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tv   NBC 10 News at 5am  NBC  December 20, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EST

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right now on nbc 10 news today, holiday shopping is in high gear. some stores are right in the middle of the sales marathon on what's known as super saturday. we'll tell you what last-minute shoppers need to know. if you are heading out today, bundle up. much of our area is feeling freezing temperatures this morning. we'll tell you what to expect for the rest of the day and we'll take a peek at the christmas forecast. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's 5:00 on this saturday. meteorologist michelle grossman is tracking cold conditions outside. but michelle, it doesn't seem as windy as yesterday. >> that's right. we won't have the wind but we'll
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have cold air. many spots below freezing. we'll probably not make it out of the 30s this saturday. a cold day today but at least it is dry. here's a live look outside. we are looking at some clouds. we'll see a mixture of sun and clouds throughout the day. temperatures are cold this morning. so bundle up if you head out. 23 in mt. pocono, 31 in allentown. 31 in lancaster. just 29 in millville. 28 in dover and 25 degrees right now in wildwood. now, you factor in the winds, they're not bad, but we're still seeing windchills in the teens in mount pocono, 15 is the windchill. feels like 27 in philadelphia. and it feels like just 23 in millville. so for today, plan on a cold one but plan on a dry one. you'll need your sunglasses with a mix of sun and clouds. by 8:00, 31, right above freezing. at 10:00, 33. by noon, mid-30s. more about the weekend forecast and then looking at a lot of rain during your workweek. that's coming up. >> thanks, michelle. today is super saturday. the final saturday to shop
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before christmas. this is one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year. nbc 10's matt delucia is live outside of the toys 'r' us in cherry hill. i'm sure a lot of parents will be in there today. matt? >> reporter: not yet, though. many stores are not open at this hour. this toys 'r' us will be opening in about an hour at 6:00 a.m. just undo the road the cherry hill mall opens at 7:00. super saturday has become known as a big deal for retailers, hoping to cash in before christmas. it's also the last weekend for shoppers to get everything before the holiday. and if the time of day or night doesn't bother you, take this. kohl's stores are open 24 hours until 6:00 p.m. christmas eve. and today is expected to be not just one of but the busiest and most lucrative shopping day of the year. even outperforming black friday. i'm looking at the predictions, and i'll let you know what you'll be dealing with if you've
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got some of that last-minute shopping to do at about 5:30. i'm matt delucia. nbc 10 news. if you need last-minute ideas, check out our holiday gift guide on our website right now, new from overnight, a 22-year-old man is dead after he was shot multiple times in the city's knightstown section. nbc 10 was in philadelphia around 4:00 this morning as police searched for clues that could lead them to the gunmen. investigators say the victim was shot in the face, in the back and below his waist. also new from overnight, police arrested a man whom they say shot a woman in west philadelphia. this happened inside the 601 bar on north 56th just before 3:00 this morning. officers recovered a gun at the scene. we're working to find out that woman's condition. it's the graffiti that's caused outrage. it says "cop lives don't matter." somebody scrawled the anti-police messages on a wall,
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a fence and even the side of a church in west philadelphia. this after the recent grand jury decisions in ferguson, missouri, and in new york. philadelphia police say the graffiti will be investigated like any other act of vandalism. meanwhile, hundreds lined the streets yesterday in northeast philadelphia to show brotherly love and sisterly love to the men and women in blue. it was part of a nationwide event called blue lives matter. the pro-police protest ers tells they want to show their support for philadelphia police officers who the demonstrators say are being unfairly judged following the deaths of michael brown and eric garner. >> they're men and women that go to work every day and try to do their job and try to do the best they can. and they're not going to be perfect. >> last night's rally was loud and noisy, it was mostly peaceful. a few dozen people gathered for a similar rally in port richmond. some of the officers' wives organized this one. demonstrators held signs and
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told drivers to honk their horns to show their support for the police. this morning a bucks county man is charged with making a hoax call during the manhunt for bradley stone. he's the former marine whom authorities say went on a shooting spree earlier this week. according to investigators, luke sanderlin claims that a man looking like bradley stone tried to car jack him in doylestown monday night. it led to the lockdown of central bucks ymca and the high school. he also told them he fired a gun at stone to scare him off. police began searching for stone after they say he killed his wife and five members of her family monday. they found his body the next day in montgomery county but no clues ever turned up in doylestown. investigators say that's because sanderlin made up his carjacking story. as for why, authorities believe he was trying to raise money for a medical treatment for an alleged illness. >> he would pretend that the
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stone situation gave him the opportunity to decide to try and play hero and get some notoriety for himself. and he did so at the community's expense. >> luke sanderlin is being held on $250,000 on charges including reckless endangerment and risking a catastrophe. this morning philadelphia police are searching for the gunman who shot and killed a man late last night. investigators say the victim was shot eight times on hartfield street in kensington. he died at the hospital. we'll keep you posted on this one. this morning police are also searching for armed robbers who are targeting grocery stores in north philadelphia and in brewerytown. take a look at this surveillance video. authorities believe the crooks were involved in seven robberies. in each one the men covered their faces and used handguns to threaten workers at neighborhood grocery stores. they got away with money and cigarettes. in one holdup, they also stole a handgun from an employee. nobody was hurt, but the robbers have neighbors worried.
