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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  December 25, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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as we all know, christmas is a time of traditions and for many today it began at church. nbc 10 at the cathedral basilica in center city, where worshippers celebrated christmas mass. good evening, i'm keith jones. >> i'm jacqueline london. merry christmas. thanks for joining us for "nbc 10 news at 5." pope francis delivered his christmas message today at the vatican. he recognized this isn't a joyous holiday season for people in many parts of the world. he spoke of children who are made objects of trade or trafficking and forced to become soldiers. the pontiff voiced anguish for children who suffer maltreatment or violence including the recent terrorist attack on a pakistani military school. part of the true meaning of christmas and the holiday season is about giving back to those less fortunate or who are far away from their own families. >> tonight we have stories from all across our muj]xarea. showing other people's generosity is certainly the case at the jersey shore today.
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nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg is live in upper township. members of the community are giving back to members of the coast guard. merry christmas, ted. >> reporter: these are coast guard recruits and getting ready to sit down for christmas dinner at the home of john and patsysu ratigan. other local families have done the same thing today by opening their homes and their hearts. >> merry christmas. >> thanks so much for doing this. >> reporter: they are far away from their own loved ones, but on this christmas -- >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: -- a small taste of home for more than 300 coast guard recruits thanks to scores of generous families at the jersey shore. hosting them for the holiday. >> it means a lot. my mom didn't put up the tree this year because she said i wasn't there. it really hurt my feelings. to have people we don't even know come and take us in means the absolute world to us. >> reporter: jasmine anderson is from virginia beach and with her fellow recruits is in the midst
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of a rigorous eight-week boot camp at the coast guard training center in cape may. today she's at merill nelson's house as part of operation fireside, a program now in its 33rd year coordinated by the american red cross. nelson is a widow and her kids are spread out across the country. >> it's just very special. they're my family for the day. and i'm theirs. >> they're away from home. most of them for the very first time. and to get just a little taste of christmas morning with the family, it's so important to keep their spirits up. >> oh, pop, that was popping. >> reporter: the recruits can call home, eat food not normally found on the base and most of all, relax. >> it's great. family is such a very big thing to me, and i can -- i can't even give enough thanks. >> reporter: and we were there today when that recruit got some amazing news that brought him to tears. that part of the story coming up
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tonight at 6:00. these guys don't have to be back at the base until 8:00 tonight. they've got more time here. on the menu prime rib, twiced baked potato and seafood casserole. smells absolutely great. live in upper township, ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> thank you so much. what a great story there. unbelievable. >> it really is. thanks. the interview" is playing in select theateeaters nationwide. >> one in our area. the comedy was at center of an international political drama. randy gyllenhaal is live and you spoke to moviegoers. >> reporter: whether they celebrate the holidays or not, going to the movies on christmas day is an old american tradition. unfortunately, this year things got a little bit tricky for fans of "the interview." thankfully one theater in wilmington screened the flick and we had hundreds of people coming out. despite threats from shadowy hackers, comedy fans flocked to penn cinema selling out the first screening of "the
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interview." chris schroeder was one of the first if line here to make a bold statement. >> wanted to wish kim jong-un merry christmas. >> reporter: he says you can't cancel a movie because somebody out there doesn't want to see it. >> it sets a bad precedent.tocó hackers or anything to feel like they can achieve their goals. >> reporter: this independent delaware theater decided to screen the film after most of the larger movie chains backed out. penn cinema is one of the very few in the country will to show the movie. >> you want us to kill the leader of north korea? >> yes. >> what? >> reporter: the sony picture is about a plot to assassinate kim jong-un, leader of north korea. the fbi now believes real life north korean hackers tried to censor the film by hacking into sony databases and making 9/11-style threats against any theater who dared to open their doors. >> great movie. >> reporter: fans here walking out very happy. >> it was definitely worth the hype. >> reporter: they say "the interview" was crude, violent
