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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  December 22, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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to make sure we go after those individuals who came and shot up this block. >> reporter: we're working right now to confirm with philadelphia police that both of the victims were unintended targets and there are also no reports of anyone dialing 911. a shell casing out here on the street along new kirk unclear if this is related to this crime today. we can tell you that a man showed up a short time ago who did identify himself as the little boy's father but he did not wish to speak to us on camera. it is unclear if he knows who may have pulled the trigger out here today. live in grays ferry section of philadelphia, i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. if you have the new nbc 10 news app you would have been among the first to hear about the story as soon as it broke. if you don't have it, you can download it free right now for your iphone from the apps store.
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>> investigators are looking into what caused the school bus to flip on its side in bucks county this afternoon. skyforce 10 over the scene on swamp road deer dark hollow road in buckingham township. it happened around 2:00 this afternoon. at least one person was taken to the hospital. no children were on the bus at the time. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> nbc 10 first alert weather technology is tracking rain this christmas week. some of it will be heavy. >> our live skycam network shows cloudy skies over the city of philadelphia this monday afternoon. let's talk about where the rain is right now. >> nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is watching his weather computers. what are you seeing out there. >> keith, i'm seeing the rain having a hard time moving to the north. these clouds that are with this, they'll stay with us for quite a while. get used to that. the rain moving up from the south, it is on the light side. little bit heavier down toward
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washington. that will be moving into chester county, berks county later. the more significant rain is offshore and not moving this way. so there's really not going to be a whole lot of rain coming in tonight. it's 32 in the poconos but well above freezing everywhere else. the temperature will not be@ dropping that much during the night tonight. as you can see, we're going to be seeing the rain mainly south of philadelphia by 6:00, it's going to be slow to move to the north, patchy light rain by 8:00. 10:00, some light rain and fog around. we notice the temperatures not dropping much. we've got a real roller3,(átáue with temperatures coming up in the seven-day. that's in a few minutes. >> with the gloomy christmas week forecast, travelers aren't taking any chances. out of town while family and friends are unwrapping christmas presents and celebrating the holiday. matt delucia is live at philadelphia international airport. >> what are people doing differently with the first alert
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weather warning of possible travel troubles ahead? >> some of them are getting out of town now, keith and denise. we saw virtually no delays here at the airport and at 30th street station. but that may change as we get closer to christmas. the planes are flying and the buses are rolling. with hundreds of thousands of area travelers heading out for the holidays. >> we just basically want to hurry up and get out of here. >> reporter: ashley and leo are waiting for a bus to take them up to new york andç plenty of others had the same idea. >> hopefully you can beat the rush if you start early. >> reporter: especially with bad weather in the forecast. philadelphia area travelers will go by car this holiday season. only 6% will fly, but with nasty conditions, delays usually follow. at philly international, lines were short today but workers expect the biggest issues to come on christmas eve.
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>> we're expecting high winds and that may cause a ground delay which means there will be delays in arrivals and departures. >> reporter: like we saw over thanksgiving, some have changed their plans but all are hoping the biggest gift this season is to leave on time. >> it's annoying. sl'm mbrñ()mññno ca0
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prices also fell 10 cents in delaware to $2.55. as we take a live look at philadelphia international this monday afternoon, first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is preparing your christmas travel forecast. she's taking it a look at popular cities that you may be visiting this spring by the way, just foggy. you can't even see. see what she's predicting, though, in those popular cities, just minutes away. before you leave for your holiday destination, be sure to take the first alert weather team with you. our free weather app gives you real-time radar and forecast. download the app free of charge for your smartphone or tablet right now on nbc 10 is following breaking news in north korea. >> there are widespread internet outages across the communist country, days after president obama said the u.s. would take action for the sony pictures hacking scandal. nbc 10's jacqueline london is live in the digital operations
