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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  January 19, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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enter city philadelphia for a march in honor of martin luther king jr. sky force 10 over the crowd as they carried signs and chanted peacefully in the streets. the marchers say they want to reclaim dr. martin luther king day. >> they want to draw more focus to issues surrounding police and education. doug shimell is live outside the constitution center. you've been out there. what are the messages they're trying to put forth? >> reporter: as you mentioned, it is about equality on many difshlt levels from law enforcement to economic equality. this of the biggest event on the constitution center sgroundz that just wrapped up. today's day of service could range from large-scale martin luther king style marches to the smallest of gestures. it was a day off from work to go to work. >> they make me feel special. they make me happy and keep a smile on my face. >> reporter: 100 volunteers on a day of service helping them make 3,000 meals to deliver. >> all of our clients are at
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acute nutritional risk due to their life-threatening illness and they're put on a special amount of meal based on their medical needs. >> reporter: health corps along valley green bank. >> what i did here today actually helped somebody. there's a drink link to the community versus just writing checks. >> reporter: the marian basketball team chose to sell hot chocolate. >> we knew we had to win the game for him and his daughter and we took it upon ourselves to make sure we did everything to win the game. we know how important she is to him and how important he is to us. >> we have come together today to take back the legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. >> reporter: in center city a sea of democracy in martin luther king jr.'s name. >> i decided not to stay in and study but come out and do something to help my community. >> it's like a day that we can
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fulfill martin luther king's dream as far as being a peaceful community. >> reporter: and according to police, it was a peaceful community of more than 2,000 marchers. no incidents, no arrests as far as we've been told. live in center city, doug shimell, "nbc10 news." this is a busy day at camelback and other pocono ski areas. the skiers are relying on man-made snow today. later this week we could see the real deal. >> haven't had much of that this winter so far. we've been lucky. meteorologist sheena parveen is tracking it is system. when can we expect snow? >> the good news is we're not going to expect the snow tonight. we'll stay dry tonight and even through the day tomorrow. mid-week is when we expect the snow across the area. for tonight, though temperatures will once again be dropping down below freezing but we'll stay dry. upper 30s through lehigh valley.
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40 degrees in trenton. tonight we stay cold and dry. winds stay up. by 6 p.m., windy, make pentagon feel colder. temperatures around 40 degrees in philadelphia. by 8:00 less wind 38 degrees. the wind keeps diminishing so mid-30s by 10:00 tonight. that wind will start to die down as well. we watch the next system which brings us snow. mid-week, future weather, tuesday we're dry. wednesday we start to watch an area of low pressure approaching by the south, the afternoon hours especially. we'll start to see snow through the area. not just snow. we're talking about rain, snow and also ice once again through the area. mid-week. keep that in mind. i'll show you more details on the timing coming up. >> it wasn't snow but ice that created a dangerous mess on the roads yesterday. these pileups were deadly leaving three people dead dozens more injured. the crash on the schuylkill in particular involved nearly 60 cars. one woman described it as horrific and says it even got worse. listen.
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>> once i started breaking i felt the ice. >> reporter: 31-year-old takia still shaken up to show her face on camera. she says she saw the first cars in the massive pileup start to swerve. when she tried to avoid them her car spun completely around. >> the front of my car was facing eastbound lanes and the oncoming traffic t-boned me. >> reporter: she says she crawled out of the passenger side window even as cars crashed around her. >> i was determined to get out and i did. i ran as far as i could right before the 18-wheeler hit i was able to get out of my car and run. >> reporter: when it was all over she walked back to her car, which was next to a smashed rav 4. >> as i approached my passenger side of my car, i just seen a leg hanging out from underneath the rav 4. i wasn't able to see anything. i notified the police when they came over and covered him up. >> reporter: she believes it was the body of eric blau the only person killed in the massive
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pileup. >> they didn't see him because at the time no one was inside of their cars. >> so no one realized this man had been hit? >> no. >> reporter: nursing a few stitches in her hand she doesn't remember how she got hurt. determined to survive, she said she thought about her family. >> kept thinking about my son and i kept saying i'm not going to die in this car. i'm not going to die in this car. >> and tonight we're learning about one of the men killed in the pileup on route 476, jason anderson worked for dover international speedway. friends tell us anderson was in the car with his wife and 1-year-old son when the accident happened. police say a tractor-trailer jack knifed on the ice, starting a chain reaction crash that also killed a landsdale man. 11 vehicles were involved. nbc10 spoke to one driver who found himself in the middle of the pileup on the walt whitman bridge yesterday. tony described it as a salvage yard of cars with pieces and parts everywhere. >> just kept pumping the brakes.