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and pretty funny. not an oscar winner, but a movie that should be seen on principle. >> this is america, freedom, do whatever you want. merry christmas, north korea. >> reporter: merry christmas. for you at home, sony pictures is also releasing the film on demand on your tv or ipad. rent it for about $5 on youtube, xbox and sony pictures' website. live in wilmington,0áy randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. >> people who went to a midnight screening of "the interview" in los angeles were treated to a surprise before the show. director and actor seth rogen made an appearance to thank everyone for coming out to see the film. rogen said he didn't think the release would ever happen. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> safe to say george washington made his christmas day trip across the delaware river with considerably better weather than the first time. re-enactors playing washington and his troops crossed the delaware from washington crossing in bucks county. washington and his troops faced
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snow, freezing temperatures during the event in 1776. today's forecast, however, quite the contrast with sunny skies and mild temperatures. >> i have been wanting to come out here for years and years and years, and we decided that today was going to be the day and it's a beautiful day for the crossing. >> the original crossing at 1776 hauled 2,400 soldiers, 200 horses, and 18 cannons across the delaware river. the event turned the tide of the revolutionary war. as we just mentioned it felt a little more like fall on the water than christmas. we're now in the 50s for most of the day today, it was 50s, i should say. >> choosing between this and blizzard and freezing temps, i would take this any day. >> i'll take it, too. >> nbc 10 first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here. glenn, it's cooling down tonight? >> yeah, there was nowhere to go other than down after we got up to 65 degrees at 2:00 this morning. we also have a lot of sunshine out there, except for the
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poconos, clouds in that area. we have the camera shaking a little bit. there is a good bit of wind. certainly been a windy day. 51 now in philadelphia. 48 in allentown. 46 in reading. quite a change from what we saw at this time yesterday when temperatures were in the 60s. now, the wind has been gusting up close to 40 miles an hour. it is really diminishing now. only a few places even gusting over 20 miles an hour. as we go through the night, the wind will continue to die down. the temperatures going back a lot closer to the average for this time of the year. back down into the low 40s by 11:00 tonight. we have muchgcñ colder air than this on the way. we'll see if any of that is coming before the weekend is up with the seven day in a few minutes. new information on an overnight hoagire in delaware. we've learned the home's only resident is being treated for smoke inhalation at cro circzie
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medical center. he's in serious condition. state fire investigators say there was $75,000 worth of damage but are still trying to determine the cause. a christmas eve tragedy at the jersey shore. police say a woman was hit and oñ a minivan after leaving mass at.:nñ st. anthony padua church in hammonton atlantic county last night. she was crossing route 206 when it happened. the driver did stop at the scene. no charges have been filed. they have not released the victim's identity. beanie sigel remains in the hospital this christmas. there had been rumors spreading online that the philadelphia native has died but police tell nbc 10 that's just not true. just a few days ago we were told sigel remained on a ventilator and was unable to speak. the rapper was shot last month. there have been no arrests in the case. for homeless veterans every
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day is tough but the holidays are heart. staffers at the veterans group in west philly say many on the street battle mental health issues and drug abuse. they say those demons can still seem overwhelming at this time of year and this morning 15 bags of donated clothes were loaded into a van. volunteers began hands them out in logan square then moved to other parts of the city. >> if we see a group of guys just sitting out there, no blanket, clothes, homeless, we stop, give them blankets, it, if they want it, and we feed them. >> they also had a chef prepare coffee to hand out to 100 people. from our jersey shore bureau, the story of one college student who spread a lot of christmas cheer. the williams family opening gifts from under the tree but that wouldn't have been possible 22-year-old college student decided to buy presents for 20 less fortunate children
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including the williams'. >> season is definitely about vl giving, all about love ande helping someone. and that's what elijah langford did. he's all about trying to help someone in any way he can. >> i just said, i got to do something and i felt like if i can do it at 22, should be a lot of other people doing it as well. >> elijah is the son of former mayor lorenzo langford. he said he used a lot of his own money but also had generous donors who helped him pull it all off. >> strong christmas message right there. we're tracking more drama for the former revel casino hotel. the man who may become its next owner. a florida developer calls for the property's auction process, that it's unfair, and what he wants in return for getting ownership rights. ugs and kisses with a holiday twist. these two best friends just met. you've got to see this heartwarming story that actually has two surprises wrapped into one. plus --
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♪ deck the halls with boughs with ♪ >> they're one of the best in the area. why the spring hill choir feels so much like family.
