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tv   NBC 10 News at 9am  NBC  December 27, 2014 9:00am-10:01am EST

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michelle, i couldn't believe to see 50s in the forecast. tell us about it. >> it's so nice, especially on the weekend. we're off to a cold start but 50s by this afternoon, even upper 50s in some spots. there is a beautiful shot. you can see all the skies. we're looking at partly cloudy skies. a beautiful view of philadelphia. temperatures are cold at this point but they're going to start climbing pretty quickly. temperatures in the 30s. 37 in philadelphia. just above freezing in allentown as well as reading, 37. and 41 degrees in wildwood. as we go throughout the day, we are looking to temperatures climbing to 50 degrees, by 11:00 a.m., 50, by 1:00 p.m., 53 and later 56 degrees. we'll see clouds build in overnight and we could see a few showers by early, early tomorrow morning. a better shot for those showers would be in the afternoon. we'll talk about that and a cold blast that's coming. we're looking at high temperatures right around the
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freezing mark in some spots. we'll have the details coming up next. new from overnight, philadelphia police are investigating an armed robbery in the a rite aid. the robbery was reported around 5:15 this morning. police haven't said how many robbers were involved or exactly what was taken. what we do know is no one was hurt. a car crash overnight in philadelphia has left two people hurt. police were on the scene of chilton head avenue and beverly lane where two cars collided around 2:30 this morning. the accident happened when one car pulled in front of the other. both victims went to area hospitals with minor injuries. today, thousands of law enforcement officers from all across the country are in new york to honor rafael ramos of the nypd. his funeral service will begin in about an hour at a church in queens. a gunman killed officer ramos and his partner, wenjian liu,
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while they were inside their patrol car one week ago today. nbc 10's matt delucia is live in philadelphia where some buses left early this morning to make the trip to new york. matt? >> rosemary, about 110 members of the philadelphia police are on their way right now to that funeral for officer ramos. and he may have been a member of a different department, but the police here at this f.o.p. lodge feel like they lost one of their own. >> it's been very difficult. >> reporter: before the sun came up, dozens of philadelphia police officers arrived in uniform to pay their respects. >> these officers would give their lives for the person standing next to them. i would do the same thing for any of these guys and i know they would do the same thing for me. >> officer castro has a wife and two kids. to him this is personal. new york officers rafael ramos and wenjian liu were sitting in their patrol car last wednesday
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when they were shot and killed without warning. thousands of police officers from around the country attended a wake for ramos on thursday with 25,000 expected for his funeral today. >> we're all brothers and sisters. >> the sign outside f.o.p. lodge 5 reads, god bless our assassinated nypd brothers, a feeling that hits home. seven philadelphia officers have died by gunfire in the past 10 years. sergeant jason somerville has seen several of his brothers. >> this is a difficult week. i have over 11 years of police experience, and i've never seen such a heavy support across the country. >> he's talking about the deaths of michael brown and eric garner that have struck protest here and at home. the leader of the f.o.p. tells us the murder of two officers
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has been tough on morale. >> we protect and serve. that's our jobs. we don't go to work to get killed. >> reporter: the funeral for officer ramos is scheduled to begin at 10:00, so less than an hour from now. meanwhile, arrangements for officer liu have not been announced, but when that happens, they will begin making plans for another trip. live in philadelphia, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. this weekend police are also mourning the loss of a long-time philadelphia homicide detective credited for arresting abu judge mal. douglas colbreath, who was an army veteran, worked for the philadelphia city police department for 30 years before he retired. he passed away yesterday. he was 73 years old. he is the one that arrested abu shais jamal.
