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tv   NBC 10 News at 6am  NBC  January 10, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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a blast of bitter cold no matter where you are, if the it's pocono mountain ofrsr philadelphia it's going to be frigid today. if you've got errands to run make sure you cover up and wear extra layers. the good news is that we will stay dry this weekend before our next storm system arrives. good morning. this is nbc10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. meteorologist michelle grossman
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is tracking the winter weather for us. we're talking about wind this morning and it's making the temperatures feel colder outside. seeing windchills in the single digits. seeing temperatures in the teens. cold start. once you factor in the cold northwesterly winds from canada it feels arctic out there. we're going to be frigid all day long. live look outside. waking up to clear skies. that is not helping matters because that's letting the heat out and keeping us very cold today. right now 17 in philadelphia. 13 in allentown. 12 in reading. 18 in atlantic city. the hot spot on the map, wildwood at 21 degrees. cold start for all of us across the area. it feels cold. winds out northwest 10 to 15 miles per hour. gusting higher than that. feels like 13 below zero in mount pocono. feels like just two in philadelphia. the windchill in millville is eight degrees. we're not going to see those numbers go very far throughout the day. by 8:00, 16. notice the sunshine. sunny all day long.
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that will not help to warm us up. by noon,ing looking at 20 degrees. nbc10's matt delucia is live in center city. matt, the city has been taking action to get everyone out of danger. what have you been doing? >> yeah well, michelle a code blue is in effect right now. that means the city is taking measures to get people off the streets, especially people who are homeless or could be in a dangerous situation. but just to show you how cold it is right now we're in the fountain at love park. normally this would be full during the summertime but it is empty right about now. there is still some of that snow that fell just a couple day ace go in other parts it's just a sheet of ice. when you talk about some of the untreated road surfaces and the sidewalks you want to be careful as you head out this morning because there could be some slick spots. out here in center city there are not many people staying outside for very long. project home is out in the city right now helping to put the homeless people into shelters on a night like this.
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two teams i'm told have been working around the clock responding to calls and offering help. i've been talking with some of the people at the bus stop here and some people enjoy this weather. >> it feels wonderful out here. actually feels good. i'm in my little coat. a little cigarette. >> you like this? >> yeah. >> he sure likes it but i sure don't. i'm bundled up out here. several counties in new jersey are so under a code blue ooze well. camden county also has a few 24-hour warming centers open during this alert. it is very cold out here. we are starting to see more people head out to work at this hour but again they're not staying outside for very long. staying in the bus shelters. out of this wind. we've got a light breeze. getting on the buses, heading out of here and trying to stay out of the cold as long as possible. live in center city matt delucia, nbc10 news. >> thank you, matt. if you are heading out this weekend take the nbc10 weather
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team along with you. all you have to do is download the nbc10 app. our meteorologist will be working with our digital team to update you on the weather all weekend long. now to the terror in paris. key members of the french government will meet today to decide on new measures to prevent copycat attacks. 20 people died including 3 done men after the mass quer the satirical newspaper and the deadly standoff at the jewish market. meantime meantime, french police continue to search for a fourth suspect still at large. she is the common law wife and alleged accomplice of one of the attackers president in the wake of the massacre the state department here has issued an updated global travel warning urging americans to stay alert. there are no known terror threats against the u.s. right now but officials say the men who carried out the attack on the charlie hebdo newspaper received military training from al qaeda terrorists in yemen. they are seen as the biggest threat to the u.s.
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>> much more dangerous than isis because isis has never plotted so far attacks gain the homeland. >> president obama says that he remains hopeful the immediate threat is resolved and he has assured france of american support. last night in philadelphia a crowd of nearly 200 people showed their support for the french at a rally in love park. >> it is a way for people to express their solidarity with the people in france. >> i lived in paris for six months and i saw exactly where it happened. >> the crowd carried a different red, white, and blue flag last night. many also held signs saying je suis charlie, i am charlie. for continuing up dates on the situation in paris or any breaking news story, check out the nbc app. you can download it right now for free. new from overnight, 22 people are getting help from the american red cross after a late night fire in lehigh county.
