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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 530a  NBC  December 23, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EST

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weather team tracking rain for the holiday week. take a look at the radar. that shows you what we're dealing with. the heaviest rain is still ahead. good morning, welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. let's go to michelle grossman and her first alert forecast. we have showers out there and looks like they'll hang around for a while. >> next 48 we're looking at showers. light stuff today and heavy stuff comes tomorrow. terrible timing for the heavy rain. here is a live look outside. we are looking at wet roadways. we have showers falling across the area. and still putting kink in the plans here today because we're seeing some fog and also seeing mild weather. light rain and drizzle and temperatures are mild compared to this time yesterday. we are in the 50s right now. to the south and east of philadelphia, 51 in atlantic city and 50 in millville and 42 in allentown and 41 in lancaster
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and 48 degrees in philadelphia. feel much different as you step out this morning. you want to grab the umbrella and need it in spots. by 10:00, 45 and by noon 47. now, light stuff today, but tomorrow, again, we mentioned terrible timing on the heavy rain and also the wind. so we've issued a first alert weather day and we'll get you up to speed. but in the meantime, up to speed on the roadways. we know that the rain is falling out there and the big question is, is it affecting the traffic? >> good morning, michelle. not really yet. still pretty quiet out there on a lot of the highways across the area and especially for drivers in new jersey and not reporting any accidents on the majors. route 168 and it is quiet and in the midst of that long term construction zone. the route 896 off ramp and that is closed as a result of that construction. mass transit, everything is on time so far and no significant delays to report there. if you're heading out now, philadelphia international airport the highways are clear in that area and so far no
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delays there. tracy? 5:32 now. today marks the start of the holiday travel season according to aaa. it runs from now through january 24th live look in south philly and as we've been telling you, the roads are wet and could be a rainy ride for people to reach those destinations over the next couple of days. there are just less than two days left until christmas and you can count on rain as we countdown to the holiday. katy zachary is talking with travelers who are filling up their tanks and hitting the roads in this wet weather. katy, tell us more. >> aaa is predicting that 98, more than 98 million people will be traveling this holiday season. most by car and i'll talk to some of those drivers but also an increase in air travel. according to aaa low-cost airfare is behind that increase. we went to philadelphia international airport to find out how they are gearing up for the extra travelers expected. today and tomorrow, when rain and storms are expected, the
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airport also expects fog. tomorrow rain with high winds and a spokesperson says tomorrow's weather could cause a ground delay, which would delay arrivals and departures. >> we know that the people are coming through the airport the next couple days are leisure travelers, rather than business travelers. that means that people with families, young children, they don't always know where to go. they don't know what direction they're going. so, we encourage people to arrive two hours ahead of time for domestic flight. >> some good advice there. we're live in cherry hill at this gas station and it typically gets extremely busy on big travel days like today and tomorrow. coming up in the next half hour, we'll talk about why so many more people are hitting the roads this holiday season compared to last. reporting live in cherry hill, katy zachary, nbc 10 news. no matter how you're traveling or where you're headed don't leave home without the first alert weather team.
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download our app and take you with us on the road. forecast and weather alerts and track the rain to your neighborhood or wherever you'll be spending the holiday. you can download the app to your smartphone or tablet. right now free from police are investigating an overnight shooting in the point breeze section of philadelphia. police tell us a man was walking down 25th street with his cousin when they heard gunshots. the man realized he had been hit and ran two blocks to his house and called 911. he is now in the hospital in stable condition. no word on a suspect or motive in the shooting. new video of the gunman who killed two new york city police officers over the weekend. the video shows ismaaiyl brinsley inside a brooklyn mall a few hours before the shooting. police released the video as they try to piece together the path he took. the package you see in his hands contains a gun. authorities reveal that brinsley was a by stander at a protest three weeks ago and recorded
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some of the rally on a cell phone. brinsley posted anti-police statements on social media before ambushing the two officers as they sat in their parole car saturday and then ran into ta subway station and took his own life. for officers rafael ramos and wenjib an liu. philadelphia police are changing up routines and pairing up officers in light of the officers in new york. over in camden, though, the police chief there says nothing changes. chief scott thompson tells us he will not overreact but telling officers to be vigilant. community policing has transformed parts of the city and he doesn't want to mess that up. the u.s. department of justice has recognized the camden county metro police department for its community policing efforts. nearly three months ago, the department received more than $3 million in federal funds to put more officers on the beat and build community trusts. a 3-year-old boy is in
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stable condition this morning after being grazed by a stray bullet. >> that's one of the three stories we're following for you throughout the day today. police will continue to piece together the circumstances leading up to that shooting. they're trying to determine if the child's father was the intended targt and the boy was grazed by that bullet inside his home. a man inside a neighboring house was also shot. today the fifl man convicted in a string of tire slashings. this guy here will appear in court to face new charges. david toledo is accused of vandalizing several cars. he is currently on probation stemming from the tire slashings back in 2012. and in montgomery county, community members will help a family who lost almost everything in a house fire. a neighbor is accused of setting a fire to the home of limrick police as an act of revenge for her son's arrest. the event today starts at 3:00. a close call caught on
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camera. that was a car almost hitting a new jersey police officer. if this had happened last week, we wouldn't have the video evidence for you. we'll tell you why. all right, we are looking at showers falling this morning and also some fog across the area. mild, though, temperatures in the 40s. we're going to have the showers today and then heavy rainfall for christmas eve. we'll have the details straight ahead.