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center. >> and jacqueline, even though the u.s. said it would respond, they're not taking credit for this. >> that's right. the white house and the state department right now have declined to say whether the u.s. government was responsible. what we do know is that according to one expert, internet access is completely down in north korea. all of these problems started popping up there in the last 24 hours and they have gotten progressively worse, to the point that there is no internet connectivity throughout north korea. it's not immediately clear if the situation is an active retribution for the hacking at sony. the fbi last week linked the hack to north korea. and on friday, president obama said the u.s. government would respond. now, the hacking led sony to cancel the christmas release of the movie "the interview." that film depicts two tv interviewers who take part in a fictional attempt to killç nor korean leader kim jong-un. we'll continue to monitor the
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situation and let you know if anything changes. live in the digital operations center, jacqueline london, nbc 10 news. former philadelphia sports caster don tollefson is talking for the first time. he's accused of stealing tens of thousands of dollars in a charity scam. the 62-year-old held a news conference this afternoon in north philadelphia. tollefson is now representing himself after his attorney stepped down from the case. he's hoping to find a new lawyer and says he'll continue to fight the fraud charges. >> i believe i did not have any criminal intent and the new evidence is very, very important to the decision that i made one week ago today to withdraw my plea. >> tollefson wouldn't elaborate on what the new evidence is. prosecutors say he sold tickets and travel packages to sporting events with a promise the money would go to charity but pocketed the cash instead. the trial is set to begin january 5th. now to skyforce 10 over a
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standoff. a man barricaded himself inside a doctor's office inside salem county, around 9:00 this morning on bypass road in mannington township. the standoff lasted about an hour before the man surrendered. no one was hurt. investigators haven't said if they'll file any charges. we have new information at 4:00 about a police-involved shooting in northampton county. the district attorney announced he's referring the case to the state attorney general's office due to conflicts of interest. it will be up to them to determine whether deadly force was justified. back in october, richard sherman led police on a chase that ended with a crash in easton. officers shot at sherman, killing him. the coroner ruled his death a homicide. >> whatever decision is made, it must be made with an independent set of eyes, not at all influenced by past or present relationships with police officers who serve in this
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community or relationships with any other citizens. >> the d.a. considered convening a grand jury but he said today he doesn't think that's necessary in this case. new york city's mayor wants all police protests to stop until the funerals are held for two fallen officers. mayor bill de blasio said it's time to show the officers respect and support their families. officers rafael ramos and wenjian liu were gunned down. new york city's police commissioner says now is the time for all sides to come together. >> one of the things of concern at the moment is this issue is really starting to go down partisan lines, republican/democrat. this is something that should be bringing us all together, not taking us apart. >> officers around the country are being warned to take precautions like wearing bullet bulletproof vests.
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the tragedy in new york has shaken police in our area. >> many are proceeding with extra caution. to see how local officers are responding, the nbc 10 investigators spent the day in what used to be known as the most dangerous city in america. >> nbc 10's mitch blocker is there live. what did you find out? >> keith and denise, here across the delaware in camden, they held that title ofç most dangerous city in america for many years. right now we founded there may be no better place to see police and their community interacting. >> how are you doing? >> for camden police officers doug dicken sewn and jason diaz, nothing changes. they talk sports on the streets. >> you're lucky. my team's not in the playoffs. >> take care. >> reporter: monday was the first day the pair was back on the street since two new york police officers were shot and killed. the gunman called the police killings retaliation for eric gardner who died during his arrest in staten island. >> have you changed anything, done anything differently? >> not at all. every day we come out doing the
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same thing we have been doing. >> reporter: across the river, philadelphia's police commissioner has asked protesters to, quote, turn down the volume because of what he called a very volatile environment right now. >> hopefully this tragedy now makes everybody take a step back and think about what they're doing, think about what they're saying. >> reporter: philly police are working in pairs and changing routines. in camden it's business as usual. >> i've never been scared. the community, honestly, we protect them and they protect us. >> reporter: now the nbc 10 investigators found in 2014 four police officers in the state of pennsylvania were killed in the line of duty here in new jersey. three were killed in new jersey. live in camden, mitch blocker, nbc 10 news. nine people in montgomery county are in custody after an early morning knock on the door. the arrests were part of a raid by members of the new dui warrant task force program. members of law enforcement picked up the defendants who failed to appear for trial or sentencing in dui cases.