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♪ president obama was joined by the first lady for his weekly address which touched on the
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christmas holiday and the families of servicemen and women in afghanistan. >> after a long day, we can come home because they're willing to leave their families and deploy. we can celebrate the holidays because they're willing to miss their own. >> and so as our troops continue to transition back home, back to our businesses, our schools, our congregations and our communities, it's up to all of us to serve them as well as they served us. >> the first family is on vacation in hawaii until the new year. ♪ a crowd of u.s. troops in afghanistan were treated to a song and dance show at bagram air base today. a performance group put on a show for hundreds of troops stationed in afghanistan who are spending the holidays away from their families. moving to this now, six to eight arrests in berkeley, missouri, in what was the second day of protests following a
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police shooting there on tuesday. last night dozens of protesters gathered at the gas station where the shooting took place. others briefly blocked traffic on an interstate. surveillance footage appears to show 18-year-old antonio martin pointing a gun at an officer before he was shot and killed. people in new york city are showing their support for the families of eric garner and two police officers who were shot and killed. at the national action network in harlem, volunteers came to serve meals to the needy and hand out christmas gifts. among them, valerie bell, whose son, sean, was shot and killed by police eight years ago. she's encouraging the garner family to celebrate his life. >> hold your head up, no matter what the situation is going to be, keep on persevering to what you want to know your son was all about. >> officers who want to pay their last respects to the two fallen policemen in new york may get help to attend their funerals. jet blue said two officers from any department in america can
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fly from free to saturday's service for raphael ramos, and we lu was killed saturday. they plan to fly liu's relatives in china for free as well. new information on this black bear that avoided capture in a phoenix suburb this week. arizona wildlife officials say they believe they caught that same bear this morning. the bear was wandering through the backyard of an empty home in mesa. a state game spokeswoman says the bear will likely be relocated to the tonto national forest. a young panda at the national zoo is back with her mom and dad tonight. following a scare. one-year-old baubau became spooked after touching a wire in her enclosure. she ran up there yesterday, today. her mom spent the night outdoors waiting for her underneath the tree. okay. now to the sounds of christmas.
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this winter, we showed you some of the best local choirs who took part in the more fm christmas choir competition. >> you're about to meet the second place winner in the ninth through 12th grade division. the members aren't just classmates. they consider themselves family. nbc 10's renee chenault-fattah explains. ♪ deck the halls with boughs of holly ♪ ♪ fa la la la la la la la la ♪ >> reporter: the springford area high school vocal ensemble's "deck the halls" sounds effortless, but harmonizing like this takes work and these tenth and 11th graders have been at it for years. >> not like when i was a freshman, i was like, i don't know what this is but it seems fun. now it's everything i like to do. i live, breathe, sing, all the time. >> reporter: the hard work's paid off with a second place finish in more fm's holiday choir competition. ♪ fa la la la la la la la la ♪ >> it was awesome. we were so excited. everyone was jumping up and down when they announced it on the radio. we all came in the school and were like, yeah! >> reporter: along with the announcement came $2,000 in
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prize money. >> with the money that mercedes-benz has awarded us, we're going to take a trip to carnegie hall and do a performance there. >> reporter: the ensemble is performing as part of carnegie hall's prestigious heritage music festival. >> we're extremely proud of our performing arts like at springford. the students and miss o'day put a lot of time into what they do. we're very proud of what they've been able to accomplish. >> reporter: for the choir director, it's a labor of love. >> academically, they do well, vocally they do well. they're really fun people to be around. i always say that i love my job because it's really the kids who make it so awesome to come to work every day. >> reporter: and the feeling is shared. >> it's just something i can always have with me. it's just, like, a beautiful thing. music is so important, and i think more people need to realize it. >> we're a family, and, like, we work together and even though, like, some people have groups and they fall apart, i feel like
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especially choir and music in general, like, we will stay together forever. >> our next half hour, we'll introduce you to the first place winners of the more fm christmas choir competition. >> and watch all of the winning choir performances on our website, now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> well, quite a change from what we saw at this time yesterday. it was balmy for this time of the year. one of the warmest christmas eves we've ever seen in philadelphia. but we've got a much colder night tonight. relatively mild weekend. although we're not getting into the mid 60s. and it's going to look and feel a little more like winter next week. we were 62 yesterday at 6:00. we tied a record high at 64 degrees by 9:00. 65 the official high today. that occurred around 2:00 a.m. then we dropped to 53.
