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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  December 30, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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south jersey bureau reporter cydney long is live in franklin. . you heard from the family and spoke to the police chief as well. >> reporter: jacqueline that's right, i did. chief rock visited one-on-one with matthesgáhs her little boy's love of police officers. that together with it being a holiday week only compounding the pain in this community.jt%ñ the youngest of his siblings he liked to play baseball and football and 10-year-old matthew mccloske dreamed of a career in law enforcement. >> he wanted to be a police officer. he was in our program. he has a keck to the police department. >> reporter: franklin township police chief michael rock said matthew's mother shared with him that the young boy attended the junior police academy camp last june. matthew's family shared quote, matthew was the sweetest most loving boy. everyone he met couldn't help but fall in love with his innocence and kindness which will be missed.
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>> the police are out there to protect lives. that's the last thing they think of hitting a child or anything like that. >> reporter: the unthinkable grief as this community awaits answers. were the lights and sirens engaged when matthew was struck. something we asked the prosecutor's office and police. >> what kind of callccnp was he headed to that evening? >> that's part of the investigation. >> reporter: we still don't know how fast patrolman, nicholas locilento, was going. >> we don't want to put out guesses or speculation that may be inaccurate. >> reporter: the answers may very well be crystal clear. >> all of our marked police units are equipped with in-car cameras. >> the dash cam? >> yes. >> reporter: the department will debrief on what occurred including a police chaplain. >> we have a lot of officers that were hired in the last three or four years. they're young. they don't have the same life experiences that an officer like myself with 28 years of experience has. >> reporter: and tomorrow
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morning between 9:00 and noon grief counselors will be made available for anyone who needsz it at matthew's elementary school. the family announced today they will have a candle light vigil for matthew at 7:00 on thursday night at the franklin township sports complex. live in frajájz township, cydney long, nbc 10 news. developing news now on the search for airasia flight 8501. family members received the news they were dreading. search crews have found " irre has the latest. >> reporter: the worst fears were realized today for relatives of passengerstvf aboard a missing airasia flight. when they looked up and saw bodies appear in the sea via a live feed from one of the search helicopters. >> you know it's experience i never dreamt of happening and it's probably an airline ceo's worst nightmare. >> reporter: after three days of searching the java sea, crews
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discovered bodies and debris just ten miles from the plane's last reported position. indonesian authorities confirmed the bodies and wreckage are from the airasia passenger jet with 162 people on board that disappeared sunday. >> it's a horrible horrible experience but we will try to do our best. >> reporter: recoveryli+,ñ crews will now concentrate their efforts on a shallow area in the water where they see a large, dark shadow. >> i am confident@qn-j that they know more or less the position of the37. aircraft, so we should be able to locate it. >> reporter: relative have chartered a plane to fly over the area and play for their loved ones. divers are preparing to search for morer&e#z bodies and body bags and coffins are being prepared at the nearest city. laura c nightly news" with brian williams will have the latest developments on this
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story. watch it right here on nbc 10 starting at 6:30. philadelphia police say it took good old-fashioned detective work and modern technology to crack a series of rape cases in pennypack park from 2010 and 2011. this past weekend, law enforcement extradited 38-year-old suspect robert palen to philadelphia frou he was there serving time for rape. that's how investigators tracked him down with evidence from oath both the wisconsin as uploaded matched ours. we started this investigation all over again in march.rxgmñ >> philadelphia police say inmxl2d addition to the dna match, the victims have been able to positively identify failin' as their attacker. for then pennypac incidents,é9rk he is in custody on rape and murder charges. today's announcement of this arrest has us asking about another unsolved serial sex
