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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 430a  NBC  January 14, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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we have breaking news to follow this morning with a deadly fire. we'll tell you what sparked the flames. and two gas stations are a block apart from each other but a dollar apart in gas. and right now everyone is waking up to much colder temperatures than we had yesterday morning. good morning this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. yes, the wind is back with a bitter chill in the air. bill henley is in the first alert forecast and bill some people will see snow later this morning, right?
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we're watching it on the radar making its way to delaware right now. and the cold is already here for everyone. 10 to 20 degrees colder than yesterday. it's the very top of your screen. you can see the clouds as they are in philadelphia. the clouds will be staying through the morning and this afternoon right around when we see a break of sunshine. we'll see that likely in allentown and reading. for the meantime in the southeast, we'll look for snow stretching into delaware right now. at least trying to. the more impressive snowfall and wet weather is to the south. it's going to be a wintry mix right along the coast as temperatures will be climbing. 28 right now in wildwood. certainly cold enough for snow at the airport and cape may county. atlantic city, 24 degrees at the airport there. inland areas will see cloudy skies and cold temperatures for philadelphia. 21 degrees at 7:00. 9:00, 22 degrees. then still in the 20s at lunch time today. we'll go through hour by hour to show you where to expect the snow to fall during the morning
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hours when i'm back in ten. right now we'll check in with jillian mele. good morning to you, bill. so far pretty quiet on a lot of the highways which is a good "newsday" for drivers. this is a live look at the toll plaza with no problems to report the entire length of 76. in somerton we have an accident on bustleton pike between philmont avenue. if you're waking up in yeadon we have a fire on providence road slow between lansdowne avenue. take it slow around this area. we are following breaking news with one person dead in yeadon county on west providence avenue near lansdown avenue. jesse gary what can you tell us? >> reporter: just a few moments ago the medical examiner
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appeared on the scene to determine how this person died. the chief tells me crews responded quickly to the fire putting out the flames in just 20 minutes with the damage contained to the front porch area and smoke damage on the interior of the house. but unfortunately an elderly resident inside did not make it out alive. >> there was heavy smoke at the door where they entered the building. and fire conditions on the first floor and in the porch area. no fire conditions inside where they also found a victim. and she was deceased in the first floor porch area. >> fire officials do not appear to see working smoke detectors inside this property with damage contained to one-half of this
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property. coming up in the next 30 minutes, we'll have the problems firefighters had because of the brutally cold temperatures. we're live in yeadon county jesse gary "nbc 10 news." 4:34. more breaking news now. in the past 15 minutes al qaeda's top leader in yemen claimed responsibility for the terror attack on the newspaper in paris one week ago. this leader in yemen is making this claim in a new video message. 12 people as you know were killed in the attack in the newspaper of charlie hebdo. two police officers were killed following a hostage standoff. we have video of the brothers after the attacks. you can hear them yelling al qaeda. we have breaking news with the top leader of al qaeda claiming responsibility for the attack of the newspaper charlie hebdo. new from overnight, one man
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is in custody and they are looking for the other after a chase in ben salem. officers tried to stop the car because it had that big-screen tv sticking out of the side of the car. the driver took off and police chased the car. it crashed and two men got out and ran off. police caught up with one of them. we have new information on a student sex tape in bucks county. reports say a 13-year-old girl will be charged for distributing the video among students at franklin roosevelt school last month. authorities told nbc 10 they believe the cell phone video showing two pre-teen children were shot inside a home and not at the school. a judge has sentenced a former youth soccer coach to three years in prison after he was caught with hundreds of images of child pornography on his computer at his home in princeton. jorge ramon pleaded guilty back in july. a man in ocean county won't face charges after refusing to hand over this video to authorities.
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he was shooting video when a police officer demanded to hand over his camera. he refused and the officer arrested him on an obstruction charge and now that charge will be dismissed. philadelphia university is trying to meet a scholarship goal in honor of an alumnus gunned down nearly a year ago. amber long was shot and killed on january 19th 2014 walking to her car with her mother. the gunman has not been caught. a scholarship was set up for future architecture students shortly after her death. so far they have raised $19,000 and are hoping for an additional $6,000 by monday. well, gas prices may still be falling across the country, but some drivers are paying a lot more than others depending on where you fill up. take a look at this right now, you pay around $2.42 in philadelphia. and in delaware that's $2.31. and the cheapgas in the region is in south jersey $2.06.
