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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  January 19, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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you can still see here the road slick. no one was hurt in that fender-bender. in the section of philadelphia salt trucks loaded up and
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started laying salt on the road. this is on roosevelt, police blocked the road while work took place and then reopened it. nbc first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz here with the forecast. glenn, what a difference a day makes. >> absolutely. the roads dried out, sunshine helping, wind helping, lower humidity helping and higher temperatures as well. getting kind of windy out there. traffic is moving along just fine after some of those slick spots this morning. we're not doing to get any kind of repeat of that tomorrow morning. look how much warmer it is than it was yesterday. 42 degrees already. it feels like 34. feels like 31 in redding. so the wind hasn't picked up as much as it's going to. it's just starting to pick up now. a couple of snow flurries in parts of the area early. that is no longer there. we are dry for the rest of the day. we're kind of windy for the rest
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of the day. temperatures getting into the mid-40s, which is actually a little bit above average for this time of the year. but our next concern is a system that's doing to be bringing some snow to parts of the area. more on the timing of that with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> stay on top of any weather situation by downloading our first alert weather app. it's free in the app store or by going to today people all across the country are marking dr. martin luther king, jr.,'s day. this morning officials held a wreath laying in honor of dr. king in washington, d.c. secretary of state jeh johnson spoke at the event which took place at mlk memorial. here in our other vice president joe biden spoke. matt, what did the vice president have to say of the crowd? >> reporter: there's no mention of the incident over the weekend
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where gunshots were fired at the vice president's home. instead, he focused remarks on the relationship between police and the public. the vice president was here at the chase center in wilmington. he spoke about a half hour to the crowd. the breakfast was hosted by organization for minority women. they hold this breakfast every year to honor the legacy of dr. martin luther king, jr. in his remarks, joe biden talk about the concern parents have today sending their parents out in the world. he alluded to recently officer shootings in july. philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey country needs to agree on two things. police officers have a right to go home and see their families at the end of the day and minorities have a right to be treated with respect and dignity. >> this is a new day. it's the second half of the second decade of the 21st century. there's no reason on earth we cannot repair the breach that
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we've recently seen between law enforcement and minority communities. >> talking with the people who were inside at that breakfast, they also agree that right now the community really does need to come together especially to properly honor the man celebrated today. live in wilmington i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> thanks matt. philadelphia area home to the largest dr. king day event in the nation. we are right here at gerard college in philadelphia this morning. we found mayor michael nutter and bob casey lending a hand. this is the signature project at the start of the day. thousands of volunteers taking part in community projects all across the region. mayor nutter attended another dr. king day event in philadelphia. spoke to the crowd at the martin luther king, jr. recreation center. more than 100 volunteers turned out here to help clean up the facility. this brought together arts and
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cultural organizations. the volunteers as you see here painting a mural. because this is a federal holiday, schools are closed post offices and government offices are also closed. so are many banks in the area. also, a number of dr. king events happening all across the area today. here are just a few of them. a re-enactment march starting at 4:00 in southwest philadelphia on woodland avenue. it will be followed by dr. king's i have a dream speech at missionary baptist church. the unity choir will perform high-spirited songs at the national constitution center. then over in new jersey it's the ninth annual mlk challenge day at the burlington county library in west hampton. it's under way now until 3:00 this afternoon. volunteers will accept donations for twin oaks food pantry and burlington county animal shelter. while you're there, you can check out the "we the dreamers" exhibit and make greeting cards with kids. for more on the life of dr.