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>> grandkids coming. concern, what if my grandkids come in here and something happened? >> police say they want these guys off the streets before the robbers turn violent. now to news from our jersey shore bureau. days of running loose are over for one pet bobcat. rocky the bobcat will now live at the popcorn park zoo in lacy township. the animal's owner appeared in stafford township municipal court yesterday to surrender rocky. the 38-pound bobcat has gotten loose at least six times since march. in september, fine promised to give up rocky if he escaped again, which he did in october. we've a heads up for drivers in philadelphia. today the southbound lanes of lincoln drive will be shut down. the closure will happen between 7:00 this morning and 5:00 tonight.
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northbound traffic will not be affected. the fbi confirms that north korea is behind the sony pictures hack and the president says hollywood made a mistake. next, sony fires back at the president. why the movie makers say they had no choice but to cancel the release of the controversial film "the interview." plus, another security breach at a big-box retailer is putting customers' personal information at risk. what you need to know about the latest cyber threat and how to find out if it impacts you.
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at ten minutes after 5:00, here's a life look at the center city skyline. we are hovering right around that freezing mark. it is cold outside, although as you heard meteorologist michelle grossman say, the wind is starting to die down. so that's some good news today. we are also going to be dry this weekend, but we are tracking some rain in the forecast. michelle will have more coming up.
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president barack obama is weighing in on sony's decision to cancel the release of "the interview." he's calling it a mistake. the fbi released a report on friday with evidence to back up speculation that north korea is to blame for the hack on sony pictures and the threat against movie theaters. "the interview" was supposed to be released christmas day. it's a comedy about an assassination attempt of the north korean leader kim jong-un. president obama said he wished sony executives had talked with him before deciding to pull the movie. >> yes, i think they made a mistake. i wish they had spoken to me first. we cannot have a society in which some dictator someplace can start imposing censorship here in the united states. >> the head of sony is now firing back at the president saying that it was the president who was mistaken and that they only canceled the release after all major theater chains decided no the to show the film.
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pennsylvania state police are investigating a cyber threat at a boarding school in burkes county. a group sent pine force academy an e-mail demanding a million dollars or its computer system would be hacked. the group called itself heart of the people and claims they were contacted by disgruntle add lum new. it's unclear if this is just a hoax or a real threat. another nationwide retailer is warning its customers that their personal information could be at risk. staples says that nearly 1.2 million customer credit cards may have been exposed during a security breach earlier this year. according to the company, hackers used malware to access customer information. nine stories in our area are affected. we spoke with some customers on columbus boulevard and asked if they feel safe using their credit cards. >> i don't feel safe, but i have no choice. so that technology was supposed to make it easier, and it seems like it's making our lives
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difficult. >> according to staples, the breach took place sometime between july and september of this year. customers at risk can get free credit monitoring and identity theft insurance. right now on, we have a list of the stores affected in our area and more about how you can get that free help. folks in pennsylvania may not have to leave their home to buy beer. next, what needs to happen in order for you to get that beer delivered to your doorstep. off to a cold start this morning. temperatures below freezing in many, many spots. a look at those numbers. also tracking a quiet weekend. here's a live shot. we are looking down at cape may. so a quiet day for everyone today, but we are tracking some wet weather for christmas eve and into christmas day, we could be pretty chilly. more about that coming up.