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the fire damaged four rowhomes on gordon street in allentown. everybody made it out okay. the red cross will help them with the emergency aid and that includes wenter coats, food and shelter. from our south jersey bureau the search continues today for a missing mother from mt. laurel. the family says the woman's husband is now nowhere to be found after police recently questioned him. erica crosby was seen the evening of december 30th with her husband kyle crosby in cherry hill. nbc10 was outside of erica's apartment apartment in maurt laurel last might where loved ones passed out fliers and prayed for her safe return. she posted a photo just before she vanished. her family tells us she would never leave her two young daughters behind. >> it's not like erica to go and leave her kids. she loved her kids.
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right now we're pulling together as family and praying that she answers and we just want her to come home. >> erica's red ford taurus is also missing. if you have any information, police would like to hear from you. now to news in montgomery county pennsylvania state officials have shut down a day care center after the death of a baby girl this week. the 5-month of old was enrolled at the wyndmoor month sorry school. she died on monday. the department of human services launked an investigation and says that so far their officers have found more than a dozen vial ligss solations at the day care. we contacted the day care for comment but have not heard back yet. family and friends said their final good-byes yesterday to shane montgomery the west chester university student found dead more than a month after his search and his disappearance. people gathered at st. john the baptist church in manayunk yesterday to celebrate shane
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montgomery's life. they decorated a tree outside the church with green ribbons. green was montgomery's favorite color. shane montgomery disappeared thanksgiving morning after he left the pub in map yunk. divers searched for weeks in the schuylkill river. authorities say that his death appears to be accidental. today council for pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane will hold a news conference in center city and nbc10 will be there. kane is currently fighting back against calls for her impeach impeachment impeachment. this after reports that an investigative grand jury is recommending criminal charges against her. kane is accused of leaking secret information related to another grand jury investigation to the media. kane released a statement yesterday afternoon. she says, quote, i did nothing illegal, period. any fair and impartial review of the facts would conclude that. this seems to me to be another political attack on my attempt to clean up harrisburg and its
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political culture. they have fought me all the way, includeing an effort to impeach me. the federal investigation into the jersey jam schedule is wrapping up. governor chris christie met with the federal prosecutors and fbi agents last month. he agreed to sit down to tell his side of the story. christie has said that he felt he did nothing to create the environment that led to the george washington bridge lane closures in 2013. speaking of governor christie, you can expect to see him cheering on the cowboys in green bay tomorrow but the governor's office says that he's going to pay his own way this time. christie has been facing criticism for several trips to watch the cowboys on owner jerry jones' time. some new jersey lelk lategislators call it a violation of ethics. the cowboys coown a company that has a contract with the port authority of new york and new jersey. pennsylvania governor-elect tom wolf has two big challenges ahead of him when he takes
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office. wolf was in pittsburgh yesterday talking about the budget. members from the state's independent fiscal office found there will be a budget deficit of nearly $2 billion this year and research shows that pennsylvania is 50th in the nation in job creation. >> first 200 days are going to be deep and i think you're going to see some big ideas and some big conversations take place because pennsylvania is in big trouble. >> wolf says it's time for both sides of the legislative aisle to come up with solutions for the state's financial problems. he will be sworn in on january 20th. ocean city high school science experiment is finally in space. the project is aboard the spacex dragon cargo ship that blasted off from cape canaveral this morning. the unmanned capsule is headed for the international space station on a resupply mission.
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seven seniors from ocean city high school put together the project. it's designed to measure the attachment rate of e. coli to lettuce in space. you may remember that their initial experiment was on its what i in october but the rocket that they had exploded just moments after launch. from our jersey shore bureau, another loss for atlantic city. the gates of the atlantic city racecourse will close for good next week. here's a view of the racetrack from sky force 10. the hamilton township horse track once entertained the who's who of hollywood with frank sinatra and bob hope making it a regular hangout. it opened in 1946 but over the years horse racing has been struggling and so has the track. the last day of business is next friday. that leaves just three racetracks in the garden state. you still have a chance a chance that's the whole point, right? nobody hit the mega millions jackpot last night and that means the jackpot stands at $246
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million. next drawing is on tuesday january 13th. your other chance to be a multil millionaire is tonight. somebody is going to win. next recovering pieces of airasia flight 8501 and quite possibly one step closer to what caused the plane to go down. plus it's a case of mistaken identity that lands a soldier in the hospital. what he was trying to do for his wife when she opened fire on him.
