict a closing, icon and trump entertainment resorts have resisted the union withdraw its
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appeal of a court order cancelling health and pension benefits. as far as we know, that appeal has still not been dropped. over the past month, sources say there have been signed of a deal several times without one ever materializing. trump entertainment resorts and carl icon's people have not responded to my request for comment this morning. the union president refused to comment when i got him on the phone. he did tell me as of now, no announcements are or news conferences are scheduled for today. that could change if we get word that it is changing and an announcement is coming, we will bring that to you. live in atlantic city, i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> keep us updated. count on nbc 10 to update you as soon as we get any new information on the casino crisis. you can get instant news updates on your iphone with our new improved nbc 10 news app. watch videos and read articles.
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if you have our app, update it or download is free right now. a pizza delivery man is carjacked at gun point in philadelphia. police say two men stole his money after he made a delivery at 54th and parkside around 1:30 this morning. the victim was not hurt. no arrests right now. two people are recovering from injuries after a crash on roosevelt boulevard. police say the driver lost control and the car flipped over several times and crashed on the boulevard around midnight. the two injured people are at the hospital but police say they should be all right. students at bensalem high school are grieving the loss of a classmate. she was hit and killed while trying to get on her school bus at bridgewater and bensalem boulevard yesterday morning. the 18-year-old driver of an suv drove past the bus stoplights and hit her. this is new video of the students and buses arriving this
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morning at bensalem high. grief counselors are at the school. they have warned the district about the dangerous intersection. >> people blow the stop sign like it's nothing. usually nothing happens. they don't realize how sear it is until something like this happens. >> police are questioning the 18-year-old student who hit the girl but investigators have not filed any charges. happening now, the trial is set to begin for a man accused of pushing his wife's corvette into the delaware river in northeast philadelphia. investigators say john cramer is involved in a bitter divorce. he was disgruntled when he pushed the corvette into the river last month. cramer said he didn't realize he had done anything wrong. cramer's estranged wife told 10 that he broke her front door and damaged her other car. the man accused of killing an aspiring math teacher over his ipod was scheduled for pretrial hearing this morning. prosecutors say he shot and
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killed 23-year-old bo zable in may of 2008. he is serving a life sentence for the death of the man who was the getaway driver. a woman is accused of waving a rifle and threatening teenagers. she was got into an argument with teens. she is facing weapons charges and three counts of making terroristic threats. a western pennsylvania man killed his parents and then dismembered their bodies. police say went to a home in penn hills for a welfare check on tuesday night. officers found the son and arrested him on an unrelated charge. police then searched the home and discovered the remains stuffed in trash cans. >> it makes me wonder what could take place for this to go that far. >> police also found inside the home receipts for four 45-gallon
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garbage cans purchased monday and tuesday. the suspect is refusing to speak or even acknowledge police. new questions about the death of the man who killed six people in montgomery county monday. the coroner revealed that brad stone did not stab himself to death as originally reported by the district attorney. searchers found stone's body tuesday near his home in pennsburg. we learned there was a machete, ax and two pill bodies near his body. toxicology tests could reveal what killed him but the results won't be back for several days. tonight two businesses will host a fund-raiser for the family of the first female fire fighter to die in the line of duty in philadelphia. she died earlier this month when she was got trapped in the basement. she left behind two children, a teenager and a 16-month-old. two businesses will have a fish fry at 6:00 this evening at the
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club on west huntingpark avenue. proceeds will go toward a memorial fund. there continues to be mixed reaction to president obama's announcement the united states will restore diplomatic relat n relations with cuba. congress would still need to approve it. part of the diplomatic deal included the release of alan gross from a cuban prison. the contractor had been in prison since 2009. nine secret meetings were held in canada and the vatican. >> i'm looking forward to buying a new computer and getting a mobile phone. everything that normal people do. >> while gross says he supports the change, lawmakers criticized the announcement saying it rewards a government that brutalizes its people. the three remaining jailed members of the so-called cuban five were released as part of the deal.