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authorities say they have a list of 1,000 people they're trying to track down and will continue to conduct regular raids in an attempt to get drunk drivers off the roads. >> did dui cri-- dui crimes -- >> the district attorney says many of these defendants are repeat dui offenders. >> philadelphia police are looking for answers after a man was abducted and beaten. nbc 10 was the only station there when officers rescued the man this morning. police say the victim had gone to a relative's home in winfield heights last night and was taken by several men. he was later found badly beaten at a building on west chew avenue in olney. he's recovering at einstein hospital. >> nerving. just the fact that people are looking for him and want to use that much force to actually subdue him is nerving, especially when it's right next
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door. >> police are questioning one man they took into custody but haven't charged anyone yet. >> from our delaware bureau, the former head master of elite delaware prep school has just been convicted of dealing in child pornography. christopher wheeler is the former head master at tower school in wilmington. he was charged with 25 counts of dealing in child porn. he was arrested after police searched his home and office and found thousands of images of child pornography. there was no evidence aabused any students or other children. he faces up to 50 years in prison. delaware state police are looking for a burglary suspect caught on a home surveillance camera. we have the photos taken from the victim's homeç in smyrna earlier this month. if you see the man here in the center of your screen or know who he is, contact delaware state police. we have new information on the vandalism at a 9/11 memorial in mercer county. police arrested a suspect, he
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was taken into custody in georgia. police say he spray painted graffiti on the memorial in west windsor township last month. he's from connecticut but will be brought to new jersey to face charges. >> a pennsylvania state lawmaker is once again calling for the impeachment of attorney general kathleen kane. as new revelations have come to light regarding the attorney general's misbehavior in office, more pennsylvanians are questioning her ability to perform the duties it of her office and some are calling for her to resign from her position. metcalf is asking fellow state lawmakers to co-sponsor a resolution calling for kane's impeachment. he introduced a similar resolution last year. among his complaints, kane refused to enforce pennsylvania's law banning same-sex marriage. a special honor tonight for the ross township parks director
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who tackled a gunman during a town meeting. bernard kozen is one of 19 people to receive a carnegie hero award. he subdued the shooter after he opened fire at a town meeting in august 2013. three people were killed. the carnegie award honors those who risk their lives for others. police say the suspected shooter, rockne newell was upset over the loss of his property. he's awaiting trial and faces the death penalty. >> to this now, a local community rocked by violence getting some help today. a victim's community service meeting will be held in lansdale, montgomery county. one of the towns that was part of a killing spree last week. the county's program will detail crisis and supportive counseling services available to anyone who needs help. the violence happened in three different locations, harleysville, lansdale and souderton. bradley stone killed his ex-wife and five of her family members. one person survived. stone's body was found two days
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later near his house in hanover township. authorities have not released the cause of death. chris coons of delaware reminded everyone the deadly ebola epidemic is far from over on a phone interview from liberia today. >> it is a ferocious disease that still poses a genuine threat to the region and the world. >> coons is on a four-day trip to africa where he's meeting with aid workers. he's reviewing international efforts to stop the spread of the disease. coons is the first member of congress to visit that nation since the ebola outbreak started. he has been checking his temperature regularly and will keep doing so when he comes back home. the music world is honoring one of its most memorable voices. joe cocker died from lung cancer today. he was known for his raspy voice. popular hits like "you are so beautiful" and "up where we belong." cocker was 70 years old.
