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tv   Today  NBC  January 18, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EST

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good morning. captured. after a multi-state manhunt, two state fugitives on the run from kentucky caught overnight in florida two weeks after they disappeared. this morning how police finally caught up with them. kidnapped and attacked? a professional golfer recovering this morning after he says he was drugged and beaten up in hawaii. what robt allenby is saying about how he ended up battered and bruised. next stop -- super bowl. a big day of football as the patriots prepare to take on the colts and the seahawks get ready for the packers in the games that will decide who goes to the super bowl. but will the controversies plaguing the league overshadow two of the most important games of the season. and lucky to be alive. an incredible survival story after this man gets pinned between two huge trucks during a
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massive crash on an oregon highway. how he made it out with barely a scratch "today," sunday, january 18th, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with lester holt and erica hill. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a sunday morning. i'm lester holt. >> and i'm sheinelle jones. erica and dylan will enjoying this sunday off. >> we each have a sign-in sheet. we want to get right to our top story, the overnightcap tur of those two fugitives from kentucky 18-year-old dalton hayes is under arrest and in police custody, while 13-year-old cheyenne phillips is with the florida department of children and families. nbc's kristen dahlgren has all
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the overnight developments in the story. >> reporter: good morning, lester. you can imagine their family's relief this morning while everyone else was calling these teens bonnie and clyde, they were really worried about their kids. despite fears of the worst case scenario this ended peacefully. panama city beach police. >> reporter: 18-year-old dalton hayes in custody this morning along with his 13-year-old girlfriend cheyenne phillips. the local abc affiliate showing hayes in police custody. police say their crime spree spanned several states. they're not accused of committing any violent crimes but with the teens thought have to two stolen handguns there were concerns about things escalating. phillips was first reported missing two weeks ago. the same day hayes changed his facebook status to the engaged. a week later police say the teens stole two trucks fleeing kentucky. on january 12th they were spotted at a south carolina walmart buying mints and
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allegedly cashing stolen checks for $40. days later this truck was found abandoned in georgia, while another truck, one like this with two guns in the back was taken from a firefighter. dalton's mom said she hasn't heard from her son since this text january 6th. "i'm fine and safe. i'm okay. you are my number one hero." then friday reports they were seen in florida. and now word this morning that they are in police custody. police say found asleep in a stolen vehicle outside a restaurant in panama city florida, bringing two weeks of drama and tension to an end. the sheriff tells us the extradition process is already under way to get them moved back to kentucky. in addition to a string ever felonies hayes could face charges for luring a minor. it is still unclear whether cheyenne will face any charges as a juvenile. they're looking at the 13-year-old's role in all of this. lester? another huge crowd this morning for pope francis' mass
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in the philippines. millions of people turning out for what could be the biggest papal visit ever. nbc's anne thompson was there. she's in manila with more. anne good morning. >> reporter: sheeinelle vatican officials are indeed calling it the biggest event in papal history. 6 million people came to see pope francis in spite of conditions that were absolutely miserable. but it never showed on the faces of the faithful. the marquee event of pope francis' visit -- a mega mass an act of devotion even a tropical storm could not mar. francis again returned to a theme of his trip -- the protection of children. >> we need to care for our young people not allowing them to be robbed of hope. >> reporter: before dawn manila teemed with people waiting to get into resolve park. some who had been there all night. the pope's stay began at the city's largest university where
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the crowd was so big, there was hardly room to move. a sea of smartphones strained to capture the moment. children lifted for a kiss. here he heard from young people. this 12-year-old, a former street child, cried as she asked why god allows children to be victims of drugs and prostitution. the pope said we only come close to answering her question when we cry with her. he spoke off the cuff in spanish but switched to english to hit another theme -- the protection of the environment. >> your country, more than many others is likely to be seriously affected by climate change. >> reporter: by noon it was pouring. at the park people sought shelter where they could. a resilience one worshipper says stems from the devastating typhoon of 2013. >> no storm can break or destroy
