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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  December 30, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v >> announcer: nbc 10 news start now. sonny. >> right now, at 11:00, a suspect is shot and killed by police as he tried to run down officers. >> the suspect has been making
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threats on youtube to kill police, f.b.i. >> the c.i.a. and f.b.i. has stepped up their efforts to kill me. >> tonight, the suspect's rant on youtube against officers hours before gunshots rang out in the afternoon. >> it sounded a lot like fireworks. >> good evening. officers in delaware county feared for their lives. a suspect making threats on officers and then trying to run them over with his vehicle. that's when officers unleashed a barrage of bullets in drexel. nbc 10's keith jones joins us live tonight with more on the suspect's rant on youtube hours before his death. >> reporter: jackie, it came to an end right here behind me. well, i said it came to an end here. it started about eight hours ago when a suspect posted his final video to youtube and we have it
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to show you tonight. >> i'm going to be dead or in prison within the next 12 hours, 24, tops. >> reporter: joe paccini doesn't hold back. >> you want to try to bring me down? i will [expletive] kill you and your whole [expletive] family, all right? >> hours later, police obtain an arrest warntrant and, this afternoon, surround garrett road. but he didn't surrender. >> that's when he threw it in reverse, smashed into the chief's car. e. >> reporter: so five officers opened fire around 4:00 this aver noon. bullets smashed the driver's side punctured the door of a bank and blew out the window of a doctors' office. >> it is very disturbing to have something like this happen. >> it sounded a lot like fireworks, but it was really, really loud. >> a violent scene. he talked about it in several of his youtube videos.
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>> there will be serious and irreversible catastrophic consequences. it will be your fault completely. >> upper darby police superintendent said he wasn't armed and may have had mental health issues. >> he's behind a vehicle. the vehicle was his weapon. so in my opinion, that kpaser baits whatever the issue will be. >> have your people kill me. that's it. put a gun to my head. if you can find one man amongst your people and just pull the trigger. >> reporter: no police officers were hurt in this shooting. we want to reinforce that. also police are still investigating how this all went down. an autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow. reporting live in drexel hill keith jones, nbc 10 news. >> the suspect does have a criminal past. philadelphia police arrested paccini back in 2005. he spent time behind bars for making terroristic threats and reckless endangerment.
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you can stay on top of this story by downloading the new nbc 10 app. now, to the police-involved shooting that's breaking news in cumberland county. just moments ago, we're told an officer fired here 9:30 tonight and that a shooting victim is critically hurt. but officers are not confirming it was the officer's bullet that struck that person. as soon as we learn more information, we will pass it onto you. >> when it's feeling icy outside, some people decide there's no better time to hit the ice. a little nighttime ice skating at dillworth park. what can you expect for the morning? let's check in with first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane "hurricane" schwartz. >> it's going to be the coldest
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morning in quite a while around here. the wind has pretty much died down. and, with the clear skies and light wind and low humidity the temperature can really plumet. it's down to 21 in potstown, 20 in millville, 24, at lantic city. i mean, it is already mighty cold. and we're going to be seeing temperatures in the teens by morning. and allentown, quakertown reading, in the poconos, doylestown, mt. holly, in the entire area temperatures way below average. even colder new year's eve. we'll talk more about that and a weekend storm with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> septa plans to make it easier for partiers to get around on new year's eve. it's made a number of scheduled changes for the festivity. there will be all-night subway service on new year's eve. among the other changes, regional rail will have extra
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trains leaving center city after tomorrow night's celebrations. and there's added service to trenton for passengers heading to new york city through new jersey transit. >> let septa do the driving for your new year's eve and new year's day celebrations. we're the safest option the most affordable and we'll get you where you need to go. >> as for new year's day, sep terks a will run for itsd sunday schedule. tonight, we checked with cabs and each one tells us there will not be an extra fee. we contacted uber in philadelphia, as well. they were checking and we're waiting to hear backseat. they're getting ready. practice makes perfect. the fancy brigades struted their stuff during a rehearsal in the pae pa convention center tonight. they'll put their costumes on and see what they do best for the annual mummer's parade on new year's day. in phkennett square they're
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getting ready for the mushroom drop. it's a e 500 pounds of steel and l.e.d. lights shaped like a mushroom. this is the second year for the event. kennett square is known as the mushroom capital of the world. in norksz, the nearly 12,000 pound waterford crystal ball slid down the flag pole at times square request e with no problem at all. nearly 32,000 lights and 3,000 crystals give it that sparkle. take a live look at times square. tomorrow night, more than a million people will pack it in here to watch the ball drop in person. and bhr than a billion people around the world will watch it all on tv. you can see new year's and times square with carson daily tomorrow night following nbc 10 news at 11:00. all of the region's events
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are here on the nbc 10 app. you can download it for free. new details on a pregnant mother attacked and robbed. you can see it on the video. a man hunched the woman just feet from her front door. nbc 10 has new information on the woman's condition. >> reporter: her loved ones tell us that she is back home tonight with her family after being released from the hospital. but they say she's in a lot of pain. and this's because they tell us the suspect hit her so hard that he broke several bones on the right side of her face. >> when it gets this violent, this close to home, it's scary. this is a first for us. >> reporter: a pregnant mother attacked and robbed just feet from her front door. and, now, this video of the assault has her loved ones and neighbors fuming. >> i mean what kind of a coward hits on a woman coldkrrksz ocks a woman like that.