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was just sliding. was out of control. going wherever you wanted to go. >> a cruiser with the delaware river port authority was part of the big crash on the walt whitman. some drivers believe that helped prevent more cars from getting on the bridge. the officer was immediately able to radio in word about the accident. >> it wasn't just these massive crashes either. >> many people were slipping on the ice, simply trying to leave their homes. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here to explain how this turned into such a dangerous event. >> this took a lot of people by surprise. >> we would say this was like a perfect storm of all the worst possible elements coming together. to show you this. this is the rartd at 6:15. less than a half hour from this moment, we had those massive crashes. there's nothing near the i-95 corridor. a little rain to the south starting to come to the north. watch what happens here. all of a sudden, it develops
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right over the i-95 area. the darker pink indicating the heavier icing. we had hour after hour of it. so, what happened here? the roads were cold. the temperature got to 24 degrees the night before. also the timing, it came earlier than was expected. and so it was still cold enough for the ice. and then it didn't snow at the start. many storms in the winter that end up as ice like the snow. then ice falls on top of it. you know to be careful. in this case the road was completely dry and within minutes it was a total sheet of ice. so no repeat of anything like that but we do have snow and potential ice in the forecast. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> okay glenn. if you get into an accident you might not know what to do next. nbc10 went to a repair shop to
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find out the biggest mistakes people make. it's coming up at 5:30. one person is dead after an early morning apartment fire in montgomery county. fire investigators tell nbc10 the fire started on the top floor of the lynwood garden apartments at john russell circle and williamsway in shelton. now workers are figuring what exactly touched off the flames. a bucks county woman chased after a 10-year-old with a knife. virginia buschmann is the accused woman. police say mcdonald school officials alerted police as to what happened. police aren't relating the relationship between the victim and the suspect. ♪ as i went down in the river to pray ♪ >> a group of talented kids from chester prepares for the statewide spotlight. the chester children's choir will perform at tomorrow's gubernatorial inauguration. >> they sound so good. i want to hear more. nbc10's george spencer reports
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their performance comes at a significant turning point in pennsylvania politics. ♪ >> reporter: swaying and clapping on stage, the chester children's chorus has learned how to work a crowd. tomorrow before the governor-elect and state leaders, their most nerve-racking performance yet. >> i know because we're good so i know that we're going to do very well with this. >> i got this nutty idea that i would go into chester and start a boys chorus. >> reporter: john elston founded the group 20 years ago, later adding girls to the mix. it's a singing group, but also a musical family. always focused on self-improvement. >> mostly they love being with each other and they -- and they love being reminded that they are awesome individuals. >> reporter: this core russ will officially be leaving our area around 7:00 tomorrow morning heading to a state capital where big changes are already in the works.
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>> governor-elect tom wolf is expected to focus on bipartisan themes and government working together in his inaugural speech tomorrow. he'll need to work with a heavily republican legislature to navigate a $2 billion budget deficit and his school funding goals. ♪ take me to the water ♪ >> reporter: and when this chorus sings to the new governor tomorrow, they intend to show their chester pride and the impact their group has had on its members. >> i thought it was all music, but this chorus has helped me with a lot of different aspects of my life. >> reporter: reporting in delaware county, george spencer, "nbc10 news." >> they sound great, too. governor-elect wolf prepares for his inauguration, he's also filling out his cabinet. today he nominated former pennsylvania lawmaker to head the department of labor and industry. on top of that wolf also
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nominated nominated pedro rivera to be secretary of education. the state senate has to approve both nominations. count on nbc10 for the complete inauguration tomorrow. george spencer and jacqueline london will be reporting from harrisburg starting at 4 a.m. at noon can you use our nbc10 mobile app to watch the swearing-in live. as we told you earlier, thousands of people marched in philadelphia today as part of the dr. martin luther king day of service. their mission, to reclaim the legacy of the civil rights leader. sky force 10 was above as people made pleas for economic quality and fair treatment from police. vice president joe biden spoke at a memorial breakfast in wilmington today, hosted by the organization for minority women at the chase center. biden spoke about how the relationship between law enforcement and the public needs to be improved. >> cops have a right to go home at night to see their families.