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the faith of the filipino people. >> reporter: now pope francis had only one criticism of the day. he said there were not enough women at the meeting with the youth. women, he said, have much to tell us and sometimes we're too macho. >> anne thompson in manila thanks. peter is here covering a couple of big overnight sports stories. >> we start with an odd one. the fbi is investigating an australian pro golfer who claims he was beaten and kidnapped in hawaii. robert allenby says he may have been drugged friday night at a wine bar in waikiki beach after missing the cut in the sony open. you can see allenby's injuries here. allenby says he was robbed and thrown into the trunk of a car before being dumped miles away. a good samaritan apparently helped the groggy golfer back to his hotel. he is expected to be okay. and take a look at this incredible photo of a man pinned between two big rigs in oregon
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saturday. he was crushed in a massive 26-car pileup that was triggered by black ice. believe it ornts not, this guy escaped with minor injuries apparently needing only a pair of band-aids. he says a passer by pulled his feet out just enough so he could slide out of the car. 12 others were lurt. some hurt. some seriously. frightening moments aboard a delta air lines flight saturday after a bomb threat was apparently poefrted onsted on twitter. passengers were ordered off the plane on the tarmac so bomb screws could search it. nothing was found but passengers had to wait three hours before they could finally pick up their bags. the fbi is investigating. police in florida say the man who opened fire in a busy food court saturday targeted his wife who was working there at the time. the 33-year-old woman was shot. she is expected to survive. her co-worker was reportedly trying to wrestle the gun away when he was killed. investigators say the suspect who was loaded with ammunition
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died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. on the eve of the martin luther king holiday, oprah winfrey is expected to lead a march in selma, alabama later today to honor the late civil rights leader. winfrey is the producer of the oscar nominated film "selma," and also plays a civil rights activist annie lee cooper notice film. on friday winfrey attended a private screening of the movie at the white house. here is a good headline for you. just moments ago finally lindsey vaughn celebrated a major victory in italy with her 62nd women's alpine skiing world cup win. talk about capping a comeback from two serious knee injuries. vaughn's first place finish in the downhill ties a 35-year-old record for the most world cup wins. vaughn has a chance to break the record in the super g tomorrow just a couple years ago. it was unclear what her future would look like. a fuj win a huge win today. >> great pictures.
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it is wet out there. it is causing a lot of problems. rain is moving up the coast making for freezing rain. we have freezing rain advisories up and down the coast from philadelphia all the way up to gan bore bangor. the worst is in philadelphia where the delaware river, they are shutting bridges down to salt them so it has been accident-prone out there this morning. this is the system. here is a look at the radar and satellite. you can see this is moving up the kwoeft.coast. . freezing rain is on the northern and a good saturday morning. meteorologist michelle grossman. we're looking at a slick morning in spots. take it easy as you head out this morning. we're looking at freezing rain causing a glaze of ice in some spots. we're looking at a heavy rain day, in parts of new jersey and southern delaware as we go throughout the afternoon. mild, though around 44 degrees. tomorrow, the cold weather returns along with some wind and sunshine, 38 degrees. tuesday, a quiet day, 39 and a chance for rain and snow on
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wednesday, 38 degrees and it's cold thursday and friday sunshine returns on friday. have a great day. knell>> and that's a check of your sunday weather. president obama may be in for a rough reception tuesday night when he delivers his state of the union address in front of the republican controlled congress. he's pushing for big changes in the tax code. chuck todd is moderator of "meet the press." chuck, good morning. >> good morning, lester. >> the president is looking to give the middle class a break at the expense of those who are higher earners. how is that going to go in front of an all-republican congress, his first address to an all-republican congress? >> it is hard to imagine it is going to go well. i think it all depends on how the white house pitches this idea. is this their definitive answer on how they would change the tax code? or is this an opening bid, the start of negotiations? logic says it is an opening bid but if this were an election year lester i would say this is the president trying to frame the election as he's the defender of the middle class and the republicans, if they do go along with him, are the party of
