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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  December 23, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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right now at 11:00, a live at i-95 as people get a jump on holiday travel. driving conditions aren't the best. they are only going to get worse. bad weather is coming at a bad time whether you are going by road or air. fog is impacting holiday travel+ here. >> it's just going to get worse as we go into tonight and tomorrow. that's why we have first alert weather days for that 24-hour÷k period. we're going to have foggy travel troubles, especially for flyingv airport delays coming and going
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all over the eastern united states. it's going to be warm and stormy and we also have strong gusty winds on christmas day. a lot going on in the next couple of days. right now we have drizzle. the main area of rain has moved out. now we are left with fog issues. a quarter mile visibility in mount pocono that's dense. less than two miles at philadelphia international with delays. wil ming ton, a half mile with delays there as well. delays at every airport around the area, not only for today but even worse tonight and tomorrow morning. it's 51 in philadelphia. we don't have an issue of icing or snow as we go into christmas eve and christmas day. through the afternoon, we're going to be seeing fog
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throughout the day. temperatures in the low 50s. then it gets even warmer and windier and wetter. the timing on all that with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> i tell you what, the fog is causing delays at the airport. we checked in with philadelphia international. there's a backup of two hours. the fog will likely get worse throughout the day. 6% of people traveling this holiday will do so by air. that's up 1%,úee from last year estimated 91% are hitting the road. if you are leaving for a holiday destination, take the first alert weather team with you. our free weather app giving you real time radar and forecasts. download the app free of charge right now on delaware state police are investigating a school bus crash in new castle county. it sent nearly a dozen children to the hospital. nbc 10 jesse gary is liveout side the hospital where the children are being treated. what have you found out? >> reporter: state police say 11
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children were brought here to the hospital. hospital staffers confirm that number and say they are seeing the patients inside their e.r. on the other side of this wall and tower that you are looking at. they say all suffered minor injuries. police say the accident happened z parking lot of a middle school.o a bus with 24q:é4é students on ran into a light pole damaging the bus and slamming the pole to the ground. 11 students rushed here to dupont hospital for children. the driver taken to a different hospital. all said to have minor injuries. the parents"zm have been here of the morning. the bus has been towed to a lot on wyoming street. state police and the school district are investigating the cause of the crash. that's the latest live in wilmington, new castle county, jesse gary. >> thank you. this morning bill de blasio
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held a moment of silence for two murdered police officers. they were killed in an ambush inside their own patrol car saturday afternoon. this is a look at the memorial in brooklyn. people continue to come by to lay flowers and as we said the mayor of new york was here within the past hour. there's new video of the gunman who killed the officers. it shows him inside a brooklyn mall a few hours before the shootings. police released the video as they try to piece together the path he took. the package in his hands contains a gun. authorities also revealed he was a bystander at a new york city protest against police protest three weeks ago and he ordered and recorded some of the rally on a cell phone. police say he posted anti-police statements on social media before ambushing the two officers. he then ran into a subway station and took his own life. the widow of officer liu read a statement. >> this is a difficult time for
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both of our families. but we will stand together and get through this together. >> the memorial at the scene of the shooting continues to grow. officer ramos will happen saturday. we're waiting on details about a final tribute to officer liu. philadelphia police are changing routines. they are pairing up officers in light of the murders in new york. in camden, the police chief says nothing changes. overreact. he is telling officers to be vigilant. the number of policek fatalities this year is 20% higher than last year. the national law enforcement officers memorial fund says 49 officers were killed this year. four were killed in pennsylvania there's an update now to one of the deadly shootings in f
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pennsylvania. the officer who survived an ambush in pike county will spend the holidays at home. alex douglass left a rehab center in new york to spend christmas with his family near scranton. a facebook picture shows him next to a christmas tree. eric frein shot him outside the state police barracks in september. they say he2w also shot a kill they captured frein seven weeks after the shooting. new information surrounding new f posted to instagrami. firefighters and paramedics were told the give the social media policy a second look. employees were sent an e-mail guidelines. the policy includes a ban on using personal electronics to post on social media while on !bty.