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and, two, all minorities no matter what the neighborhood have a right to be treated with respect and with dignity. >> the vice president made no mention of a scare near his delaware home saturday night. someone fired a gun from a car, then sped off. not sure if you heard about this. there are new concerns over the measles. why an outbreak in cal is spreading to other states and what doctors want the public to know. plus, he's going to the super bowl but the patriots' vince wilfork is being praised for other actions. raising taxes for the wealthy. how president obama says it will benefit everyday americans and how he'll defend his plan during the state of the union.
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♪ with the card accepted by 90% of doctors in the philadelphia region you have the freedom to relish right now. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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a week after the latest issue of "charlie hebdo" is released demonstrations like this are still happening throughout the muslim community. the cover of the french satirical magazine features cartoons depicting the prophet muhammad. muslims call the cover offensive. it is the first issue published since 12 people were killed during a terror attack at the company's paris offices earlier
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this month. we're learning more about today's high-profile meetings involving officials from the u.s. and cuba. president castro met with u.s. congressional delegation. the topic, how to move towards restoring full diplomatic relations. last month we told you both nations agreed to the historic change. today's planning session comes two days before assistant secretary of state roberta jacobson goes to havana to discuss reopening the u.s. embassy. alan gross was freed from a cuban prison last month, will be a guest of first lady michelle obama at "today" tomorrow's state of the union address. gross is a government subcontractor who spent five years in a cuban prison. he was released last month on a day when u.s. and cuba announced moves toward normalizeing relations. as president obama takes to the podium. in his address, the president is expected to highlight the divide between the middle class and the rich. he'll push for big tax cuts for
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everyday americans republican lawmakers are already signaling they'll do what they can to block a pitch for tax increases on the wealthy. >> not going to agree on everything. there are significant differences between republicans and democrats, certainly between republicans and congress and this democratic president. but the president believes we can't allow a disagreement over one issue to be a deal-breaker over all others. >> last year more than a million people watched the state of the union address on mobile devices. the white house expects to top that record on tuesday. the president's state of the union is tomorrow night at 9:00. you can watch it right here on nbc10 or our "nbc10 news" app. millions of americans could face a tax penalty after failing to get health insurance in 014. according to intuitt, the company behind turbo tax, the average penalty is about $300. there's a way to avoid paying though. simply apply for an exemption. experts say more than of the 40 million taxpayers lacking health
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insurance haven't applieded. dr. king's legacy was celebrated coast to coast. >> there was a recurring theme. marchers addressing recent police killings involving african-americans. >> nbc's steve handelsman tells us about that. >> hands up! >> reporter: two miles from the u.s. capitol in washington 50 years after martin luther king challenged the nation -- >> i have a dream. >> reporter: -- many said their dream on this day, after the death of eric garner in new york and michael brown in missouri as the police will judge by the content of character, not the color of skin. >> we still have a long ways to go. and we still have to fight for our rights and dignity for all people. >> my message to black people, to african-americans, is we should be just as outraged every time one of us shoot one of us. >> reporter: secretary of homeland security jeh johnson was at the king memorial. >> hatred violence and poverty still inhabit our nation.
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>> reporter: and people marched against them today in st. paul. in southfield michigan and in san antonio, texas, and elsewhere. but vice president biden noted, compared to southern cops in the '60s as seen in the movie "selma," most police today are far more fair. >> there's no reason on earth we cannot repair the breach that we've recently seen between law enforcement and minority communities. >> reporter: president obama steered clear of the controversy, but on this king day, many americans fear his dream is far from reality. i'm steve handelsman, numbers, washington. we saw clips of the film by the way. middle school students are invited to see "selma" for free today thanks to the generosity of local business leaders. it's called selma for students. the opportunity is open to students in seventh through ninth grade. about a dozen theaters in the philadelphia area are participating.