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the rich. it certainly seems when you look at this tax plan right, it's tax cuts for the middle class paid for by tax hikes on the wealthy in some form or another. i just am with you, it is hard to imagine this republican congress going along. >> it is not an election year but we're getting close. folks are lining up. of course we heard mitt romney the other day make all the right sounds for a guy who wants to run again. even as some republican doubters have stepped forward, what might his thinking be here? >> oh i think this is -- i think sometimes we don't -- we ignore the personal aspect of these things. i think for mitt romney it is a personal failure that he didn't succeed at this. i think he believes he should be president. i think he believes he should have won in 2012 and i think he thinks that he's going to do whatever it takes. he's never failed at anything else in life in his mind before. this is something he's not attained and he's young enough he's got the energy and he wants to do it. i think he thinks that if you look around at the field, which
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includes jeb bush, that none of them have any foreign policy chops. if this is a national security election mitt romney believes he has the most -- the best message of any of the other republican candidates to take on hillary clinton. we'll see if republican activists agree with him. >> all right chuck todd. thanks very much. also coming up on "meet the press," chuck has a u.s. exclusive interview with gerard biard, the editor in chief of "charlie hebdo"," reacting to the terror plots here and at home. by the end of the night, we'll know who will be facing off in super bowl xlix. will it be the packers or the colts, the seahawks or the patriots and will several nfl scandals overshadow the excitement of today's games. nbc's ron mott has more. >> reporter: championship sunday is here. and like much of the 2014 nfl season so, too are off-the-field headlines.
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>> on the field, nfl is as strong as ever. off the field issues feel like they are starting to fade but there are bigger problems. >> reporter: rape charges in the past week charges his attorney denies. another aerial protest today taking on the nfl commissioner. as for the games themselves new england patriots quarterback tom brady and coach bill belichick, the most victorious one-two combo ever are vying for a staggering sixth super bowl appearance. they'll face rising star andrew luck of the colts whose team last week dominated the man he replaced in indianapolis peyton manning. in seattle, the defending champion seahawks and quarterback russell wilson will call on their 12th man to help them beat the green bay packers. the fans so raucous, they've set off earth shaking tremors. one seahawk running back marshawn lynch, lets his play do the talking. he's been fined heavily for not talking to reporters so now he indulges them. barely with quotes like this. >> i'm thankful. i'm thankful. i'm thankful. i'm thankful.
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thank you. >> what about packers quarterback aaron rodgers mystery call. >> new york bozo. new york bozo. new york bozo. >> did you guys hear that? our guys don't know what that means either. >> reporter: what each team knows -- one more victory means a trip to the super bowl. for "today," ron mott nbc news. >> of course nbc is your home for the super bowl this year two weeks away on february 1st. >> i still want to hear what that call meant. >> for that we are all thankful. >> amen. flounow to a newly ordained priest who was probably listening closely to what pope francis had to say during mass this morning. 80-year-old rae 0 80-year-old rita lucy took part in the mass. it won't be recognized by the chump but that's not stopping her from answering her calling. >> rita lucy is a dynamo.
8:15 am
>> are you believe 63 years? >> reporter: yes, she's 80 years old and has been married 63 years. >> she's a sneaker and she likes to find new things. >> reporter: yesterday she did something radical, she poked a well manicured eye in the finger of the catholic church and became a priest. >> is becoming a priest as much as a political statement as it is a religious one? >> yes. you really hit the nail on the head. >> isn't it wonderful? >> reporter: there are 150 other women in the u.s. alone who have taken the same step. many were previously nuns. some like mrs. lieu >> lewis:lieu lieuucy are not only female they're married. >> how does this work to have a husband? >> well i'm not going to get rid of him after 63 years.