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this morning overseas search crews have lifted the tail section of the airasia plane that crashed into the java sea. we just got this video of the
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operation about an hour ago. here's why this is significant. investigators hope the black box recorders are still inside that tail which could offer clues on why the jet crashed. the plane plummeted into the sea on december 28th with 162 people onboard. so far crews have recovered 48 bodies. back here in the u.s. police in san francisco are searching for the gunmen who killed four people. their bodies were discovered late last night mt. middle of the street. police are search for a vehicle who could be connected. neighbors called place after hearing the rapid gunfire which they say sounded like fireworks. in north carolina a case of mistaken identity may have led to a wife shooting her husband. police say a woman opened fire on her husband believing that he was an intruder. cording to investigators the ft. bragg soldier was bringing his wife breakfast in bed. when she fired a gun through the bedroom door. the soldier is in stable
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condition with a chest wound. police are still investigating. 16 years worth ofpreviously unseen boy scout files that contain allegations of sex abuse could soon be made public. the files from 1991 to 2007 could be used as evidence in a molestation case earlier this case, the case of a former boy scott volunteer who pleaded no contest in child endangerment following a 13 old boy. some have already been made public through other court cases. federal prosecutors are recommending charges be filed against former cia director david petraeus. the fbi and justice department have been looking into whether petraeus gave classified information to paula broadwell. she was his mistress and his biographer. petraeus has denied sharing classified information. now it's up to attorney general eric holder to decide whether to bring those criminal charges.
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the winter weather that's bearing down on a good portion of the country is being blamed for at least 14 deaths and it's not over yet. we'll take you to where that's happening and michelle grossman has more on what's happening in our neighborhood. >> yeah. it is frigid. we're going to be cold all day long. we're going to see temperatures in the 20s. windchills in the teens. we're seeing windchills right now in the single digits. below zero in many spots. look at the wind blowing that flag around. we'll talk more about today's forecast and looking ahead on wintry mix on monday. man, these new chicken strips taste amazing... yeah, no artificial flavors or preservatives. subway's really... cranking it up! going for gold. crushing it.
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a good saturday morning. plrt michelle grossman. bundle up in case you haven't stepped outdoors yet, it is frigid this morning. below zero in many spots if if you have plans to be outside today, bundle up and spend the least amount of time outdoors if you can. bitter cold today. that will be the story all day long. warmer on sunday. we're looking at temperatures right around the freezing mark. is f. you call that warm. warmer than today. we're going to keep it in the 30s all day long. icy mixture, we'll talk about that. look at this wind blowing that flag around paints windy start to the day. adding to the cold. it feels colding than it is. it feels like the single digits in many spots. 17 in philadelphia. winds out of the west at 16 miles per hour. not dying down until later on tonight. right now, four degrees in mount pocono. 12 in reading.
6:21 am
12 also in pottstown. 17 in philadelphia. lots of pink and purple on the map indicating cold air. 19 in dover. 21 in stone harbor. it is 18 degrees in millville. so temperatures are cold. factor in the winds. we're feeling colder than that. feels like two in philadelphia. feels like 13 below zero in mount pocono. feels like three below zero in lancaster. eight as well in wildwood and six in dover. so here's where that wind is coming from from the northwest. i think cold direction. we're going to be cold all day long before we kind of moderate on sunday. so here's a look at the wind. 15 miles per hour in reading. 15 miles per hour in philadelphia. 8 miles per hour in millville. that's helping in to usher that cold air. as we track this windchills, the windchills throughout the day. not going very high as we head towards the afternoon. and then i stop the clock later on this evening for your saturday evening plans. it's going to feel like 15 degrees in millville. by 5:00 still like 4 degrees in mount pocono. future cast keep it dry. today, keep it dry on sunday.
6:22 am
lots of sunshine today. it will not help to warm us up. by tomorrow we're going see more clouds into the forecast. we're going to see moderation in temperatures right into the low 30s. more clouds on sunday. that's out ahead of the system that will bring us some ice, maybe some freezing rain to the area on monday morning. for today, a sunny one. a frigid one. winds out of the west at 10 to 15 miles per hour. then we rebound a little higher on sunday after a very cold night. 14 degrees in oef night low. you're going to wake up to temperatures once again in the teens. 34 for an afternoon high op sunday. clouds cold by monday, an icy mixture. plan on that. 34 tuesday. lots of sunshine. right at the freezing mark. cold on wednesday. by thursday watching a chance for the rain and snow 36. slightly warmer. at least closer to 40 on friday. right around 39. at least 14 deaths are being blamed on this storm system that's moved through the upper part of the country.
