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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  January 7, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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right now at 11:00, a bitter cold blast is gripping our region. the windchill is making it feel like the single digits out there this morning. a live look at the aramark building in center city philadelphia. bundle up if you have to be outside today. wear plenty of layers. a live look at philadelphia's boathouse row. many roads are covered by ice. driving in this weather can be treacherous, especially in hilly neighborhoods. we saw drivers taking it slower there. salt is essential this time of year. one resident was busy spreading salt around his home and his neighbor's home this morning to
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melt ice and eliminate slippery spots. that's manmade snow in the poconos. a live look at camelback mountain resort. we could see real stuff later today. we have live team coverage of this bitter cold blast. nbc 10's monique braxton is live in cherry hill. we begin with meteorologist bill henley. >> good morning. it's another first alert day because of the bitter cold. strong gusty winds. the winds are approaching 40 mile an hour gusts. dangerous cold tonight as the windchills will drop below zero. we are seeing clouds blow through the area. look at the flag here at the nbc 10 studios. 33 mile an hour wind gusts. the wind is 21 miles an hour. 23 degrees. that's the temperature. it feels like eight right now. that's actually come down this morning as the wind speeds have increased. wind gusts of 33 miles an hour at philadelphia international. stronger in wilmington.
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35 mile an hour winds and everybody is feeling the cold busty wind this morning. it will continue through this afternoon. the windchill is not going to budge. single digits for the area. pottstown, allentown pocono mountains, two below right now and it's go to stay cold during the day today. the wind will blow flurries or a snow shower through the area. we are tracking into burlington county. there's another line coming together as expected moving into northwestern pennsylvania. the pocono mountains will see it first and into the lehigh valley and then we will see snowflakes coming through the philadelphia area. stand by to bundle up and watch out for those snow showers. temperatures in the 20s will feel like they are in the single digits. through the nighttime, hour by hour with the future weather when i'm back. >> we will see you then bill. live team coverage with monique braxton live in cherry hill new jersey to show us the
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cold isn't just hard on people. it's tough on cars too. >> reporter: that's right. in the past hour we have watched three workers here at this wawa gas station between route 38 and route 70 in cherry hill hustling between cars. then rushing to their work station to just try to keep warm. wawa wouldn't allow us to speak to the employees about working outside and the endless efforts to stay warm. but the customers wasted no time in sharing their gratitude. your thoughts about the workers who pump your gas? >> you know i went to school in pennsylvania. they don't have to have people out here doing it. you got to appreciate here in jersey we get to stay in our cars and stay warm. they are freezing. you got to appreciate that. >> it's nice. it's really cold outside. i don't have to be out there. i feel bad for the people that do. >> reporter: on days like today, they appreciate the fact that they pump your gas. >> very much. i like it like that.
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>> reporter: coming up at 11:30 we have tips from auto experts on why it's important to keep your eye on your own gas gauge during these bitter cold days. that for you at 11:30. live for now from cherry hill monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> thanks. you think it's cold here be glad you are not in minneapolis. the high temperature is expected to be minus four degrees. the windchill got to 40 below this morning. people there are being advised to limit time outdoors. take the first alert weather team with you throughout this cold blast. for up to the minute forecasting with our nbc 10 first alert weather app, for your smart phone or tablet, a free download that you can get right now. we are continuing to follow breaking news out of france. that country dealing with its worst terrorist attack in recent memory. massed gunmen stormed a
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newspaper killing 12 people including the editor and two police officers. the gunmen were caught on camera escaping. they remain on the loose at this house. witnesses say the gunmen were shouting, god is great as they were shooting. eight other people were wounded in the attack. four critically. this is the second attack on this magazine. the old headquarters were gutted in 2011 by a fire bomb after the magazine ran an image of mohammed on its cover. this is france's deadliest terror attack in two decades. french authorities continue the manhunt for the suspects. no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. world leaders are condemning the attack. >> i know this house and this country stands united with the french people in our opposition to all forms of terrorism. we stand squarely for free speech and democracy. >> this is a terrible act of
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violence and one that we condemn in the strongest possible terms. >> france raised its terror threat level following the shooting. our coverage of the french shootings continues at 11:15. we will look at the impact of today's attack. i will speak live with a terrorism expert from our area. we will have that just ahead. investigators are looking for the cause of a fire that destroyed a bucks county home. sky force 10 was over the scene in new britain township last night. not only did firefighters battle the flames they had to deal with temperatures that were in the teens. four people managed to escape the home unharmed. a former professional cheerleader was in a delaware courtroom on charges that she had sexual activity with an underage boy. she had a case review in georgetown. she's a former blaraltimore ravens cheerleader cheerleader. she was charged with having
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unlawful contact. it happened overlabor day weekend. we just learned that today her final case review was scheduled for march 18th. parents can pick up their children's elementary school records from a closed philadelphia charter school. walter palmer charter schools officials closed the school over the winter break displacing 600 students because it owes the philadelphia school district millions of dollars. the high school closed in october. a church closed its doors last night after 60 years in the community. parishioners gathered for a final service last night at st. john's lutheran church in south pottstown. they struggled financially. members will attend four other lutheran churches that are nearby. three gunmen on the lose. security to its highest level. i will talk live way terrorism expert from our area about this
