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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  December 26, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now, at 11:00, a truck crashes into a home. >> all of the sudden, there was a vibration, all houses shook. >> hours later, a woman dies on her 93rd birthday. police track down the selected hit and run driver. tonight, why he's no longer in police custody. good evening. the bucks county district attorney will decide next week how to charge that driver who they say took off after crashing into the elderly woman's bedroom in levittown. she was a hospice patient and died only hours later on her birthday. tonight, nbc 10's george spencer
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tracked down her hospital bed. >> her hopt bed was right here. >> reporter: ron russeau showed us where his mother was sleeping last night when this red dodge ram pick-up slammed through her wall. outside, russeau saw only tail lights driving away. his mother, a frail hospice patient was not physically injured u but was badly shaken. and just hours later on her 93rd birthday, she passed away. >> i'm not saying he killed her, but he led to my mom's death. >> reporter: in their yard, the family found tire tracks and these pieces of the red dodge truck. >> the break there the case came this afternoon when a patrol officer on this street noticed the damaged red pick-up truck parked right here. only steps from the owner's home. the man's family approached investigators and offered to turn in their son. >> they expressed remorse. like i said, he's been cooperative.
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>> acting police chief ralph johnson tells us the d.a. whether decide how the 20-year-old driver is charged and toxicology tests may reveal if alcohol was i believe volved. for the russaeu family, the driver's family had a message. >> mr. russeau told me one of the family members of the driver responded with an apology. >> the driver is not in custody. he's now back with his family while the rurusseau's are planng to bury their mother. >> a new threat from north korea, a spokesperson released a statement 30 minutes ago. it says the u.s. is to blame for its internet outage earlier in the week.
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night on and on social media. the comedy about a plot to asas nate north korea's leader managed to rack up about a million at the door alone. >> all clear, people want a block in german town are back in their homes tonight after a food truck scare. that truck leaked propane gas. it took about 90 minutes for hasmat crews to make sure the area was safe.
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a mother and daughter died earlier in philadelphia when this truck went up in flames after a leak there the propane tank. one person is dead and another hurt after a truck and motorcycle collided in upper merion township this evening. sky force 10 was over schuylkill river road. police say a food truck hit a mo motorcycle head-on. we're told the truck driver's injuries were not serious. people out and about in old city tonight. a little bit chilly. but what can you expected? it's almost january. what's in store for your saturday morning? glen "hurricane" schwartz joining us now. >> compared to what we saw christmas eve when we were 65 degrees at this time. the clear skies allowing the temperature to drop is going to
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allow it to jump up pretty quickly in the morning. nothing but some high, thin clouds back to the west. 40 degrees in philadelphia now. 30 in pottstown, 31 in reading and allen town. there's not much wind so there's not much of a wind chill issue. but, as we get into the morning hours, the temperature will be jumping up pretty quickly starting off chilly. but, by 10:00 a.m., already up to 45. by noon, up to 52. the average high is only 42. it's going to be a mild weekend. but we do have precipitation on the way that's going to affect us before the weekend is over. i'll have the timing on that. plus, the cold weather to come with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> if you don't like crowd, you probably avoided shopping this friday night. no matter where we went, we saw stores packed the day after chris mass creates mall madness. >> well, if you thought shopping right before christmas was a
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hassle, you should have seen it today. big-name retailers like this wall mart walmart behind me were a complete mess. >> the mad dash is onto return un-wanted christmas gifts. >> i came here to return and i'm not. it's way too crowded. >> really? >> yeah, the lines are ri dick lougs. >> reporter: the day after christmas is the second busiest shopping day of the year with lots of folks returning those gifts they just didn't like. >> a couple sweatshirts and sweaters that just weren't my style. >> reporter: others were trying to casual in on some post-holiday deals. >> i just wanted to spend all of my gift cards. >> we drove around camden county, whether it was toys r us, wall mart or the cherry hill mall, everywhere was packed. >> i ended up getting myself a shirt, exchanging a vest, jacket and boots. >> and a ninja turtle, right?
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>> reporter: according to the national retail foundation, close to 38% of people returned some part of their holiday haul. >> it's just too much for me. i can't take it. >> reporter: meantime, some shoppers were hoping to return those not-so-perfect gifts, but they just couldn't deal with the massive crowds. >> sadly, not all returns are legitimate ones. return fraud during the holiday season is expected to cost stores $3.8 billion. that is the very latest from cherry hill, nbc 10 news. >> ups walked away from christmas this year feeling pretty good. fewer people are still waiting for their christmas gifts to arrive there the mail this year than last year. according to shipping tracker ship matrix. ship matrix says the success rate was in the low 90s a year ago. a serial robber struck again.