6:23 am
yesterday in michigan there were two separate deadly pile-ups involving hundreds of cars including dozens of tractor trailers. one semi loaded with 40,000 pounds of fireworks burst into flames. the arctic cold continues for this area through the weekend. the number of ebola cases in liberia are on the decline and that's promising news to one new jersey native who is on a mission to make a difference. it may be open space right now but it could become one of the next biggest shopping destinations in our area. not everybody is onboard.
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deciding what to buy is one thing. deciding between buying food and health care is something else. healthy pa is now here to help with name-brand health insurance that costs as little as a few basic groceries. if you're uninsured, call or apply online today.
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a somerset county health care worker is now back home after treating ebola patients in lieberia for the past five months. catie miler ran response teams in the capital. she helped save many children she treated but unfortunately not all. miler says although ebola is a huge concern right now for residents of liberia, a bigger ongoing problem may be the lack of clean water.
6:27 am
>> no running water or 100,000 people living without bathrooms. like these things need attention. >> "time" magazine has chosen miler as one of the persons of the year the ebola fighters. next month she will reopen the girls academy in liberia. the academy aims to get dirl girls off the streets and into schools. the time is 6:27. it is not a good day to be stuck outside in the bitter cold like our matt delucia. hey, matt sorry you pulled the short end of the straw. what's going on out there? >> reporter: i did, rosemary. it is dangerous and it certainly can be, if you stay outside for long periods of time. we'll tell you how we're trying to keep people safe this morning. and a good idea to follow matt, the hat, gloves, heavy coat. you're going the need that this morning, especially if you're going to be outside for an extended period of time. it is cold and windy. there's that wind blowing that flag around. we're seeing winds anywhere from 20 miles per hour gusting up to
6:28 am
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danger cold. that's what we're dealing with today. wear extra layer it is you have to be walking around outside. there is a little bit of a silver lining. at least we will stay dry this weekend. it is going to be clear. we're in for changes though come mop morning. good morning. welcome back to "nbc10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's 6:30 on this saturday. let's talk about the conditions outside right now with meteorologist michelle grossman. we know it's cold. it feels colder than it is. that's all because of the went, radio it? >> right. the cold temperatures the wind. you combine those two and it feels colder than it is. it's still cold even if we didn't have wind. let's look outdoors. we have clear skies. a pretty view from our cape may
6:31 am
camera. once the sun does come out we're doing the see sunshine. that will not warm us up throughout the day. temperatures in the teens. so cold outside. 17 in philadelphia. 13 in allentown. 11 in lancaster. 21 in wildwood. four degrees in mount pocono. the wind is making it colder than it is. the teach are chattering. feels like three below zero in lancaster. two degrees is the windchill in philadelphia. we are feeling like eight degrees in wildwood. as we go throughout the day we're going to stay cold all day long. well below normal this time of year. typically right around 40. we'll end up around 22. by 8:00 sunshine. 16. bitterly cold. 10:00, 18. by noon we are looking at 20 degrees. a cold day today. matt delucia is outside doing all the right stuff. the hat, the gloves nice red coat. you're still shivering, aren't you? >> that is it michelle. you've got to be prepared when you come out on a day like this. it does feel like the single
6:32 am
digits in center city. it is dangerous, especially if you are outside for long periods of time. because of that a code blue is in effect for the city of philadelphia and surrounding areas as well. i'm going to show you what's going on out here. not a whole lot. you can see just out here by the park. not many people going to the subways or if buses. efforts are under way to get homeless individuals off the street and into a safe shelter. i've been keeping my eye on the conditions this morning and how the counties are responding. i made a call to project home. they help put the homeless people into shelters on a night like this and two teams have been working around the clock responding to calls and offering help. montgomery county has expended the code blue until tomorrow in bucks county has some shelters in operation as well. new jersey camden burlington counties, they have a code blue in effect. several shelters and warming centers in camden county are offering services as well. i've been talking to people at the bus stop. some of them are actually
6:33 am
enjoying this cold blast. but others not so much. >> you just want to get out of this as quickly as possible? >> absolutely. >> you don't like weather like this? >> when i was younger, but not now. >> it feels wonderful out here. actually feels good you know. i'm out in my little coat you know, usual thing, little cigarette. >> you like this? >> it's all right out here. >> live look at center city you see people bundled up. they've got the hood on, the heavy sweatshirts, the jackets. all the layers possible. of course you need the gloves as well because if you have those exposed extremities it can definitely be dangerous out here. it is cold. definitely bundle up. and we're in this for a little while longer. it's coldest rice before sun rise. getting to that point right about now. it definitely feeling like single digits out here as michelle said. it's feeling below zero in other parts of our area especially. so hat, gloves big jacket is