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morning's deadly massacre in france. speculation has been mounting. now the signs about when we could learn if new jersey's governor will make a run for the white house. bill? >> it's 22 degrees and colder weather is on the way. your hour by hour forecast when we come back. trading-in or selling your car truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at ♪
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cold and windy even at the shore. you could still see snow on the ground and clouds blowing
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through cape may. 22 here at nbc 10. it doesn't feel different at the shore. reaction is coming in this morning to today's terror attack in paris. the gun assault of the offices of a satirical magazine is being called the deadliest terrorist attack in france's recent history. this is we appreciate you coming in. the french president said this is a terror attack. what are the worldwide concerns coming out of today's violence in paris? >> the concerns are, first of all, this was very a paramilitary attack. it doesn't look like a lone wolf who went and attacked someone on a street corner the way we had in new york city or in australia.
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this was very much coordinated. it had aspects that were military. this is one of many attacks that had been detected. it's just that this one wasn't presented. the concerns are that based on other lone wolf attacks that we have seen in canada the united states australia england, this is a pattern. the concern is that the other side has stepped up its game. is now planning coordinated attacks that have military sophistication to them. >> professor, there's an uneasy relationship between the french and its large muslim population. there was a bombing at same newspaper in '11. in 2012 a killing of three jewish school kids and a rabbi. meanwhile, the french were the first to join the u.s. in the fight against isis. do you see the situation getting better or worse in future years? you mentioned there's a pattern. >> well i do think that for the french, the security situation
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has become more disconcerting, which is why they were on scene. the french president was on the scene of the attack and spoke from that scene about a terror incident. contrast that to fort hood texas, which happened more than five years ago. the u.s. army still calls that workplace violence despite the fact that the man got up when he killed 13 and wounded 30 and shouted the same thing that the attackers in paris did today, allah is great. the french have a very clear-eyed notion as to what they are facing. there are large portions of france where their police do not patrol for fear of inciting violence on the part of a restless, angry muslim community that has within it many people who would sympathize with the attackers today. >> as a foreign policy expert there seeps to be a different
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approach -- different approaches to dealing with radical islamist. those who say let's talk, let's negotiate negotiate. those who say meet force with force, because they only understand violence. tell me what your position. >> the question is with whom would you negotiate? the problem that the attackers had with this french publication is they don't want islam criticized. if you are going to live in a free society, you have to live with the consequence that your point of view your religion your political affiliation, people closest to you may be satirized, they may be criticized. the question that somehow you are going to sit down and negotiate away differences flies in the face of the facts. it won't work. what we really do need to do is call things by their real name and start identifying the sources of these attacks and root out the people who have
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been organizing and are very open about their willingness to do harm to others simply because they disagree with them. >> we appreciate your insight this morning. thanks for sharing that with us. >> thanks. search crews looking for the missing airasia flight say they have spotted the plane's tail. this is important because the tail is where the black box is located. so far dozens of bodies have been recovered. more than 100 people are still missing. the plane crashed more than a week ago after taking off from indonesia heading to singapore. breaking news. three new women who claim to be victims of bill cosby will speak out today. they will explain why they are coming forward now during a news conference with attorney gloria allred in los angeles. we will have that for you later this afternoon. cosby returns to the stage later today. he is scheduled to appear in on
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tear ya tear yo. more than 15 people have come far with sexual assault allegations against cosby. ten performances on his north american tour were canceled amid the scandal. cosby has never been charged with connection -- in connection with any of the allegations. felicia rashad who co-starred with cosby is standing behind him. in an interview she said "forget these women." she says she never saw anything. she said she loves him. she told the reporter she believes he is too proud to raise a defense and that's why he is not commenting on the allegations. decision 2016 chris christie will make a public move toward running for president later this month. that report from "the washington post." the word about christie comes one day after former floor governor jeb bush announced he is forming a political action
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committee. so far, no comment from christie. one of the two new york city police officers shot while responding to a robbery call is expected to be released from the hospital today. they were in plainclothes and about to end their shift when they got the call about a deli robbery. police say surveillance video shows a man opening fire on the officers. he was arrested along with a second suspect. last month two nypd officers were killed in an ambush attack in brooklyn. this morning, new video from an officer's body camera during a violence traffic stop in new mexico. the driver shot the officer hitting him three times. the officer is expected to make a full recovery. police tracked down the suspect after a three-day manhunt. he is facing a long list of charges including attempted murder.