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attacker. the fairmont park rainest. harry hairston takes a look at the now cold case investigation. nbc 10 is tracking information on a deadly police chase in delaware county. tonight, the nbc 10 investigators are asking about the pursuit in a busy area. this is the wreckage that cloned south chester pike last night. police say it all began when they tried to pull a man over for a simple traffic violation. the suspect took off and crashed into another car. he was killed in the crash andmí3y the other=eñ:ç driver's in critical condition. delaware county district attorney jack whelan tells nbc 10 the officers were not speeding as they pursued the suspect. >> would they normally do a high-speed pursuit in something that's not a felony? >> no they would not typically. they were going to fall in line. >> police have identified the suspect as 25-year-old mark eric anderson of chester. the officers involved in the crash are back at work. now your nbc 10 first alert
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weather. >> what a brisk day today. i don't think we even climbed out of the 30s. the the sun is out for a little while. >> glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here to tell us what to expect. glenn? >> we don't have that sun to warm us up as we go into the evening hours. we have a little bit of wind as you can see here with the flags. clear skies in most of the area except for the poconos with some clouds there. still no precipitation. there are those clouds up to the north, the rest of the area is clear and the temperatures dropping as a result already below freezing in allentown, pottstown, reading and lancaster, at tj3,t freezing mark in atlantic city international. and it's definitely going to be going well down into the 20s in much of the area even in philadelphia by 11:00 tonight to 29 degrees, closer to the 20 degree mark in many of the outlying areas. even colder for new year's eve.
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more on those numbers and a potential stormç for the weekend with the seven-day in just a few minutes. expect cold end to 2014 and the start of the new year. >> but the winter chill won't freeze up people's plans to ring in 2015, especially at an area casino. doug shimell is live at the valley forge casino to explain. >> reporter: it includes jerry blavette lobsters and champagne in that order. >> you prep thousands of lobster tails for new year's eve. >> it's the number one show of the year. we have to be the best. all eyes are on us. we have to make sure every guest is happy. >> reporter: it is prep overload at the valley forge casino resort with 1,100 people expected for the new year's eve party. >> we're throwing parties all over the resort. we have three weddings. there's a lot of stuff going on
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countless hours and employees it takes to put together these great new year's celebration. >> we have all colors. >> reporter: you have to have party favors at+esx midnight for everyone and 1,200 cases of champagne ought to do it to cap off a night where every kitchen, chef, employeer3r guest is in overdrive. >> you have to be prepared have everything set up. your cooks have to be well knowledgeable and your staff has to be well on their toes and we can't make a mistake. >> reporter: so when you have jerry blavett, champagne and lobsters and add to that a rock 'n' roll band and a country and western bar with a mechanical bull that's like a new year's eve swiss army knife. right now on westbound, a gallery of local events to ring in the new year. whether you've already made plans or are looking for fun, be sure to check out what's
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happening. to usher in 2015 right now, download the new nbc 10 app for iphone. breaking news out of tampa, florida. cell phone video just into the newsroom shows shoppers running from a mall" caused a panic. there were shots fired reportedly. it (ppfd out to be false. the mall is still evacuated as police investigate a robbery that took place. that's in tampa florida. we were talking about 2015 before. expect to pay more if you fill up or drive across the state in pennsylvania. gas prices are still dropping but taxes are going up as are some tolls. what you ned to know before you hit the road. also ahead -- caught on tape, avalanche up close and personal. watches is a mountain hike suddenly turned into a race to
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survive. what the two people behind the camera say is to blame for their brush with death. why this lawmaker's apologizing for who he spoke to more then a decade ago.