6:34 am
the name of the game. live in center city matt delucia, nbc10 news. >> important advice. can't stress that enough. thank you, matt. you can get the nbc10 first alert forecast any time at home or on the go. download the nbc10 news app to check out our updated weather reports around clock. key members of french government will hold an antiterror meeting today in paris to decide on new measures to prevent copycat attacks. 20 people died including the three gunmen after the massacre this week at the satirical newspaper and at the deadly standoff at the jewish market. french police continue to search for a fourth suspect still at large. she is the common law wife and alleged akoch police of the attackers. in the wake of the massacre the state department here has issued an updated global travel warning urging all americans to stay alert. there are no known terror threats against the u.s. right now but afs shuls is a i the men who carried out the attack on the charlie hebdo newspaper
6:35 am
received training from al qaeda terrorists in yemen. they are seen as the biggest threat to the u.s. for continuing updates on the situation in paris or on any breaking news story, check out the nbc10 app. you can download it for free right now. new from overnight, the search is on in atlantic county for the driver who hit a man and just kept on going. police have identified the victim as 52-year-old james. he died at the scene of the crash at route 30 and 8th avenue. police shut down the road for about three hours while they investigated but that intersection has since reopened. also new from overnight. philadelphia police are investigating a deadly shooting. nbc10 was on the scene outside of is singfon restaurant where something shot and killed a man after midnight. police tell us that the victim had just bout some food at the restaurant when the shooter opened fire. a show of support for police in montgomery county.
6:36 am
that's what happened last night. organizers of the rally say they wanted to do something to counter the recent antipolice protests. supporters dressed in blue to make sure that officers everywhere know that they're appreciated. >> my father is a retired philadelphia detectivend after 28 years of being on the force thank god he came home every night after his shift. so to me it's very personal. >> organizers chose yesterday because it was national law enforcement appreciation day. nnchts gloucester county a franklin township police officer will not face criminal charges for hitting and killing a 10-year-old boy. but, the officer's actions will be subjected to an administrative review. the 10-year-old boy, matthew mcclusmc mccluskey was heading to a friend when he crossed the road. the accident happened three days
6:37 am
after christmas. according to investigators the officer was on his way to a non-emergency call for an unruly juvenile. investigators say the officer was driving at 74 miles per hour and his headlights were on but not his emergency lights or sirens. we have an update on this house fire in gloucester county in the last half hour or so we've learned that two police officers had to be treated for minor injuries. the homeowner had to be flown to the hospital with burns. the fire started around 10:00 last night on washington avenue in monroe township. the cause here is under investigation. we have new information about a gas leak that forced people in one philadelphia neighborhood out of their homes last night. a gas main broke around 10:00 last night in north philadelphia. residents in nine homes were forced to evacuate. they've since been allowed to return since pgw fixed the break.
6:38 am
nobody was hurt. from our jersey shore bureau, a man ended up in handcuffs after taking video at the scene of a car crash. he refused the demands of investigators to give them his camcorder, so did members of law enforcement cross the line? >> this is not an negotiation. >> listening. you're not getting it. >> andrew considers himself an independent member of media. he says he filmed this accident in lacy township for about 45 minutes on thursday with no problem. then he says the detective from the ocean county prosecutor's office asked him to turn over his camcorder so that the video could be reviewed for potential evidence. he says when he refused he was taken to the police station and charged with a instructing the administration of law. >> i think i was treated unfairly. i don't think this is the way that law enforcement treats other members of the media. >> we reached out to the ocean
6:39 am
county prosecutor who tells us the accident involved a different detective from his office. the prosecutor says he still reviewing exactly what happened with the camera but tells us it could have been handled better and that the charge will probably be dismissed. today's bucks county will open new court facilities. officials will dedicate a new justice center at 10:00 this morning. techbt will be marked with a ribbon cutting at the new building on north main street in doylestown. one car service is slashing fairs in dozens of cities across the country. how philadelphia stacks up in uber's plans.