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coldest weather of the season is with us. winds that are going to stay with us through the day making for a very cold one. the temperatures are cold enough, even without the wind. but with the wind feels like it's in the single dinggits. tonight it's colder, as the temperatures plunge into the single digits. 20 in reading. 23 in philadelphia. clouds moving through. there you can see the snow that came down yesterday. one to two inches across the area. it is staying put because of the cold air. we do have sunshine at times. there are clouds blowing through. we have been spotting a few snow makes in the pocono mountains. this is camelback. they made snow overnight. they are getting a few scattered snow showers. thanks to the wind coming out of the northwest, the showers that moved through the pocono mountains are destined for the rest of the area. not everybody will see snowfall today. there will be fast-moving snow showers. what is not moving?
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the temperatures. 23 degrees in philadelphia. trenton 21. wilmington is 24. north and west it's colder. 19 currently in quakertown. the cold extends through delaware. dover is 23. 24 in vineland. the temperatures, believe it or not, are warmer than yesterday. yesterday was snow coming down. two degrees warmer in philadelphia. not much. it feels colder because of the strong wind and the winds are steady at 23 miles an hour in willmington wilmington. 22 mile an hour wind gust for wildwood. snow showers in the area. isolated light stuff. some areas may see a dusting. the hour by hour forecast shows 4:00 this afternoon, temperatures in the teens for allentown, doylestown and pottstown. a shower at 4:00. the temperatures as the sun
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sets before 5:00 this evening, it will be coming down. 17 degrees at 7:00 for philadelphia. by late this evening, we will see single digits. reading, allentown, just below ten degrees at 11:00 tonight. going lower overnight tonight. single digits in northeast philadelphia and pottstown, trenton as well. very cold. this could lead to pipes freezing overnight tonight. forecast is calling for bitter winds and flurries or a brief snow shower during the day. not what we had yesterday. temperatures in the 20s will feel like they are in the single digits during the day today and then they get colder tonight. we will take a closer look at the windchills plus the seven-day forecast coming up in the next half hour. >> thank you. a new warning about nut allergies. concerns out there that may have some people questioning food labels. later, menu mayhem. what was lurking inside the lunches for some pennsylvania
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school students that had so many concerned.
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a new study suggests women suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder have a risk of developing type ii diabetes. researchers found those with the most symptoms of ptsd were twice as likely to have type ii diabetes. nearly half of the risk was linked to antidepressant use and higher body mass index.