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now to skyforce 10 live over breaking news this time in delawarel[b county. >> a shooting investigation in drexel hill the scene is along
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garrett road and -- officers who were serving a warn the, tçieb victim's condition is unclear. stay with nbc 10 as we gather more information. new video into our newsroom released by the greek coast guard. it is video of the burning norman atlantic ferry off the albanian coastline. ten people were killed 400 others were rescued from the ferry over the weekend. the investigation continues into just what went wrong. look at that, a couple says what started out as a day hike turned into a sprint to survive. the video and pictures captured that moment when an avalanche hit at the big four ice caves in washington state. the couple said there were signs posted warning hikers not to go off the path but they decided to take a risk. >> i heard something that sounded like a plane, no
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question in my mind i ran. i'm like that's an avalanche and i w-9ñran. >> two people were inside this ice cave at the time of the avalanche but managed to escape without getting hurt.oson5+ai four hikers who spent a cold night in california's angeles national forest have been founded alive and safe. search crews found the three men and one woman and air lifted them to safety. it's unclear if the hikers were prepared for overnight temperatures which dipped into the 30s. none of the other four was hurt. they're talking after many turned their backs on him during a funeral for a murdered new york city police officer, mayor bill de blasio met with some of the city's men and women in blue. the meeting which was being held behind closed doors included the heads of five police unions. de blasio asked for the meeting. the mayorí]íg has been criticized for contributing to the anti-police sentiment following protests over the deaths of eric garner and michael brown.
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a police confirms it a teenager shot and killed at a gas station in missouri did in fact point a gun at the officer just before he was shot and killed. police say 18-year-old antonio martin tried to fire the weapon but it didn't go off at a convenience store in berkeley last week. officers shot and killed martin. sparking protests in the city. the city's mayor has a message for protesters.zq0w protesters to continue in the city ofy3)t berkeley unless they5im@x will not accept the fact that mr. martin drew his gun first. >> witnesses who saw the confrontation told police martin was armed that night. four president george h.w. 4 x president bush is outúñ he's now resting at home. he's the oldest living former
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u.s. president. and how about this story, a former korean air executive who delayed a flight over a bag of nuts is under arrest. swarmed by media, heather cho walked with her head down into court. earlier this month, cho forced a plane to return to its gate. why? she was served nuts in a bag instead of on a plate. in 2002 house majority whip steve scalise spoke at a convention of white supremacists. the group was founded by former kkk leader david duke. a blogger uncovered the speech and made it public this week. this afternoon, scalise responded to the controversy with a statement that reads in part, i spoke to many different louisiana groups trying to build support for legislation. one of the many groups that i spoke to was a group whose views
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i wholeheartedly condemn. it was a mistake i regret and emphatically oppose the device of racial and religious vy.x groups like these hold. how president obama's golf game got in the way of two soldiers dream hawaiian wedding. the couple was forced to move their weeding from one area of the golf course to another so the president could tee off. >> neither the president nor the two u.s. army captains who got married expected the commander in chief could be their wedding crasher. here's nbc's chris jansen. >> reporter: newlyweds ed and natalie didn't mind when his cell phone rang right after their i dos. >> hi ed natalie. >> hi mr. president. >> both army captains their commander in chief phoned in golf course diplomacy to make sure no one was teed off. >> congratulations on your wedding. i feel terrible. nobody told us. i hope the wedding went okay anyway. >> it did.
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it was a blessing in disguise. >> reporter: it might not have seemed that way at first. ed wanted to tie the knot at41ó5ñ a tee with sweeping views over the pacific near the base in hawaii. >> we knew there were two things that could mess up the wedding, one was weather and the> when the president decided to play -- >> you kids having fun. >> reporter: the couple got word they'd have to move their ceremony. >> i'm sure they didn't let him know there was a wedding. >> reporter: you're not ready to yet at >> no not at all. >> reporter: the new location right above the old one but the headlines weren't good for the white house. it's not the first time obama's love of golf provoked critics. ed and natalie say this is no controversy. this photo tells the story of a uniquely memorable wedding. >> unbelievably shock and awed. it was an incredible moment. >> reporter: two west point grads on the phone with their
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boss. >> we were watching you golf. >> that must?zave been kind of painful. r=kyr asks. he shot an 84. >> could you beat him? >> probably. >> reporter: the groom there, he is a five handicap. i think he could have beaten the president. >> maybenx that's next. you never know. it could happen. >> reporter: many of the wedding guests are staying in hawaii to ring in the new year. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> i would say stay in hawaii is a pretty good honeymoon. does it couldn't? we are counting the digits the temperature dropping as we go each day through this week. it's even colder tonight than last night. and tomorrow night it will bem>(p&háhp &hc& colder than tonight. that's new year's eve, followed by new year's eó. both are going to be cold. we have a wintry mix coming over
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the weekend. as we've been saying, it looks like mainly rain. we have clear skies across much -an-hour wind. once it gets to the cold it does change the wind chill. it feels like 29. we're 8 degrees colder than we were at this time yesterday. we also have fairly low humidity. watch the temperature go down from sunday monday 48 today 38 for your official high. tomorrow 33. and then it starts creeping up for a while and then next week it will be even colder. 22 in mt. pocono now, 30 in pottstown. 32 in coatesville. 31 in kennett square. 32 washington township and also trenton, wrightstown at 8%9.ñ31. we can see how cold it is across the entire area. that was with sunshine today. that was a pretty cold air mass.
