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tv   Today  NBC  January 5, 2015 7:00am-11:01am EST

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"today" show's up next. we'll be back with an update in 25 minutes. >> and you can get updates at good morning. dangerous chill. millions from the midwest to maine to the deep south dealing with brutally low temperatures. if you think it's cold now, al says just wait. day one. jury selection begins this morning at the trial for the surviving suspect in the boston marathon bombing attack. why it could take weeks to find the 12 jurors who will decide if he lives or dies. manhattan mystery. the founder of a $200 million hedge fund found fatally shot in his new york city apartment. was it suicide or murder? this morning, his own son is in police custody. and royal scandal. prince andrew reportedly cuts vacation short amid allegations that he had sex with an underage
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girl a claim the palace denies. alan dershowitz named in that same suit speaks to us "today," monday january 5th 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. the gang's all back for the new year. >> i love what the script says. it says we're all back even carson. >> carson! >> yea! >> why is that such a shocker? >> the mystery man is back in the house zblie thought he was filling in for tamron. >> ooh. ouch! >> ahh! >> love you, carson. >> let's get to our top story right now. it's going to be brutally cold.
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>> snow to deal with and lake-effect snow. 30 moreillion or more people literally stretching from coast to coast today. it feels like 25 below in minneapolis. zero in chicago. feels like 17 below. highs today will only get to 11 in chicago. marquette, 3. 21 in watertown. tuesday, it starts to make its way to the east. new york, 27. ashtabulaa, aa a ashtabulaa 25. chicago's high 1. 30 degrees below normal. buffalo, 14. new york, 10 degrees below average. thursday we settle in with that cold air. this is going to be the bulk of it stretching from minott to the northeast. plus we've got a clipper coming across very quickly. it's going to spread about 3 to 5 inches of snow from minneapolis, chicago, cleveland tonight.
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lake-effect snow will set up later this afternoon into tonight. generally about 6 to 9 inches from billings through minneapolis. look what sets up in western new york today on to the next 72 hours, upwards of two feet of snow just to the north of syracuse and from just east of cleveland to buffalo, we're talking a foot to a foot and a half of snow guys. long lasting, lake-effect event involving three lakes. we are talking about a lot of snow over the next 72 hours or more. >> welcome to january. >> there you go. >> happy new year. >> happy new year. >> exactly. nearly two years after the boston marathon bombings the trial begins for the surviving suspect, dzhokhar tsarnaev. pete williams is at the courthouse covering it for us. good morning to you. >> reporter: savannah good morning. the trial begins with the task of jury selection. because of what's at stake, this could be a long process to seat 12 jurors and six alternates from boston and the surrounding
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communities. lawyers for dzhokhar tsarnaev have twice asked the judge to move the trial somewhere else far away from the city where a terror attack near the finish line of the 2013 boston marathon killed three people and injured 260 more. tsarnaev is also accused of killing an m.i.t. police officer. his older brother, tamerlan died four days later in a shootout with the police. if tsarnaev is convicted, they are required to get what's known as a death-eligible jury. >> you don't want to have a jury that will not impose it no matter what the law says. >> reporter: an unusually large jury pool 3,000 people each required to fill out a questionnaire about themselves and begin reporting for the courthouse thaoday for a long selection process. the trial will move very slowly. jury selection itself may take two weeks. the entire trial could take four
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months or more. matt savannah? >> pete williams at the courthouse thank you. here in new york city police are investigating the death of a $200 million hedge fund founder and want to know if his son played role. jonathan dienst leads the investigation team. good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. thomas gilbert sr.'s wife found his body in their apartment. at this hour, his death has not been ruled a homicide and police haven't named his son a suspect, but the son is in custody and they've been questioning him for hours. the founder of a hedge fund worth $200 million was found dead in his bedroom sunday. one gunshot to his head. overnight, police questioned his son, thomas gilbert jr. investigators say they think he was the only person with his father around the time of the shooting. at about 3:30 sunday afternoon, police say thomas gilbert sr.'s wife found him in their
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apartment, a handgun, the fatal weapon used was found near the body. police led his crying widow, shelly away from the building in the exclusive enclave. neighbor directly below the shooting scene said there was a loud noise. >> almost as if someone had dropped something heavy, like a glass, on the floor from the apartment above us. >> reporter: gilbert's son, tommy, is now being questioned by detectives to see what he might know about his father's final moments. his facebook page shows a smiling, handsome man who, like his father attended princeton university. a close family friends says in recent years gilbert jr. had become volatile. on sunday afternoon, investigators say they believe the father and son got into an argument. gilbert jr., witnesses say, left the building with his hooded sweatshirt pulled up. 74-year-old gilbert was the founder of the booming
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multi-million dollar hedge fund wainscott partners. jarring for the affluent neighborhood. >> it's awful. i don't know what the details are, but it scares me. very shocking. very shocking. >> reporter: since the gun was found near the body police have not ruled out suicide. detectives continue to question the son, trying to get some answers. matt savannah? >> jonathan dienst thank you very much. we are learning this morning about the sole survivor of that tragic plane crash in kentucky. a 7-year-old girl managed to free herself from the wreckage and then walk nearly a mile for help. investigators are hoping now she can tell them what happened in the accident that killed her parents, her sister and a cousin. gabe gutierrez has the latest on all of it for us this morning. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: savannah good morning. moved the plane's wreckage to try to get a closer look. these woods were pitch black that night. but somehow that little girl made it out alive.
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this morning, 7-year-old sayler gutzler is recovering with relative. >> one remarkable young lady. >> reporter: hoping that the second grader soon will be able to provide clues that will help investigators figure out what caused the plane to plunge in the woods and how she was able to make it out alive when her parents, 9-year-old sister and 14-year-old cousin were killed. the interior of a similar plane. one of the things the ntsb will try to confirm is where sayler was sitting, hoping that may suggest how she survived. cell phone video from first responder wade white shows the path she took to find help. >> she had to crawl over tree tops through briar patches, weeds, deep ditches. she had to do this in the dark and she took the best route she could have took. she did this in socked feet in shorts and a t-shirt. >> she finally saw a porch
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light. the man who answered her door knock called 911 and sheriff kent murphy was the first to spot the downed plane upside down. >> some people don't believe in miracles. they think it's luck stuff like that. to me it's a miracle. >> reporter: a miracle that has captivated the family's hometown of nashville, illinois as it mourns a devastating loss. >> sayler judging by the way she handled herself there, is a fighter and will be well taken care of in this community. >> reporter: amazingly, first responders here say that sayler tried to find a branch and light it on the plane's burning wing so she could see. that ended up not working, but that didn't stop her. matt and savannah she was determined to find help for her family. >> what an incredibly brave little girl. >> yeah. >> thank you very much. natalie is here with the latest overnight news on that airasia tragedy. good morning to you. >> good morning.
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malaysia navy ship recovered three more bodies believed to be from airasia flight 8501 that crashed in the java sea eight days ago. and investigators think they found a key piece of that plane overnight. katy tur is in indonesia with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. that key piece of plane could be the tail. investigators haven't been able to confirm this but if it in fact and if it did not break up on impact they could find those black boxes within. it's now been more than a week since airasia lost contact with radar and crashed into the java sea. still no visual on the bulk of the wreckage. divers repeatedly thwarted by rough seas and low visibility. weather conditions so uncooperative, searchers are having trouble with the autonomous submarine. one team may have found the tail section, which would likely still house the black boxes. the head of the indonesian search and rescue says the
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difficulty now is to locate the black box. it's not easy even though we have the tools and the system. we've deployed vessels to find the ping signal but up until now we haven't succeeded. over the weekend, jakarta's meteorologic agency said weather was most likely the trigger, though no cause can be determined fl they're able to analyze the flight recorder. meanwhile it's now been eight days and though some bodies have been recovered and identified most are still missing. at this viewing, grieving relatives mourn for 10-year-old and her mother. still waiting for the family's grandmother, grandfather, father and two other children who are still unaccounted for. and with news over the weekend that this plane wasn't even supposed to be flying from indonesia to singapore on sunday there have been consequences. indonesian authorities say they have moved the officials in charge of the take-off including air traffic controllers, to other
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departments, much in the same way you would move a cop to desk duty if something went wrong. natalie, back to you. >> nbc's katy tur in indonesia, thank you. back here at home police officers from across the nation joined grieving family member ss to pay honor to a new york police officer. wenjian liu, his widow clutched a picture. some officers turned their backs as the city's mayor spoke at liu's service. they blame bill de blasio for supporting protests they say are anti-police. reality tv's teresa giudice attended church services sunday with her family in newark. teresa and her husband, joe giudice, pled guilty to fraud charges last year and her
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husband will begin his 41-month sentence after his wife's prison time is completed. hundreds of travelers happen to be on the ground after their nightmare 21-hour flight. it was scheduled to take off saturday from abu dahbi. they were stuck on the tarmac for ten hours. passengers called it the flight from hell and complained about not getting any food or water. apparently they weren't allowed to get off the flight. eventually though the plane did take off. it had to make that 16-hour journey all the way to california. the airline apologized for the inconvenience but said the delays were beyond its control. >> no food or water during that time on the tarmac? >> ten hours, i guess, for some of the traveler. >> why couldn't they just have been brought back to the gate? >> bathrooms were nice after that. >> imagine if they were tl children on that too? >> natalie, thank you. mr. roker? >> all righty. let's show you what we've got
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for today. around much of the country, sunshine southeast. chillier than usual. big storm system in the pacific northwest. we'll look at that in the next half hour. sunshine through the gulf but even there temperatures are chillier than good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. the wind is blowing, cold air is dumping into the area. look for temperatures in the 30s this afternoon and winds gusting to 40 miles an hour. that brings in even colder air tomorrow and a clipper.
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light snow during the day. looks like 1 to 2 inches for philadelphia. then it's out of here on wednesday. and here comes even colder air. gusty winds wednesday. thursday morning 9 degrees in the morning, just 23 in the afternoon. then it's 30s this weekend. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. >> al thank you very much. sarah palin is back in the spotlight, criticism over her conversation photo of her son, trigg, standing on the family dog. peter alexander fills us in on the rest of the story. good morning. >> good morning to you, matt. sarah palin and animal rights groups certainly have had their differences in the past. after sarah posted pictures of trigg getting a leg up with the help of the family dog, she and peta got into it and taking a swipe at the president in the
7:16 am
process. chill. the feud sparked by these photos that palin posted last week of her 6-year-old son, trigg, who has down syndrome stepping on the family dog to reach the kitchen sink. new year's day message said may 2015 see every stumbling block turned into a stepping stone on the path forward. a day later, peta pounced, saying she had no apparent sympathy for the dog and the animal rights grouped is used to the hard-hearted seemingly oblivious heart heartedness of this woman. >> the difference between a pit bull and a hockey mom? lipstick. at least trigg didn't eat the dog, she wrote,. did you go as crazy when your heroic man of your lifetime barack obama actually revealed he enjoyed eating dead dog meat? and lightlying this photo of
7:17 am
another child stepping on the dog. did you get all wee-wee'd up when she post this had picture? palin, who adopted the dog for trigg has been upfront about raising a child with special need. >> when we hold trigg and care for him, we don't feel scared anymore. we truly feel blessed. >> reporter: still, she called it a shame. i'll bet we agree on what ooh i hope is the true meaning of your mission, respecting god's creation and critters. palin's response shows, quote, she knows peta about as well as she knows geography, before going on to wish the palins a peaceful and humane 2015. her original facebook post now has more than 70,000 likes. >> peter alexander, thanks very much. you can read sarah palin's fig full statement on our website turn to carson now.
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what an emotional response to the passing of an espn sportscaster. >> so sad. so many turned to social media to remember the great stuart scott from espn. scott known popular sports center anchor unfortunately, passed away sunday morning. and, i mean if you met the guy, if you watched him on tv he was incredible. his work ethic, enthusiasm. and the speech he gave january 16th when he accepted the jimmy vee award for perseverance was one of the best speeches you'll ever see. here is a small portion that have now. >> when you die, it does not mean that you lose to cancer. you beat cancer by how you live why you live and in the manner in which you live. >> that's worth going back and seeing it in its entirety. a lot of people posted it. the president writes over the years he entertained us and
7:19 am
inspired us with courage and love. michael jordan a trailblazer in his field and by refusing to change his style made himself into a star. sports center we leave an empty seat to honor stuart scott. we will miss him. of course all of us here sending our thoughts of course with stuart's family his daughters and everybody his friends. tragic loss over the weekend, guys. >> really really nice tributes to him, no question. car son carson, thank you very much. coming up, we'll shift gears, literally. future of automobiles. a car that can find a spot and park all on its own. the shocking sex abuse allegations involving a minor being leveled against prince andrew and others including famed attorney alan dershowitz. this morning he will respond in a live interview. first this is "today" on nbc.
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so you stay active and strong. ensure. take life in good morning. i'm vai sikahema. it is cold out there, but then again, it is early january. let's get our first alert forecast from meteorologist bill henley. good morning, bill. >> good morning, vai. this is nothing compared to ha we are in for later this week. we could see single digits. we've got clouds blowing through the area but no rain today. it's already ended. we'll be in and out of the clouds. the mild weather has ended, too. now 20-mile-an-hour winds in wilmington bringing the temperatures down. 39 in northeast philadelphia. dover is 39. and it's 40 at philadelphia international. but the temperatures are falling. at 9:00 37 degrees, middle 30s at lunchtime and then lower 30s with gusty winds later today. >> thank you, bill. let's get a check on traffic and the issue on septa with jilla
7:27 am
meal. >> good morning to you, vai. the problem is still out there. the septa lansdale/doylestown line suspended service due to overhead power problems. that's been out there for a while and it's still there right now. 95 northbound right as you approach bridge street we have an accident taking out one lane so we have heavy volume on 95 northbound. in addition we have that normal volume on 95 southbound that we're used to seeing at this hour. so, your drive times, it's going to take you about 30 minutes southbound from woodhaven to the vine, vai. >> thank you, jill. a would-be robber is on the run after opening fire at a philadelphia toys "r" us store. police say a man dressed in black started banging on the door of the toys "r" us in port richmond around 6:30 this morning. he flashed a gun but workers would not let him in so the gunman fired a shot. no one was hurt and the suspect ran away. i'm vai sikahema. we'll have another update in about 25 minutes. of course you can get the latest news and weather on
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it is 7:30 now on this monday morning january 5th, 2015. look ma no driver. that is the new generation of cars that can park themselves. we'll take a closer look at what they can do how they work when we do this all live coming up in a few minutes. >> does it pay its own ticket when it's parked in the wrong place? >> and curses out another car. let's take a look at the headlines, push of arctic air is sweeping across the country. states in the u.s. dealing with subzero temperatures. that cold is expected to spread to the east and the south over the next day or so. jury selection is getting under way this morning for the trial of accused boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev. that attack of course killed
7:31 am
three people injured more than 260 others. if convicted tsarnaev faces the death penalty. stepping down after his guilty pleef federal yy plea of federal tax evasion charge. and hosting celebrities including julianne moore, kirsten stewart, kirstie alley and kathy griffin. a woman who claims she was forced to have sex while underage with prince andrew. another man named in that lawsuit, famed attorney alan dershowitz. we'll talk to him in a minute. first, keir simmons has more.
