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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  January 8, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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right now at 11:00, a bitter cold blast continues to grip our region. the windchill will make it feel colder than the actual temperature. a live look outside at the aramark building in center city philadelphia. sunshine out there but don't let that fool you. it's the coldest air so far this season. a live look at the skyline of center city philadelphia. harsh conditions out there for skiers right now at camelback mountain resort. a live look at tannersville pa. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking this bitter blast. how are you doing? >> i'm fine because i'm indoors. outdoors, it's not so much fun. we were down to nine degrees
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officially this morning. today is of course, a first alert weather day. we have been warning you about this for quite a while. the bitter winds continue today, not quite as strong as yesterday. it won't be as frigid tonight as it was last night. however, there's another blast coming on saturday. we're not done with this very cold weather. temperatures are in the teens in most places. it's 12 in pottstown. 16 in philadelphia. warm spot up to 18 degrees in wildwood. of course, we still have some wind. so the windchill is one. we have gone above zero in philadelphia. five below in lancaster. two degrees in atlantic city. by noontime we have 18 degrees. 3:00, only going up to about 20 degrees or so today. temperatures level off a little bit tonight. like i said, there's another
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blast coming in on saturday. then we have some potential for icy precipitation in the seven-day forecast. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> we will see you then. peco crews were dealing with power line problems. look at this video from north philadelphia where wires started reigning down sparks. wind likely caused this problem. no one in the area lost electricity. keep the nbc news app handy. you can get the forecast traffic alerts and weather-related news any time you want it. if you don't have it download it for the iphone or android free in the app store. we are following a breaking news story in bucks county that has been unfolding since early this morning. sky force 10 over the scene of a silo collapse in bristol that trapped a worker.
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the rescue operation has turned into a recovery effort. the effort has been under way for hours now. monique braxton joins us live from the scene. bring us up to date. >> reporter: a short time ago, emergency personnel came out to the property front to speak to us, to tell us that the mode here has changed. they have now shifted from rescue to recovery. we have learned that osha is investigating the incident that occurred here. in the past five hours, we have monitored activity here outside the riverside industrial complex. our camera captured police and other fire crews entering in an attempt to find a worker after the silo he was working inside collapsed. rescue and search dogs came here spending hours going through mangled steel and what was described as non-toxic cement powder.
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now the focus is changing. >> the only potential survival in this time of incident is if there were to be a void space where the person assuming that they survived the initial traumatic injury had room to breathe. between our expertise with search dogs technical aspects, including fiber-optic camera systems, human intelligence we have determined that there is likely no survivable void space that exists. >> reporter: the authorities also tell us relatives of the worker have been inside the plant for a few hours now. the brother of the male worker who they have not been able to find came out and spoke to us a short time ago. 50 to 60 emergency personnel remain inside. in the next half hour at 11:30, we are working to bring you a comment from the brother. we are working to bring you up to date on what osha has been
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doing with the property. live for now in bristol township monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. a manhunt in france as authorities try to track down two suspects in yesterday's deadly attack. french officials say an 18-year-old suspect turned himself in. they are still looking for two brothers who they say carried out the rampage. killing 12 people including the editor and two police officers. one of the brothers spent time in prison for trying to join islamic militants. the prime minister says preventing another attack is the main concern. french anti-hair hfanti-terrorism police surrounded a gas station after two men they were looking for were spotted there. the manager said he was robbed by the duo. a car was found abandoned not far away. french police say it's not clear if the shooting death this morning of a paris officer is connected in any way to
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yesterday's attack. officials say a gunman opened fire on two police officers in a southwest suburb of paris today killing one of them and injuring the other. police officers in protective gear were on guard at the scene as a forensic expert searched a parked car. an investigation is under way after an explosion at a kabob shop next to a mosque in southeast france. no one was hurt. no word if the explosion is linked to the attack at charlie hebdo. france's president led a moment of silence across france for the victims of yesterday's attack. a large crowd gathered in the rain. france declared today a day of mourning. people laid flowers and lit candles close to where the attack took place yesterday. french flags were lowered to half mast.