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minneapolis feels like 17 below zero right i'm going to the west coast, all the way through california, snow in las vegas. this is a large arctic air mass and much of the country is either already affected or going to be affected. dry weather across the area now. we have dry weather for new year's eve as well. 26 degrees at midnight. feeling like 20. so, yes, that's pretty cold. you'll have to bundle up for outdoor activities there. new year's day, it will be cold for the mummers as well. it will warm up to 39 degrees. so it's not going to be quite as cold new year's day as it will be tomorrow. tonight, mostly clearer, colder 26 for the low in philadelphia. 19 north and west. tomorrow, a lot of sunshine breezy cold. highs barely above freezing.
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you know it will probably feel like the 20s just about all day. then it's really cold new year's morning. 23 in philadelphia. teens in many of the sushgzburbs. there's a wintry mix generally changing to rain and just about all rain for much of thearea ending sunday morning. then the arctic blast comes in next week. we continue to follow breaking news in delaware county. >> this is a deadly shooting investigation in drexel hill. the scene is along garrett road and shadelynn avenue. sources tell nbc 10 a man was shot by police after threatening law enforcement officers who were serving a warrant. it's also not clear why they were serving a warrant. we do know the shooting has turned deadly however. stay with nbc 10 as we continue to gather more information on this deadly shooting. 2014 has been a year of tough economic decisions for
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atlantic city. four casinos have folded. another is on shaky ground. next nbc 10 talks with donald trump about thevw÷bñ current state the jersey shore gaming town is facing.
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the casino crisis haunted
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atlantic city in 2014. now a court hearing for the second potential buyer for the revel casino is scheduled just six days before now. and the future of the taj mahal casino also uncertain. a deal to save that casino fell apart earlier this month but the taj is staying open for now. investor carl icahn has pledged $20 million to keep it open during bankruptcy proceedings.f'ñ the taj mahal still bears the -- they want to get their name removed from the casino. >> i hate the lawsuit because it's an unpleasant lawsuit because i always loved atlantic city and it's been so good to me. we're asking our name to be taken off. unless they'll be run really well, we want the name to be taken off. we have nothing to do with atlantic city anymore. >> trump also sued to have his name taken off the trump plaza casino.
5:27 pm
he resigned from the board that ran both casinos in 2009. he told us he got out at the right time but would love to see atlantic city make a comeback. >> i love atlantic city. i love the people in atlantic city. i could conceivably were under certain circumstances, come back. >> trump lawsuit will likely not be resolved until the bankruptcy proceedings on the taj mahal are complete. if the taj does not stay open it would be thebçñ fifth atlantic city casino to close in the last year. the atlantic club, trump plaza, showboat and revel all closed in 2014. >> you feeling under the weather? you're not alone. >> peak flu season is here and running ram pan the in the state of delaware. >> here in delaware we have ten times more flu cases than we did at this point last year. coming up possible xplangs for this. one of them involved the flu vaccine itself.
