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tv   Today  NBC  December 31, 2014 7:00am-11:01am EST

7:00 am thanks for watching. have a great day. >> see you next year! >> happy new year. good morning. breaking news. officials believe they've located the wreckage of that air asia passenger jet on the bottom of the ocean floor. this as the first bodies arrive from the crash site. and new questions arise about the plane's final moments. did those on boardw what was happening? frozen. 2014 leaves us with dangerously low temperatures across much of the country as millions get set to ring in the new year in the brutal cold. when will we see some relief? royal ruckus conversation new documentary about charles, camilla and diana is shelved amidst pressure from buckingham
7:01 am
palace. what they might be worried about. major dose of puppy love a look back at the best ads of the year "today," december 31st 2014. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. i'm savannah guthrie. >> and i'm willie geist along with sheinelle jones and dylan dreyer. the gates to times square open at 11:00 am. some people will be standing out there in the cold for 13 hours waiting for the ball to drop. >> i think i see matt lauer there waving. he never misses it. yes, 2014 almost done. stick a fork in it. it's going to be cold out there. >> really cold. december is pretty mild. now we're talking about brutally cold temperatures. >> we'll talk about that in a moment. top story this morning,
7:02 am
investigators believe they may have located the wreckage of airasia flight 8501. there are more questions than answers about the flight's final moments. katy tur has the late theft morning from indonesia. katy good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. another tough day for families. day four of the search and they pulled out even more debris and even more bodies. many relatives say they're not going to give up hope that somebody might be found alive. this morning, report that is sonar may have located the plane at the bottom of the sea. this man says at last we have new that is the plane has been found. i hope the next process of evacuation can be done fast. as the first bodies arrived from the crash site of flight 8501 a woman and teenage boy. seven bodies in total have now been recovered, one in her flight attendant uniform all amid the debris of the java sea.
7:03 am
now the ship u.s.s. sampson is on site. preparing for the arduous process of identification collecting dna and other information from relatives to help pick out the dead. makeshift morgue made of shipping container sincere empty. relatives pray and sing. we believe that life and death are in god's hands, she says. we must always prepare everything because we never know when we will die. now, as for the sonar images ceo just said a minute ago they do not have confirmation that they found a plane. they do not have any sonar images. they're officially still looking for it. as for the charter flight they're going to give the families to fly them around the islands so they can pray for their loved ones they canceled that willie saying it's just
7:04 am
going to be too hard. >> katy tur in surabaya indonesia, thank you very much. rude welcome to the new year in the form of brutally cold temperatures. dylan is tracking the new year's eve forecast. what's it looking like? >> it's cold everywhere. no place in the clear from this cold air surging in from the north except for florida. dragging in that cold air. windchill warnings and advisories in some areas this morning, it feels like it is 20 to 40 degrees below zero. idaho falls, with that windchill, feels like it's 27 below. casper wyoming. grand junction feels like temperature of 3 below. you spread east. it's not as cold. but still below average this time of year. 4 in chicago right now with a windchill of 14 below. high temperature today will be running 10 to 25 degrees below average. dallas topping out at 45 degree this is afternoon. out in the southwest, we're talking about a big snowstorm.
7:05 am
of all places las vegas is under a winter weather advisory right now. you can see over there in yell o that's where we find miguel almaguer. how is it feeling out there? >> good morning, dylan. it is certainly bitter in vegas. with the windchill it feels a lot colder than that. this brutal cold is gripping so much of the nation. and our friends at the weather channel tell us 80% of the country is in freezing temperatures and here in vegas tonight, we're told there's about 60% odds it could snow close to midnight. there will be about 350,000 people out on the streets here tonight, ringing in new year's eve. they may be doing it in a rare winter storm. getting to las vegas is a problem. take a look at the pictures we found on the snow in the roadways trying to lead to vegas. hundreds of people were rescued from their vehicles overnight. first responders dozens of cars out of the snow. it took people to emergency shelters. the roadways already a mess before new year's eve. other parts of the state, let's
7:06 am
take you to northern california. powerful winds, trees, power lines. they even knocked down trees into some cars taking the life of one person. a deadly storm in northern california. that storm is working its way here and in parts of the northeast, as you mentioned, other serious heavy snow storms and, of course out in the very northeast, you guys are dealing with bitter cold. in and out las vegas they're betting on snow. it's a rare sight but could happen today. >> go figure snow in las vegas. it doesn't sound like much but an inch of snow kind of shuts things down out there. >> i believe that. >> dylan, thank you very much. heartbreaking story out west. community in idaho, a 29-year-old mother was accidentally shot and killed by her 2-year-old son during a post-holiday shopping trip to walmart. john yang has this story. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. this morning, relatives of that
7:07 am
woman, veronica rutledge are describing her as a responsible gun owner who took a lot of precautions to prevent exactly what happened. police called to an idaho walmart tuesday morning, saying it was a tragic accident that ended a young mother's life. >> it just appear that is the small child accessed the female's concealed weapon. >> reporter: unreleased surveillance video shows 29-year-old veronica rutledge with her three young nieces and 2-year-old son. >> the child looked like to be sitting in the shopping cart with the purse. the female victim was shopping. >> reporter: rutledge had a concealed weapons permit and family members say the research scientist with a degree in chemical engineering was a responsible gun owner who, they say, had the gun tucked away in a bag specially designed to safely carry a weapon. she just received the bag for christmas. >> all the precautionary measures were taken to secure that weapon.
7:08 am
>> reporter: in a statement to nbc news walmart called the shooting a very sad incident and said they're working with the cootenai sheriff's department to determine what happened. relatives who didn't want to speak on camera called rutledge a wonderful mother and shining star taken from them much too soon. >> afterround the holidays right after christmas, before the new year tragic tranlggic accident. >> compounding that tragedy, the three nieces with rutledge on that shopping trip and who witnessed the incident are all under the age of 11. savannah? >> that is an awful story. john yang, thank you so much. sheinelle jones now has some breaking news out of canada for us. >> another sad one. tragic story out of canada. nine people including two children are dead after a murder/suicide in edmonton. one victim was found in a home monday night while the others were found early tuesday in a second edmonton residence.
7:09 am
the killings appear to be a case of domestic violence. authorities describe the man as depressed and overly emotional. following the revelation that majority whip steve scalise gave a speech 12 years ago to a white supremacy group. andrea mitchell is in washington with reaction. >> good morning, sheinelle. michael grimm quit pleading guilty to felony tax evasion, more trouble for the gop and apology from the top leader steve scalise, from a speech more than a dozen years ago. at home during the holiday break, acknowledging he did speak ate meeting organized by white supremacists in 2002 while a state official. a mistake, he wrote in a statement adding i emphatically oppose the divisive racial views
7:10 am
these groups hold. how could he not know? the group was organized by former ku klux klan leader david duke. >> how do you not know who david duke is? >> he had famously argued with tim russert by then. >> your people? >> my heritage. >> white people? >> the european heritage that built this country. >> reporter: duke's organization held conferences, like this one from 2005. >> we are the white race. we have the ingenuity and the creativity to overcome anything they can put up against us. >> reporter: civil rights groups called duke's organization a hate group. >> the most infamous white supremacist, especially known in louisiana. >> reporter: the question now, does the controversy set back john boehner's efforts to broaden the appeal of the gop? >> it can be particularly damaging to the party and to the party's efforts, to show that it
7:11 am
is truly more inclusive and truly reaching out. >> speaker boehner issued a statement, vouching for scalise's integrity, while acknowledging he should not have attended that meeting. a week before the new congress is actually sworn in. sheinelle? >> thank you, andrea. former president george h.w. bush is home resting comfortably after spending a week in the hospital. the 90-year-old former president was admitted to the hospital last tuesday after experiencing shortness of breath. family spokesman says president bush is grateful to the doctors and nurses for their superb care. in chicago, several brand new cars were destroyed after being buried in an avalanche of salt. it happened at a morton salt warehouse. the building was overloaded causing the salt to spill out. it wast covered several cars at an auto dealership next door. fortunately, no one was hurt. texas a & m has permanently
7:12 am
dismissed student assistant michael richardson from the program after an embarrassing moment monday as he struck two west virginia players during the liberty bowl. revelers are ring in the new year in auckland new zealand. at midnight residents and tourists were treated to a huge fireworks display, launched from the city's sky. i'll celebrate from another part of the world. >> there you go. >> and their new year's is so much warmer than ours. >> i hope my glittery outfit has fleece with it. i don't know what we'll do dylan. >> nothing like fleece glitter. >> to ring in the new year. >> cold air all across the country except southern california which will be below average. snow in the rockies, up to one to two feet possible in some of the higher
7:13 am
happy new year's eve. i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. as we head into the rest of tonight, at midnight our temperatures will drop down to 26 degrees, our windchill at 20 degrees. and for today, our daytime highs stay just right above freezing 33 degrees. plenty of sunshine but cold as we head into your new year's day. temperatures at 39 degrees. slightly warmer into the weekend, but we track a chance of showers saturday lingering into sunday.
7:14 am
and that's your latest forecast. >> busy morning for you, dylan. thanks a lot. big questions are being raised about whether or not north korea was actually behind the sony picture cyber attack. some analysts say it could have been an inside job. >> a cyber security company says it met with the fbi for a couple of hours this week presenting an alternative theory to the sony hack that the hackers had inside help. the fbi is standing by its conclusion that north korea was behind the attack. with "the interview" now playing in theaters and on demand much of the country has moved on. in the tech world there's still a raging debate over who's responsible for the sony pictures hack. cyber security firm has been independent ly
7:15 am
independently investigating the hack focusing on at least one ex-employee who had the technical background and system knowledge to carry out the attack. they named the former employee lena sarks lena saying she spent ten years at sony. >> somebody had to know what would embarrass hollywood or sony a nation state, whether it's north korea or any nation state, would not know something like that. >> the fbi is still pointing to north korea, saying there is no credible information to indicate that any other individual is responsible. the state department is standing by that conclusion. >> it's possible that some assets outside the dprk might have been involved but that doesn't change the conclusion about the dprk's responsibility. >> reporter: the security company crowd strike said it looked at the same information as the government and also believes north korea conducted the attack. >> it is very typical in an attack like this for an adversary to assume the identity credentials of an
7:16 am
active employee inside the organization. >> reporter: north korea has denied any involvement in this ongoing mystery, some experts suggest there could be more than one villain. >> the internal employee opens the back door. they have a personal vendetta. the external north korea hackers are looking for something to infiltrate and may come upon something they have set up. >> reporter: fbi officials met with norse, listened to their presentation and thanked them for the information. experts say the fbi has likely gathered a lot more evidence than private companies have. sony declined to comment on norse's findings. willie? >> joe fryer, thank you, joe. no party is bigger or more well known than the countdown in times square. preparing for what could be a new challenge, protesters. let's go to stephanie gosk in
7:17 am
times square getting a good spot this morning. hi stephanie. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. one of the many amazing things about new year's eve in this city is what happens here in times square t goes from fairly normal activity right now to this massive party with hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world. music, confetti and, of course that famous ball drop. sometimes square on new year's eve is that once in a lifetime check it off the bucket list something to tell the grandkids kind of event. >> we're going to be here in winter coats, gloves scarves, freezing our tails off to watch that big, beautiful ball drop. >> being here for new year's is the best ever. >> reporter: making sure it goes off smoothly requires thousands of law enforcement, facing challenges and possible threats. counterterrorism units, bomb squads and rooftop controls.
7:18 am
crowds are blocked in with barricades. communication and information hub with live camera feeds streaming constantly. >> surveillance cameras. there's going to be the stuff that's permanently there and there's going to be stuff that's set up even starting a couple of days before. >> reporter: this year police have to be ready for another possible disturbance, protesters calling for police reform. >> a new year cannot come and go with business as usual. >> reporter: the nypd says they are welcome. >> they have an absolute right to protest still. as long as they do it peacefully and laws aren't broken we'll police the event. >> reporter: police officers triggered tension between cops and mayor bill de blasio. some turned their backs to the mayor when he spoke at officer rafael ramos' funeral earlier this week.
7:19 am
>> actions speak louder than words and time will tell. >> reporter: on new year's eve, harmony amongst the ranks or not, there's a job to do. thousands from all over the world will be counting on them. you guys have already been talking about it this morning, the vicious cold. anyone out here partying or on the job is probably going to have to dress a little more warmly than i am or be a little tougher. >> you're pretty tough, though stephanie. >> oh, i don't know. >> there's a big correspondent in gosk. >> she does her thing. i do mine. we all have our thing. if somebody told you to go back through all the pictures you did this year and pick your best ones it would take you, what, nine, ten months? >> yeah. >> exactly. imagine how white house photographer pete souza feels. he has to go through everything this year to come up with the best of the best in annual
7:20 am
photographs. this provides a glimpse behind the scenes capturing moments away from the spotlight. several accuracy and strobe lights to create a 3d portrait. don't squint mr. president. this is taken at the annual easter egg roll. those were the two most famous sets of ears in washington. i think he even got a copy for his daughter. thoughts golden gate bridge and a couple of guys hanging out. and staff member's daughter captured so beautifully. all i can say is i really hope that she is indeed wearing a diaper. you can find a link to all of these pictures on in our photo album. definitely check it out. >> jenna wolfe, thanks. she has experience on ta diaper question.