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>> she's hanging in. she's a tough little cookie. but, you know it takes your sense of security away. >> the victim who was seven months pregnant was ambushed last monday at 9:15 at night. it happened here in pensport. cameras from a nearby vet clinic caught the suspected driving down the street in a grey suv, possibly, a dodge durango. he jumped out and ran behind her, punched her in the head knocking her to the ground. police say the suspect threatened her and demanded she give him everything. while on the ground we're told the 41-year-old begged him not to hurt her because she's pregnant. >> it's bad enough you're going to hurt somebody. all over a stupid pocketbook? >> the bad guy got away with her michael kors pocketbook and a bag of food she was carrying. >> that's all i'm hoping for, you know, before he hurts somebody else.
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>> e. >> reporter: tonight detectives say if you know who that man is or you've seen that vehicle, ewe're urged to give police a call. >> it took three years of searching and a 900 mile trip to wisconsin. tonight, police say a man responsible for a series of rapes in penny pack park is back in philadelphia to face jus tisz. they're holding rob ert palin on 10 million dlarsz bail after announcing his arrest today, investigators say he raped three women in penny park park back in 2010 and 2011. they found palin in a wisconsin jail after linking him to the philadelphia cases through dna. an update on breaking news that sky force 10 was over philadelphia at 6:00 tonight. police tell us it was likely a diabetic issue that caused a driver to crash into ben jrksz arksz min rush arts academy. two women are accused of shoplifting at the cherry hill mall and using a baby to hide
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the cosmetics. police say the two hid $500 worth of products from sephora underneath a baby saturday. police say the woman hid the cosmetics underneath a 4-month-old sitting in a stroller. both are charged with shop lifrting and using a jive nile to commit a criminal offense. the hunt for the flight's 162 victims started again tonight. divers are focusing on the area where the first bodies and debris were found earlier today. it is still unclear just what brought the plane down. it disappeared sunday on a flight to singapore. crews discovered the crick tim's bodies and debris just 10 miles away from the plane's last reported pogs. the airline's c.e.o. spoke publicly about the tragedy. >> you know it's an experience i never dreamt happening. and it's probably an airline c.e.o.'s worst nightmare.
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>> crews still need to find the plane along the black boxes before officials can determine what caused the crash. former president george h.w. bush is resting at home tonight after spending a week in the hospital. the 90-year-old was released from methodist hospital today. he was admitted after experiencing shortness of breath. a spokesperson says the 41st president is grateful to the doctors and nurses for their superb care. >> a builter bitter cold start to your morning. >> then the south jersey school district warning parents of whooping cough. gas prices in pennsylvania going up the first day of 2015. why drivers will pay more in the new year.
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a philadelphia man remains missing tonight. but, today, police look through his burned out vehicle. 69-year-old disappeared two weeks ago.