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a second attack involving a car hitting pedestrians has police in france on alert tonight. within the past hour, a driver slammed into a christmasç mark hurting a dozen people. a similar crash happened on saturday where a driver injured 13 bystanders. witnesses said he shouted god is great before mowing down the crowd. authorities say that driver had a history of psychological problems and they do not believe it was relate to terrorism. today's more recent crash is still under investigation. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> we have a lot of clouds on the way, a lot of rain and eventually some really warm weather. we're tracking that rain a little bit tonight. a lot more coming in the next couple of days. big warmup. we'll be closer to record highs than a white christmas. coming up for christmas eve and windy weather for christmas day. that's for sure. that's going to be the windiest
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part of the week. we have cloudy skies over much of the area now. 44 degrees. the wind northeast at 9:00. we're 6 degrees warmer than we were at this time yesterday, despite the clouds. 32 in mt. pocono, freezing rain advisory for tonight just in the poconos for a little bit of light freezing rain. we're closer to 40 degrees or even above it across most of the area and temperatures are not really going to drop very much overnight tonight. the atmosphere as a whole is going to be warming up considerably. we have just some patchy, very light rain across some of the area. generally in delaware and south jersey. it keeps trying to move up this way but it's moving into drier air and that's why it's not making a lot of progress. it's also very small system. so we're not expecting much rain at all. now, some shopping weather for tomorrow. the issue in the morning will be the fog and drizzle. it will be on the cool side by
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noon. temperatures are going up a little bit. i think we'll have a couple days of clouds. heres the future cast as we go through the evening hours, patchy, light rain. even in the poconos it may turn to mostly rain as temperatures warm up in the atmosphere. and by morning, a little bit of patchy light rain or drizzle. clouds everywhere. that's going to prevent the temperatures from going up too much. the atmosphere as a whole would support warm weather if we could ever get sunshine in here. here's tuesday afternoon. clouds but nothing else. and then here comes the rain. later tuesday night into wednesday morning. wednesday afternoon, wednesday evening, a couple little patches of heavier rain. and then as we go into thursday morning, the rain finally moves out. but it is going to take a while. christmas day it's beginning to be a warm and wet start. temperatures falling during the day and wind gusts to 45 miles
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an hour or maybe even higher. overnight tonight, patchy light rain with some fog. 40 for the low in philadelphia. 35 north and west. it's staying above freezing. just about everywhere. cloudy and not as cold tomorrow. a little bit of light rain or drizzle and fog in the morning. temperatures near 50 degrees. and then all this interesting weather really starts christmas eve. watch what happens here. look how warm it gets. 62 degrees with rain, some of it on the heavy çside. then as we go into christmas day, as we're telling you, temperatures go down and the wind goes up. over 40 miles an hour. look how nice it gets friday, saturday, mild until we get into early next week. watch this. a police car smashed. this south jersey officer inches
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from being hit. >> we're learning more about the man behind the wheel and what he was doing moments before the impact. >> he came out of nowhere like an angel for my family. >> caught on video, a 3-year-old boy nearly chokes to death inside a restaurant. we talked to the witness who came to the rescue and saved his life. then dover police want residents to be able to patrol their own city. what they're giving people to handle confrontations downtown and why some say it's a bad idea, coming up on nbc 10 news today at 4:00.
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want to head to the sunshine state this winter? of course you do. you're in luck. frontier airlines is resuming service between wilmington and tampa international airport. the first flight left today. flights to tampa will be offered mondays and fridays. but it's not the only florida destination available. frontier offers nonstop service to orlando. flights to both cities are available through april 30th. the airports director for delaware river and bay authority
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has a reminder. he says for baseball fans spring training is just around the corner. >> i'm first alert meteorologist sheena parveen. we are talking about travel over the next few days. we have already told you there will be rain in the forecast and some of that rain could be locally heavy. we don't have the delays at philly international. 44 degrees, cloudy conditions. as we go over the next couple of days we are looking at low clouds, rain in place. make sure you check with your flight times and the airports, even your flight that you're heading on to see if any delays might be in the near future. for now, though, newark airport delays not coming in very quickly. possible delays. chicago, laguardia, atlanta, pittsburgh, no one has delays at the most but weather in some parts of the country over the next few days expected to get
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worse, on the rainy side. emergency crews rush a little boy to the hospital after he's shot inside a local home. >> that's our top story on nbc 10 news at 4:00. the gunfire came from outside in this grays ferry neighborhood. a man was also shot. the gunman got away. police don't believe either victim was an intended target. >> they light up our lives. new research is enlightening us about the negative health consequences of e-readers and other electronic devices. coming up on nbc 10 news at 5:00, he's a self-described life-long dallas cowboys fan but could governor chris christie ever move from politics to sports? why some say he's an ideal candidate fob football.
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. this is nbc 10 news. right now at 4:30, turning citizens in crime fighters. and arming them with tasers to zap the problem away. of course you have to go through training first. >> as you might expect not everyone is a fan of this idea. nbc 10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong is live this afternoon in dover. >> tim, how does this program work? >> reporter: guys, most people in delaware even don't know what a great downtown area dover has here. you see busy shops and restaurants. it's a great little town. one thing they don't have here is enough cops to walk the beat through town. that's why they want to add the cadet program. they won't be actual police officers. they'll be trained securityç officers who will be able to enforce minor laws like public drinking and panhandling. if approved by city council these cadets could be as young as 18 years old and they would carry tasers.