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a 33-year-old philadelphia man is recovering after being shot in the point breeze section of the city overnight. police tell us he was walking down 25th street when he heard gunshots. he realized he was hit, ran two blocks to his house, called 911. he is in stable condition at the hospital at the university of pennsylvania. no word on a suspect or a motive at this time. happening now at this hour, a man charged with firing the stray bullet that killed aid philadelphia teenager walking home from school is said to be arraigned. 19-year-old darian person fired group of people in september. one of the bullets hit a  walking home from delaware valley charter school. a 19-year-old man was also hurt. police charged person with murder and other offenses.o#d this is new. aza philadelphia man convicted in a string of tire slashings went
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david toledo is accused of vandalizing several cars just last month. a septa worker claims he saw him place a trap with nails near a car tire. he was arrested. he is on probation stemming from the tire slashing back in 2012. the mother of missing west chester university student shane montgomery says because his keys were found doesn't mean she's going to stop searching for him. the 21-year-old vanished thanksgiving morning. a team found his keys in the river on sunday. divers searched the water just below boathouse row yesterday but didn't turn up new clues. his mother says she won't stop until she brings her son home. >> there's no resolution just because i found a set of keys. i miss him)a6ç terribly. i miss him terribly.- ll i text him every day.
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to ask him to help me find him. >> the keys were the first item of shane's to be found at the water since he went missing november 27th. this morning, the internet is running in north korea. the question, was it a form of retaliation for the attack on sony pictures? we will tell you what the u.s. government is saying and not saying. a crime caught on camera. we will show you how an alleged thief stole holiday joy from workers at one company. it's foggy, damp and mild and it's going to be like that for a while. we will let you know when the worst will be over.
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look at this. drivers &yx=rying to get a jump the holiday rush are dealing with foggy conditions. you can barely see the highway out there. things are going to get worse as well. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz told us abou$!¢e)j @(t& our first half hour. he will be back with your full forecast in a few minutes. now to this major websites in north korea are back online after a nine-hour outage. the timing is raising questions about whether the u.s. is behind it or not. nbc's tracie potts reports from >> reporter: internet, which is always sketchy in north korea, was down for more than nine
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was down for morumonday.ine was it the u.s. making good on a promise to deal with whoever hacked sony pictures? the state department won't say. >> as we implement our responses, some will be seen. some may not be seen. >> the u.s. believes north korea was behind the sony attack. north korea denied it but says they are targeting the white house and pentagon. the u.s. says there's no credible information about uçt/. meantime, one washington lawmaker is inviting sony to screen its postponed movie kwshgs the interview" at the u.s. capital. >> we're not going to be derived of seeing what's a good or bad movie just because of threats >> reporter: the u.n. ambassador cited the sony attack and a list of abuses. >> silence will not make the >> reporter: she's urging the u.n. to refer north korea to the international criminal court. new this morning, china says
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they had nothing to do with the sony attahq and any suggestion otherwise is irresponsible. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. cuba welcomes the entire package offered by the president during last week's historic announcement. this includes u.s. equipment to improve cuba's internet and exports to help businessowners. there's one issue cuba doesn't appear willing to change, granting asylum to u.s. fugitives. several are living in cuba, including a woman accused of killing a new jersey state trooper. the government held him artificiallyós/vmsem nature his wife. he was released last week as part an exchange deal for u.s.