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you may remember earlier this year wanake gave a speech to a vermont college via audio recording. abu jamal is serving a life sentence. the district attorney will soon decide how to charge the driver who sped off after crashing into the house of an elderly woman. the 93-year-old woman died yesterday just hours after the crash in levittown. the dodge pickup truck barely missed hospice patient jenny russo as she was sleeping in her bed around 2:30 yesterday morning. the vehicle left tire tracks through the yard and a gaping hole in the family's house. the elderly woman was not physically injured in the crash, but she was disturbed and shaken up, and just hours later on her 93rd birthday, she passed away. >> how are you going to live with yourself? you might have thought you just did damage to her house, but you probably -- i'm not saying you killed her, but you led to my
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mom's death. >> yesterday afternoon tracked down the truck parked near the owner's house, and the driver's family turned him in to police. the driver is not going to be he held. police are not charge the driver of a minivan after an accident that killed a two-year-old girl on christmas eve. it happened when a driver was backing out of a driveway in lakewood. the girl was walking with her family at the time. prosecutors call it a tremendously tragic accident. it appears that bank robbers don't take a break during the holidays. police say two holdups in our area yesterday are the work of a serial robber. police sent us these photos of the suspect. the images are of the pnc bank is outunion road in glenside. according to police, the suspect
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told the tellers he had a gun, but he didn't show them he had a gun. police think this was the same person who tried to rob a wells fargo earlier in the day. a food truck caused quite a stair in philadelphia. firefighters evacuated homes and made sure the area was safe for residents to return. they didn't want to take any chances. you may remember a food truck exploded in southern philadelphia. a mother and a daughter died after going up in flames from a leak in the propane tank. from our south jersey bureau, this morning we are learning that a mayor in gloucester county. police arrested paulzboro.
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officers were responding to a 911 call of an erratic driver. hamilton has served as paulsboro's neighbor since 2012. nbc 10 reached out to their office for comment but we have not heard back yet. threats and name calling from north korea after sony's limited release from the view s see. . what went wrong when they fired up these explosives for the building demonstration.
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u.s. central command reports that fighter jets, bombers and drones carried out more than 30 airstrikes against isis in syria and iraq yesterday. the strikes destroyed vehicles, fighters and rocket and mortar systems. the u.s. heads the coalition of countries conducting the airstrikes against the militant group. meanwhile, the u.s. military
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released this new video of an airstrike on isis targets in syria. this airstrike happened last sunday. it targeted three isis buildings in aleppo. the department of defense says it shows three victim explosions. isis has seized control of both parts of syria and iraq. in pakistan, airstrikes have killed 39 militants near the iraqi border. pakistan says important commanders were among those killed. they launched the airstrikes after a battle on the ground with the terrorists. they killed the mastermind of a deadly school massacre. 148 people, mostly children, were killed in that december 17 school attack. let's talk about north korea. north korea is resorting to threats and name calling after the u.s. release of the controversial movie "the interview." this statement says in part, if the u.s. persists in
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american-style arrogant high-handed and gangster like arbitrary practices despite the repeated attacks, they will face deadly blows. the film has made $3 million in the weekend's limited release. north korea is blaming the u.s. for shutting down its internet this week, and the country calls it a retaliation for the cyber attack on sony pictures. north korean officials also made a racist remark about president obama, and claimed that he was behind the release of the film. a number of local theaters after showing the interviews. you can find out where the movie is playing in our area by using your mobile app. hackers calling themselves the lizard squad claimed on twitter that they were behind the disruption. microsoft's xbox live service, which also went down this week,
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that appears to be working again. former president george h.w. bush is coming off his fourth night in a houston hospital. a family spokesman says bush remains in high spirits and is making progress. the 34th president experienced shortness of breath on tuesday and was admitted that night as a precaution. bush, by the way, is 90 years old. what's wrong with this picture here? demolition gone wrong. this building in crimea was supposed to be a 10-story building. it only got the structure leaning to one side. crews reportedly plan to do another controlled explosion soon to complete the demolition. the time right now is 9:12. still ahead, we'll meet this week's wednesday's child. it's actually two children, a brother and sister, who are looking for a forever home together. and as their mummers get
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their sequins in place, we'll show you where you can catch a preview and get in the spirit of the philadelphia tradition. there are a lot of spots just north and west of philadelphia, but throughout the afternoo afternoon. partly sunny skies and we'll see mostly sunny this afternoon. we'll have your full forecast straight ahead.