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the risk of dieing from a heart attack rises when it gets colder. frigid air causes blood vessels to constrict and people tend to be less active in the winter. a bought of the flu can strain the heart. shoveling snow can lead to a heart attack because of the combination of cold air and the burst of physical activity. a health warning for parents this morning. doctors say the number of children with nut allergies is skyrocketing and misleading labels could put them at risk. confusion about certain ingredients like coconut. here is why. the fda considers coconut a tree nut which is a common allergy. many products containing coconut are labels nut free. >> the fda does label coconut as being a tree nut. but in general, the vast majority of tree nut allergic people in children do not react to coconut. it's a very rare allergy. >> the number of cases of nut
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allergies has doubled over the last two decades. doctors don't know why. this week's wednesday's child is a bright and up beat teen who has a lot of love to give. she's hoping to find a forever family who will love and support her every step of the way. here is jessica. >> jessica is an energetic 14-year-old who loves animals. we took her to operation ava where she had a helping hand with all the pets. >> you are so adorable. adorable. >> jessica is a very outgoing teen. she has a friendly personality and gets along with everyone. >> jessica is just bursting with personality. she is quirky and funny and sweet. and just a kid interested in everything. always an adventure with her. >> you want to be a vet? >> yes. >> that's great. >> jessica got a chance to talk with the vet and help give the animals their checkups. she loved the opportunity
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because she wants to be a vet when she grows up. >> the reason i want to be a veterinarian is because i really love animals to the point -- i just love cuddling with me. >> she's in foster care and knows what she wants in a forever family. >> mainly looking for a mother and a father and older girl siblings. the reason is is because i want to be able to have a girl to spend with them. >> the ideal family will support her unconditionally and help her achieve her goals. >> family would be like someone who i could call my own and someone that i could give all my love to. >> jessica is this week's wednesday's child. >> she's going to make a great vet some day. you can make the dream of a forever family come true for jessica or any wednesday's child sponsored by the dave thomas foundation. go to our website at
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search wednesday's child or call the national adoption center directly 1-866-do-adopt. we are following breaking news overseas. a deadly attack at the offices of a satirical newspaper in paris. new information about the massacre and what's being called france's deadliest terror attack in recent history.
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11:30 this morning. it was a cold trip in ardmore to school. thomas and sophie needed hats gloves and coats as their dad got set to drive them to class. roads are clear now. a live look at traffic along i-95 in south philadelphia. there are slick spots out there on the side streets from yesterday's snow because
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temperatures won't get close to the freezing point at all today. they are making snow at camelback. we could see real snow showers a little bit later today. we have live team coverage of this bitter cold blast. nbc 10's monique braxton is live in cherry hill. we begin with first alert meteorologist bill henley. >> it's cold everywhere. the wind is blowing. look at boathouse row. notice the camera it's shaking because of the strong gusty winds. you can see the flags on top of the boat houses. you can see the snow left over from yesterday. the winds will not subside during the afternoon hours. they will stay strong with winds gusting to near 40 miles an hour. right now in philadelphia the temperature, 23 degrees with a steady wind at 21 makes it feel like eight degrees. when the gusts go up the temperature feels a bit colder. windchills across the board are looking cold. ten at the warmest in wildwood.
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dover is ten, feels like 11 in atlantic city at the airport. most of the rest of the area is single digits. mount pocono, six below. we will feel that type of windchill as we go through the night and into tomorrow morning. the hourly hour windchill shows this afternoon, you can see scattered eded snow showers. moving through the pocono mountains, will blow through the rest of the area. look at the windchill, in the single digits for philadelphia. the wind will be along at 6:00 this evening. it will feel like five in philadelphia. this evening it will feel like below zero at 9:00. four degrees below zero for northeast philadelphia. mount holly, four below. 22 below in the pocono mountains. that's at 9:00. the temperatures will be falling at that hour. by early tomorrow morning, 4:00 a.m. when we go on the air, it will feel like feefshive below in philadelphia, nine below in pottstown and cold at the shore.
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temperatures will feel like they are below zero. actual temperatures could cause freezing pipes tomorrow morning. details with the seven-day forecast when i'm back. >> we will see you then. live team coverage with monique braxton live in cherry hill. we see how you are coping with the cold. how are folks in new jersey coping with it? >> reporter: a lot of them telling us they stay put in their car while somebody else does the pumping for them. we have been here since 10:00 this morning. we watched three guys handle dozens of cars. you see the cars are pulling in right now. wawa would not allow us to talk to them about how they are working outside and the endless efforts to stay warm. their customers told us on days like today, having your gas pumped for you is most appreciated. we have tips from auto experts on why it's important to keep an eye on your gas gauge during the cold days. the car care counsel is urging everyone to make sure you keep
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your gas tank at least half full. it prevendts freezing of condensation. test your battery as well as your sparkplugs. even when you are in a hurry, like all of us are, let your car warm up first thing in the morning or in the afternoon if it's going to be very cold like it is the next couple of days. they also say, make sure you allow the oil under the tank time to lubricate all of the components under the hood so that you don't get into trouble with your car overheating trying to keep up with the cold weather. the last thing you want to do they say is be on e or empty, because you never know when you run low on gas and there's no gas station around. keep the tips in mind. live for now from cherry hill monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. that's good advice. people in our area aren't the only ones bundling up. much of the nation is dealing with the bitter cold.
