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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  December 31, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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. right now at 11:00, we begin with sky force 10 over breaking news. a dump truck flipped over on i-95 northbound at bridge street. you can see there's concrete debris on the highway, and that's what's causing the problem there blocking traffic. good morning. we have been following this story for the last hour. it's causing a headache for drivers.qój >> good morning. it's a day where we see a lot of light volume on the roads schwhich is good. we have a two-mile delay approaching the scene. if it was a regular day it would be worse. we have the overturned dump
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truck, 95 northbound near the betsy ross bridge. it doesn't stretch back to allegheny. but all lanes are blocked. all are having to merge -- all aw sky force 10 was over the scene an hour ago. this is what it's looking like now. a lot of the debris still needs to be cleaned up. that's expected to be out there for a while. >> thanks. this morning, the cumberland county prosecutor's office is investigating a deadly shooting by police. they shot and killed a man during a traffic stop. it happened around 9:30 last night. christine maddela is following developments. she's live. >> reporter: i spoke to an investigator here at the cumberland county prosecutor's office. they are trying to piece together what led to that shooting. he asked that i not release the name of the man shot and killed. look at this video from the scene last night around 9:30.
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the prosecutor's office tells nbc 10 two police officers stopped a jaguar at the intersection of south avenue and henry street. what happened next investigators are still8 l÷ trying to piece together. the passenger of the car was shot and killed by a police officer. that man's cousin tells us he had a troubled past but had turned his life around. now she's trying to find out anything she can. >> i just want to know where he is. i just need to see my cousin. and let him know that family is here. >> reporter: you want to foremost what happened and why. >> reporter: police say the man reportedly had a gun. now, an investigator i spoke with said the prosecutor'ç office will release more information later today. but he couldn't clarify exactly what time.
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christine ma dead christine christine maddela, nbc 10 news. investigators say the circumstances that led to the death of joseph pacini began sunday as a gym. the staff called police about the man. then monday a detective contacted him asking to speak with him at headquarters. instead, he posted three hate-filled videos on youtube. tuesday police got an arrest warrant warrant. then they tailed him. when officers confronted him, investigators say he ran his car into a police vehicle and8yh4 officers from three departments fired five shots. >> 4:15 in the afternoon, but the officers were in fear of their lives and they did what they had to do. >> a heard a round of shots. it went on as if it was a grand finale to ç >> the medical examiner will perform an autopsy later this
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morning. an update on a fire sky force 10 flew over this morning. the red cross is helping a dozen people affected by the fire. it started around 4:30. fire and smoke pouring from the three-story building two hours later. no one was hurt here. investigators are looking for the cause. in cumberland county fire destroyed a house this morning. it took nearly two hours for firefighters to get this fire under control. no one was hurt. now investigators are looking into the cause. changing directions now on this last morning of 2014. alive look at the camden waterfront, a place where a lot of folks will ring in the new year tonight. they will have to bundle up to do so however. the year is ending with cold temperatures. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorology glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. >> yeah. this morning was the coldest of
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the month. even with the sunshine, the temperature hasn't gone up a lot. only 31 degrees in philadelphia. 27 in pottstown. 28 reading and allentown. barely to the freezing mark in some sections. it's going to be cold tonightjlmh if it's this cold now. the windchills in the teens in many of the northern and western areas. as we go through the day today, and into the night, we will be seeing the temperatures barely get above freezing with some wind. so the windchills will be there the 20s all afternoon. and by 6:00 we're down to 29. tell you how cold it's going to be by midnight and also talk more about that weekend storm coming up with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> thanks glenn. new video in to nbc 10. philadelphia police looking for the armed robber in this video. they released this video this morning. investigators say the man took
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cash from the register at a dunk dunkin' donuts on december 18. no one was hurt. if you have any information, call northeast detectives. philadelphia police also lookin identifying and finding suspects wanted for a burglary@d! in frankford four days before christmas. they were caught on video inside the train wreck pizzeria and pub. this is on bridge street. police say they took two tvs, a cash register and money among other things. chester county police in a different township released this photo as they investigate a bank robbery. it happened the day after christmas on the bank of america branch. they are looking for the guy in the hoodie. a pregnant woman is recovering after being attacked and robbed feet from her home. look at this surveillance video. you can see the man run up behind the woman who is seven months pregnant and punch her in the head knocking her to the
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ground. it happened last monday night in the pennsport neighborhood. he broke several bones in her face. >> what coward picks on a woman -- cold kokhits her. she's seven months pregnant. >> the suspect ran off with her purse. video captured the suspect's car. he was driving this gray suv you see here. camden county man is accused of recording his friend by placing a hidden camera in her bathroom. police say carl camp junior put a cell phone in her bathroom on several different occasions this month. she reported it to police. then a second woman came forward to say that camp did the same thing to her. he is now charged with invasion of privacy.