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police say applicants will be well trained and screened. >> that would be nice if there was somebody extra walking around that maybe wanted to make sure i got to my car, things like that. i don't know about the taser. >> if we can deal with some of the nuisance crimes, the problems that present themselves that would potentially being be a deterrent, this is a situation where i think the cadets would be beneficial. >> that boutique has been jamming all day long. you see the traffic out here. it's hopping in dover as we get up towards christmas. city council will meet about this in january. the presence could help the small crimes, the cadets could call in police for the big stuff. they say it will be a win/win for everybody around this area, especially businesses that need people to keep coming down here. live in dover, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> the american flag was blowing in the breeze today above the peace candle in easton. it's been a cloudy day across
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the area. with those clouds come rain. >> nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz has beentracking the rain. >> even at night we may be seeing 60 degree temperatures and thunderstorms possible. look at the clouds around right now. we do have a little bit of rain. it's generally light as you saw in tim's story in central delaware, getting a little bit of light rain, certainly more than we're getting from philadelphia northward. extreme south jersey getting some as well. there's more down in virginia. this is all a small system and it's very light. one of the issues is fog and mt. pocono, zero visibility. allentown only two miles, 2 1/2 miles in trenton. the fog i think is going to be an issue for flying in the next couple of days, causing some airline delays. 37 in allentown. we are in the 40s across much of
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the rest of the area. the temperature really isn't going to drop very much as we go through the night tonight. you don't have to worry about it changing to snow or icing over. patchy light rain that continues into morning. more on when the heavier rain is coming with the seven-day in a faw minutes. >> you have to hear this. a woman in north jersey made an unexpected discovery outside her home. kathy mccartney found a severed bear paw in her yard in vernon, sussex county last friday. she believes someone put it there on purpose because of her opposition to the state's bear hunt. police say the state has the dna of every bear that's legally killed and they could use that information to track down who left the bear paw in mccartney's yard. >> from our jersey shore bureau, authorities are investigating several boat burglaries in cape may county. officials say there have been multiple break-ins in the cape may harbor area over the past several weeks.
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emergency flares and other items were reported stolen. if you have any information, please contact new jersey state police. from our south jersey ç bureau, cherry hill officials say subaru's move from their town to camden won't have a major impact on the economy. they say the loss of tax revenue from the move will be small. earlier this month, the new jersey economic development authority approved $118 million in future tax breaks for the automaker to move its u.s. headquarters to camden. it is enough to keep you up at night. >> today the one thing you may want to keep out of your bed, but first here's what we're working on for you right now for nbc 10 news at 5:00. a man and child shot in two different homes on the same block. >> new, coming up, we're asking philadelphia police if they were the target or innocent bystanders. >> also new today, the decision over drones. >> if washington will allow them to legally fly over your home. couldn't the on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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this is nbc 10 news. it's got the season of giving and the new poll finds the cards, the gifts, the part of celebrating the holiday even among those who don't celebrate christmas. according to the associated
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press, gfk poll, 77% of americans plan to exchange gifts this holiday season while 48% will send some kind of holiday greeting card. the gift givers include 73% of people who say they have no religious beliefs. lots of people like to unwind with a book before bed. if you're doing that reading on an electronic device it could have a negative impact on your sleep. researchers looked at people who read four hours before bed. those who read e-readers were less sleepy and less alert in the morning. enter a hero who saved the day. we've got the video and we'll show it to you, just ahead. also -- >> a very close call for a south jersey police officer captured by a just-installed dashboard camera. >> i'm absolutely lucky to be
4:39 pm
here. >> i'm ted greenberg with what we're learning about the driver accused of crashing into this cruiser. more wet weather is headed right for us as christmas approaches. some of it may be heavy. then we turn warmer. get all the details in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert holiday forecast. remember this guy? armed and angry. this former pennsylvania police chief posted online videos about his political views. now there's new information about his link to the fbi. that's all new tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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this is nbc 10 news.