8:16 am
>> this is our calling. >> reporter: but nbc religion consultant george weigel says these women have gotten it all wrong. >> women have been running the catholic church in the united states for the past 200 years. >> he's nuts because women clearly haven't been running the catholic church. bishops are running the catholic church. don't tell me that they really are respecting women because they're not. >> reporter: even pope francis celebrated around the world for his more inclusive sense of the church has said women's ordination is off the table. >> even popes can be mistaken. >> reporter: as for mrs. lucy perhaps father lucy. >> you think the church is capable of the kind of change you advocate? >> either the church will die or this will occur. in my lifetime probably not. but there's always hope. >> amen. >> reporter: for "today," cynthia mcfadden orlando, florida. up next on "today," talk about shaking it off. how one cop's lip syncing to
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we're back on a sunday morning with one of our favorite stories of the day. it is hard not to smile when you watch this video. a delaware police officer lip syncing to taylor swift's "shake it off." >> no surprise the video has gone viral. >> hey, guys i know you've done this. lester i know you've done this. turn on the radio, great song comes on you just start singing along. i mean why not? that's just what master corporal jeff davis from the dover police department did and the camera inside his car captured the whole thing. ♪ i stay out too late ♪ ♪ got nothing in my brain ♪ >> reporter: with more than 7 million views and counting this
8:19 am
delaware cop lip syncing to taylor swift. ♪ i'm just gonna shake shake shake shake shake shake it off shake it off ♪ >> reporter: it was put together by the department's public affairs team and it is certainly not the first time we've seen cops carrying -- or pretending to carry -- a tune. these texas officers were also trying to connect with their community last summer singing along to katy perry. what about these officers in israel with "the lion king" classic? of course singing in the car is not limited to those enforcing the law of the land. how about dads and daughters belting out the smash hit from "frozen"? ♪ let it go ♪ ♪ let it go ♪ >> reporter: or getting fancy with iggy azalea. ♪ i'm so fancy you already know ♪ >> reporter: there's the
8:20 am
flashback from this classic scene you could never forget. wayne and garth with the queen classic. ♪ su look like my next mistake ♪ >> even taylor swift got in on the game last year racking up more than 10 million views. but for the moment the one cruising to the top of the viral video world is perhaps one of swift's most unexpected fans an now-famous cop from delaware. ♪ that's what they don't see mm mm ♪ ♪ that's what they don't see ♪ >> corporal davis actually knew he was being recorded. this is part of a public affairs production by the police department. probably didn't know it would go viral. this song really is an ear worm. we've all heard it repeatedly. once it gets in your head you can't get it out. just ask my 12-year-old. it is easy to see how that officer had so much fun with it.
8:21 am
so here we go on this sunday morning. we're going to give it a try ourselves. music, please. >> do we stretch? ♪ that's what people say mm mm ♪ ♪ i go on too many dates ♪ ♪ but i can't make 'em stay ♪ ♪ at least that's what people say mm mm ♪ ♪ that's what people say mm mm ♪ ♪ but i keep cruising can't stop won't stop moving ♪ ♪ it's like i got this music in my mind say something it's gonna be all right ♪ ♪ cause the players gonna play play play play play sfloets ♪ and the haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate ♪ ♪ i'm just gonna shake shake shake shake ♪ ♪ shake it off shake it off ♪ ♪ >> can i just say someone right now is recording this. you will see this again in the year-end video. >> we got t ♪♪ the adventures you've been imagining. the heroes you've been admiring.
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a controversial option for the chance to hunt and possibly kill an african elephant is met with big protests. last night a major development. we'll tell but it coming up. plus does another one bite the dust? why cd players in your car could be going away. >> say it ain't so. ♪ is it the insightful strategies and analytical capabilities that make edward jones one of the biggest financial services firms in the country? or is it 13,000 financial advisors who take the time to say thank you? 'night jim. gonna be a while? i am liz got a little writing to do. ♪ it's why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way.
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the breaking news that we're watching this morning, icy,
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dangerous conditions all across the region. we're covering a major pileup on the schuylkill expressway. this is in upper marion township, montgomery county. this is a live picture from our traffic camera. the crash happened a short time ago, along the westbound lanes near the gulf mills exit. we are told that there are as many as 60 cars involved in this accident. a chain reaction accident. so if you are headed out today, avoid this area of 76. as you can see, there are first responders on the scene. so we are going to continue to watch this situation. we also have a picture of the accident from a viewer. this is a little bit of a closer shot. she tweeted it just before 8:00. you can see thor kacars are facing the opposite direction and it appears that a first responder is walking between them. a very difficult situation out there. ice has also closed the walt whitman and ben franklin bridges. this is a live view of the ben franklin bridge. you can barely see it because in addition to the rain and those icy conditions we've got clouds out there.