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the clock now ticking away. we're less than 13 hours from the start of the new year. the delaware river front is one place to ring in the new year with fireworks. nbc 10 was outside sugarhousel(&2r casino. thousands of people are expected at penns landing to watch two shows over the delaware river. the free fireworks are set for 6:00 this evening and midnight. the blue cross river rink will offer skate parties throughout the evening. from the camden side of the river, the battleship "new jersey" will offer some of the best views of the fireworks. a $10 donation gets you on the deck of the ship. for more -- you pay more you can enjoy dinner breakfast and a bunk for sleeping off all of the fun that you no doubt will have there. new year's eve means final rehearsal for the philadelphia mummer's parade.
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they got in practice at the pension convention center last night. all part of the mummer's fest. they will strut down broad street tomorrow morning. new year's eve will bring the mushroom drop. 500 pounds of steel and led lights will ring in the 2015 new year. this is the second year for this event. they are known as the mushroom capital new york city, ready for the most famous drop of them all. the giant ball in times square. workers tested the ten ton ball yesterday. it slid down the 13 story flagpole with no problems at all. rang in the new year with a fireworks display over sidney harbor.
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more than a million people gathered for the show. the theme was inspire. new zealand kicked off the new year with fireworks. tens of thousands of residents and visitors lined the waterfront to see the show. all of the new year's eve events are at your fingertips with the nbc 10 news app. down download it for free by going to the app store. investigators closer to answers in the crash of the airasia jet. we will tell you what they have uncovered. an update ahead at 11:00. flames overnight in the midwest destroy businesses. this turns very dangerous for two firefighters. the details ahead. it's a cold start to the new year. this weekend will bring us the first storm of 2015. i will show you what to expect and when coming up.
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fire destroyed four businesses in!% chicago overnight.;.6@ roke out around 3:00 in the morning. flames shot from the roof of the building which housed two restaurants and two other businesses. two firefighters suffered minor injuries. search crews have recovered seven bodies and havekt it went down with 162 people on
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board. brian moore reports from washington. >> reporter: as search crews in the java sea zeroed in on the wreckage, the bodies of the first victims arrived at a military base in indonesia. shipping could be ingping containers are being turned into morgues, tents prepared for autopsies of the 162 victims. victims and debris dashed hopes of finding any survivors but puts investigators closer to finding the so-called black boxes that may shed light on the cause of th¤8 disaster. two american ships have been dispatched to help in the search and recovery efforts. airasia's ceo is trying to comfort grieving family members. >> it's a horrible, horrible experience. but we will try to do our best. that's our focus.