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foreign aid worker alan gross and a high level u.s. spy. in australia, mourners gathered to remember the victims of last week's deadly siege. the manager of the cafe was one of two killed and he was praised as a hero for trying to take the gun away from the hostage taker. a memborial was held for the second victim, a mother of three. >> if there is one thing we can learn from her example, it's how to love. to show our love, to use love and by loving to make other people and places better. >> the gunman at the center of the standoff was killed. he was a self-styled cleric with a lengthy criminal history. federal authorities say a delta employee suspected of smuggling guns or jets. a baggage handler is accused of
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helping traffic guns to new york. on december 10, police arrested him after they say he was helped to get nearly 20 firearms through security. delta says it's cooperating with the investigation. workers at a bus iness in washington state will go without their bonuses. it's after a grinch was caught stealing thousands of dollars set aside for them. the thief was seen on cameras after they closed up saturday morning. eventually found the store's safe and i side was thousands of dollars in cash that employees were supposed to receive as part of their christmas bonuses. >> the fact that somebody breaks into your building and takes something that he didn't work for. basically comes in and takes something that you worked your tail off for. >> police have taken fingerprints off the safe and around the shop. it appears he covered his hands when he touched things. police hope that the clear images right here of the thief will help track him down.
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in arizona the search has been called off for a black bear spotted returning around phoenix.lew look at the video. the bear getting speed here as it runs from police. officers tried to hit it with a tranquilizer dart. w)("d$eh! he is estimated to be 100 to 150 pounds. officials don't believe the bear is a public safety threat. in california, people are worried about what's being called the king tide. they are experiencing the highest high tides of the year. water flooded this intersection near the san francisco ferry building. if the tide comes up higher, a house would have been gone. >> we will probably have to take the whole house down and start over again. >> the national academy of sciences projects sea levels will increase by up to a foot by
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2030. our sea levels are up today. we have a coastal flood advisory until 2:00 tore parts of the jersey shore. first alert weather conditions for tonight and into tomorrow. foggy travel trounls, especially pretty much any part of the area. it's going to be warm and stormy and we also have some strong gusty winds coming on christmas day. there are buildings down there somewhere. visibility is pretty bad. 51 degrees with drizzle now. wind east northeast at nine. it's 11 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. the temperatures are way up there, as you can see. 45 in allentown. 53 in millville. 54 in dover. we're way above average. the average high is 43 for this m the fog is our biggest problem.
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the visibility is only a quarter mile in the poconos. it's less than two miles in coatesville, quakertown. 2.5 in philadelphia international. this is the main focal point for our air troubles, philadelphia international. just about everywhere else we are seeing fairly low visibility that will get0 lower tonight a you will see here with the futurecast. visibility, by 5:00 computer model is showing anywhere betweeny zero and two miles. then it gets worse as we go through the night. by midnight, it's either zero to one mile. and going into tomorrow morning, for most of the area, that's pretty close to zero. dense fog is going to be quite an issue. the drizzle that we have now, that's going to be replaced by more significant rain, but not for a while. we have to go pretty far back to the west to find the significant
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rain. so that is more for tomorrow and into tomorrow night. so dense fog for tomorrow morning. and then it starts to warm up. look at that. 62 degrees by 5:00. and then it gets even wetter. here we are with the clouds and the fog during the afternoon and into tonight. a little bit of drizzle. and then here comes the rain. during the day tomorrow, waves of rain. it's not raining all the time. but as we go into the afternoon, you can see one batchúj7hp'd th another one comingñlz in in the evening. some of the computer models not as wet as others. but they're all kind of drying us out byp thursday morning. that's when the wind really starts to pick up. christmas day is going to be a wind story. fog and drizzle this afternoon. milder temperatures into the low 50s. the seven-day forecast, heavy
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rain on wednesday. at least a times. then for thursday morning, it's pretty warm. closer to 60 degrees. and then dropping to 51 later in the day. wind gusts over 40 miles an hour. then we have really nice weathex coming in on friday and saturday. a chance of rain coming in sunday. it could potentially change to mondays at s s s as the colder in. advice for people packing presents in their luggage./y are more americans skipping dessert? the results of a new study may be bad news for bakeries.