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mark barger has the details. >> reporter: bone chilling cold as an arctic air blast puts much of the u.s. in a deep freeze. so cold chicago public schools are canceled. along with many districts across the region. that's a snow piles up from the midwest to the northeast. >> here in central new york up to three feet of snow is possible in some areas by the end of the week. the big story is the cold. highs wednesday will barely hit zero with windchill at 25 below. >> reporter: pennsylvania roads maim treacherous tuesday. it's the brutal cold that is impacting millions. all the way to the deep south. the cold is prompting safety warnings to stay off the ice. in indiana, a woman and her dog crews are heating up switches to keep trains and their passengers moving. winter storm and windchill
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warnings remain in effect through thursday. take the weather team with you throughout the cold blast. up to the minute forecasting with the first alert weather app for your smart phone or tablet. it's a free download that you can get on our website. go to we continue to follow breaking news -- we continue to follow breaking news out of france where two gunmen are on the loose after a terrorist attack. the gunmen killed 12 people at the offices of a satirical newspaper that has run cartoons of the muslim profit mohammed. a look at more amateur video taken at the scene. you can hear the gunfire in the background. this person watches from the roof. police say the gunmen were firing assault rifles. eight other people were rounded in the attack four critically. this is the second attack on the
11:37 am
magazine. the magazine's old headquarters were gutted in 2011 by a fire bomb after the magazine ran an image of the profit mohammed on its cover. this is france's deadliest terror attack in at least two decades. french authorities continue the manhunt for the suspects. no one has mooedly claimed responsibility for the attack. president obama is calling it "a horrific shooting." the president is offering to help french officials go after the suspects. the investigation is under way into a deadly shooting at a veteran's medical clinic at fort bliss in texas. he killed one person before turning the gun on himself. >> reporter: it was a busy afternoon at the veteran's affair clinic at fort bliss in el paso when reports of an active shooter came in at about 3:00. the v.a. ordered everyone to shelter in place while authorities searched for gunman. the suspect shot and killed one
11:38 am
person before turning the gun on himself. no one else was hurt and neither the victim nor shooter has been identified. authorities continue to comb the clinic overnight for answers. >> this sean active crime scene. the shooting incident is under investigation. >> reporter: why did did happen? authorities haven't discussed a motive. said the actions of the gunman inside the building and possibly how he chose his victim will be pieced together. >> make sure everybody is aware we have hundreds of potential witnesses and we are processing those right now. those people who were here seeking medical assistance. we understand the difficulties that this situation presents to them. >> the clinic will remain closed today as officials conduct an inspect in the hopes of putting together a motive. president obama will visit a ford assembly plant near detroit. he will focus on the sub says of the auto industry since 2009. ford did not get a bailout like
11:39 am
chrysler or gm but all three companies are now profitable. the president's trip is part of a three-week run up to the state of the union address. a north jersey high school at the center of a hazing scandal will bring back the football program. in middlesex county last night, the superintendent announced the season will resume in the fall. the high school's football season was canceled in october after players were accused of locker room hazing. seven players are facing charges. the school board plans to make a decision on the head coach's future soon. a discovery in one pennsylvania school district. officials are reviewing food preparation practices after discovering students were served rice that was mixed with bugs. this happened at the -- at three elementary schools in the west allegheny school district in oakdale, east of pittsburgh. the rice had bugs in it. they are commonly found in grain products.