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>> things are recycling themselves and we have to make sure we know our history and teach young people our history so the cycle does not condition. continue. >> students must show their school i.d. or a report card to get in. organizers suggest calling the theater ahead of time to make sure tickets are still available. another cold ga for us today. the winds are up today, too. windy day, making it feel colder. as we go through tonight, winds will diminish. it stays cold but dry. that's the good news. we don't expect any precip until the middle of the week so our next snow and ice chance comes by werngs mid week. travel problems expected as we go through part of the day wednesday. maybe not the entire day but at least your evening commute so far looks like we could have some problems. the flags blowing on top of the
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aramark building. feels more like 37 degrees when you factor in the wind. that's the feels like temperature. actual temperatures north and west are still in the upper 30s. 30s reading, allentown, pottstown. 42 degrees, bensalem. 41, mt. holly. south jersey hanging around low 40s. 39 degrees right now in millville. we do have that breeze making temperatures feel a little colder. feels closer to freezing through the lehigh valley right now. feels like the mid to upper 30s through much of south jersey and delaware. it stays cold but the winds start to lighten up. on satellite and radar, we have the clouds around. snow stays up to our north, lake effect snow just across the state line there in parts of new york, but we do stay on the dry side. snow doesn't get here until the middle of the week. here's what future weather's showing. we stay dry tonight. we stay dry tomorrow. here's tuesday going through the day. the clouds will still be here but as far as any precip we don't expect it tomorrow even through the afternoon, we stay
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nice and dry. then we go into wednesday. now, as far as wednesday morning is concerned, looks like everything should hold off. then we go into midday wednesday, about noon and the latest updates so far brings snow in possibly to our western county berks county, and rain to the south. we'll have quite a temperature difference through new jersey up to parts of the lehigh valley. we go through the afternoon 5 p.m. the evening commute. this is what the models are showing so far. snow mostly north and west rain south and east. then the area in between where we could see ice. all happening at the same time. then wednesday night and it's still around. so we still expect snow, ice and even rain through the area. that will be the main headline into wednesday, the second haft of the day. the timing could change as we get closer. we'll update you on that and any snow amounts as we get closer too. for tonight, mostly cloudy. winds lightening up. 24 degrees north and west. then tomorrow mostly cloudy.
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not as windy. 42 to 45 degrees. we do stay dry. then we go into wednesday. that's when we expect the snow rain and ice thin we go into thursday. we start to dry out, thursday and friday. over the weekend, not too bad. then our next chance of snow comes again as we go into next monday. a homeowner shoots and kills an intruder. tonight we have new information about what the suspect did before the break-in and why police were already looking for him. mrushgs how a south jersey mayor is using the martin luther king holiday to call for calm.
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membership of the boy scouts dropped again, marking a decade-long decline in youth organizations. leaders in the scouts tried to boost membership with technology-based programs and offering new camping opportunities. they also appointed robert gates. allowing openly gay boys angered some and some left to join a new group. a group of future hockey stars from our area got a special treat today. >> all in honor of dr. martin luther king jr.'s dream.
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about 50 children from the ed snider youth hockey foundation took to the ice at the wells fargo center this afternoon, just like their hockey heroes. it was part of the foundation's dream big and skate event held in honor of the dr. martin luther king holiday. off the ice boys and girls read king's "i have a dream" speech and shared the lessons they learned with it with their teammates. >> i don't know about you, but my parents said this to me all the time. kids, don't play in the dirt. don't do it. >> did you continue to do it? >> of course i did. >> of course. typical for kids. find out how a new medicine made from dirt could help us to beating drug resistant super bugs. also a lot of cars took a beating during yesterday's icy weather. nbc10 is making sure you know what to do after an accident and how to protect your rights. the car crashes and slip and fall accidents had doctors and nurses working overtime. i'm rosemary connors, how hospitals in our area handled the injuries related to the storm. that's next.