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hey, are you looking for something to do this weekend?
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mummers fest kicks off at the pennsylvania convention center. nbc 10 was there for yesterday's practice runs. the annual event starts tomorrow. it goes until december 31st, of course, new year's eve. then, of course, the big day. this, by the way, is a preview of the mummers parade that's on new year's day. visitors can learn how to dress up and strut like a mummer. just step out in those gold slippers. the parade will be a different route and a little shorter. they'll start their parade route in front of city hall and they'll end about a mile later at broad and washington. and new year's day looks to be a cold one, but today looks to be a warm one. we're going to be spring ks like this afternoon. we're a little winterlike this morning. temperatures in the 30s across the area and right about freezing to the and 50 degrees
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for a mild afternoon. we're going to end our weekend with some clouds and showers. we'll see clouds all day long tomorrow, and then cold next week. we're looking at a high of 35 degrees on new year's he have, b but. it's climbing slowly and it will continue to climb as we head through the next couple of days. 34 in pottstown, 34 in mt. holly. in glassboro, 35 and 37 in dover. a many. we're looking at a clear radar as we head through the next
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couple hours. futurerad showing us a nice weekend, but that changes overnight into the midnight hours. if you're getting those gifts returned, we're looking pretty good. then overnight the cloud come in and we see some rain coming into the forecast. by afternoon everyone has a better chance. we're going to keep it cloudy sunday into monday. today's forecast, we'll be in the mid-50s. 54 in allentown, 55 in quakertown, 53 in reading. 55 in northeast philadelphia, 55 in mt. holly. then down to the south and east along the coast, temperatures in the low 50s. ment. we're looking at temperatures right around 56 in philadelphia and 54 in wilmington. no complaints there, i'm sure. a mild day today.
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lots of sunshine and a chance for those showers, 52. jour job is on monday, though. by tuesday, cold, mostly cloudy 38 and there's the holiday. 36 on new year's day with mostly sunny skies. still cold on friday. let's check out this week's wednesday's child. they're actually a duo and they love having fun together. it's an active brother and sister that are both looking for a forever home. we introduce you to james and mckella. >> nine-year-old james and 12-year-o 12-year-old. they love trying new things together, so we came to king of
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prush prussia for some cooking fun. >> his favorite team is the steelers. he loves everything related to football. >> mckayla is in third grade and lives for fashion. >> she describes herself as someone who loves most anything. she loves rolling out dough. >> they love to joke, they love to play around, they love to be active, and they would add that to a family. >> the ideal family would be a two-parent family with older siblings. they would be able to provide structure and support. >> they have vibrant perjts, they enjoy spending time as a
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family, they need a family that can help them grow into young adults. >> james and mckell la aayla ar week's wednesday's child. >> just go to our website,, and search wednesday's child or the adoption television station. a. the owner insists he's just showing his support for the police.
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at 9:23 here's a live look
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over center city, a live look at the aramark building. you can see a light breeze out there as those flags are blowing out there in the wind. it is going to be a fantastic day, all things considered. temperatures are going to warm into the 50s. it's going to be sunny today, but things are going to change. meteorologist michelle grossman will have more details coming up. in ocean county, a restaurant is taking some heat for a controversial message on its digital signage board. the owner of rivoli's in toms river posted the message, i can breathe, i obey law. the message was up from about a day earlier this week. the owner said he posted the message to show his support for police. some have blasted the sign as a negative reference for eric garner's words, i can't breathe. garner died in july after a new york city police officer placed him in a chokehold. the message board sparked at least 2,000 comments.
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he is defending his actions, though. >> i'm not gardening mr. garner's death whatsoever. that officer was in an unfortunate situation, he was just doing his job, evidently he did it by the book. >> fratelli posted t iri took t after a warning by a friend, who is a police officer. hundreds marched in support of law enforcement. many carried signs that read, we support our local police. a move to raise the retirement age of pennsylvania's judges could complicate things for next year's election. a proposed constitutional amendment before state lawmakers would raise the retirement age of judges from 70 to 75. under current law, they would have to resign by the end of 2018. if the amendment were to pass, the terms of it could.