6:40 am
6:41 am
6:42 am
president obama has introduced a plan to make the first two years of community college free for students across the country. he's calling his proposal america's college promise. students would need to maintain a 2.5 grade point average and make progress toward a degree. colleges with participating students would have to offer academic programs that full think transfer to four-year colleges or job training programs that lead to degrees and certifications. the white house estimates 9 million students could be helped if every state opted in. >> how many people have the ability and the money to acquire college? this alone will help out my life in a lot of ways. >> officials at lehigh carbon community college said this program would lead to a better trained workforce but critics worry about the $60 billion price tag for the proposal. uber plans to lower its ss
6:43 am
fares in 48 cities but unfortunately none of those cities is in our area. the car service is hoping lower fares will entice more riders in places like miami, dallas and san diego. uber drivers won't see their wages cut because of the slash in prices. the company says that it's making earnings guarantees for drivers in each of those cities. in philadelphia there's been some controversy about uber. 45 taxi companies are currently suing uber claiming the company is operating a taxi service without legal authority to do it. from the nbc10 delaware bureau the towns of sussex county are known as shopping destinations. a developer wants to build a new one bigger than the others combined in lewis. it's to plan 114 acres in farmland into the overbrook town center. that would include 850,000 square feet of retail space. a man who lives behind the site
6:44 am
is trying to rally his neighbors against it. he's opposed. >> success county council. let everybody know that they do not want this big shopping center here because this is going to hurt all of sussex county. >> they would have to approve the plan to rezone the farmland and deldot would have to review the shopping center of this size. it's chip kelly like you've never seen him before. he has his own commercial. that story and much more coming up next in sports. teeth chattering kind of morning. it is so cold outside. temperatures are in the teens. feels like 12 below zero. the pocono mountains, some people out. you want to cover up if you're headed out today. we'll talk more about today's forecast and looking hey head towards the rest of the weekend in just a bit.
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a good saturday morning. i'm plrt michelle grossman. it is cold cold cold. temperatures are in the teens. windchills below zero in some spots. look at those numbers in just a little bit. but taking a look outdoors also breezy. the winds making it feel colder than it is. we're going of see the winds all day long before dying down later on this evening. winds out of the west at 15 miles per hour. stay cold wind at 17 degrees. feels colder than that. temperatures all across the region mainly in the teens. just four degrees at mount pocono. 11 in lancaster. 17 in mt.s holly. south and east teens. 16 in millville.
6:48 am
you factor in the winds, it feels colder than that. feels like 13 below zero in mount pocono. feels like three below zero in lancaster. two degrees in philadelphia and to the south and east it feels like eight in millville. a frigid start to the day. if you're heading out, maybe you want to exercise today, wait longer if you have to exercise cover up as you head out. feels like temperatures as we go throughout time here. not moving far. by 1:00 still feeling like 16 in philadelphia. still feeling like 4 degrees in mount pocono. cold weather as you haeltd out today, you want to wear light loose layers. that's one important tip. traps the heat in between the layers. wear mittens and gloves and hats and ears where you lose that heat. cover your mouth with a scarf. good idea to protect your lungs. future cast keeps it dry. a lot of sunshine today. the sun will warm us up. by tonight, clear night. otherwise looking at another
6:49 am
koemd night. by sunday more clouds coming into the forecast. moderate the temperatures back into the 30s. tack on ten degrees compared to this time -- compared to today. and then we are watching this system that will bring us some freezing rain, possibly some icy mixture on monday. but for today we're looking at temperatures mainly oh, in the 21 to 23. probably end up around 22 degrees. a cold day. 40 is normal. yesterday we're into the 30s. sandwiched in between today we're going to be in the 20s. bearically cold and breezy. feeling colder than that. windchills in the mid teens ased what throughout the afternoon hours. winds out of the west at. 10 to 15 miles per hour. another cold night today. we're not out of the woods. but tomorrow we're doing better. going to moderate back above the freezing mark. around 34 degrees. more clouds out ahead of the system that will bring us that mess on monday morning. slower monday morning commute. we're look at icy mixture and rain to the south and east. change to rain eventually.