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katy zachry is live in wildwood. why is there such a big difference from state to state to state here? >> reporter: well, chris, we know that gas prices for every state fluctuate. but almost a dollar difference? that's what we found between new jersey and pennsylvania in some cases. so weapon went to an expert who tells us the main difference in price is because of the taxes. now each state levees different taxes at the pumps. here in new jersey, 14 cents of every gallon you pump goes to the state. but in pennsylvania you're paying over 50 cents in taxes. that number has shot up over the last few years. the main reason pennsylvania's infrastructure is in need of repairs and improvement. so that money is going to things like fixing roads and bridges. in the next half hour we'll take a closer look at what areas in pennsylvania are getting those road and bridge improvements. it may be in your area. it's a long list and just a few weeks ago the gas tax in
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pennsylvania shot up another 10 cents. cay citykaty zachry, "nbc 10 news." and local students on a money mission. tomorrow is the deadline to raise enough cash to stay open. and this morning we check to see if they are on track. cloudy and cold this morning. temperature ps have plummeted into the teens the and 20s. it's 20 degrees here at nbc 10 at 4:38. and we are watching for snow in some areas.
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all eyes on the shore this morning as we wait for snow to move into the area. delaware and south jersey will see some snowfall. the clouds are over philadelphia and the clouds will keep temperatures cold. it's in the 20s. look at the light snow just over cape may. the first snowflake activity is
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evaporating before hitting the ground. that will change as the humidity rises. look to the southwest with wet weather moving in. it will be a wintry mix along the coastline. while inland it will be a light snowfall with just alittle accumulation in cape may, parts of delaware, we could see an inch of snow with less farther to the north. and it looks to fall short of philadelphia. there's a chance we'll see a flurry, but as far as the accumulating snow we'll see it at 7:00 this morning in delaware and south jersey. snow will continue into the later morning hours and then taper off with just a few scattered showers heading into the afternoon. cold today but we're keeping an eye on a warmer weekend. i have the seven-day forecast when i come back atin ten. we'll talk about your ride to work. jillian mele is watching that. >> good morning. your drive times on 95 so far
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are pretty average. heading northbound or southbound between woodhaven and the vine that trip is 13 minutes in both directions. no accidents or delays to report there. an accident in the somerton section on bustleton pike between philmont avenue and street road. philmont avenue is your alternate. use caution headed in that direction. and we have fire activity in yeadon on providence road closed between wycombe avenue and lansdowne avenue. and a man is threatening to kill house speaker john boehner. and next a bartender alleges a poisonous spot. and the deal amtrak is offering to save certain travelers some money.
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4:44. this morning we have increased security at many airports following the attacks in paris and after the release of the new online magazine. the secretary of homeland
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security says there's no credible threat of an immediate attack. however, there are multiple reports to say there's concern over an al qaeda magazine that provides detailed instructions on how to make a hidden bomb. experts believe the group that publishes the magazine may be linked to the terrorist attacks as well. lawyers for dzhokhar tsarnaev want to delay his trial for the boston marathon bombing. yesterday they asked the judge to suspend jury selection for a month. the lawyer said the recent terror attacks in france will draw comparison to the deadly bombings in 2013. jury selection will resume tomorrow. federal judges are reviewing the amount of muslims living in new jersey. they want to know why the surveillances weren't more targeted after the september 11th terror attacks. two muslim groups claim their it rights were violated but a lower court threw it out. federal officials will decide if the case can move forward to trial. the fbi says a bartender at
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house speaker john boehner's country club planned to poison him. charges are filed against michael hoyt after they found written allegations at his home. he believes ebola is his fault. and governor chris christie will attend the swearing in of maryland's governor next week. after that he plans to visit south carolina and iowa. advisers say he's in no hurry to make an announcement but could soon call together a fund-raising committee. a special prosecutor in the kathleen kane investigation subpoenaed two reporters. the prosecutor wants to know who told the reporters that a grand jury recommended criminal charges against the state
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attorney general. kate's lawyers say that was protected information. kane herself is under investigation for leaking information to a jury. "the pennsylvania shield law was designed to protect reporters from having to disclose their confident sources and this is especially trur for stories about public officials in their public duties." there's a $5,000 reward this morning for information leading to the capture of an alleged serial robber. police say cartel wright is wanted for a string of armed robberies in southwest philadelphia. take a look at this surveillance video of the most recent hold-up on the mock donald's on south 53rd street. he smashed through a window and ran behind the camera. he's robbed 11 businesses now in south philadelphia since march. in one of the robbery, he carjacked a 65-year-old woman. 4:47 now. in delaware county a man accused of shooting his caseworker to death at a hospital complex says he has the right to plead guilty.