8:28 am
a viewer tweeted us a short time ago, telling us that the bridge is like a parking lot and it's iced over. let's get right to the weather now, with first alert meteorologist michelle grossman. michelle? >> it's a mess out there. it doesn't take thick ice to cause these problems and that's what we're seeing. we're seeing fog. a live look outside,wear looking at fog and those icing conditions where we see the pink. we'll continue to track those for you when we come back at 9:00. be careful when you head out this morning. >> michelle and i will see you back here at k9:00 for a full hour of news. be kaufrl.
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♪ ♪ shake it up baby flou ♪ ♪ come on come on come on baby now ♪ ♪ twist and shout ♪ ♪ work it on out ♪ >> took 12 hours to get here! >> happy birthday dad! ♪ you know you got me going now ♪ ♪ just like i knew you would ♪ ♪ like i knew you would ooh ♪ ♪ shake it up baby now ♪ we're back on a sunday morning, january 18th, 2013.
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>> great crowd out with us here on the plaza for a three-day weekend celebrating martin luther king day. thanks to them for stopping by and making us part of their morning. >> we have a lot coming up but first let's look at this morning's top headlines. two teen fugitives from kentucky are in custody this morning caught last night as they slept in their car in florida. rain in the philippines didn't stop millions of people from showing up at the pope's mass in manila. the pope urged filipinos to protect their children and keep them off the streets. and australian governor robert allenby is recovering this morning after he was allegedly beaten and kidnapped in hawaii. allenby says he was at a wine bar whether he was taken. he reportedly turned up at a nearby park a little while later. still to come in this half-hour, if you plan on taking your pets with you whether you travel wait until you hear about the first class accommodations one major airport
8:32 am
is in the process of building for them. speaking of taking a vacation we're going to tell you where to go online to find the best deals. if you plan on using your frequent flyer miles, a lot of the rules have changed this year. we'll break that down for you and what it means for your next trip. plus today is the perfect -- i wouldn't say it is the perfect day. it is a pretty decent day, let's say, to jump-start your week. our contributors will tell you what to do today to save time some money and more importantly perhaps, calories this week. and here's a question. how many of you still listen to your cds in your car? >> a what? a cd? >> a car? i don't even have a car. i have a long way to go. turns out in the near future you might not be a iblable to do that. some carmakers are driving throws players right towards exstinksex extinction extinction. beginning this morning with a controversial elephant hunt up by auction. the same group came under fire for auctioning off a rhino last
8:33 am
year. late last night the elephant was pulled from the auction block. nbc's gabe gutierrez explains. >> reporter: protesters took aim at plans to auction off an elephant hunting trip in africa. >> i'm not against hunters but i am against trophy hunting. >> reporter: but late saturday the hunting club canceled the plans saying the donation was withdrawn, no reason given. the african elephant is the world's biggest land animal. it's not endangered but a leading conservation group classifies it as vulnerable. >> they're in steep decline right now with all of the animals, lions, elephants and the rhinos. >> reporter: last year this same hunting group auctioned off a permit to shoot an endangered black rhino. tv host and hunter cory nolten won the bid but told cnn he received death threats. >> i don't think you should be hated because i lead my life in a certain way.