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cu cuba's president welcomed the men as they arrived in cuba yesterday. they were part of a spy network that operated in florida in the '9 '90s. the two other members were previously released. these are people celebrating in the streets of havana after hearing the announcement of the policy change. it could give cuba's economy a boost, even though tourists are still banned from going there. many travel restrictions will be lifted. those who are approved to visit can now bring the famous cuban cigars to the united states. one of the fbi's most wanted. joann killed a trooper back in 1973. she escaped from jail in 1979 and castro granted her asylum. there's a $2 million reward leading to her capture. a scary scene out west following a church service. a car slammed into a crowd of
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people. we will tell you what led to the crash and we will hear from the people who witnesses the horrifying scene. police say a man fakes a heart attack in the middle of a busy store. we will tell you why they say it was all part of an alleged criminal scheme. after we saw warmer temperatures tomorrow, we are cold and windy today. i'm tracking if we will see rain over the weekend and what to expect for christmas. that's coming up in my seven-day forecast.
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marathon suspect is in court. a judge is holding a hearing today. he could face the kdeath penalt if convicted. protesters said they want to make sure he gets a fair trial. a woman said she doesn't support terrorism but she's concerned about the suspect's rights. >> because this person has been demonized so greatly with very little proof, if any, being shown to the public, i would say that's in jeopardy to this person, which means jeopardy for everyone in my opinion. >> today is the last scheduled court hearing for him before jury selection in his trial begins january 5th. today investigators visited the school where taliban insurgents killed more than 140
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people, most students. military and police officials as well as forensic experts sifted through the blood and rubble at the school to collect evidence. tuesday's attack was one of the worst massacre in pakistan in years. students who survived comforted each other as they returned to school today. children hugged each other in front of the school's main gate which is decorated with flowers and wreaths. students rallied in support outside the school. pakistan's prime minister lifted a moratorium on the death penalty following tuesday's deadly attack. pakistan had suspended the death penalty several years ago. the school attack put pressure on the government to do more to stop the taliban. australians continue to pay tribute to the victims of the deadly hostage situation there at the cafe on monday. thousands of mourners have been pouring in to add to a memorial
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at the site. two people along with the gunman were killed when the standoff ended in gunfire. police in california say a drunk driver ran down people leaving a church event killing one and injuring several of them. the group of pedestrians was leaving a pageant last night. the driver slammed her car into it the crowd in a crosswalk. the car crashed into another vehicle then. witnesses described the terrifying scene. >> the crosswalk was full. the light was red. someone ran a red light and bodied started flying. it was horrible. >> police have not released the name or age of the person who was killed. most of the victims involved were children. another driver led police on a three-hour chase through a busy area of southern california last night. officers tried to stop the driver of a stolen black bmw in north hollywood. the driver took off making its
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way through several cities. police eventually cornered the car in malibu and arrested the driver. an explosion in a colorado apartment helped police discovered several pipe bombs. people living in the apartment complex in colorado springs evacuated as police devices. police arrested a man for making a homemade bomb in his apartment. investigators have concluded the north korean government ordered the sony cyber attack and the threat to attack movie theaters that came after the breach canceled them to cancel the movie. u.s. officials have told nbc news the hacking originated outside north korea but they believe those behind it were acting on orders from the north koreans. this comes on the heels of sony cancelling the release of "the interview" after five major movie chains announced they wouldn't show the film. the department of homeland security says there's no credible intelligence to
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indicate a plot against the theaters. now some worry more that the response than the threat. >> this sets a precedent for others who wish to attack cultural items. >> cancellation could cost sony pictures more than $50 million in revenue. now that the u.s. has established a link to north kor korea. they are considered a range of options, though they don't know what they include. kim jong-un and his wife attended a rally to mark the anniversary of his father's dead. kim and his wife along with several high-ranking officials walked to the palace of sun where the remains of north korean leaders are buried. we could know in a few weeks in chris christie is running for president in 2016. he says he will talk to his family over the holidays and make a decision early next year. this week, former florida
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governor jeb bush said he would actively explore getting into the republican race. one thing we know for sure, christie won't be sued over the jersey jam bridge scandal. lawyers for people who were stuck in the traffic mess filed a lawsuit that named christie at one of the defendants along with some of his former aides and ex-port authority officials. lawyers are filing a new suit and it will not include the governor. this comes after a panel investigating the lane closures found no proof that christie was involved. police say a suspected robber went to great lengths to steal toys from a walmart. he faked a heart attack. it was caught on camera at the lake wales walmart in florida. he laid on the floor the athe entrance clutching his chest. meanwhile, another guy ran out of the store with a cart full of toys. the suspect on the ground got up and walked out. both guys were arrested.