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right now, we have clear skies. it's 51 degrees with wind west at 10 miles an hour. it has really diminished in the last hour. we've been seeing gusts as high as 40 miles an hour during the day today. temperatures are dropping into the 40s. 46 in pottstown, reading. 45 at lancaster. so it's going to be a cold night. you need the winter coats again. 12 degrees colder than it was this time yesterday. and in dover, it's 15 degrees colder than it was at this time yesterday. we've got a west wind here and that has brought in dry air, it's also bringing in colder air. the wind now only about averaging 10 miles an hour. a little stronger in the poconos. and really dying down overnight. that's some fair weather clouds from time to time today. but it's definitely dry out there. and there's no precipitation anywhere nearby. it looks like it's going to be dry for the weekend.
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we've got high pressure to our south that allows that west wind to come in here. it's still relatively mild for this time of the year. though it's not in the mid 60s. we'll wait for this cold front to come through to provide our next chance of rain and that's not until sunday. the front goes through and cools us down, but then this area of low pressure may ride up along the front and provide some precipitation into monday which could potentially change over to a wintry mix or even some snow, as the colder air that has been escaping the country for the last several weeks starts to come down next week and the arctic air makes its presence felt across much of the country as we go into the beginning of january. large area of arctic air. as we saw in november. things are changing. for tonight, clear, much colder.
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36 for the low in philadelphia. 29 north and west. during the day tomorrow, lot of sunshine. much less wind. and temperatures about 10 tr degrees above average for this time of the year. even a little bit warmer on saturday. still mild sunday. those showers come in. much colder monday. that's when it's going to start feeling like winter again. some rain, possibly changing to a wintry mix. and by new year's, we may have a chance of some snow or at least some flurries and very cold. >> we'll enjoy it while it lasts then, glenn. thank you so pump. from our south jersey borough, a furry christmas delivery from santa's helpers. >> merry christmas from santa. this is lucy. >> nbc 10 in vineland this morning. the cumberland county spca surprised gia with a three-month-old puppy named lucy. she'd written a letter to santa asking for a puppy this christmas after her dog, prince, passed away. the girl's mother, toni, says
5:23 pm
prince comforted gia. >> their love was just unbelievable for each other, and when she lost him, she lost a little piece of her heart. so, i knew that she needed it then. >> gia wasn't the only one who got a surprise this christmas. the spca, as you see here, also brought along lucy's brother, linus, as a present for toni. look at that smile. the emotion on her face. she loves it. that's what this is about all, too. the adopted animals, you want them to go to loving homes like that. >> pets can provide so much comfort and you can't separate lucy and linus ever. >> no way. the closed revel casino will end 2014 without an owner. after the 1st of the year, that may change. >> the shimmering beach front property doesn't come with baggage, though, and drama. why the potential next owner wants money back from the initial casino auction. and this looks like your average fender bender investigation. far from it, though.
5:24 pm
why this accident scene comes with a multimillion dollar price tag. (vo) nourished. rescued. protected.
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given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru, we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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if santa brought you a gift card you're not thrilled with, you might be able to exchange it. walmart is testing a program that lets shoppers swap a gift card for more than 200 other retailers, airlines, restaurants, for a walmart gift card. might not be an empb exchange,
5:27 pm
though. in some cases a walmart gift card will be worth about 70% of the original card depending on the brand. already looking toward the next big holiday, new year's eve, buying a good bottle of bubbly doesn't have to bust your budget. experts say instead of looking at the price of the champagne, look at the year it was made. 2002, 2004, and 2008 were great years for champagne. and don't serve it right out of the refrigerator. experts suggest letting it sit for at least half hour before opening. a florida developer in line to purchase the former revel casino hotel in atlantic city wants a discount. attorneys for glenn straub said in a court filing yesterday the property should be sold for $87 million. not the $95.4 million runner-up bid straub put in at auction. a toronto-based firm won the auction for $110 million but backed out when it couldn't re resolve a dispute over the costly power plant. taken a cab around here
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lately? >> i have. many cab drivers are upset, in fact, they filed a lawsuit. nbc 10's mitch blacher is live at 30th street station with more on this. mitch? >> reporter: 45 cab companies in philly have said that their business is suffering because of unfair business practices. coming up, we will tell you who they are blaming. is there an elk in your bed? with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that. only at a sleep number store, find the lowest prices of the season, with the c3 queen mattress set only $1199.98. plus 24 month special financing on all beds.
