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tv   Today  NBC  December 21, 2014 8:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning. executed. a tragedy in new york city. two police officers gunned down in cold blood. >> they were quite simply assassinated. the murders happening murders after the gunman post aid gun filled rant on social media saying he was ready to kill cops. police supporters are outraged. >> there's blood on many hands tonight. >> can did the protests over the deaths of eric garner and michael brown play a role in the killing? boxing spirit. muhammad ali is rushed to the hospital battling pneumonia. what doctors are saying.
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two massive storms continue to barrel down from the northwest on through to the east. the timing couldn't be worse with tens of millions set to head home for the holidays. and an evil surprise. mike meyers hijacked saturday night live poking fun at the sony hack. >> it's upset to watch you fight over a comedy. it's like watching two bald men fight over a coup. who cares? we'll share more of the evil rant today sunday, december 21st, 2014. from nbc news, this is "today." live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on this sunday morning. i'm erica hill. >> i'm craig melvin along sign shanielle and dylan. lester has the morning offer.
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we want to get to the top story. the senseless tragedy happening here in new york. two nypd officers gunned down while sitting in their patrol car. victims of a lone gunman who may have had a vendetta against police. >> reporter: those two officers were in this neighborhood in what should have been a routine assignment in a difficult part of town. the gunman walked to the passenger side of their window and started firing. they didn't have an opportunity to take out their own weapons. the commissioner says they may have not seen the gunman at all. caught by surprise because the attack like this is so rare and ruthle ruthless. >> they were quite simply assassinated, targeted for their uniform and responsibility they embraced to keep the people of this city safe.
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>> the suspect, 28-year-old ismaaiyl brinsley allegedly executed two new york city police officers after posting on social media that quote, i'm putting pigs in a blanket, with a photo of a silver handgun. the post went on to say, they take one of ours, let's take two of theirs. it included #rip eric garner and #ripmichael brown. >> some of the postings out there would seem to indicate that he had a very strong bias against police officers. >> brinsley had been arrested at least 15 times in the past including a charge on weapons possession. he allegedly started the day shooting a former girlfriend in baltimore who's now recovering in the hospital. police say brinsley then travelled to new york and with a
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silver nine millimeter semiautomatic killed officers rafael ramos and general join liu. officers chased him to a subway stop where he used the same gun to shoot himself. so far it seems he act add loan. tensions are already running high in this city. there's been weeks of protest following the grand jury decision not to indict police officers in the death of eric garner. last weekend, two officers were injured during a protest on the brooklyn bridge. overnight the head of new york city patrol men association lashed out at protestors. >> there's blood on many hands tonight. those that incited violence on this street under protest that tried to tear down what new york city police officers did everyday. >> reporter: in a statement
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sunday night, reverend al sharpton has spoken and said i've spoken to the garner family, and we're outraged by the killings today. bill de blasio says this is not just an attack on the police. >> when a police officer is murdered, it tears at the foundation of our society. it is an attack on all of us. >> reporter: as the bodies of both officer ramos and officer liu were driven out of the hospital, there was one final south ameria absolute salute. officer liu got married two months ago. officer ramos was the father of a 13-year-old. president obama was told of the incident while on vacation in hawaii. he issued a statement sunday reading in part i unconditionally condemn today's
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murder of two police officers in new york city. two brave men won't be going home to their loved ones tonight, and for that there's no justification. >> we saw the mayor speaking in your piece at the hospital. when he was at the hospital, there was a telling moment. the officers in attendance turn thing their backs on the mayor. tensions have been high to say the at least between the mayor and nypd. this as i imagine is only making things worse. >> reporter: it certainly is. with being tension between police and communities they serve, you hope they would gate long with the mayor who's their boss. this stems back to comments that mayor de blasio made after the grand jury decision not to indict the officers in the eric garner death. he said in a press conference that he had spoken with his son dante about his fears of interaction with police in this city. after those comments, the head