7:21 am
jenna wolfe. conversation new documentary about charles, diana and camilla was postponed at the last minute. the latest from london. >> and very best ads of the year. cue the puppies. and derek jeter's final
7:22 am
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get 10-30% off select major appliances $399 or above at lowe's. good morning. i'm chris cato. it's 7:26 and it's a freezing start to the final day of the year. let's get your first alert forecast with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> it's still going to be freezing for new year's eve as well. temperatures closer to 26 degrees, but there's a live look outside right now as the sun's starting to come up. we will see plenty of sunshine light wind speeds but our temperatures are going to stay cold. 26 degrees at midnight. our windchill at 20 degrees. your seven-day forecast shows a high today of just 33. 39 on new year's day. and a check of traffic. we have an accident out there. jillian mele has the latest on that. >> that's right, it's been out there for a while. the 42 freeway northbound side right near interstate 295. it was blocking the right lane. it's been moved over to the
7:27 am
shoulder, but you can see that line of red. we still have a pretty heavy delay approaching that scene, so leave yourself extra time. if you're taking mass transit today, new jersey transit operating on a modified weekday schedule patco on a special schedule. regional rail lines for septa, a regular schedule but later today additional trains will be added. chris? the cumberland county prosecutor's office is investigating the fatal shooting of a man by police. police haven't told us much yet, but here's what we know at this point. last night, officers stopped a jaguar with two people inside on south avenue and henry street in bridgeton. the passenger was shot and died a short time later at the hospital. police haven't told us yet what led to the shooting. they say they found a handgun at the scene. again, the prosecutor's office is investigating. i'm chris cato. we'll have another update in about 25 minutes for you. you can always get the latest news and weather at now we go back to the "today" show. have a great day.
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7:30 now. it's wednesday morning. there is a live look at times square crossroads of the world. it's going to look a lot different tonight when the ball drops and the crowds are there to welcome in 2015. take a good look at 2014. it is just about in the rear view mirror. >> it is. if you can't be one of the millions who make it to times square, we've got the next best thing, carson daly hosting a countdown to the new year. it starts tonight at 10:00 eastern. >> we're so glad you can stay up till midnight.
7:31 am
the first bodies arrive from the airasia crash site. 95% of the country is dealing with below-average temperatures for this time of year. in denver overnight it dropped to minus 19 degrees, matching a 116-year-old record. a five-alarm fire destroyed an historical building north of charlotte overnight. 75 firefighters worked overnight to battle that blaze. authorities believe that fire was set intentionally. coming up, we'll have a look at the commercial of the year. which ones made the list? we'll show you. we'll talk about it. let's get a check of the weather now from dylan. >> i like having my chair half out. i really didn't know what to do there. i'm on my way to the weather wall. let's take a look at what's going on out in california with high wind warnings and high wind advisories because of the high winds. 11,000 feet we saw wind gusts of 167 miles per hour. most areas in san francisco and
7:32 am
los angeles will see winds closer to 45 to 55 miles per hour. enough to cause some power outages today. this area of low pressure is producing snow up near flagstaff, arizona. we have rain in san diego. this is the reason why las vegas is under a winter weather advisory. we could see a dusting, up to an inch or so of snow. this is going to turn into a storm for the southern rockies. one to two feet of snow is possible. then it transitions into another area of low pressure that will make for a big rainstorm, especially down along the gulf coast as we go into friday and eventually a big rainstorm for the east coast as we go into saturday and sunday. as for the snowfall totals the next 48 hours, flagstaff could pick up nine to ten inches of snow. for the rose bowl parade 32 degrees is the forecast low for tomorrow. windchills for happy news year's eve. i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. as we head into the rest of
7:33 am
tonight, at midnight our temperatures will drop down to 26 degrees, our windchill at 20 degrees, and for today, our daytime highs stay just right above freezing 33 degrees. plenty of sunshine but cold as we head into your new year's day. temperatures at 39 degrees. slightly warmer into the weekend, but we track a chance of showers saturday lingering into sunday. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thanks a lot. we turn now to a controversy involving the royal family. a documentary involving charles, diana and camilla is shelved following pressure from the buckingham palace. >> this documentary focuses on the royal family's public relations tactics and some of them don't come out of it looking all that good. so much so it may never be aired. admittedly it focuses on a time
7:34 am
many many years ago. prince charles, the focus of the film largely will one day be king. >> princess diana's marriage to prince charles began to collapse 20 years ago. their divorce rocked the royal family. now, two decades later, a television documentary with new revelations about that time may never hit the airwaves. allegedly to the pressure of the palace. claiming prince charles hired spin doctor mark collins to portray him as a concerned single parent and caring father in the months following diana's death. >> critical in the way prince charles used his family and other methods to spin his image or make it better. >> reporter: the campaign allegedly known as palace inside er ers aspiration mrs. pb the plan to persuade the public to accept his then girlfriend and current wife camilla bowles.
7:35 am
distraught and used by newspaper headlines ten months after his mother's death, detailing his first meeting with camilla parker bowles. >> i don't think they want to revisit this time when prince charles' at anratings at an all-time low, camilla was. >> reporter: intervened to dplan about the documentary, allegations denied by officials. in a statement, the bbc says the delay comes while a number of issues including the use of archive footage, are resolved. now the critics are weighing in about the film being postponed. people are right to believe this is sinister says one, censorship. another, we cannot have the royal family deciding what can
7:36 am
and cannot be shown. willie it also underscores, of course the effect of princess diana, even after all these years, on the royal family's reputation. >> a little royal drama to ring in the new year. bringing a tear to your eye from the case of puppy love to dedicated moms helping their kids reach olympic glory. what if getting ready was this easy? now teeth whitening is! with the colgate optic white toothbrush plus whitening pen. just brush whiten, and go!
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well we all remember classic television apps the budweiser frogs, who can forget where's the beef? what commercials from 2014 will we still be talking about in the year's to come? here is a look at the year's top ads, matt miller ceo of independent producers. so many commercials to choose from this year. we're going to look at five. how do they make your list? >> it's always so hard. a great ad actually either creates popular culture or has an insight into popular culture that latches on to it and just becomes part of culture. so that's one of the matrixes i like to use to say did it really succeed? did it latch in and become the part of the way we speak, the way we think and the way we look at things? >> the world cup was huge in 2014. one of those ads tops your list. let's take a look.
7:42 am
>> hey, do you want to play for real? >> why not? >> this ad i thought, was fun. there was so many great world cup ads this year. we really turned the corner in the united states viewership was up 39%. a lot of the ads were a little more heartfelt and longer looking into the athletes. this one was just a little more fun, beckham and others trashing their house and just having fun with the game. it is a game. >> it's great. i feel like budweiser makes your list every year. this year is no exception. let's roll the ad. this is the second in a trilogy of super bowl ads from bud. it's like i'll see your
7:43 am
clydesdale and i'll raise you puppies. >> it's amazing. director jay scott has nailed this trilogy. the fourth year he has done this. this is the second in the trilogy. the actor as the rancher. it creates a personal relationship between the rancher and the horses. this year they threw in the puppy. america loves a continuing story. clydesdale has been a symbol of budweiser since 1933 the year of prohibition, they brought beer to the white house the day prohibition was lifted. this year we'll see the third of the trilogy. we can't wait for that in less than a month. >> it works, it works. sticking their finger in the eye of a competitor. let's take a look. >> we asked some very special people. >> my name is ronald mcdonald.
7:44 am
>> i am ronald mcdonald. >> i'm ronald mcdonald jr. and this is ronald mcdonald iii. >> hey, even ronald mcdonald likes this new breakfast sandwich. it's a smart strategy to go after mcdonald's in the breakfast areason wraarena. >> they had never been in the breakfast arena and mcdonald's has. to get that little bit of insight and poke the tiger a little bit and see what might happen. they got a lot of play out of it. again, a very simple insight. not necessarily a great production a great script. just a fun idea where they really got to slap the leader. >> two ads in one minute. let's do derek jeter for gatorade. let's take a look. ♪ and now the end is near and so i ♪ >> it's almost like a mini movie. people should watch it if they love jeter. why does it work as an ad? >> the director again came out and followed jeter. this is all real. this isn't scripted.
7:45 am
it's really heartfelt. this is a time whether a yankee fan or not, this is a time in history when the captain was retiring. we don't get to see that when somebody dominates a sports so much. it shows the fans' love for jeter and jeter's love for the fans. >> continuing the tear jerker theme, proctor & gamble. we see these falls and then we see olympians getting up and performing. the whole notion of the thing it's a mom behind these wonderful athletes. >> we saw the first one in london in 2012 this one in sochi during the winter games. it's such a great insight to know the audience know that moms are the audience procter & gamble having a heartfelt moment saying the olympians are out there performing but the moms are the ones behind them actually making them who they are.
7:46 am
>> the best of the best of the ads. matt miller, have a happy new year. >> you, too, savannah. coming up jenna wolfe in the orange room with a look at #fever. did you catch it in 2014? that's right after this.
7:47 am
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it's kind of a no brainer ok, well, good talk ♪ ♪all day and all of the night - the kinks♪ ♪all day and all of the night - the kinks♪ yoplait. with a smooth and creamy taste your whole family loves. it is so good all the time. 7:50 now. let's head back to jenna wolfe with the year in hash tag. >> with the year coming to a close, savannah we decided to reflect back on the last 12
7:51 am
months in a single hash tag. it's not easy to do. fill in the blank. 2014 was the year of hash tag. let's see what you picked. #vale. no idea why. >> exactly. big ball of mushy love #. >> very sweet, #dad. >> the two of us wrote a book together got to spend a few months on the road with him. >> dylan, appropriately enough spent the year bundled up. #hand warmers. >> i should buy stock in hand warmers. i have cases of hand warmers in my house now. >> sheinelle, big year for you. you have real big shoes to fill. >> yeah moving to new york city new job, new school. all that good stuff. >> and i round it out with #another baby bump. i had no idea what i was doing until i looked down and said wow, another baby bump. we would love to know what your thoughts are.
7:52 am
guys? >> jenna, that was fun. thank you. we look at the year in news from scandals to triumphs stories that made headlines on "today" in 2014. we'll introduce you to the new parents of quadruplets. what the lucky couple guess what goes really well with eggs? pillsbury grands biscuits. make breakfast even better. grands biscuits. make breakfast pop.
7:53 am
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7:56 am
good morning. i'm chris cato. it's 7:56 and a cold start to this new year's eve. let's get your first alert forecast with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> that's right, freezing temperatures right now. and even as we head into the afternoon, we are going to stay in the 30s. so, it's going to set us up for a very cold new year's eve. and a look outside right now at the art museum. a closer look at our temperatures. 27 degrees. just a few clouds. feels-like temperature 19 degrees. wind speeds out of the northwest at 8 miles per hour. it feels like 3 degrees in the poconos, 13 in allentown, feeling like 18 in mt. holly. and for the rest of today, our temperatures will be at 30 degrees by 9:00 a.m. by noon 32. and by 3:00 p.m. a cold 34 degrees. chris? >> and jillian mele has a word now about a traffic accident in delaware county. jillian. >> that's right. this is happening right now, chris, on the route 1 media bypass northbound side at the blue route. the blue route is clear so far
7:57 am
this morning. if you're traveling 76 we do have some slow spots out there but really no significant delays. drive times pretty average between 12 and 13 minutes on 76 between the blue route and the vine. chris. well, crews have gotten a fire at an apartment building in northampton county under control now. skyforce10 was over the scene at market street in bangor. it started around 4:30 this morning, and you can see, still two hours later when this video was shot smoke and fire were still pouring from the three-story building. no one was injured. people were evacuated. there is no word yet on what caused the fire. it's still under investigation. and in cumberland county fire destroyed a house early this morning. it took nearly two hours to get this fire on fairton millville road in bridgeton under control. no one was hurt. investigators are still looking into the cause of that fire as well. i'm chris cato. we'll have another update for you in about 25 minutes. remember, you can always get the latest news and weather at now we go back to the "today" show. have a great day.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on today. coming up -- i can't breathe. >> from protests from world cups to weddings. the story that is made headlines in 2014. plus mete the quad squad. one set of parents, four babies and a whole lot of love. and always leave them laughing. >> i've never been on live television before. >> jenna wolfe helps to relive some of the funniest moments of the year as we ring in a new one "today," december 31st 2014. >> happy new year!