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and a good tuesday morning. i'm meteorologist michelle grossman. light rain is falling across the area and we're also seeing fog in spots and it is mild. temperatures in the 50s in some spots. look at visibility not too bad and down to four miles in wilmington and philadelphia to the north and west where we're seeing reduced visibilities. down to a half mile in pocono and down to two miles in parts
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to the north and west of philadelphia. so, live right now we're looking at clouds across the area and wet roadways and looking at light rain falling and that will be the trend over the next several hours. 48 degrees right now in philadelphia and well above the normal high for this time of year. temperatures are warmer. 42 in allentown and 49 in ben salem and we're looking at 50s to the south and east and 49 in glasboro and light rain falling across the area. showing up on radar and green showing up on radar and light stuff and still a nuisance this morning and throughout the day. so, future weather as we go throughout time here. we're tracking the light showers and going to see the potential for light rain tonight, as well. then we're looking at heavy rain falling on wednesday and bad timing with busy travel plans and also some last-minute shopping. so, heavy stuff falling into thursday morning before we finally clear it out for christmas day. we'll have more on this and also a look at your seven-day in just a few minutes. and at 20 minutes until 6:00, time to get a check of the highways and see if there are any slow downs out there for drivers. >> jillian mele is watching
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that. good morning, jillian. >> seeing volume building out there and no significant delays and no accidents on the highways. 76 right near montgomery drive and drive times eastbound and 13 minutes between the blue route and the vine. if your travels take you out on 95, just now we're starting to get volume southbound between cottman and girard, although it's not heavy enough to impact the drive times yet. i anticipate that number changing as it goes on. for drivers in bucks county and middletown. tracy? 5:41 right now. happening today, septa's elves will load up a decorated septa bus to deliver holiday gifts to children in need. they sorted and packaged the gifts at septa center city headquarters. part of the yule toy drive. for 34 years they have been filling bright red barrels for
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thousands of toys for kids across the region. gas prices are down and that means it will cost you less to visit family and friends this holiday season. how much will you save if you're driving to your destination? well, we'll do the math for you. new information about north korea's internet troubles and the sites that were shut down. of shaving stuff. and thankfully,
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being able to find backups.
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lifeand thankfully, of shaving stuff. being able to find backups.
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it's 5:44. we often talk about close calls but rare to see them on camera like this. a police officer coming just within inches of being seriously hurt. watch this. this is a suspected drunk driver nearly running over in atlantic county. he barely had time to side step out of the way there. after the car slammed into his cruiser. wow. new jersey recently enacted the law requiring all municipal police cars to have dash board cameras and the camera that captured that crash was installed just three days earlier. >> i just heard a loud explosion and i turned and i turn around and see the vehicle. >> picture is worth 1,000 words and same thing for the video. with things going on in the nation and shed light on some of the dangers that police officers face. >> the suspected driver here, 21-year-old alex posted bond.