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>> reporter: the wife of the pilot is among those yearning not just for news but the return of a loved one. >> i must be strong and tough and i'm here for my children and their future. >> reporter: a search for answers at the bottom of the sea. investigators are confident because they believe the wreck anl is located in water that is relatively shall bow. brian moore, nbc news washington. police in canada say the medical examiner will perform autopsied on most of the victims of a mass shooting in edmonton canada. investigators haven't released the name of the suspect who they say gunned down eight people before taking his own life. they say he planned this killing spree. on monday police found six adults and two children dead at two separate homes. later, police found the suspect dead at a restaurant. police have now identified the woman who was shot and a walmart in northern idaho. the child was in a shopping cart
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yesterday morning when he reached into his mother's purse and grabbed her gun. the gun went off killing the woman. police say shev- had a concealed weapon permit. california severalurfer survived a shark attack. he is recovering after a great white attacked him over the weekend. he was inósóhñ the water when he says he suddenly felt himself being pulled below the ea.asurface. >> i disappeared. it was like i was never there. it happened sudden. it happened violently. it was quick. >> he was able to get free and then make it to the beach. he was flown to the hospital. he under went two hours of surgery. he says now his family follows a new surfing rule. call as soon as you are out of the water. engineers will try to figure out what caused the collapse that buried cars under a mountain of salt. this happened at a salt storage
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facility in chicago.( [y a side wall broke spilling road salt on the cars at a dealership next door. no one was injured. preliminary inspection found it may have collapsed because the salt was piled too high. former president george h.w. bush back home this morning after spending a week in the hospital. the 90-year-old was released yesterday. he was admitted after experiencing shortness of breath. a spokesperson says he is grateful for the doctors and nurses for their superb care. bats may be the cause of the ebola outbreak that has caused 8,000 deaths. researchers believe the first case was a 1-year-old boy who played in a hollowed out tree where infected bats lived. they are testing different species of bats. so far, none of the bats tested positive for ebola. south korean activists have a plan to bring "the interview"
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to north korea. he will start dropping 100,000 dvds with the movie by balloon in north korea next month. he says he is partnering with a u.s.-based non-profit human rights foundation financing the making of copies of the movie with korean subtitles. the movie is at the center of a cyber war between north korea and the u.s. following the hacking at sony pictures. someone who bought a lottery ticket has won millions. but we don't know the identity of the lucky person. the winner hasn't come forward. we know the ticker is worth $9.1 million. it was purchased atcd+ the acme on south dennis road in cape may courthouse. this means the acme will get a $10,000 bonus commission for selling that lucky ticket. it's from monday night's pick six drawing. check your ticket. those winning numbers again are
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8, 14 21 26 31 and 45. this morning was the coldest of the month so far. we did have one day in november that was a little colder. tonight it's going to be even colder than last night in most places. cold weather lasting through new year's day. we have themrcúç wintry mix for the weekend. it's briefly going to be wet and warm this weekend. that's not going to last. a lot of sunshine out there right now. despite that it's cold. 31 degrees, wind at 15 miles an hour. so the windchill is 20 degrees. that's the way it feels right now. and remember back over the weekend, we were 57 56 degrees. yesterday's high only 38. today's only 33. and then we're back up a little
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bit tomorrow. but look how cold it is even at this hour in the 20s in many northern and western suburbs and with the clear skies and even colder air coming in tonight, the temperatures are going to drop. look how cold it is. chicago, 7. these are temperatures now. minneapolisp5xñ is 2.pé'ñ after yesterday being 15 below when i went on the air at 11:00 p.m. we have a dry week here. a lot of sunshine today. all the way across the country is a huge storm. snow not too far from san diego. snow in las vegas and arizona. some of the moisture headed that way but not tonight. tonight, clear, cold 26 with the windchill of 19. the mummers in decent shape. a little breeze and of course
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it's going to be cold. but it's not going to be as cold as it can be this time of the ( year. here is the storm starting to but it's still a long way away even by saturday morning. so i-ñ4 don't think we're going to get into that until at least saturday afternoon. the timing on that will be critical.c3#9 only 33 for the high today. breezy and cold dp> thanks, glenn. weather putting a dumper on new year's for some people across the country. snow leavesá,÷ motorists stranded for hours and keeps them getting where they plan to be on new
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year's eve. we will show you where this is happening.m5 ear will bring her a forever family. we will introduce you to this week's wednesday's child coming up.