7:32 am
>> reporter: good morning. prince andrew is meeting with queen elizabeth today, fifth in line to the throne. civil case in florida has prompted a response from buckingham palace itself. it is a potential scandal with the power to rock the royal family. the palace is strongly and repeatedly denying that prince andrew the queen's second son, had sexual relations with a minor. any suggestion of impropriety with underage minor sincere categorically untrue one royal statement said. the queen's formal spokesman, said andrew, who cut short a ski vacation will be furious. >> he will be angry, kicking anything that comes in sight because he knows he's innocent. >> reporter: court papers filed in florida as part of a civil case against the u.s. government over their handling of the prosecution of andrew's former friend jeffrey etsy who pled guilty to soliciting prostitution in 2008. >> this was a secret deal
7:33 am
nonprosecution agreement made between eppstein and his lawyers and the united states government. >> reporter: claimed in the document that an underage girl identified as jane dough number three was forced to have sexual relations with prince andrew. and the woman claims she even met the queen. the palace denies any record of a meeting. the court papers also accuse harvard law professor alan dershowitz as having sex with the same underage woman. he says he never even met the alleged victim. there is no court case against the prince or dershowitz but the proceedings -- >> there will be multiple investigations and multiple cases. so this is something that we need to see play out. it's going to play out over a number of years. >> reporter: now jeffrey epstein has issued a statement saying these are stale, rehashed allegation that is lawyers are now attempting to repackage and spice up adding the names of prominent people. and the alleged victim has issued her own statement saying
7:34 am
i am looking forward to vindicating my rights as an innocent victim and pursuing all available recourse. and, she says the response she's had is exactly the reason why sexual abuse victims typically remain silent. she says matt i am not going to be bullied back into silence. >> keir simmons, thank you very much. alan dershowitz as we mentioned, named in that same lawsuit, is with us now. alan good morning to you. >> good morning. >> i was reading a preinterview you did with our producer. you're not only prepared to defend yourself but you are also about to go on the offense. let's get to the basics. your response to the allegations that you had sex with an underage girl all those years ago, what is your response? >> totally false and made up. she claims i had sex with with her in jeffny epstein's island. i was on that island once with my wife, my daughter, a prominent harvard business school professor, his wife, in-laws and children. i was never out of the sight of my wife. she claims i had sex with her on
7:35 am
jeffrey epstein's ranch in new mexico. record also show i was at the ranch once with friends with my wife and my daughter for about an hour. the house wasn't complete. epstein wasn't even in it. there are no girls around. she claims i had sex with her on the airplanes. manifests of the flights will show i was never on the airplanes with her. >> did you have any contact with jane doe number three at all, alan? >> no. i don't even know who she s i've never seen her, met her. i don't know who she s her lawyers have to know this. her lawyers, former federal judge and brad edwards deliberately and willfully file this had in a pleading which they knew i had no opportunity to respond to in court without any investigation. if they had simply investigated the manifest of the airplanes, if they had checked my travel records, if they had asked me, and i could have given them the names of the people who are witnesses, they would know that the story is totally false. these lawyers engaged n in unethical behavior and should be
7:36 am
disbarred. >> these are not guys who just fell off a turnip truck, alan. >> right. >> one is a former federal judge. >> that's right. >> why would they drag you and prince andrew in a case like this if they thought they had absolutely no merit? >> because they filed a paper in which they didn't ask to try to prove it. they didn't say we allege it. we want to prove it. they just threw it in there. it's the legal equivalent of scribbling something on a toilet stall and running away. they didn't think there would be any response and they will rue the day they file this had unethical complaint. >> why would two seasoned lawyers think there would be no response if you drag alan dershowitz into a lawsuit like this? >> i'm not a party to the lawsuit. i have no opportunity to respond. they didn't ask for a hearing. the woman said she wants a full investigation. i welcome a full investigation. i'm not trying to silence her. i challenged her to repeat the statement to the press so that i can sue for defamation. she has repeated the statements about the prince.
7:37 am
she has studiously refused to reproduce the statements about me. i challenged her to file rape criminal charges against me. if she does she exposes herself to criminal prosecution. i have challenged the lawyers to repeat these statements in public so there could be a defamation hearing. they want to just throw this stink bomb and then avoid any responsibility for it. they will not get away with this. there will be legal proceedings. there will be hearings. they will be deopposeposed. i will be deposed, the records will be produced the truth will come out and it will show these two unethical lawyers should be disbarred. i am completely and absolutely innocent of all these charges. >> i get the feeling this is not the last we've heard of this. >> absolutely not. >> alan dershowitz thank you very much. >> thank you. >> i think we get the feeling of why he is a famed defense attorney. let's get another check of the weather from al. >> a ton of pacific moisture out
7:38 am
there available to this storm as it makes its way onshore. it's already raining pretty heavily into the pacific northwest from seattle all the way down to portland. looking at pretty heavy rain will spread further east. and as it does it hits some colder air. we'll be looking at snow through the mountains of mountaina. heavy rain along the coast. look at this. just to the east of seattle, we're talking areas up to three to five inches of rain. rest of the country today, we have sunshine and nice moderate temperatures down to los angeles. sunny and 77. chillier than normal conditions gulf coast, texas, and lake-effect snow will be setting up around the great lakes. some areas again picking up one to 1 good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. the wind is blowing cold air is dumping into the area. look for temperatures in the 30s this afternoon and winds gusting to 40 miles an hour. that brings in even colder air tomorrow and a clipper. light snow during the day. looks like 1 to 2 inches for
7:39 am
philadelphia. then it's out of here on wednesday. and here comes even colder air. gusty winds wednesday. thursday morning, 9 degrees in the morning, just 23 in the afternoon. then it's 30s this weekend. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. >> al thank you very much. coming up on trending too dangerous for kids? pushing many parts of the country to ban sledding. the car that can park musical chairs. fun, right? welllllllll, not when your travel rewards card makes it so hard to get a seat using your miles. that's their game. the flights you want are blacked out. or they ask for some ridiculous number of miles. honestly, it's time to switch to the venture card from capital one. with venture use your miles on any airline, any flight, any time. no blackout dates. and with every purchase, you'll earn unlimited double miles. from now on, no one's taking your seat away. what's in your wallet?
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7:44 am
joe fryer, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. you're running late. no time to park your car? no problem. pushing a button on his smart watch that says park vehicle. this car will valet park itself. no one behind the wheel and the car is taking off. it's actually heading about 250 feet away to where those lights are over there. we'll check back with the car in about a minute and a half to see how it's doing. first, a preview of this year's ces. this week in vegas, the future is now. >> a cheaper tv that looks incredible. a smarter way to drive your car, where you have a lot more safety involved. and then you have the stuff we've not even dreamed about. and that will suddenly bubble up. >> reporter: tvs are no longer hi-def. they're ultra hi-def with quantum dot and 4k. >> the definition is so close to
7:45 am
reality that it is stunning. >> reporter: drones are also expected to make a big splash this year along with virtual reality headsets and wearable technology especially health-related gadgets. parts of ces will look more like an auto show with many carmakers closing the gap between your digital life and your driving life. mercedes has been teasing a self-driving concept car. >> park yourself. >> reporter: and bmw showed us the remote valet parking assistant. the car navigates on its own to find an open space in a parking garage. >> you don't have to drive around anymore. you don't have to look for a parking space. this car is doing it for you. >> reporter: typically, no one would be in the car right now. to prove a point i'm in the passenger seat and no one is in the driver's seat as the car tries to find a parking spot. using a digital map of the garage laser scanners search for an open spot. and if something or someone gets in the way, the car stops and
7:46 am
figures out a way around. it's a glimpse at the future. five to ten years, automakers predict fully autonomous vehicles will be on the road. it's going to happen isn't it? >> it will. >> reporter: back live now, the car has made its way over here. it is backing into this parking space on its own. no one behind the wheels between the red car and blue car right between these yellow lines, doing a better job of parking than a lot of humans might do myself included. what happens when they need to get the car back? the person with the smart watch pushes a button that says pick me up. the bmw works its way through the garage and meets the driver at the exit of the parking ramp. this is one example of driverless technology. expect to see a lot of samples like this from automakers throughout the week here at ces. savannah? >> wow! can it parallel park? >> can it stop by for burgers and fries? >> just to be even more
7:47 am
life-like, it parks so close to the next car, you can't get the door open. >> nice. nice. >> joe fryer, thanks. >> cool stuff. >> it is. >> love that. why oscar-winning actor russell crowe is telling actresses to act their own age. carson shares a wedding dance to end all w ♪ [epic music] ♪ introducing aleve pm... the pm pain reliever. that dares to work all the way until... [birds chirping] the am. new aleve pm. it's the first to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour strength of aleve. for pain relief that can last all the way until morning. new aleve pm, for a better am.
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know better sleep with sleep number. carson is over in the orange room doing the chicken dance. >> lacing up your dancing shoes. >> getting ready for a big wedding perhaps. sometimes moves at weddings are too good to contain on the dance floor. take a look at harlan here. carving out his own little area. there he is down there. see him? fun-loving kid trying to impress some girls there at the wedding. that's gone viral five days ago. now nearly a million hits there. viewers watched the "today" show thought we would share. my nephew as the garter is about to be thrown at my daughter's wedding. and party's so hard he grabbed the ring bearer's pillow and crashed at the reception, otherwise known as the roker. al has done this i'm sure. >> oh, yeah.
7:52 am
>> and my daughter at her uncle's wedding showing how she felt. back to you. coming up start today. what do you want to do in 2015 lose weight get organized, save a little money? we'll put you on the path to success. >> with the four j's.
7:53 am
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good morning. i'm vai sikahema. let's take a look at what your monday has in store for you. let's get our first alert forecast from meteorologist bill henley. >> it is a sunny start at the shore. look at the view from cape may. bright sunshine there, but the wind is blowing. we're seeing that wind blow some clouds through the rest of the area. 16-mile-an-hour wind in philadelphia. a little bit stronger for allentown and the pocono mountains. the temperatures now 39 in northeast philadelphia. these temperatures are falling. it's down to 34 in allentown, and the pocono mountains are in the 20s right now. and a blustery day is going to bring temperatures down as we head into the afternoon, lower 30s. >> thank you, bill. let's get a check on traffic and jillian mele has details on the problems with septa throughout the morning. >> good morning to you, vai. we still have an issue on the lansdale/doylestown line. this line is suspended between lansdale and doylestown due to overhead power problems. that's been out there for a
7:57 am
while and i don't see it clearing up any time soon but we'll kup keep you updated. a problem upper dublin by butler pike by meetinghouse road so expect a delay there. and heavy volume both directions of 95 especially near bridge street. we just had an accident clear off of the northbound side in that area. vai. thank you, jill. the man accused of the deadly ambush outside a pennsylvania state police barracks in pike county will be in court today. nbc 10 will be in milford for eric frein's preliminary hearing this morning. he is charged in the murder of state police corporal bryon dickson, trooper alex douglass was also injured in the ambush. frein was on the run for 48 days before his capture in october. jury selection begins today in the trial of former philadelphia sportscaster don tollefson. prosecutors say tollefson stole more than $300,000 in a charity scam. he withdrew a guilty plea last month. i'm vai sikahema. we'll have another update in about 25 minutes. you can always get the latest news and weather on
7:58 am
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it's 8:00 on "today." coming up start today. what's your goal for 2015 get into shape, save more money, maybe get organized? how about all of the above? a team of experts to help jump-start your new year. then big stars, big issue. >> what does it actually feel like? >> i fileeel like i can't find myself. >> julianne moore and kristen stewart open up about alzheimer's and their new movie generating oscar talk. and did she do it? when kirstie alley was here last spring she promised to lose 30
8:01 am
pounds. she's here to reveal her new look "today," january 5th, 2015. >> good morning, arizona. happy new year! >> good morning st. louis! >> i'm 50 and fabulous today from indianapolis indiana. >> good morning from the plaza! whoo! we're back now 8:00 on a monday morning. it is the 5th day of january, 2015. so it's really our first time back together as a group for the new year. natalie's inside. i'm matt lauer with savannah guthrie, carson sonson daly and al roker. people have their new year's resolutions on their sign. we're starting a new series start today. we'll help you accomplish all
8:02 am
the things you want to accomplish in the new year. >> i love that one, sing more. >> your resolution is for me to sing less? >> sing less. >> kathy griffin is here. she, of course will be the new host of fashion police. one of hollywood's biggest stars will be here tomorrow nicole kidman. we'll talk to her about life love and her new movie. >> speaking of hollywood, we're headed west for sunday's big golden globe awards big red carpet special. that starts 7:00 eastern, 4:00 pacific here on nbc. we'll have a full wrap-up monday on "today." before we get to all of that let's get a check of the top stories from natalie inside. >> hello, guys. good morning once again. millions are facing temperatures that are brutally cold even for now in january. minneapolis with 25 degrees below zero. in chicago, the real temperature hovering near zero. it is going to get even colder as the week moves on and the great lakes region bracing for
8:03 am
up to two feet of snow. jury selection is starting today in the trial of boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. more than 3,000 people were summoned for the jury pool. he could face the death penalty if convicted of the 2013 bombings that killed three people and wounded 260 others. he is also charged with the murder of an m.i.t. police officer. his older brother, tamerlan died in a shootout days after the attack. the 7-year-old survivor of a plane crash is staying with relatives while she recovers from cuts and bruises. mean meanwhile, federal investigators are examining wreckage from the friday night accident that killed the girl's parents, sister and a cousin. they were flying from key west florida, home to illinois when their plane went down in kentucky. the second grader hiked through dark woods to get help. lawmakers in oklahoma are going to consider making it illegal to wear hoodies with the
8:04 am
hood up in public. nbc's kerry sanders explains. >> reporter: they're a fashion staple as the temperature drops, the hooded sweatshirt or hoodie. >> i've been wearing hoodies since i was a little kid. >> reporter: that may soon be banned in oklahoma where the state senate is considering a measure that would make it illegal for a person to intentionally conceal his or his identity in a public place by means of a robe mask or other disguise including a hoodie. the current proposal comes in the wake of the garments rule in the shooting death of trayvon martin in florida. he was wearing a hoodie when confronted by a community watch volunteer who thought he looked suspicious. outrage over the case led to protest marches with hoodie-clad demonstrators. the oklahoma bills ban is meant to fight crime. state senator don barrington sponsoring the bill says oklahoma business want state
8:05 am
leaders to be responsive to their safety concerns and this is one way we can provide protection. but legal experts say a blanket ban may not hold up in court. >> is there a less intrusive way to try and curb the violence and crime without outweighing somebody's liberty or privacy? >> reporter: kerry sanders, nbc news. an explosion at a fireworks factory caught on camera left at least two people injured. the blast ignited a huge fire in a town near the colombian capital. five buildings of storage with gun powder were destroyed. a brewery is building a two-mile plastic pipeline underground to connect the brewing facility with its bottling plant, keeping heavy beer trucks from damaging the cobblestone streets. the pipeline will carry 1600
8:06 am
gallons of beer each hour. that is impressive. 8:05 right now. let's get another check of the weather with mr. roker. hey, al. >> do you know how many people would love that beer pipeline into their house? >> or their vein. >> dang that would be fantastic. your #start today is to study more? >> yes. >> what's your name? >> tyler. >> what's your weakest subject, tyler? >> mmm. >> mmm. >> science. >> science. mine too. sadly, given my job. that's rough. i'm sure you'll do much better. way to g happy new year young man. let's show you what we've got going on right now, as we watch -- starting to see lake-effect snow developing. chicago right now, beautiful sunrise, but look at that temperature. 9:00 4 above. windchills at 10 below or more topping out at 13. highs today will stay very very cold throughout the great lakes. those temperatures will be spreading east by thursday. and we've got a clipper system coming across that's going to
8:07 am
bring light snow from the plains across the great lakes and into the midatlantic states and even the northeast. look at these snowfall totals, anywhere from six to nine inches of snow. heaviest will be the leeward side of the great lakes from cleveland into syracuse some areas picking up two feet of snow. . good morning i'm bill henley the wind is blowing cold air and dumping it. look for temps near the 30s. a clipper with light snow during the day. wednesday, and here comes colder air gusty winds on wednesday and thursday morning nine degrees in the morning and 23 in the afternoon. 30st this weekend. have a great day. >> that is your latest weather. >> mr. roker, thank you. coming up next on trending
8:08 am
it looked a little like this. wait. here we go. let's hug it out. >> wow, that went well. >> it was that scene at the dallas cowboys game involving the governor of new jersey. lot of people still talking about this. >> air five right there. and then steps you can take starting today to make -- >> start today! >> actresses julianne moore and kristen stewart. first these messages. >> let's do it again. >> try it again. >> oh, we missed!