11:40 am
officials say 130 students were served the rice. officials believe it was con ton contaminated before it was delivered. the health department says the bugs are not harmful when eaten and are immediately killed during cooking. >> i think everybody is safe. i think there's worse things in food that we feed our kids to be honest. i'm being very honest. the food that people buy and how it's made. >> a pest control specialist did complete inspections of the school. the insects were not discovered in any remaining product. the school threw out 80 bags of rice to be safe. an official in poland says the u.s. asked them to extradite polanski. he is wanted in charges with sex with a minor. prosecutors refused a request to arrest him. he lives in france but grew up in poland and holds a polish passport. he is scheduled to film a movie
11:41 am
in poland sometime in the spring. mow had a miduhammad ali was released from the hospital. he was released on tuesday night and is recovering at home. he has been battling with parkinson's disease for years. he will celebrate his 73rd birthday later this month. police in los angeles recovered a heisman trophy awarded to o.j. simpson stolen more than 20 years ago. it was awarded to the university of southern california. burglars stole it in 1994 while simpson was on trial for the murder of his wife and her friend. he was acquitted a year later. police have not said where or how they found the trophy. news that will send carb cravers into an uproar. a french fry shortage. see what's causing the short supply.
11:42 am
heat is in short supply. a cold day but it gets dangerously cold tonight.
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11:44 am
a blustery day in center city. sunshine and look at the flag right at bottom of the screen there. that's blowing in a wind that's gusting more than 30 miles an hour. cold today, getting colder tonight. there are safety concerns
11:45 am
near los angeles international airport at lasers were pointed at planes. three incidented were reported. pilots started warning each other. sheer what here is what it looks like. a laser struck a cockpit. >> if you lose visual reference, that could be a very dangerous scenario. >> in addition to the dangers in the air, pilots say the lasers can cause rat nal damage. this is a reminder that lasers aren't just toys. federal authorities are investigating the incidents at lax. the search is on for the person who abandoned a dog at a train station. he was found with a suitcase containing his belongings, a toy, a pillow a food bowel and dog food. he was found tied to a railing. the dog's microchip helped the spca trace the dog to a previous owner. that owner says they sold the
11:46 am
dog in 2013 and they don't have an address for the person who bought him. abandoning an animal is against scottish law. happening today, the international olympic committee will look at bids for the 2012 winter games. china, kazakhstan put out the official bids. the next step in the process beginning next month when the ioc travels to those two cities. the committee will announce the winner at the end of july. nbc will carry all of the olympics all winter and summer through 2032. pope francis is going to brush up on his english when he visits the philippines next week. and he is set to deliver all 11 of his speeches in english. that's a big change. the pope usually delivers his speeches in italian or spanish. he tried out his english last summer. they say the test was a total success. orthodox christians across
11:47 am
europe and the middle east attended mass today in bosnia, sayre a people gathered for the consider eded for the christmas service. it falls on january 7th for those that use the old jewelian calendar. we are getting our first look at the newest royal babies. we are talking about the twins of prince albert of monaco and his wife princess charlene. the babies made their first appearance on the royal palace balcony. if you want fries with that big mac in venezuela you are out of luck. they have run out of potatoes and are serving up alternatives
11:48 am
to french fries. mcdonald's is blaming a contract dispute for spotting the expert to the country. they are working to resolve the shortage problem. three oust five americans don't have enough savings to pay for emergency expenses. a new report says only 38% of americans have enough money in their accounts to cover costs that come up unexpectedly, like a $500 car repair or $1,000 emergency room visit. the study says na lenials are the least likely to have sufficient savings. drivers may continue to enjoy lower gas prices for a while. they forecast prices this will will average 2.64 a gallon that's 70 cents lower than last year's $3.34 average. nearly a dollar a gallon below 2012's high of 3 been the$3.60. drivers should save $97 million
11:49 am
at the pump in 2015. looking outside, it doesn't look bad. once you step outside, it's a different story. a wicked cold wind that's going to be with us right on through the day, gusts up 40 miles an hour this afternoon. the temperatures will be plunging overnight tonight. dangerous cold. we will see them dip into the single digits. similar to what we had last january when a lot of people had frozen pipes. that's a possibility overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning. the coldest air of the season so far. right now, it's not exactly warm in mount pocono. 12 degrees. sun shine, passing clouds in trenton. the temperatures are being held back by the wind. thanks to the cold despite of sunshine at times, there's still plenty of snow around left over from yesterday. it wasn't a lot of snow. but with cold temperatures it's staying put. look at the wind blowing the