8:01 am
>> happy new year at "today"! >> happy new year mom and dad. >> good morning, sydney australia. happy new year! >> happy new year miami, at "today." >> from the windy city to the big apple, happy new year! >> happy new year! >> and welcome back to "today." it is january 1st 2015 in sydney, australia. that's a live picture where they are ringing in the new year already down under. we say happy new year to our friends in sydney australia. happy new year to you. oh you do? it's already 2015 where you are. >> yes. happy new year. >> happy new year. right this minute. >> does that mean we can all start drinking right now because
8:02 am
it's new year's somewhere? i'm going to go by that rule. let's get a check of the top stories inside for sheinelle jones. hey, sheinelle. >> good morning. bad weather is hampering search and recovery efforts at the crash site of airasia flight 8501. katy tur is in indonesia with the very latest. katy good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sheinelle. it's nighttime here in surabaya indonesia. another tough one for families as they pulled out even more wreckage and even more bodies and no survivors from the water. still relatives say they are holding out hope that somebody might be found alive. but officials say it is not looking good. after those radar images that purported to show the plane underneath the water, krechlt o of airasia says that is not true they have not seen those images and they have no confirmation they found the plane. but they are still looking. weather is a factor and think it will be a factor the next several days. they've taken several bodies out of the water and now will begin
8:03 am
the process of identification. they've got 93 dna samples from family members to do this as fast as they possibly can, so they can get these victims back to their families so funerals can begin. sheinelle? >> thank you, katy. much of the country will be ringing in the new year in a deep freeze. a blast of arctic air is pushing temperatures well below normal. icy wind and blowing snow was a nightmare for utility crews in davis county utah trying to repair downed wires. odds are that revelers in las vegas will have snow flurries and fireworks to start the new year. authorities in hayden idaho, are calling the shooting death of a 29-year-old woman a tragic accident. veronica rutledge was shopping with four children at walmart when her 2-year-old son, sitting in a cart reached into her purse, found her handgun and fired. rutledge described as a beautiful loving mother had a permit to carry a concealed weapon. a couple in washington state ran for their lives after getting caught in an avalanche.
8:04 am
it happened saturday in the mt. baker, snoqualmie national forest. a couple hiking nearby caught it all on their cell phone. >> i heard something that sounded like a plane. no question in my mind i just ran. i'm like that's an avalanche! and a ran. >> two other hikers were in an ice cave when the snow came down but were able to get out. fortunately, no one was hurt. it's now 8:04. let's get another check of the weather with dylan. >> good morning, sheinelle. good morning, everyone. what are you going to see tonight? >> watch the ball drop. >> are you going to times square? >> no. >> you're going to watch it on tv, right? >> yeah. i am going to watch it on tv too, if i can stay awake. lake effect event in effect. buffalo, clouds are starting to roll n that lake effect machine will turn on.
8:05 am
we'll see snow off sbon all day long through the night. you'll see it will set up and last through about friday. even up into the tughill plateau, oswego and watertown, most of the snow is coming down heavy right now. we could see as much as two feet or more. once those lake effect bands set up the snow never stops. icy conditions through west central texas. snow in the rockies and even in las vegas, we could see a dusting of snow with temperatures much, much colder than average for this time of the year. happy new year. as we head into the rest of tonight at a midnight, our temperatures will drop down to 26 and for today, our daytime high is 33 degrees. plenty f sunshine but cold. temperatures at 39 degrees, slightly warmer into the weekend, but a chance of showers
8:06 am
on saturday lingering into sunday. >> and that's your latest weather. >> thank you, dylan. coming up the year in news. the people the controversies, everything that had us talking in 2014. first these messages. this is my butt my butt and i came into this world together. we were a great team then we grew up. and things weren't as easy. after twelve years, seven diets and six sizes i finally realized my relationship with my butt had nothing to do with my butt and everythying to do with my brain.
8:07 am
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8:10 am
we are hours away from ringing in a new year. but before 2014 is over -- >> let's take a look back at the story that is made headlines and had the world watching. >> the pentagon now labeling isis an imminent threat that goes beyond anything they've seen. >> isis controls huge parts of syria and iraq. >> president obama acknowledging u.s. officials underestimated isis the execution of an american journalist. this is an extremely disturbing story. >> we are learning more about his bravery. >> jim's courage was an answer to a prayer. >> we will degrade and ultimately destroy isis. >> the u.s. is now leading an international coalition against isis and likely will be for
8:11 am
years. israel striking back at hamas, blaming that group for the death of three teenagers. >> the israeli response has been swift. >> israel is still under rocket attack from hamas. >> it is the palestinian people that are feeling the brunt of the ongoing violence. breaking news missing jetliner. >> flight 370 took a southerly course likely flying to the southern indian ocean. there's been no sign of the plane or the 239 people on board. >> it's been a very emotional day. >> a mother breaks down. >> they are facing an unprecedented aviation mystery. >> the crowded ferry sinks off the coast of south korea. more than 300 people many of them students died. >> the flight of hundreds of school girls taken during a musab deduction in nigeria. >> this is an act of pure evil. >> international outrage from
8:12 am
tweets to the streets. >> bring back our girls. >> haunting images from ukraine, illustrating the scope of the tragedy of malaysia airlines flight 317. >> people are talking about passengers falling from the sky. deepening crisis new trouble in ukraine. russian forces have invaded and now have complete control of the country's crimea region. airasia jetliner vanishes. third major disaster involving a plane from that region in the last year. closely monitoring the largest ebola outbreak in history. >> come to our aid. >> this effort to contain ebola is turning into a widescale international operation. >> it's here. major fear tied to the first person diagnosed with ebola in the u.s. >> second health care worker has been diagnosed with ebola. >> a nurse just back from west africa slamming the rules that landed her in isolation. >> i remain appalled by these
8:13 am
home quarantined policies. >> are you worried about a stigma? >> i haven't been until now. >> i shook your hand. i'll do it again. >> we are joined by six american survivors. it's great to have you here. also remember those who cared for you so well. america does not stand still and neither will i. >> is this a president who has scaled down his ambitions? >> riding a wave of voter anger across the country, gop grasps full control of congress for the first time in eight years. >> the new fight over immigration reform as the president announces he is using his executive power to make some changes. >> to those members of congress who question my authority to make our immigration system work better pass a bill. >> he's not a dictator but sure is acting like one. orchestrated a massive traffic jam. >> you let down the people. >> new questions about the secret service and its ability to protect the president. the fence jumper made it all the
8:14 am
way to the east room before being subdued. >> congress summons the secretary of veterans affairs to capitol hill amid stunning allegations of mistreatment and negative of veteran. >> veterans died. get us the answers, please! >> securing the release of army sergeant bowe bergdahl. >> have they endangered the lives of all americans for the safety of one american. >> when people ask why are you in russia, i say please, ask the state department. >> well, mr. secretary, what about it? does he have a point? >> if mr. snowden wants to come back to the united states today we'll have him on a flight today. >> reporter: the >> the united states and cuba are beginning a new chapter. >> the u.s. is now confirming it was north korea behind the hacking of sony pictures. >> conversation comedy that sparked an international incident is now in theater. >> support free speech! >> massive general motors recall is growing.
8:15 am
do you think anyone acted in a criminal way in dealing with these ignition switches? >> in this case we failed our customers. another blast of the dangerous cold is heading back to the midwest and northeast. >> we've been talking about this phrase the polar vortex. >> the polar vortex. >> the polar vortex. >> those are two words we could have gone the rest of this winter without. >> and guess what it ain't done by a long shot. >> a massive tornado cuts an 80-mile path of destruction through arkansas. >> and this is what's left of the kimberly church of god. >> incredible scene? washington state. >> desperate search for survivors in up to 20 feet of mud. out west people are still struggling with that historic drought. >> imagine knowing your home was going to be destroyed and all you could do was watch it happen. >> ferguson in flames. angry protesters reacted to a grand jury decision not to indict the police officer who shot michael brown jr. >> protesters have taken to the streets across the country. >> do you feel now that justice
8:16 am
has been lost to you? >> we're just going to keep fighting. >> i can't breathe. >> you can't breathe. >> the officer hope that is you would accept his personal condolences. do you? >> not at all. the time to apologize was when my husband said he couldn't breathe. >> assassination and ambush. >> do you feel that the mayor of this city has increased the threat against police officers? >> i do not believe that at all. >> the outrage over a suspension handed down by the nfl. >> new surveillance video in that elevator has surfaced. >> we had not seen any videotape of what occurred in the elevator. >> ray rice will not step on to an nfl field this season. >> what do you think it would take for another owner to say, we'll take a chance on ray rice? >> only thing i can hope for and wish for is a second chance. >> yet another troubling case involving an nfl star. adrian peterson accused of using
8:17 am
a switch on his young son. >> donald sterling was allegedly recorded making disparaging comments about african-americans. >> yeah you're associateingeing with black people. >> some of the things he said are offensive. >> they're horrible. >> aren't you angry? >> i'm very angry. >> mounting allegations of sexual misconduct against bill cosby. >> now more than 20 women publicly accusing cosby. >> now into the investigation into that deadly racing accident. >> nascar's tony stewart temporarily steps away from racing. >> emmy nominee tracy morgan critically injured in a deadly chain reaction accident. >> how do you plea? >> not guilty my lady. >> i want to see face to face. >> found guilty of culpable homicide. >> the judge said he can walk out of court today on bail. the world will be watching brazil today. >> i believe that we will win! >> u.s.a.! >> are you aware how big soccer is in the united states right
8:18 am
now? >> we've been blown away by the response. >> i believe that we can win! >> paltrow and chris martin are what they are calling consciously uncoupling. >> kimye. >> have you seen a different side of kanye after getting married? >> i've seen more of a change of him as a dad. >> walked down the aisle this weekend. >> place to be as hollywood's most eligible bachelor george clooney, tied the knot. >> prince george arrives in new zealand to begin his first official tour as a royal. >> william and kate meeting courtside with jay-z and beyonce. >> it's like this couple get willy wonka's golden ticket everywhere they go. let the games begin. the eyes of the world on sochi,
8:19 am
russia. thousands of athletes kick off the 2014 winter olympic games. >> the first to strike gold in sochi. >> this could be it for anderson. gold medalist! >> you're going to be in the history books. >> we're still on that high from the hockey game. >> score! >> team u.s.a. wins! >> third time in u.s. winter olympic history. americans have swept the podium. >> you want to see how your life is going to change? how does that feel? >> that feels incredible. >> bode miller has now entered the record books as the oldest alpine skier. >> over the final jump. >> i wanted to come here and make myself proud. >> davis and white lit up the ice! >> you two came in as gold medal favorites. you are leaving as gold medal winners. >> yeah i definitely am a bit
8:20 am
disappointed in my performance. >> russia puts a ribbon on the olympic winter games. let me say good morning to pippa middleton. pippa, nice to see you. say hi to the folks back in new york. >> hi everyone. >> good morning. >> where is the famous dress? >> it's actually in my wardrobe at home. >> we now use friend as a vertebra vertebra. -- verb. >> i tried to prepare myself. >> what kind of wedding do you think it will be? >> definitely extravagant. i don't do things small. >> ready?
8:21 am
>> yeah. here we go. >> i need to shave. >> don't make me go all "meet the press" on you. does that mean you're engaged? >> it's a shame you have to go through something that almost takes life away to appreciate it more. but it certainly does do it to you. >> what did it feel like to fly? >> oh, i like it a lot. i like it a lot. >> i think i landed a little hot. >> you landed hot because you are hot. >> that's all it is and then we're going to rock 'n' roll. >> make it official. are you rejoining fleetwood mac? >> for this year. >> the president is not a bad cook. >> really? >> really proud of his chili. >> he did a portrait of you, though. >> yeah. it still needs some work. >> iraq veterans who are looking now and saying what was that
8:22 am
for? >> we are going to do everything in our power to follow through. >> can you describe that moment? >> i turned to the right and osama bin laden was stand tlg, and i shot him and i killed him. >> you wrote this no one knows what the media and unwanted opinions have done to my family. why does that make you cry right now? >> the man that i love everything has been ripped apart. >> i am mork from ork. nanu nanu. >> good morning vietnam! >> mrs. braiddy? >> it's "saturday night live"! >> i just want to thank all our partners for all their love and support and prayers. >> you see before you a happy man. ♪ on the good ship lollipop ♪
8:23 am
>> are you ready? can we talk? >> who is the dress made by? >> oscar de la renta. >> keep reaching for the star. >> i'm going to write a show for us. >> do you think i took this job to spite you? ♪ you are so beautiful ♪ >> on the day thousands of delegates the democratic convention poured into miami beach beach. >> we have to hope.