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richard plouffe made that announcement at a video feed yesterday. the public defender said he's working on a psychological evaluation to include two decades of plouffe's medical history. plouffe is charged with murder and other crimes in the july shooting death of teresa hunt at mercy fitzgerald hospital. officials are hoping to increase foot patrols in the most dangerous areas. the city is requesting $640,000 in state grants. the money would pay for six officers who could talk to neighbors dealing with violent crime in their community. wilmington officials say the program is only a temporary fix. the magazine recently was called murdertown usa. and route 9's innovation district is looking to upgrade the area ravaged by crime. they hope to have better access to parks and the plans also call for a new library and farmer's
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market. new information on a burlington county school's fund-raising efforts to avoid shutting down. we have now learned st. paul catholic school in burlington city is $5,000 short of the goal to raise $250,000. the school faces a deadline of tomorrow, january 15th to raise the money to avoid shutting down. the community has held a number of recent fund-raisers including a dance-a-thon. now a sunny day yesterday. a cloudy and cold one today. clouds are over the city. the cold air is already in place in philadelphia 21 degrees. and the wind is blowing. it's at 12 miles an hour. feels like 9 degrees right now. we're about 15 degrees colder. parts of the area are 20 degrees colder. the cold extends to the jersey shore. this is a live view of beach avenue in cape may where we expect to see snow this morning. it's already starting to move in to parts of delaware. 21 degrees.
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there is philadelphia international. but look at the teens in reading, pottstown, trenton, northeast philly in the teens. and in the 20s for cape may. certainly cold enough to support know with upper 20s for cape may airport. north cape may is 29 along with cape may harbor. farther to the north, tolerably in the 20s. in atlantic county 20s inland right along the coast as the marina is at 35 degrees. we are tracking some light snow. you can see it moving into portions of delaware. these first snowflakes won't reach the ground before they come down because there's a very dry air in place. and just offshore that's rain. the temperature of the ocean still on the warm side above freezing. so it's going to be a mix right along the coastline with a little bit of accumulation by this afternoon where we could see an inch in the cape may area. possibly half inch for dover. then well, the clouds will break. the seven-day forecast for you shows that temperatures will be warmer by the weekend.
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cloudy skies today. high temperatures in the upper 20s to lower 30s. a cold night tonight. we'll drop down into the 20s tomorrow afternoon. it will not be quite as cold as we push to the 40-degree mark. but we'll be struggling with the colder temperatures on friday. saturday afternoon, sunshine and 40 degrees. clouds will be moving in for sunday with a chance for showers, but the temperature will be moving up. 50 degrees on sunday afternoon. wind kicks in for the holiday, monday martin luther king day. then cold weather returns tuesday. warmer weather ahead, but today when you jump in the car, crank up the heat. we'll check your ride to work. >> you'll need it as it is cold out there. jillian mele is watching the roads for us. good morning. good morning. the lehigh valley is really quiet. this is a live look at route 22 at airport road. this is showing a few drivers out there. this is what it looks like on interstate 78. no accidents to report on those majors up there, which is good news. also no accidents on the majors around center city
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philadelphia. 95 is still clear. so is 76 and the vine street expressway. however, we have an accident out of the somerton section of philadelphia. bustleton pike between philmont avenue and street road. take philmont avenue or street road to get around it but watch for delays in the area. amtrak is offering a deal on northeast regional rail service but there are a couple strings attached. you can travel from philadelphia to washington, d.c. for $27 each way, but you have to purchase the lower priced tickets by tomorrow. and you have to travel between february 17th and march 12th. the offer is only valid online. one of your fast food favorites may not be there the next time you stop in. we'll tell you about a shortage forcing chipotle to limit its menu. and the economic infusion headed to atlantic city to help ease the burden of the casino closure.