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the flag telling the story. here's a live look at the air ar air amark building in center city. sheena march convenient has our forecast. how long are these winds going to last. >> well the winds will be dying
5:31 pm
down as we go overnight tonight. they're still making temperatures feel koerld than necessity are, so right now the feels like temperature is about 5 to 7 degrees colder than the actual temperature. here's what it feels like when you walk outside. feels like 33 allentown. feels like 32 in reading. 37 in philadelphia. and south jersey and delaware you mostly feel like the mid-30s. it's all because of that wind. 6 p.m. we're still dry, windy. actual temperature by 6 p.m. around 40 degrees in philadelphia. 8 p.m., less wind through the area. we're dry. but temperatures now dropping into the upper 30s. by 10:00 tonight, the wind keeps decreasing. tempted around 34 degrees. and we stay dry as we go into tomorrow. the middle of the week we're watching for our next storm system. this one bringing snow rain and ice. so, watch as we go through time here. by wednesday we will watch an area of low pressure approaching and this will be giving us snow across the area. at least for your evening commute. coming up i'll show you a
5:32 pm
closer look at the timing on this, when it will start and how long it will last straight ahead. yesterday's ice caused so many drivers to just spin out of control. whether its a massive crash or a single car into a pole not understanding your insurance policy could really cost you. >> we went out to discover what you need to know. >> reporter: john austin says the biggest mistake car owners make is not having a rental reimbursement. a cost that can climb fast if you're paying to rent for weeks, even months. >> that's something people tend to overlook. it's very inexpensive as far as you know a premium goes. >> reporter: austin also recommends the drivers make sure their insurance covers the cost of towing. you won't have a choice about who tows your car if it happens on a major highway. and police need to clear the road fast. >> depending on how far they towed it and the time and if they had a clean-up after the accident all that goes into the cost of the tow bill. >> reporter: if you have aaa tow
5:33 pm
coverage tow companies will bill them. >> most of the tow companies that are under contract are aaa affiliated. >> reporter: collision experts tell us after an accident don't give into pressure to sign a repair work order at scene. let the insurance company deal with that later. if you feel uncomfortable with the tow truck driver wait for police and ask for a different driver. most importantly, remember you have the right to choose the repair shop of your choice. >> it's up to the policyholder where their car is repaired. by law you have the right to go wherever you want to go. >> now is the perfect time to download the free "nbc10 news" weather app. it will send you watches, warning, other important warnings warnings, everything you need to your smartphone. can you get prepared for the next storm with this free download on here are some stories making headlines on "nbc10 news" at 5:30. we have new information about a suspected intruder who was shot and killed by a homeowner in cape may county.
5:34 pm
police were alerted twice yesterday morning about 21-year-old james webber. the first time he was accused of breaking a car he was riding in. the second time he allegedly tried to break into a home in lower township. police have not charged the homeowner. institute secret service tightened security at joe biden's delaware home after a scare this weekend. police say shots were fired from a speeding car near the new castle property this weekend. thousands pour into center city philadelphia for an march in honor of dr. martin luther king jr. sky force 10 was overhead. cumberland county, bridge ton's mayor is using today's holiday to call for calm. it comes three weeks after a police-involved shooting. reed was shot and killed during a traffic stop on december 30th. the two officers involved are suspended until an investigation is completed. bridgeton mayor kelly issued an open letter to residents.