8:24 am
>> comedy is frightening. ♪ here's to the ladies ♪ >> you know how to whistle, don't you? you just put your lips together and blow. >> and say simply very simply with hope good morning. >> what a year. good time to thank everybody who worked on this show to help cover the news and bring these stories and all of that. to be poured into a piece like that and every day. >> we always say the same thing. all that happened in one year. >> one year. >> first of all, it was an emotional roller coaster just watching it. as it ends it makes you
8:25 am
grateful we're here you know. >> lot of difficult stories. a lot of tough things happening around the world. but then so much uplift too. gabby giffords jumping out of a plane and you are reminded who you strong the human spirit is. there's going to be good and bad throughout the year and you don't know what it will be. it all starts tomorrow morning. >> and maya angelou saying good morning. we will meet the couple celebrating new quadruplets and
8:26 am
good morning. it's 8:26 and 2014 is going out with a chill. your first alert forecast with brittney. >> it's the freezing finale to 2014. temperatures will stay close to freezing even into the afternoon. the sun is rising our temperatures in toms river, 23 degrees. 25 in atlantic city. 27 in philadelphia. a freezing 23 in quaker town. and 16 in the poconos. the rest of today, our temperatures will range between 31 and 34 degrees. sunny, breezy and cold.
8:27 am
chris? >> and the typical peek of rush hour let's see if there's anything slowing drivers down. >> it's pretty quiet on the roads, especially on the highways but we're used to seeing heavy volume it's very quiet. 12 to 13 minutes your drive time. the vine street expressway is clear. new jersey transit operating on a modified weekday schedule and the regional rail line that's a regular schedule, but additional trains will be added later in the day. in delaware county, an autopsy is scheduled for a man shot and killed by police yesterday. the manmade threats about law enforcement at a gym on sunday. the next day he posted this video on youtube in which he threatened the kill officers. he tried to run over officers and they shot and killed him. another update in 25 minutes.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:00 now on this wednesday morning, december 31st 2014. we have quite a crowd on this plaza, ready to party and ring in the new year. >> they have to make it till midnight. >> heading to times square to get a good spot. >> if you have big plan this is evening, we're going to help you look your best. it's the latest in our series frazzle to dazzle.
8:31 am
we'll tell you about the hair whether you want a glittery braid or faux bangs. we'll help you make a big impression to start off the new year. >> i'm going glittery braid, just for the record. this year had plenty of funny moments thanks to a new era in late-night tv. we'll take a look at that. >> and the quad squad. we'll introduce you to one family that just got a whole lot bigger gl first er bigger. >> first, let's get a check of the weather from dylan. >> icy conditions through west central texas, snow in the rockies where a foot or two of snow is possible in higher elevations. record cold tomorrow morning in pasadena california. and in times square, for anyone headed down there, it is going to be a cold one. at midnight, 26 degrees. windchill at about 15. elsewhere at midnight even colder temperatures back into denver. four degrees. icy still in parts of texas.
8:32 am
as we start off 2015 a little bit better. but it is still going to be below average for most of the country. we'll even see some rain and more ice bac happy new year. as we head into the rest of tonight at midnight our temperatures will drop down to the 26 degrees and windchill at 20 and for today, our daytime highs stay just above freezing. plenty of sunshine but cold as we head into your new year's day, temperatures at 39 degrees. we track a chance of showers saturday into sunday. >> and tomorrow is a big day for nbc. at 1:00, you can check out the nhl winter classic blackhawks taking on the capitals in washington, d.c. should nb the 30s, no rain or snow. pretty much perfect for outdoor hockey. jenna?
8:33 am
>> announcer: new year's eve on "today" is brought to you by microsoft surface. >> dylan, thank you. new year's preps are under way for times square and for many hosting their own little countdown celebration. we are working with microsoft surface to find creative planning tips for your new year's eve bash. buy store bought kakcake decorations -- this is her talking, like i did, to make them adorable. i think you should. #holiday pro. this handsome guy, carson will read some of your responses tonight on nbc special starting at 10:00, 9:00 central. willie? >> he's not that handsome. >> no i think he's really handsome. >> all right. we'll see carson tonight. jenna, thanks. what better way to ring in the new year than welcoming a new baby into the family? ashley and tyson garner of utah certainly have that covered.
8:34 am
ashley has given birth to two sets of twins. that's right, four girls. hallie jackson gives a look at the babies and their proud parents. >> reporter: counting these perfect fingers and toes takes four times as long for the gar garners, parents to two sets of identical twins. >> they're just doing incredible. more than i ever expected. >> reporter: we first met the utah couple last fall. after eight years of trying to have kids they saved up enough money for in vitro fertilization then hoped for the best. what they got was a one in 70 million miracle. tyson captured ashley's reaction on camera. the pictures went viral and suddenly it seemed like the whole world was watching. >> all the diapers we got. we'll be safe for a few month. >> donations poured in. garners started a special facebook page. >> hey, garners here.
8:35 am
>> and youtube channel to keep everyone up dated on ashley's pregnancy. then sunday her water broke and the four girls arrived c-section, india mae, evangeline scarlet. >> just kept pulling them out. >> reporter: born 12 weeks early, the twins are tiny the smallest weighing less than two pound. >> they cry when the nurses take them away from you and we cry. >> every one of the girls have been held in -- skin to skin by either mother or father. about as good an outcome as you could possibly have at this point. although we're not out of the woods yet. >> reporter: the girls will remain in intensive care ten weeks as tyson and ashley get ready for their new life at home. >> there is a need for information regarding infertile. infertility infertility. there's a want and there are people out there who identify with this story. >> reporter: all those
8:36 am
supporters of the quad squad will get to watch the birth and homecoming on an upcoming series on tlc about first-time parent. >> we start this had year not knowing if we'll ever have children and we're ending it with four babies. it is absolutely an answer to our prayer and it's a miracle. >> new parents, counting their blessings in the new year two at a time. for "today," hallie jackson, nbc news los angeles. >> we've got a mother of twins right here. >> i was thinking hopefully, she has a village. mom, grandmoms, cousins, neighbors, anybody who wants to help. >> four little girls. >> four for four on the names. >> great name. >> beautiful names. >> well done. >> just in time for that new year's party, tonight the expert tip tips for celebrity inspired you. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:37 am
is there an elk in your bed? with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that. only at a sleep number store, find the lowest prices of the season, with the c3 queen mattress set only $1199.98. plus 24 month special financing on all beds. know better sleep with sleep number.
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>> announcer: "today's" holiday style is brought to you by visionworks. find more than a pair of glasses. find a better you. we're back now at 8:39 with day three of our frazzle to dazzle series and "today" is all about the hair. celebrity hairstylist ted gibson has the tips to help you get that perfect do just in time for new year's eve tonight. good morning. >> hi. >> can i say we have gorgeous models all from the "today" show employees? >> amazing. thank you so much. >> let's start with brianna. shoops an interesting inging inging inging braid do. >> this is designed on the idea of the traveling woman, she's in some fabulous place like ft. lauderdale. what we did is we actually sectioned her hair in four sections. the braid is really sexy modern. approximate girls are used to wearing braids. this particular braid is a halo braid.
8:40 am
what's cool about braiding these days you actually rough it up like i'm doing now and then you can actually just put it on top of your head. >> sort of that loosy, goosy, messy look? >> absolutely loosy goosy messy look. >> you have to have a face like brianna to pull this off. >> we're taking it to the next level. what we're going to do is spray glitter. >> stop it chad! you've gone crazy. >> every girl in america loves glitter. >> are you ready for some glitter, my friend? while you do that i want to say -- >> just kind of update it make it new year's eve. >> by the way, jennifer lawrence has rock this had look before. >> looks fabulous. >> brianna, jennifer lawrence. >> every girl in america loves a little sparkle. >> go ahead and party. you're off the rest of the day. miss jenny. what are we going to do for jenny? >> jenny is all about kind of a house party, right? she's going to a house party. we're going to take every girl that has long hair she's wondering what she can do with it. i'm going to show you something
8:41 am
very interesting. they're used to putting ponytails on their head. put the ponytail on the top of the head take an elastic. you actually take the elastic and put it on the ponytail just like that. you pin the rest of this down and there you have a faux bang. >> that's kind of interesting. nicole richie did something like this as i recall. >> make sure you pin this back. and then you can actually use a headband over top of it. >> oh, you get rhinestones. >> she gets rhinestones. very sexy easy soft around the face. i love how it looks kind of fun and williams cal. >> looks new year's eve. >> new year's evy. >> have fun. you're off the rest of the day, too. >> elizabeth she has short hair. what do i do to make my hair look fancy? >> girl that is come to my salon and get their hair short think
8:42 am
they only have one way to wear it. that is not true. especially for tonight. i'm actually going to talk about slicking it down. really a great way. what i use is a fine tooth comb. i go from the arch of the eyebrow all the way up and section from that point to the crown of the head just like so. as i section that off, pull everything down what's going to make it so -- she's gorgeous. >> beautiful faces. >> has a great, great, great face. i'm going to use some gel and use about, i would say, a dime -- a quarter sized of gel, emulsify it into your hands and start from the part all the way over creating this slicked back very sexy. >> kind of wet look. >> yes. >> how about that? >> girl out on the town. if you have short hair and you do something like this you need to play up your makeup very
8:43 am
smoky eyes lots of mascara and a nude lip. >> with all that heavy eye. we learned that yesterday. >> you did? >> in frazzle dazzle. anne hathaway did something like this. >> she did. she's a gibson girl of course. when you use gel on your hair, you want to be able to use it so you don't have to worry about it all night long. >> if it rains you're golden. you already have the wet look going. >> this product is genius. spray a little more sparkle on it to take it to the next level. >> my year is now complete. >> thank you so much. jenny, you take the rest of the day off as well all right? head to if you want more information about these looks. coming up how funny was 2014? from being scared by ellen to get ing getting fooled by jimmy kimmel.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
2014 was a year full of news stories but also had powerful laugh-out-loud moments. >> lot of pressure to make sure this is not just funny but hilarious. to end 2014 on a high and hilarious note we'll take a look back at the head scratching belly laughing year in all things funny. let me ask you a question. on a scale of one to ten, how funny was this year? >> 13- 3/8. >> admit it 2014 was funny. >> i'm pregnant. >> oh, what were you thinking? >> i've never been on live television before. >> reporter: and apparently was really funny. >> sometimes i don't watch the news.
8:47 am
>> reporter: this llama made us lose our minds. >> heard kanye west and beyonce's new song drunken love is ridiculous. >> they sing it together? >> reporter: while these grandmas gave us a piece of their. >> they must have a big bathtub. >> reporter: how funny was this year? >> it was really funny! >> i love it. angry triumphed over grumpy. that cat's pretty angry. >> sometimes you've got to go back to actually move forward. >> reporter: and parody rules. >> i mean take a big step back like go from winning an oscar to doing a car commercial. >> reporter: no one did it better than jim carrey on "snl" except jimmy fallon. ♪ ♪ everybody go hotel motel holiday ♪ >> this year, zach gallonafinakis
8:48 am
brought us his "between two ferns." >> is it hard to maintain your suntan? >> why? >> because you live in your wife's shadow. >> reporter: i keep sneaking back for more. >> when i heard people watch this had show i was actually pretty surprised. >> reporter: we got scared by ellen. >> people are very anti-gluten. >> reporter: and schooled by jimmy kimmel. >> how many people know what gluten is? >> it is part i believe, of the wheat that -- i really don't know. >> reporter: learning that sometimes it's okay not to have all the answers. >> his response was who is this handsome gentleman. >> reporter: and growing up is overrated. >> i don't want him to grow up. >> reporter: hey, girls how funny was 2014? >> funny. >> really funny. >> really really funny.
8:49 am
>> reporter: thank you, 2014 for being so funny. >> lot of pressure. we had 1,645 clips to choose from. and we had 1:45 to get it all in. we did the best we can. it was a long poignant memorable year and funny year. >> you can't lose the cute kids. >> you cannot lose -- absolutely right. >> and jimmy fallon. >> apparent kid. close second. my kids impersonate him. >> i never watch this had show before. >> jenna, thanks a lot. that was fun. coming up we're getting ready to ring in the new year. who better to do that than kathie lee and hoda? we have a sneak peek at the big special they have planned for tonight. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:50 am
[ female announcer ] nervous whitening will damage your teeth? introducing new listerine® healthy white™. it not only safely whitens teeth, but also restores enamel. lose the nerves and get a healthier whiter smile that you'll love. listerine® healthy white™. power to your mouth™!
8:51 am
99 cents. that's all it takes to get a refreshing deal at dunkin' donuts. just because it's cold out doesn't mean you can't enjoy any sized iced tea or iced coffee. just 99 cents all month long. america runs on dunkin'. >> at the ready. >> tonight on nbc, kathie lee and hoda are going to party down "a toast to 2014." it's a look back on everything that made this past year so memorable. tweetable moments, riveting people crazy trends including one that everyone seems to be part of. >> selfies have been huge this year. they come out well. everyone looks good in selfies for some reason. >> oh, yeah with all the lights. >> i took one. i took a self portrait.
8:52 am
and then i put it online. so there you go. that's my selfie. >> ellen taking the selfie at the oscar ss with all those stars the most retweeted selfie in history. >> as if that's not enough now here comes the belfie. >> what? that's not a thing. belfie? >> i'm not going to pretend like i'm sort of expert but taking a picture of your own butt i guess. >> how do you even get that shot? i don't even know how that's humanly possible. >> they are big and so is mine so i'm definitely not taking any belfies. oh lord. >> this is exasperating. >> one of my favorite viral videos from 2014 had to be the kid in the backseat who learned that his mom is having another baby. >> i'm pregnant. >> what were you thinking? why do you have to um get another baby?