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they say he was driving drunk and had marijuana in his car. nbc bureau reporter ted greenberg actually e-mailed him and he responded saying he was sorry about what happened. a montgomery county now has a new dui warrant task force. the program was announced yesterday, along with the arrest of nine people who fail to appear for trials or sentencing in dui cases. authorities say they have a list of 1,000 people they're trying to track down and they say they will continue to conduct regular round ups in an attempt to get drunk drivers off the road. turning to the nearly month-long search for shane montgomery, a day after finding his keys in the schuylkill river, divers returned to the waters. montgomery vanished thanksgiving morning after leaving the irish pub in manioc. they searched the river yesterday, but didn't turn up any clues. a volunteer recovery team found montgomery's keys in the water
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sunday. a $65,000 reward in the case. now, a look at stories we're following around the world, starting with the outage of websites in north korea. internet access to two major websites that post official news from the north korean government were shut down for about nine hours. they're back up and running right now. the obama administration is not admitting or denying that it was involved in the outage. this, of course, comes after the cyberattack on sony pictures that the u.s. has blamed on north korea. back in the u.s., a walgreen's store that closed down during last month's unrest in ferguson, missouri, is back open. customers and workers say this new beginning shows on how other businesses in ferguson can also make a comeback. the latest numbers on the affordable care act will be released later today. secretary of health and human servi services burwell will hold a news conference to update the open enrollment totals.
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almost half a million people selected plans on the government's website in the first week. the board of directors insists the show will stay in devon after a change in leadership. last night the board ousted their previous president. they elected a new president. thousands of fans know s go to devon horse show every year and a change in leadership means a shakeup for the attraction. to the atlantic city casino crisis, there is another proposal on the table now that could keep the trump taj mahal from closing. trump entertainment resort says carl icahn is pledging $20 million to give the taj more time to restructure. that's $15 million more than his first offer and it comes without so many conditions. the hearing on the proposal is set for january 9th. now, of course, the casino crisis in atlantic city has put a lot of families in hard times this holiday season. >> it is really having an impact
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on so many families. families at texas avenue school went home for christmas gifts. some of their parents recently lost jobs at casinos that are now closed. organizers say most of the families would have no presents if it wasn't for the generosity of others. >> the trauma the kids face from the families, the pressure that they're under is tremendous. >> nine organizations of religious school and six individuals all pitched in to help christmas a little brighter for these families in need. as the busy holiday season kicks into high gear, how much money you'll save this year because of the lower gas prices. if you're driving in new york city, cost you $7 less this year than last year. if you're heading to washington, you'll save ten bucks. and driving west to pittsburgh, save 20 bucks. not bad for one trip. the low gas prices we're seeing have a lot of people choosing to hit the roads for their holiday destination this
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year. of the 98 million americans who are traveling 50 miles or more away from home, nearly 91% of them will travel by car. the wet weather in this area could make for a rainy ride. it could slow some people down and travelers flying out of the area could also face delays because of winter weather in other parts of the country. >> i don't think we'll have snow, but plenty of rain to contend with. you just have to make some adjustments. >> it's terrible timing. >> too much sunshine slows us down. rain is not a good thing, especially on christmas eve. lots of people want to get places and we will have problems. today we're looking at light showers and the commute not all that great either. live look out std. mount pocono. mount pocono is wishing for some snow and snow mixing in, especially at the start of it on wednesday morning. and then maybe at the end of it on thursday, as well. a live look at the pocono mountains and, again, we're walking out the door and waking up to clouds across the area and light rain. so, plan on that as you commute this morning and plan on heavy stuff for your christmas eve. taking a look outdoors.
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yes, low clouds out there and 48 degrees right now in philadelphia. winds out of the north, northeast at eight miles per hour and temperatures are mild. big, big difference from yesterday. 42 degrees right now in allentown and 50 degrees in mount holly and 51 in atlantic city. a mild start to the day, but we're dealing with fog and dealing with showers and four-mile visibility in philadelphia and down to two miles in reading and down to a quarter mile in mount pocono. not a pretty start to the day. kind of a gloomy start. radar showing us that we have light rain and drizzle and not hvy stuff and it won't be heavy today. that will be tomorrow. we want to issue a first alert weather day. and that's because of the timing. terrible timing with this storm. and because we are looking at the potential for some heavy rain and also some wind. maybe even a thunderstorm. so, rain heavy at times and we could see an inch and maybe an inch in a half in some spots. thunderstorms on the delaware coast and southern new jersey and wind gusting out of the southwest. that southwesterly wind that will help kick our temperatures up to the low 6 os.