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of the police officer's union came out and said in his words, the police felt they had been thrown under the bus. >> stephanie, thanks. now to big storms said to make traveling a major hassle this christmas. basically if you're going somewhere for christmas, you should probably leave sooner rather than later. dylan has the latest on storms. how bad are we talk aing? >> a lot of rain and wind going to cause delays on the east coast. a big travel day, christmas eve, everyone trying to get to where they need to go. looking at heavy rain in the pacific northwest. this is part of the storm that's going to merge with another and turn into the east coast storm. right now heavy rain near seattle, mountain snow near the rockies. not a lot in the southeast now. we're going to see an area of low pressure develop. this is going to bring a lot of rain, strong storms, maybe severe storms, possible across the southeast down through tuesday. one to three inches in minneapolis. this is more rain and wind we're
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concerned about. once this storm starts to get going later in the day wednesday, we could see gusts as high as 50 miles per hour. this area in red, louisiana, western florida, we could see an isolated tornado tuesday. wednesday, the stronge esest st in the southeast. winds could gust as high as 50 miles per hour. ryan will be heavy. we could see torrential downpours leading to flooding. those could be trouble spots wednesday. j dylan, thanks. also following breaking news overnight. boxing legend mohammed ali is sent to the hospital. >> the progress noesz is reportedly good. the pneumonia was caught early. it's not known where the three time heavy weight is treated. as new york grapples with
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the excuse style murders saturday, there was a tense scene in minnesota. thousands stormed the mall of america in a massive protest against the use of deadly force against black men. parts of the mall had to be locked down. two dozen were arrested. it took several hours to get the scene under control. son of mayor manuel was mugged near the family's home. his 17-year-old son was jumped from behind by two men that ran off with his cell phone. e manuel's son was treated for cuts and bruises on his face but he's okay. police in indiana are investigating whether speed and slick roads play aid role in a scary bus crash. two dozen were hospitalized saturday after the double decker bus slid off the interstate and landed on its side. >> it was out of control, man. i woke up and the bus was just spinning around in the street. then just flipped over.
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kids and everybody hollering, falling on ton of each other. >> mega bus is promising to help the passengers involved as well as those hurt in another crash thursday in kentucky. now to an unusual act of heroism caught on tape. look at this. a monkey was knocked unconscious after falling onto train tracks. another monkey jumped the in to help. after 20 minutes t unconscious monkey started to movement stunned onlookers started cheering. isn't that interesting? >> amazing. finally a funny man made an appearance on "saturday night live." mike meyers brought back a character, dr. evil and weighed in on the sony hack. >> why pick on sony? they haven't had a hit since the walkman. come on sony. you thought it was a joke to have james franco assassinate kim jong-un .
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the man single handlely almost killed the oscars. >> i bet a lot of people felt like it was time for a laugh. "snl" can do hit. >> so nice to see mike meyers back. >> wasn't it? >> loved it. >> dr. evil like mike meyers. thank you. we know the northeast and southeast are in trouble. what about friends in the west? >> not much better this weekend. looking at mountain snow levels one to two feet of snow. great ski country aspen and hi, i'm brittney shipp. as we head into the rest of today, cloudy and cold conditions expected for us. our temperatures will range between 41 and 43 degrees. our wind speeds will stay light and winter officially starts at 6:03 this evening. your seven-day forecast shows we actually had above average for
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the first few days of winter. 51 on tuesday. christmas eve, mild. 60 degrees with rain expected. and wind speeds picking up. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> all right dylan, thanks. the hacker who is targeted sony to stop the release of "the interview" appeared to have a message to the fbi. halle jackson is following this. good morning. >> good morning erica. virtually everyone in hollywood is watch ago as this cyber attack turns into an international incident. not only is the u.s. asking china for cooperation, north korea says if it cannot join the u.s. investigation into the hack, given what it calls slander by washington, there will be, quote consequences. >> as sony pictures wiped the interview off the internet pages pulling trailers on facebook and
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twitter, selected journalists received a link to a different video, a 7-year-old clip which does not mention sony attached a message from the hackers mocking the fbi into the investigation of the hack against sony. >> it's sort of gloating. >> the u.s. government has publicly pinned the hack on north korea. there, state tvs have reported leaders have proof they're not involved in the cyber attack. the white house says it isn't buying it instead asking north korea to admit what it's done. major theater chains are told if they're shown the movie, buyers will be urged to buy a ticket. >> we have always wanted the american public to see this movie. >> sony's ceo says the studio is looking for ways to distribute the film. nothing has been finalized.
