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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 530a  NBC  January 9, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EST

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shots fired. hostage taken right now. french officials are closing in on two brothers wanted in the dedeadly terror attack earlier this week. remembering shane montgomery. as family and friends get ready to say a final good-bye to the college student who was found dead in the schuylkill river over the weekend, we're looking at plans to make that part of the river safer. and tracking snow. bill henley said it would come. take a look outside. the nbc 10 first alert weather team and traffic team both on top of the changing weather conditions and what it means for your morning commute. it's 5:30. good morning, welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. very cold out there this morning, too. bill henley and his first alert forecast. bill quite a week of winter weather. >> snow starting things off. light snow is producing aia to the north. the snow is not far away. already starting to snow in delaware county central,
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central montgomery and chester county is getting some steady snow. it's even tended to the south now in portions of delaware allentown is seeing light snow while it's starting to lighten up in lancaster and just arriving in delaware. just minimal snowfall with little to no accumulation in central and southern delaware. dusting is possible in philadelphia. possibly a half an inch in other areas. the heavier amounts, two inches will be limited in the pocono mountains. by this afternoon, it will be gone and temperatures move from the middle 20s. hour-by-hour forecast calling for light snowfall and then it's off shore as we head into the afternoon hours. your hour-by-hour forecast when i come back in ten minutes. but right now a friday morning and check in with jillian mele.jillian. >> we're seeing the snow cover. including roads like 422 even the route 30 bypass on the radar
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map you can see the radar here and as we pull out in chester county, the route 30 bypass at route 113 and snow cover on the roads. that's where you need to slow down and be careful out there. take your time as you're headed out. route 100 and route 30 bypass and even route 202. all snow covered right now. doesn't seem to be impacting the drives too much. from route 30 to 202 a nine-minute trip and from 340 to 202 and normal drive times on route 02 right now. i'll keep you updated there. for drivers in delaware north wilmington. still have repair work going on and murphy road at concord pike and lane restrictions on both of those roads and the area bridges are clear of any accidents or delays but as that late snow moves in we could see speed restriction there's. highly unlikely. something i'll keep a watch on and let you know. tracy? following breaking news out of france. right now police are in a standoff with those suspects
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from wednesday's terror attack. 20 miles northeast of paris and the story is changing throughout the morning. >> shots have been fired and a lot of tension in this town. vai sikahema is live monitoring all these developments. vai? >> good morning. as i speak, french president is addressing his nation in france as police hunt for the suspects involved in wednesday's massacre. now, bc news has people listening in and translating his remarks. right now this is what we know. in the last 45 minutes paris' charles de gaulle airport closed two runways to arrivals. all because of a massive manhunt that you mentioned and the shootout with police. the suspects involved have taken a hostage. about two hours ago reports of gunfire at an apartment not far from the airport. hence the reason for closing those two runways. we learned there was a shootout with police. this all comes as police chase these two brothers. two are said to be linked to a
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terror network in yemen and they were also on the u.s.'-fly list. investigators say the two suspects and a third gunman stormed the offices of a magazine wednesday killing 12 people. wounding 11 including journalists and two police officers that were killed. that third suspect turned himself into police late wednesday. the magazine had been threatened many times for its caricatures of the prophet mohammed. you can keeping a close eye on these fast-breaking developments. an update in ten minutes in world report. stay with nbc 10 or download the nbc 10 news app for continual coverage. i'm vai sikahema. 5:34 and also following break nooginging news in our area. a shooting in the parking lot of philadelphia mills. the man opened fire into the victim's car hitting him three times. according to authorities, it was over an unpaid debt. right now, the victim is in
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guarded condition. a final farewell this morning for the young man who is the subject of a six-week long search effort. shane montgomery will be laid to rest today. he disappeared early thanksgiving morning after leaving a bar in manayunk. monique has more on how shane is being remembered. >> signs have been posted by police that no one stop or park here and then on the church steps, the tree lit with green lights. shane montgomery's favorite color. services for the senior will begin in just a few hours. he disappeared early thanksgiving morning after hanging out with family and friends here in manayunk. his body was found last saturday near where the canal flows into the schuylkill river. exactly where he entered the river isn't known, but we asked the mayor's office if the city is examining putting fences along the waterway to prevent people from falling in.