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the offspring. the state division of fish and wildlife said there are an estimated 567,000 pairs of ooo is pry. i. a lot of us will be heading out to the stores this weekend to return. i don't know if things are unwanted, it just plaib changing to. here's the deal. walmart is testing a program that allows shoppers to swap it yard from on. it's all gift cards but it may not be an even exchange.
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in sole datsz the the. retailers have been getting a bit more flexible with exchange policies over the past -- in some case it's easier to return a gift you bought rather than one you received. there are six stores that make it up. we have tips on how to get it done. still ahead on nbc 10 news today, the nypd will say goodbye to one of their own, and some of philadelphia's finest will be with them at the funeral today. matt delucia is fore -- they're on their way to pay and what they're saying about the
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reernlt. temperatures mild to afternoon. big changes coming sunday and even bigger changes for your work week. we'll look at that straight ahead.
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right now police from philadelphia are among thousands of officers gathering in new york for the funeral of a fallen member of the nypd murdered in the line of duty. this is a live look outside the church. we'll have the details of today's tribute for rafael ramos. this weekend police are also mourning the loss of a long-time philadelphia detective who is credited with arresting a now convicted cop killer. today is the day to start your new year's resolution early and get outside for some exercise. you're looking live at boathouse row in philadelphia where kelly drive will be packed with bikers and runners taking advantage of this warmer weather. good morning. i'm rosemary connors. it's just after 9:30 on a saturday morning. michelle is tracking weather. michelle, it may feel more like
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fall than winter today. >> lots of sunshine and a really pretty start to the weekend. we'll end it different, though. today would be a good day to get out and ski. you won't freeze, but a lot of manmade snow in the pocono mountains. we're cold right now but we'll warm up later this afternoon. 37 in lancaster, 43 ar in wildwood. . things are changing, though, overnight. you can see on futurecast, a really nice day coming -- better chance, though, for that rain would be in the afternoon. we'll talk more about that. we'll track the oncoming.
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we'll talk more about that coming up. a funeral service for new york city police officer rafael ramos will begin in the next 30 minutes. a gunman killed officer ramos and wenjian liu in their patrol car last wednesday. thousands of mourners will pay tribute to rafael ramos. this is that live picture outside the church where the funeral will be held in queens, new york. let's go to nbc 10's matt delucia who is live in philadelphia. matt, you spoke to those philadelphia officers on their way to new york. you talked with them just before they left. rafa i'm told about 110 officers from philadelphia made that trip and they should be arriving in
9:34 am
queens if they haven't already. as the officers departed, they showed up in full uniform saying this is more than an obligation, it's personal any time an officer is killed in the line of duty. personnel have said they expect more than $25 thoushlgs to attend that service. police here tell me this past week has really been tough. >> any time that we lose a fellow officer in blue, it's very difficult on the morale, the brutality of police out there using this every single day. to those just sitting there eating lunch, that's unacceptable. >> reporter: i've also been talking with officers out here who have seen the anti-police sentiment and protest these past few weeks, and i asked them how they view and handle the death.