8:53 am
you just had two! >> he was like gary coleman meets webster meets just pure happiness all wrapped up in a sassy ball in a car seat. >> mom jeans made a comeback. jeans that go all the way up to your ribs. >> mom jeans, yes, those are very popular, unfortunately. >> what? mom jeans? not unless they're covered in diamonds. do they make them like that? because if they do i will take a pair. >> i love mom jeans, great skit on snl. for halloween show this year. i think the "today" show we help bring mom jeans back. we just had way too much fun in those mom jeans. >> we were very comfortable in those jeans. mine had elastic waist so i could snap it which is almost a sexual thing. so i don't know. we all gave them back but i actually think savannah was a little reluctant to give hers up. >> do you have the mom jeans? >> no. meredith said i want my jeans
8:54 am
back. ooh, meredith had the last word. kathie lee and hoda "a toast to 2014." it airs here at 8:00 on nbc. >> and then carson follows with the big countdown after that. final round of 2014 birthday wishes from our good friend willard scott. hey, willard. >> delicious popcorn from the griswold inn. dorothy wydra from glen carbon illinois. 100 years old today. she makes great, fantastic could beler. this is joseph haddad. what a fine lad. is he from brooklyn new york 100 years old today. floy henry from alexander city in the great state of alabama. 100 years old today. eats lots of good things veggies. willie james and sweet willie is
8:55 am
from florence south carolina. 100 years old today. loves to go fishing and gardening. when you're in connecticut, you have to stop by about see the griswold inn. just lovely. now back to new york where i've always had a good time. >> willard, thank you. happy new year to you. we're coming up in the nine dylan, sheinelle and myself. with carson daly tonight, panel of jokesteres and last-minute party dishes we're going to make to get you ready for your big party. >> what are you making? >> you'll have to watch or come
8:56 am
good morning. a chilly morning to start your day. >> it is very cold. make sure you bundle up. closer loork outside, we are going to see plenty of sunshine, but temperatures will stay close to freezing even in the afternoon. there's a live look at camel back mountain the poconos and
8:57 am
philadelphia only 27 degrees. now 28. 12 miles per hour, that's making it feel like 18 degrees. as we head into the rest of tonight for your new year's eve, around midnight temperatures at 26 degrees. the prosecutor's office is investigating a deadly police involved shooting. late last night, officers stopped a jaguar with two people inside. the passenger was shot and dieded later at the hospital. police have not said what led to the shooting. they say they found a handgun at the scene. over the scene of an apartment fire in northamptom county. along market street. heavy smoke and flames poured out of the building. it took crews about two hours to get things under control. nobody was hurt. the cause is under investigation. and from cumberland county investigators are trying to
8:58 am
determine the cause of a house fire in bridge ton. flames destroyed this home. firefighters were called to the scene around 5:00 after water from fire crews over the street. no one was hurt. we'll have another local update in 25 minutes. you can always get the latest news and weather on nbc now back to the "today" show. thanks for watchinging.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on this new year's eve, wednesday, december 31st 2014. it's the last day of the year. >> thank you dylan. >> it's like a piece of metal against a piece of tin. >> angel gets his wings. >> it's like a piece of plastic on -- >> that's a nice start. >> i'm willie geist in studio 1a with dylan dryer and sheinelle jones.
9:01 am
al and natalie and tamron are off. 1 million people expected to watch the ball drop. they're going to have 3,000 pounds of confetti i'm told. >> i've never done it. have you ever been down there in the thick of it? >> no. >> i haven't either. >> one year i came down came to new york city. it was too cold i couldn't do it dylan. >> it's cold out there right now. there are people on the plaza and i said are you going down to times square? they're like we're going down right after this to get a spot. it's 9:00 in the morning. >> that means you'll go and stand for 13 hours before the ball drops. >> if you're headed out there, i don't know why you would be or if you're outside, wrapping trash bags around your feet and putting your boots over the bags. then you sweat. i don't know why it works. it really works. >> i don't know. i don't understand the science behind that. it's always moisture wicking away. >> your feet are sweaty but warm dylan. i don't know. it really works.
9:02 am
have you ever heard about what they're doing, private fly? >> you have to have a lot of cash to do this but it's a private tour. lets you celebrate the evening twice in sydney. obviously it's too late this year n sydney and los angeles. you start in sydney where you party from 8:00 pm on new year's eve, december 31st until 2:00 am january 1st. then you get on a gulf stream jet for the 11-hour flight to los angeles. you touch down there about 6:00 back on new year's eve and you do it all again. the plane sits 18 people. >> that make it is better to me. you're with your friends. >> with your friends. >> if it's 11 grand, money is not an option. >> that's a ton of money. >> lot of money. >> for most of us. for super rich people that's nothing. >> that's a lot of partying. i go out on new year's eve -- maybe just to schedule it. ooh i've been working mornings so long. you go out. it's time to go home. but then to ramp it all up
9:03 am
again? >> private jet. >> you can sleep on the plane, right? >> i guess. >> sleep off the hangover from sydney and you're back in action. >> and it's happy new year again. >> hopefully not with this. >> something a little more expensive. >> what have you got, sheinelle? >> i'm sleeping. didn't we talk yet about that netflix thing, you can do the countdown? >> i may do a countdown to noon. >> 8:00 8:30? >> yes. >> we did vegas last year. this year we're kind of taking it a little -- more low-key. >> is vegas good on new year's eve? >> bruno mars concert, which is about as good as you can get. >> they're going to get a little snow there. >> they are. >> how about you? >> hosting live at lincoln center starts 8:00 pm on pbs. it's like a high-end new year's. i don't know why they asked me to do it. but i'm grateful they did. it will be fun. >> then you can watch carson. >> there you go.
9:04 am
>> you get the best of both. are there words would you like to do away with for 2015? lake superior michigan university has this list. bay. i don't know. i haven't heard that. >> i thought it was beyonce. >> she's b-e-y. this is b-a-y. >> i disagree with polar vortex. it's a meteorological term. it exists. i studied it. it's such a nerdy word. maybe as part of every day life. >> this is people who have nothing to do with weather, it almost became a joke. >> it's cold out, polar vortex. >> but it's a real thing and it will happen again this year. i'm with the people on curated.
9:05 am
curating their photographs. that's scrapbooking. >> selfie? >> that's here forever. >> like picture. >> whoever did it put the camera on the other side of the phone that is you could see yourself, it just changed -- >> it did. >> it changed the game. >> it did. it changed the game. >> you keep moving all this stuff. >> and at the top of the show he tried to put it on my head. willie tried to put this on my head -- >> don't touch the hair. >> we curated some photographs, looked for the best photographs of the year. the three of us chose photographs we thought were cool or special this year. this one i loved. events surrounding ferguson and protests throughout the country were difficult in many ways. i like this picture of sergeant brett farnham hugging 12-year-old devonte hart on december 25014.
9:06 am
>> weather related, of course. this is a line people standing on line in frozen lake superior. you have to walk two miles to get to then these ice caves that you can only do it when lake superior freezes over. first time it froze over in five years. then you get all these icicles that come town from these ice caves. i would love to see it but would not want to trek the two miles across ice. >> hardy people who wait in line on ice. >> i picked beyonce and jay-z. on the run concert tour. say what you want but these two have -- i don't even know what to say. i will say i was front row. and i was like a little kid. >> you saw them front row? >> i did. >> you took that picture? >> actually my pictures were just as great. you know people cry at concerts?
9:07 am
>> yeah. >> should i admit this? >> go ahead. >> i'm telling you, she came out and i felt a little tear and i was like oh, my gosh am i like the girls at the beatles concert or something? she is very i am woman, hear me roar. why are you judging me? >> i'm doing the opposite of judging you. >> really? >> let me tell you another story. my wife got me tickets for-to-a jay-z concert. we went in march. she said i looked at you and you looked like the girls at a one direction concert i was shaking and there he was. i didn't know what to do with myself. i totally know where you're coming from. >> i don't know if you're caught up in the moment the lights the pyro. >> it's them. >> let's talk salt shall we? >> good transition. >> i had nothing. morton salt warehouse in chicago, one of the walls broke, i guess you call it and salt
9:08 am
started pouring out. next door was an acura dealership. most of those cars were already sold. folks just haven't gone to pick up their cars yet. 11 cars were damaged. seven or eight of those belonged to customers. the remainder had to be sold. so no one was hurt. still what a mess. >> i feel like you spill salt on the table and it gets everywhere. >> is that good luck though? >> over their right shoulder and they were good. >> not to the people with the cars i guess. >> dylan, let's get a check of the weather. are you going over? >> yes. it is cold across pretty much the entire country except for southern florida. that's the one place it's actually average. we have a dip in the jet stream that is extending all the way down into texas and austin texas. they were actually considering postponing all their new year's eve outdoor activities. it was going to be so cold. little cold and uncomfortable for those folks down there. windchill warnings and
9:09 am
advisories in effect this morning. it felt like it was 20 to 40 degree degrees below zero. that's what it feels like in jackson, wyoming. that cold extends all the way east. kansas city right now is 3 degrees. oklahoma city at 17. it is very much below average. high temperatures today all across the country will be about 5 to 25 degrees below average. little rock arkansas only topping out at about 42 degrees. we also had this winter storm warning in the southwest through the southern rockies where we could end up with one to two feet of snow in the highest elevations and las vegas, of all places sunday a winter weather advisory. just enough to make things happy new year. as we head into the rest of tonight at midnight, our temperatures will drop down to 26 degrees. our windchill at 20 degrees and for toe, our daytime highs stay above freezing. 33 degrees. plenty of sunshine but cold as
9:10 am
we head into your new year's day. temperatures at 39 degrees. slightly warmer into the weekend, but we track a chance of showers lingering into sunday. >> that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thanks. something cool to tell you about tamron. tomorrow she's hosting a show called "race on the oprah winfrey show" that covered civil rights and race relations. premieres tomorrow at 10:00 on own. we're proud of tamron for this. >> that's a big deal. >> check it out when you're home on new year's day, 10:00 on own. >> i'm going to touch her when she gets back. that means she was close to oprah. >> she's tight with oprah. coming up next the year that was. everybody got doused for a good cause. >> and who could forget -- sorry, i was thinking about oprah. who could forget the exciting news of will and kate
9:11 am
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9:14 am
all: yeah, flo, give it a rest. time now to take a look back at the year that was in entertainment. here to help us arianne thompson and business travel correspondent cherise jones. >> good morning, ladies. we'll talk to you in a second. before we get started let's take a look at the take your pick results. viewers let us know who they thought was the breakout star of 2014 best song of the year and best dressed. viewers have spoken and decidedasm rianthat ariana grande was the breakout star.
9:15 am
pharrell williams and for best dressed you chose the duchess herself, kate middleton. >> classy lady. let's start with the disappearance of malaysian airlines flight 370. no doubt that was a big story. >> absolutely. it took off from kuala lumpur for beijing, china, and disappeared without a trace. it's one of the most vexing mysteries in aviation history. 239 people on board. countries around the world spent sent ships and planes and still haven't found it. it's a real tragedy. >> ice bucket dumping this year. >> oh, yeah. >> it was all for a good cause for als. >> absolutely. young man named pete frates diagnosed in his late 20s. he and his friend came up with an idea for dozens of people in boston to have a pledge where if they didn't donate money in 24
9:16 am
hours to find a cure you dumped ice water all over yourself. some people thought it was kind of a gimmick and folks didn't really understand the illness. it's brought all of this attention to als and has raised over $100 million for a cure. >> is that right? >> yes. good cause. >> another big topic, ebola was another big news story. >> absolutely. first case diagnosed in the u.s. in september. and that man, unfortunately, died. he had come over from liberia, dallas texas. two health workers who treated him were also infected. third doctor from new york was infected. thankfully they survived. it's wreaking havoc in west africa africa. the quest for the cure is going to go into 2015 no doubt. >> ferguson missouri. >> a white police officer shot to death a young, unarmed black man, michael brown, outside st. louis. it set off protests over the summer. then a grand jury came back in november declined to indict
9:17 am
that white police officer, setting off protests across the country. now it's become a bigger debate about the criminal justice system and how it treats african-americans and we'll continue that conversation in 2015. >> let's bring you in. a lot of high-profile weddings in 2014 that's for sure. >> we d all the a-listers it seems got married this year. brad and angelina tied the knot in august including their six children in the ceremony. so cute so them. angelina's versace dress, i did not like. and she had the doodles. >> you didn't like the doodles? >> i did not. >> i love the doodles. >> and then george clooney got married. like pigs are flying. he married amal. it was a shock to everyone but it was beautiful. and i know how much you love kimye, obviously. they tied the knot in italy as well and over the top as we would expect from them.