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right now at 5:30 we continue to follow breaking news in delaware county. >> this is a deadly shooting investigation in drexel hill the scene along garrett road. sources tell nbc 10 a man was shot by police after threatening law enforcement officers who were trying to serve a warrant. it's also not clear why they were serving a warrant. stay with nbc 10 as we gather more in :v(q%=9bujur' delaware county. right now at 5:30 flu
5:31 pm
outbreak. the fever, chills body aches and more have a stronghold on people across the nbc 10 viewing area. it is hitting especially hard in the state of delaware. >> the first state has more cases than it did at the same time last year. tim furlong is live in wilmington to explain. >> reporter: that's right, keith. every year scientists do their best to predict what flu strains will affect us. that's how they then create the vaccine. a couple flu strains weren't very cooperative. this is one of the possible explanations for this major outbreak. >> we've heard from a lot of our customers, they're calling us do you have tamiflu. >> reporter: at the kirkwood pharmacy customers need tamiflu because they feel like they have the flu. >> fever, body aches, chills. >> reporter: so far in delaware health officials say they have ten times the number of flu cases they had at this point last year. as of their last report the state reports 632 cases, 122 in new castle county, 236 in ken the county and 274 cases down in
5:32 pm
sussex. more than 70 people have been hospitalized, 2 have died. part of the problem this year flu vaccine itself.$# >> the flu vaccine is not as effective as it was last year compared to other years. >> reporter: dr. john reinhart says the pharmacist is right. the experts who come up with thet;pbç ingredients list for the vaccine each year do their best to predict which flu strains will hit us in the united states. this year, one of the strains drifted, which means our vaccine doesn't have what it needs to fight it. add to that the fluctuations in weather -- >> people don't want to miss traveling to get together with family and loved ones. they'll come even if they have a semblance of illness. that's what predisposes people to have an outbreak. that added fuel to the fire this year. >> experts say it's still good to get the vaccine.
5:33 pm
it will help fight flu or lessen the impact if you get it. also this year it hasn't discriminated against age. this$0í they say everyone in every age grouprle.o has gotten the flu. if you're sick stay home. for the rest of us keep pure pureling your hands. in montgomery county two students at wissahickon high school came down with whooping cough. it's known for uncontrollable violent coughing which often makes it hard to breathe. cases are on the rise in many parts of the country and doctors say it's because people aren't getting vaccinated properly or at all. >> vaccine has done a good job at keeping the disease from being as widespread as it was before we had vaccine for it. but because not everybody is getting that vaccine we have
5:34 pm
human increase of it. >> most schools required the whooping cough vaccine for students but exceptions can be made for medical, r #1%=um five doses of the vaccine by the time they're 6 yearsold. another dose is given once they turn 11. health officials recommend adults get a booster (rne especially if they're around infants. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> we can feel it the minute you step out the door. definitely a winter chill in the air. temperatures didn't make it out of the 30s today. >> tonight it will be even colder. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz has the details. glenn, you're talking about 20s. >> yes, 20s in much of the area. some places may get down into the upper teens. plus we have wind out there, making it feel a little bit colder and we only degrees for a high today. we have clear skies across much of the area. that will allow the temperature
5:35 pm
to drop fairly quickly. we're close to the 30 degree mark in many areas north and wes4er= and not that far above freezing to the south. so with the clear skies, light wind and low humidity the temperature drops the best. and what are we going to see in philadelphia? down to 29 degrees by 11:00. from the suburbs closer to 20. even colder tomorrow night for new year's eve. those numbers plus the latest on the weekend stormsñwith the seven-day in a few minutes. we turn now to tragic developments today in the search for airasia flight 8501. >> search crews have found debris and bodies from the missing plane. nbc 10's renee chenault-fattah joins us with an update. renee? >> reporter: the search for more debris will resume soon. crews will be concentrating on a shallow area in the water where they see a large, dark shadow. indonesian tv showed footage of the debris which includes an emergency exit door a life jacket and a bright blue