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the former french president said it's a declaration of war on civilization. security is stepped up in the french capital. officials fear the islamic militants who allegedly carried out yesterday's assault could strike again. we will update you on the air, online and at and on our nbc 10 news mobile app. new this morning, philadelphia police tell us they have a student in custody right now for allegedly making a threat via social media. this happened at the franklin town charter school. no one was hurt. the school is on normal operations. we are working to learn more about the threat. we will follow this story and we will bring you updates as we get it. an investigation is under way this morning into a deadly fire that claimed the life of a
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disabled veteran. rescuers pulled the victim out of a burning home. he had second degree burns over 18% of his body. he was rushed to the hospital where he died. the fire commissioner says a cooking accident may be to blame here. >> right now, it appears that the origin is the first floor kitchen area. we are still investigating. but that appears to be where the origin is. we want to remind people if you cook don't leave your cooking unattended. >> there were working smoke alarms in the row home but the victim was disabled. the fire commissioner is urging families to practice an escape route. investigators are looking into a row home fire. this broke out on the first floor of a home street on grove street around 11:00 last night. everyone did make it out safely. medics took a next door neighbor
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to the hospital for breathing in smoke. a man is in stable condition after being stabbed inside a wendy's in center city. this happened around 8:00 last night at 11th and walnut streets. two people and a transgender woman got into a fight with a man and slashed him with a box cutter. no one has been arrested. loved ones and friends will gather for a wake for shane montgomery. it will be held this evening from 5:00 to 9:00 at st. john baptist church. a second viewing and the funeral will be held there tomorrow morning. divers found the body of the student in the schuylkill river on saturday after a six-week search. the medical examiner says it appears he died accidentally. we are waiting for toxicology reports to come in. today, city council will consider beefing up the nuisance property law. it's aimed at keeping the peace
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in neighborhoods. it levels fines at people who create disturbances by fighting or noise making. there's a public meeting at 6:30 tonight at the louis l.redding building. walter palmer charter officials shut down the school over winter break, displacing 600 students. the school owes the philadelphia school district millions of dollars. parents can pick up records between 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. we are following developments on the crash of the airasia plane. the discoveries made today and the steps crews are taking to find out what may have caused the plane to go down. mickey miney and measles. the frigid weather isn't budging.
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a florida man faces a murder charge for allegedly throwing his 5-year-old daughter off a bridge killing her. he is charged with aggravated assault with a motor vehicle on a law enforcement officer. an officer was following a speeding car just after midnight and he was behind the wheel. according to the officer, the father stopped on the bridge and got his daughter out of the car.
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he then threw the child into the water below. the officer started searching for the girl. more crews joined the operation including a fisherman. >> you are racing around. you feel your stomach has a rumble to it. is that her? every time you see a wave break. nothing you can do. >> crews pulled the little girl from thepro pronounced dead at the hospital. police arrested him a half hour after the incident. they still don't know a motive. divers have failed in their attempt to find the black boxes from the airasia plane that went into the java sea a week and a half ago. search teams recovered four more bodies from the crash. crews have found 44 bodies in all. the navy released a look at the wreckage you see here. crews hope to lift the tail out of the sea tomorrow. floating balloons or a crane will be used to bring the tail to the surface. they think the data and voice
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recorders might be in the tail. bill cosby thanks his fans after he performed a show in canada last night. there were protesters on the outside, but in inside fans gave cosby a warm welcome. you are looking at cosby arriving in canada on a private plane yesterday. more than a dozen women claim he sexually assaulted them decades ago. three more accusers came forward yesterday. they sat with gloria allred in los angeles and shared their stories. cosby has never been charged. nine cases of measles have been tracked back to the disney parks in california. all of the patients visited disney land or disney california adventure park between december 15 and december 20. measles is a disease caused by a virus and spread through the air. thanks to a vaccine it was considered eradicated in the united states in 2000. the deep freeze we are following is gripping much of
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the country. reynolds wolf gives us a look at the conditions in nashville. >> reporter: i'm along the shores of the rivers in nashville, tennessee. we will remain in a deep freeze through sunday. city schools are closed door to the cold air and also due to the cold affect it's having on the braking systems of the buses. the city set up two mobile units for people to take shelter from the cold air. they have been here before. they have dealt with the cold snap like this last year, roughly the same day, except they did have snow. that's the the story in nashville. let's send it up to the twin cities. >> reporter: i'm in minneapolis. the snow has picked up. now not only are we dealing with windchills around ten below zero, we have this wind that's tossing the snow around. it's going to reduce visibility quickly on the roads. it's covering the streets as