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>> if this movie gets seen by a massive audience, it would be a victory for free speechlt who know what is hackers would do if that happens. >> one studio spiked plans for a steve carell movie sending a shiver through hollywood where some worry the hack has created a chilling effect. >> it's a dangerous, slippery slope if the studios start making decisions where they're second guessing attack controversial subjects. >> the white house now says it is pleased to hear sony's trying to release the film publicly. president obama called it a mistake that the studio yanked the movie in the first place. sony says it had no choice since theaters refused to show it. >> halle jackson, thank you. chuck todd is moderator of "meet the press." good morning to you. we heard the president say the united states is going to respond proportionately. at this point, any idea what the president might be considering and realistically, what are the
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administration's options? >> they're limited since in many ways north korea is already isolated by the united states. i think in the near term, you're likely to see the state department officially put north korea back on the list of countries that we identify as state sponsors of terrorism. north korea had gotten taken off that list in 2008 in the attempt at the end of the bush administration to try to strike a nuclear deal with them. that didn't. that's number one. what would that mean craig? it would mean an attempt to sanction chinese companies that do business with north korea. they're mostly the companies that do try to do business with them. beyond that, a cyber retaliation. i don't know if that's in the cards because some worry that's a pandora's box. that would be united states giving upper mission.
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>> president obama issuing that executive order on immigration. this past week we saw the 4is toric decision to open diplomatic relations with cuba once again. what's next? is president obama not realizing he is supposed to be? >> this is the type of post election six weeks. this is what the president wants to show. he is not just relevant in washington and relevant to the debate but can control the agenda. in many ways he's been dictating the debate on immigration and cuba. we're getting a preview on what the rest of the two years are going to look like. in many ways the last two years is dominated by foreign policy issues. that's where cuba fits. or foesh policies that get thrown 234 your lap like north korea. what's coming up on "meet the press"? >> we're going to tax tackle ha going on in new york city, the tragic assassination of two nypd
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officers. we've got senator rubio. it's a packed, busy show. >> it's "meet the press" on sunday. chuck todd, thank you. >> thanks. an alert this morning. if you include today, you have four shopping days left until christmas. this is serious people. which stores are open around the clock to help you out? how much time do you have to ship those gifts if they want them to arrive in time for christmas? anne thompson has your shopping survival guide. >> the final frenzy is underway. >> this was not supposed to be b this. >> four shopping days left until christmas. procrastinating for some is a holiday tradition. >> i always wait to the last weekend. >> all the hustle and bustle to others feels like hand to hand combat. >> don't wait. it sucks. >> there are plenty of deals and specials to attract last minute shoppers, but analysts caution what's on sale may have more to do with the retailer's list than
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yours. >> there was inventory entering the season retailers had been aggressive clearing out. this week you're probably going to get good deals. >> to keep the mad rush from crushing your holiday spirit, it is suggested early in the morning or or late at night. go online before going out. doing research can save you money. deal says more than 25% of big box stores including best buy and target offer a price match guarantee. home depot and lowe's will give you an extra 10% back. some stores let you pick items online and pick them up in the store saving time. circle tuesday 23rd on your calendar if your gifts have to travel. that's the deadline for the postal service fedex, ups and amazon to make sure presents make it under the tree in time.