11:50 am
flag here. we are not seeing snow just yet. that's a possibility blowing into the area. you can see the scattered clouds on the image. north and west that line right there, those are snow showers moving into williamsport scranton getting some snow. that line is likely to move through the lehigh valley and into philadelphia. some areas have seen a few snowflakes. look at northern burlington county getting very light snow right now. don't be surprised if you see some snowflakes during the day. the wind that will be here through this afternoon and into tonight. this is 5:00, our future wind showing winds steady at 23 miles an hour. 18 mile an hour in the lehigh valley. and at the shore, 27 mile an hour winds for atlantic city. they stay with us tonight. 9:00 tonight nose are northwesterly winds. you can see the arrows. that's cold air dumping into the
11:51 am
area that is going to drop our windchills well below zero tomorrow morning. that's 5:00 tomorrow morning, winds of 11 miles an hour will give us windchills at 5:00 of six below in northeast philadelphia 19 below in mount pocono and it will feel like it's below zero at the jersey shore, toms river seven below at 5:00 tomorrow morning. some very cold air moving in tonight. it feels cold during the day today. temperatures 20s will hold in the 20s. not warmer than it is right now. and watch out for some flurries or even a brief snow shower. no areas will get more than a dusting with the quick moving showers. tomorrow, a cold air in place. this is when we could see pipes freeze in the morning. just 22 in the afternoon. sunshine will be bright and then clouds are back at times on friday. friday another cold morning, down to 19. a high of 34 friday afternoon.
11:52 am
but then another cold blast for saturday. 18 in the morning, 28 in the afternoon. clouds will be building on sunday and after another cold start, we will warm into the middle 30s sunday afternoon. there's a chance we will see showers on monday and into tuesday. after a cold morning both days in the 20s, it will warm freezing in the the afternoon.
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it is pay what you wish wednesday at the philadelphia museum of art. a great opportunity to see fabulous art at any price you would like. you can pay what you wish starting at 5:00 p.m. tonight. the event tonight is make stuff. craft your own work of art. and you can bring a yoga mat because at 6:00 you can go yoga. at 6:00 take a tour of the masterpieces. coming up this afternoon at 3:00, "ellen" is all new. then it's nbc 10 news at 4:00. he got a grip on gloves expensive baseball gloves. now local police are trying to catch the suspect seen here on camera stuffing valuable sports merchandise down his pants at an
11:56 am
area store. that's this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. now to an update on breaking news zs out of france. two gunmen are on the loose. an editor died. two police officers were killed. eight others were critically wounded. it's being called the worst terrorist attack in france in decades. the manhunt has been launched. france's president has vowed to bring those responsible to justice. they were attacked before. you sounded like you were from boston when you said it's wicked cold. it's probably cold there, too. >> it is very cold in boston too. they saw snow as well. we saw it yesterday. it's on the ground. we could see a few scattered snow showers blowing through the area during the day today. 26 degrees this afternoon at the warmest. then the temperatures plunge tonight. nine degrees tomorrow morning.
11:57 am
windchills well below zero. >> bundle up. thanks for watching nbc 10 news. i'm vai sikahema. for all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day. stay warm.
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>> brady: this was about to get physical, that's why i came in between-- >> melanie: i can take care of myself. >> theresa: yeah, no one wants you here, we're fine. >> brady: i don't know what you two are fighting about, but-- >> both: just get out! >> brady: you want to kill each other? is that what you're gonna do huh? >> melanie: you invaded our privacy. >> brady: no, i didn't, melanie. i came back to get my papers. that's all i came back-- >> melanie: your papers? okay. here. you can go. >> theresa: yeah, now. >> abigail: [chuckles] >> ben: well, at least this morning, we actually did run. >> abigail: yes, we did, for once. [laughing] okay, i have to go. i'm gonna be late for work. >> ben: all right, all right. and i better be right on time as well, now that chad's breathing down my neck. >> abigail: yeah, what's up with that, by the way? i thought that he said he wouldn't go to the club that much. >> ben: [scoffs] right. he always tells the truth. i'll see you later. >> abigail: mwah.


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