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well. they could be slick in spots. today, actually, wasn't as cold as it has been. minneapolis schools were reopened today. we will see what happens tomorrow morning when the windchills are back down around 20 to 30 below zero. this is all the way to the northeast and southeast. here in minneapolis, it's another frigid day. could you imagine that? we have had windchill beess below zero. in minneapolis, as low as 40 to 45 below in this cold air mass that's come in. we are still bitter cold today, even though in some cases our windchills have gone above zero, barely. there's another bitter blast that's coming on saturday. that might set us up for precipitation next week. more on that a little bit later
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with the seven-day. flags not blowing anywhere near as strong as they were yesterday. 16 degrees now. it's a 16 mile an hour wind. that doesn't help. the windchill is one in philadelphia. seven degrees for the temperature in the poconos. most other places are in the teens right now. but, of course we have wind just about everywhere. windchill below zero in reading and lancaster. other areas have climbed above zero. low temperatures this morning, three in allentown, four in norristown and doylestown. nine officially at philadelphia and wilmington. seven in trenton. eight in atlantic city airport. a couple of double digit numbers in southern delaware. as we go through the day today
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and into tonight, we are seeing these windchills generally above zero. but mostly single digits during the day today. tonight, what happens? it's not as cold as even this afternoon. because the wind will die down and the atmosphere is getting warmer. there we are going into the 20s for windchills tomorrow afternoon. it will feel better. won't it? watch what happens friday night and into saturday morning. here we go again. single digits and some places below zero. saturday, it's going to be another pretty brutal day. the arctic air, there it is by saturday morning. covering a good bit of the country. then as we go into next week, it's still cold plus the storm track going down to the south, that could set us up for a
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multiple event of either icy combinations or snowy combinations next week. it should be a wetter week next week. sunny but bitter cold wind today. high near 20. of course, it won't feel like it. mostly windchills in the single digits. we don't really drop tonight. if anything, the temperature might go up a couple of degrees. that will help us for friday. you may see a couple snow showers, especially to the north. but it's going to be a windy day. that wind is going to be bringing in another round of this arctic air. saturday's high only 22. it will feel colder than that. low temperatures down in the teens. by sunday we may actually get above the freezing mark, just barely barely. then it sets us up for this kind of wet and possibly icy mix that comes next week monday tuesday, possibly wednesday,
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too. >> thank you. dozens of schools in the area had delayed starts because of the cold that glenn was speaking about. get alerts for your school sent to your inbox or mobile device. sign up on our nbc 10 mobile app or addicted to your smart phone or ipad? the new findings that show what all of that screen time is really doing to your eyes. you have a baby on board? listen up. mistakes experts say many parents are making when it comes to kids and car seats.
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two of the country's leading cancer organizations are calling for government regulation of e-cigarettes. they want the fda to monitor quality control. they want to prohibit sales to minors. the other requests include health warnings and nicotine concentration on labels proof of age and end to advertising aimed at kids. a new poll finds three-quarters of parents turn the car seats to face forward too early. the guidelines call for using rear-facing car seats for at least two years or until a child reaches about 20 pounds or has outgrown the seat. only 23% of parents follow these guidelines. research looks at why
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watching television can lead to unhealthy eating habits. frequent tv watchers were less likely to understand proper nutrition than those who watch less. experts say that that may come from seeing mixed messages on television. consumers are being told what foods to avoid and they are being bombarded with ads for junk food. more and more of us are spending more and more of our eyes glued to mobile devices. have you stopped to think what that is doing to your vision? peter alexander gives us a look. >> reporter: the digital age is a sight for sore eyes. hours staring at computers tablets, smart phones. more than 90% of americans are at risk for what the vision counsel calls digital eye strain. how is that for an eye opener? >> your eyes feel restless. it's like you feel like you have been watching a tennis match. >> reporter: it has reached epidemic proportions. the hardest hit, millennials with nearly seven in ten
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reporting symptoms. >> my eyes start to water. >> my eyes feel irritated. >> reporter: even neck and back pain. a person blinks 18 times a minute but stare at a screen it slows down. >> we are seeing more of that with all the new devices. >> reporter: some of the best advice to reduce eye strain limit screen time whenever possible. 20 20 20 rule. 20 minutes take a 20 second break and look at least 20 feet away. another idea? adjust the brightness on your screen. that's easy on the eyes. peter alexander, nbc news, washington. the hunt is on for two men wanted in one of france's deadliest terror attacks. mounting tensions as authorities try to zero in on those responsible for yesterday's massacre in paris. see if they are connected to crimes in the area today. he ran into the back of a
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truck. he is not stopping. our car is imbedded. >> stuck under a semi and dragged for miles. hear more of a call from a family on a road trip they won't soon forget.