8:09 am
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so it seemed like a good time to sell my car. well, we make it pretty easy. in fact, your appraisal should be ready, let's pull it up. now, how long do i have to decide on this offer? seven days, and we'll buy your car even if you don't buy ours. but if i decide to buy a convertible? the offer is exactly the same either way. nice! aaanndd... here it is! we'll take it! terrific. sell your car the fast and easy way, with no strings attached, at carmax. start here. all right. we're back. it's monday morning. it is trending inging o'clock. why it may all be one downhill for one very popular winter activity. al has been telling us about the cold snap coming up. a lot of kids will get home get their sleds out and hopefully play in the snow. now cities across the country
8:12 am
are saying not so fast. a lot are banning sledding because they don't want to risk paying expensive medical bills if kids get injured, or getting sued. one estimate says for each year between 1997 and 2007 more than 20,000 children ended up in the e.r. with sledding-related injuries. and a lot of times there are, you know, lawsuits tied to those. we have a sledding hill in my town. i won't say the name of the town. at the end it has one of those dips. >> yeah. >> it's carnage every time. >> put a helmet on and padding. >> don't ban it everywhere else. the hill in my neighborhood is perfect. >> those saucers, where you have no steering. >> when you grease the bottom. >> natalie? >> need for speed. >> lunch tray from the dining hall. music fans listen up kanye west may have just discovered the next music superstar. his name paul mccartney.
8:13 am
>> who? >> remember that name. "only one" featuring mccartney. may be a bona fide legend but some of kanye's fans may not be familiar with his work. i don't know who paul mccartney is but kanye will give him a career. and another, this is why i love kanye. >> if they were meant to be funny, that's pretty good. >> the fact that they don't know mccartney is the guy from "wings" is crazy. nuts. did you know that governor chris christie is a huge fan of the dallas cowboys? >> i did not know that. >> the governor was there last night in texas as his favorite team the cowboys, won a nail biter against the detroit lions. boy, did he celebrate. going in for the high five and hging cowboy's owner jerry jones. >> mr. jones went the other way there. >> didn't put the hand up.
8:14 am
>> the criticism about governor christie being there at the game is unfounded. if you're a lifelong fan of the team you want to be there at that moment. what made it awkward is the missed high five. >> and then the backwards hug fest. >> these large men jumping up and down is a sight to be seen. >> that was like christie cutaway cam. they took five shots of christie. >> michigan and all those pennsylvania philadelphia fans that the cowboys knocked out of the playoffs before not going so well. >> that's what's trending today. start today, help reach your goals, losing weight saving money and
8:15 am
all right. we're back now with the kickoff of our special series "start today." millions of people made a new year's resolution to lose weight get organized or save money. how will you achieve your goals? all month long we're enlisting the help of our four j's, joy bauer, jenna wolfe, jill martin and jean chatzky. let's begin with jean "today's" financial editor. she will help you save a little more. what do you have in store for us? >> hey, matt good morning. we have a savings program for people. today we are handing out certificates for free cups of coffee on the plaza. what we hope is that people will take the $2.50 that they save and put it in the bank.
8:16 am
now i know $2.50 does not sound like a huge amount of money. but if you do it every day for a month, it's $77. over six months it's $450. and if you do it for ten years, it's more than $9,000. now i will be here later in the week with more savings tips. you don't have to wait that long. you can go to #team jean and get on my 52-week savings program right now. by the end of the year you will have $1,400. matt? >> all right. that's a lot of money, jean. great. we'll check back in with you. "today" contributor jill martin will help you get more organized in 2015. how are we going to do that jill? >> well matt this is very exciting. as you said it is time to get organized. time to open your closet and take a truth pill. the truth is we only wear 30% of what we have in our closet,
8:17 am
which means 70% has to go. now i know that sounds like a lot, but we are going to do it together. and if this person can do it so can you. because hoda kotb is letting us into her home later today and into her closet. >> don't judge me! >> for the first time. >> don't judge me! >> is this indicative of what your home closet looks like? >> it sort of -- i tushly clean up before the cleaning lady comes, which is one of my rules. had i known, i would have sparkled this place, but this is sort of what it looks like. >> i'm anxious to get in there and cleanse. use the #start today and also #team jill. >> clean my closet! excellent. >> matt back to you. >> hoda's brave. so are you. jill thank you very much. losing weight getting fit, couple of the most popular resolutions. fitness correspondent jenna wolfe can help you burn more in terms of calories this year. jenna, take it away. >> hey, matt good morning.
8:18 am
i'm going to try my best. here is the deal. holidays are over. you've eaten yourself silly. you may or may not have gotten to the gym as often as you would have like edd. it's okay. it's time to look in the mirror and say enough is enough. the question is, where do you start, right? here is where i come in to help you. over the course of next month, i'm going to give you a number of easy, doable, simple steps you can do every day to burn calories. and here is the deal. it starts with something as simple as walking, what i'm doing right now. think 10,000 steps. 10,000 steps may seem daunting to you. you don't have to do it seven days a week. if you can walk 10,000 steps three days a week, wait till you hear the impact that's going to have. 1500 calories a week and 6,000 calories over the course of a month. if you do that for a year you will burn 78,000 calories which is a pretty exceptional number right there. wait till you hear how many pounds that is lost. matt i'll send it back to you. >> jenna, thank you very much. last but not least, "today"
8:19 am
nutritionist joy bauer will show us how much weight we can lose if we walk those 10,000 steps that jenna just mentioned. i'm going to start off with the walk. each of us gave joy a goal we would like to accomplish in the new year. we're going to work toward those this morning. what are you holding? >> i'm here with these ladderrds of fat to demonstrate how much one person can lose each year. by walking 10,000 steps three times a week over the course of the year five pounds of fat, ten pounds of fat, 15 pounds of fat, 20 pounds of fat, 22 pounds of fat. >> if you do what jenna just told us to do? >> you could look like a new person by the end of the year. of course you want to tweak and be strategic about your diet as well. that's how you're really going to lose the weight together diet and exercise. i'll be tossing out unique realistic, simple tips
8:20 am
throughout the whole entire month. i'm calling this choose it to lose it. viewers can pick. you guys can pick exactly what you want to follow. we're going to start with our "today" show family your health resolutions. >> i want to move you out from behind this scale because we can't see you. >> the fat is hiding me. >> what i asked you to help me do -- a lot of people are like me i think. i love red meat. i am doing pretty good in the new year. i haven't had it since last night. how do i go about eating less red meat? >> i want you to go cold turkey for the next seven days. no red meat. after that i'm going to give you some wiggle room one to two times a week. you're going to embrace all of these great delicious protein choices, fish poultry, tofu. >> not happening but okay fish and poultry, yes. >> are there people like me wired to be attracted by red meat? if i'm walking past the kitchen and they're doing a cooking
8:21 am
segment i go right for the burger or ribs. >> we can reprogram you. if viewers want to follow your lead check this out. if you order a prime rib in a restaurant 960 calories. that same restaurant grilled chicken breast 260 calories. matt if you make this swap three times a week at the end of the year you will lose 30 pounds. 30 pounds of ribs or 30 pounds of fat. >> i'll take the 30 pounds of ribs. >> no you're going cold turkey. hands off! >> okay. great. sav an everybody has a resolution. savannah what's yours? >> i would like to get back to my prebaby weight. >> here is your tip. it's a simple one. every time you order a sandwich or make yourself a sandwich or burger i want you to lose that top slice of bread. >> okay. >> save yourself 80 to 100 calories per slice. if you do that about five times a year, at the end of the year you saved yourself more than 260
8:22 am
slices of bread and you can easily drop up to seven pounds with that one simple tip. >> easy peasy. >> awesome. >> all right. come on over girl. >> okay. >> my issue is the nightly glass or two of wine which then leads to late-night snacking on things i shouldn't be eating. >> a lot of people can relate to that. >> yeah. >> so first the alcohol itself is going to be about 120 calories. then you start mindlessly munching and who knows how many additional calories. my tip is to reward yourself with a really gorgeous festive, in a wine glass, mocktail. seltzer, cranberry juice, orange juice, pomegranate juice. then you don't succumb to the cookies and cakes. do this most nights each week natalie, save yourself the calorie and sugar equivalent of 2,000 chocolate chip cookies.
8:23 am
>> that puts it in perspective. >> at the end of the year you could potentially lose -- not you, you would dissipate, but somebody who needs to lose weight up to 30 pounds from this one tip. >> wow! let's go over to roker. >> i want to try to cook more at home. >> i love that. >> we order out a lot sometimes. >> so many reasons that is a solid, smart resolution. look at this gorgeous meal. what my tip to you is -- i want you to commit to cooking with your family or for your family two nights each week. and three easy ways to do it. first, figure out what those days are in advance and mark it down. make it official. >> okay. >> know what the recipes are and make sure that you have all of the ingredients on hand. then we want al to be accountable. so you're going to take a picture. >> >>okay. >> in real time. >> i'm going to be one of those? >> tweet it out, instagram it out. use the #start today and team joy. we know from going to fattening
8:24 am
take out to a healthy home cooked meal you could shave 500 calories off your dinner. twice a week will equate to over 52,000 calories saved. >> wow! >> all of these. >> my gosh! >> at the end of the year you could lose 15 pounds with this tip. >> pretty cool. >> very cool. >> hard enough to grab some of those. that's part of my problem, joy. >> carson. >> i do okay on the big meals. this is my problem here. i have 12 kids at home these days. my son likes his crust cut off the grilled cheese. picking in between the meals, processed food. oh he didn't finish his goldfish. i don't think i'm doing much damage but i know it's not good. >> and it adds up. every time you are impulsively about to pick something off your kid's plate, put it in the bag. >> not sure i can do that. >> you're going to do it. you're going to commit on national television right here. >> all right. >> at the end of the week it's mind boggling. quite a wake-up call when you
8:25 am
see how much you would have put in your body and sometimes it's enough to kick the habit. i had a parent anonymous, who has the same problem. i gave her this task. at the end of the week she had about 2,000 calories worth. >> that's gross to some people. i'll take that with me. some people say i don't even know i'm doing it like your red wine. >> you need the empty bag. you'll take this bag. for people how the out there who have this as a bad habit, and they shave a couple thousand calories off each and every week -- >> what am i looking at? >> check this out. you'll lose the equivalent of -- come here jack. >> that's not my jack is it? >> 30-pound gorgeous boy. >> you get a boy at the end of -- >> a small child! >> look right at that camera jack. >> jack thanks buddy. good to see you. joy will be back in the fourth
8:26 am
hour for the full joy weight loss plan go to jenna will be back good morning i'm tracey davidson. let's get your forecast for this monday morning. >> gold and windy, blowing clouds through the area the temperatures are coming down thanks to strong gusty winds. the rest of the areas have drops down into the 30s. add to that gusty winds and you have a gold day brewing temperatures are going to be coming down and tomorrow we will be watching clouds arrive with the chance of light snow.