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know better sleep with sleep number.
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♪ beautiful song. and a booming beautiful voice filled the church of the redeemer for christmas mass today. people gathered at the bryn-mawr parish this morning to celebrate the birth of jesus christ. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. well, merry christmas to you. talk about a mild christmas. to get out there and swing with your little ones. nbc 10 at cooper river park in camden this afternoon. this family took advantage of the weather probably trying out a brand new christmas present. >> look at that. >> so cute. a christmas day actually started off around 65 degrees which is unheard of for this time of year. and we hovered in the 50s today. >> i'm not going to complain about it. >> no. >> nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz says it's cooling down tonight. just how cool, glenn? >> we're going to get back into the 30s. which is more typical for this time of the year. at 2:00 this morning, it was 65
5:32 pm
degrees in philadelphia. how about that? we have dry weather across the region. we had some fair weather clouds during the afternoon, but there's nothing close by. 51 degrees now. in the 40s north and wiest. the wind diminishing quite a bit. so we're not going to be having much of a windchill issue tonight. just a few places reporting gusts over 20 miles an hour. we had gusts to 40 in the philadelphia area during the day today. and for tonight, as the wind diminishes, the skies are clear, the temperature drops already into the 40s by 7:00, and approaching the 30s by 11:00. of course, many of the suburbs will already be in the 30s by 11:00. much colder air than this is on the way. see if it's going to affect your new year with the seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. if your holiday travel involves a trip and a cab, you'll definitely want to hear this story. >> philadelphia cab companies are suing upstart uber over what
5:33 pm
they call unfair business practices. nbc 10's mitch blacher is live at 30th street station with how customers could be affected. >> reporter: guys, it doesn't matter if you catch a cab at the airport or here at the train station, cab drivers in philadelphia say they are sick of what they call unfair business practices. so sick of it, in fact, that 45 individual cab companies in philly have joined together in a lawsuit. with convenience just a click away, uber grabbed a significant portion of what used to belong to philly cab drivers. >> our business is very slow. getting very slow. >> reporter: so 45 philadelphia taxi companies have sued the popular ride share service, the suit compares uber to bootlegging claiming uber is a criminal enterprise so brazen as to attract hundreds of millions in investment and operate in blatant violation of federal and state law. pennsylvania regulators have chastised uber before for not
5:34 pm
following the law. >> our patience is exhausted. you're either going to have to comply this time or the next stop is going to be the commonwealth court of pennsylvania. >> reporter: public utility commissioner james crowley was close, the lawsuit was filed in federal court. the pennsylvania public utilities commission let uber-x continue operating in the state but not in philadelphia. uber-x drivers use personal cars. we watched earlier this year as the philadelphia parking authority towed several of the uber-x drivers. >> they're not licensed, not inspected. we don't know what type of insurance they have. it's a hack cab service. they're trying to bully their way in. >> it's a really convenient company, like, to drive for you. >> reporter: rama drives for uber-black, the company's upscale service which is insured. he shared his thoughts about the lower-end service. >> might find them driving on their perm insurancsonal insura customer i wouldn't.