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11:30 this thursday morning. the cold means you want to avoid spending time outside today if you can. if you have to be out there, bundle up and ware mrenear plenty of layers. some people could not avoid being outdoors whether it was to work or run errands. the temperature reading 5 degrees. we talked to a few people about how they are coping with the cold includes one man who relies on his beard to keep him
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warm. >> it does a little bit. when it gets below zero it don't help. >> i'm used to it. you bundle up and layer up and do the best you can. >> hopefully, those people were able to head indoors quickly. don't let the sunshine fool you. harsh conditions at the shore have many of us looking for the summer. a live look at cape may, new jersey. looks are deceiving. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here tracking this bitter blast. >> it's mighty cold. one thing that i don't see a lot is people covering their ears. it's a very vulnerable spot when you get so cold. the windchills get so low, you can get frostbite. that's a very unpleasant feeling. we have bitter winds continuing today. not as frigid tonight as it was last night. but that's just one day of it. we're going to get a reinforcing bitter blast coming in for friday night and into saturday.
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right now, the temperatures are generally in the teens. but with the wind it's feeling like it's one below in reading. zero in pottstown. in allentown zero. two in atlantic city. that's mighty cold. wind gusts out of the west 25 miles an hour in trenton, 23 in atlantic city. the windchills are calculated on the sustained wind. the average wind, not the gusts. occasionally, it can feel colder, at least for a couple of minutes than it shows on those windchill maps. the bitter winds, 18 degrees at noon barely 20 this afternoon. leveling off this evening and maybe going up a little later tonight. but like you saw, that is only a temporary thing. more on how cold the next blast will be and precipitation -- winter precipitation with the
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seven-day in a few weeks. while we are dealing with the bitter cold it's not as bad as it is in northeastern minnesota. negative 24 along lake superior yesterday morning. get this. when you factor in the strong wind it felt like 54 degrees below zero. temperatures are a bit higher there today. wow. electric bills could take a jump for people in our area because of the weather. katy zachry has tips to help you lower your energy costs. >> reporter: it's a good day to share these tips. temperatures have been hovering around ten degrees and it feels even colder. do you do anything extra on top of setting the thermostat? >> no, i do not. >> reporter: it's almost too easy to do. press a button and your home gets warmer. energy experts warn it will cost you. every degree over 68 on your thermostat can increase your
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energy bill by up to 5%. instead, open your window shades to let the sun naturally warm a room. use a space heater. if you have an unused fireplace, close it so warm air doesn't escape. insulate your basement. >> a lot of really simple things that people can do in their house. not only helps them be more energy efficient but more comfortable. >> reporter: we're not all like sandy who keeps her home -- >> 55 at night and 64 during the day. >> reporter: some people would shiver at that. >> we like it cool. >> reporter: normally 55 at night would feel cold but not on a day like we are having today. to put it in perspective, she's from north dakota. >> thank you. that would make sense if she's from north dakota. keep the nbc 10 news app handy during this dangerous cold
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weather. get updated forecasts, traffic alerts and weather-related news any time you want it. if you don't have it download the app for the iphone or android. it's free in the app store. where he following a breaking story in bristol, bucks county. sky force 10 over an extremely complicated recovery effort. after a worker is trapped in a silo collapse. the effort has been under way for hours. monique braxton joins us live from the scene where the victim's family is speaking out. >> reporter: that's right. a short time ago, the victim's brother walked outside these gates to talk to us outside the property. he said that the family has been here since midnight when they learned tony gabriel was involved in an accident. our camera captured police and crews from the fire department rushing here after a police officer on site notified them of the silo collapse.
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the family says the missing worker is 48 years old and lives around the corner. he told us he has been working here since he was 18. rescue and search dogs spent hours going through the mangled steel and what was described as layers of non-toxic cement powder. they have been looking for him for hours now. the focus has changed from rescue to recovery. >> loading trucks to be shipped all over the northeast. he also loads salt trucks all the salt trucks got turned away today. he runs a backhoe and all that stuff. my brother was a great guy. he will be missed. >> reporter: we did a little digging and found osha has conducted three recent inspections of this property. one citation was issued after a lift on a barge was being used
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as a crane to hoist equipment. that activity is prohibited by the manufacturer. no doubt we will follow this investigation. as we look live from sky force 10, we can tell you that between 50 and 60 rescue personnel recovery now personnel, emergency folks remain here on the scene. live for now from bristol township monique braxton, nbc 10 news. a massive manhunt is under way in france for two brothers suspected of carrying out yesterday's deadly attack on the paris offices of a satirical magazine which left 12 people dead. richard engle has more from paris. >> reporter: the two suspects in yesterday's attack are still at large. they have been identified by french police. they have circulated their pictures nationwide. as long as they are at large, still considered armed and dangerous, the city paris, and the country are tense. there's an intense security
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presence here in paris with police deployed protecting schools, protecting synagogues, protecting national monuments. protecting mosques, because there is a concern that there could be revenge attacks against the muslim community. we don't know at this stage where these two suspects where the two brothers are. there are many rumors. at one stage they were believes to have been spotted at a gas station north of paris. if they were there, they are not there now. the pope is asking for prayers for the victims of the terror attack. the pontiff celebrated a mass in their honor at the vatican this morning. he blasted what he called human cruelty. he sent a tweet from his handle. it said #prayersforparis. we will continue to update you.