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>> one of the issues to be considered is that this is private property in this area. and putting up a fence would, if physically feasible would still require, we suspect, you know the support of private property owners. >> the viewing begins at 9:00. service at 10:00 here at st. john the baptist catholic church. in the next hour another major concern coming from the mayor's office when we talk about putting anything up along the waterway. live for now in manayunk monique wraxtenbraxton. >> you can count to bring you updates on that story. >> here are three more stories we'll follow closely for you today. we'll let you know about any developments in the search of this man. a missing teacher from bucks county. his name is christopher tully. his mother says he is depressed.
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they were taking him to get help on tuesday morning when he jumped out of the car and disappeared. in burlington for a beef and beer fund-raiser to help save the school. it will close unless the community raises $250,000 by january 15th. so far they raised more than half that amount. and we'll have the event that starts the pennsylvania farm show in harrisburg. the pa preferred reception begins at 5:30 tonight and features food and drinks produced in the state. the farm show opened to the public tomorrow. hey, one of the main attractions. everyone looks forward to this the butter sculpture. look at last year's work of art. this year's sculpture is created by an artist from conshohocken. a warning about a new batch of illegal drugs hitting the area. and bill has this. >> snow falling in wain this morning. a light snowfall. we're tracking snow this morning that will not last all day. right now 26 degrees at 5:37.
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snow is falling in the area. look at west norton in montgomery county. just a dusting so far. light snow that will keep moving through the area and be done by this afternoon. not much in the way of accumulation. maybe half an inch in the philadelphia area as it moves through the area. right now wayne is seeing light snowfall and making progress. won't be before the snow is falling in philadelphia and then into new jersey. the wind is blowing. that's going to be with us all day today. this is here at the nbc 10 studios. winds are now gusting close to 30 miles an hour in the region. they're steady in philadelphia international at 18 miles an hour. giving us a wind chill of 13 degrees. theres that leading edge of the snow moving through norristown and it is just starting to move into philadelphia. delaware county chester county and that light snowfall and it
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even extends now into new castle county in delaware and dover reporting a little bit of sleet with the light snow there. in the pocono mountains, it's been on and off and not really last all that long. the wind is going to stay with us all day today. wind now at miles an hour at the shore. so stand by for a windy day and a bit snowy to start with. the snow will be out of here this afternoon. the temperatures will feel colder since that wind is blowing right now. it feels like it's in the teens. the seven-day when i come back. 5:41 right now. depending on where you are, you might see on the roads when you head out this morning. >> yillian mealy can see all of that on her traffic information system there. show us what you're seeing in terms of snow. >> leonard just tweeted to bill and me saying he is seeing a little bit of sleet out there in newark delaware. changing conditions and light snowfall across the area and you can see the radar right now and the roads indicating where you are going to see those conditions out there. roads like the pennsylvania
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turnpike and the northeast extension and route 30pass and take this map in a little bit to the king of prussia area right near route 202, which you can see right there. this is route 202 and interstate 76 and the on and off ramps especially right in this area that's where you have to watch out for slippery condition, of course, in addition to the highways and second roads and the ramps can get pretty slippery. in montgomery county and chester county. route 30 bypass and route 100 and even 76 all snow covered right now. we're going through the cameras and seeing what key can find and bringing new cameras each time i see you. i'll take a look at 76 right now. tracy? 5:42 right now. a water park and high-speed ferry. this morning we're learning more about the future plans for the now closed revel casino in atlantic city. and caught on camera. stuffing stacks of bills into a purse this morning. an accountant is sentence for embezzling money from her school district and just wait until you
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we continue to follow the breaking news out of france this morning where it has turned into a standoff hostage situation. the suspects in wednesday's attack at charlie hebdo magazine have been cornered by police. they are holding one hostage.