9:35 am
you just have to take your training and education and work through it. >> does it make it harder? >> no, it just makes you think more. it's not hard, you just have to be more patient, think more, use krour head more. >> reporter: and most of the officers i spoke with this morning tell me they have received a lot of support as well. here outside lodge 5 in philadelphia, the flag is still flying at half staff with a message out front. they tell me once the funeral arrangements happen for wenjian liu, they will begin to plan another trip. >> thank you, matt. you can watch this morning's
9:36 am
service for rafael ramos. it starts at 10:00. we have a live stream of a death of detective douglas colbreath who died yesterday. he was a vietnam war vet who served in the philadelphia police department for 30 years before he retired. he then joined the defenders association for 18 years. colbreath was the man who arrested abu jamal for the 1981 murder of philadelphia police officer daniel faulkner. earlier this year, you may remember that abu shais jamal was at the center of a controversy. he gave a speech to the college over audio. new from overnight, philadelphia police are investigating the armed robbery
9:37 am
of a family dollar on ox ford circle. investigators say nobody inside the store was hurt. also new from overnight, a car crash in philadelphia has left two people injured. nbc 10 was on the scene at ch t cheltonham avenue and beverly lane where two cars collided at 2:00 a.m. this morning. the accident happened when one car pulled in front of the other. both victims went to the hospital with minor injuries. a d.a. in bucks county will soon decide what charges a driver should face in a hit and run. he charged his pickup truck into a home in levittown yesterday morning. t the. the older woman was not physically injured in this crash but she was disturbed and shaken up. she passed away just hours later. toxicology tests are now pending
9:38 am
to determine if any substances played a role in the crash. in montgomery county, two people are in the hospital this morning following this crash in white marsh township. this happened just before 8:00 last night on germantown pike. a car crossed the line and hit a parked car. they were pulled from the wreckage and both are being treated for service. the american red cross is providing emergency aid to five people h people. this fire started on north street. fire crews had it under control about 15 minutes later. it burned through one apartment, two others had smoke damage. police say. . the images are from the pnc bank
9:39 am
in glenside yesterday about 12:30 in the afternoon. tellers say the suspect told them he had a gun but didn't show it. investigators think this is the same man who tried to rob a wells fargo bank in west philadelphia earlier in the day. police are also linking the suspect to four successful bank robberies in the city since december 11. this morning we are learning that the ringleader of a dog fighting operation will face trial. carlton lee is facing a series of charges. their officers removed 13 dogs from lane's house in south fi philadelph philadelphia. the dogs are doing just fine and are now up for adoption. christmas is past but the shopping rush is still going strong. still ahead, we'll tell you why many of those holiday returns are costing retailers billions.
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business is booming for hotels and uptick in. heavy snow, high winds, ice storms. ♪ ♪
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at 9:42 on this saturday morning, here is a live look at the pocono mountains. this is camelback mountain ski
9:43 am
and resorts. great day to be outside. the sun will be shining. we have blue skies out there. temperatures in the city and immediate suburbs, they're going to be a little bit warmer. in the 50s it's going to be a really great day, especially considering we do have some rain and wet weather coming up in the 7-day forecast. if you're not going to be outside doing, you know, exercise, that kind of thing, skiing, snowboarding, maybe you're going to be returning your gifts. i'm not surprised. the holiday shopping rush is continuing to chug along this weekend after a big day of returns and bargain hunting yesterday. shopper tracks predicted the second day after christmas would be a big day for store traffic. it wasn't just bringing things back, what's really on sale. >> workers will be trying to clear their shelves to make room for that spring misdemeanor, so it is a good time to shop.
9:44 am
>> another thing retailers will be doing, they'll be trying to track down fraudulent conditioners. police bri they say to bring your i.d. just to make things easier. according to the national retail med ration, retailers will lose almost $4 billion this season. but they estimate that nearly 5.5% of returns are bogus. fedex and ups did a better job this year. last year it was in the low 90s, this year it was success. they made improvements in operations and increased the number of seasonal workers. 2014 has been a big year for philadelphia hotels. according to our partners at news works, the city's hotels
9:45 am
had their best numbers in 65 years. tourism officials say it because the city has become a major destination for tourism and conventions. they expect 2015 to be even better, in large part because of the pope's planned visit to the city in september. still ahead in sports, the eagles are getting ready fft final team. all right, a little cool today still. we're looking at temperatures around 38. we'll be doing summertime, t. we'll look at that straight
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a good saturday morning. i'm meteorologist michelle grossman. we're cool right now but we'll be mild later on this afternoon. a really nice start to our weekend. we have sunshine in place, mild temperatures later on this afternoon. we do have changes coming in tonight into tomorrow. we have some clouds coming in and also some showers. taking a look outdoors, we're looking at mostly sunny skies in philadelphia. we're looking at temperatures around the 30s. finally above freezely. we're start lg to see those
9:49 am
temperatures go up and rarely over the next couple hours. below freezing in lancaster, 39. 34 in millville, 39 in bensalem. 36 in atlantic city and so over the course of the weekend, we'll have rain. we'll have light winds today and that will make it feel even better. you can see from our adventure aquarium camera, a quiet start to date and we'll keep it quiet all day long before changes come to the forecast tonight and into the next 24 hours. futureweather looking good with some sunshine. system tonight at the airplanes, we're looking good as well.