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this week's wednesday's child is a young woman who would be a bright light in any family. she's looking for a forever home that can make all of her dreams
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come true. vai sikahema introduces you to jackie. >> make it by putting the clay like this. >> jackie say sweet and friendly 16-year-old. she has a big and bright personality that she likes to share%=víñ with others. she likes to do arts and crafts. so we took her to the clay studios in philly to make some art. >> jackie is a remarkable person. as a caring and sweet side to her. >> jackie has been diagnosed with autism and does well in her special needs classroom. she's an bú09voutgoing teen who likes talking to people she meets. >> jackie loves7[vn to be around other people. she loves the one on one attention. >> the ideal pze family for jackie would need to provide love and support. >> the ideal family would provide one on one care. they will also make sure that she gets all the needs that she needs.
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she's in a special education classroom. she loves to talk aboutler day at school or othercu children that she interacted with at school. >> jackie is in foster care and is very helpful around the housy+& >> jackie loves to clean. sher÷- wants to vacuum. she's doing a sewing class at school. she's excited about that. >> she's ready for her forever home. jackie is this week's wednesday's child. >> what a beautiful young lady. you can make the dream of a forever family come true for jackie or any wednesday's child sponsored by the dave thomas foundation. go to our website, and search wednesday's child or call the nags adopt center at 1-866-do-adopt. not everyone gets to ring in the new year with fireworks. one city is cancelling its big new year's eve celebration. we will tell you which town called the whole thing off. and why. a story that will get you
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thinking about summer. the tram cars are manycoming to another jersey shore town. we will show you where they will show up.
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this morning the cumberland county's prosecutor's office is investigating a deadly shooting at the hands of police. they shot and killed a man during a traffic stop. nbc 10's christine maddela has more. >> what happened and why. >> reporter: this woman showed up to the police department looking for answers this morning. she said it was her 36-year-old cousin shot and killed by a police officer during a traffic stop. >> i was the closest family member that could get here. i wanted to be here to find out,'bo you know what's going on.
11:31 am
we still can't find out what is going on. >> reporter: this is at the intersection of south avenue and henry street. there are two investigations going on by two agencies. new jersey state police troopers processed the crime scene. you can see them placing evidence markers around the area. they found several shell casings. this is the jaguar two police officers pulled over during the traffic stop around 9:30 last night. if you look closely, you c ee a bullet hole in the windshield. police say both officers were involved in the fatal shooting. they say the man was reportedly in possession of a handgun. can you tell us about your cousin? >> he was a good kid. i mean he had a troubled past. but after that he became a good person. i loved my cousin. >> reporter: christine maddela, nbc 10 news. checking out our other top stories. an autopsy will be performed on
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a man shot and killed in delaware county. he made threats on sunday the next day he posted videos on youtube threatening to kill officers. on tuesday, police trying to arrest him shot him after he allegedly tried to run down officers with his car. crews have now recovered seven bodies from sunday's airasia plane crash. heavy rain and rough seas are making it difficult for search crews to find more victims. they have not yet found the plane's black boxes. it went down in bad weather with 162 people on board. an update on a fire. sky force 10 flew over it this morning. the red cross is helping a dozen people affected by this fire. it's in an apartment building. the fire started around 4:30 on market street. fire and spoke pouring from the building two hours later. no one was hurt here.
11:33 am
investigators right now looking for a cause. it's the last morning of 2014. a lot of people will be heading out to ring in the new year along the delaware river front. one great place to watch the fireworks tonight will be on the deck of the the battleship "new jersey." but you will want to dress in extra layers. >> it's going to be in the 20s by late this evening and the windchill will be closer to 19. some of the folks enjoying the cold weather at blue mountain in the pocono mountains. they will be able to make snow for a couple of days. and then just about all the next week. they may get a little bit of natural snow but i don't think a lot. 31 in philadelphia. 20s to the north and west. mid 30s in southern delaware. that's the warm spot. the windchills are in the teens for the most part.