8:34 am
>> reporter: this texas tech cheerleader received criticism when she posted these pictures on facebook and a belgium model lost a modeling contract when these photos emerged. >> needless killing for sport should be stopped. >> reporter: the dallas safari club says threats to wildlife should not disappear should legal hunting be prohibited but what certainly would disappear is an effective means raising critical critical funds for conservation science. this year still includes plenty of trips, including a 14-day hunt for a leopard. the club's african elephant hunt may be over with but the debate over big game hunting is not. for "today," gabe gutierrez, nbc news. we have a final check of the weather. good morningnkrning again. >> it is very wet out here. both coasts are seeing a lot of rain. another storm is moving into the pacific northwest. this is the last one but it will
8:35 am
be west today this morning all the way up to seattle. kickoff time 49 degrees. packers versus seahawks. they will be getting wet. in foxborough for the fate yachts' game later they'll be getting wet, too. both those games will be wet ones. a look at today's forecast. we have unusually warm temperatures through the middle part of the country. still seeing above-normal temperatures. rice is the ice in the name of the game in the northeast. martin luther king day we are looking at better conditions. a little bit of a l and a good saturday morning. i'm meteorologist michelle grossman. we're looking at a slick morning in spots. take it easy if you head out this morning. we're looking at freezing rain causing a glaze of ice in some spots. otherwise, looking at a heavy rain day, especially in parts of new jersey and southern delaware as we go throughout the afternoon. mild right around 44 degrees. tomorrow, the cold weather returns along with wind and sunshine. 38 degrees. tuesday, a quiet day, 39 and a
8:36 am
chance for rain and snow on wednesday, 38 degrees, and it's cold thursday and friday. sunshine returns on friday. have a great day. >> well we mentioned the patriots game. i'm a patriots fan but i found a super fan. look at this! holy moly! reveal the mask. so i assume you don't want the patriots to win? >> yeah. i do want them to win. >> i think they will win. they will win! thank you, guys for coming out. it is a wet one out here and it will remain wet through the day. back to you guys inside. >> all right, thanks. if you like to travel with your pets you'll soon be able to do it much more comfortably. at least they'll be much more comfortable. nbc's kristen dahl grenchriskristinen dahlgren is back. >> i just got a new little puppy, riley, and i want to take him with me everywhere. i know isn't he cute?
8:37 am
but you always worry about flying with pets and what can happen -- until now with this special first class operation all for your pets. the delays. the waiting around. and the crowds. a trip to the airport is often anything but glamorous. well except if you have four legs fur and a tail. new york's jfk airport will soon boast a specially designed terminal only for animals. to be called -- what else -- the arc. yeah like that arc. the 178,000 square foot facility will house mostly horses livestock, dogs cats and birds. >> it will allow these animals to travel much more efficiently and easily. >> reporter: the terminal set to open next summer will feature an overnight pet resort a 24-hour veterinary hospital, an aviationry for birds and a climate controlled area with 14 1/2 acres of ground area. the project has been ten years
8:38 am
in themakering the making and will be a game changer for animals who typically have to go through 20 different procedures upon landing. good news for the more than 2 million pets and other animals who fly each year. >> i will send my pets to the arc. i think i will feel much more at ease. >> i've covered stories where pets were mishandled left on the tarmac in the heat or subzero tmps toemperatures to disastrous consequences. i'm sure this will ease a lot of people's minds knowing a team and facility will be there waiting so nothing goes wrong. >> i don't think we appreciate how many animals are shipped by air on a regular basis. >> absolutely. internationally. horses. not just talking dogs and cats. they have some huge animals to ship and so this facility will make it a lot easier. >> it is a good thing. thank you. up next before you take off with your pets we've got some big travel deals for you. we'll tell you how you can save a lot of money on your next trip coming up after th
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this morning on "today's travel," how to score the best deals online from tackling a european vacation to brand-new search engines that will help you save a lot of money. good morning. >> morning. >> let's start with frequent flyer miles. talk about how to save money. maximize those miles. >> here's the thing. you might have heard, the airlines have changed the way that you can earn miles this year. delta, united. everyone expects american to follow suit soon. they tell us so that we get more choice. we might say as flyers it is making it a bit harder to get them. we have a solution. if you look at your local airport, check the airlines that fly from there and you can turn your every day spending into free flights. what you want to do is see if there is one major airlines that flies from your airport, get their credit card something like delta's amex card citi bank with american or chase with united. they're often fee-free for the
8:43 am
first year. while you are filling up your gas tank you are earning miles. if you've got lots of airlines from your local airport, gets one of the cards like chase sapphire or capital one venture card that you can spend the miles on any airline. then you pack the system. >> let's talk about finding the best fare search engines. a lot of websites out there. which ones do you like? >> okay. i love -- these three are amazing. these are the new search engines to use. skyscanner allows you to check the way we travel. say you've picked a week off in april and you've decided i'm going to take a week out of my life in april to go somewhere fun. can you type in the word "everywhere" as the destination for skyscanner and it will show you all the flights ranked by price so you might find wow, vegas is on sale that week. i didn't know. great way of checking out the best deal you can get. hipmonk hipmunk allows you to check the