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good morning. as we head into the rest of today, you will notice a different. cold conditions. it's going to be windy. we have a dry stretch on tap for us, but we're tracking rain as we head into next week. that's going to affect christmas eve and possibly christmas day. a live look outside right now. flags on top of the aramark building, breezy conditions. that will continue throughout this thursday. a closer look at the poconos, chilly temperatures there. 38 degrees for philadelphia. mostly cloudy skies. the humidity is 51%. wind out of the west northwest at 17 miles per hour. the feels-like temperature is really in the low 30s. across the rest of the region, although we're in the high 30s, it feels colder than that. 39 in wildwood, 38 in allentown, 36 in quakertown, 30 in the poconos. we expect to see mostly cloudy skies today, windy conditions and cold. our feel hs-like temperature, 2
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in the poconos, 29 in pottstown, feeling like 28 degrees in wilmington. our 24-hour temperature change map shows we are down 13 degrees from this time yesterday in mount holly, down 13 in northeast philly, 12 in pottstown and down ten in the poconos. our wind speeds are whipping up to 29 miles per hour in atlantic city, up to 20 in mount holly, 21 in the poconos. it's going to feel colder told than what we saw yesterday. we will see the wind speeds moving through from the west as we head into the rest of your afternoon. we will see the wind speeds dieing down once we get through the overnight hours. by tomorrow, light to breezy conditions. our satellite radar shot shows the clouds over the philadelphia area and into the poconos. a few clouds closer to the shore but quiet conditions for most of our region. we don't expect to see any rainfall over the next couple of days. we were tracking a system it
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looks like it's going to stay to the south of us. where he going to stay dry throughout saturday and sunday. cold conditions are here to stay. our average is 44 for this time of year. 44 will be our high today, 43 heading into your friday. expect windy conditions for us today. clouds will continue to increase throughout today and tomorrow. dry even as we head into saturday and saturday night. your seven-day forecast shows that we are going to see temperatures staying in the low 40s as we head into the weekend. 44 degrees on sunday, winter officially beginning. then we will see rainfall monday, tuesday and wednesday into christmas eve. we will tell you about the results of a new study. people around the world are living longer. we will tell you what's behind the greater life expectancy.
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a new report shows we're living longer. global life expectancy rose an average of six years from 1990 through 2013. researchers say it's because fewer people are dieing from cancer and heart disease in high-income countries. there's a drop of respiratory and stomach illness deaths in poor regions. can smoking e-cigarettes help people quit smoking tobacco. a study says yes. researchers found e-cigarettes can help smokers kick the habit or cut down. the results, almost one in ten users quit smoking within a
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year. is the taj mahal about to get a last-minute reprieve? if you still need to order a gift online, today is the day to do it. we will tell you why coming up.
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back now with the latest on the casino crisis. although there are encouraging signs, nbc so h10 has learned an to stop the taj mahal from closing is far from a done deal. it's scheduled to close saturday morning. ted greenberg is live in atlantic city to explain where things stand right now. >> reporter: i just checked with union officials. they tell me as of now, right at this moment, no announcement is
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planned for today. keep in mind that this situation is very fluid. it has been this way for weeks with things changing on and off. it appears an official agreement could be close. this morning, the fate of the trump taj mahal and its 3,000 jobs continues to hang in the balance. a high-level source involved in negotiations tells me a verbal understanding between the parties involved was reached late yesterday, but stresses that no documents have been signed. without that, the source says, there's no official deal. a scheduled shutdown of the taj has been planned for saturday. two days ago the head of bankrupt trump entertainment resorts sent this letter to carl icon who holds the company's debt and stands to gain control of the casino asking that he continue to fund the taj to keep it open. in the letter robert griffin told icon he was their last hope, writing that the state,
11:31 am
city and union have all abandoned the company. to avert a closing, icon and trump entertainment resorts have insisted the union withdraw its appeal of a court order cancelling health and pension benefits for its members. i reached out to both trump entertainment resorts and carl icon's people this morning. neither has responded. i did get the union president on the phone. he would not comment on the status of a possible deal. we're staying on top of this situation. things have been changing quickly. as far as the taj mahal is concerned. if we get any updates, we will bring them to you. i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. just yesterday, a new jersey assembly man unveiled a plan to keep atlantic city and its remaining casinos alive. chris brown wants to freeze the taxes for five years and ease county taxes on casinos to make up the money the plan would increase county taxes on