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five minutes before 5:00
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chipotle stopped serving pork at their restaurants after suspending a pork supplier. no word on what the violences are but chipotle demands raising their pigs in humane conditions. the company doesn't have a time line when pork will return to the affected stores. 4:55. classes are canceled at a school after a third of the school came down with flu-like symptoms. the principal at the nazorean school said many students were complaining of a fever, sore throat and headache. >> we are giving it another day just to make sure to help hopefully, have a proactive way of preventing this from spreading. >> so far there are no confirmed cases of the flu at school and one child had strep throat.
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classes will resume tomorrow. it appears the flu situation is starting to improve in pennsylvania but there are still 7200 cases reported in the city from last week. they are not comfortable that the flu season has peaked just yet. the long-term owner of a popular philadelphia cheesesteak spot has passed away. he owned jim's steaks and left behind a career in law to open jim's steaks with a partner. he took sole ownership four years ago. his memorial service will be held on friday. new jersey governor chris christie has not yet announced to run for president but promises to give another state of the state speech next year. but some say christie sounded more like a national candidate rather than a governor during last night's address. >> america's leadership in the world is called into question
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because of the pattern of decision and inupconsistency. >> some people are upset the governor didn't mention atlantic city's troubles in his state of the state address, but this morning there's good news for displaced workers there. the federal government yesterday announced that a $29 million grant to help laid off casino employees find a new job. one young mother says she needs the help to provide for her family. >> for me it's still a little nerve-racking, because i think about it all the time. i have my home and my family to think about. >> so the fed is making $13 million available right away with the rest of the money released as needed. and here's a sneak peek into music fest 2015. ♪
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>> grammy winner darius rucker will perform on august 14th. tickets go on sale next tuesday. many of you remember rucker as he released three albums over the last year. officials reported a slight increase in attendance this past year. if you're interesting in the main line mansion, you're out of luck. somebody got it. >> after two-and-a-half years on the market the house has sold. 13,000-square-foot home has five bedrooms and 9 13/2 bathrooms. 9 1/2 bathrooms. and it has a gourmet kitchen, movie theater and swimming pool.
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allen iverson paid $5 million for that house and sold it for $2.6 million. iverson also played for the sixers from '96 to '06 and again during the '10 season. he announced retirement from basketball in 2013. >> we should get a look at the home before somebody moves in. >> maybe a tour. you're watching "nbc 10 news today" at 5:00 a.m. the news starts right now. >> smoke and fire burn a delaware county home. this morning one person is dead and we're on the scene trying to figure out how the fire started. a car crushed. this is the result of a police chase in bucks county overnight with the thief losing control and loot stinging out of the car. and we are tracking snow for some of you this morning. the first alert weather radar is showing a system that could bring wintry weather to parts of south jersey and delaware this
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morning. we're all feeling winter weather in terms of the cold out there this morning. good morning, welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm chris cato. >> i'm tracy davidson. much chillier than this time yesterday. we'll go to bill henley in the first alert weather center. temperatures plummeted, 10 to 20 degrees colder this morning than yesterday. we are in the teens and 20s with a little breeze to make it feel like it is 9 degrees in philadelphia. that's a live cloudy view. you'll notice there's nothing falling from the sky in center city. but it's a different story to the south and east where we are tracking showers moving into delaware and south jersey. it's going to be a wintry mix along the coastline. but inland we're looking at snow with a minute mall accumulation during the morning hours. a steadier snow is moving across portions of maryland and virginia this morning. but it's on its way to delaware and south jersey. the temperatures are going nowhere right now. we are at 13 in alelentown. 28 along


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