9:18 am
>> a year of great loss. we lost robin williams to name one. >> such a shock to hollywood. he committed suicide in august and we later learned he was dealing with parkinson's disease. this is -- he was one of our most beloved comics and actor as well. >> joan rivers as well. >> she died after an endoscopy, a routine procedure. the clinic where she had that has had some controversy. >> we talked about kate middleton at the top of the interview. people love her. now she's expecting baby number two. >> royal baby fever will ramp up again. i hope we have the stamina for that. they revealed they are expecting their second child in april. we don't know the sex of the baby yet. that will be some odds making there. >> sure. >> prince george will turn 2 next summer. cute and special time for that family. >> we have to mention the elevator scene, jay-z, beyonce,
9:19 am
solange. >> it seems like a dream d that really happen? >> oh, it happened. >> after the met gala tmz got this image of two people fighting in an elevator or actually one person attacking another, we found out it was solange attacking her brother-in-law brother-in-law, jay-z. they seem to have gotten through it. >> here is to 2014. thank you for coming in. >> happy new year. >> all the news you need before heading out the door. plus the clock is teching down. times square getting set for a big party tonight. joining our man, carson daly with the big countdown tonight. they're up early. pace yourselves guys. right! now you're gonna ask for my credit card - - so you can charge me on the down low two weeks later look, credit karma - are you talking to websites again? this website says 'free credit scores'.
9:20 am
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9:23 am
taking a look at the headlines, a flu epidemic and warns it could get much worse. flu is now widespread in 36 states. hardest hit are those east of the rockies. it's already blamed for the deaths of at least 15 children. the cdc says the dominant flu strain known as h3n2 is especially dangerous to kids and seniors and not matched well with this year's vaccine. good news this morning in the battle against cancer. rates are still falling from their peak in 1991. a new report the american cancer society says the cancer death rate has fallen 22% over the past two decades, that translates to 1.5 million lives being saved. it estimates that 2 million new cancers will be diagnosed in this country next year and close to 600,000 deaths. a new poll finds most
9:24 am
americans want to know how many calories are in the food they're about to eat. associated press partnered with the consumer research group and found most people surveyed are in favor of calories being listed on menus in restaurants as well as food prepared in the grocery store. the fda prepares to enforce new rules, requiring establishments that have 20 or more locations to post calorie information on menus. new year's resolutions usually include efforts to cut back on eating. not at ihop. the restaurant chain is offering customerses all you can eat pancakes. they'll keep them coming too, two at a time, until you're absolutely stuffed. the chow down starts january 2nd and runs through february 8th. that's a lot of eating. revelers across the globe are welcoming in the new year. australians were among the first to celebrate. the fireworks show over the city's famous harbor bridge. beautiful. last-minute dishes to turn your new year's party into a real fiesta after your local
9:25 am
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9:26 am
good morning. let's get your forecast from brittney. good morning. a cold start to your morning. temperatures will stay mainly in the 30s, so bundle up before you head out. we're also dealing with the windchill. the flags are blowing down in cape may. 18 degrees. 25 in allentown. 28 in philadelphia but it feels like it's 19 degrees in philadelphia as we head into the rest of today, temperatures will be slow to warm. 30 degrees. even as we head into your lunchtime hour. 34 by 3:00 p.m. cold and sunny. authorities have scheduled an autopsy today for a man killed by police in delaware
9:27 am
county. police say the manmade threats about law enforcement at a gym on sunday, then the next day, he posted videos on youtube in which he threatened to kill officers. then on tuesday, police were trying to arrest him in drexel hill when he allegedly tried to run the officers down. that's when police pulled out their guns and shot him. members of the community are praying in camden as part of a two-day vigil. it resumed at 5:00 this morning. an hour of prayer is devoted to each of camden's 31 murder victims this year, along with prayers for a peaceful new year. and instead of midnight, they will do a countdown at noon the theme of the celebration commemorates the 150th anniversary of alice in wonderland and if you want to head out and don't miss the noon festivities, the mu sechl will do another countdown at 1:00. you can take a look at all the region's new year's eve
9:28 am
events on our new app. you can download it free from the app store.
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9:30 am
welcome back. it's wednesday, december 31st 2014. i'm willie geist along with delen dryer and sheinelle jones. al natalie and tamron have the day off. let's watch some contestant's reaction one, when he thinks he has guessed the exact price on the price is right. he was incorrect. >> 550. linda? >> 500. >> $500. melissa? >> 499. >> 499. >> one dollar.
9:31 am
>> $1. somebody got it right on the nose. let's find out who got it right on the nose and gets an extra $500 right now. actual retail price, 500 bucks wins it! >> oh! >> 500. 500. 500. you had 550. she's 500. come on up here. come up here. >> oh! >> the joy of victory to the agony of defeat. >> he's like yea -- i mean oh! >> drew carey is like fall back man, it's not for you. >> i always love the $1 bet. >> i get mad at the $1 or one dollar over the highest bet. my grandmother was on "the price is right" way back bob barker. you would go back every time you won. she won a house in florida. >> what? >> an ice cream truck full of
9:32 am
ice cream. she won jaguars. they gave out big prices. >> jaguars on the price is right? >> you can't find the episodes anymore because bob bark erer was against fur coats. >> yeah. >> she won the showcase showdown. >> she just kept winning. there wasn't a showcase showdown. she just kept winning. >> you learn something new about dylan every day. and now she can do the weather. >> new year's eve, let's talk about just where it is going to be coldest. it will be extremely cold back through denver even parts of texas. high of only 42 degrees in austin today, icy through central parts of texas. a wintry mix, sleet and freezing rain snow in the rockies. especially in the southern rockies n times square a lot of people will be out and about. some people going out there right now. it will be cold all day long. temperature at midnight tonight, 26 degrees with a windchill of 15. it will be very cold in new york
9:33 am
city tonight and elsewhere, too. 4 in ten ver for your midnight new year's eve celebrations. amarillo. 40s back through california pasadena california tomorrow for the rose parade windchills will be down in the 20s. a little bit warmer still looking at temperatures to stay very much below average for most of the country. 20s through oklahoma. we should tap out around 36 happy new year. as we head into the rest of tonight at midnight our temperatures will drop down to 26 degrees. our windchill at 20 degrees and for today, our daytime highs stay above freezing. 33 degrees. plenty of sunshine but cold as we head into your new year's day. temperatures at 39 degrees, slightly warmer into the weekend, but we track a chance of showers saturday lingering into sunday.
9:34 am
>> and that's your latest forecast. >> some of the biggest names in music will be performing tonight on nbc's new year's eve celebration, including tony bennett and lady gaga. tony cruz and ken marino helping to ring in new year's on times square. just like that. >> you might need something a little louder. and you know him from my favorite show "911." >> you need the patience though. just a little bit. you got a long night ahead of you. >> we like the energy but you have a long night ahead of you. >> this is essentially your first time working together. >> he has done 100 projects i've done 100 projects and never worked toth. >> a lot of mutual friends. >> yeah, six degrees of separation everywhere. now the space time continuum is now complete.
9:35 am
we are together. >> yes. >> it's all good. >> you're going to combust. >> the year is going to be great! >> now, terry, i know you like to take your shirt off often. we have swimsuit model christy keegan joining you. what's your plan to compare with these fabulous bodies? >> i have no plan. i'm just going to watch. one of the surprises might -- on new year's you might take your shirt off? >> it ain't a surprise. i'm taking my shirt off. >> i knew that was coming. >> after the ball drops the clothes come off. >> wow sthrks. >> i'm telling you right now. the pigs are going to fly tonight. six, five four three, two, one -- i'm going into 2015 like a warrior. >> wow! >> i'm going to pose in front of a million people. i'm going to soak it all in. i'm sorry. i'm already there! >> and i'm going to take pictures of terry. >> there you go. >> that's your role. >> you know what's amazing?
9:36 am
you can see the pecs through the three-piece suit. so many layers of fabric there and you cannot conceal those babies. ken, what's the role as you understand it? carson is hosting the show. you, terry and christy sitting around a bonfire, roasting marshmallows. then what happens? >> we talk about all these things that happened last year throw out some jokes, have a nice time. we drink some champagne. i'm hoping a body surf. >> it's a long surf. >> i'm thinking about body surfing. >> i like it. i like it. >> a lot of us are waiting. the vanessa carlson song a lot of people are hoping -- let's play it really quickly. do we have it? >> this is my favorite song. ♪ make mieg waying my way downtown moving fast and i'm homebound
9:37 am
and i need you and i miss you ♪ >> i love that song. >> i love it. >> vanessa, we should go on the road together. she sings a verse, i sing a verse. >> you should do a duet tonight. >> we ought to do something. >> ken, before we go we have to con great you on "marry me" coming back. >> yes. >> big hit for us on nbc. well done sir. >> having a great time doing it. thank you. >> i'm excited. i think you'll have a lot of fun. >> if this is any indication. >> it's going to be fun. >> explosion! explosion! >> new year's eve with carson daly kicks off 10:00 tonight 9:00 central here on nbc. >> thanks a lot. >> thank you. if you have invited people over to watch the ball drop with these guys but don't know what to serve, amazing recipes.
9:38 am
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9:39 am
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9:42 am
ringing in the new year. if you still don't know what to serve for your party we've got you covered. >> from the cooking channel, here with last-minute party dishes. good morning. >> happy new year. good to see you. >> we love this food. >> the idea of tostados it's fun finger food. we're going to be using chicken but it start with his the salsa for me tomatoes onion, garlic cilantro. >> is it hot? >> yes. add as much as you like. roast all of these, tomatoes. once they're done add them to these onions softly cooking with garlic. the idea is that you throw the tomatoes in there with all these ingredients, wee bit of water, bring it up to a boil. little cilantro. >> for a time saving tip you could buy jarred salsa but this will make it -- >> absolutely.
9:43 am
basically once you have that pureed as willie so expertly did here you take leftover chicken. the idea is to mix it all up get those flavors incorporated. once you have that you're ready to start building the tostatos. it came about these wonderful home cook teaching me how to make tostados. it came from a wonderful grandmother i learned from in portland. >> do you buy them or do you fry up corn tortillas? >> you can fry them up yourself. you can actually do them smaller if you want to make them individual sizes for finger foods. toppings are as diverse as they come. avocado, salsa, cheese. you get the idea. this is what it look like when they're done. >> beautiful. >> i'm going to tear off a little piece here. >> everybody loves a casequesedilla.
9:44 am
>> absolutely. the way you assemble it, flour tortilla always the best. this is what it's about for me. >> sorry, that's delicious, by the way. oh, my god! >> you like that? >> mixture of sauteed zucchini. use whatever vegetables you have available. >> that's the great thing about it you put whatever you want in it. >> exactly. this recipe i learned also on the show. tuesdays at 9:00 catch me baby. >> tell me quickly about the brownies. what are the mexican brownies? >> actually mexican chocolate with a little bit of chili. >> oh, really? >> sweet and spicy. >> oh, man. that's great. >> thank you so much, sir. happy new year. >> thank you, dylan. >> happy new year. >> up next that time natalie sang with olivia
9:45 am
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i guess i did take some risk. trained a little bit differently. a little too honest sometimes. the media is useless. you were out of control. but not always. (car engine) ♪ test. test. test. test. test. test. test. my gosh is that food good or what? al natalie and i welcomed a new member to the family in tamron on this final day of 2014 we thought we would take a look back at the last 12 months. >> bring it in. >> all in. >> oh!
9:49 am
♪ bang bang ♪ >> i think i'm ready. >> it's been really nice to see how the show has evolved into being this sort of spontaneous, unscripted -- you never know what's going to happen during "the take." >> hey! >> when you have those fun moments where the viewer sees you as their friend that's icing on the cake. >> if i ran the administration in the next one, i would have you in it. >> i think that's a reason for you to run right there. >> i think our strong point and probably our flaw is that i think we sometimes forget we're on tv. ♪ all the single ladies ♪ ♪ all the single ladies ♪ >> ahh! >> hey! [ whistle blows ] >> i think 2014 has just been a knockout year. we added a new family member. tamron joined us. >> cheers. >> welcome aboard. >> thank you. >> she's added a lot of fun,
9:50 am
spontaneity and edge. >> i texted al right before roker-thon said go get 'em. you're making history. this is completely insane. >> yes! >> i'm so excited to invite natalie morales to the stage to be a pink lady for tonight! >> olivia newton-john allowed me to realize my childhood dream. >> willie! >> crafty ymca moves where i gave him a fake here left yy, under his arm, slipped it up. >> whoo! >> off the backboard and in. highlight of my life. >> when he made it i almost fainted. it was the most excellent thing. ♪ >> superstar! >> whoo! >> oh, that's not good.