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how about this? a new study is the first to report success of ebola vaccines in west africa. in phase one of the trial, a team with the national institutes of allergy and infectious disease tested two vaccines for different strains of the ebola virus.phjr researchers say it triggered an immune response and called the results encouraging. nearly 7,000 people have died of ebola this year. a new report finds more americans are being treated with co-lester roll lowering drugs. the center for disease control finds the number of adults over 40 taking these medications
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increased from 20% to 28% between 2003 and ç-4012. the use of statens went up from 18% to 26%. the increases were highest in adults over 75 but were similar among men and women as well as race. x finds are buying fewer prepackaged baked goods than they did a decade ago. ready to eat cakes, cookies, pastries, high in carbohydrates, fat and sugar. track chang changes. they found there was little fell by 24%. the family of a local police detective lose everything in a fire. their home was destroyed by a vengef vengeful neighbor. see how the community is coming together to help them out. jump. jump. jump. >> a near disaster following eggnog. we will show you how winning a
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party contest nearly cost one man his life.
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look at this shot, a live look at travel conditions on the roads as people start to head for their holiday destinations. this is i-95. the weather won't make it easy. it won't make < any easier to get you where you want to go. radar tracking nasty weather that's moving in. the worst possible time for holiday travelers. the wettest and windiest weather is yet to come. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. tough to see out there. >> yeah. and it's going to get worse. the fog is going to be becoming more dense tonight and tomorrow. a first alert weather day
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tomorrow. the bad weather starts tonight with the foggy travel. significant, maybe major delays at airports around the area, because this fog is not just in our area but up and down the east coast. it's going to be warm and stormy tomorrow, maybe even thunderstorms on christmas eve. cri christmas winds. as you can see with the pictures, the visibility is pretty bad across most of the area right now. it's going to get worse. not much in the way of rain though. as least not now. mainly drizzle drops=0qnç that too small foray d radar to dete. visibility is less than a mile in wilmington. a quarter of a mile in mount pocono. it's somewhat foggy now. those numbers are going to go down as we head to tonight and quite a ways down, closer to the zero mark.
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51 in philadelphia now. r 50 in much of the area. some places even warmer than that. it's not going to be cooling down this afternoon, not warming up a whole lot. but we do have fog, drizzle that is going to be affecting the area. it's just going to get warmer tomorrow. but it's going to get wetter. we will tell you when the heaviest rain is coming with the seven-day in a few minutes. the fog is causing delays at the airport. we checked in with philadelphia international. there's a backup of about an hour and 50 minutes. as glenn has been telling us all morni morning, the fog will get worse. plan accordingly. we're not the only place with weather worries. there are issues in many parts of the country. >> reporter: the rush is on. one in three americans is traveling for the holidays. prime time for not so frequent fliers visiting family and
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friends. 98.6 million americans plan to travel 50 miles or more. heavy rain or low ceiling expected in boston, new york, washington, atlanta and minneapolis. christmas eve weather moving into charlotte, cleveland, worsening in chicago and detroit. maybe the millions of road trippers are on to something this year. unloaded gas now averaging $2.36 a gallon and less than $2 in 27 states. >> we are paying 81 cents less than a year ago. that's a big drocp. we dropped 35 cents in a month and 13 cents in less than a week. >> price watchers say can expect this to continue into the new year. >> this is the gift that keeps giving for american motorists. gas prices already 80 cents lower than last year. >> reporter: per gallon that adds up to a little extra cash to spend once you get there.