5:35 pm
in it he writes the dr. martin luther king jr. holiday reminds us the choice between division and unity like the choice between building up and tearing down is not a new one, but it is one that requires reaffirming and renewal and it is intended for times such as these. he also offered his condolences to the reed family. there is a new poll out tonight showing if americans think dr. king's dream of equality is actually a reality. take a look at numbers from nbc news/wall street journal poll. more than half of white americans believe dr. king's dream is now a reality. nearly three-quarters of black americans polled disagree, saying we just aren't there yet. to this now. nine months after an alleged road rage incident in ocean county temps flared between the two drivers yet again. ocean township police say blanco showed up at the other driver's house on saturday. before this happened, he and the
5:36 pm
man argued at an intersection way back in april of last year. thoerlts say bianco threatened the man with a knife and a glass bottle this weekend. but it's not clear what prompted the visit. he faces several charges. two historical groups are asking cumberland county officials to preserve a 140-year-old prison despite heavy damage from a fire last week. the prison has been deemed a total loss that cannot be rebuilt at its current location. wednesday's fire prompted the evacuation of more than 200 inmates. they were taken to other prisons. the cause of the fire is under investigation. another scandal surrounds the patriots as they get ready for the super bowl. at the same time one of their star players is praised for his actions off the field last night. the rescue he made on his way home from the game. tuesday on "nbc10 news," one of philadelphia's most famous landmarks may soon get a makeover. we'll shoal you the plans for
5:37 pm
love park. >> tracking the chances of snow in our area. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast before you head out the door. >> we'll see you tomorrow from 4:00 to 7:00 a.m. thanks for the ride around norfolk! and i just wanted to say geico is proud to have served the military for over 75 years! roger that. captain's waiting to give you a tour of the wisconsin now. could've parked a little bit closer...
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comedian bill cosby received a standing ovation from a sold out corrode last night in california which sold out back in august. cosby remains on tour tonight following a series of sexual assault allegations. at least 15 women say he sexually assaulted them. many of those claims date back decades. funny all piece people come out all these years later and there's no witnesses, not even a polaroid. >> i've listened to the women. i've done research. and i believe they can't all be lying. >> cosby made two stops in colorado over the weekend, facing protesters at one and receiving a standing ovation at
5:40 pm
the other. turning to sports the teams are set for super bowl. seattle and new england will play for the title. >> and both teams, if you're watching this weekend, secured their spots very different ways. and now there's some controversy to talk about, too. >> comcast sportsnet here with more on potential trouble for the patriots. danny, what's this about? >> it wouldn't be a win without controversy. the 45-7 loss in the afc championship game was a deflating one for the colts, emphasis on the deflating. nfl confirmed they are investigating patriots were deflating football to give them an advantage. underinflated is easier to catch and grip in poor conditions. teams can be fined for knowingly altering the weight of the ball. tom brady had this reaction to the story on the boston radio this morning. >>
5:41 pm
>>. [ laughing ] >> would you care to weigh in on that? >> i've heard it all at this point. >> could-u would you care to comment? >> that's the last of my permz. i don't even respond to stuff like this. >> it does sound like a bit of sour grapes but this wouldn't be unfamiliar territory for the patriots. they were caught videotaping the signal of their opponents in 007 and fined half a million bucks and forfeited a draft pick. back to you. >> thank you. a new england patriots player vince wilfork is known for a great player. >> early this morning he came through in the clutch at the scene of an accident. he was driving home after winning the afc championship game when he comes across this overturned jeep. without flinching, he pulls over, calms down the driver inside until police arrived. a state trooper held the driver open as wilforklifted the driver
5:42 pm
to safety using only one hand. he said he did his best to keep the woman relaxed. >> last thing i wanted to do is have her panic. that's the first thing i told her, i said, don't panic. i'll get you out of here. and so it was fine. we got her out. >> police later arrested the woman, by the way, for driving under the influence. >> patriots and the seahawks will do battle in super bowl february 1st on nbc10. pregame fesstivities begin at noon. taking a right turn now. it is a highly contagious disease. that's why doctors are worried about a new outbreak of measles out west. how it's spreading and what people need to know to protect their families. i'm also tracking our next chance for rain snow and ice. i'll have details and the timing coming up.