8:27 am
>> lest get a check on traffic. >> we're deal rg with one problem on septa all morning. there is overhead power prochs. that service is suspends. that's what we have going on right now. some of it is starting to get up and running. this is 76 the oeb side. slow moving as drives get into center city. >> a robber is on the run after open firing at a toys-r-us. a guy dressed in black was banging on the door around 6:30 this morning. a worker in the store refused to let him in and he fired a shot at the door. get up dates on news and weather on our website.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
all right. it is 8:30 on a monday morning, the 5th of january, 2015. getting the new year started out here on the plaza. great crowd. >> really good crowd, no question. do you know who's inside? >> who? >> we just mentioned, kirstie alley is here. the deal is this. last spring she was with us. she said before i come back to your studio i will drop 30 pounds. we'll find out how she's been doing. she looks great. >> looks like she's done it. >> yep. plus kathy griffin is here as well.
8:31 am
she's talking about following in the footsteps of her friend joan rivers taking over as co-host of e's "fashion police." sitting down with julianne moore and kristen stewart, stars of ar powerful movie getting oscar buzz. and apprentice last night. >> we'll hear all about that. first let's get a check of the weather. first of all, for today, big storm system comeing into the midwest. clipper. tomorrow more lake-effect snow and more heavy snow around the great lakes. plenty of sunshine in the pacific northwest. things dry out there. looking at the gulf coast. lots of sunny skies. midatlantic states sunny, but cool. upper midatlantic, look at a little light snow >> good morning i'm bill henley. told air is dumping into the
8:32 am
area. look for temperatures in the 30s this afternoon. winds gusting to 40 miles per hour. we have a clipper tomorrow were one to two inches for philadelphia. out of here on wednesday and here comes even colder air, gusty winds on wednesday, thursday morning, nine degrees in the morning, 20 in the afternoon. 30s this weekend. have a great day. >> now let's head back to the orange room and carson! >> all right. thank you very much al. super bowl is less than a month away. this morning, dor eatitos is kicking off top ten ads made entirely by doritos fans. here is a look at one finalist. >> lemonade! get your lemonade here. >> how much for the doritos? >> sorry, sir, those aren't for sale. >> what if i buy two lem aenonades
8:33 am
for the doritos. >> do i hear five? >> wide receiver going long 84 sold 84 lemonade. lemonade. get your lemonade here. >> all right. there you go. find all the finalist videos on our site along with the link to doritos website to cast your vote. two winning ads will appear during the super bowl. go check them out and let the voting begin. matt? >> carson thank you very much. kirstie alley visited us back in april and she promised to return when she reached her goal of losing 30 pounds. over the years her roller coaster of weight loss and gain has been pretty closely followed size 16 down to a size 10. has she stuck to her 2014 resolution? kirstie, come on in.
8:34 am
how did you do? there you go. kirstie, how are you? >> i'm good. >> you look fantastic. >> thank you. >> happy new year. >> happy new year to you. >> please have a seat. so are we at 30? >> we're at 50. >> 50 pounds you lost? >> i know. >> how did you do it? >> i tlost on jenny craig. >> you're a paid spokesperson i want to mention that. >> i'm a paid spokesperson for jenny kra craig. >> you tried losing weight in the past. you roller coaster'ed a bit. >> i do roller coaster. >> did you do something different this time? >> this time i just stuck -- i really accessed our consultant. on the jenny craig program you get a personal consultant. >> did you not do that in the past? >> i did, but didn't listen to them that much. celebrity spokesperson has private consultants. on jenny craig, everybody gets a private consultant. i really listened to her. we would plan things out more carefully. that was the big difference. >> we have just come through the
8:35 am
holiday period. this is a really tough time for a lot of people when it comes to their weight. did you roller coaster up a little bit? >> i actually lost. >> you lost more weight during the holidays? >> my consultant and i sat down and planned it out and we decided, you know when -- it was like this. okay. so we're going to have christmas dinner here basically have whatever you want. but it wasn't a spree. it wasn't my usual holiday, which lasts from halloween to valentine's day. >> yeah. that's a rather long period of time. >> yes! it's too long of a period. so we planned it out. >> i was looking back at our history together. we've done a lot of introduce over the years. >> i know. i know. >> a lot of them have been focused on this subject, your weight. >> i know! >> when you get to the end of a diet or plan like this when you've lost 50 pounds do you always think in your mind i will keep it off? >> no. before i've had more of a view of get to the goal. have the goal. and this time i thought, okay. what is the goal and what is the
8:36 am
time span of the goal? so i really looked at it as this is my life and until i'm dead basically, i am going to keep this weight instead of, oorks i lost 50 pounds and now i can do whatever i want. i don't have that anymore. >> you are sure you can maintain this weight this time. what i'm asking is did you always have that feeling? >> i didn't always have that feeling. i would set myself a goal this time it's different. my goal is to keep this and maintain this throughout my life especially as an actress. you know people are in different lines of work but actresses just need to keep themselves -- i'm actually more responsible than i was before. >> i thought about that when i was looking at the notes for you last night. so many of our interviews have dealt with weight. do you ever worry that it started to overshadow your work as an actress, that this is defining you in some way?
8:37 am
>> that might abe good thing, you know. >> no no i like you as an actress. i really do. >> i even thought that. i thought i really want to do more acting and more movies and i want to do -- how do i like to see myself on film? it's important for everyone to decide how they want to see themselves. i like to see myself looking more svelte. that's just the truth of it. >> this is more the ideal you? >> yes. how the hell does someone keep gaining weight? that's the screwed up part of me. but i feel like i've conquered that now. you know it takes me -- i'm sort of hardheaded. when i used to do drugs, took me a while to quit quit quit. and then it was done. so i feel like that's occurred for me. >> now that you've reached and exceeded your resolution for 2014 -- >> yeah. >> -- did you make a new year's resolution for 2015? >> well i have a lot of resolution. >> any that you can share with us? >> yeah. well i would like to hook it up. what? >> are there any that you can
8:38 am
share with us? >> yeah yeah. i would like to -- you have it down there. kirstie wants to hook up in 20 -- come on matt. >> we'll see new a year and see how that went. >> i'm sure i'll be much thinner then. >> you look great, kirstie. >> thank you. >> nice to have you back. >> kathy griffin is here to talk about joining "the fashion police." and julianne moore and kristen stewart open up about their new movie. first this is "today" on a hook-up day on nbc.
8:39 am
8:40 am
back now at 8:40 with a new role earning julianne moore a lot of oscar buzz.
8:41 am
>> diagnosed with alzheimer's disease, and maria shriver is an executive producer of the film. she sat down with julianne and co-star kristen stewart, talking about how they hope to change the face of the disease. >> i don't know who i am and i don't know what i'm going to lose next. >> critics say this is julianne moore at her best. >> and everything i've worked for in my entire life. >> she plays alice, a wife mother of three, and linguistics professor who, at just 50 years old, is diagnosed with early onset alzheimer's disease. her memory speech and identity slowly slipping away. >> what were you trying to evoke from this character? what did you want the world to see? what did you identify with? >> what it feels like. it's what people find so terrifying about alzheimer's. it's about cognitive decline. it forces you to examine how much time you have how you want
8:42 am
to spend it. >> reporter: the film based on the best selling book tells the story of more than 5.2 million americans living with alzheimer's. 200,000 have early onset, which strikes as young as your 30s. >> my biggest hope for the book and the movie is for people to understand alzheimer's in a way that isn't just people are at an end stage in a nursing home. it's that people are still people with alzheimer's. their identity and worthiness as a human being is still there. >> when my own father, sergeant shriver, was diagnosed, i learned there's no right way to cope. in the film alice's husband, played by alec baldwin, reacts with denial. >> we all have memory lapses. that's a sign of getting older. >> you want to make my choices. >> no, i don't. >> kristen stewart plays her estranged daughter who ends up being her caregiver. >> what does it feel like? >> like i can't find myself.
8:43 am
>> kristen, best known for the "twilight" sagas -- >> i can stand in something so grotesquely horrendous and try to see the light and i didn't know that i had that. >> i was delighted when i heard she was going to do this movie. i mean really really thrilled because i've always loved her work so much and loved her personally. >> to work with an actress of her stature, what dod that mean to you as an actress? >> i said it before, literally to -- >> say it again. >> okay i'll keep saying it. i love you, i love you, i love you. >> all right, stop! >> i worked with very talented people. she's an incredible persons to be around. >> up for a golden globe and already getting oscar buzz. she's been nominated four times but never won.
8:44 am
is this exciting for you, when you see the reaction is this. >> yes. oh my goodness yes! delighted. yeah i'm not cool. >> what do you think is the biggest message, the takeaway from this film? >> live in it and be positive and live in the now. >> anyone who knows who has ever lost anybody that that's when you feel it most intensely, how much you love to live. >> her performance, bringing new attention to a devastating disease. for "today," maria shriver, nbc news los angeles. >> by the way, "still alice" opens in new york january 16th and nationwide in february. up next the always unpredictable kathy griffin. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
8:46 am
we're back at 8:46 with comedian kathy griffin.
8:47 am
she's hit to-- she's set to -- >> i'm hosting. >> do you or do you not have co-hosts? >> i have support panels who will worship me and laugh at everything i say, hopefully. >> it's good to have you on the show. joan rivers is a very good friend of yours and you're filling her shoes. i'm sure that's bittersweet. >> she absolutely left big shoes to fill. i'm bringing my own slippers. we were great pals. i will continue if nothing else in her fearless style of taking no prisoners. but our styles were different. i'm a different human being. i'm more improveisational. i don't know what i'm going to say and neither does anyone else on the panel. >> that's why that seven-second delay is so -- >> they've bumped it up to two minutes.
8:48 am
>> they've written all your apology s apologies for you. >> i'm nonapologetic. >> let me say it straight out. you have been on the worst dressed list a few times. >> many times. i used to laminate them. i have gone from the worst dressed and best droes dresed and everything in between, on the other side of the microphone walking the red carpet at the emmys, grams and i've also taken hits. this is all pomp and circumstance. it's ridiculousness. if you can't make fun of the red carpet what can you make fun of? >> i was thinking about it. remember when celebrities took big risks like duck dress? do you remember that? there it is. you never see stuff like that anymore. >> love it. love it love it! there's a new eara. we could not have those cher bob mackie moments if everyone played it so safe. i would like to encourage the gentlemen and ladies to not play it so safe. i would think this could be the year people could take risks and i like it. >> you're down to critiquing their clutch.
8:49 am
>> right. they're all so perfect, they have the perfect black dress. i hope the ladies bring the heat for the globes. we are on the day after the globes. we tape it that morning. it goes to air a couple of hours later. they can't mess with me too much or change me or make me better. i'm still going to be very wrong. >> now, is there anybody that you really have in mind that you would like to critique? is there anybody who has a bedazzled target on their tanned back? >> i'm going to focus on you actually. >> don't. >> is this a bad time to tell you? >> yes. >> i have been telling people they're on the worst dressed list sight unseen. i told ryan seacrest several times, worst dressed sight unseen and anderson cooper even if you don't leave your house. i really don't know. every week it's going to change. i change my mind believe it or not. one week i might make fun of gwyneth paltrow, next week i might goof it up. >> you mentioned anderson
8:50 am
cooper. good friend of ours around here. >> sure. >> how did you mortgage if i him on new year's eve? >> i dyed his air, one side red and one side blue. i asked him to close his eyes and he foolishly did. >> didn't you get the memo, never touch the hair? >> i did. >> that's what matt lauer tells me. >> he looks like diane keaton all played died his hair plaid. how do you put up with him? >> i don't know. the other thing i heard, you love today the musical. >> i am obsessed with it. anderson cooper turned me on to it. i've watched it about 47 times. i like that regis is the star and he's not even on the "today" show. if you've not seen "today" the musical, please everyone is best dressed. all right? >> thank you very much. i had to give you those last few seconds. >> to pay homage of course. >> yes. >> please ignore all of us. >> of course. you all have a pass. >> i'm going to hold you to
8:51 am
that. new week of "fashion police"," next monday. >> you don't even like saying it. >> it's terrifying. coming up next keisha knight pulliam. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:52 am
we are back 8:52.
8:53 am
season 14 of "the apprentice" kicked off last night. one has already been sent home. keisha knight pulliam was kicked out of the board room last night and made it to studio 1a just like that. nice to have you here. she's walking in. she looks fabulous. i'll give her that. she came in last night. she was the first to go. she took a big risk i would say, on the show last night. she volunteered to be project manager. unfortunately, that was a risk that didn't exactly pay off. so keisha as you walk in here good morning. >> hello. good morning. >> good to see you. >> it's a pleasure. >> thanks for being here. have a seat. i was just talking about your big risk. you decide i'll be the project manager on this first task. >> yes. >> i guess it's nothing ventured nothing gained? >> absolutely. at the end of the day, no one really wanted to step up and do it. i figured why not? i'm very passionate about my nonprofit and the opportunity to raise that amount of money for
8:54 am
my nonprofit, i was like you know no risk no reward. >> and the task was -- actually it had two tasks to it. you had to create a pie people would want to buy and also raise funds. >> wre. >> fund-raising aspect didn't go as well for you. >> there's a lot you don't see in the editing process. the amount of time we had to get the checks here they had to be in secure edd funds. so many variables, i had checks that simply didn't make it. if they didn't make it by the end and someone didn't bring it in then they didn't count. however, i thought it was interesting that even though i know as a project manager -- for me i was looking at the project and success overall, there were two people who raised zero dollars and two other people who raised less than i did. i get it. at the end of the day, i have to be accountable but -- >> fair or unfair the criticism was you didn't reach out to bill cosby. of course we all know you as rudy huxtable that you didn't reach out to someone you know very well bill cosby, and ask
8:55 am
him for funds. >> i thought that was interesting. i know "the cosby show" is in reruns and everyone is thinking we're this family that has dinner every friday night. i hadn't spoken to mr. cosby and i felt it would be tactless kind of rude to call someone and say, so, let me have some money right now. with the other checks i had lined up i didn't feel i needed to make that phone call. >> the other strange part as you well know now mr. cosby is facing all manner of allegations. this was taped back in march, this episode. >> absolutely. >> it didn't come up then. but you're here. i have to ask you, what do you make of those allegations, people coming out and saying this happened to them? somebody that was such a beloved character for so many years. >> what i can say is this. i wasn't there. no one was there except the two people to know exactly what happened. all i can speak to is the man that i know and that i love. the fact that he has been such an example. you can't take away from the great that he has done. you know the millions and
8:56 am
millions of dollars that he has given back to colleges and education. and just what he did with the cosby show and how groundbreaking that was. >> were you shocked by the allegations? >> ultimately they're just that allegations. and, you know it's very much been played out in the court of public opinion. but, you know we're still in america where ultimately you're innocent till proven guilty and, you know i wasn't there. that's just not the man i know. so i can't speak to it. >> good morning i'm tracy davidson. >> it is cold and windy. we're getting wind gusts of 40 miles per hour in the region. this is the ju from center city. it is now down to 30 in
8:57 am
philadelphia and it is 33 in potspot pottstown. >> we're looking at new video of eric frien. he was handcuffed. his preliminary hearing will begin in just a few minutes. he was on the run for 48 days before he was captured in october. stay with us as we continue to cover his hearing. we'll bring you updates on the website and on air. and the former rebel casino was purchased at an auction. but how much should he pay for
8:58 am
it. he is a $95 million offer on the table, but he says. should be less. we'll have another local update in 25 minutes president get the latest news and weather on now back to "the today show."