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martin luther king, jr., logon to nbc 10 or check out our nbc 10 app. you'll also find a photo gallery of dr. king. in other news right now, one person was killed in an early morning apartment fire in montgomery county. fire investigators say it all started on the top floor of the linwood garden apartments. that's at john russell circle and williams way in shelton ham township. now investigators are working to figure out what started this fire. nbc 10 found this fire car, it happened early this morning. there are a lot of flames and smoke but we're told no one was hurt. a vigil is planned for wednesday for the newborn baby burned alive in burlington county. donations were accepted to help pay for the baby's funeral. police arrested the infant's mother after witnesses reported seeing her dump the infant in the middle of the street in pemberton. an autopsy is scheduled for this
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week. the investigation under way in cape may county today after a home owner shot and killed a suspected intruder. according to the press of atlantic city the home owner said he shot the man after he broke through a glass door at his lower township home yesterday. prosecutors identified the intruder as 21-year-old james weaver. there are no criminal charges at this time but prosecutors are still investigating. pennsylvania will usher in the wolf era tomorrow. york businessman tom wolf becomes commonwealth's 47th governor when he's sworn in at high noon in harrisburg. don't expect black tie affairs for this understated democrat. the bash will celebrate history, people and culture. anti-fracking protesters plan to rally and will support natural gas drilling. he defeated tom corbin back in november. nbc 10 and telemundo 62 has
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a team of reporters and photographers covering inauguration of tom wolf. count on live coverage starting tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. and also online at as well as nbc 10 mobile app. tomorrow the president of chile will visit delaware. governor jack markle will welcome chilean president at the port of wilmington. the port is a major entry point for fruit shipments coming into the u.s. from the south american country. happening today, it's hero's day at the philadelphia home show. the show opened over the weekend at philadelphia convention center. today only military firefighters, police and teachers can get in for free. the home show will continue next weekend. we are just a few days away now from president obama's state of the union address. a preview of what the president expected to tell the nation as well as the criticism he's already getting from republicans. plus deflated victory. the new controversy surrounding
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the new england patriots following the blowout win yesterday that landed them in super bowl xlix. >> snow is on the way for parts of our area this week. i'll let you know what to expect and when with my nbc 10 first alert forecast just ahead.
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today we're learning more about that deadly airasia crash.
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investigators say the crash was not a result of terrorism. this morning crews recovered the bodies of two more victims. the plane went down late last month with 162 people on board. embattled comedian bill cosby played to a sold out show where he received a standing ovation. cosby continued his tour across the country amid continuing sexual assault allegations. only one protester showed up last night. at least 15 women accused cosby of sexual assaults many dating back decades. >> kind of difficult to be honest with you. it's such a hard thing. he's such a legend. i've grown up enjoying his comedy. >> over the weekend cosby held two performances in colorado. he faced some protesters there but also received a standing ovation at a show in pueblo. >> white house tweeted a photo
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of president obama there he is working with speechwriter. president expected to focus on middle class economics in the speech. he'll roll out plans for tax hikes on the wealthiest americans. a spokesman for house speaker john boehner calls it the same old top down approach from president obama. a maryland man at the center of the historic changes in the relationship between the u.s. and cuba will attend state of the union address. alan gross, a federal contractor arrested back in 2009. he spent five years in a cuban prison. he was released last month as part of the announcement the u.s. would restore diplomatic relations with cuba after five decades. he's one of 2 special guests invited to tomorrow's speech. the president's state of the union address is tomorrow night at 9:00. you can watch it right here on nbc 10 or on our nbc 10 news
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app. it's time to start thinking super bowl. we now know the two teams that will face off 13 days from now. the new england patriots destroyed the indianapolis colts 45-7 in the afc championship game last night. tom brady threw only three touchdown passes. he will go for his fourth super bowl title in 13 years. the patriots the face the defending champs the seattle seahawks who overcame a lot of turnovers yesterday to beat the green bay packers 28-22 in overtime. the new england patriots are runs again at the center of a controversy this morning. the nfl say it's investigating claims patriots used deflated footballs during yesterday's afc championship game. now, a deflated football would be easier to throw and catch in poor weather conditions. back in 2002 the pats got caught up in the spygate scandal after being accused of illegally filming rams practice before a
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super bowl game. nonetheless, it is the patriots and seahawks for super bowl xlix. it's sunday february 1st right here on nbc 10. pregame activities begin at noon. kickoff is at 6:30. >> now, you're nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> it was some nasty weather for that patriots game yesterday. and we had our own share of nasty weather yesterday morning. gusty winds during the day today. strong winds gusting over 30 miles an hour. nothing too dangerous. we are tracking snow coming in just a couple of days with an icy mix possible in some parts of the area. a lot of sunshine now. we had clouds a couple of hours ago. 42 degrees, philadelphia international. the wind west at 16 miles an hour. that's a dry wind direction.