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this morning there is renewed hope about its future. billionaire investor carl icahn averted a planned shutdown today by pledging to provide up to $20 million to keep the casino in business through its bankruptcy proceeding. employees also tell nbc 10 that they were told there would be a party on new year's eve. >> it's a good thing and i hope this guy does the right thing and does the right thing for atlantic city and does the right thing for the people that are working here. >> other hopeful signs, two new cars were moved into the lobby of the casino as part of a giveaway that's coming up. and the casino is also advertising a $25,000 slot tournament for december 29th. if you are staying in the philadelphia area for new year's eve, there's a sneak peek of what you can expect for the upcoming celebration. fireworks on the waterfront will be back again this year including two shows, one at 6:00 in the evening new year's eve and then another show at midnight.
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>> big and beautiful. we want everyone to start their new year's eve out with a bang. >> and i think for all the people that have been coming here for 20, 30 years, they already know. and everybody tells a friend. >> as for new year's day, don't forget there's a change to the parade route. the mummers will strut from city hall down south broad street, but this year the parade will end at washington avenue. some of santa's helpers are hard at work in winfield heights. the salvation army and dozens of volunteers are sorting thousands of donated gifts. the organization has been collecting the gifts throughout the city over the past few weeks. once the gifts are good to go, santa can load up his sleigh and begin his deliveries. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> all righty. good saturday morning. i'm meteorologist michelle grossman. we are looking at a quiet weekend. that's good news. we are looking at a cold start, though. temperatures below freezing in so many spots. around the 20s.
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feeling colder in many spots. a dry but cold weekend. also cold tomorrow. we are tracking several chances for rain next week. one of those days including christmas eve. and we could see heavy rain on christmas eve. and then we'll take a look at your christmas forecast. we'll dry it out. taking a look outdoors, waking up to clouds this morning. we'll see a mix of sun and clouds throughout the day. same story sunday. quiet weekend with temperatures right around 40 degrees both days. right now 34 in philadelphia. two degrees above freezing. winds out of the north at eight. we're three degrees colder than this time yesterday. temperatures across the region, 23 mount poconopocono. 31 in lancaster. 34 in philadelphia. parts to the south and east we're looking at 28 in atlantic city. 28 in dover. 30 in glassborough. many spots below freezing around 29, 30, 31. and the windchills colder. it feels like the teens in mount poke ycon pocono. dress for those numbers as you
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head out today. dry and cold today. we do have clouds to start out with. we're going to see a mix of sun and clouds throughout the day. not the brightest day but not the cloudiest day either. future weather, we're going to keep it nice and quiet. i know you have a lot to do. it's the big weekend before the big holiday so we're going to get all our shopping done in dry weather. by tomorrow, same story, a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures right around 42 tomorrow. so a little milder than today. i think today we'll top out right around 39, which is below normal for this time of year both days. today we're looking at a dry, quiet day. temperatures 38 to 41. winds out of the north at five to ten. wind not a problem today. then as we go throughout the night, we'll see winds calmer than that helping to drop the temperatures as we head towards tonight. if you do have plans tonight, we'll see temperatures dropping into the 20s, 28 in philadelphia. to the north and west, we're looking at temperatures right around 23. mostly cloudy skies. a little milder. but still temperatures dropping into the 20s.
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winds will be light. then as we head towards the rest of the day today, 39 is the high today. tomorrow the first day of winter, that starts at 6:03. temperatures right around 42 degrees. a mix of sun and clouds. overall a quiet weekend. last weekend we were looking at the potential for a coastal storm. by monday, we're going to start out with partly sunny skies. temperatures around 50. high topping out in the upper 40s. 47. we're looking at the chance for late showers. we'll keep our eye on that. this is going to start the pattern where we're going to bring wet weather in. through tuesday, there's your chance for rain. cloudy skies as well. temperatures mild, though. with the rain, we'll bring in milder air. 53 degrees. wednesday, christmas eve, that's the day to look at. we're looking at a rainy, windy day. just a nasty day right at the beaches. looking at winds gusting out of the northeast anywhere from 10 to 20. maybe gusting higher than that. temperatures mild near 60. but we're looking at the potential for rain heavy at times. then christmas day, colder,
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around 47. we're going to dry it out. a mix of sun and clouds. friday we bring back full sunshine for all those returns at the mall. windy conditions. temperatures around 46. you may be shelling out a lot of cash for those last-minute christmas gifts this weekend, but at least you'll save some money on gas. the average price of gas is about $2.50 a gallon across the region, a big change from last year when the average was $3.21 nationwide. the state department has issued a worldwide travel alert that we want to make you aware of. if you are traveling abroad over the holidays, this one's for you. the warning follows that deadly hostage incident at a cafe in downtown sydney earlier this week. the alert says that u.s. citizens should be mindful that terrorist groups can pose unpredictable threats and they're likely going to target hotel shopping areas and places of worship. pennsylvania is clearing the way for home delivery of beer. it's actually been legal for some time. but a new ruling by the liquor control board has sparked
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interest in the law. yesterday the board issued a statement outlining exactly how it works. here's the deal. businesses can deliver up to two six-packs to a home, but they need to buy a special license to do it. and the customer has to pay by credit card before the delivery is made. wine and liquor delivery are not allowed. next, a little boy from new jersey had a very important request of santa, that his soldier mom would make it home for the holidays. straight ahead, we'll see his christmas wish come true.