9:51 am
hey! ♪ >> i'm star struck. i'm star struck. i can't believe they're here. >> we really had some great guests who have got nenten in the spirit of the program, which is somewhat controlled anarchy. >> people feel comfortable telling us their secrets because they see the dysfunction in a sweet way. >> i was crying while watching the total eclipse and throwing really weak punches. it was like get this guy out of here. >> my dog swims with a life jacket in a pool in los angeles. >> jeff goldblum sits down, starts tickleing the ivories and we gather around him like it's christmastime. ♪ let it go don't hold it back anymore ♪ >> giddy up!
9:52 am
♪ >> i hear you guys are great. ♪ >> best guest we've ever had. >> stop it. such a flirt. >> if there's one word to describe our hour it's spontaneity. what you see is what you get. and sometimes you're going to get a whole lot more than you even thought you were going to get. >> oh, unpredictable. >> you talked about clowns. >> oh. >> oh, no! >> oh! >> this is unpredictable for me. i don't even know sometimes what's happening. >> come on mom! change the radio. >> this is who we are. we're being ourselves. take it or leave it. >> oh! >> we have this sense of
9:53 am
camaraderie. and we're having a good time. >> and now every morning when i walk into the studio i look up to make sure there's not a clown about to come down. it was scary, come on. >> nothing up there. we're good. >> not this morning. i speak for al natalie and tamron when i say thanks for-to-all of you at home for letting us into your homes and being part of the fun with us every morning. here is to a great 2015. >> 2015. happy new year. >> cheers. >> we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
coming up kathie lee and hoda look back at all the wild moments of 2014. >> creative cocktails to ring in the new year. >> and
9:56 am
a dump truck has flipped over at bridge street. this is the section of philadelphia you can see there's some concrete debris on the highway that is blocking traffic. nbc 10 traffic reporter has been monitoring the situation. >> this just happened recently and this is 95 northbound near the betsy ross bridge. all the lanes on the highway itself are blocked. drivers are use inging the shoulder
9:57 am
or on ramp if you need to get on to 95. looks like we are having feed issues, but once again, all of those lanes having to merge slowly. avoid if you can. it's not jammeded too far just yet because this is a recent accident, but it's something we'll keep you updated on. now, let's get you updated ton chilly temperatures. >> it's going to be a freezing start. temperatures below average. we are going to see quiet conditions plenty of sunshine but staying very cold. here is a look at our feels like temperatures when you walk out the door. it's going feel like 20 degrees in philadelphia. 21 in melville 16 in allentown. our actual temperature now in the high 20s, but by new year's eve, the windchill 20 degrees. people in philadelphia and camden will gather here later today to ring in the new year. live picture along the delaware river waterfront. within the last hour crews
9:58 am
started unloading sound equipment here. this is part of the final preparations for tonight's fireworks. happy new year. more news in 25 minutes. out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at ♪
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10:00 am
from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. all righty everybody. not only is it wines day, wednesday, but what else is it baby? >> it is new year's eve, december 31st 2014. >> are you happy to see this year go bye-bye. >> it's been a great year but it flew like nobody's business. welcome to old -- looking at my hair. >> it looks good. >> not crazy about it. liked it before. not now. love yours! >> mine looks like it's cut, but it's not. >> a little up-do.
10:01 am
>> i'm going to take down my hair. shall i? >> starting with games you can play tonight, fun ideas whether it's just the two of you, you know those kinds of fun games or with a whole houseful. >> if you're still looking for ways to make your party stand out, we'll show you great cocktail recipes you can mix up to bring in the new year. a lot to celebrate this year, the celebrities, laughs crazy moments. we'll take a look at all of them. >> i like when we look back at our own stuff. >> we are, like crazy about ourselves. >> tonight, as you're getting ready to go out, if you're staying in great, we are hosting a new year's eve special, a two-hour special. >> why? >> i don't know. but here is a sneak peek. ♪ for old ang sooin, my dear for old ang sooin. we'll take a koup of kindness for auld lang syne ♪
10:02 am
>> it's not every day you get to bring in a new year with the sting man. >> that was -- he's so handsome. >> he's a man, hoda. >> he's a real man with that beard and everything. >> and a sweert heart of a guy. >> please tune in tonight, guys "a toast to 2014" airing at 8:00, 7:00 central. a look back at the cool events of the year. >> words of wisdom. >> let me hold my champagne. >> since it's the beginning of a new year how about this. wait a minute. out can't reach for anything new if your hands are still full of yesterday's junk. by louise smith. >> do it again. >> what? >> i don't know. they took it away. >> you can't reach for anything new if your hands are still full of yesterday's junk.
10:03 am
louise smith. >> my hands are empty, so i can now fill them with something new. >> cheers hoda woman. happy new year to you. frmths we'll play a brand new game amanda made up. >> called "dropping the ball." >> don't be naughty. >> since they'll be dropping the ball all over the country. we'll play a word game. in each of the answers is the word ball. we each have six cards with words or phrases. >> never seen them. >> these are for you from me and from me from you. we'll get 30 seconds on the clock. >> i go first. >> that means you're telling me the thing. >> ready, go. >> in "today the musical" bianca cooked up -- >> meat ball. >> yes. when you're married and not happy, you feel like you are -- >> ball and chain. >> when you want to go out and watch a baseball game you are at the --
10:04 am
>> ball park. >> no. >> ball field? >> no. >> ball game? >> no. >> when you look into the future. >> crystal ball. >> when you've got to -- catch the ball! >> no. >> how many? >> you got four. >> you ready? let's play. >> you dress up for her at halloween, redhead. >> lucille ball. >> what you're looking out of? >> my eyeball. >> when you're wrecking -- >> wrecking ball. >> jerry lee lewis. >> gooes ball -- balls of fire. >> "great balls of fire." >> when you shake that thing that tells you you're in a good mood or bad mood. >> magic eight ball.
10:05 am
>> what happened? there's never a score. we never know who won. >> i won. that was fun. way to go amanda. >> if you're cozied up at home -- >> you're not going out. we don't want them watching the movie until they've seen our special. >> we'll watch the special and then when carson comes on -- >> i'm kidding. watch carson. i'm kidding. anyway that great movie "when hairy met sally." >> you know it's 25 years old? >> i can't believe it. >> i came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. >> you see. that is just like you, harry. you say things like that and you make it impossible for me to hate you! and i hate you, harry.
10:06 am
i really hate you. ♪ for auld lang syne my dear. >> waited the whole movie for that. that's what i want to do to you right now, hoda. your hair is so fetching. >> don't even think about it. this is an annual threat by the way. this is not the first day. >> one day i'm going to have my way with you. >> that's what you say. >> yes, i am. >> tomorrow is not looking good either, right? some people are born to be single. >> if you're at home tonight -- i've had many single new year's eve. >> were they depressing? >> sometimes, sometimes i was with friends. >> have you ever been totally and completely alone with nothing to do? >> have i ever -- yes, one time i was. >> what did you do? >> i watched the ball drop.
10:07 am
i went to bed early because i was bummed. good night, i'm going to bed. however, i think the thing is -- there's a study that says some people are born to be single. this one says there's a gene in you. i don't think so. >> some people have difficulty creating relationships and sustaining them. some people can create them they just can't sustain them. >> some people are great at setting the table -- i've dated guys like this. they're great with the setup, but once it goes into a normal what are we having tore din her tonight, let's cook? they were out of there. >> the gene lowers serotonin making them less comfortable in close relationships. why don't they just take serotonin? >> yes, swallow some from gnc. >> hello. while you're at it get melatonin and get a good night's sleep and maybe wake up with somebody next to you for a change. >> wait a minute.
10:08 am
it's not so bad being single. i had many single new year's. doesn't make you sad or anything like that. a lot of people with relationships -- >> wouldn't you rather be single for the rest of your life than be in another bad marriage? >> yes, i would. i would rather that. there's nothing worse than feeling alone when you're with someone. >> biggest chasm in the world, people in a bed who despise one another. >> if you home tonight by yourself, i would do -- this is what i did one year. they have a midnight run in central park where at midnight when the clock strikes midnight you run a 5k. it's three miles. all the fireworks are exploding, at the water stations they have champagne. >> it's happening tonight? >> it happens every year. find something you want to do that's about you and making your life better as opposed to oh woe is me. >> here is something you can do. half of americans have have intimate relations while staying
10:09 am
with relatives. >> think about your house right now because you're full of your family and friends. somebody in one of the rooms upstairs may be having intimate relations. i could never -- when you're in your family home in your old bedroom, it's ridiculous. >> yeah. what's your point? >> maybe it's like forbidden, like you're scared -- >> that makes it more exciting for some people. -- >> what are they doing -- >> william shatner can do anything. they surveyed house guests. guess how many admitted they've gotten intimate while staying with relatives? >> 50%. >> there you go. half. we want to hear from you. we want details. we've got a lot of fun ahead in the show. we'll take a look back at the best of them. >> let's get this party started. >> we have games and entertainment after this. >> look how wacky and zany this
10:10 am
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10:13 am
it is new year''s eve. you the drinks and hors d'oeuvres down. then what? >> how about something to keep the party going? >> sounds good to me hoda. >> here to kick it up a notch with something you and your friends and family can enjoy, today contributor and "washington post" columnist elizabeth maheu. hello, elizabeth.
10:14 am
>> hello. >> seeing a couple of people wrapped up in toilet party. that's the kind of party we want to go to hoda, you're playing for the gold kathie lee you're playing for the silver. this is your team. >> you've got to take toilet paper, wrap it around your guest. ready, set, go. we started early. but you wrap them up then we have hats to put on top of your snowman. mittens, a carrot, pop the nose in. the first person to dress their snowman and have it look good -- >> there you go. you've got eyes and the scarf. >> he's good. >> you're almost there, almost there. >> hold up. there you go. you got it. >> this team is the winner! >> that was it? >> that's the one game. >> let go of the carrot.
10:15 am
next game is called candy cane close line. you put this in with the hook down. the first time to get these off without using hands, the one that gets the most wins the game. [ cheers and applause ] >> that was so fun. the next game is shap pain pieces. everybody get a place on the table. your goal is to use a teaspoon to fill up your glass as high as possible. >> ready, set, go. >> the first one to get their champagne glass totally full win it is game. we're not going to be able to finish it now, that's the idea you can take a step and whoever fills it the highest gets to make the toast. >> she's drinking it with the spoon. these girls from mississippi are crazy. >> okay. >> let's move on.
10:16 am
>> cheers. >> kathie lee and hoda -- >> now what? where are we sitting? >> kathie lee and hoda you're joining me first. let's face it. not everybody likes to play games. sometimes you need an ice breaker. our ice breaker is a game called what's the craziest thing you've ever done. >> none of your business. >> you ask your guest to write that down when they come in, put it in a hat and the host reads the question and you have to guess which person said this. >> drove on a john deere tractor in a bikini. let's look. >> i think it's going to be mississippi. >> i'm going here. [ cheers and applause ] >> wait. let's do another one. >> sky dived -- >> blindfolded. >> would it be sky dove? >> here her.
10:17 am
>> you. >> me. >> i got that one. >> rode a bull. >> who hasn't? >> purple. >> no. >> you. >> yes. >> that's fun. that's all the time we have. >> one last game is called -- >> wait. who ate an alligator? >> you did. >> the next one is called toss the hat. you put a hat on your lap, start it on your head you have to pass it to the next person without using your hands. there is a way to do it. you guys need to get it to the next person. >> there you go. >> in your lap. >> that's the game. >> thank you for playing. a lot of fun. >> thank you.
10:18 am
a lot of unexpected funny moments this last year. >> most with our favorite celebrities. >> we'll take a look back after this. >> nice job. oh, i love game night. ooh, it's a house and a car! so far, you're horrible at this, flo. yeah, no talent for drawing, flo. house! car! oh, raise the roof! no one? remember when we used to raise the roof, diane? oh, quiet, richard i'm trying to make sense of flo's terrible drawing. i'll draw the pants off that thing. oh, oh, hats on hamburgers! dancing! drive-in movie theater! home and auto. lamp! squares. stupid, dumb. lines. [ alarm rings ] no! home and auto bundle from progressive. saves you money. yay, game night, so much fun. ♪ the weather outside is frightful ♪ ♪ but the fire is so delightful ♪ [ male announcer ] nothing melts away the cold like a hot delicious bowl of chicken noodle soup from campbell's. ♪ let it snow, let it snow ♪ behind the fridge... ...quietly rotting into black goo, is the banana you thought he wolfed down last week.
10:19 am
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10:20 am
10:21 am
what a year it has been from "a list" actors to our favorite musical moment we definitely had a lot of star sightings in studio 1a. >> a big year with lots of fun celebrity guests. >> let's take a look back at 2014. >> okay. >> do you guys want to be my favorite people ever?
10:22 am
>> yes. >> well you have just succeeded. >> yes! [ laughter ]. >> what's your naughty thing? >> what's my naughty thing? >> a long list. >> shorten your name to kath. have to be on many more times to shorten your name. >> to ho. >> we want you to put us in handcuffs. >> we want to -- it's real baby. >> give hoda a little feel. just to be fair. ♪ ♪ >> i'm a bad girl. >> oh. >> it's urban decay. >> show how it's done hoda.