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you've got to hear this. a new antibiotic being made from dirt could hold a secret to beating drug resist ant super bugs. a team of researchers is working with soil from maine, proving effective in beating deadly path again pathogens like mrsa and tuberculoids tuberculoids. >> we have choin it is highly efficacious in curing mice of a number of diseases. that's a good predictor it might be efficacious in humans as well. >> researchers say it will be at least five years before we're able to buy drugs created from the soil. meanwhile, a measles outbreak linked to disneyland is spreading. at least 50 people in four states have been diagnosed. that's nearly double the number
5:46 pm
from last week. nbc's erica edwards has more. >> reporter: more than 50 people have been diagnose with the measles in an outbreak that began in december at california's disany land. >> we're very concerned and it's expanded much more rapidly than we thought. >> reporter: now cases have been reported in utah, colorado and washington state. the airborne virus is so contagious, it can stick around after an infected person has left the room. >> the virus can actually survive on dry surfs for hours and that's what's most concerning. >> reporter: it causes fever, cough, runny nose and marked with by a signature rash which may not show up until after the patient is contagious for days. >> it can lead to blindness, insef lights an infection of the brain. >> reporter: 13 people are sick in a separate measles outbreak in south dakota. one clinic offered booster shots for free. >> you're not just putting yourself at risk. others you put at risk too. >> reporter: many people in the
5:47 pm
outbreak that began in disneyland were not vaccinated either because they were too young or parents decided against vaccinating their children. doctors say decrease in vaccination rates is the main reason the nation has seen marked increase in measles outbreaks in recent years. more than 600 people were infected in the u.s. the worst year for measles in over a decade. erica edwards, nbc news. and philadelphia had its own measles scare around new year's eve when the health department warned that a sick person visited the please touch museum. health officials now say that person did not have measles after all. in delaware, sorority sisters spent the day making a difference in the lives of homeless veterans. >> it's been a wonderful day on not off. >> members of a local chapter of alpha kappa alpha met at brookside community center for what they called operation stay warm. >> what we did was put together a bundle of blankets pillows and
5:48 pm
sheets and we sealed them neatly with a ribbon and card of appreciation for all the work they've done for the country in our community. >> a lot of work. the group put together about 30 bundles. students honored dr. king's dream in montgomery county today. they helped out at a day of service. family made greedings card for military personnel and made gifts for deserving people. well a windy day through the area today making it feel colder but at least we were dry today. as we go through tonight, we're going to stay cold but we also stay dry once again even into tomorrow but our next snow rain and ice chance, that comes by the middle of this week. so, before the week is over we'll be dealing with a storm approaching. travel problems are expected
5:49 pm
with this system as we go into wednesday. as of now, it is looking like mostly the second half. day. here's a look at blue mountain ski resort. in poconos, 30 degrees. teelz feels more like 22 when you factor in the wind and 6 degrees colder than this time yesterday. through the rest of the area actual temperatures are in about the low 30s. still in the higher elevations but about the upper 30s through lehigh valley. 39 reading, potts town. 43 degrees in philadelphia right now. 40 in trenton. for south jersey, many areas around the 40-degree mark now. 39 millville. 3 4 2, atlantic city. and we do get colder again tonight. the below freezing for most of the area. we watch an approaching storm as we go into mid-week. snow stays to our north as we go overnight tonight. even as we go into tomorrow we stay dry. here's future weather. shows us going through tuesday afternoon. we'll have clouds around but we don't expect any precip to move in. not until wednesday.
5:50 pm
so on wednesday we'll start with the morning morning hours about 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. main morning rush time. we don't expect at this moment. by noon tomorrow, we expect snow approaching western counties. rain to the south. so there is going to be a dividing line between the rain and the snow. that's where we could be seeing icy conditions. through the day wednesday, keeps moving through the area. by 5 p.m. we expect snow over parts of the area. so far it looks north and west. south jersey and delaware, you could be dealing with maybe some icing or just rain. and this continues even through wednesday evening possibly even by 10:00. now, these are the latest as some of the computer models are expecting to happen. of course, this could change as we get closer. as of now, wednesday looks like a snow ice and rain event. really depends where you live but it should be causing travel problems on the roadways. now, as far as the snowfall is concerned, other computer models are suggesting maybe we could see it a little farther into parts of new jersey and delaware. but we still have a little while to figure this out. of course we'll have more updates for you on how much snow
5:51 pm
and who gets it as we go through tomorrow also. mostly cloudy for tonight, winds diminishing. 30 for the low in philadelphia. 24 degrees areas north and west. mostly cloudy tomorrow. less wind around than we had today. 42 to 45 degrees and we stay dry until wednesday. then we see the system approaching the area. the rain, snow and ice will be here on wednesday. we'll have more details on that as we go through. tomorrow, 34 degrees. not too many models are showing it. remember as we go into wednesday because we expect to see travel problems too. we end out the week into the weekend not looking too bad. another chance of snow comes next monday. two days of icy roads and all across our area. auto body shops are mighty business. i'm brian thompson, i'll have that story. prayerful for this mother. >> then coming up on "nbc10 news" at 6:00. an horrific crime leads a community mourning.