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north korea is criticizing the u.s. two statements were released on state television. one urges the u.s. to withdraw sanctions against north korea. the other says evidence proves a u.s. insider or countries other than north korea were behind the hacking attack. the u.s. says north korea was responsible for the attack which led the studio to shelf "the interview," a movie satirizing north korea's leader. the president travels to arizona to talk about help for homeowners. the president will be in phoenix to announce lower insurance premiums for government-backed mortgages. according to the white house homeowners and those who refinance with the federal housing administration would pay $900 less a year under the new plan. today the senate moves towards a vote on the keystone xl pipeline.
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despite president obama's threat to veto the project if it passes. a committee is meeting to advance a bill approving the pipeline. the senate energy and natural resources committee is expected to send the legislation to the full senate. the proponents of the plan want to build an oil pipeline from canada through the u.s. to the gulf of mexico. it has been debated for several years now. the house is expected to easily pass the bill tomorrow approving the nearly $5.5 billion construction project. happening today, veterans affairs secretary will travel to the v.a. clinic at fort bliss in texas. that's where a former soldier shot and killed a v.a. psychologist before taking his own life on tuesday. the gunman served in the army from 2006 to 2009. people in arizona will mark the fourth anniversary of the shooting that injured former representative gabrielle giffords. it was on january 18 -- january
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8, 2011 that a gunman opened fire outside a grocery store killing six people and injuring more than a dozen. she was shot in the head. she had to relearn how to walk and talk. the gunman was sentenced to life in prison. the murder of a girl will be the focus of a television show. investigation discovery's web of lies will feature the case. she went missing in october of 2012. after a search her body turned up in a recycling bin near the home of two brothers charged in the killing. her story will appear on the season two premiere of "web of lies" on january 14th. 6.6 million people are signed up for health insurance through the federal marketplace. that includes people who selected new insurance through and people who were automatically reenrolled in an existing plan.
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the number does not include sign justs on exchanges. the data is reported eded separately. the last day of open enrollment is february 15. talk about a vacation nightmare. the trip that ended up under an 18-wheel tractor-trailer and how the family lived to tell about their ordeal. we will be getting a little break from the bitter cold blast. but the temperatures are going to plunge again this weekend. i'm tracking our chances for ice and snow next week. that's just ahead.
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here is a live picture at center city. a lot of that snow has melted at least in the downtown areas. there's still plenty out in the suburbs. that's going to help keep things on the cold side. we will see just how cold it's going to stay with the forecast coming up. dozens of schools in our area had delayed starts this morning because of the cold. you can get alerts for your specific school sent to your inbox or mobile device. sign up on our nbc 10 mobile app or a family's trip back from vacation turns into a wild ride when their van gets wedged under a tractor-trailer. it dragged them for miles.