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with temperatures above freezing and that wind the ground is dry. it's not going to be icy. you don't have to worry about slipping on ice tomorrow morning out in your driveway like you did this morning. there's west wind flow. and the sustained winds are fairly substantial, 15 to 20 miles an hour. they will be gusting over 30 during the afternoon, of course making it feel a little colder than it actually is. a lot of clouds to the north and west still but we're seeing more and more sunshine in a good bit of the area. will look ahead at the next system coming in to one of those alberta clippers so it has somewhat limited moisture coming in from the west. not during the day tomorrow. not tomorrow night. there's wednesday. there's the morning rush on wednesday. at the moment looking dry. but here comes the precipitation. rain to the south, snow to the north and potential icy mix in
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between. this particular model is very aggressive with the snow very bullish on the snow. others would just give some light snow from the philadelphia area northward. but it could affect the wednesday afternoon rush and into wednesday night. the amounts of snow would likely be greater to the north. again, not until wednesday afternoon. this is a different model generally showing from philadelphia northward at least some accumulation. but then we haven't had much this season so far. so even a couple of inches would be fairly significant for us this winter. last winter it would be nothing. gusty winds during the afternoon with a good bit of sunshine. high temperatures in the mid-40s. actually above average for this time of the year. we haven't seen a whole lot of that. seven-day forecast well we have dry weather tomorrow less wind and then the snow and rain
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developing on wednesday may affect the afternoon rush hour. then it's cold for the rest of the week and even into next weekend without a big change in the weather pattern. >> thanks glenn. up next diet dilemma. the one food experts say has the biggest impact on the amount of nutrition your child is getting. and some good news for people who can't live without their salt shakers. details on the new study just released this morning about whether a salty diet really increases your risk for heart disease.
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>> announcer: this is nbc 10 news. now to an update on a deadly flu season in delaware. sixteen people have died of the flu so far this year. most are over the age of 65. according to the news journal, state health officials call the death rate unprecedented in recent years. well if you want to get a flu shot check out the list of free clinics by going to the website, or download our nbc 10 app. this morning the measles outbreak linked to disney land in california is continuing to spread. there are now more than 50 cases in four states. that is double the amount reported last week. experts believe this could turn into one of the worst outbreaks since 1989. they are urging people to get
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vaccinated for this contagious disease. well eating salty foods might not be as bad for your health as originally thought. that's according to one study just out. it gave 2600 older adults a food questionnaire. they found no link between what the participants said they consumed in sodium and heart disease or debt. other experts say it's difficult to get a true read on sodium based on a questionnaire. a new study says kids are eating too much pizza and it's packing on too many calories for them. doctors say pizza is the second largest contributor to calorie and nutrient intake in the diets of young people. data shows on the day kids eat pizza it makes up more than 20% of their daily diet. according to health experts, it's all about moderation. they say that can be difficult since pizza is such a popular food among kids. i know mine love it. a different study is taking a look at what happens when
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young people don't get enough sleep. research shows those teens are more likely to take part of risky behavior during adulthood. experts a the study showed teens at a risk of sleep problems were at a higher risk for binge drinking drug use and questionable sex choices later in leave. could be the key to beating drug resistant super bugs. researchers found an antibiotic in dirt in maine that looks to be effective in killing deadly pathogens like mrsa and tuberculosis. they are using new technology that allows them to grow and develop that antibiotic they believe could help them combat a worldwide health crisis. now raising some questions about what other medical helpers could be in maine's soil. >> reaching a tipping point. the development of new antibiotics has been pretty slow over the last few decades.
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>> any drug from this newly discovered antibiotic is at least five years away. federal regulators investigating whether ford should expand 2013 safety recall of diesel trucks. the previous recall involved thousands of trucks sold with ambulance packages. they could stall with malfunctioning sensor. ford replaced the sensors for free. since then national highway traffic safety administration says it has received complaints from truck owners who didn't have the ambulance packages as well as owners who got the first repair. two historical groups asking officials to preserve 140-year-old prison despite heavy damage from fire last week. the prison has been deemed a total loss that could not result in the location. the fire more than 200 inmates taken to another prison. the cause of the fire under
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investigation. it's a day to other than the man who has inspired so many people around the world. a look at the events this morning marking the life of dr. martin luther king, jr., and a day that has turned into a day of service throughout the country. a new era in cuba. important meeting happening following announcement of diplomatic trade ties between the u.s. and cuba.