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today the eagles will press on as they square off against the redskins in a late-season saturday matchup. right now the birds are really on the outside looking in when it comes to the playoffs. last week's loss to the cowboys means that the birds will need help to make it to the postseason. dallas can take the nfc east by winning their last two games,
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but the eagles still have a shot. kickoff today is at 4:30 in washington. talking baseball now, the recent restored relations between the u.s. and cuba could mean a whole new ball game for foreign players looking to break into the big leagues. as nbc national correspondent mark potter explains, some of the game's best players have come from cuba, but it's been a very difficult journey for them to get here to play. >> reporter: it's the last game of the regular season in the cuban national baseball league. the havana industrials versus the tigers. at bat, one of the best players in cuba, hitting a home run today. in the off-season, he played in japan but dreams of playing for the new york yankees. why would you like to go there, porque? >> for me, the best team in the world. >> reporter: but under economic sanctions imposed by the u.s. after the cuban revolution, the only way a cuban player can join a u.s. team is to defect and
5:26 am
leave his country behind. cuban historian ismael knows many players lured away by millions of dollars versus what they make here. $40 a month is what they make here. >> yeah. >> reporter: but now with the u.s. and cuba promising to normalize relations, fans hope new rules will someday allow players to join american teams. if that happens, cuba could insist its stars play at home for a few years before going to the u.s. >> i think this would be the one thing that would work in cuba's favor. it would stem the defections. >> reporter: historically baseball has been a passion shared by fans here in cuba and in the united states. and in the political world, there have even been times of baseball diplomacy. former cuban leader fidel castro is a huge baseball fan. in 2002 he took former u.s. president jimmy carter to a game here. there are at least 20 cuban players in the u.s. major
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leagues. fans hope more of cuba's best can someday join the u.s. rosters with the blessing of both countries. mark potter, nbc news, havana. a young boy from south jersey won't forget this year's pictures with santa. bryce rink went to the mall in gloucester county to ask santa if his mom could come home for christmas. airman 1st class jacqueline rink has been training for the delaware air national guard. little did bryce know that his mom was already back in town and waiting to surprise him. nbc 10 was there to catch the special moment. santa really is a miracle worker. mom's return is not only a great christmas present, it's also a birthday gift. bryce turns 3 years old in january. in addition to the pictures with santa this weekend, a lot
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of people are doing some last-minute shopping. got to check off those lists. nbc 10's matt delucia is live in cherry hill on this super saturday. what's happening, matt? >> reporter: super saturday means extended hours for many stores. what you can expect in terms of crowds today. weather's going to be good for super saturday. it's going to be nice and quiet. we're going to see partly sunny skies later this afternoon. it's a cold start, though. you want to wear the coats and dress for 20s out there. we're looking at temperatures mainly in the 30s but feels like the 20s. more about your weekend forecast coming up.
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right now on nbc 10 news today, philadelphia police are busy this morning investigating a deadly shooting in one neighborhood of the city and a shooting inside of a bar in another neighborhood. we'll have the details in both cases coming up. plus, last-minute shoppers will be out in full force today on this super saturday. the experts tell us that the final weekend before christmas will be busier than black friday. a live report is straight ahead. it's going to be cold out there if you're going to be doing some shopping today. here is a live look at the center city skyline. we are expected to be dry this weekend. no rain in the forecast, not for right now. we'll have the


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