10:23 am
>> wow. >> throw up your hands if you love a big booty. ♪ ♪ >> just do your slurping on your margarita. ♪ ♪ >> it's free. i got to drink this now. >> i need a glass of wine. >> all right. we're going to hang right here if you don't mind. ♪ ♪ >> that's music! >> that's music! >> i heard you've been taking guitar lessons. >> up down down -- >> sounds like a katy perry song. ♪ kathie lee and hoda kathie lee and hoed darks we really want to show you just how much we love ya ♪
10:24 am
>> you have to put on "veep." you will wet your spanks. >> i thought it was out of this world. ♪ kathie lee and hoda kathie lee and hoda, oh, yes, oh, yes, oh, yeah ♪ >> that was swell. >> can i hang out with you guys? >> i'm so excited to be here. >> i'm here with you, that's my whole agenda. >> this is a nice way to start a morning. >> we actually get paid for this. >> that was so great. how fun. >> we forget because every day is a new day around here. oh my gosh. we have lots more funny moments to share with you ahead. >> how much do you really remember about the year that went by? >> we don't remember much at all. we'll take the "who knew" quiz and find out. >> and more cocktails to celebrate after your local news.
10:25 am
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10:27 am
>> reporter: it's on the northbound side of 95 near bridge street exit. all of the lanes are blocked off. one lane of traffic right there. we have three to four lanes that need to merge into one. we are seeing a delay. but it's not that bad just because we have light volume on the roads today. it doesn't go back to allegheny. it's just approaching bridge street. if you need toj:yi get around this take aramingo. let's get your forecast withm< brittney shipp. >> temperatures below freezing for most of our area. 20 in the poconos, 29 in philadelphia. with the light wind speed, it feels like it's in the teens and low 20s. bundle up when you head outside. temperatures range today between 31 and 34. at midnight only 26 degrees with our windchills in the 20s. ♪ye56ñ
10:28 am
starting at noon you can catch a sneak peek of the performances. tomorrow is the big day whether they strut their stuff down broad street. look at all the new year's eve' events on our new app. 30 minutes. always get the latest news and weather at now back to "today." thanks for watch gs.
10:29 am
10:30 am
we're back with more of "today" on this new year's eve ready to play "who knew." in honor of 2014 we have questions to see how well you remember what happened over the past year. kathie lee is across the street at the nbc experience store ready to hand out $100 to anyone who gets the question right. for those who don't, a kathie lee cd. >> lee rudman is from "people" magazine the features director. are you ready. >> a little santa's elf from madison, mississippi. which singer performed at the 2014 super bowl half-time show? was it robin thicke, pharrell williams or bruno mars.
10:31 am
>> i believe it's bruno mars. >> that is correct. >> bruno mars had such a great year. >> i loved him. he's so great. the most watched super bowl half-time show ever. we'll see if katy perry can beat it. >> bruno mars and "uptown funk," stuck in my head forever. >> hate it. who was not featured in the ellen general res oscar selfie that had over 32 million views on twitter, bradley cooper jennifer lawrence george clooney? >> it's an hour show. let's keep it in mind. >> i'll go with jennifer lawrence. >> nope, it was -- >> george clooney. >> yes. even without george clooney, that was the most retweeted tweet in the history of twitter, over 3 million retweets. imagine if george had been in it. >> even bigger. >> this lovely lady from
10:32 am
wilmington north carolina the ice bucket challenge raised over $94 million for which organization? national multiple sclerosis society, the als association or autism speaks. >> they are all great organizations, but i believe it would be the als. >> you are not just gorgeous you are smart. that's exactly right. here you go. >> a lot of money. >> it raised a lot of money. this was everyone dumping ice buckets over their heads to go toward research for als. >> cath over to you. >> this lady from connecticut. in 2014 this triple threat dropped a cd release add memoir and hosted a tv series. was it beyonce, jennifer lopez or blake shelton? >> jennifer lopez. >> yes. >> 2014 was j-lo's year. >> the woman can do everything. she has a book that was supposed to be a tour diary but she made
10:33 am
it a lot more personal. >> she answered a lot of questions about her personal life. izzy as sail yeah's booty video. from bel air, texas. in 2014 jimmy fallon succeeded jay leno as the new host of "the tonight show" and moved the iconic show back to its original home in what? new york los angeles or chicago? >> new york. >> new york new york. [ cheers and applause ] >> it was johnny carson who moved it to the west coast and jimmy brought it back which we love. >> kath over to you. where are you from? >> columbus ohio. >> who became a grandfather for the first time in 2014 bill clinton, george w. bush or joe biden? >> bill clinton. >> yep. you guys are on a roll. >> chelsea had a little baby. >> a little baby named charlotte.
10:34 am
she gave birth in the fall. bill and hillary are grandparents for the first time now. >> thank you so much. cath is going to come back across the street. we'll ring in the new year with cocktails. plenty of laughs over the past year. we'll take a look at the crazy and incredible moments we've had right here on our show coming up after this. with one small catch. no mirrors. everyday they wash with dove beauty bar but can only feel what's happening. on the seventh day beautiful skin is revealed. dove is different. with one quarter moisturizing cream it helps skin feel more firm and elastic. really want to feel the difference? take the dove 7 day test.
10:35 am
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10:38 am
we're back now with more of our favorite moments from 2014. >> from new moves to crazy animals, we learned a lot and even got in a few workouts. >> not without some spanks alerts along the way. >> let's take a look at the laughs we've had, most of them at my expense. ♪ ♪ >> three, two, one. >> happy friday. >> what? [ screaming ] >> oh, my god. ♪ ♪
10:39 am
>> i think this was meant for hoda. >> show da it's a hat that fits you. no, it doesn't. >> you look like rocky from bull winkle. >> what are you thinking about right now? >> none of your business. >> take off your blindfold. >> oh my god. >> oh my god. [ screaming ] >> take off your blindfold. that's unbelievable. >> oh, my gosh. >> thank you. >> wow. >> oh my gosh! spanks alert -- if there was ever a spanks alert, this is it. you're showing everything!
10:40 am
>> kathie lee would be right. we're going to work your serrated your obliques. >> i'm 60 years old and never knew i had a -- >> there you go chuck it. ♪ he's got a man that rhymes with land ginny. >> so upset with you. i'm not even going to read the prompter. >> do you love this? >> merry christmas. >> hi. hi. >> he doesn't speak. >> he might be intimidated by your hair. >> does it look like a nest? >> he wants to get a treat. >> i'm telling you, he grabbed me. are you serious!
10:41 am
>> look what's happening. >> whoa. >> hey everybody. look over here you'll never see this again. ♪ ♪ >> i think this is the first time we've all successfully done something together. [ cheers and applause ] >> i feel so much better. that is cheaper than a psychiatrist psychiatrist. >> yea! >> oh, my god. >> and we get paid for this. >> you already said that. >> i know but again. >> getting to our favorite part of to noit's festivities. >> new year's eve cocktails and mocktails. recipes that look as good as they taste right after this.checking your credit score is for chumps. i have great credit. how do you know? duh. you know those change, right? tattoos don't change. try credit karma. it's free and you can see what your score is right now.
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10:45 am
10:46 am
is that enough? they want us to do this. whether you're throwing a party, laying low at home or bringing
10:47 am
in the new year with the kids we have pretty drinks to raise a glass with. >> recipes you make as a cocktail or the mocktail the author of the cocktail club maureen petrofsky. >> perfect for any party, kids and adults. this is a pomegranate margarita. i have lime juice in here already, a little sugar. >> margarita, but not a mow heat that? >> did i say margarita? it's a mojito. that's to get all the flavors. this is like i said so there is rum. >> it's muddled, baby. >> we've got a little bit of rum. and then this is the pomegranate juice. >> we should point out. it is new year's eve, so a lot of people might be drinking a lot. take it easy on the liquor. >> you take it easy on the liquor. >> you can throw a little ice in there. you can see how pretty that is with a little lime in there.
10:48 am
>> how do you make it for the kids? >> you see for the kids up front, we have different glassware, plastic actually and different straws. for the kids no rum in there. a nice big batch there, a fun container for the kids to pour out. pomegranate juice and a lime soda. >> thank you. >> this is fun for a nice big batch on the stove top. this is completely kid friendly. take it easy. it's a hot cocktail if you want it to be or a mocktail. this is nutella hot cocoa. if you love little nutella and a little milk kids love to ladle it out themselves warm again, not hot. and for the adults here -- for the adults we'll keep it just plain like this. i'll let you taste these up here. >> you go ahead.
10:49 am
>> i'm going to let you decide. we have a hazelnut liqueur. we also have bourbon, hazelnut liqueur, a chocolate liqueur or a dark rum. you put this on the side and the adults can spike it. >> they can make their own. >> a nice interactive cocktail. for the kiddos these big beautiful marshmallows. >> you can find them online. lots of different places but also you can find them in specialty grocery stores. they're easy enough to open up the package. if you can't find those, you can use flavored whip cream. >> this is my juniper gin cocktail. blueberry syrup. blueberries are great any time of the year. >> i feel guilty. >> you'll get your daily dose of vitamin c here. little changes, big rewards. adding fruit into our cocktail. >> okay. >> this is gin.
10:50 am
gin has the nice juniper flavor. >> also rots your gut from what i hear. that's what the guys on the crew tell me. >> i'm sure the guys in the crew will love that. >> a little club. what we did for the kids to differentiate, we have frozen blueberries, great thing all year long blueberries work. everyone goes cranberry this time of year. and you can taste that one if you want. >> isn't that nice and refreshing. we did stay healthy. >> nice. >> of course it's new year's eve, ringing in 2015 we have to have bubbles. i did a beautiful syrup here with help of behind the scenes folks. >> be anika and ashton over there. this is sugar. >> they look delicious. >> all these recipes on klg and
10:51 am >> we'll take a look back at some of the things we can't believe we said. but first -- >> this is "today" on nbc. ♪ ♪
10:52 am
10:53 am
who else gets to sit around and talk to one of their dearest friends about all the late ef goings-on and get paid for it? >> no one. >> this year in particular got steamy. i'm talking about you, hot flash hoda. >> whatever. you had them first. >> let's take a look. >> hello everybody, it's finance monday. >> it's booze day tuesday. >> wines day witness. thirsty thursday. >> it's try day friday. >> i'd like to start off by saying i was right -- >> about? >> i was right. >> i'm having a minor hot flash. >> a little dribble between the
10:54 am
boobies but not much. >> there's a new product out? a lip plumper. >> we'll find out shortly. >> has anyone ever thrown anything at you? >> this is another study. you can get orgasms by exercising. >> you're minding your own business. all of a sudden ah! >> apparently spinning classes do it spinning classes and weight lifting. >> and rope climbing obviously. >> whoop, whoop. no no yeah yeah. >> what what. >> it's going to get crazy. >> you've heard of speed dating. they've added a paper bag over your head so you're not distracted by someone's looks. >> what's the point of this?
10:55 am
you can still see the person. i can already judge she's got a huge head. >> i like to get in there and really um. >> why don't you bite a big one. >> come on. lift it up baby. show that pack. >> i've never gone commando in my life that i can remember. there might have been a time or two that i wasn't aware. >> so bizarre. >> some of us are caught up in other things like my cleavage. i can't get over it. >> enough about brad pitt. let's talk about my hair. >> what was that? >> i'm embarrassed for everybody involved. ♪ ♪ >> let's do somehow cold is it jokes. >> okay. ready. >> you ask me. >> how cold is it? it's not hard. >> hoda is going to do a shot for every meddle we win. ♪ ♪ >> there is a wine case and they
10:56 am
say it can withstand -- >> a bowling ball. >> just pull it out. >> oh my gosh. i'm taking this home. >> wow. >> ah! >> today is my favorite day. it's nice to be here where there are beverages. >> i know. the big five-ho. it's here. >> did you realize at one time you were an award winning journalist. >> don't you wish you were where i am right now. >> you'll have some spliaiing to do. >> i fell in love with somebody and it's you, hoda woman. >> ah! >> can we give a big, big thank you to our producers, donna fairson is who sam mazing susan bowser editor jim murphy for putting those pieces together. it's not easy for watching us that long and editing. >> they did a great job. tomorrow do you know who is
10:57 am
going to be here? marie osmond! we love her. >> bring your kids. big magic for little hands. >> special ambush makeovers. have a safe and happy new year god bless. >> you, too. i love you. >> love you, too.
10:58 am
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. right now at 11:00, we begin with sky force 10 over breaking news. a dump truck flipped over on i-95 northbound at bridge street. you can see there's concrete debris on the highway, and that's what's causing the problem there blocking traffic. good morning. we have been following this story for the last hour. it's causing a headache for drivers.qój >> good morning. it's a day where we see a lot of light volume on the roads schwhich is good. we have a two-mile delay approaching the scene. if it was a regular day it would be worse. we have th


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