11:32 am
property owners by $9 million a year. a man hopes a petition with more than 100,000 signatures will keep a casino agency from taking his home. he delivered the petition last month. the judge ruled the casino reinvestment authority had the right to take his home using eminent domain in the shadow of the closed revel casino hotel. he runs a piano tuning business out of his home. a pizza delivery man is robbed at gun point. police say two men stole his money after he made a delivery around 1:30 this morning. the victim was not hurt. no arrests right now. two people are recovering after a crash on roosevelt boulevard. police say the driver lost control and the car flipped over several times and crashed. it happened around midnight. the two people injured are at the hospital but police say both
11:33 am
should be okay. sky force 10 over a school bus accident in middletown, new castle county where 36 children were on the bus. police say a car rear ended the bus. the bus was headed to m.o.t. charter school. three students went to a hospital for minor injuries. police did cite the driver of the car for following the bus too closely. a live look at the comcast center. dry today but we could see rain next week. brittney shipp is here with the forecast. >> that's right. we will stay dry as we head into the end of the workweek. but next week it's a different story. a cold and windy day on tap for us. we are tracking a rainy stretch. that starts monday. that will linger up to christmas
11:34 am
day. that might affect some of your travel plans. right now, temperatures at 38 in allentown, 30 in the poconos, 39 in millville. temperatures in the high 30s along the shore. our feels-like temperatures, more like 31 in philadelphia, feeling like 31 in pottstown, 24 in the poconos, 28 in cape may and the 30s for mount holly. it will stay this way as we head into the next of the afternoon. the temperature will push into the 40s but feel like we are closer to the 30s with the wind speeds expected to whip up to ten to 15 miles per hour. our average for this time of year is 44. where he going to see a high of 44. by tomorrow 43. it's a seasonal day for us, but with the wind speeds, it's going to feel koercolder. all the updates as we head into the weekend and our next change of rain in my first alert seven-day forecast. >> thank you. no longer cold war foes.
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today the united states and cuba are beginning a new chapter, taking the first steps in more than a half a century toward establishing diplomatic relations. andrea mitchell reports. >> reporter: cuba, frozen in time by the u.s. embargo could become america's newest trading partner. >> we will begin to normalize relations between our two countries. through thee chanse changes we to create more opportunities. >> reporter: secretary of state kerry will travel to cuba. cuba will be removed from the list of terrorist states. the u.s. will permit more travel and trade, expanded banking. cuba promises internet access, what could be an information revolution for its people. >> translator: we must learn the art of coexisting in a civilized manner despite our differences.
11:36 am
>> reporter: all made possible by secret negotiations, including at the vatican, pressure from the first latin american pope. a deal involving the return of three remaining cuban prisoners from the u.s. greeted in havana by castro in exchange for release of a top-level american spy back to the u.s. and the humanitarian release of state department contractor alan gross who cheered's entered u.s. airspace and got a call from the president before an emotional arrival at andrews air force base. >> it's great to be back. it has been a heck of a trip. it really did bring great comfort to me knowing that i wasn't forgotten. >> reporter: on capitol hill, marco rubio, the son of a cuban american refugee, led an opposition. >> this president has been proven today that his foreign policy is more than just naive, it's willfully ignorant of the
11:37 am
way the world works. >> that was andrea mitchell reporting. cuba is releasing political prisoners as promised. putin says his country's economy will rebound and the ruble will stabilize. he spoke in moscow today during his annual news conference saying his country's currentsy reserves are suggest to keep the economy in stable condition. western sanctions and the rapid fall of oil prices have rattled russian markets in recent months. one of five philadelphia educators accused in a school cheating scandal has a pretrial hearing today. the teachers and a former principal are accused of changing answers on state standardized tests to try to boost the school's testing scores. all five suspects are charged with forgery for the five-year operation. a series of sexual assaults is shaking one of our area's
11:38 am
most prestigious universities. princeton's crime logs show three sex assaults were reported over the past weekend. one victim was allegedly fondled at an eating club there this past friday. another victim reported a fondling incident at an eating club within the past month. the third reported an assault earlier in the academic year. >> especially an ivy league school, you wouldn't think that stuff like that would happen here. >> the campus is reeling from a sex photo scandal last month at the tiger inn eating club. students circulated a picture in an e-mail of an under grad performing a sex act in the club. the university launched an investigation. police are investigating an alleged sex video at a middle school in bucks county. officers tell us that the video involves minors at roosevelt middle school. the district is investigating.