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many reports out of france saying the police have made contact with the two suspects and the suspects tell police that they want to die as martyrs. residents being told to stay inside and part of charles de gaulle airport closed. we're also following other stories around the world and across the country, thanks to our network offers and photographers. nbc 10 vai sikahema is watching all the stories unfold in our digital operation center. vai? >> chris good morning. new report that looks at how the nfl handled the ray rice situation. that report found no evidence that the nfl saw the now infamous ray rice in elevator video before the public ever saw it. the shows rice punching his then fiancee in an atlantic city elevator. the report also says the nfl could have done more to properly investigate that matter. and bill cosby jokingly warned a woman in the audience
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at his ontario show last night to be careful drinking around him. more than 15 women have come forward so far saying cosby sexually assaulted them or drugged them dating back to the 1970s. never charged criminally in the connections. new video into nbc 10. surveillance video. it shows a former accountant stuffing thousands of dollars into her purse and her bra. the woman pleaded guilty to stealing close to $2 million from a school lunch program. police think she took more than $3 million over the span of 25 years to pay for trips to concerts and sporting events. of course, we'll continue to monitor these stories and bring you more as we get them. 5:47. we're also learning more this morning about plans for atlantic city revel casino. he wants part of the property to remain a casino. he also says he wants to include a water park in the plan.
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>> at some point in time you want to have a controlled vacation. and, so, we'll have control with indoor and outdoor water parks, which is only one part of maybe what the whole complex would be. >> the plan would also include a high-speed ferry to new york city. yesterday a judge awarded a final approval awarding it. new jersey state police are warning everyone about new drugs hitting the streets calling them powerful dangerous and even deadly. take a look at them, the three drugs may contain heroin and they are stamped with with the names power hour strike dead and taliban. health officials in new jersey say six people recently died by dosing on them. they say the drugs do not respond to narcan which medics can use to revive an overdosed victim. new castle county will get more help to crack down on drugs. designated the county as a high-intensity drug trafficking area.
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now, that designation means it can get federal money to fight the illegal drug trade. in pennsylvania, chester delaware and philadelphia counties also carry the high intensity drug trafficking label. in south jersey camden county has that designation. now from our trenton bureau the city is reminding landlords to keep their tenants warm during the cold snap. city law requires properties to be kept at a certain temperature, depending on the time of day. tenants can also call the city if their landlords do not fix broken heating equipment. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. we are tracking some light snow moving into the area. it will not be an all-day affair. the temperatures are cold enough in thes right now for snow and we're waiting for the first flakes here at the nbc 10 studios. getting a break from the light snow right now in reading, philadelphia international at 26 degrees. warmer than it was all day yesterday. in cape may for now is in the clear at 28 degrees. but we have seen a dusting north and west in some of the northern
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and western suburbs. that's the first bit of snow that is now moving into the rest of the area. and we'll produce a little bit of accumulation. looks pretty impressive on the radar screen right now. the heaviest precipitation right at the leading edge. you can see it's just moving through lower montgomery county and into delaware county right now. while off to the north and west. reading just starting to see the snowflakes come back in after a brief break. off and on this morning. the cold still with us though it is not as cold as yesterday, still plenty cold enough for snow. 20s right now and walingford and marcus hook is 28. farther to the north where snow has been falling, it's in the low 20s right now for st. david and newtown square. how much snow will we get? by 10:00 in the morning, we could have half an inch or close to it in philadelphia and little more in the pocono mountains and higher elevations see two inches of snow. only a morning event.
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this afternoon see the sun come out and the temperatures will actually climb in the 30s today. a chance above freezing this afternoon. the wind though kicks in and here comes the cold for tonight we'll drop down into the teens tomorrow morning. a bitter cold day with sunshine saturday. and a cold start sunday. 32 degrees sunday afternoon. a wintry mix arrives ss during the day on monday and followed by a break on tuesday only to see the wet weather and a chance of snow and wintry mix for wednesday and thursday with morning temperatures in the 20s. we know the roads are well treated because of the snow we had a couple day ago, but, still, you want to watch for slick spots out there. >> jillian mele has been seeing in all hadof her cameras. >> the roads around center city are looking okay. that snowfall hasn't started to move in just yet. the vine street expressway looks good and we'll take you to this radar and you can see the snowfall over the area highways and including areas north, including the allentown area of
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route 22 and interstate 78. we'll put this into motion for you and zoom in closer to 76 and you can see the edge of that snow right on 76 near belmont avenue and this is what it looks like right near the blue route on the schuylkill expressway and the snow starting to gather along the shoulders of the roads and even between the lanes and on and off ramps. slow down and take your time out there because that snow is pushing in closer to center city philadelphia as bill was mentioning that means the roads will get especially slippery. north wilmington still repair work going on because of a water main break. murphy road at concord pike that area could be slippery. make sure you leave yourself extra time. students at ocean city high school will get a second chance to see their science experiment launched into space. the student's project will be onboard the cargo ship. it is scheduled to lift off from cape canaveral at 3:30 tomorrow morning. the was headed for the space station in when its rocket blew
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up just after launch. we are watching a dramatic jump in the number of flu deaths in this area. and one of those deaths recently was this young mother of two. why her death was so unique and what it says about this year's flu season. a delaware hotel that refused to house the homeless has refused to house in an unusual way.