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septa helps santa. help to workers put on their elf hats to big the big guy a hand. they sorted and attackaged gifts. it's all part of the septa yule toy drive. a coat giveaway turned into much more. >> they got to go on a pre-christmas shopping spree of sorts. take a look. about 350 kids were at the store to get free cold weather gear. the store's owner, ceo decided to make a last-minute change. he decided to give them anything they wanted to make sure they have a happy holiday. >> we have a whole warehouse full of clothes. we love to give back. people shop with us all the time. we want to show them how much we care about the community. this is what we live for. >> lucky kids. >> they were all from the creative academy in camden.
4:44 pm
now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> today's weather was pretty good for christmas shopping. found a lot of people at the cherry hill mall buying those last-minute gifts and the rain pretty much has held out in a good bitç of new jersey and in pennsylvania, delaware, a different story. they're tracking that rain, trying to move up from delaware. we have a big warmup coming throughout the area and christmas winds throughout the area, too. strong, gusty winds during christmas day. here's a live picture in philadelphia. clouds really aren't that thick. the rain is moving up into drier air. it's 44 degrees right now. northeast wind at 9 miles an hour, humidity 71%. and in the poconos, it's right near the freezing mark. they've had some fog with their skiing out there. not exactly great conditions over the next two or three days
4:45 pm
but by the weekend, at least they'll be able to make snow again. 32 in mt. pocono, 37 in allentown, 39 in trenton. other areas up to the mid-40s. we're a long way from the freezing point for most of us. this precipitation is very light for the most part as you can see, moving up from the south in the washington area, that rain looks like it will be coming toward lancaster and chester county and berks county later. this is part of the more significant storm that will be affecting us as we go into christmas eve. that will be producing much more rain. for any shopping tomorrow, cloudy, fog, some drizzle in the morning and then just pretty much cloudy skies for the rest of the day. so it's not too bad for shopping. it's only compared to wednesday during the day. and you can see the patchy little areas of light rain, maybe a little drizzle, some fog by tomorrow morning's rush.
4:46 pm
and you can see it, a little bit of drizzle there. just the clouds linger. that's pretty much the story for tomorrow. once you get past the morning rush, just clouds. hour after hour after hour of clouds. we've seen a lot of that lately. as we go into christmas eve, it looks like the heaviest of the rain in delaware and south jersey. we have waves of it coming through. this is more than just a couple of showers here. and then by wednesday night, we could even see some thunderstorms as this front moves through. that would be pretty interesting, getting thunderstorms for christmas morning. and then for tonight, no thunderstorms around, just a patch of light rain and fog. 35 north and west. we're staying above freezing just about everywhere. cloudy, not as cold tomorrow. a little bit of light rain. drizzle, first thing in the morning. most of the day dry. wednesday that is a different story. it is likely to be rainy but
4:47 pm
it's also going to be quite mild. temperatures in the 60s and even at night temperature near 60 degrees. and then when you get up christmas morning they will still be quite mild. temperatures will be falling during the day and the wind will be really gusting, over 40 miles an hour, perhaps near 50. and then temperatures pretty mild as we go into friday, saturday and sunday before we start to get colder. >> it's more spring than winter for christmas eve. >> it is. remember how cold it was in november? the ski areas were open and happy. now it's going to be 60 degrees christmas eve. >> i'll take it. thank you very much, glenn. >> i'll take it. thank you very much, glenn. to the vatican now. fr very cheery holiday message for the cardinals, bishops and priests who run the vatican. he delivered his annual end of the year message today. he didn't hold back, criticizing the vatican bureaucracy. in fact, he listed 15 ailments that he wants the group to atone
4:48 pm
for in the new year. among them, having spiritual alzheimer's. committing the terrorism of gossip and seeking worldly profit and showing off. the pope hasn't shied away from criticizing vatican officials. he's currently working to revamp the entire system. it's a very busy time for san did but not too busy to help save a man's life. check out this rescue captured on cell phone video in australia. that's nick carrie in the santa suit helping firefighters rescue a man from his burning home. they were taking part in a children's event on saturday when they smelled smoke and rushed in to help. a young man was found unconscious inside but they were able to revive him. >> unbelievable. and get this, an off-duty officer in nevada was also in the right place at the right time. a 3-year-old started choking on a piece of candy outside a convenience store last week. surveillance cameras show his parents running inside the store to get help. that's when an officer happened
4:49 pm
to walk in. he started giving the boy the heimlich and his body camera recorded the moment when that candy finally came loose. >> there you go. you okay? here. >> i just started crying when i saw him. i don't have no words to describe how i feel. it's just something that he came out of nowhere like an angel for my son to save him. >> every single day these guys do the same thing, the officer left the scene after help arrived. but damian and his parents got to meet him on friday and thank him in person. ♪ a sea of red in south jersey. everyone was in the holiday spirit at the cherry hill fraternal order of police's annual christmas party for children with special needs. the philly phanatic was at the event. a scare on the side of a local road.