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welcome back. here's something you find hard to believe. one of the must have item this is holiday season, a pair of duck boots. >> i grew up with these. duck boots from ll bean. they are so popular now. turns out getting your hands on a pair before christmas is virtually impossible at this point. lumber jack sheik is all the rage these days. >> who would have predicted that the hottest item this holiday season is a boot that's been around for more than 100 years. >> i don't know. they're hot. >> ll bean famous rubber and leather boots are known as the duck boot. they're officially called the bean boot. workers have been putting them out since 1912. >> production level has gone up.
8:21 am
other than that, we're still making the boots the way we were 100 years ago. >> why so popular? >> they have a great fit, classic look. >> there's a look out there that's fashioned at after the lumber jack look. the original ll bean boot happens to be the key look that gets that together. >> as the lumber jack sheik look sweeps college campuses around the country, the outdoor retailer can't keep up with demands. >> here at the factory, ll bean is adding a third shift, increasing the number of boot makers by 55%, all to meet the demands for half a million orders this year. >> ll bean says they've been backlogged before but never this magnitude. >> disappointed but willing to wait. >> even though some consumers won't get their back ordered boots until spring.
8:22 am
if you can't wait, there's always ebay where bean boots are going for more than double the retail price. for today, courtney reagan, cnbc maine. >> you've been rocking lumber jacks the for a decade. >> i'm from new england. this is how we role. >> it's a good thing when the trend is comfy. i love flannel. >> it's the next generation. >> the wedged duck boot. still to come, our conversation with angelina jolie with directing and "we can climb the highest mountain, reaching up to catch our dream together there is nothing we can't be. dive into the deepest oceans, dance upon the rolling seas, make a moment, keep the memory." "you'll lift me up, for we are free, v/o: "wherever life takes you, take it with you."
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thanks. ♪ [ male announcer ] fedex® has solutions to enable global commerce that can help your company grow steadily and quickly. great job. (mandarin) ♪ cut it out. >>see you tomorrow. ♪
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nbc 10 news starts now.
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>> good morning. i'm rosemary conners. it's just a few minutes before 8:30. let's get a check of the forecast from meteorologist brittney shipp. not too bad of a day to be outside. >> it's going to be pretty cold out there, so make sure you bundle up. folks hitting the slopes at camelback mountain in the poconos. temperatures just at freezing. wind speeds out of the northwest at 5 miles per hour. we are going to see our feels like temperature closer to 27 degrees. as we head into the rest of today, expect your conditions to stay close to the low 40s, but 30s throughout most of your morning. we have some new information now on an apartment fire in claymont newcastle county. one person died at the scene. another was taken to the hospital. you're looking at video that was sent to us from an nbc 10 viewer. it shows flames ripping through
8:28 am
the roof of a building at the harbor house apartments. nbc 10 was there while crews were bringing the fire under control around 5:00 this morning. again, nbc 10 has confirmed that one person is dead because of this fire. we are working to find out more about the condition on that second victim who survived. investigators are now looking into what caused this fire. we're going to have a live report from the scene coming up at 9:00 this morning. i'm rosemary conners. we'll send it back to the "today" show and then we'll see you right back here at 9:00. have a good one.
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we'll even settle your loan or lease. so, don't wait. get your free online valuation now at we are back on this sunday morning. december 21st. a great crowd. winter is going to be knocking on our door tonight. enjoy your last few hours of fall which is what our friends
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on the plaza are doing this morning. you guys are awesome. lots of good energy. who's excited for santa? we want to get you caught up on the the morning's top headlines. new york city, here and around the country in mourning after two police officers were gunned down while on duty. the gunman is also dead after killing himself. muhammad ali in the hospital. he's been there since sunday. his doctors say his prognosis is good. if you're one of the millions heading out of the town for the holidays, you may want to start that journey earlier. two storms causing traffic problems on christmas eve. a conversation with angelina jolie. a lot of people are looking forward to that movie "unbroken" about the world war ii hero.