8:59 am
9:00 am
this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on a monday morning, january 5th, 2015. i have to say it feels like the first day of school. >> it does. >> everybody's back from vacation. look who all is here. tamron's back, natalie's back. al's here. >> that's right. >> so good to see you all. >> and you're singing. >> new year, new singing, new song. >> it's been what, two weeks, i guess, since we've all been together? >> yeah. >> feels like it. >> al was out, you two were out. >> new year's in dallas i spent with my family. we had a great time. my nieces and nephew my nephew's girlfriend.
9:01 am
got a chance to hang out with her, get to know her. this was my first photo from 2015. >> happy police officers. >> i was happier. officers came over and said could i take a picture with you? the response on instagram is proof that people -- hey, hot chocolate. they weren't talking about me. they want to know if these guys were single. it was amazing. ladies they are all single. i think. >> dallas pd? >> dallas pd. >> hold on. double-check. >> natalie you were skiing with the kids. >> i was skiing with the kids. we went to vail. great snow out there. the earliest snow in the season in some 20 years. luke down to his pizza training. i'm going to do it this way. that's when you're doing the snow plow. the camera work is stellar. when you're on skis, it's hard to ski behind somebody with the
9:02 am
camera. >> you're skiing behind him with your phone? >> not the go pro. >> are you supposed to be doing that? >> probably not but that's okay. i'm the proud mama. >> watch out for that tree. >> or the skiers or snowboarder. >> go pro for the next trip. >> i got one. i just have to get it hooked up. >> pizza this weekend little different. >> you went skiing. >> george with the pizza tips together and lucy doing the french fries parallel ski. >> my girl, lucy, bringing it. >> that's right. >> we saw you all over television. >> all over. >> all over instagram. rose bowl parade. everywhere. >> me and hoda had great fun. hoda is a great parade partner. she really is. >> sure. >> she comes to party. >> i love that she showed the instagram with curlers in her hair. >> picking up small country radio stations. fantastic. >> al's new year's day was rose
9:03 am
parade interview angelina jolie and go home. >> how was that? >> it was a lot of fun. she and i have something in common. >> what's that? >> other than just being incredibly beautiful. christmas morning, we are both the same person who keep ss the plastic bag and follows behind everybody picking up all the wrapping. >> you're the cleaner. >> we're the cleaners. >> i do a lot of that. okay paper, right away, bow right away. it's good to have everybody back at the table. we start with an absolutely incredible story for you. you've heard about it by now. a 7-year-old little girl survived a terrible plane crash in kentucky that killed the rest of her family, sayler gutzler recovering with family. the plane crashed in the woods in kentucky friday. they were coming home from key west, returning to illinois, where they live. her parents, her 9-year-old sister and her 14-year-old cousin all were killed.
9:04 am
sayler was the sole survivor. she freed herself from the wreckage of the plane. >> upside down. >> upside down. >> unbelievable. >> and walked nearly a mile through what's described as terrible terrain through the wood. >> t-shirt, sock. >> and broken wrist. >> crossed over tree. >> down a 12-foot gulley. >> she saw a porch light on. knocked on the door. guy answers, sees a 7-year-old little girl bloodied and crying, immediately called 911, brought her into his home. here is what larry wilkins said he saw. >> i open the door and this little girl was standing there with a bloody nose and bloody legs and bloody arms. >> it's an incredible story. first of all, to survive the plane crash but as a 7-year-old girl, shocked out of your mind she said i tried to wake up my parents is what she told the man. they wouldn't wake up. she has the presence of mind to make her way through the woods a little girl in that state alone and finds this man's house
9:05 am
and he helped her out. >> the interesting thing is the dad taught his kids survival skills. >> yeah. >> and obviously you know, if you believe in kind of divine intervention, her dad was helping her, was with her and helping her. >> yeah. >> she tried to light a branch on the burning tip of the wing to use as illumination to find her way through. i think her dad helped her get -- >> absolutely. >> and her family helped her get to safety. >> comfort family members by her side. can't even imagine what's going on in that home. it's great to know there are family members there and they are just doing everything they can. >> the pastor of the church said the community really is all around her right now and just helping her through this. our heart goes out to her. switching gears it's that time of year. lot of people making resolutions. it's that time of year. mark zuckerberg has a really great resolution.
9:06 am
i love this one. each year he makes his resolution. his resolution was to start a book club. his idea he's going to read a book every other week. the first pick of the year is "the end of power." only problem is very hard to find right now. >> right. >> it's sold out, at least the paperback version is sold out at most -- on amazon and -- because that's his pick. >> he's got the power. >> he's got the power. it's the oprah effect but it's the zuckerberg effect, i guess this time around. so it's been selling out everywhere. you can't even get it on barnes & noble's online. normally you can download it on the nook. you can't even get it that way. >> is that true? >> that's what it said. >> he broke the internet. >> cannot digitally download it. >> how is that possible? i get the paperback not available but download? >> picked by financial times as one of the books of the year last year. >> a digital book you would
9:07 am
think would have -- >> limitless. >> infinite copies. >> crash the server. >> does it tell you how to get -- what's the premise of the book? >> basically it's how power is transferred from leaders to individuals. that's the premise of the book. >> self empowerment, too don't count on other people. >> his goal is to really read books about different cultures, about different, you know, ideologies, religion. >> he taught himself mandarin, right? >> exactly. >> a brilliant guy. >> he is going to try to read a book every two weeks this year. >> i read a book on vacation, physically read the book. >> what did you read? >> michael connelly's "the burning room." >> two thumbs up? >> absolutely. >> robert zaglan's biography of bob hope. >> good one. >> that must be a good one. >> fascinating, fascinating read. he literally -- he was the original king of all medias.
9:08 am
>> that's my goal, too to read more. i read a lot. but we read work stuff and not just personal -- >> i read a lot of novels. >> you do? >> i read before bed. >> how many times can you read "fifty shades of grey"? >> exactly. i can only go back there every so often. >> okay so what -- >> let us know what books you plan to read, #today's take. i'm reading "mastery of love." it was a gift. i don't know what that means -- >> what does that mean? >> none of your business, natalie! you know. >> shut that one down right away. >> trust street. >> factory of love. >> what are you reading? >> tavis smiley wrote a book about dr. king's last year of life, "death of a king." it's just incredible, the life, how difficult and complicated things were for martin luther king the last year of his life,
9:09 am
how things had spiraled out of control for him personally, professionally, lost the trust of a lot of people. tavis smiley "death of a king." >> we should have a today's take book club. >> i'm sure it will rival mark zuckerberg's. >> he has 30 million followers. they're built in. >> my wife has a book club. it's basically -- they don't read a book. they get together and drink. i said -- >> i can ascribe to that. >> what book haven't you guys read this month? i'm going to hear about this but it's like, really? why -- just say you're getting together. >> chardonnay. >> they chat a little bit about the book. >> they don't. >> not much. >> built-in conversation. >> something to challenge, willie geist's mastery of parking. >> i bow down before this. >> consumer electronics show, it happens every year out in las vegas. there's willie.
9:10 am
>> this is his claim to fame. >> bmw has done one better. self-driving parking car okay? button on a smart watch you say park my car. it uses a map digital map of the garage to find a space and then park itself. you literally get out of the car, close the door. car goes, finds a parking space. when you get back from whatever you were doing, you call the car and it meets you. >> like valet service. >> why do you need it? >> because you're lazy. >> oh! >> say you're at a busy shopping mall. >> does the car drive defensively? >> if there's something in its way -- >> it stops, finds a way. [ horn blowing ] >> you run into the movie, late for the movie. you get out of the car, it finds a spot. >> you come back and 15 other people -- >> you can be sitting in your car, reading "mastery of love"
9:11 am
and the car parks itself. >> i didn't come back for this, okay? >> what did you come back for? how much did you miss us? anyway, you know why you came back? because winter is back ladies and gentlemen! coast to coast winter weather advisories lake effect advisories windchill warnings and advisories. crazy stuff. look at these temperatures. right now it feels like 7 below in billings, 20 below in minneapolis. feels like 19 below in chicago. highs today will be anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees below average. it continues tomorrow on into wednesday. and, in fact, it's going to be its coldest on thursday when that cold air makes its way into the east coast. new york on wednesday, 28 degrees. chicago will be 1. then we're looking at more cold air. and there's aper coming across that will bring generally three to six inches of snow in a
9:12 am
wide swath. you get to the great lakes, three of the great lakes will be involved in this lake-effect snow event. you basically have about six to nine inches. look at this here, buffalo erie, pennsylvania syracuse, new york, almost two feet of good morning i'm bill henley. the wind is blowing and cold air is dumping into the area. winds are gusting to 40 miles per hour. that brings cold air tomorrow and a clipper. one to two inches for philadelphia and colder air coming in. thursday will be nine degrees in the morning and 30 in the afternoon. po 30s this weekend. >> and that's your latest weather. you'll be able to levitate? >> nochlt i signed up -- we'll talk about it tomorrow. i had my introductory class and
9:13 am
now eight hours of introduction. >> you'll be like michael keaton in "birdman." >> with my tidy whiteys on. >> tidy whiteys? >> you have to see the movie to understand. >> levitation class tomorrow. how about liam neeson and you give... and you give... and then you give some more. but sometimes you get. and so you take. tylenol® cold is strong enough for you while children's tylenol® is gentle enough for them. we give you relief from your cold and flu. you give them everything you've got. tylenol®. i like it when my hygienist lets me know i'm doing a good job. i like it when my toothpaste lets
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me know too. that's why i went pro. go pro with crest pro-health. for an intensive clean. i can really feel it deep cleaning my mouth. for a 4x better clean try these products together. that was a great check up. to remove this spaghetti stain let's compare an entire tub of oxiclean to just half a cup of clorox bleach. okay... huh... how is that called clean? clorox. eliminates stains better than oxiclean. [ male announcer ] are your joints ready for action? osteo bi-flex® with joint shield™ nurtures and helps defend your joints° so you can keep doing what you love. what'd you guys do today? the usual! the usual! [ male announcer ] osteo bi-flex ready for action. i know what you're thinking, but this
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>>no. not exactly. to attain success, one must project success. that's why we use fedex one rate®. >>their flat rate shipping. exactly. it makes us look top-notch but we know it's affordable. (garage door opening) (sighs) honey, haven't i asked you to please use the.... >>we don't have a reception entrance. ship a pak via fedex express saver® for as low as $7.50. today is the day we all return to our usual routine. that means some of our favorite shows will be back on the air. not to mention some new movies and new music coming out this month. >> here withto help us mark our calendars with the daily beast, jessica shaw. al wanted me to ask you about the return of "the bachelor."
9:17 am
>> very exciting. i can't blame him. he is back because he's a farmer uncomfortable puns are going to fly. is he called prince farming. one of his potential suitors says to him you can plow my field any day. >> all righty. >> direct quote. >> january 8th, "parenthood" returns with his 100th episode. >> amazing family drama. i love this show. just a handful of episodes left this season. this is going to be a very emotional and sad episode. i don't know. we'll see what happens. maybe zeke braverman, patriarch of the family in trouble? i'm bringing tissues and pint of ice cream and getting my ugly cry on. >> january 9th we'll get taken for the third time. >> third and final one. usually someone is taken liam neeson kicks butt. liam said he didn't want anybody
9:18 am
to be taken. >> but he still kicks butt. >> his wife is murdered and is he framed. i'm waiting for the one-armed man. things don't end well for her. >> "glee" returns for its final zbleeven fifthseason. >> fifth and final season. return to ohio and reboot the glee club. in case you haven't heard the song "let it go" you'll be hearing it again. idina menzel played her biological mother earlier in the run. >> january 11th, tina and amy back again golden globes, nbc. >> my favorite award show. tina and amy are the best hosts. i love them. final time hosting. on the movie side "birdman" has the most nominations. best acceptance speeches. it might have something to do with what's in the carafes on the table. i don't know. is it water? is it not? >> and tina and amy. that's all you really need to
9:19 am
know. next week on the 13th, meghan trainor. >> it's called "title." in case you haven't heard "all about that bass" now that album featuring that single is coming out. r & b, that she has to prove herself, more than that one or two singles. the girl turned 21 two weeks ago. give her a break. >> that's my mom's favorite song. i learned it over the holidays. she's singing "all about that bass" i'm like, stop! >> i want to hear her singing it. >> no, you don't. >> the wedding ringer. >> he can't find anyone to be a best man. toeps hire kevin hart to be his best man. wackiness consumes. i can't findgure out how he could find a best man. likes warm hugs. >> also on the 16th, paddington. >> beloved children's book from
9:20 am
the 1950s. he moves in with the brown family in london. evil taxidermist, played by nicole kidman, after him. you can never have enough taxidermists who are evil in movies. >> nicole kidman will be here tomorrow. maybe she'll stuff somebody. >> go ahead. another one? >> january 23rd motdekai. >> i love the mustache. >> he plays an art dealer, on the hunt for nazi gold. gwyneth paltroe, ian mcgregor. >> jessica shaw, thank you so much. go to for any other events you need to mark on your calendar for january. if you're not tired of shopping yet -- >> what? >> how could you not be? what items to buy at deep discounts. >> something that make ss you feel
9:21 am
old. >> like i need something else? >> kanye west fans asking online, who is paul ♪ ♪ you're unpacking already? yeah. help me find some mugs? sure. ♪ ♪ [ beep ] hey. okay. -these'll do. -yeah. [ male announcer ] wake up to the mountain grown aroma of folgers. ♪ the best part of wakin' up ♪ so, where do you want to start? i think this is a pretty good place. ♪ is folgers in your cup ♪ patented sonic technology with up to 27% more brush movements. get healthier gums in two weeks. innovation and you philips sonicare save when you give philips sonicare this holiday season. look at 'em! they're lovin' their vegetables. this is huge news! it's all thanks to our birds eye chef's favorites side dishes perfectly sauced or seasoned.