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here is things the tsa wants you to know before you head to the airport. you are allowed to carry on wrapped presents. be prepared to unwrap them if necessary. if anything, alarm secure officers that wrapping paper will be removed. the tsa recommends shipping wrapping gifts ahead of time or waiting to wrap them. if you were carrying a snow globe as a gift, it must fit into a quart-sized resealable plastic bag. we crunched numbers to find out how much you are saving thanks to the low gas prices. if you are driving to new york city, it will cost you $7 less this year than the same time last year. fur heading to washington, d.c., you are saving $10 over this time last year. and driving west to western pennsylvania to pittsburgh, you will save $20. if you are leaving for a holiday destination, take the first alert weather team with you. our free weather app gives you real time radar and forecasts. download the free app for your
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smart phone, your tablet right now on nbc 10 opinion com. to f8ú now, n children are hospitalized after a bus crash in new castle county. delaware state police are investigating this crash. it happened around 7:00 a.m. at a middle school in newark. the bus hit a light pole. they are trying to figure out why it crashed. the kids suffered minor injuries. democrat strakss will continue in new york city despite the murder of two police officers. this comes in response to new york mayor bill de blasio's request to hold off on demonstrating until after the officers are laid to rest. the first of the funerals will happen saturday. philadelphia police are investigating the motive of a shooting in point breeze. a 33-year-old man was walking down 25th street with his cousin when they heard gunshots. after the victim realized he had been hit, ran to his house, call
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911, he is in stable condition. the u.s. is not admitting nor denying it was involved in a nine-hour internet outage in north korea. it impacted two major websites. this comes after a cyber attack on sony pictures that the u.s. blames on north korea. we have new information about a philadelphia rape case that dates back four years. a short time ago the fbi and philadelphia police announced that a man iå in police custody in philadelphia. he just arrived in the u.s. last night after being held in a mexican prison since his arrest in 2012. >> once that extradition came through and we thought it was very fitting that a philadelphia police officer accompanied by an fbi agent traveled to mexico city, put the handcuffs on him and brought him back to philadelphia.
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>> he is accused of raping a woman while she waited at a city bus stop in august of 2010. he is wanted in the rape of a teenage girl in western pennsylvania in alleghenyjiw county. an arrangement is under way for the man charged with murdering a member of a philadelphia synagogue. he broke into the home of a man and stabbed him to death in september. he belonged to a synagogue and then lived a few blocks away from each other. the murder stemmed from an argument.xf37 from delaware, the former head master of a new castle county prep school has been 84x pornography. christopher wheeler was the former head master at tower hill school in wilmington. police searched his home and office and found thousands of images of child pornography. there was no evidence that wheeler abused any students or other children. he faces up to 50 years in prison when he is sentenced in
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march. a former philadelphia sportscaster is talking about list case, the first time since he withdrew his guilty plea. he stole hundreds of thousands dollars by selling tickets to spots events with the promise the money would go to charity. it was a promise investigators say he didn't fulfill. he entered a guilty plea but changed his mind lastwi>) week. now he says he plans to prove his innocence in court. >> i believe i did not have any criminal intent and the new evidence is very, very important to the decision that i made to withdraw my plea. >> he didn't say anything about what the new evidence might be. hundreds of students gathered to remember a classmate murdered in a killing spree. they prayed for her brother, the only survivor of last week's rampage. classmates packed the high school gym for a vigil last night.
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they remembered her ahçh2 praye forñ her 17-year-old brother. >> still here and we are thankful of that and that even though she may be gone, we can feel her. >> bradley stone killed his ex-wife and five members of her family, including her niece. anthony was severely injured and is in the hospital. a community vigil in a community will come together to help a family who lost nearly everything in a house fire that authorities say was set by a neighbor with a grudge. this was the scene earlier this month of a home of a detective. flames raged. investigators say a neighbor set the home ablaze as misplaced receipt bugs for her son's arrest. there's been an outpouring of support. they are accepting donations. >> appreciate anyone who has been stepping up. overwhelming the amount of people we have had contact with. people we didn't know have been
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reaching out for the family and helping out. >> there's a fund-raiser tonight >> there's a fund-raiser tonight the restaurant will donate 10% of total sales tonight. go to for more information. a proposal in dover would turn citizens into crime fighters arming them with tasers. a team of cadets would be hired dover's up and nñ coming downto area. 9+)c arming them with tasers. they say they will be well screened and trained. >> we can deal with nuisancedç crimes that would be a deterren from somebody wantingmc.7y to c downtown. the cadets will befç beneficial like trained security officers q drinking anduiq loitering. the citypnjc7(r& plans to take up the measure next month.