6:50 am
34 tuesday. windy, 32 at the freezing mark. then by wednesday, so cold more cloud cover. partly sunny, 35. thursday may see more snow make flakes. snow, 36. sunshine returns on friday. i feel chilly though, 39. ten minutes until 7:00 when the "today" show starts. we check in now are erika hill and peter alexander for more of what they're working on. good morning. >> good morning to you. just ahead ear on a saturday morning on "today," he will get us up to speed with the latest investigation into the terror attacks. new detail tons hostage drama and how it played out and the gunmen behind the ties to terrorist organizations al qaeda and isis. also get you up to speed on that massive manhunt under way in france for their alleged accomplice. and whether or not a similar attack could happen at home. >> also ahead, some terrifying video of that massive chain
6:51 am
reactionkzction pile-up involving nearly 200 cars. we will take you there as it happened. and hollywood gearing up for one of the biggest nights of the year, the golden globes of course. the official website for the globes accidentally reveal a couple of winners. >> what? >> oh, no. >> not supposed to happen that way. all that plus dillon will tell us how the cold weather is going to last safe to say too long. >> i think that's fair. >> we'll have that right here on "today." >> we know it's coming. thanks guys. see you at 7:00. i'm john clark. the sixers are coming off what coach brett down called their poorest game of the season. boy, did they respond last night in brooklyn. 13 down 13 in the second half. robert covington, big three point. game high, 20 points. sixers within one. tony with the layup and foul. and look who is excited.
6:52 am
the sixers have the lead. go mlb. time rupping out. noel. the dunk with just three seconds left. and the sixers win, 90-88. they have won two out of three. >> i feel great. all smiles. you know we're having a great time. we're going to enjoy it. we've got a back to back tomorrow so we've got to get focussed. >> .2 left on the shot clock. trevor booker not allowed to catch it. has to be a tip. he just slaps it back into the basket. that is wild. the sixers did suspend andre for not reporting to the team. flyers going for three straight wins today hosting the bruins. some fliers say this is a must win. >> we know every game is important. we know that we've got one game at a time thing going here, which is good. good moat viter
6:53 am
right now. >> this can be a good character builder if we're able to come out of this and we'll see a lot of guys if we're able to do so. >> the fliers will be without defenseman nick grossman for three weeks. he injured his shoulder on thursday night. andrew mcdonald will be back on defense. eagles coach chip kelly just got all the football power with the eagles and now he's got his own commercial. and, of course he is selling chips. >> hey, guys, chip kelly here. hey, it's eagles coach, chip kelly. >> get lost. >> come on. >> hey, chip it's fourth and one. what should we do? >> let's go west sides -- really? >> brian you know -- >> chip usually talks faster. there he is in the shopping cart. that is his commercial debut. this is a cool story. eagles linebacker ache is going
6:54 am
back to the prom. a fan named hannah instagramed him asking if she got 2,000 retweets on twitter would he go to the prom with her. he replied, yeah, but, hey, it would have to be 10,000 retweets. she got them in minutes. so emannual ache is going to the prom he says for the first time. we will have ravens and patriots at 4:30. i'm john clark. enjoy your weekend.
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january 17th. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v just a few minutes now before 7:00. we want to talk about the weather one last time. okay. so right now obviously we know that the sun is coming up. should get a little bit warmer? >> a little tiny bit. i know. that sun looks so pretty. the sun will be beautiful today. the sky will look good. it will be cold. sunshine not really warming us up. we are cold right now. 17 in philadelphia. 11 in allentown. three degrees, that's the actual air temperature in mount pocono. feels like five in philadelphia. a cold day today. frigid. 22. sunday, 34. feeling better before the icy mixture comes in on monday. >> see you in 25 minutes for updates. the "today" show is next.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. city on edge. a massive manhunt under way for this woman who may have played a role in the hostage in the paris grocery store and the drama ending in a hail of bullets. p this morning, new information about the gunmen and the extremist ties and more possibility of more. lester is live in paris with the latest. . massive pileup. white whiteout conditions lead to a chain reaction of nearly 200 cars. a truck carrying thousands of


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