11:34 am
five degrees in the poconos. the temperatures by midnight 14 in mount pocono 18 in allentown, 19 reading and quakertown. these are close to the low temperatures this morning. tomorrow morning, it's going to be even colder than this. this is just by midnight tonight, 21 degrees in vineland 22 in atlantic city. we will be back with more about how cold it's going to be during the day tomorrow and also the latest- california more than 100 t/c> you will have to sit tight until it opens up.
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>> we have a cabin up there. we were going to spend new year's up here. we will try again tomorrow. >> fortunately, there were no serious crashes or medical emergencies. las vegas is betting on a cold new year's eve. how cold you ask? around the freezing mark. a little snow is even in the forecast. this is vegas. none of that is expected to spoil fireworks and partying along the famous las vegas strip. the same however cannot be said for austin texas. they called off its new year's eve celebration because of cold weather and possible slick roads. it would have included fireworks, performers and food vendors. the city and the vendors will consider rescheduling at a later date. new york city ready for the ball drop at times square tonight. security, as you can imagine is tight, the temperature will be very cold for the city's annual new year's celebration. here sayis a preview.
11:36 am
>> reporter: times square on new year's eve is that once in a lifetime check it off the bucket list something to tell the grandkids kind of an event. >> we will be here in winter coats, gloves scarves, freezing our tails offuo watch that ball drop. >> being here for new year's is the best thing ever. >> reporter: making sure the party goes off smoothly and safely requires thousands of extra law enforcement. ready to face a spectrum of challenges and possible threats. on hand there are counselor terrorism units box squads and roof top patrols. crowds are pinned in with barricades. everything is monitored from a joint operation center. a communication and information hub with live camera feeds streaming constantly. >> tons of cameras. there's going to be stuff that's permanently there and stuff that's set up. even starting a couple days before. >> reporter: this year police have to be ready for another possible disturbance. protesters calling for police reform.
11:37 am
>> a new year cannot come and go with business as usual. >> reporter: the nypd says they are welcome. >> they have a right to protest. as long as they do it peacefully and laws aren't broken that's the way we're going to police the event. >> reporter: weeks of protest along the murder of two nypd police officers have triggered tension between cops and the mayor. some police turned their backs to the mayor when he spoke at officer ramos' funeral on saturday. a meeting this week appeared to generate little agreement. >> actions speak louder than words. and time will tell. >> reporter: on new year's eve, harmony among the ranks or not, there is a job to do. thousands from all over the world will be counting on them..úi if you plan on enjoying the fireworks tonight, septa wants to make it easier to# you are looking at 30th street station.
11:38 am
septa tells us it will offer all nightqp!-p subway service into tomorrow among other schedule changes. regional rail will haves÷ extra trains leaving center city after the celebrations tonight and septa will also bg% adding service to trenton for passengers heading to new york city through new jersey transit. >> septa do the driving for the safest option, most affordable and we will get you where you need to go. >> as for tomorrow septa will operate on its sunday and holiday schedule. nbc 10 checked with cab companies in fill. they told us there will not be an extra fee for new year's eve. we contacted uber in philadelphia. they were checking and we are waiting to hear back. all of the region's new year's eve events are at your fingertips with the new nbc 10 news app. download it for free right now from the app store.c
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about a deadly hit and run crash. this woman was hit and killed crossing state road last week. the driver left the scene. police say a left headlight lens was found and they were able to use that to get new details about the vehicle involved. they now say it was a dark-colored ford pickup or tow truck from the model years 1987 to 1991. police say they found no surveillance video that can help with their investigation so they are asking for the public's help to find new leads. the all ma matter of joyce craig presented a donation for her children. she is first woman firefighter to die in the line of duty in philadelphia. this morning, as firefighters local 22 the 1985 be $1,000 donation to the craig memorial fund.