5:36 pm
suitcase. what crews haven't yet fond are the cockpit and flight data recorders. those will give investigators a much better idea of what led to this tragedy. news of the debris being found left family members as you can imagine, devastated. many are being flown in to identify any bodies that are found. several relatives have also chartered a plane to fly over the crash site and pray for their loved ones. >> it's an experience i never dreamt of happening and it's probably an airline ceo's worst nightmare. but we stay strong for the families out there to ensure that we can look after them even after this incident. >> dozens of elite military divers will join the search for more debris. the u.s. is sending the arb"uss sampson" destroyer in. as another day of searching begins "nbc nightly news" will have the latest developments on thiso%vnr story. watch it right here starting at 6:30. live in the studio, renee
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chenault-fattah, nbc 10 news. a major break today in a local serial rape casethat went cold. robert palen is accused of raping and attacking two women in pennypack park back in 2010 and 2011. he was also a suspect in the sexual assault of a third woman but she has since died. police picked up palen in wisconsin where he was arrested on a separate sex crime. they linked him to the philadelphia cases through dna. new at 5:30 after news broke that the pennypack park rapes had been solved we started looking into one of the area's most infamousiu the fairmount rapist case. harry hairston has been make something calls to get a status update. >> reporter: just a short time ago i made a call to the philadelphia crime commission to talk about tips from the public. >> the crime commission says tips have slowed dramatically over the years.
5:38 pm
philadelphia police have not found the man known as the fairmount park rapist. police believe he sexually assaulted three women, including the rape and murder of a philadelphia medical student. officers from philadelphia's special victims unit had handed out flyers and talked to people along kelly drive near boat house row trying to generate tips that was more than a week ago. police say dna evidence confirms the same man is responsible for three attacks between1wri april 30th of 2003 and august 11th of 2007. the victims either were jogging or walking. the rapist first struck april 30th of 2003 raping his victim at knifepoint. investigators say in july of that same year the second victim was raped and strangled. the third attack was in august of 2007 near frankfurt and sully avenues. i've been trying to get new information from the special victims unit. so far i have not been able to get hold of anyone at that unit.
5:39 pm
>> if you know any information you're asked to contact the philadelphia police department. >> harry, thank you. if you fill up pennsylvania prepare to pay more starting thursday. the price per gallon isn't rising but taxes are. and that's not the only reason why p.a. drivers will be forking over more money in 2015. and nbc 10 caught plenty of skiers on the slopes at camelback mountain but a short distance away one north jersey ski resorten is as lucky. why they are suffering from serious snow envy. old cash is being used to power homes and businesses in our area. i'm vince latanzia. i'll explain.
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5:41 pm
welcome back. i'm nbc 10's vince lattanzio with this story. the life of a dollar bill must come to an end, like everything. what happens once it's taken out
5:42 pm
of service. here in philadelphia the federal reserve bank is =
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5:44 pm
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here are some of the stories making headlines at nbc 10 news=vñsuñu+ñ at 5:45. police in delawarezqqñ county have now identified the suspect killed during a police chase. mark eric anderson sped off after they tried to pull him over for a traffic violation yesterday. police say anderson then crashed into another car in glenolden. the driver of that car is in critical condition. delaware's dealing with widespread flu activity this ty[pr(t&háhp &hc liday season. the state has nearly ten times the amount of flu cases right now than they did this time last year. experts say the mutated strain has made the vaccine less effective, resulting in more cases. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> we've had some pretty mild weather for a good bit of december but we're ending the montht''pu with cold air in here and it's going to get colder tonight. colder still by tomorrow night. that's new year's eve. new year's day also cold.