11:39 am
officials have confiscated cell phones. police have not arrest order charged anyone. philadelphia students will hold a die in protest against violence in front of the school district headquarters at 4:30 this afternoon before a meeting of the school reform commission. people have staged die lf in protests as you know across the country. demonstrating against the killings of unarmed black men by police in new york and missouri. happening today in philadelphia, hundreds of people will call for an end to homelessness. homeless and formerly homeless speakers will share their stories beginning at 5:00 this afternoon. this leads up to sunday's national homeless persons memorial day which is held on the longest night of the year. a health alert for anyone in delaware. experts want everyone to get flu shot shots. there are 250 confirmed cases of flu this season in delaware.
11:40 am
two people have died. south philadelphia could become home to a state-of-the-art bike track. last night organizers discussed their plans for the olympic caliber track known as a veladrome. it would be built at fdr park and would be part of a restoration of the area that includes other recreational facilities. the parks and reaks commission is reviewing the project and will make a final recommendation to the mayor and city counsel. this afternoon the city of philadelphia will announce a partnership with the social media website that can help strengthen neighborhood connections. the city will team up with it helps neighbors connect about crime, community events, local services and more. officials hope people will use it to improve communications in their neighborhoods. drexel university students, faculty and alumni came together this morning to do heavy lifting. the group moved 1,200 frozen
11:41 am
turkeys off a truck as part of their 41st anniversary turkey distribution event. they will feed families in need this season. if you still need to order holiday presents online, you may be able to do it today for less money. we will tell who you is offering free shipping today. we saw mild conditions yesterday. now i'm tracking a cold and windy thursday. plus what to expect as we head into the weekend. that's coming up in my first alert seven-day forecast.
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this is just in to nbc 10 news. a news conference about a sex video circulating in a middle school just wrapped up. we have more details. lu ann cahn is live. >> reporter: we learned the video of two minors engaged in a sex act came to light tuesday at a concert. kids were passing it around. they were disturbed by it and brought it to the attention of school officials. this is dr. samuel lee a few minutes ago. >> my understanding that a video has been distributed among our students which shows minors
11:45 am
engaged in activities that are inappropriate and, in fact, illegal. i want to emphasize the actions recorded in the video did not occur within our schools or on our property. i immediately notified law enforcement and child welfare agencies and the parties involved in the video are now part of an active investigation. >> reporter: it's important to note that there is a new pennsylvania law that makes it illegal for those under the age 18 to pass around videos to share videos of juveniles in a sex act. we are talking about a middle school of 7th and 8th graders. the superintendent would not say whether those in the tape were his students. they are investigating. i'm sure we will get more details today. when we get them, we will bring them to you. india launched the country's
11:46 am
most powerful rocket. >> three, two, one. >> the rocket lifted off early this morning from a base in southern india. the successful launch takes the indian space research organization a step closer to sending astronauts into space. part of the mission is to test a module. sony is cancelling the release of "the interview," a decision not sitting well with a lot of people, especially people in hollywood. >> reporter: the movie "the interview" is no longer coming soon. instead posters are simply coming down. >> i have never seen anything like this. i can't imagine how they are going to dig themselves out. >> reporter: celebrities are outraged they canceled the release. ben stiller tweeted, hard to believe this is a threat to
11:47 am
freedom of expression in america. from rob lowe, wow, everyone caved, a victory for them. many moviegoers agree. >> i think it's a shame that it has come to this. this is what they want and what they had getting. >> reporter: sony made the decision after the theater chains announced they were pulling the movie, concerned when the hackers threatened locations showing the film. in a statement sony says, we respect and understand our partners' decision and completely share their interests in the safety of employees and theater-goers. >> sony pulling the release is going to have ripple affects throughout hollywood. >> reporter: in the wake of the hack, nbc news confirmed a movie project set in north korea is no longer moving forward at 20th century fox. wednesday they tweeted, sad day for creative expression. >> we will allow ourselves to be bullied when a dictatorship or a regime doesn't like the way it
11:48 am
is depicted in a movie, a book, an article. >> there have been speculation "the interview" could be released on demand so people could watch it on their tv at home. a sony spokesperson says they have no further plans to release the film,. if you still need to order online, today is the day to do it. a free shipping day. more than 1,000 merchants are waving the shipping. losing luggage can be a huge headac headache. now one woman's 20-year headache is over. she lost her luggage at the airport more than 20 years ago. on tuesday, somebody from the transportation security administration called her up and said they found her luggage, found a note with her old address in the bag. she was shock and grateful
11:49 am
because of valuable art supplies in the bag. >> absolutely thankful to the tsa for calling me today, giving me great faith back into the airline industry. >> a tsa spokesperson says it's unusual to find items that predate the agency. we found a bear that may get coal in his stocking this year. a photographer set up cameras in the woods. i propped up a stuffed santa. a few days later, here comes the bear. first sniffs, take a few bites. then ouch, smacks it down to the ground. this bear isn't in the holiday spirit or maybe he would like to get a stuffed toy in his stocking. he had fun with that santa.