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he was here twice. these photos of the suspect in this afternoon's hold-up. he went to the pnc bank on south east and glen around 12:30 this afternoon. the suspect says he had a gun, but he doesn't show it. police think this is the same guy who tried to rob a bank an hour and a half earlier. he tried to rob the wells fargo bank on 52nd street in philadelphia. he successfully robbed four other banks in the city starting december 11 thd. >> these balloons floated into the sky in willing ton delaware tonight. on this day back in 2004, jessica watson and matthew macerato were shot and killed during a robbery. if two worked at the casual male big&tall store in wilmington. >> tonight, this crowd was at the store that launched those balloons and held a moment of silence.
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it's an annual gathering for the victim's families. >> i hope we don't have to stand out here again next year. but if we do, i hope we can say the case has been solved. >> investigators believe there might be someone with information to crack the case ten years later. >> honoring a slain n e n.y.p.d. officer, the family of rapha raphael ramos owas carried into christ tabernacle church. draped in the n.y.p.d.'s green, white and blue flag, held aloft and honored by fellow member's of new york's finalest. >> reporter: hundreds lined up, awaiting their turn to share their grief and condolences, paying respect to ramos and his family in a place he, himself,
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served faithfully. >> we loved raphael ramos. he was a gift to our church. >> ramos and his partner, liu were gunned down on saturday. an assassination city leaders said, targeted because of their uniforms. liu's widow sobbed as e at a news conference. 28ñ9/11 charity raising money pay off both officers' mortgages. >> and we want to help lift them out of some of the despair that they're in today. >> a makeshift memorial continues to grow where the two died. and u as many as an estimated 25,000 officers are expected to pay their respects to their fallen colleagues over the weekend. as two families begin to say their final good-byes. curt gregory, nbc news. >> the philadelphia police department is sending representatives to the officer's funerals in new york. the department tells us off-duty
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philadelphia officers may also attend on their own, as well. there's backlash tonight over this digital message at an ocean county regs rant. it reads i can breathe. i obey law. the owner of rivolis posted it earlier this week. critics say it's a reference to eric garner. the owner says he put up the message to show his support for police. he took it down after 24 hours. >> that officer was just doing his job. >> tony rivoli says he removed the message after a police officer friend say he take it down for his own safety. a pro-police rally in at lantic city. about 150 people marched up ac's boardwalk today, many carrying signs that say we support local
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police. several police chiefs atended the rally as well. >> a freak incident inside this school bus set the bus crashing into a pole in philadelphia's germantown neighborhood. sky force 10 flew over the seen this afternoon. 23 students were on board when the driver lost control after he was burned by wires inside the bus. students were all okay. the driver went to temple hospital for treatment of his burns. cell phone video shows the damage on the front of the bus. crews shut down the northbound lanes until other people could take the people away from that scene. next, at 11:00. >> my understand understanding life. >> the quick decision that helped save the life of a basketball referee. plus, the hospital reunion for the two local officers who delivered a baby on a septa train.
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>> well, we have some rain coming in before the weekend is over and then a real wint ere chill next week. i'll have the timing of all of that with a first alert seven-day forecast coming up.
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a south jersey mayor is busted and now faces drunk driver charges. police arrested paulsboro mayor. officers responded to a 9-1-1 call of an e rrratic driver. nbc 10 reached out for the mayor's comment today, but we still have not heard back. mummer's fest kicks off this weekend at the pae pa convention center. the annual event is a preview of mummer's day. if you go, you can learn how to dress up and strut like a genuine mummer. the event runs from december
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28th to the 31st. the parade is a different and shorter route this year. they will start in front of city hall, end south ending about a mile earlier at broad and washington avenue. >> a basketball rep thankful to be celebrating the holidays at home after a health scare during a game. jim boost suddenly collapsed during a boyerstown basketball game. an athletic trainer performed cpr and used an aed to deliver an electric shock to his heart which is credited with saving his life. >> believe me, now, when i walk down to the gym, i'll say hello to every trainer. >>. >> the family says they're hoping this story inspires schools and offices to buy a.e.d.s. jim is expected to make a full recovery. a special reunion less than
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24 hours after two officers helped deliver a christmas baby on a septa train. today, septa officers daniel kavan and dee deral james visited his mother at hahneman hospital. it was a much calmer meeting than last night. the mother's water broke as the train headed to the station at 15th and market. officers coached mom through her delivery and removed the umbilical cord through the baby's neck before the paramedic got there. the babies, chris and mom are doing well tonight: >> after a record-warm christmas eve, things are coming back toward normal. it's not going to be that chilly over the weekend. it's going to be mild. temperatures in the 50s, not in the mid 60s, but in the 50s. we're tracking some showers before the weekend is over and definitely a cold week next week for the whole week.