5:46 pm
details to come and the weekend storm looking like a wintry mix at the start and thenñjñx÷ mainly rain. more on that also. well traffic is moving fine. you head outside, you may need extra ww> layers maybe. 35 degrees, 7 mile-an-hour wind. 8 degrees colder than this time yesterday. we're already below freezing in much of the area all areas north and west trenton at 32 the poconos at 22. they'll be able to make snow for quite a while now. they'll be in much better shape for skiing in the next couple of weeks. can see the temperatures down near freezing. southern sections atlantic city, glassboro at 32 degrees right now. and we're going to continue to seeçkç+g this cold air across the entire region throughout the night tonight. because there's more cold air to ourcoy!p west. that's where our air is coming
5:47 pm
from. it's 18 degrees in chicago. 11 in des moines. 2 in minneapolis. and a big zero in denver.< middle of the afternoon, this may be the coldest december afternoon ever recorded in denver. that's pretty cold air mass. it's going all the way down into cold here. it's dre and it's going to stay dry as we go into new year's eve and new year's day as we've been suggesting. 26 degrees at midnight. it will feel like it's about 20. we've seen way worse than that over the years. and new years day, another dry day. pretty good for the mummers, a little bit of a breeze there, making the wind chills in the 20s even in the afternoon. it's cold but at least it's dry, so you'll be able to get around okay. the arctic air, generally to our west and our north, it's just
5:48 pm
plain cold here over the next several days the atmosphere tries to warm up over the weekend, just as this storm comes in giving it mainly rain. you saw that green area come up there. next week the arctic air, true arctic air start today's come down here. next thursday. there's the pink area over philadelphia region and you don't see that real often. i don't think we've seen that so far this season. mostly clear,í4 rbs. tomorrow, sunshine, it will be breezy. 10 to 20 mile-an-hour winds. the temperature itself barely above the freezing mark. the seven-day forecast even colder tomorrow night by morning. new year's morning it's only 23. the clouds increase on friday ahead of that next storm. it looks like it could starts is amó÷v wintry mix, especially north and west. changing over to rain in the afternoon. it's definitely rain saturday night and it would probably end
5:49 pm
sunday morning with milder weather briefly until the arctic blast comes in. >> new information now on breaking news we're following in idaho. a woman is shot and killed by a 2-year-old inside a walmart. late this afternoon, authorities confirmed the woman was the child's mother. that store is in the town of hayden, about 40 miles outside spokane, washington. authorities say the boy reached into his mother's purse and the gunfired. they say the woman had a concealed weapons permit. the walmart closed after the shooting. >> we've been enjoying a big drop in gas prices. come the new year drivers in pennsylvania could see an uptick. it's because the state's tax on gasoline wholesalers is going you, nearly 10 cents starting january 1st. it's unclear how much of that will be passed on to consumers. that's not the only cost that's going on. on january 4th tolls will
5:50 pm
increase 5% and on july 1st it will cost more to register your car, get it+ ñla zt inspected and renew your driver's license. all of these increases will help pay for road projects across pennsylvania. millions of americans will be getting a raise this week. why? the minimum wage goes up in 21 states on new year's day.bxvp increasing pay for nearly 2.5 million workers. another 2 million people will benefit from automatic cost of living adjustments. there's no change in pennsylvania, a minimal cost of living increase in new jersey and delaware residents won't see the state minimum wage rise until june. by early next year 29 states will have minimum wages above the federal limit of $7.25 an hour. taxpayers can start filing their 2014 returns january 20th. the irs said the filing season will not be delayed by a last-minute tax law passed by congress. the law extends more than 50 tax breaks. the irs said in previous years
5:51 pm
late laws have delayed tax filing season. if you're looking to buy a car, this could be the week to do it. dealerships across the country are holding year-end clearance sales. according to, the week between christmas day and new year's day is the biggest of the year. leasing is expected to hit an thing and to read the fine print. >> that fine print always so important. >> so important. >> clear, crisp weather during a holiday week when many people are off from work or school. >> up north, means one thing. lots of skiers. we have the proof for you. just look at what we saw today at the camelback mountain in the poconos. just $65 mile east of here a new jersey ski resort is a step or two behind. why mother nature hasn't been kind so far this year. and we're following breaking news. a deadly police shooting in
5:52 pm
delaware í@ñcounty. we've just spoken to witnesses who watched it all unfold. look for a live reportv4-!ñ coming up on nbc 10 news at 6:00..om0 thank you cable. for the slower internet upload speeds. for making me wait longer to share my photo albums. thank
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check out the crowds at camelback at the poconos today. business has been booming and they're planning to open more trails this weekend. but just 65 miles east it's a whole different story.