5:35 pm
>> reporter: you drive with uber and wouldn't ride with someone in their personal car? >> i refuse to drive for uber-x. >> reporter: uber claimed they're not trusting of regulators saying regulators are in the pockets of what they call established cab services. they avowed to defend a consumers' right to choose. live at the 30th station tonight, i'm mitch blacher, nbc 10 news. from our south jersey bureau, an early morning fire destroyed a woman's trailer home and sent her to the hospital. nbc 10 was at the scene this morning on mays landing road in vineland cumberland county. a neighbor spotted the fire and called 911. the woman who lived inside the trailer home was rescued but went to a hospital as a precaution. firefighters are still investigating what started the blaze. two people recovering in the hospital this christmas after a house collapsed. it happened last night at roosevelt boulevard in philadelphia's feltonville section. fortunately, fire and rescue crews were able to pull everyone to safety and those in the hospital do not have
5:36 pm
life-threatening injuries. the red cross is helping the family who was displaced. support is now pouring in for the surviving family of a south jersey native killed when a plane crashed into her maryland home earlier this month. the friend of marie gimmel collected between $12,000 and $is a,000 in gift guards for her husband and daughter. she received between 500 and 600 gifts from people all around the country. and an internet site set up to raise money for the family has surpassed $480,000. gimmel who grew up in brick township and her two sons died when a small plane hit their home in gaithersburg. from our south jersey bureau, bringing holiday cheer to children in need. meet the man who calls himself jewish santa claus. dr. joseph dressed up as st. nic and visited the ronald mcdonald house today. it's a tradition he and his family have been taking part in
5:37 pm
for the past 14 years. >> to be able to help someone who is disabled and unable to get home on the holidays, to bring a little cheer in their lives, it's a beautiful feeling. >> right now, there are 22 families staying at the ronald mcdonald house in camden while their children receive medical treatment. at first glance is looks like a minor traffic accident, but wait physical you hear why the price tag is well into the millions of dollars. also ahead -- >> reporter: a christmas tradition on the jersey shore. and a lot of work. i'm brian thompson. i'll have that story.
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5:39 pm
recall tonight on carmel apples from a company in missouri because of concerns of listeria. the happy apple company says there may be a connection between the apples and a recent listeria outbreak that has killed at least three women. the recall covers 31 states
5:40 pm
including pennsylvania. the apples weren't sold in new jersey or delaware. the fda warns not to eat prepackaged carmel apples for now. we all know what that sound means. sat investigati salvation army in chester came up short on its christmas fund-raising goal this year and want you to know it's not too late to donation. the organization accepts contributions all year long, but those donations are especially important around the holidays as you can imagine. the al investigation arsalvatios hoping to raise $60,000. an early christmas gift for some people in hong kong. >> millions of dollars in cash tumbled out of a security van and on to the road in the district. cab y can you imagine? a door came loose on a van carrying nearly $2 million. authorities quickly cordoned off the scene to recover the bills. much of the money, though, guess what? it was already gone. how?
5:41 pm
picked up by droivers, of cours. in the last 24 hour, 13 people have come forward to return the money. close to $500,000. >> those are the good people. i wonder what the surveillance camera shows. those people all ran. there's nothing quite like the sounds of christmas especially today. ♪ angels sing >> next, meet the winners of the 2014 christmas choir competition. and learn why their grand prize is about more than just money. well, after the christmas eve rain and windy day today, things are improving outside. i'll tell you what to expect for this weekend and how the weather is going to impact your new year's plans.
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there were some errors in the national security agency's surveillance program. that's according to a new nsa report. it details intelligence collection that may have violated the law or american policy. this includes unauthorized surveillance of americans' overseas communication. the report was released to the president's intelligence oversight board and covers between 2001 and 2013. the father of the pilot from jordan captured by isis pleaded for his release today. the first lieutenant was captured after his warplane crashed in northeast syria yesterday. he's the first known military member to be taken captive from the u.s.-led coalition battling the extremist group. his father said he wants isis to treat his son as a guest instead of a hostage, reminding the militants his son is also muslim. john mccain made a visit to afghanistan just days before the withdrawal of most u.s. combat troops. he met with top officials in cob kabul where afghanistan's
5:45 pm
president praised the sacrifices of u.s. troops during their 13 years there. a small number of troops will stay and mccain assured the officials that the u.s. will continue to provide support. >> i believe that we're now in a time where with the proper support and proper effort, partnership with the united states, in every way including militarily and economically. >> starting january 1st, afghan security forces will assume responsibility of their country. former president george h.w. bush remains in the hospital on this christmas. the 41st president has been in a houston hospital since tuesday after having shortness of breath. a family spokesman says the 90-year-old is doing well but did not give more details. bush is the oldest living former president. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> well, after a pretty amazing christmas eve, things are