5:52 pm
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5:54 pm
that's what it sounds like after an ice storm sweeps through the region. a familiar sound now,
5:55 pm
unfortunately. repair shops are swamped with cars that were casualties of yesterday's slick roads. >> nbc10's brian thompson find out what kind of damage drivers are paying for. >> reporter: it's already the busy season for class a auto body shop in south hackensack. when you throw in hundreds of accidents from yesterday's iced-over roads, what you see here is just the tip of the iceberg. >> the damage is substantial. a lot of suspension damage wheel damage, body damage, all around. >> reporter: you needed a traffic cop at this shop as the cars came in. at one point, that's the role george actually played. some damage appeared minor, like this hon dashgs belonging to joseph. >> the car was park on the street. when i went to get the car, i just noticed damage. >> reporter: except look at this. after we left mechanics saw his front wheels spread eagled in opposite directions after they moved it. >> very lucky. he should have never made it
5:56 pm
here. his steering rack is split in half. >> reporter: the rule, even minor damage and most of this looks major, can make a car undrivable. as for the roughly two dozen guys who work in this shop the attitude is bring it on. >> we work extra hours, lots of overtime saturdays. we do what we can to get these cars back to our customers as quickly as possible. >> reporter: how long does it take? if the car is drivable, minor damage, maybe a matter of a few days at this shop but if you can't drive your car, like this one, it could set you back a couple of weeks without your wheels. in south hackensack, brian thompson, "nbc10 news." next on "nbc10 news" at 6:00 a march for change on martin luther king day. >> thousands of people filled center city philadelphia streets with a powerful message on this holiday. the changes marchers are calling for and why they say their message is similar to what dr. king fought for. cool and cloudy tonight but
5:57 pm
the biggest changes are headed our way for the middle of the week. we're tracking snow. and the timing that could effect your commute. my "nbc10 news" first alert forecast. >> reporter: it's ranked as one of the safest towns in the philadelphia suburbs. deanna durante, we'll tell you what makes this area so safe. helped thousands of people let go of all the hassle that comes with selling or trading in. we make selling your car truck or suv fast, safe and fair with three simple steps: one -- get your free online valuation. two -- drive to your local car-buying center. three -- walk out with a check in as little as thirty minutes. buying cars is all we do. all makes and models and no dealership pressure we'll even settle your loan or lease. so, don't wait. get your free online valuation now at
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thousands gather in the streets of center city philadelphia, in honor of dr. martin luther king jr. sky force 10 shows one of the biggest marches this city has ever seen. this year marchers had a different message. marchers remembering greatest civil rights leader calling for change just as dr. king did more than 50 years ago. >> things like an end to philadelphia's stop and frisk policy and an independent police review board. doug shimell followed along with a group today in center city as he joins us live along independence mall. doug? >> reporter: this was the biggest of the martin luther king events in the area culminating out here with speeches on the lawn of the constitution center. and it was actually made up of two sets of marchers. one group coming from north philadelphia the other from west philadelphia converging on the steps of the school administration building on north broad and then making their way around city hall down to basically opposite independence hall.
6:00 pm
the signs you saw along the way in the march were such things as raise the minimum wage. in the wake of the ferguson and new york police rulings, law enforcement equality for all. >> look where we're standing out a place that celebrates democracy. and yet has the nerve to say that you can stop and frisk anybody and take their rights as though they don't live in the same democracy that you drive tourists through every day. >> reporter: apparently martin luther king's message of peace did pervade today's march. police say no arrests. live in center city, doug shimell, "nbc10 news." and you can click on our new "nbc10 news" app for the iphone right now to see pictures of the martin luther king rally in center city. can you swipe into the entire photo gallery dedicated to this big story. nb


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