8:32 am
we'll talk to her about b what it was like to direct the epic movie and her close relationship with lou we. also ahead, we'll take you to a san francisco church where over the years, thousands have found refuge and friendship. it's not just a place of worship. it's a community. amazing holiday foods. they'll show us how to make classic dishes for christmas. >> we're look forward to that. we begin with the super star female athlete that wants to compete against the guys. lindsey vonn crashed this morning in high stakes. that's not likely to stop her. kelly has more. good morning. >> good morning erica. what an incredible comeback already for lindsey vonn. she didn't get the results she wanted this morning. still she's one win away from tieing the record for the most world cup wins. for the first time in almost two
8:33 am
years, talking again about taking on the men. >> it's the race that could have put lindsey vonn in the record books. seconds in, vonn fell and didn't finish. it came a day after a near perfect run in france. her second straight downhill win since returning after a year long absence due to injury. she celebrated with a selfie of her prize, a cow. best prize ever, she said. then told reporters i'd wliek to compete with the men. only a handful have done it. in golf, college football and of course danica patrick on the indy track and nascar. vonn talked about it two years ago when she was in top form. she got a firm no from the international ski federation. then the race that put everything on hold. february 2013, vonn blew out her
8:34 am
right knee. still in her mind, a comeback was never in doubt as she told matt lauer before the sochi olympics. >> they call you most accomplished. >> i'm not. number two. >> most accomplished u.s. skier of all time. >> u.s., okay. but not overall. i feel like i have a lot more to do. >> super star athlete with super star boyfriend tiger woods. vonn spent her summer on the golf course supporting tiger wrapping up his worst career year, not a single win. vonn is on the verge of making history. >> vonn has a sore elbow after today's race. her knees are fine, she says. she also says she wants to get a few more wins before she really takes on the men. erica, her next race is january 10th. >> we'll all be watching that one. kelly, thanks. lexi, happy birthday. you're sharing it with the winter solstice.
8:35 am
>> yep. i'm really excited to be here. >> we're excited to have you. dylan dreyer, it's apparently winter. >> it is after today. what rhymes with dylan? chillin. she is celebrating her birthday and knows i love turtles. you having fun in new york city? >> yeah. >> who's this? >>my cousin. >> you want to be a broadcast journalist? >> i do. i'd love to be on television. >> i have to do the weather. i'll take care of that. a storm in the west is going to bring heavy rain. we could end up with additional three to four inches of rain. already one to three inches on the ground. flooding is possible. in higher elevations, looks like all rain. you go east and we're looking at a snowstorm for the rockies. one to three feet of snow east
8:36 am
of salt lake city and aspen. flurries up hi, i'm brittney shipp. as we head into the rest of today, cloudy and cold conditions expected for us. our temperatures will range between 41 and 43 degrees. our wind speeds will stay light and winter officially starts at 6:03 this evening. your seven-day forecast shows we actually had above average for the first few days of winter. 46 degrees on your monday with a chance of showers. 51 on tuesday. christmas eve, mild. 60 degrees with rain expected. >> that's your latest forecast. >> all right. thanks. up next, angelina jolie on directing "unbroken." her relationship with lou and what happened in the moment after she [vet] two yearly physicals down. martha and mildred are good to go. here's your invoice, ladies. a few stops later, and it looks like big ollie is on the mend.