8:44 am
flight. the layover. you may be like for $20, i'd like less time in the airport. >> you have full knowledge going in. >> of course google flights is a wonderfully clean interface. it is so familiar because it is just like google. i love that. >> talk about traveling to europe obviously more affordable this year than in years past but how much more affordable is my question. >> i'm biased. i think anyone who wants to take a trip to europe should take a trip this year because the euro is at its lowest rate against the dollar for almost a decade. the pound is very low, too. that means your buck goes a long way when you get there. the reason you want to go is that there are some great cheap new airlines that you might not have heard of that you can search for directly. xl will take you to paris. norwegian will take you to london from florida. icelandair you can fly via iceland. once you get there you are ryanair and ezasyjet. >> we're going to put you to the test. test myth or truth. >> fact or fiction.
8:45 am
tuesday is the best day to purchase an airline ticket. you might have heard this. >> i want to say fact. >> i think fact. yeah. >> not quite! >> you threw me off with you might have heard this. >> i think there has been a lot out there, people think, oh, tuesday afternoon i get to my computer they will be cheapest airline tickets. if that were true every office in america would slow down on tuesday afternoon. >> i've woke myself up in the middle of the night because i thought it was like tuesday at 3:00 p.m. >> what you want to do is pick the route that you travel a lot and set a fare alert. you don't have to do anything. i use a site called airfare watchdog. they send you an e-mail hey there is a sale on that flight. the next one, you can get better airfares by clearing the cookies on your computer browser. >> fact. >> fact. >> i'm trying to help you! i think again there is a myth around this. the airlines tell us categorically that they don't use the cookies but there is a lot of anecdotal information
8:46 am
from flyers that feels like they do. >> it does! >> so what i recommend you do better safe than sorry. use a browser like chrome incognito. then you are browsing anonymously. >> do we have time for one more? >> okay. it can be cheaper to buy two one-way tickets rather than one return. >> facts. >> no. that's not true. >> yes! >> you used to get penalized for flying one way. they've really changed the way flights are priced these days. >> so clearly we need you to come back more often because we need to be educated. just ahead, starting losing weight this week? what you can do in your kitchen roo it no you that can you've got to make better choices, jane! farewell, cookie dough ice cream. what's that you're drinking? it's trop50 with calcium. it has delicious new taste and has 50% less calories. with this taste? no way. give me fifty squats. it can't taste this good
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buying cars is all we do. all makes and models and no dealership pressure we'll even settle your loan or lease. so, don't wait. get your free online valuation now at this morning as part of our special series "start today," a little something we like to call head start today. our four js are helping you get a jump-start on your week by doing some simple things today that will keep you going all week long. >> get a head start. >> get a head start today. >> today. >> today. >> today. now it's time to get a head
8:50 am
start today in your kitchen and we are going to declutter that cabinet with all those vases in it. let's recycle 50% and use the others for other things. like for centerpieces with candy in it. in the bathroom even for gift wrap. after the holidays. >> trade in the cookies, the chocolate, the chips and instead i want you to enjoy all of these energizing low calorie and delicious munchies. preportion them in five to ten bags at no more than 200 calories because that's going to be your snacks for this coming week. you can even label it. monday tuesday, wednesday, thursday friday et cetera. when your stomach starts to grumble between meals, you are armed with the right stuff. >> you want to get into the habit of opening and then paying your bills as you receive them. let's say you get a heating bill that's higher than you thought that it would be. you pay it right away you'll spend less through the rest of
8:51 am
the month and that will make you happier at the end of the month. >> there are so many excuses not to work out. do not make laundry one of them. get a head start today by planning your workout clothes for the entire week. seems silly but that's an easy thing to do and it will make it so much easier for you when you want to grab an outfit and go work out. those are our tips. >> those are our tips. >> now start today. >> start today. >> start today. >> jenna, joy, jean and jill will be back all week with more great advice as our "start today" series continues all week long. >> a lot of it comes down to being organized. doesn't it? >> that's the hard part. >> laying out clothes. >> i need to get some baggies. >> peter's in the orange room with today's plaza fan of the day. >> talking fans of the day today, lester. my new friend delores hayward from charleston south carolina. we're ready. take it away. still to come on the "today"
8:52 am
show are cd players about to become a thing of the past? why they might be heading into the history books. we have a breakthrough: new subway grilled chicken strips. they taste better and they are better. premium cut all white meat with no artificial preservatives or flavors. try our new grilled chicken strips in the new monterey chicken melt today. subway. eat fresh.