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they were driving in northern michigan returning from vacation when they accidentally rear ended the big rig. they were pulled along for 25 minutes. the family called 911 in the middle of the ordeal. >> we ran into the back of a semitruck. he is not stopping. our car is underneath. >> he didn't know that we were there. before we knew it he ended up dragging us 16 miles. >> police arrived and helped safely stop both vehicles. fortunately, the family escaped with only minor injuries. technology changed the way people shop. the use of mobile shopping apps exploded in 2014. a firm says the use of shopping apps grew 174% between 2013 and 2014. the data shows consumers were opening up those retail apps a lot more during the lunch hour and after dinner. it's not just shopping apps that
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got a lot of use. overall, all kinds of mobile apps saw usage increase of 76% on average. at&t is offering a new option to consumers with unused data. starting january 25 the data stash plan will be made available to millions of users on the mobile share value plan. they will be able to roll over up used dad tata from the previous month. more older americans are choosing to take on encore careers instead of going into retirement. >> reporter: this woman spent over 40 years in publishing before deciding to retire in 2009. >> publishing world was changing. it was becoming more digital. the focus was changing. it was just time for me to make a change. most of the shelf and this shelf are actually books that i worked
11:48 am
on. >> reporter: the change she made was not a transition into a traditional retirement. >> i really didn't think i was done working. i really had no idea what i was going to do. i didn't think i was done. >> reporter: she realized the skill she had was transferable. that gave her confidence in finding an encore career. she applied for a fellowship that eventually placed her at a non-profit agency that helps find jobs for men and women formerly incarcerated. more americans are working into retirement. nearly 20% of those 65 and older are still working in some capacity according to aarp. that number has doubled since 1985. many older americans are looking for meaningful work not only financial gain. >> it becomes something more of a passion where you feel like you can stay in it for a longer haul. that financially might actually make more sense. >> reporter: eventually it led to more permanent work. >> it led to a position as
11:49 am
directioner of organizational development. neither of which i would have thought would be where i would end up. >> reporter: years later, she was offered a position she couldn't turn down. she became the new york program director of the entire encore organization, a position she continues in today. >> employers and society are -- and communities are understanding the value that experienced professionals can bring across the -- across all kinds of businesses. considering the weather, it would be nice to have the second career indoors. we have the bitter cold that has been with us. it's still going to be bitter cold today, although not as bitter cold tonight as what we have seen. we're getting into blast coming friday night and into saturday. the chance of some icy
11:50 am
precipitation next week. for more than one day. bright blue skies out there. it's not helping a whole lot. melt a touch of snow. it's only 16 degrees. the wind is 16 miles an hour. the windchill, the way it feels to your exposed skin one. the temperature is generally in the teens. it's 12 in west chester and pottstown right now. 15 in wilmington glassboro. 18 in stone harbor. the windchills generally a little bit above zero now. it is still below zero in reading and lancaster and in the poconos. what's going to happen? as we go through the day today, the windchills in the single digits. this evening, still single digits. later tonight, it's double digits. the temperature going up a
11:51 am
little bit. the wind going down a little bit. by tomorrow morning, it's not going to feel anywhere near as cold as it did this morning. however, things are not going to stay that way. tomorrow afternoon, not as bad as this afternoon. but by saturday morning, that next blast comes in here and it's feeling like it's single digits in some places below zero. saturday and saturday night and sunday morning, still bitter cold. we have clear conditions here. back to the west, a lot of clouds. a little bit of snow. could be a snow shower up in northern areas tomorrow morning. this particular futurecast computer showing generally dry conditions. again, a few snow showers in the poconos. could get down into the lehigh valley and in some of the northern and western suburbs. but that's not anything like we
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had a couple days ago. the arctic air continues on top of this. here we are on saturday. it is still there. the mild air is nowhere near us. even though the pattern is going to become less extreme, it's still cold. sunny with a bitter wind today. high up to 20 degrees. wind gusts up to 25. not much of a drop tonight, if anything the temperature goes up a bit. that allows us to get near freezing tomorrow afternoon. but it's skill windy, still cloudy. that's not going to help. there could be a snow shower in northern sections. saturday morning sunday morning, cold again. bitter cold on saturday. not quite as cold on sunday. as we get precipitation coming in early next week well it may not warm up quite enough. we can get an icy mix, maybe even more snow by the middle of the week. we will be right back.
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coming up this afternoon at 3:00 "ellen" is all new. then it's nbc 10 at 4:00. invitation to trouble. chris christie is making new enemies after offering an invitation. why critics say he had no right
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to do it. we will explain this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. to an update on breaking news. a recovery effort continues after a silo collapses in bucks county trapping a worker. this happened at an industrial park in bristol. the family says the worker is 48 years old and lives nearby. rescue and search dogs spent hours going through the mangled steel and layers of cement powder. officials say it's unlikely the worker could have survived. time for glenn to give us a check. tomorrow, it's going to be warm up to freezing. >> everything is relative. a couple of weeks ago, it would have been considered a bitter cold day. but tomorrow we may get up to the freezing point. tonight, not as cold as last night. tomorrow morning, not as cold as this morning. but we get another blast that cops in friday night and into saturday and saturday night. it's going to be real cold
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again. >> thank you. thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema. nor for glenn "hurricane" schwartz and all of us here at nbc 10 have a great day. stay warm out there.
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