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four minutes before 6:00. the centers of disease wroel give us an update on the flu season. the cdc declared the flu was widespread in 43 states. more than 20 have died from the flu this season. the latest numbers show five more people die from the flu in delaware, which brings the total deaths for this season there. eight of the deaths were people older than 70. all of the patients had underlying conditions. six of the deaths were in new castle county too, in sussex. one in kent. in new jersey, the flu outbreak has take on the life of a 40-year-old camden county mom. nicole burn a former athlete and mother of two. on sunday she died from flu hp
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flu-related complications. her family is sharing afelt message. >> if you're feeling ill, if you're sick. don't wait. don't become a statistic like my daughter. >> we also counted more than 2,800 flu cases in southeastern flu cases in pennsylvania with 36 deaths statewide. chris? an update on a controversy hotels and the homeless in delaware. starts off our county by county coverage where two hotels will allow some homeless people to stay. here's what happened hotel dupont has apologized for refusing rooms to six or seven homeless people on christmas day. a local couple reserved those rooms as a gift to the less fortunate. the hotel originally canceled the reservation saying the homeless people would not have proper id. and that they couldn't stay there because they were looking out for the safety of their other guests. now that hotel will honor the guests. that's, of course, after a public backlash on social media.
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and nearby hilton christiana said they would step in and provide ten rooms for the hotel. you may see and hear more military jets over the next few days. members of the international guard are doing training over the next couple of days and start today and run through tomorrow. the exercises will be held in the morning and evening. in chester county law enforcement officials are crediting a police department for helping catch an international conartist. the county d.a. honored downing town police for its investigation of the suspect who scammed an elderly victim. downington ktectdetectived helped track down. a judge sentenced him to 15 to 30 years in prison for stealing from people in the u.s. and europe. bucks county is getting ready to open new court facilities in doylestown. a new justice center at 10:00 tomorrow morning. they will have a ribbon cutting at the new building on north main street in doylestown.
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a lot of people are excited about this. they are hoping more courtroom space, tracy and vai, will help speed cases through the system. you're watching nbc 10 news today at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. nbc 10 breaking news. >> that breaking news is out of france this morning. suspects cornered. all morning we have been following the-moving developments in the manhunt of two bruth believed to be responsible for this week's deadly terror attack in paris. and it's snowing. here's a live look from delaware county. the snow won't be heavy, but it will fall for a few more hours. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. back there in the digital operation center and saw snow in wayne, it's light, but it's falling. right to meteorologist bill henley his forecast. >> i've been covering it too w the radar moving into the area and moving out as we go through
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the morning and into this afternoon. a very light snowfall and a gentle scene from wayne this morning. cold enough for snow with temperatures in the 20s and it is a light snow that is moving into philadelphia too. the leading edge is pushing through delaware county and into philadelphia. areas north and west start off with some snow. getting a few breaks but it's back into the reading area as well. even into new castle county in delaware. not going to be an all-day snowfall. this is going to produce aing of snow for parts of the area that move through this morning and then out of here this afternoon. the temperature actually have been climbing. it's 27 degrees and yesterday's high temperature was 21. well above that. but it's still in the 20s. and as you can see, the wind is blowing. so wind chills are in the teens or below this morning. a light snowfall this morning, then wind will push the clouds out of here this afternoon and the temperatures will climb into the lower 30s. we'll go through it hour-by-hour, neighborhood by neighborhood when i'm back in ten. let's check in with monique braxton who i


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