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so you can breathe easier all day. zyrtec-d®. find it at the pharmacy counter. . we're doing holiday count downs. some of the biggest movies will be released christmas day. one of the most highly anticipated is "unbroken." it's about a world war ii hero that lives through years of hell and survives. it's a story angelina jolie could not wait to tell. joe caught up with her recently. hey joe. >> hey guys. we've been talking about this all morning. it's such an incredible story. to say the life of louis zamperini is extraordinary doesn't do it justice. a passion project for jolie would be an understatement. >> angelina jolie is used to
8:41 am
living in front of the cameras, but for her latest project, she's stepping behind them. >> it feels real. >> she directed the big screen adaptation of the best selling book "unbroken." it's about louis zamperini, a member of the u.s. olympic track team that fought in world war ii, crashed in the pacific, spent 47 days raft bound at sea in shark infested waters, then taken and brutally tortured as a prisoner in war by the japanese. >> throughout the process, you had the privilege of forming a relationship with him. i would love to know more about that and the effect that man had on you. >> it's hard to explain it. he was a father figure. he was a friend. he was that person that when i was overwhelmed and when i would
8:42 am
lose heart or feel overwhelmed i wasn't sure i was the best person to make the film. he was the person i would go to for help and advice. he was so full of love for other people. he was so full of joy. i just don't think i've met anybody in my life that was so funny. he was so funny. with all he's been through. he wanted this movie to be a message to others to remind them of what the human spirit is what we have inside of us. it's strong. >> sadly zamperini passed away this july at 97. >> i know you went to his hospital room. he was able to screen a rough cut of this film. what did that mean to you? what did that mean to him? do you remember the first thing he said to you after he watched it? >> it was the look in his eyes. we just looked at each other. i can't talk about it without crying. i'm sorry. it was beautiful to watch him
8:43 am
watch his life and remember his life. it felt -- i felt honored to be there at the end of his life. >> in the book and in the movie, pete is the one person that keeps him going. i'm curious for you in your life, who is your pete? >> my mom. she looked at me differently, saw something i didn't see in myself. it's a reminder to all of us, if we can be that for somebody else. if we can be pete in this life, give that support. it made all the difference. louis always said if it wasn't for pete, he would have just been in jail. >> "unbroken" hits theaters nationwide christmas day. not only did he have such an effect on angelina jolie but she told me he had such an effect on her children too. yeah. i'll go see the movie with you guys again. >> i can't wait to see it. i've been obsessed with this. the book is phenomenal. if you haven't read it. i love the book.
8:44 am
when i first started here, they asked our favorite books. lester and i both said "unbroken." >> you have to talk to people about it. when you're reading the book, you need to talk to anybody that will listen to you. i was pretty lucky i had angelina jolie. doesn't get much better than that. >> good call on that one. >> thanks. >> thanks guys. let's head over to shanielle in the orange room with the plaza fan of the day. >> i love our fans today. they're from newport. they're about to make you folk at the dentist office proud. >> still to come on "today." giving help to thousands every year in san francisco. >> first, these messages. r at jared, we have a lot more jewelry than ordinary jewelry stores.
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8:47 am
. we are back on this sunday morning. this is the time of year we all stop and reflect on less fortunate. >> we do. a memorial church in san
8:48 am
francisco this weekend, nearly 10,000 toys were handed out to make chas special for lots of boys and girls. this church does not just give to those in need during the holidays. like many, their efforts are year around. >> the energy at san francisco glide memorial is infectious. attracting people from around the block and around the world. when a young williams arrived here as pastor in 1963, his flock numbered 65. >> this seemed to be a good time to make things happen that would be more meaningful. >> at one point williams removed the cross from the sanctuary. in his eyes removing judgment and creating a place everyone felt welcome. >> once it started, couldn't stop it. >> janice, a poet and author, first came to glide in those early days searching for something different. she never left.
8:49 am
she and williams eventually married. she's credited with developing many of the crucial services glide offers. >> we don't just welcome people. we say to them, we need you. >> a volunteer army 10,000 strong keeps crucial services like glide's kitchen running. >> when i was on the street about ten years ago, i ate here every day. >> what began as a pot luck effort in 1969 now serves three meals a day to hundreds of people. >> glide practices what it preaches. they don't talk of unconditional love, they do it. >> beyond feeding the hungry, the church helps people dealing with abuse, mental health issues to offer a few. it offers traditional primary care at the clinic. >> 17,000 visits which means --
8:50 am
>> people come back -- >> right. that's so important. >> the growth of this church and movement over the past 50 years is remarkable. >> what we've done is create a community that really is a model of what is possible. >> i come here on sunday morning because i get something renewed in my soul. i get something that lifts me up. >> so a full disclosure, i lived in san francisco five years. if you spend time there, you know about glide and the impact they have on the community. this is a service everyone is welcome. people do literally line up around the block. you hear about it. you go to this service. it's phenomenal. the work they do in the community -- >> i was going to say they take the ministry beyond the walls. >> they really practice what they preach. what they preach is love. >> high energy service. >> it's fantastic. coming up next, brunch time.