11:40 am
a big economic boost for philadelphia. a sof wear company is bringing dozens of jobs to our city. they are expanding. it's a software and solutions provider for the life health and annuity industry. it will create 81 jobs and they will expand the location to 25,000 square feet. they plan on investing more than $416,000 into this new site. from our jersey shore borough, watch the tram car. it's official now, the trolleys are coming to atlantic city. offering visitors a new way to travel up and down the board work. service is set to start february 1. the tram car company will pay the city a minimum of $126,000 a year for two years towiwj%ut new electric trams. new questions are being asked about whether north korea was really behind the sony cyber attack. some computer security experts
11:41 am
have a different theory. we will show you what they say could really be to blame. that's coming up. if you are heading out tomorrow on new year's day, i will show you how cold it's going to be. i'm looking ahead to a weekend storm coming up.
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they are ringing in the new year in china. this video in to nbc 10. the olympic park the setting for this year's celebration. from china we go to times square in new york city where in about 12 hours from now, a little more than that that ball will drop and the new year will be rung in in grand style with hundreds of thousands of people. you see lots of those folks already gathering for the drop still about 12 hours away. it's cold out there. hopefully, they are prepared. as you do every year philadelphia law rgeçenforcement officials reminding people that firing guns into the air on new year's eve, it's dangerousjk)ñ and it's illegal. police commissioner ramsey and the d.a. seth williams spoke this morning. they said the city had zero tolerance for people shooting firearms into the air to celebrate. also there was a man who is in a wheelchair after he was hit in the head with a new year's
11:45 am
bullet back in 1998. he appealed to residents to keep guns off the streets this new year's eve. >> why anyone would participate in such a deadly tradition. >> so true. police say anyone caught shooting a gun into the air on new year's eve will be charged and could face several years in prison if convicted. if you are staying at a hotel tonight, you will pay more. travellers should expect to shell out 25% more than the average year round nightly rate. the survey showed new york and las vegas to be the most popular new year's hotel destinations. many of us will raise a glass of bubbly to bring in the new year. about two-thirds of all champagne and sharkling wine is sold for special occasions. 40% come during the fourth quarter of the year over the thanksgiving, christmas and new year's holidays.
11:46 am
people bought more than 18 million cases of bubbly in the u.s. last year. snapchat plans to show off a global view of new year's eve. they will edit photos and video from users at celebrations all over the world. how cool is this? creating a documentary hfr style look at how people areri
11:47 am
road. is that really necessary? according to car experts, it's not. older vehicles did have to let the carburetor warm up. but newer models are good to go in a minute or two. experts say letting the car get warm is more foráñ the driver's comfort. figures show if all drivers skipped it they could save $6 billion a year in gas. united airlines suing the founder of a website that helps people buy cheaper plane tickets. they use a strategy called hidden city fares, when you buy a ticket with a layover and your destination and skip the last leg of the flight. this can end up being cheaper than a direct flight. they say there's nothing illegal. but united and or bit say it promoted prohibited travel. they want $75 million in lost ref knew. do you want to see calories
11:48 am
on restaurant menus? you are like a majority of americans. a new poll finds most people are in favor of calories labels. the finding comes as the fda prepared to enforce new rules requiring establishment that sell prepared foods that have 20 or more locations to post calorie information. new questions being raised by whether north core ree with a was behind the sony cyber attack. some cyber security experts say it may have been an inside job. here is more from nbc's joe frieer. >> reporter: with "the interview" in theaters and ondemand much of the country has moved on. but there's still a debate over who is responsible for the hack. the cyber security firm nor has been independently investigating, focusing on a group of at least six individuals, including at least one ex-employee who had the technical background and system knowledge to carry out the
11:49 am
attack. they code named the former employee lena. a security expert has argued an ex-employee could have played a role. >> somebody had to know what would embarrass hollywood or sony. a nation state would not know something like that. >> reporter: the fbi is still pointing to north korea saying there is no information to indicate that any other individual is responsible. the state department is standing by that conclusion. >> it's possible that some assets outside of the dprk might have been involved. but that doesn't change the conclusion about the dprk's responsibility. >> reporter: the security company crowd strike looked at the same information as the government and believes north korea conducted the attack. >> it's very typical in an attack like this for an adversary to assume the identity of an active employee inside the organization. >> reporter: north korea has
11:50 am
denied involvement in the mystery. some experts suggest there could be more they have a personal vendetta. for ways to infiltrate and come upon something that they may have set up. >> a source close to the investigation confirms fbi7sñd officials met with nor. sony declined to comment on the report.%jn2r looks nice out there. but it's the coldest day of the month so far. we have a cold new year's eve yw up. we have a wintry mix in the forecast for a part of saturday. after the wintry mix, it's going to get wet andy>0 across the area. we have sunshine right now. not helping a lot.