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>> announcer: now, you're nbc 10 first alert weather. >> wow, it was a slippery start to the day for many people in our area. some roads were more ice covered than others certainly. taking a look here this was early in the morning. it was rough doing out there. well it's warmed up since then. the winds picking up as well. taking a live look at the air
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mark building in center city philadelphia. it's busy day for skiers in the poconos, taking a listen look at camel back mountain resort. nbc 10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz here with the forecast for us. glenn. >> renee, those winds are drying things out. we had a wet day yesterday after that icy start, flag blowing hard. this is straight west to east type of wind. it's bringing in somewhat cooler air but the sunshine is helping make up for that. we're 42 in philadelphia and 40 in northern and western areas already close to the mid-40s farther to the south. we do have the wind makes it feel like it's closer to the freezing mark on your exposed skin but we've seen way worse than that this wintertime. a couple of snow flurries to the south a few hours ago but they have definitely gone away and
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the sunshine has taken its place. it's going to be windy throughout the afternoon. gusts over 30 miles an hour. then the next thing that we're looking at that is the potential for snow in parts of the area as we go into the middle of the week. the detailed timing on that coming up with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> all right. thank you, glenn. stay on top of any weather situation by downloading our first alert weather app of it's free in the apps store or on >> my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but the content of their character. >> today people across the country are pausing to remember civil rights leader dr. martin luther king, jr. dr. king spoke those iconic
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words at the lincoln memorial back in 1963. he, of course led the civil rights movement in the '50s and '60s helping to end racial segregation. ♪ >> this morning officials in washington, d.c. held a wreath laying in honor of dr. king. homeland secretary jeh johnson spoke at the event that took place at the mlk memorial. other leaders marking the king holiday including vice president joe biden. the vice president spoke at an event in newcastle county that pays tribute to life and legacy of dr. king. nbc's matt delucia was there and joins us live. what did the vice president have to say to the crowd this morning? >> the vice president was on stage about 30 minutes earlier this morning. we were talking to people attending that speech. they agree that right now the community needs to come together. take a look at some video from a little bit earlier. they listened to that speech from vice president joe biden.
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they spoke at the chase center in wilmington. talked about the concern parents have sending their parents out into the world especially now with the breach between law enforcement and communities. >> cops have a right to go home at night to see their families. [ applause ] and two, all minorities no matter what the neighborhood have a right to be treated with respect and with dignity. [ applause ] >> and the vice president also talked about the renewed effort on community policing that philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey is a part of. he told the crowd it would take new methods of accountability enhanced accountability that will enhance confidence among public. live in wilmington matt delucia, nbc 10 news. all right, matt. here is something we can take pride in. philadelphia area home to largest dr. king event in the
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nation. in north philadelphia this morning we found -- you see him there -- the senator and mayor nutter lending a hand. this is the signature project site of the king day of service. mayor nutter attended another dr. king day event. this is in north philadelphia. the mayor spoke to the crowd at the martin luther king, jr., rec center. more than 100 volunteers here helping clean up the facility. the project brought together arts and cultural organizations. the volunteers here putting finishing touches on a mural. >> let us not be so comfortable we ever take those hard fought rights for granted ever. so make sure you come out and vote and truly participate in the american process. >>ty officials estimate 135,000 volunteers will help with 1800 projects throughout the region. u.s. department of health and human services secretary sylvia burwell in philadelphia this morning. she's participating in a martin
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luther king, jr. day of service project held by project home. afterwards she will tour the klein wellness center on cecil b. moore avenue. there she will talk about the affordable care act and using the health insurance marketplace. open enrollment runs through february 15th. and today as part of a nationwide effort half a dozen theaters right here in philadelphia are inviting students to attend a free screening of the oscar nominated film "selma." they have to show school id or report card to get in. local business leaders pitched in more than $40,000 to pay the ticket cost for 4700 students. well many of those students will be there to see "selma" for free because, well there's no school today. the federal holiday also means post offices, banks, and government offices all closed. there are a number of dr. king day events happening across our region today including this the philadelphia orchestra's annual tribute concert is at 1:30 at gerard college.