5:46 pm
getting a little closer to average for this time of the year, especially at night. much colder tonight. 30s in the city. and even some upper 20s in some of the suburbs. a mild weekend, though. temperatures well above average for this time of the year. but it will not be like that next week. it's going to be colder. a winter chill. and we have some chances of some wintery precipitation. we certainly don't have any chance of that tonight. it is going to be clear. 51 degrees. the wind has diminished. west at 10 miles an hour. we're 12 degrees colder than we were at this time yesterday. we are in the 40s in many of the suburbs already. 51 in philadelphia. remember, the average high is only 43. so even these temperatures are still well above average for this time of the year. we have the west wind that's bringing in somewhat cooler air, but not real cold air. and the wind is diminishing now about 10 to 15 miles an hour in
5:47 pm
much of the area. strongest winds in the poconos. just a few clouds came over the mountains during the day today. most of them staying closer to the great lakes. but they're dry clouds as we call them, there's no precipitation with them. there's nothing on radar until you get back into wisconsin and even that isn't very impressive. we what we're going to have here is high pressure keeping us dry not only today, tonight, into tomorrow, into saturday, then we wait for this cold front to approach. ahead of the front, we have a mild southerly flow. so through saturday, nice and dry. lot of sunshine. then for sunday, the front comes in. rain showers. it's going to be mild still on sunday. but that front comes through, brings colder air in, and then we watch for this area of low pressure to ride along the front and possibly bring moisture in on monday. and at least in parts of the
5:48 pm
area, it will be cold enough for either snow or some sort of a wintery mix and then there's another chance of some wintery precipitation by new year's eve and new year's day. that's, of course, way farther away so there's more uncertainty with that one. the colder air, though, that is going to be moving in as we go into next week. the mild air that's with this, that's going back out into the ocean. and the arctic air makes its return to the maps as we go into the middle and the end of next week. that's a good bit of the country in the arctic air again. totally different kind of weather pattern that what we've seen in december. clear, much colder tonight. 36 for the low in philadelphia. 29 in some of the northern, western suburbs. that wind really diminishing down to about 5 miles an hour. a lot of sunshine tomorrow. still relatively mild. about 10 degrees above average for this time of the year and much less wind. so a lot of people are going to enjoy that.
5:49 pm
also going to enjoy saturday. but those who enjoy winter, you got something to root for. we've got some showers coming in sunday and then the colderer ee comes in. rain to a wintery mix possible on monday. very cold through the rest of the week with a chance of some more flurries by new year's. >> glenn, thank you very much. ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner. you're about to hear what makes the oxford area high school choir so special. >> nothing like the sounds of the season. they're always so great. they won first place in the more fm christmas choir competition for the ninth through 12th grade level. kna they've had very talented competition. nbc 10's renee chenault-fattah introduces us to this year's winner. ♪ hark! the herald angels sing >> reporter: hark the herald angels sing, a classic christmas choir, done au capella.
5:50 pm
>> i've liked singing since i was little. singing is a way to get rid of the stresses of your life and let go and do what you want to do. >> reporter: it was a complex choral arrangement for the 25 ninth through 12th graders. their director told them she wouldn't let them perform it unless it was perfect. >> they said, we promise, we'll get it, we'll work so hard. i said, prove it. >> reporter: prove it they did, winning the grand prize in moore fm's christmas choir competition. >> we were in my car and turned up the radio then that little more fm jingle came on. we were like, oh my gosh, this is it. then they said oxford high school, we were like, how does this feel? we were so honored to be selected as win withers. >> reporter: what will they do with the grand prize of $5,000? >> we are so grateful for the money from mercedesmercedes-ben. first, we'd love portable choral risers. we're halfway there now.
5:51 pm
risers are expensive. >> reporter: along with the money, a priceless opportunity to perform at the kimmel center with the philly pops christmas spectacular. >> it was a breathtaking, actually, i couldn't breathe. i was really excited because i knew i was going to be singing with a very great orchestra on a huge and impressive stage. >> reporter: for this little school district in southern chester county, it's a big honor. >> it's a tremendous recognition not only of our music teacher but our kids and the talent our students have and to have that recognized by the entire delaware valley was exciting. it was amazing, exciting. >> i can't thank our community enough because our community is supportive of the arts and that's how we got to this point. >> congratulations to all of the school choirs who competed this year. >> remember, watch all of the winning choir performances on our website, and of course, christmas is about giving and receiving gifts. >> it's also about giving back to those in need. and that's what happened today
5:52 pm
along the jersey shore. see how one restaurant pulled out all the stops for more than 1,000 people. latte or au lait? cozy or cool? exactly the way you want it... until boom, it's bedtime! your mattress is a battleground of thwarted desire. enter the sleep number bed. save $300 on the final close-out of the c3 queen mattress set. he's the softy. his sleep number setting is 35. you're the rock, at 60. and snoring? sleep number's even got an adjustment for that.