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right now, we have clear skies. it's 40 degrees in philadelphia. the windchill is 34. the winds southwest at 8 miles an hour. well, we continue to see temperatures above average. but, not quite like the 64 and 65. 65 yesterday was 2:00 a.m. today's high, 50. tomorrow, about 56. and then, on sunday, we should be over 50, as well. the average high is only 42. we're down close to the 30 degree mark at some of the suburbs like potstown. it is the cold spot right now at 30 degrees. but it's plenty colder back to the west and northwest. there's a cold front, as you can see, coming through the midwest. nice and mild in st. louis. but look up here in central canada. these temperatures, not windchills, it's bitter cold there. the arctic air coming down into the u.s. next week. and we're going to get a piece of it. just some high, thin clouds right now.
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the nearest rain is closer to memphis than it is to us. we'll be moving our way ahead of the front. it's going to stay mild. but the showers come in on sunday. then, the front comes through and this area of low pressure rides along the front. and you have some rain coming up at least into delaware and south jersey. the question is how far north that precipitation will get into that cold air which will mean potential snow. here's a close-up of what to expect on sunday. a few showers around during the morning hours. we could get a break in the afternoon and then another round comes in sunday evening. and then there could be another system coming up for monday night and into tuesday morning. so it's going to be a close call for precipitation. it's not going to be any kind of major storm. clear and cold, 34 degrees in philadelphia. 26 in some of the northern-western suburbs. sunny and mild tomorrow, highs in the mid 50s.
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the average high again is 42. a lot of sunshine and very little winds. so the logic is just going to love tomorrow. now, sunday is going to kb a whole lot cloudier. we do expect showers. perhaps some in the morning. and then in the evening. temperatures get above 50. but much colder on monday everywhere. the rain especially in delaware and south jersey, and we'll have to watch how far north the precipitation comes. the cold air, that's coming everywhere as we go into tuesday. it is, again, a chance of a little bit of light preacceptation monday night and into tuesday morning. and then, for new year's, it looks like it will be dry and very cold by new year's eve. about 28 degrees, not a whole lot of wind new yore's day. not bad for the mummer's. a little on the cool side. >> yeah, they're used to that, though. >> yeah, but nothing like christmas eve. >> no. all right, glen, the week-long celebration of kwanzaa today.
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the celebration at the free library of philadelphia in center city. the spirit is supposed to be celebrated year round. so happy kwanzaa, everyone. >> rome, end of the road for the eagles? >> yeah, jim, the eagles getting set for the final game of the season ending too soon. it will be over for one randy fletcher. latte or au lait? cozy or cool?
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hi, i'm ron burke. leaving the team to wondser what
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could have been heading into sunday's game at the iegiant's. >> i mean, it's tough. every year, you strive to get to and, hopefully, have a nice little run and have a chance to get in the superbowl. that's something i always thought of and something i always dreamed about doing. >> i don't care who you are. if you're in this league, there's no better thing than playing football on sundays. and we get a chance to play one more football on sunday and they're entirely focused on what they can control. it's gebs a really good team who is on a three-game winning streak themselves. >> corner back bradly fletcher is listed as questionable. his job is already in jeopardy after a tough few weeks on the field. nick foles who's out with a shoulder blade injury. pick it up in first quarter, he east going the other way. he'll get the basket and the foul. the sixers score the first 20 points in the paint.
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damien lines it up to nikola batum and the blazers have a three-point lead after one. c.j. mcculloh. then lillard blows passed noel. blazers lead it right now in the third quarter, 61-51. penn state faces boston college at yankees tomorrow. it's a team filled with players getting their first taste of the bowl experience. >> it means everything to us because coming in, i didn't think i would ever play in a bowl game. and it really didn't matter to me until now. >> i really have to sit down and think, wow, getting ready to go play a game in yankee's stadium. but i know saturday it's going to hit me. >> and this's sports. we'll be right back.
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so going to wake up to a bit of a chilly morning, but not too bad. >> and not for very long. the sunshine will help push the temperature up real quickly. tomorrow is the day for out door activities. a lot of sunshine, nice and loud. on sunday, we do expect some showers and there's a chance of some more activity coming in sunday e sunday night into monday and then another development monday night and into tuesday. so this is going to be an interesting forecast. we go through the weekend. but there's definitely going to be much colder next week. we're seeing the return of winter-type weather. and by new year's eve, it will definitely be cold, it will probably be dry and not all that windy. so, for new year's eve, that's not bad. but this weekend, very mild with tempature in the 50s, else essentially sporm. a lot of people are going to enjoy going out and doing some shopping and returning some gifts or whatever.
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>> tomorrow looks awesome. >> yeah, it will be. >> thanks. thanks so much for watching. have a great weekend, everybody. "the tonight show" starring jimmy fallon, is next.
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jay leno, lucy liu, scientist kevin delaney,


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