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it's free but you do have to get tickets which you can get online before hand. fourth annual job and opportunity fair in philadelphia. this is happening until 1:00 in the afternoon also at girard college. girard is a busy place. employers include target cbs, comcast and temple university participate there in workshops, get career advice as well as resume coaching. and then there is reclaim the dream march. in philadelphia 2:00 thbis afternoon. the march starts at broad street and ends at independence mall. montgomery county worship service and student performance united methodist in gill bertsville. the theme on civil disobedience and law enforcement in our society. for more on the life of dr. martin luther king, jr., logon to nbc 10 or tap our nbc 10 app. there you will also find a photo gallery of dr. king.
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checking out the top stories, one person dead after apartment fire in montgomery county. it happened early this morning at linwood garden apartments in shelton ham township. now investigators are working to figure out what caused the fire. this coming wednesday, a vigil is planned for a newborn baby burned alive. this was in pemberton, burlington county. donations will be accepted to pay for the child's funeral. the infant's mother is charged with her mother. an autopsy is scheduled this week. and tomorrow tom wolf will become pennsylvania's 47th governor. he's set to be sworn in at high noon in harrisburg, but his inauguration is not without controversy. anti-fracking protesters are planning to demonstrate as well as support natural gas drilling. he defeated governor tom corbett in november. a kentucky man accused of going on a 13-state crime spee with his 13-year-old girlfriend.
11:37 am
the couple dubbed bonnie and clyde was arrested yesterday in panama city after two weeks on the run. when he was arrested dalton hayes told police he was very scared and wanted to go home. authorities plan to extradite the teens back to kentucky where they will face charges including burglary, theft, criminal trespassing as well as criminal mischief. 9,000 people have been called as potential jurors in the case of james holmes. they have to decide if holmes was insane when he killed a dozen people in a colorado movie theater in 2012. jury selection is set to begin tomorrow in denver. holmes has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. if found guilty he faces the death penalty. if found not guilty he would be committed to a mental hospital. this home in maryland is destroyed after a four-alarm fire. flames hit the house in annapolis overnight. no one was hurt. investigators now looking for a
11:38 am
cause. and overseas this morning, people can came together in france to remember the policewoman shot and killed by gunmen during paris terror attacks. funeral services held for her. she died during the three days of vile enin paris two weeks ago. authorities belief amedy coulibaly shot and killed her. a few hundred afghans set fire to a flag in protest of "charlie hebdo." they were upset over the latest edition which features a cartoon of the prophet muhammad on its cover. protesters demand french embassy in kabul be shut down and french government apologize. leaders in other countries are also paying tribute to those terror victims. britain's home secretary joined members of the jewish community to remember those killed in the paris attack. a gunman attacked a kosher market killing four jews. may said britain must increase
11:39 am
efforts to wipe out anti-semitism. france is seeing a drop in tourism following terror attacks of almost two weeks ago. fewer tourists are visiting the eiffel tower and other attractions. frerm police say they have stepped up security at several locations there. this morning pope francis is on his way back to the vatican after a nearly week long trip in the philippines. the pope left manila where millions of worshippers turned out to see him. during yesterday's outdoor service, more than 6 million people braved the rain and the wind to attend mass and also to see his motorcade. it's a world record for a papal event. happening today a delegation of u.s. lawmakers holding a meeting in cuba. it may include castro. trade restrictions in effect for half a century. the trade delegation in cuba for
11:40 am
the past few days. the trip wraps up today. a delegation of american academics and foreign diplomats urge north korea to resume nuclear talks. u.s. and north korea have no formal diplomatic ties but u.s. officials occasionally meet with democrats to try to settle issues of the north's nuclear program. pyongyang is thought to have a handful of crude nuclear bombs and has conducted three nuclear tests since 2006. stunning video from new zealand this morning. we want to warn you it is graphic. this is surveillance video from a gas station. a man walked inside with a tire iron stuck in his head. hard to believe. look how calm he is. he was so calm employees didn't believe him at first. the 23-year-old as you saw there turned to the side. the employees saw the blood on his face. turns out he had been attacked. doctors removed the tire iron from his temple. he is okay.