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9:24 am
consumer groups say these loans are deceptive. borrowers rack up fees by rolling them over and they can carry interest rates as high as 500%. if your child has a smart phone in their bedroom at night, you want to hear this. past research has shown kids with tvs in their rooms had later bedtimes and shorter sleep duration. now the study being published in journal of pediatrics showed small screens such as tablets and smart phones lead to similar sleeping problems. now is the time to get a deal on holiday decorations. that's not the only bargain you can find in january. it's also a good time to buy certain electronics such as tvs. why? international consumer electronics show kicks off with a look at the newest gadgets. stores want to get rid of their existing inventory. also a good time to find deals on linens, exercise equipment and toys. it may be a new year. top of the box office still looks the same. latest installment of "the
9:25 am
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9:26 am
plus salad and breadsticks. hurry in offer ends soon. at olive garden. good morning, i'm chris cato. will the wind is still blowing out there? >> yes, we have clouding and wrecks of sunshine. you can see the effects of that gust if i wind gusting to near 40 miles per hour. in center city 39 degrees right now. millville you see there. 20 degrees right now is redding. windy day with occasional clouds
9:27 am
blowing through. >> a preliminary hearing for eric frien is getting under way this morning. he is charged with shooting two state troopers and kills one of them. he was on the run for 48 days. a man hunt cost pennsylvania taxpayers $11 million. we'll bring you more updates throughout the day. former philadelphia sports caster just arrived in court. jury selection for his trial begins later today. he sold tickets and packages allegedly. he crew a guilty plea last month and said he found new evidence to prove his innocence. you can always get the latest
9:28 am
news and weather on
9:29 am
9:30 am
welcome back to "today." it's monday morning, january 5th, 2015. happy new year if you're just coming back to school, work today. i'm willie along with al natalie and tamron. tamron has her -- what are you looking at? >> it was really 2014 but we didn't show anyone. our moment, chicago bulls game. we're wondering if this was staged or not. take a look. chicago facing boston celtics. kiss cam. we all know how you feel when the kiss cam is up. here we go. fight. fight? >> staged. >> staged? >> the bull comes in. >> he just happens to be there. >> yeah. >> definitely staged. >> you think that's staged? >> absolutely.
9:31 am
>> oh, man! >> no way. >> up next -- >> he steals the girl there. >> we're done with it because you said it was fake. moving on to this little diddy. take a look. gaston don't mess with gaston at disney. challenged to a push-off, basically a push-up contest. take a look. >> where is the sound? >> ready set, go! >> one, two -- >> posted it on youtube january 2nd. his brother in the video, 2.7 million hits. we're more impressed with gaston. >> look at that, cranking out the one arms. >> in tights. >> but then what was really embarrassing for this guy lumiere beat him. he made light work of him. >> oh! >> of the four of us, there's
9:32 am
only one person who could probably do a side push-up. >> how many character names -- no, i cannot do a one-arm -- i can do push-ups but not one arm. >> of the four of us, who is most likely to be gaston? >> come on, willie. >> i can't. >> i can do it with two hands tied behind my back. i can hire somebody to do it. >> al, check of the weather. >> yeah. >> find your way there. >> just whistle. >> that's right. ♪ be our guest be our guest put my weather to the test ♪ anyway we've got wet weather in the pacific northwest today. snow. there's a clipper coming across, going to bring light snow, lake-effect snow will be setting up later this afternoon. we're looking at sunshine through the gulf coast, plenty of sunshine along the midatlantic states. for tomorrow, we've got more lake-effect snow continuing. look for snow to make its way into the midatlantic states. gulf coast on the chilly side. out west l.a. pick city,
9:33 am
sunshine and a temperature of 80 degrees. ♪ try the gray stuff it's delicious good morning i'm bill henley. the wind is blowing and gold air is dumping into the area. wind is gusting to 40 miles per hour. it is bringing colder air tomorrow and a clipper. light snow for philadelphia. out of here on wednesday and here comes cold earl air gusting winding on wednesday, thursday morning nine degrees in the morning, and 30s this weekend. have a great day. that's your weather. let's see hays going on in the orange room. >> thank you mr. roker. we're in the orange room. we wanted to see how you were
9:34 am
dig'in. let's get right to it. nfl, big weekend. lot of people searching nfl playoffs. swipe it over here. playoff picture. >> go back. >> wildcard sunday. we saw some big games. baltimore winning, dallas, the colts. playoff picture is coming into focus now. people want to see what's the schedule going to look like? really big games coming up next weekend as we head into the sort of really intense part of the playoff schedule. we'll see how this goes. really great games. >> cowboys had a conversation call in that game. >> they did. >> swipe away here, natalie. >> stuart scott. >> beloved espn anchor died of cancer, fought cancer for many years. he was 49. we saw a lot of searches around not just him but his time on espn, his family, his daughters. he had a lot of fans.
9:35 am
posting twitter messages. just an incredible outpouring of support for his family as well. >> beautiful tributes. >> great catch phrases cool as the other side of the pillow. >> lot of people of a certain generation who spent five nights a week with him at 1:00 in the morning will miss him. >> when i worked in hartford genuinely nice person. really sad to see him go. all right. now fifth season, "downton abbey." >> appeared in the u.s. already out in uk, they've seen many of these episodes. it did appear last night on pbs. fans were searching for what was going to be going on. it's 1924 now. the family is going to be -- all sorts of new tensions and upstairs, downstairs politics of the show and incredible fan base that wants to know what's going to happen in this new season of "downton abbey." >> will lady mary finally find love? >> the drama. >> i don't know what that means. >> lady mary. >> next one, okay. this is an interesting one. >> yeah. so, paul mccartney and kanye
9:36 am
west partnered up to do a song called "only one" about kanye's daughter north. a lot of people poked fun about this is going to give this young artist paul mccartney, or new artist a nudge. some were being tongue in cheek, some were funny. legitimately some people may have been searching for who is paul mccartney? obvious generation gap. >> it sounds ridiculous to us. if you're a 13 14-year-old kanye fan there's a chance you haven't heard of paul mccartney. >> or the beatles. >> billy joel. >> honored with the library of congress' gershwin prize. star-stu d event. john melonkchlt camp, boyz to men. maybe the most notable moment people were searching for was this with kevin spacey. >> who knew? >> playing harmonica on "piano
9:37 am
man." took people by surprise to know he has such talent. people want to search and see the performance as well as the other great billy joel songs. >> talent knows no end. >> amazing. >> speaking of talent that knows no end one more. surprise! happy birthday to you daniel. >> no one is searching for that. my gosh. >> this cake. smell it. >> don't do it. don't! >> it smells really good. >> you've been here long enough to know -- >> i totally should not have fallen for that. >> she almost had you. >> happy birthday. >> happy new year. >> hope it's a good year for you. >> we'll get a fork. >> go like this. teresa guidice as she
9:38 am
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9:42 am
>> mugs up. time for our first pop fix 2015. this is a club we would leave. pump the music up. come on! leonardody leonardo dicaprio. chicken dance. he spotted surrounded by a brood of bikini babes. look at him. >> when is he not surrounded by kib bikini babes? >> taking a picture of the paparazzi. >> on an average man, would walk away. but walked to him. >> more than a scrub. lumberjack. >> lounging and partying it up on the beach. he later celebrated on a huge yacht. because if it were small, it would matter. what do you think of the beard? >> you could almost put a ponytail on that beard but he has a ponytail in the back, too. >> pony beard. >> i like it. >> i like it, too.
9:43 am
have you guys ever tried an at-homeworkout dvd? >> all the time. >> al gave me cindy crawford, transferred from vhs. take a look at this hilarious individual video actress portia derossi to jane fonda. ellen posted the video to her facebook page saying it was okay if i watched her do jane fonda workout. she didn't say anything about filming it and putting it on facebook. have you filmed your spouse without permission? >> no. >> maybe but certainly not posted it to social media. >> generally not a good idea. >> okay. now to a reality check for real house wives of new jersey star teresa giudice. i always get it wrong. >> jail bird. >> surrendered herself at 3:00 this morning, 42-year-old mother of four, that's the part that kills me, sentenced in october after pleading guilty to conspiracy, committing mail and wire fraud.
9:44 am
15-month sentence at the federal correctional institute in danville, connecticut. prison is prison. her husband, joe, will serve 41 months after she completes hers. on sunday the entire family was spotted attending church services together in newark. teresa's oldest daughter tweeted out happy new year's with my best friend. this -- i don't know. what do you guys think? >> they have a new cast member on "orange is the new black." >> that's a way to look at it dark natalie. >> wow! wow! >> new season. >> dark natalie. >> it's hard on the kids. >> that's the thing. >> the poor kids. >> and there are people who believed he should have fallen on the sword and take the time and let his wife off but he didn't. >> but they all knew what they were doing. >> they did. they did. >> one more thing i have to tell you about. our favorite -- mine anyway, ricky martin wants everybody to know he is alive and well. i don't know how these things get started. claiming ricky martin died in an accident new year's day.
9:45 am
the grammy winner decided to take matters in his own hands to prove he is here on this earth. hello #heaven and post this had photo of himself with a gorgeous view and captioned it, #sunset in heaven. ricky is living la vita loco. >> remember the time he was here? >> two cute kids. amazing! >> adorable. one of the most popular radio television personalities in the country and he is a latin just inside a box... the promise of tomorrow awaits. welcome the morning with a vitamin-dense bowl of sun-grown grains and fiber. drenched in a bath of lean protein. nourishment. powerful and delicious. tomorrow, serve your body well. ♪ the sun'll come out tomorrow ♪ kellogg's® special k red berries. see you at breakfast™.
9:46 am
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9:47 am
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9:48 am
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9:49 am
♪ ♪ when you feel good no one is immune. with antioxidants, electrolytes, and b vitamins plus more vitamin c than ten oranges. emergen-c transforms more than just water. emergen-c. let your awesome out. all right. a lot of you probably woke up this morning determined to eat better and healthier this year. just because you're giving up the fat doesn't mean you have to give up flavor. >> one of country's most famous radio personalities angelina martinez has teamed up with chef to create healthy dishes
9:50 am
"healthy latin eating." >> i've been waiting for you guys to come out with this cookbook. i love latin food. it is usually deep fried. >> no lard. coconut oil. >> rice on the plate there was a potato or something four carbs on one plate and all that. >> what are we making this morning? >> okay. in latin, you're puerto rican, cuban. i'm dominican. this is our take of a classic, quinoa. >> instead of rice? >> instead of rice. you get this. this is basic stuff. a lot of things in the book are like this take traditional recipes and switch them up a little bit. >> this is protein. >> exactly. protein in quinoa that you don't have in rice. >> onions, garlic. >> little ginger. add a little excitement to latin flare. add the quinoa. heard you're a pretty fancy cook at home.
9:51 am
>> rack of lambs. don't act new to the kitchen al. >> and the herbs. get all those flavors. >> cilantro. >> let them all meld together and dance. >> all the things you're used to tasting when you have regular traditional -- it's the same taste, same seasoning. we take recipes and just kind of switch them to make them a little bit healthier. >> quiona can be bland but it's all about what you add to it. >> it takes on the flavor of -- >> what's in this part? >> olive oil -- >> i'm not done here. >> okay. >> go ahead. >> chicken, quinoa. put the lid on. bring it to a boil and put it aside. boom. easy breezy. what are you doing here? >> the chicken. she wants to know about the chicken. >> beautiful. >> so what we have here, tumeric, paprika. >> i just did that before. i put it on everything. >> my favorite thing. >> me, too.
9:52 am
>> you smell like paprikasm, too, too. al, marinade it ten, 15 minutes. what are we doing over here? >> this chicken is done. get the quinoa. >> it's boneless, cooks quickly and boom. >> exactly. >> quinoa. plate it. >> put it up real pretty. >> thank you chef. little quinoa get fancy. you want to get the -- >> this is so good. >> put the chicken. >> olive oil, the quinoa going, extra poerotein. >> the colors seduce. >> quickly, what do we have back here? >> how much time do we have? >> 30 seconds. >> guacamole. >> it's on the website. >> if you mash this. >> no, we don't have time for that. tropical smoothie. >> i'll take a smoothie. >> my son's actual smoothie. >> very nice.
9:53 am
>> angie and angelo, i like that. angie and angelo. thanks so much. >> it works, right? >> on back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. trading-in or selling your car truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at ♪
9:54 am
9:55 am
look who's here. >> hey! >> with hoda. >> jenna bush. kathy griffin is here. who else? >> we have what we call spidey. >> they're back. >> they are back. we have a lot to
9:56 am
good morning i'm chris cato. it's 9:56 and time for your first alert forecast. >> we're getting nice sunshine. but winds are blowing clouds past the come cast center right now. factor in the wind and it feels
9:57 am
like nine degrees in the mountains. wilmington also feels like 26 degrees. we'll be in and out of the clouds with temperatures in the 30s this afternoon. >> this is a live picture from pike county from eric frein is having a hearing. he is charged with the ambush on september 12th. police say he shot to death one state trooper. we'll keep posted on what happens in the hearing. a man tried to rob a toys-r-us this morning. it was around 6:30 this morning before the store opened. he was waving a gun. they would not let him in so he fired a shot at the door and then fled the scene. i'm chris cato.
9:58 am
we'll have another update for you in about 25 minutes. you can always get the latest at have a great day.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. it is fun day monday, january 5th, 2015. it is the new year. it is monday morning. we want to welcome jenna bush hager sitting in for kathie lee this morning. hey. >> happy new year. >> how was the bush holiday? how was it? >> it was good. the hager holiday, can't forget, i was with my inlaws. then we got a disappointing call on christmas day or christmas eve, that my grandfather had been taken to the hospital. >> yeah. we were worried about you.