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rain today mainly in the morning and then milder, 48 to 52. winds out of the southeast at five miles per hour. seven-day forecast, 50 degrees today. by wednesday we're looking at heavy rain, 62. that is about 20 degrees above what typical for this time of year. thursday start out on the mild side and start out with some rain and then bring the sunshine and drop the temperatures kick up the winds. 53 on friday, that's a nice day. temperatures in the mid-50s by the weekend. >> mid-50s in december? we'll take it. even if it comes with rain, we'll take it. let's check on the roads roe right now. jillgen mealy has that. >> 76 or the vine, both of those roads are looking good right now. keep in mind, no volume is starting to build in the normal spots on 76. no volume to report and i'm sure eastbound will pick up in the next few minutes. that's something i'll keep you updated on. eastbound from 29 to 76. will take you about nine
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minutes. eight minutes on the westbound side. for drivers in delaware, still dealing with the wet roads out there this morning. live look at the dover toll plaza. where you can see, things are quiet there. a coat give away turned into much more for some kids in south jersey. they had a prechristmas shopping spree of sorts. it was all thanks to the foreman mills store in camden county. about 350 kids were there to get free coats, but the last minute the store's owner and ceo decided to make a change. he decided it give them anything in the store to make sure they have a happy holiday. >> we have a whole warehouse full of clothes, but we love to give back because people shop with us all the time. we want to show them how much we care about the community. this is what we live for. >> those lucky kids were all from the creative academy in camden. showing support. we'll tell you about plans in one community today to thank police, fire and first responders for the work they do every day. and on the move, one of delaware's biggest employers announces it's moving.
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that story when we take you county by county, next. the holiday season is here,
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which means it's time for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen. like the sporty, advanced new jetta... and the 2015 motor trend car of the year all-new golf. if you're wishing for a new volkswagen this season... just about all you need is a finely tuned...
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pen. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on select new volkswagen models. four minutes before 6:00 right now. this is the live picture of the
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aramark building we show you every morning. look how foggy that is. foggy and light rain. the heavy rain moves in tomorrow and a critical day for tomorrow and get you the timing on all of it with michelle grossman coming up. time to take a look at what's happening county by county. looking at the news happening in your neighborhood and we begin in chester county by supporting the blue. it's a show of appreciation for police, firefighters and all emergency responders. the event is happening today at the fop lodge in westchester. lawmakers say it's important to thank the men and women in uniform and their families. a recent increase in anti-police sentiment across the country has made those already difficult jobs even harder. in delaware county, the mayor of chester is looking to make some changes to the police force. according to the "delaware county times" he wants to ship the focus to community policing. he believes this will help improve the quality of life in chester. this past year was one of the city's most violent in its history. cherry hill officials say
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subaru's move to camden will not have a major impact on the economy. they say the loss of tax revenue from that move will be small. earlier this month, the new jersey economic development authority approved $118 million in future tax breaks for subaru to move its u.s. headquarters to camden. to new castle county where one of delaware's largest employers plan to move its headquarters out of wilmington. dupont plans to consolidate its corporate officers. that means nearly 1,000 offices will move just outside the city. dupont plans to use the wilmington facility to create a new spinoff chemical company. also in new castle county, an iconic flag store is expected to reopen in a matter of weeks. it closed its doors after 58 years, but according to "delaware news journal" the new owner is planning to reopen at a new location in wilmington. a lot of people will be happy to hear that. that is a much beloved shop
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there in that area. >> indeed, it is. you're watching nbc 10 news. nbc 10 news at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. nbc 10 news starts now. let the holiday rush begin. and we're not talking shopping, not just shopping anyway. but traveling. a live look here i-95 as we're looking out towards the bridge there headed towards the airport. those travelers may be slowed down by the rain today. >> the rain today. here's a look at what's in store for us today. from our nbc 10 first alert radar. rain, rain and more rain. tracking this storm hour by hour. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. it's a yucky one out there. let's get you to meteorologist michelle grossman and the first alert forecast. michelle, rain falling pretty much across the area now. >> that's right. seeing rain pretty much everywhere and take it slow kind of morning and looks a little
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gloomy outside. not a great-looking morning. wet roadways and you can see down from our cape may camera and that's what you'll see all across the area. light rain and drizzle falling across the area and fog in place, some clouds. kind of just a dark morning. temperatures right now are mild, much warmer than this time yesterday. 49 right now in philadelphia. 43 in allentown and 41 in lancaster and in the 50s to the south and east. 52 in atlantic city and 52 in wildwood. we're tracking the light rain today mainly in the morning and still a chance for showers in the afternoon. tomorrow, though, that we're tracking the chance for heavy rain and issuing a first alert weather day. that is for christmas eve and we'll keep you updated on that. rain heavy at times and also the chance for a thunderstorm. but for today, grab the umbrella, 43 by 8:00. by 10:00, 45 and by noon 47 degrees. not a great way to start the day. hopefully not affecting the traffic, but it doesn't take much this time of day. so, let's check in with jillian and see how things are going. >> whenever we hit


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