11:51 am
it's 31 degrees the wind is northwest at 15. itw, feels like 20. that's in the middle of the day. just think about tonight. 27 ind?ñ pottstown. 29 in trenton and mount holly and glassboro. 31 in millville. they were down well into the teens this morning in a lot of places in the teens. back to the west it is really cold. it feels like 11 below in chicago. 13 below in minneapolis. even 1 in wichita. we're not getting the worst of this cold. some of it's going to california as you saw some of the snow there. snow in las vegas. that's getting affected too. it's spread out across the country, not concentrated right here for example or else it would be much colder. we have mostly clear skies around here. there's the big storm out in the southwest. that's going to be moving to the east and coming in our direction.
11:52 am
but, of course it's not going to affect us tonight or tomorrow for new year's eve. 26 with the windchill of 19 and for the mummer's parade, it's going to be pretty cold. a windchill in the 20s. but not too windy, at least not windy enough to cause significant problems. as we go through the forecast m! today, 33 degrees for the high with lots of sunshine. windchills in the 20s. down to 23 in philadelphia tonight. teens in most of the suburbs. then up to 39 tomorrow. the sun giving way to clouds on friday. saturday looks cloudy and cold. and in the afternoon, we mayo!bnp get a wintry mix. some snow and sleet, especially north of the i-95 areas. sleet is even possible in philadelphia. then 2it changes to rain saturday night and into sunday morning as it briefly warms up before we get real cold next week. we will be right back.
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coming up at 3:00 it's "ellen." then it's nbc 10 news at 4:00. first night flop nbc 10 analyzes the events from past years that are disappearing and thetww!3ujz why.
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it's this afternoon on nbc 10 it's going to be cold out there tonight? >> very cold. temperature about 26 by midnight and windchill about 19. when they get the fireworks off, it may be a degree or so warmer than that. tomorrow morning very cold as well. then we have the storm affecting us over the weekend. starting off cold saturday but pretty mild on sunday. that's only temporary. >> thanks glenn. that sounds like a tease. >> this afternoon we will get more. >> all right. talking about this afternoon thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00 a.m. for all of us here at nbc 10, thanks for watching. glenn and i will see you along with jim today at 4:00. enjoy your afternoon.
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[knock at door] >> chad: yeah? hey. what a surprise. i was just thinking about you. how was work today? >> jordan: interesting. i ran into an old friend of yours, melanie jonas. >> chad: since it seems you came straight from work to my doorstep, i guess my name came up. >> jordan: it did. >> chad: mm-hmm. and you said thashe was an old friend. is that the term that she used? >> jordan: not exactly. >> chad: i didn't think so. well, i'd like you to hear my side of things. i'm guessing she said something along the lines of i lied to her and almost ruined her life. >> jordan: and your side? >> chad: she's right. it's all completely true. >> maggie: i want you to own


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