10:01 am
how is he? how is he doing? >> he's doing great, which is terrific. but we were all together and he was supposed to be there, so there was an enormous hole missing, definitely the spirit of our family in many ways. but facetime is amazing. we could facetime him in the hospital, none of us could visit him, but we all facetimed him. so every night it was, like, grampy talking, sort of like who's that? it's jenna. >> he is home? he's okay now? >> he's doing better. i really appreciated everybody's thoughts and prayers. it makes you realize how many good people there are. >> how many people love him and your family. when i saw that in the news, i texted you and you do worry about that stuff. how is mila's first christmas? >> her second christmas. she was into it this year. >> what was she doing? >> she was into santa, even though she's scared of santa. a love/hate relationship, which is common. she cried when she met santa but then did this santa dance with
10:02 am
henry. she did this santa dance. i'm not sure how great -- >> merry christmas. >> little jammies. do your christmas jam. okay. get into it, girl. get into it. >> twirling. >> do your happy santa dance. >> she just twirls in circles. >> she twirls in circles. but she kind of gets the spirit of the season. she's into it. >> sweet. >> that was fun. i think it is good to start with the expectation of very few gifts. >> she likes the paper and the boxes. >> got a cute little christmas sweater and that was it. she had a blast. >> my sister my mom and i went to san juan puerto rico if you want to catch some great rays and great people, we ended up going there. we figured out the best way to take a beach photo. by the way, this is willy and
10:03 am
juan. the two best waiters. i love these two guys. the best way to take a photo on the beach is get a boogie board, get anybody's boogie board. doesn't have to be your own. now let me make sure it was perfectly positioned. my mom, my sister and i had a great, great great time. >> you had a blast. >> then in california? >> i went with boots to california and al and i did the rose parade. that was fun. it was a really inspirational parade. zamperini from the movie "unbroken" was -- hey, you know what, you have to get ready before. >> you needed those. i love that you gave that picture. >> who cares. >> it was cold there. everyone in pasadena was talking about how freezing cold it was. it started in the 30s, went to the 40s and 50s. but it was beautiful. a good -- >> we celebrated the new year. we were at the beach. we have this new thing which i love, this shows how old and
10:04 am
boring i've become, but we celebrated the new year at 9:00 p.m. eastern standard time. we just found somewhere in the world that was celebrating it -- i don't remember. it wasn't really new year, but we thought let's celebrate at 9:00 it will be fun, we'll all be really awake and we won't force ourselves to stay up until midnight which is so pathetic. i used to be able to stay up to midnight with the best of them. we were down, 10:45, 11:00 i woke my parents. he stayed up later. he went with the mood. >> we did exactly what you guys did. we went to a little restaurant, we went to the ivy, al did, we had to do the parade the next morning. we went with a group of people at 9:00 p.m. l.a. time. we sang. that's holly robinson pete, nicole and al. we sang auld lang syne. >> who doesn't want to wake up and feel refreshed in the new year? >> one of the best things i ever did on new year's eve, i did a
10:05 am
midnight run through central park. they have it at midnight, the race starts you go and there are fireworks blowing up all over and you're running through the light and there is champagne stops. >> so you drink. >> you drink while you run. but it is -- something about it, you feel like you've done something -- >> right. >> started the year off, we took mila to an ocean swim, first thing in the morning, watched the sun come up and i would not -- henry probably would have, but had i stayed up and really partied, i wouldn't have been able to enjoy the first day of the year. >> a lot of people go through the beginning of the year, they feel like they're over it. we do have a couple of things that will help you start your day with a positive attitude, this is after it. here is what they say. for the telegraph has come up with a few things. you're feeling in a funk, because it is cold and yucky. >> and you've gotten back from vacation or being with family and sort of miss them -- >> it is like all the fun stuff is over and now we're into the crummy parts of winter. this is what they say. embrace the blues. you should feel sad for two weeks and after that, you'll -- >> after that, get over it.
10:06 am
>> get over it. >> and i have to say, you came home last night to what? >> yeah, to, what you mean to my dog? >> no be honest here. christmas tree -- >> oh yeah. oh yeah. >> you come home and you're overwhelmed with what is left of a wonderful holiday. >> and the worst part about my tree is when i came into my apartment, put the key in the lights were on. >> let the lights on for one week. >> they had been on for a week. >> that's -- you maybe do need to organize a little bit. >> they say you should choose your clothes for the next day the night before. >> and go to bed early. we're in bed watching "60 minutes" by 7:30 p.m. >> and try to muster up all the good mental attitude. okay. russell crowe said something that caught our attention. >> yes, he did. >> so you heard about actresses who complain they say there aren't enough parts for older women in hollywood. russell crowe disagrees and this is what he said to women's weekly. a women's magazine. >> seems like the wrong audience. >> this is what he said. he said women who say there are
10:07 am
no good acting roles for older women are the woman who at 45, 48 still want to play the ingenue and can't understand why she's not being cast as the 21-year-old. he said live in your own skin and if you live there you will get parts. both of us read that, it seems pleasant enough, nice, almost but it isn't. >> we still see men who are older -- >> get this, rambo five is coming out. rambo, not two, not three not four, rambo five. >> and they're not casting a young 21-year-old to play rambo. >> who is it? sly stallone. he's still in it. do we have a picture of him? anyway, if you look at the expendables -- there is sly. >> he can still play rambo. how old is he? then the expendables, arnold schwarzenegger and everybody, all old guys.
10:08 am
>> they're playing the parts they played before. so there say double standard. >> we do understand, you can't -- as a 40-year-old, don't expect to be a 25-year-old. we get it. >> he did say he can't play gladiator forever but we see sort of that's not true. >> it does happen. so there. whatever that means. all right, now i know this is what you're wondering. where is kathie lee? >> where is she? >> where is kathie lee gifford? kathie lee gifford is in the sunshine. >> oh! >> kathie lee gifford -- >> look how pretty you look. >> is so chill and so relaxed. hey! >> you know what else is coming up? bambo. >> bambino. what about bambo. >> he's going to have a starring role in the fifth edition of bambo . >> how are you? >> happy new year? >> how is everything in florida? >> well, i don't know how much they make you hate me.
10:09 am
it has been gloriously beautiful down here in the keys. we just had had a great family time. and you know, you get something down here called keys disease. and that is that you just forget about everything you stop caring about things, so all of a sudden you have this enormous desire to go fishing. you know? and the other night we caught some fish off our dock and actually i cooked it. things you never would do otherwise. >> we don't believe you cooked yourself. >> yes. >> go on the internet to find out how to fillet one but we did. >> i think you have a favorite thing, don't you? >> what do i have? >> a favorite thing. >> what is your favorite thing? >> what is your favorite thing? what is your favorite thing? what is your favorite thing? >> i do have a favorite thing. i have no need of this down here in the keys because you're so relaxed, right, but my friend emily gave me this for christmas. okay. i know it looks weird. it is not a voodoo doll.
10:10 am
but listen, whenever things don't go so well, and you want to hit the wall and yell, here's a little dam it doll that you can't do without. just grab it firmly by the legs and find a place to slam it. as you whack the stuffing out yell dam it, dam it, dam it. >> whoa! >> okay. >> the bleeper had to be alerted. >> that's good for the monday blues, but -- >> we'll check in with kath again and again and again. we love you, kath. >> we love you. >> love you, guys. >> happy new year. >> what is your favorite thing. >> my favorite thing is a book that i read over the break. you know when a book just stays with you it is called "all the light we cannot see". it is one of the most beautiful books i've ever read. i'm a daughter of a librarian. things were really fun. a lot of reading. i read a lot of terrific books. >> what is it about it? >> it was just beautiful about
10:11 am
two characters whose lives become intertwined in this magical strange way, set during world war ii. something i read and i thought i don't know and you have to read it. >> my favorite thing, these are beads from the rose parade. and the rose parade was so inspirational, again, louie zamperini was the grand marshal posthumously and it was such a beautiful parade and these remind me of it. big thank you to al and the rose parade people, taking good care of us. coming up, she has big jimmy choos to fill but kathie griffin is ready for her debut on fashion police. you may have been on vacation but there is no break for hollywood. hindy yy montag and spencer pratt head for the hills. oh there's an energy crisis happening alright. a human one. and it's time to fight it. with the good energy of quaker oats.
10:12 am
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10:14 am
and a pig just gave me bacon. a pig just gave me bacon. hay daaaaaaaaaaaay!!! download hay day for free. discover the power of just one shower. new dove body wash with a breakthrough formula. just one shower gives you softer smoother skin. my skin is really silky smooth. new dove body wash. softer, smoother skin after just one shower. oh i'm on the cookie air diet. you just... and that's it. i prefer real food fruit, nuts, and whole grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. more processed flakes look nothing like natural grains. let's get real. bumps now and then. >> the stars of the mtv series "the hills," heidi montag and
10:15 am
spencer pratt, spidey, were one of the reality television's most controversial couple. >> now after more than five years as mr. and mrs., they're testing the limits of their relationship on we tv's marriage boot camp. their problems center around one particular thing. check it out. >> spencer, what do you want? >> it is not what i want, it is what i don't want. heidi wants to have kids like yesterday. heidi is baby crazy. >> i am not. >> all she thinks about and talks about is babies. >> that's not true either. >> 90% of the time. >> no. you need to chill out. >> okay. >> heidi and spencer. hi guys. this is the crux of the issue. you want children and you do not want children. >> we have come to -- >> breaking news. >> on the show, at that point, it is a serious boot camp training to come to a
10:16 am
compromise. >> get his butt into shape. >> you saw a video of wasn't there a nursery -- >> how is there a nursery involved? you slept in the nursery. >> they set up each room according to the problems you have within your marriage and want to throw it in your face, right when you walk in to confront it. and to see your reaction. so i was so excited, like, look at the diapers. >> out of the crib and we slept on the floor for two weeks. >> every night we slept on the floor. >> in a crib. >> that's bizarre. >> that's weird. so is this a real, like, therapy session what you went through? this was something you really learned something and grew or more of a tv thing? >> i was hoping it would be a tv thing. i signed up like, reality show this will be fun. it was, like, a therapeutic nightmare. it was so intense. they're on you, like, 6:00 a.m., like wake up boot camp, yelling all the time. >> oh gosh. >> you feel like good came out
10:17 am
of this whole thing? >> yeah. i do. i that i it was really hard going through it and really intense for us because we have come so far since "the hills " and we try to grow and learn and they put you back into that mentality and try to push your buttons and set your triggers. so it was really hard for us. but i do think it was good. >> is the idea of children -- i imagine since you're married, it probably came up a couple of times before, you talked about, well, should we have kids or shouldn't we have kids. is this something you thought would work itself out or what? >> that's why i'm thankful for boot camp. we have been trying to come to a compromise and talk about it. and we weren't really getting anywhere. it is hard when you're at one place and to take that big jump. i wanted to do it in a healthy, loving way and it wasn't quite going that way. we needed some professionals -- >> are you starting to try to have kids? >> are we? >> we have a timeline now. we have a timeline. >> i'm trying to push up the timeline. it's not working. >> but we agreed on this time.
10:18 am
>> let's play a quick game. >> okay. little newlywed game. spencer, we asked heidi what is your most annoying habit. what do you think she said? >> oh, just one? not taking out the trash. >> and the answer is -- >> not taking out the trash. >> heidi, we asked spencer what is his favorite body part on you? >> my eyes. >> baby, take out the trash. >> eyes. >> thank you. >> theredo you ever wonder what 20 pounds thinner looks like. joy bauer will show from people from our own crowd. and she may have spent time on the d list, but those days are gone. kathy griffin set to take a-list stars on " just inside a box... the promise of tomorrow awaits. welcome the morning with a vitamin-dense bowl
10:19 am
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10:22 am
this is big. mark your calendars set your dvr one week from today all eyes will be on kathy graffen. >> that's right. the sometimes brash and always sassy comedian and actor is getting ready to take over at the helm of e's "fashion police". >> stepping in as host after the sudden passing of kathy's good friend and ours joan rivers. hello. >> they're big shoes to fill. i get it. i'm going to bring my own shoes and do it my way. but as you know, she was one of a kind. so and her spirit, i'm not going to hold back. you're both on the worst dressed. >> what? >> just for fun. i like when you say sometimes brash. i like always brash. >> melissa rivers -- >> still the executive producer. >> she came to you. that must have been flattering. >> she said, i really know my mom would have given her blessing and i said, okay, that's the decider. >> it wasn't a difficult choice
10:23 am
for you? >> no. the show is something that started out as, red carpet commentary and then joan really elevated it and put all these designers on the map. and then had fun with it. had fun in a way that was fearless and no holds barred. and i think that's what we want to see. i'm going to be that person. i'm going to take one for the team and the other panelists can be nice and talk about the fabric and -- >> that's not what you're going to do. >> i'm taking it home. >> what is it going to look like under your leadership? >> improvisational. just like anderson cooper never knows what i'm going to say or do they don't know when i'm going to say or do and neither do i and i won't know until i'm in the moment. >> what was going on new year's eve? what were you doing? >> i was trying to get anderson cooper fired. i tried to convince him it was permanent. unfortunately it washed out. i almost had him reduced to
10:24 am
tears. >> does he freak because he doesn't know what you're going to do? >> he does a quiet inside freak. when i'm taking the celebrities down on the carpet, i know i'll see them at the parties, they're, like, you're a riot. >> you're encouraging people to be more daring. i think the thing is people don't do it anymore. >> we want the cher moments. we want the moments where somebody brings the heat. >> cher will be on your best dressed list? >> for me, yes. for many years people would say no, how dare she? we're all seeing the same simple black dress and that's great, but kick it up a notch. >> you kicked it up a notch over the holidays in a bikini. >> i make fun of others, but myself first. >> split screen. >> one of you -- >> cute boy toy. >> what about my hot banging body. and there i am. >> you look amazing there. >> i don't think so. i'm a little pasty. and they were a day apart. they were a day apart. same beach, everything.