5:55 pm
>> it is. the warm december weather comfortable for us but as a result, a new jersey ski resort brian thompson takes us to the mountain creek resort in vernon township where they hope some colder days will lead to cold hard cash. >> watch the guy on the right. watch him. watch him, boom. with that spill, it's safe to say that ski season here is open. 4 while. i got my skis and pass two, three months ago anticipating the good snow. >> reporter: you couldn't use it. >> no. i had to wait for a good day like this. >> reporter: off and on this sprawling resort has been making a little snow here and a little snow there. this beginner's area opened right after thanksgiving. the serious snow making had to wait until yesterday, cold dry weather allowing the system to finally work at its max capacity. >> it's hot out. we're like we can't blow snow. it's frustrating. it's mother nature. we can't do everything. >> reporter: for every slope on
5:56 pm
top of the mountain getting snow there are two trails that are still bare and will remain that way through the new year's weekend. in stark economic terms, the roughly 2,000 people would likely be 8,000 if every trail was open with lift tickets averaging $40 to $60 or so that's easily $200,000 to $300,000 a day this warm weather has been costing the resort in lost revenue. but the enthusiasm now with the cold weather is here. >> like once you've been gone for a whole season, it doesn't matter if there's a lot of snow or not, you want to be back on the slopes. >> after a long cold, snowy winter last year people are back finally for this largest ski complex in the state. >> sooner or later winter comes. sometimes earlier, sometimes later but it does come. coming up next on nbc 10 news at 6:00 breaking news. we're learning new details about the deadly police shooting in delaware county. witnesses are telling us what they saw just before the bullets started to fly.
5:57 pm
details coming up in a live report, straight ahead. i'll tell you what to expect for new year's eve. i'm also tracking a3
5:58 pm
nbc 10 breaking news. >> skyforce 10 over breaking news right now. a deadly police shooting in we're now hearing from witnesses who saw it all unfold. nbc 10's mitch blocker just arrived there at the scene in
5:59 pm
drexel hill. mitch, what can you tell us? >> reporter: renee, at this point it is still a very active scene. i want you to take a look at all the police activity. right now what we know is that police from upper darby, clifton heights and -- upper darby and clifton heights as well as haverton where they were serving a warrant on a man who was making threats. two law enforcement he threatened on youtube, the fbi, as well as local l4police. they pulled him over in his car here at shadeland and garnett in drexel hill. he tried to ram the police is whu e're told at this point. that's when five officers opened fire. we talked with lynette green who lives nearby and saw some of the action. >> i just heard a round of shots, they started off slow and went on as if it was a grand finale to fireworks. i said to my husband, oh, my gosh, are those gunshots? he says no, just early fireworks.ñç >> reporter: again, this is
6:00 pm
garrett and shadeland avenue in drexel hill. if you are going out, avoid the area. it is completely shut down. again, what we know now five officers opened fire on a suspect who had been threatening police. they were serving a warrant when he tried to ram police when they were pulling him over. five officers opened fire and shot and killed this suspect. mitch blocker, nbc 10 news. now to more breaking news right now in delaware county 41!wr cars. one of those cars being taken away. skyforce 10 over the scene live on west baltimore avenue and owen avenue. one of the cars overturned. crews worked to get people out of that car. traffic, though still backed up in that area.ó > right now at 7?gs6:00, an arrest and a series of violent rapes in philadelphia. >> he beat her, then sexually assaulted her, leaving her barely clothed, bleed and left her there.


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