4:50 pm
>> and remarkably, a local police officer is alive to talk about it. >> i just heard a loud explosion and i turned around and see the vehicle spinning out of control at me. >> as you saw there, he came within inches of losing his life. instead, he's alive and well and talking only to nbc 10 about this near miss.
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look at this, a close call caught on camera. a new jersey police officer comes within inches of serious injury, maybe even death. it happened during a traffic stop in atlantic county. you saw it there, a suspected drunk driver nearly ran him
4:54 pm
down. >> the whole thing captured by a just-installed police car dash camera. it happened when police often see a spike in drunk driving cases, around the holidays. ted greenberg spoke to that officer and has the video you'll see only on nbc 10. >> reporter: he heard what sounded like an explosion, then saw a car spinning sideways right towards him. >> the vehicle came about a fooç and a half from hitting me. it was extremely scary. >> reporter: this police officer had just one second to jump out of the way after the mazda slammed into his cruiser, metal trim ripped from the police car went flying and hit his feet. >> i'm absolutely lucky to be here. >> reporter: the crash happened along the whitehorse pike, minutes after two patrolmen pulled over two other drivers, yards apart. >> from my vantage point, i
4:55 pm
thought i witnessed my partner lose his life in the line of duty. >> reporter: police arrested this man, 21-year-old alex op opoku. he said he was driving drunk and had marijuana in the car. >> people drink and get behind the wheel, they do things like this. the ramifications are terrible. >> reporter: an extremely close call captured by this dashboard camera, the department's first installed just three days earlier. >> reporter: it's -- >> it's crazy. >> reporter: the chief here says without the mandate of dashboard cameras, his department probably still wouldn't have any. >> a picture is worth a thousand words. same thing with the video. things going around in the nation, shed light on some of the dangers police officers face every time they put the uniform on. >> reporter: opoku was released after posting bail. today in an e-mail he wrote he's really sorry and didn't mean for
4:56 pm
this to happen. he also said he was very intoxicated during the accident and had no clue what was going on. >> i'm still shaken up over the incident. >> reporter: the most terrifying most of his career to date, he says, one he can now relive frame by frame. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. we have breaking news to show you now in philadelphia. a live look over the i-95 ramp where an accident has happened. it has since been cleared. it's on the ramp to the vine street expressway. imagine at 4:56 in the afternoon, a lot of cars will be traveling by there. it is cleared. stay with nbc 10. nbc 10 news at 5:00 is next. >> here's jacqueline london. >> next all new tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00, a 3-year-old child shot. nbc 10 just spoke with investigators. we go back to the scene for new information about this after-nene's violence and who police are looking for. and we have a rainy forecast in store for you as we go
4:57 pm
through the next few days. coming up, i'll show you which day we can expect the heaviest rain and changes as we go into your christmas day. and will he or won't he seek higher office? why cowboys owner jerry jones thinks governor chris christie should consider a career in football. that's next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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nbc 10 news starts now.
5:00 pm
right now at 5:00, a young child is shot inside his own home. police tell nbc 10 the bullet blasted through a wall. the victim is just 3 years old. >> that shooting happened this afternoon in the city's grays ferry section. cydney long is live at the scene. cydney, an adult was also shot. what are police saying? >> reporter: i can tell you, police have told me they have not yet recovered a weapon in this case. they want to talk to that older victim, the 43-year-old man to get an idea of who they're dealing with as far as the shooter. the suspect is still at large tonight. here's how it played out a confrontation at 1337 newkirk. the shooter ran next door, opened fire, striking a 3-year-old little boy in the groin. >> this makes no sense. it's the holiday season. we shouldn't have a family going to the hospital with a 3-year


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