11:41 am
police right now looking for his attacker. unbelievable. an unsettling discovery at a park in san diego, california. police say someone placed at least seven razor blades in the grass near a popular playground. police used metal detectors to find and remove all the blades. this is the fourth time razor blades have been found inside this park in 18 months. so far three people have been cut by the blades. tonight a weatherman in texas returned to work for the first time since someone shot him outside his tv station. patrick crawford is a morning meteorologist for kcen tv outside waco, texas. he had been off the air since someone shot him and left the station a week before christmas -- as he left the station a week before christmas. today his co-workers surprised him by wearing yellow superman shirts in the office. the gunman who shot crawford though still on the loose. membership in boy scouts
11:42 am
dropped marking decade long decline in the youth organization. they tried to boost through technology-based programs that offer new camping opportunities. they also appointed secretary of defense robert gates as its volunteer president. a new policy welcomed openly gay kids angered some conservatives in the organization and some left to join a new group. lindsey in the limelight. the record breaking win for this american skiing sensation and the surprise waiting for her at the finish line. >> i'm tracking snow headed this way for parts of our area. let you know what you can expect and when just ahead.
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>> announcer: this is nbc 10 news. >> millions of people who didn't have health insurance in 2014 will pay a penalty under the affordable care act even though many of them don't have to. now, intuit the company behind turbotax software estimate 20 million people who didn't have health insurance software may qualify for an exemption but most have not applied for the exemption and they will end up paying an average of $300 in penalties on their tax return. it's official amazon is coming to a big screen near you. amazon studios announced today that it plans to start making movies. they will produce and acquire de los a dozen full lepg films each
11:46 am
year to be released in theaters. available to amazon prime subscribers for a limited time. shortly after amazon won multiple golden globes for its tv series transparent. selfies, pictures you take of yourself with your cell phone all over social media. a new trend sweeping the scene. >> reporter: selfie was oxford's dictionary word of the year in 2013. the challenge to get that perfect pic has people going to even greater length. arms have limitations especially for group selfies but selfie sticks can save the shot. >> selfie stick is basically a long poll sometimes it's adjustable. >> first popularized in asia they have now made their way to usa. some models have bluetooth so the stick can work the camera shutter. but you have to have good
11:47 am
lighting. >> because it's image stabilized, the more you hold your selfie stick out from you, the more the little vibrations create a blurry photo. >> you might not look cool using it but by manipulating height and angle of the photo. >> you can get cool effects. >> not everyone is a fan. >> it's probably the singest most useful and ridiculous thing i've seen. >> reporter: some say selfie users are too nas civic and self-involved frf-of- >> just have someone take a for the okay. it's called a photo. >> the difference with the instantaneous of broadcasting to everyone. >> which brings to mind last year's oscars. >> imagine how many more celebrities that ellen could include with a selfie stick. >> nbc news. well the duchess of cambridge today making appearances at charity events around england. she started the day going on a
11:48 am
coffee run to groups that provide mentoring in four ears. she formally opened a new cool for shirn between the ages of 8 and 18. the duchess expecting her second child in april. today lindsey vonn in the record books after the skier broke a 35-year-old record. her 63rd world cup victory. it broke the record of 62 cup wins this is video of her tying yesterday. von edged out for the win. in italy she also got a surprise at the finish line today. a visit from her boyfriend, tiger woods. >> it was incredible. it was such an amazing weekend to get 62 and today 63. you know my family was here my mom, my dad, my stepmom, stepdad and tiger showed up today. it was a huge surprise. so it was an incredible day. >> good for her. vonn now appears to be in top form after coming back from two
11:49 am
knee surgeries that kept her out of last year's sochi olympics. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. we had some real nasty weather yesterday with down right dangerous weather in parts of the area in the morning. gusty winds today drying everything up along with that sunshine. so we're not going to have icing problems tonight. we're tracking snow for the middle of the week and an icy mix possible in parts of the area for part of that storm. flag blowing hard winds gusty, 60 miles an hour sustained winds, temperatures 42. philly international already above average for this time of the year. lots of folks up in the poconos, full bound ski area but they had a lot of rain yesterday. we're going to have some snow.