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a)sidç horse show will stay town, according to the board of leadership. new president and chairperson hundreds of fans came out to the show in chester county every year. some are worried about what this will mean for the attraction. moving across the delaware river and down south to atlantic city and the casino crisis. a proposal that keep the taj mahal open for business. carl icahn is pledging $20 million to give the taj more time to restructure. that's $15 million more than his first offer and comes without so many conditions. a hearing on the proposal is set for january 9. it has been three months and septa launched a campaign taking aim at rude ye?#behavior. it appears riders are getting
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the message. they received fewer complaints about bad language and people1] taking up two seats. new york city is planning to launch its own campaign similar to septa's next month. happening right now, santa's septa elves are using a bus to deliver holiday gifts to children in need. they sorted gifts yesterday. for 34 years workers have filled the barrels with thousands of you love seeing stuff like that this time of year. it started as a contest at a party but see how one man won an eggnog chugging contest and nearly lost his life in the process. it's going to be a wet and windy holiday. what can you expect and when? the timing coming up in the seven-day forecast.
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here is what a lot of people are talking about today. drivers trying to get a jump on the rush, dealing with foggy conditions. a live look at i-95. you can barely see the highway out there. things are going to get worse. we caution you. glenn "hurricane" schwartz, he will be back with your full forecast in a few minutes. traffic begins to build out there. we want to talk about a close call caught on camera.
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a police officer just inches away from being seriously hurt. look. a suspected drunk driver nearly ran him down during a traffic stop. he barely had a second to jump out of the way after the mazda slammed into his cruiser. new je'mwi enacted a law requiring all new police cars to have dashboard cameras. the camera that captured it was installed three days earlier. >> heard a loud explosion. i turned around and see the vehicle. >> the same thing for a video, it's worth a thousand words. shed light on some of the dangers that police officers face. >> police arrested this man. they say that he wasvh í drivi drunk and also had marijuana in the car.uzexx a new recall to tell you about that could affect a lot of coffee lovers out there. 7 million single-serve coffee
11:46 am
brewing machines because of burns. they say the mini-plus can model k10 can spray water. they haveze9vqr+ed 200 reports of hot liquid escaping from the brewer, including 90 reports of burn-related injuries. "the new york times" reporting that a data breech at jp morgan was avoidable. they could have avoided it if they had used a simple security measure. the team failed to upgrade one of its network servers with a dual password method. it exposed data and personal information of 83 million accounts. it is the last day for christmas shipments. o drop off packages to u.p.s., u.s. postal rz service for express or overnight delivery. after today, it will be too
11:47 am
late. u.p.s. and fedex hired more seasonal workers this year to handle this last-minute crunch. many workers will receive gifts this year. nearly 80% of employers plan to offer a holiday gift or bone us this year. it's up from just over half of employers a year ago. gifts range from performance-based bonuses to cash and other types of presents. pay attention to this next story. utah almost took a deadly turn after an eggnog chugging competition. >> chug, chug, chug, chug. >> this is ryan roach who won the contest with a time of 12 seconds. 2 nearly cost him his life. roach said when he finished he couldn't =,@)árq he started coughing and thought he would be okay. hours later, he went to the hospital after he started shaking uncontrollably andpsfñ panting. >> they had to wheelchair me in.
11:48 am
double i.v. and oxygen and hook me up to what they called the nuclear weapon of antibiotics. >> doctors said roach had as spir rated it into hisx֍0 lungd was dry drowning. he was in the hospital for three days before he could return home. customers going through the checkout line got an early christmas gift. they found out a stranger picked up their tabs. a man was one of 40 customers who was shocked when he learned he didn't have to pay for gifts he bought for his girls for christmas. thanks to the generosity of a secret santa who spent thousands of dollars making christmas better for so many >> just want to give everybody else a little cheer for christmas. >> the manager says this is the second year the secret santa stopped by his store. he warns he may strike again.