11:50 am
could be mad about last christmas. we don't know the back story. as we head into the rest of today, we will see cold conditions and windy conditions. a dry stretch is on tap, which is good, especially if you are traveling over the weekend to get home for christmas. then we are going to see rain next week. monday, that's when our chance of rain starts. it will continue into most of next week. for philadelphia, 38 degrees. a live look at the pocono mountains. humidity is at 51%, wind out of the west northwest at 14 miles per hour. a breezy day. the rest of the region, 36 in reading, 38 in philadelphia, 40 in atlantic city. it's a big difference from what we saw this time yesterday. our right now conditions for allentown, 38, pottstown 36, 36 in washington township. if you are with us in northeast philly, 39 degrees. 38 in mount holly. along the shore, close to 40 degrees. our feels-like temperature, it only feels like 30 in atlantic
11:51 am
city, feeling like 30 in millville. same thing in philadelphia. 28 in wilmington. feels like 29 degrees in pottstown. it's a big change from what we saw yesterday. we're down about 11 degrees here in atlantic city, down 12 in philadelphia. down 12 from this time yesterday for pottstown. our wind gusts are along the shore. we are seeing wind speeds gusting up to 29 miles per hour in atlantic city, up to 21 in the poconos. we will see wind gusts the rest of the afternoon, even into the overnight hours. we will see the winds relax as we head into tomorrow but still breezy conditions for friday with cold temperatures expected once again. there's a look at the clouds that everything else is dry for most of our region. the nearest rain or snow is to the north of boston. we originally were tracking a storm that could have brought us a chance of a wintry mix this weekend. that's going to stay to the south. we expect dry conditions saturday and sunday.
11:52 am
the cold continues. it's just a typical december week for us. our average at 44 degrees, today's high 44. 43 tomorrow. it will be cold tonight with temperatures dropping below freezing. windy conditions expected over the afternoon. you notice clouds will increase as we head into the overnight hours. friday we should see more sunshine. even as we head into saturday, we stay dry even as we push into saturday evening. we're not seeing any rainfall. that system staying to the south of us as high pressure builds to the north. a closer look at what we can expect as we head into christmas. where he going to see some of the rain showers tapering off that we will see throughout parts of christmas eve. temperatures at 44 degrees, windy conditions for us. as we head into the rest of today, we will range between 40 and 44. gusty wind speeds expected. the seven-day forecast shows we will see a wet start next week. winter starts on sunday. by monday, rain expected. that's going to continue into tuesday, wednesday and we will
11:53 am
see mild conditions by wednesday of 57. stay with us.
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coming up this afternoon at 3:00, "ellen" continues. she's talking to allison janey.
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then it's nbc 10 news at 4:00. drivers are getting ready to pay more to ride on the pennsylvania turnpike. while your cost may go up, others are getting a free ride. investigators look at the perks and changes coming thanks to a lawmaker this afternoon at 4:00. we want to update our top story. there are signs, nbc 10 has learned a plan to stop the doors from closing on the taj mahal is far from a done deal. it's scheduled to close saturday morning. a source involved in the negotiations tells nbc 10 that the parties involved reached a verbal understanding late yesterday but no one has signed any documents. as yet, there's no official deal. we will keep you updated on air and on our website at thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. for brittney shipp and all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day.
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>> paige: i miss you so much. i can't believe we might not be together for our first christmas. >> jj: i can't believe it either. how's your grandfather doing? >> paige: my mom and my grandma are talking to the doctor right now. maybe there'll be good news, and i can come home. >> dr. green: well, i am very pleased with mr. donovan's progress. he is going to make a full recovery. >> kimberly: oh, thank goodness. [chuckles] isn't that great, eve? >> eve: yeah. that's great. >> rafe: hi. calling to see if you got any information on our boy clyde. >> victor: that problem's going to be taken care of very soon. >> rafe: what are you talking about? you're not going rogue, are you? >> victor: i have to go.


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