8:51 am
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this morning in today's holiday kitchen a traditional holiday dinner. the scottos are sharing their favorite holiday dishes. it's always a great day when you're here. we know we'll eat well. you are like family here on the "today" show. always nice to have you with us. what are we take this morning? >> erica, we have salmon. we use alaskan king salmon to make this dish.
8:55 am
you know before we were talking about it. cut it in nice size pieces, put in refrigerator, keep it it really cold. >> such a great tip. this looks great. we're also making a fairly easy, hearty beautiful dish. >> we put up -- we start with oil, garlic, and some onion. we put in some chopped tomatoes. >> are these crushed or tomato sauce? >> crushed but it's been cooked. >> okay. >> then we put in our shrimp. >> they actually cook quickly right? >> they cook two to three minutes. when they're pink, they're done. then we have already some -- you want to show? >> i put this right in the pan? >> right the in here.
8:56 am
then it all cooks together. >> then we have this beautiful finished piece. >> this is the finished piece. it's delicious. >> so here's the vegetarian option, right? >> unbelievable. it's eggplant, baked, delicious. eggplant parmesan, just terrific. i flowered, egged the eggplant. this is what it will look like when it's done. then we'll layer, if you don't mind, tomato sauce. >> it's the least i could do. >> then what i've done is this ricotta cheese mixture. this is key at the restaurant. this has a little egg in it. obviously cheese, parmesan cheese, mozzarella, parsley. all the goodies in there. we're going to layer. that's a little more sauce. thank you very much. parmesan cheese. we got the gist of this.
8:57 am
we're going to build this as we go. >> this is the finished project. >> cook slow 300 or 350 degrees. put a cover underneath it. low and slow. that's what it will look like. >> your house will smell unbelievable. >> we have something sweet to top it off. >> we're making a pear crisp. pears are in season now and have a wonderful, smooth texture. here's my marinade. help me out. >> i'm right handed. that's okay. >> marinade has apple cider, light brown and dark brown sugar, lots of butter, cinnamon. we're going to let this cook for about ten minutes. >> will that thicken a little? >> we add flour. it get this is flurry texture to
8:58 am
it. it gets nice and thick. imagine it's cooking seven minutes. >> i can imagine. >> we'll put it in our baking dish. >> i love the crisp that goes on top. >> dylan, i am going to need your help. i want you to put that streusal on top. layer it on. lots of butter, sugar, flour. all the good stuff. once dylan finishes that, we'll put in the oven 325. we'll cook until nice and brown like. >> i hate to cut you off. we're going to have to try it. merry christmas. just ahead on "meet the press." >> long time production manager is a new grandfather. >> congratulations. >> great news for you to start your holiday. on "meet the press" this morning, chuck todd talking about b president obama's options when it comes to dealing
8:59 am
with north korea. craig, always nice to have
9:00 am
nbc 10 news starts now. >> fromnew from overnight, one person is dead and another hurt in an apartment fire in new calls county. we're live on the scene where the flames forced other r residents from their homes. two new york city police officers are gunned down in cold blood, and now there's a warning for officers in our area. a colder start today than yesterday. here is a live look facing toward society hill, the ben franklin bridge. temperatures in this area are hovering right around that freezing mark. it's dry out there right now, but it won't last. we're tracking rain just in time for the holiday. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary conners.


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