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8:55 am
. we are back on a sunday morning. in this day of itunes and mp3 players, it is notmu music players of ten years ago could be extinct. how many walkmans do you see on streets these days? there could soon be another victim of these high-tech times. car cd player. >> reporter: sprawled across the seats of jeremy roth's florida
8:56 am
explorer a music library that's measured in pages, not megabytes megabytes. >> i've got old albums like stevie nicks right here. ♪ until the landslide brought me down ♪ >> reporter: he still buys at least one cd a week and plays him in his vehicle's aging cd player. passengers love paging through his collection. >> i think they think i'm somewhat cool for still buying cds. oh right on man, like you support the artists. yeah. >> reporter: but an announcement from hyundai was enough to give him pause. some of the automakers' 2016 cars won't take cds. >> i think i must have to continually buy old cars then. >> reporter: its a he not shocking cds may follow in the footsteps of grandpa 8-track and daddy cassette tape. >> i decide every week what cds i want to right around with. >> reporter: but this music writer not letting go.
8:57 am
disks are always meticulousry store stored in the doors of his car. >> reporter: he even wrote a commentary about car cd players asking am i the only one still listening? >> i want to hear it loud in the car. when i get in the car i just want to listen to a cd or drive home. or if i'm gone on weekends i just want to listen to one thing. >> reporter: in response one guy kiddingly called him geriatric. >> i wanted to be offended but it was the funniest thing i had heard in some time. so i retweeted it. >> i love my cd player. jamie says she, too, get ribbed for divgsk player. >> they say the late '80s called and they'd like their technology back. >> it wouldn't be the same had john cusack hoisted a smartphone over his head. so old-schoolers, take pride in
8:58 am
your ride and for now keep taking those cds for a spin. for "today," joe fryar, nbc news los angeles. >> i call them coasters. >> i will admit i still have a bag full of cassette tapes. >> you do? >> i can't let them go. even when i moved here to new york. i put them in the basement. >> the advisor when you're driving with all the cds out there. get dropped off in oakland, california at tower records. >> i haven't bought a cd in years. >> i received a pack of them from christmas, i was just telling peter. my mom gave me the "oprah what i know for sure" cds. >> he needs coasters. quick remindser before we go tune in to "meet the press" this morning for chuck's interview with the editor in chief of "charlie hebdo" reacting to the terror shootings at the magazine. >> that does it for us this sunday morning. >> peter, domenica, nice to have are you guys here this weekend. hope you had some fun.
8:59 am
see you back here tonight for "nbc n
9:00 am
the breaking news this morning, freezing rain, sleet, and as the that fog, you see it out there, it's causing some dangerous conditions out there on the roads. the streets may look fine but they are not. the conditions have shut down the delaware river port authority bridges. that's the walt whitman and ben franklin bridges along with the betsey ross and commodore. barry, the icy weather appears to be the cause of this pileup on the schuylkill expressway. this all started at 7:00 this morning in upper marion township. as many as 60 cars are involved. the rain mixing with the freezing temperatures. that's the issue this morning. the roads appear to be passable but drivers tell us it's


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