11:49 am
a texas restaurant challenged diners to go device free over dinner. the owners were tired of watching families spend more time on their mobile phones than having a conversation with each other. so they decided to offer a 20% discount off the check for diners who handed over their cell phones and other electronic devices. >> great idea. and we have been having a little more fun, i think. >> we see quite a few people, families, that come and they don't talk to each other. kids are texting, everybody is checking facebook. >> i love this idea. i would take that discount. the owner said the device-free night was such a discount, they extended it for one more night. you won't be able to use your nbc 10 first alert weather app if they have your phone. you may need that over the next
11:50 am
couple of days, because there's a lot going on. a first alert weather day tomorrow. actually, the bad weather0óñ sts tonight with a real foggy travel. major, major delayed at airports allé8 across the east. warm and stormy conditions tomorrow. very gusty winds for christmas day. visibility is pretty bad. it's going to be worse than that by tomorrow morning. 51 degrees, wind northeast at seven. nine degrees warmer than we were at this time yesterday at least. temperatures are in the 40s to the north, 50s to the south. well above average. the average high is 43 for this time of the year. we do have a northeast wind. in the areas where it is closest to being calm, that's where you see the worst of the fog. a little bit too much wind in the area now. as the windy minutishes, the fog is going to get worse. we have only quarter mile visibility in mount pocono.
11:51 am
we're up to two miles in coatesville and blue bell. still below two miles at philadelphia international. that, of course, is the key one. mount holly, a mile and a half. a mile at atlantic city. some delays out there as well. because, if anything, the visibility is going down. here we are at 5:00, and it's not too bad. but as we go toward 9:00, 10:00 tonight, it's closer to one mile and then eventually some places going closer to zero as we get toward tomorrow morning. definitely check with the airlines not only if you are headed out but if you are relatives coming in. they will be affected by this. they will be affected by rain, too. not much now. just drizzle now. but the more significant weather is well back to the west. that's going to be affecting us during the day tomorrow. last-minute shopping is going to be wet. but it's going to be warm. 52 with dense fog and drizzle
11:52 am
tomorrow morning. warm and wet at noon and throughout the day as temperatures go into the 60s and the southerly winds come in. we have mostly cloudy skies at the moment. we're not expecting any kind of heavy rain this afternoon. or even tonight. tomorrow, you can see some heavier rain coming in right during the early morning hours /v during the afternoon. he would get another shot early in the afternoon and another shot around dinner time. so it's not a steady rain, but it's also not just a couple of showers either. for rest of the day, foggy, drizzle, mild for this time of the year. temperatures in the low 50s. and then it gets warmer. 62 tomorrow with some periods of heavy rain. it won't be heavy all day. it's a rainy and a very warm day. and even tomorrow evening, christmas eve at midnight near
11:53 am
60 degrees. temperatures fall a little bit during the day on christmas. but the wind gusts over 40 miles an hour. really nice weather friday and saturday. warm and sunny and then we get the rain possibly followed by snow by early next week. we will be right back.
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breaking news. the middle school and highéx l precaution. a message says they are working with the police resolve the situation. we made calls to find out why they are in lockdown but they aren't releasing the information. all students and staff are safe but the students may be dismissed late. we will continue to monitor the situation for you and bring you updates on coming up at 3:00, "ellen" is new with the cast of "annie." then it's nbc 10 at 4:00. race to the rescue, a baby trapped inside a burning minivan. that's this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. i want to show you something. you can barely see center city. >> wait until tomorrow morning.
11:57 am
he won't be able to see. >> make sure you are safe out there. thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm keith jones. for glenn "hurricane" schwartz and all of us at nbc 10 news, have a great day.
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>> hope: i hope the kids are having fun at drew's christmas party. >> aiden: oh, i'm sure they are. >> hope: mm. >> aiden: although the problem is, now we have at least three hours to kill. >> hope: hmm. >> aiden: any ideas? >> hope: well, um... i wonder if the salem inn is fully booked for christmas. >> aiden: all we can do is try. >> dg: you want to tell me what's going on here? >> hope: dad. >> paige: thanks for seeing me, dr. green. i just have a few questions about my grandfather's illness. >> dr. green: so, you're asking me to lie. my dear, i'm very sorry. i have been called into the o.r. emergency su


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