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officers found the charge against the uyukon in north philadelphia. he vanished two days earlier after he left a restaurant in the northeast. he suffers from several medical conditions requiring medication. tonight, we now know a police officer got a call about an unruly juvenile when he crashed and killed a 10-year-old boy. investigators did not reveal anymore information about that call sunday night. matthew mcclusky was crossing route 47 with two friends when he was hit. a candle light vigil is planned for thursday night. a team of investigators is still working to determine how fast the officer was going and if his lights and sirens were on at the time. a montgomery county mother accused of having sex with a hue e high school student went to court today. the 42-year-old married mother of three faces a number of
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charges, imcolluding corruption of minors and giveing obscene materials to a minor. her lawyer says his client feels remorseful. >> she's heartbroken at the decision she made under these circumstances. we're going to make every effort now at this point to try and move forward with her life. >> police say an officer spotted gibney and the students naked inside a truck at a local park. the boy confessed to the officer. a camden county woman finds a camera hidden in her bathroom. tonight, her own friend is accused of putting it there. so he could watch her undress. police say carl camp, jr., secretly recorded that woman several times in the bathroom of her gloucester township apartment this month. now, another woman has come forward to say he did the same thing to her. camp is charged with invasion of privacy. a burlington township middle
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student is diagnosed with whooping cough. a letter is sent to warn families to take prevention. it often makes it hard to breathe. right now, doctors are concerned about the increase in whooping cough cases nationwide. in delaware, there are concerns about the flu outbreak. officials say the state has ten times the number of flu cases they had at this point last year. more than 70 people have been hospitalized state wide and two have died. an infectious disease expert tells nbc 10 the fluctuating temperatures and earlier-than-normal reports of flu cases have helped fuel the fire. he also says this year's vaccine was less effective at fighting the current flu strain. drivers are paying a lot less for gas, but, in pae pa the prices go up in the new year because of a gas tax hike. starting this tuesday, january
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1st they will go up almost a dime per gallon. it is the second of three increases to boost constriction funding throughout the state. rjs the third increase happens in 2017. >> announcer: now, your nerks bc 10 first alert weather. >> this is going to be the coldest night since november 19th. it got down to 20 degrees in philadelphia then. but it's going to be pretty cold tonight and even colder tomorrow night, new year's eve. and new year's day is going to be pretty cold as well. the specific numbers coming up the weekend wintry mix still seems on target. and we continue to see clear skies down to 30 degrees in philadelphia. no wind right now. the humidity is still fairly low and that will allow the temperature to go down even more. we are in the 50s, of course, well in the 50s over the weekend. 48 yesterday, 38 today, 33 tomorrow. and then that's it. we're not going to keep going
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down. we'll go back up a little bit. but look at these temperatures. 21 in potstown 20 in millville. 22 in 22 in mt. holly. 18 degrees colder than at this time last night in millville, new jersey. and we're nowhere near the coldest air that is o going to be coming this way. temperatures right now, three in des moines iowa. three below in minneapolis. and in denver? i'm standing right over it. 15 below zero. temperature. now, when denver gets that cold chances are the worst of the air mass is not coming all the way to the east coast. and that is the case here. we've got real cold going all the way to california. there's only so much of the country it can cover for most weather patterns. so it's going to be a dry week. it's going to be dry for new year's eve.
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but, of course, very cold. 26 with the windchill. it will feel like about 20 degrees. and then for new year's morning, of course, it's going to be very cold. 23 in philadelphia. with some wind on top of that, too. now, the arctic air is going to stay far enough away from us for a while. warmer air is going to try to surge in here over the weekend. and that would change any winty mix over to rain. so most of that storm this weekend should be rain. mostly clear and colder tonight. 26 for the low in philadelphia. 19 north and west, some places even colder than that. cold tomorrow. high barely above freezing and it's going to feel like it's in the 20s with that wind. and then new year's day, another cold one. the clouds increase friday. the storm comes in over the weekend. a wintry mix, a little bit of
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snow and sleet, especially north and west, changing over to rain. just about everybody gets rain by saturday night and it ends on the mild side sunday morning before some really cold air comes in even colder than what we're seeing tonight and tomorrow. that's the arctic air. >> it always amazes me how many people stand out in times square regardless of the cold. >> there's body heat that kind of helps, too. they stand there for hours. >> yes, they do. they get there so early. well the eagles will focus on the playoffs, so i guess they're looking at the future? >> yeah how close are they to being a great team? we're going to hear about the future and we've got news on two ugly incidents over the last couple days in the nfl. and, also, one in college football. that is next.
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i'm john clark. eagle's offensive coordinator will interview for the raven's head coaching job. this will be a big off-season. several major areas of need. the secondary close to becoming great. >> we kill ourselves. and that's the biggest thing. we beat ourselves. we're our own worst enemy. so when we stop doing that and allow ourselves to be great, i think we'll be an elite team. >> i think we're real close from being a great team. just a few missing pieces.
11:26 pm
nd he wants to be here. >> i think, you know. from what i know, i am. but, you know you always are there, you know. >> how about a couple of little incidents in the nfl college football the last few days. lion's defensive tackle was suspended for stepping on aaron rogers. suh appealed and he won today. he was fined 70 grand but he is going to be able to play against the cowboys in the playoffs. another missed step by the nfl possibly there. michael richardson for hitting stwo west virginia players yesterday during the liberty bowl. he is in the red. take a look.
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there's one of the hits. both occurred during the first half. he was not on the side lyme. >> sixers are losing right now by more than 20 to the warriors. lasalle beat penn. we're right back.
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a cold new year's eve won't stop people from going out, most likely. >> no you've just got to put 1078 coats on and some sweaters and some gloves and some hats. it's going to be cold. about 26 for midnight tomorrow night with a little bit of wind.
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and then thursday morning, it's going to be very cold and that stomp storm over the weekend, mostly rain is the way it looks. >> heavy boots, heavy coats, all of that. for all of us here, thanks for watching. >> good night.
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- channing tatum eddie redmayne musical guest logic,


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