11:50 am
natural snow this week. temperatures 41 in chester springs, kennett square. these are some of the places that had some pretty bad icing yesterday morning. horsham, northeast philly trenton. farther to the south we didn't have the types of problems but coatesville, pottstown, quakertown allentown, redding, all of those places had significant icing yesterday morning. you can see how much above freezing we are. we're in the 40s at the shore, too. cape may at 41 degrees, alone. we're seeing wind gusts increase 25 to 30 miles an hour in parts of the area and within a couple hours we will see some gusts probably over 30 miles an hour. we'll see some clouds from time to time as well coming down from the mountains on that flow. the next issue is going to be alberta clipper coming in for
11:51 am
wednesday. here is future cast. we have it coming in. this is wednesday morning, late morning. not for the morning rush. late morning here. then during the afternoon rush snow of course the best chance north and west of philadelphia greatest accumulation north and west, best chance of rain the farther south you go. this is more typical type of system than what we had last week with that snow at the shore. and then it moves out. but that pink area is a bit of an icy mix. nothing like yesterday morning but at least a period of some potential icy mixture of sleet and freezing rain. and as we go into wednesday evening, greatest amount of snow probably in the poconos. other areas north and west and the least amount of snow to the south and east. of course we'll update that this afternoon as new computer data
11:52 am
comes in. tuesday is going to be dry, less windy than today. there's that snow to the north, rain to the south on wednesday. cold and windy on thursday. still cold friday and kind of chilly over the weekend as well.
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the late joan rivers will make her final appearance on "celebrity apprentice." the members returned as guests. it is very emotional. you can watch at 8:00 only on nbc 10. well coming up this afternoon starting at 3:00, "ellen" is all new with actress jennifer aniston, the star of the movie "cake." then nbc 10 news at 4:00. this afternoon food for thought. the government planning to change what's on the menu at the daycare. what foods they are expected to green light and what your kids shouldn't expect to find at mealtime. all this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. now to an update with our top story. people across the country are remembering the leader of the civil rights movement on this dr. martin luther king day of service. it includes vice president joe biden who spoke at a memorial breakfast for dr. king in
11:56 am
wilmington. the annual event took place at the chase center. biden's speech centered on relationship between police an public. there was no mention of the incident this weekend in which gunshots were fired near vice president biden's newcastle county home. let's check in with glenn again on the weather. >> well we have our next threat is going to be snow. it's not going to be icing, refreezing or anything tonight. but snow on wednesday. at the moment it does not look like it would affect the morning rush but could affect the afternoon rush and especially to the north and west of philadelphia. we'll have new information this afternoon. we'll go over that and we'll have some more details coming up starting at 4:00. >> all right. thank you, glenn. thank you for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00 a.m. i'm renee chenault-fattah. for glenn "hurricane" schwartz and all of us at nbc 10 thanks for watching. have a great day. glenn and i will see you back at 4:00.
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>> when you turn on the news you see there's a lot of home burglaries. here is an interesting fact. the fbi reported over 2 million burglaries alone. the shocking thing is most of these burglaries are daytime. >> that is a shocking statistic. you think that alone would get people thinking about a security system. >> right now they are. there's many benefits to getting a security system. at first three times less likely to have your home broken into my having a security system. you get 24/7 monitoring for burglar, fire and medical.
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that's 1-888-485-9567.
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>> eric: yeah, serena's inside. why? >> daniel: well, i came with nicole. she's here too. [dance music] ♪ ♪ >> serena: you are pathetic. >> nicole: i'm sorry, okay? that guy bumped me. >> serena: what guy? >> nicole: i don't know, he was standing right here. you probably scared him away. >> serena: you are some nasty piece of work. >> nicole: ooh. you did not just push me, you bitch. >> serena: you just made a huge mistake. >> nicole: oh, did i? oh! oh. >> kate: abigail deveraux, just the person i wanted to see. >> abigail: oh, yeah? why's that? >> kate: i owe you an apology.


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