9:50 am
is ublg see that time stamp, right? if you're out late, you may encounter some those the just before he pi we have a chance for more showers and that same story will be on tuesday. then it becomes a code air for fork nork does he and also. that's going to be bringing us clothes and. bundle up if you're headed out that night. 30 degrees by 6:00, or by midnight, 26 deegsz.
9:51 am
tod today. clouds in place with a few showers. monday we're looking at clouds still. rain to the south. cold, though, 42. and then on tuesday we'll look at the cold mashlg mashlg 36 and breezy on new year's day and fi, wi will. >> portland stuck with the trailblazers but they started running off with the game at the half. 22 points he scored with the sixers but it was not enough. they play the jazz in utah tonight. the eagles watched their
9:52 am
playoff hopes just fall apart, leading the team to wonder what could be heading into sunday's game with the giants. >> it's tough. every year you try to help and help them, nice little run. you don't get a chance of going to the super bowl. i don't care who you are, if you're inferior. we have a chance to play on sunday. they're entirely focused on what they can control, and that's the new york giants who is on a three-game winning streak themselves. everybody else on the injury report is probably dick foelz who is still out with a shoulder injury. it will be the first looblg at peter la fay eight who.
9:53 am
one of the a of the bowl experience. >> it means everything to us, because coming in, i didn't think i would ever play in a bowl game and it didn't really matter to me until now. >> i didn't really sit down and think, wow, we're getting ready to play a game at yankee stadium. >> that's sports. i'm ron burke. have a great day.
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oh, if you didn't get your kids that kitty cat or puppy for christmas, you can do it today. you can dpet get it for free. the animal care and control team in philadelphia are hosting
9:56 am
their free pet adoption today and tomorrow. just go between the hours of 10:00 and 5:00 for the holiday open house. a local youth basketball referee is giving thanks for a lifesaving move after he collapsed on the court. here's what we know. it happened tuesday during a boys' basketball game in boyertown, birks county. he suddenly collapsed on the floor. his team did cpr. they also used a fibrillator on his heart that he needed to survive. >> it's my understanding that they saved my life. >> very emotional. he celebrated christmas with family members who credited the good samaritans at the game with making it all possible. nice for stories like that around the holidays. you're going to love today. temperatures so nice and we'll
9:57 am
have lots of sunshine. as we head out this saturday, a live look outside. you need your sweatshirt and your jacket this morning. we're seeing temperatures in the 30s and low 40s at this point. then we'll get to 56 by this afternoon. by sunday we'll see clouds coming in overnight. clouds in place on sunday with a few showers. still mild, though, 52. then it gets cold. 38 dropping into the 20s. >> i believe it. that will do it for us. have a good one.
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this is "open house." this week, we visit a grand estate near chicago, with its own private beach. and from chic craigslist finds to paint tricks, designer cheryl isen shows us some formal ways to revamp your space. plus, we head to a lakeside house in bedford, new york, with walls of glass. but first, we're inside a modern-day tree house in santa barbara. -this is a home where east meets west. designed in 2000, this is an artful retreat by the sea. -welcome to "open house." i'm george oliphant, in for sara gore, and today i'm coming to you from an incredible apartment in manhattan's gramercy park. this sun-filled tudor home hasn't been on the market


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