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♪ merry christmas. christmas tradition carried on down the jersey shore today. and well over 1,000 people took advantage of it. >> it was an annual feast for the needy put on by a local
5:55 pm
resident on the boardwalk there. brian thompson has our story from asbury park rp. >> merry christmas. >> reporter: the doors here opened at 11:00 a.m. the lines stretched around the building to asbury park's boardwalk. this lounge is putting on a feast for the needy. piling plates high with holiday food. a tradition that goes back almost a decade now. >> you see people that's very less fortunate, often, and know that, you know, everybody needs somebody. >> merry christmas. enjoy. >> reporter: this is all volunteer driven. restaurant owner marilyn working in the kitchen alongside relatives and others who spend their christmas day helping others less fortunate. >> whatever you're feeling on a holiday when you walk into something like this, you can't help but feel like there is nothing wrong with your life. >> reporter: she lost her parents around the holidays many years ago. this effort lifts not just her but all of these volunteers as well as more than 1,000 people in need. >> you're lonely, you're hungry,
5:56 pm
you're homeless, you need a meal -- anything. >> reporter: any questions asked? >> no. >> reporter: preparations began several days ago. donations include langosta lounge's suppliers, pepsi and u.s. feeoods, do this at easter and thanksgiving as well. includes gifts of toiletries. those in need can pick from winter gloves and a clothing bank in the corner of the restaurant. >> you're going to be a good girl for the rest of the year? >> reporter: and, of course, there's santa, all of which offers those in need an alternati alternative to, well, not much. >> just home. >> reporter: so this gives you a little comfort? >> yep. little christmas spirit. >> reporter: christmas, easter, thanksgiving. this has become a holiday tradition that promises to be around as long as its organizers are. or maybe longer. in asbury park, brian thompson, nbc 10 news. coming up next on "nbc 10 news at 6," another hack attack. the new threat that took down two popular gaming systems right
5:57 pm
on christmas. plus, an act of defiance. why people in our area say they're sending a message to north korea by watching this movie. it's nice weather this christmas, but rain is on the way. i'll tell you when it's going to arrive. i'm also looking ahead to new year's eve. details ahead in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert forecast.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
christmas in philadelphia. right now at 6:00, celebrations are under way in the city of brotherly love. also tonight, the uber battle heads to court. who's suing the ride-share service and what the case could mean for its customers. we're going to north korea! >> but we begin with a movie that's become a political statement on christmas day. moviegoers are going to see "the interview" despite its limited release and the cyber threats designed to keep them away. merry christmas, everyone, i'm jim rosenfield. theatergoers call it an act of defiance against north korea which the u.s. blames for hacking sony. north korea is upset the movie portrays a fictional assassination of its leader. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is live in wilmington at one of the theaters that decided to screen the philadelphia today. randy? >> reporter: this is one of very few theaters around the country actually showing the film which
6:00 pm
people here say is quite a shame because it's a longheld tradition to go to the movie theater on christmas day. >> great, great movie. >> reporter: walking out of the very first screening, moviegoers were pretty impressed. >> it was definitely worth the hype. >> reporter: the reviews are in. "the interview" was crude, violent, and actually pretty funny, not an oscar winner but a movie that should be seen on principle after hackers tried to censor it. chris schroeder was one of the first if line here to make a bold statement. >> wanted to wish kim jong-un merry christmas. >> reporter: he says you can't jest chan cancel a movie because somebody out there doesn't want you to see it. >> it sets a bad precedent. we don't want other hackers to feel like they can achieve their goals. >> you want us to kill the leaders of north korea. >> yes? >> what? >> reporter: the sony picture is about a plot to assassinate kim jong of un, leader of north korea. the fbi believes real life north korean hackers tried


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