10:25 am
>> we love you. good luck. we wish you the best of luck. >> it is going to be fun. >> it debuts next monday on e. >> so if you need coughing can really be disruptive. delsym helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours with an advanced time release formula for all day or all night relief. bianca! [cheering] delsym. silence is relief. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
10:26 am
nbc 10 news starts now. >> good morning. i'm vai sikahema. let's get your first alert forecast. >> good morning, vai. we're seeing sunshine some clouds blowing through the area but it is cold out and getting
10:27 am
colder, too. the wind certainly is not helping. it is bringing the temperatures down. the pocono mountains, lots of sunshine there, 23 degrees in mt. pocono. 37 and falling in philadelphia. with winds gusting to 35 miles an hour in the city now feels like 26 degrees. so a blustery day with sunshine clouds, and winds gusting to 30 miles an hour. thank you, bill. happening right now eric frein is at the moment inside a pike county courtroom for his preliminary hearing. this is a live picture from outside that courthouse in milford. frein is charged in the deadly am booshbush at the state police barracks. he was on the run for 48 days. we'll have a live update on today's hearing on nbc 10 news at 11:00. a hearing on the future of revel casino is also happening now in federal bankruptcy court in camden. the judge is considering the sail of the former atlantic city casino to the backup bidder at
10:28 am
last year's auction. glen straub has a $95 million offer on the table but says that price should be let. casino management turned to straub after a deal with a canadian firm fell through. revel went bankrupt after only two years in operation. i'm vai sikahema. we'll have a full hour of news in 30 minutes. you can get the latest news and weather on we'll send you wak to theback to the "today" show and see you in about a half hour.
10:29 am
10:30 am
we are back with more of "today" on this fun day monday. jenna bush hager filling in for the vacationing kathie lee gifford. >> let's start with billboard magazine's editor at large joe levy. >> right before the show i said, don't forget it is levy, like chevy to the levy, like i was trying to make it funny. then i messed it up. let's get started, joe. teresa giudice from "the real housewives of new jersey" -- >> she has a new home. a new home. she left home in new jersey at 3:00 a.m. this morning to begin serving the first of her 15 months at a minimum security
10:31 am
facility in danbury. she and her husband pled guilty to tax evasion and fraud charges. he's got a 41 month sentence when she gets out. >> i think the sad part of the whole -- there is a lot of sad parts of it but they have young children -- >> they do. they do. her daughter gia has been tweeting now her last public tweet was going to her daughter's concert she's got a group, went to the concert the daughter has been tweeting my support system is amazing, i'm spending new year's with my best friend my mom. it is a little heart breaking here, but her lawyer did say this morning she was ready, she left at 3:00 a.m. and the danbury facility she's going to is the setting for orange is the new black. >> wow. >> she goes in and then her husband goes in after she gets out. >> that's right, yes. >> let's talk about baby news. >> okay. happy news. >> let's talk about baby news. >> baby news. well, alara baldwin had an announcement on instagram for us. she spaced it out. the first was a beautiful
10:32 am
picture she put up on instagram of her and her husband and you saw the news right away. there it is. what do you think is happening here? >> looks like a baby. >> yes, a professional -- baby number two is on the way. two dogs two babies, very professionally instagramed photograph here and then another photo, to let you know the sex of the baby, four pairs of shoes and there is some blue shoes there letting you know they're expecting a baby boy. a boy and a girl. >> congratulations. >> macklemore did it his way. >> very sweet. macklemore had been saying there are rumors we want to share the news ourselves and he put up this video of him and his fiancee, trisha davis, going for their sonogram appointment. and this is really really touching. you know, he's also -- the baby is due in may. he's also expected to release a new album this year. so a big jeer for macklemore. >> by the way, that looks -- the
10:33 am
thing i love about theirs is it is so real and genuine. you do feel like you're peeking in -- >> anybody that's been pregnant remembers that moment of being there, you know? >> got choked up watching it. it is an intimate moment, you really feel like, wow am i part of the family? you're in the room with them, while they're hearing the heart beat of their baby for first time. >> that's how it happens now joe. >> very first time. >> let's talk about this. a little quiz. >> i have a little quiz for you. a new magazine cover, do you know who this is? if we can get the cover up you guess who -- there it is. can you -- that's a little bit small. it is kind of -- this is love magazine this is a british fashion magazine. that is kim kardashian. >> whoa? >> that is kim kardashian. it doesn't look like her. people took to twitter to say, well, that looks like somebody, maybe not kim. kim cleared this up, though. she died her eddyed her eyebrows before the
10:34 am
shoot. that must be the source of the confusion. either that or we have seen so many booty related magazine covers with her that we're not used to looking her right in the face. >> good one. let's talk about bikini bodies. >> do you hate it? >> it makes you feel bad, but go on this won't make you feel so bad. sam smith. not a bikini body. his album is in the lonely hour is here with his new boyfriend jonathan re-creating the "titanic" pose. >> i wonder what he looks like. >> ready to feel bad? let's go to christie brinkley. >> unnecessary. >> christie brinkley is how old? anybody know? >> 60. >> 60 years old? >> 60 years old with daughter alexa ray, her daughter with billy joel. alexa ray's 29th birthday on december 29th. this is the start of the -- >> are there any more are? >> there are more. would you like to see eva
10:35 am
longoria? there we go. here's to a bright 2015 she says. apparently speaking about this day glow bikini. that's amazing. how about one more? can you see sofia vergara picture. >> is she engaged? >> we reached out to reps for her and her fiance we believe, and they did not get back to us but she was spotted this weekend with a very large ring on her finger. >> showing her hand. >> supposedly joe proposed to her over christmas and you could see them in photos yesterday from the steelers game. she has a ring the size of a small child on her finger. >> you're saying they are engaged. >> they were dating just seven months. >> they began dating just, i believe in july. supposedly met at the white house correspondents dinner. >> he should put a ring on it. there we go. >> thank you levy. all right. everybody should have to survive
10:36 am
weather conditions from the tough guy of the ultimate survival in alaska. my dress is a little tight, joy is here to give you a diet resolution. and what 20 each year 17 billion toilet paper tubes are thrown away in the us alone. that's enough to fill the empire state building...twice. now there's scott naturals® tube-free bath tissue. get the premium softness you need... ...without the wasteful tube. toss the tube for good with scott naturals® tube-free. i like to mix things up a bit with grands mini pot pies only four ingredients. and a few easy steps. week night dinner in a flash. and my family devours them. pillsbury grands biscuits. make dinner pop. your heart is precious. one of many ways to support its health is new truheart, from one a day.
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10:38 am
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10:39 am
light and fit greek. taste the power of satisfaction. ♪ dannon ♪ all right, today we're kicking off a month long series called #starttoday to help you with your new year's resolutions to lose weight, get fit, declutter or save money. >> we could use some of that. we're starting off today with
10:40 am
today's nutritionist joy bauer. she put two of our fans from the crowd who are looking to shed some pounds. she come up with a weight loss tip for each of them. >> you can come and choose which tips to follow and what piece of advice to help you lose weight. let's meet the two lucky ladies who she chose. >> ronnie from indianapolis happy birthday. >> thank you. thank you. >> by the way, your sign says it all. give up chips. >> yes. >> how much weight do you want to lose? >> 25 pounds. >> what is your achilles heel? >> it is potato chips. potato chips and more potato chips. >> we're going to kick that habit. are you ready? >> yes. >> welcome to new york mary from texas. >> thank you. >> what is your new year's resolution. >> to lose 40 pounds. >> and what would you tell me is your biggest eating vice? >> i drink too many cans of soda.soda soda. four to six cans a day. >> four to six cans a day?
10:41 am
>> yes. >> you better come with me. >> let's go. >> one, two, three. start today! >> so in. okay. all right. we have got ronnie and mary. ronnie, you told us about yourself. first of all, happy birthday! >> celebrating a birthday. >> you're 50? >> yes. >> you probably tried weight loss ideas before. what have you tried before? >> everything. everything. slim fast fast fast. >> anything. >> joy, what do you think she's going to have to do? >> her achilles heel is definitely the potato chips. she eats a lot every single day. so what i want you to do -- >> what? >> -- is to swap out your potato chips for kale chips. >> oh. >> here's why. you can eat unlimited amounts and they're really good for you and i promise you they're yummy. here's how you make them. you take kale, you rip it up into pieces, you spread it on a baking sheet, mist it with an
10:42 am
oil spray, a little bit of salt and pepper, in the oven on 400 for 8 to 10 minutes. 30 calories. >> she's right. i don't like kale, but when you cook it like that, it is crunchy -- >> sort of fried. my baby will eat it too and it is delicious. >> unbelievable. here is the cool thing. if you were to do this you give up your chips, for the most part, for the kale chips, you have going to save yourself about 170,000 calories at the end of the year, and you're going to surpass what you wanted to drop, you're going to drop about 50 pounds. and i have a surprise for you. i want you to come over here. let's look at the screen. so this is you now. and i want to say thank you to a web side called modaface that showed us how to do this. i want to show you what you'll look like by the end of the year if you do it my way. >> oh, my goodness. >> beautiful. >> excellent. >> wow. >> look at that. and actually your bmi
10:43 am
calculation will go down into the healthy range. >> you look good. >> on to mary. >> mary from texas. >> what is your achilles heel? >> i drink four to six sodas a day. >> yikes. >> this is what i want you to do. i think people may be surprised at this. i'm going to tell you to allow yourself one can of soda every day. but what i want you to do is save it for later in the day. and don't use it up with a meal. when you're eating, your taste buds are already engaged and happy with the food. push it off for later in the day, and i want you to enjoy the zero calorie flavored seltzer with a splash of fruit juice like i showed natalie morales this morning. she wants to give up booze. so if you were to do that, believe it or not you'll save yourself about a cup of straight sugar every single day. >> wow. >> can we see her picture? >> 50 pounds.
10:44 am
put it up now. this is you now. at the end of the year from this one tip, look at that. look at how much thinner you are in the middle. one tip. >> awesome. you guys thank you. good luck with everything. >> yeah. >> for a full weight loss plan that will help you drop up to ten pounds this month, it is on our website, jill martin shows how to declutter and organize and don't forget to tell us what your -- she needs it -- what your goal is. tweet us with the #starttoday. >> the ten things you should have in your car trunk right now from the guys of if you have enrolled in a medicare part d plan where walmart is a preferred pharmacy you could be saving up to 80% on your copays over other pharmacies. if you transfer your prescription to a walmart pharmacy, your copays could be as low as a dollar. so you can enjoy the things that really matter. transfer your prescriptions to a walmart pharmacy to start saving today. see if your plan is in the preferred network by visiting
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if shoveling snow or driving to the mall in the rain is your idea of braving the elements, we have guys that put us all to shame. >> darren austin and daniel dean are on the national geographic channel "ultimate survival
10:50 am
alaska" where 12 of the toughest outdoors men face off against each other and mother nature. >> they're here to tell us about staying safe wherever we are. hello, boys. >> these are men. >> handsome men. >> they sent the cutest. >> we have come to the conclusion, that's part of the criteria for being on your show. how do you do it? this is no easy feat. you were on with us last time. what are some of the toughest obstacles. >> saying yes to going again. absolutely nuts. the adventure of a lifetime. i don't know, i couldn't ask for a better, you know better team or beater adventure erbetter adventure. >> tell us the scariest thing. >> beautiful. >> the bears behind every corner. >> bears? >> yeah. >> what do you do in the case of the bear? >> run? >> can you all run? >> yeah. >> you two have been on before. you're a newby. how did you train to get to be
10:51 am
part of this group? >> your daddy trained us pretty good. we used to work for him. we're all military. and just military training, but, i mean alaska is no joke. i did appointments in iraq but a little different. >> how did you stay in shape? >> drinking a lot of beer? >> did you really? >> this is why they keep coming back. >> they don't drink a lot of beer. with abs like that, let's be honest. >> if we were to pack up the things we need, great survival kit what should be in there. >> this would be good for everybody to have in your car or their home? >> a good base. >> this is a go bag. i made one for my girlfriend for christmas. and whether she got stranded -- >> romantic. >> on the highway or if she got displaced for something like ferguson, which actually happened, she can get back for a few hours or few days, whatever it is, with food, water storage, a way to purify water. this is probably most handy thing for -- >> flashlight? >> it is a flashlight but
10:52 am
powered by a hand crank. it is also a radio. and it is also a place to charge your cell phone. >> smart. >> good piece of gear. >> and take the knife out and this whole kit is tsa friendly. >> and the gu -- >> yeah. okay. all right. >> this is a flint for starting fire. so you get it and strike on it with the back of a knife and just give you a spark, good fire starter. >> okay. let's not try that inside. >> something for water, for food for warmth, light. >> we'll show you -- >> we made one for you. this is not -- you're used to gu. >> manhattan is not easy. >> so we made you a little bag. >> you need a tub of purell. >> you know why you need the purell? have you ever -- >> the people? >> a lot of people. the subway. >> yes. >> you need it. >> magnolia, we have some headphones and some vino.
10:53 am
>> who is the musician? >> i am. >> would you pick up that guitar guitar. >> i wrote you all a little something. >> let's hear it. >> play us out, baby. ♪ ♪ today is my first time coming to new york city ♪ ♪ jenna bush and hoda ♪ ♪ you sure are pretty ♪ ♪ come out to alaska for a good survival time ♪ ♪ i got you a camel back ♪ ♪ filled up with wine ♪ >> that's it. >> yeah! >> thank you, guys so much. we love you. come see us anytime. >> thank you. >> great song. come here. >> you can catch ultimate survival alaska -- >> sunday nights on the national geographic channel. >> back in a moment. first this is "today" on nbc.
10:54 am
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10:57 am
all right we have reached a new level. if someone is asking for a job with a glass of wine around here -- >> they know. >> she's hired. >> tomorrow newlyweds donnie wahlberg and jenny mccarthy will stop by. >> and chicago pd actress sofia bush. >> and we'll find out if madelyn helped two of our fans cut the creep during the holidays. >> and how to
10:58 am
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nbc 10 news starts now. and right now at 11:00, the search is on for a gunman after a shot is fired into a local toy store. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. philadelphia police say the target was a toys "r" us store in the port richmond area. matt delucia is live on the scene. walk us through what happened. >> reporter: fortunately, no one was injured and the store was closed at the time but there were employees inside at the time. the store is open. there have been people going in and out this morning, but there's a large piece of cardboard over that door as police now continue looking for that shooter. this is the damage left behind by a gunman who police say tried to


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