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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 530a  NBC  January 20, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EST

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oute 30 bypass and route 202. drive times are pretty average. the only problem we're following is this closure in south philadelphia. snyder avenue between broad street and 13th street. this is because of the gas leak that happened earlier this morning. you can take jackson or wolf street if you want to get around it. a natural gas leak forced more than a dozen people from their homes. that leak has been repaired but now emergency crews are dealing with the residual problems and are doing testing. jesse gary is live along snyder avenue. guess zee jesse, what's happening right now? >> reporter: new information as i just heard they have finished making repairs. all they have to do is cleanup work. however, two people out of the 17 evacuated are still displaced. they were living at 1333. they will be out for another 30 minutes or so as crews were able to repair the stair climb that leaked and forced evacuations earlier. fire officials say seven people
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were displaced and now we are down to two people displaced. we talked to a man earlier who said he didn't know there was trouble until someone knocked on his door. >> i was asleep and someone was knocking on the door pretty cloudy. i saw the fire truck and now am out here waiting for them to finish. >> reporter: could you smell anything? >> yes, you could smell it inside as well as outside. >> reporter: firefighters say the initial readings had the natural gas level at 60% creating the risk for the explosion and prompted the evacuation. it's a cause of the leak in the foreign line. two people filled this place and should be back in their apartment apartments soon. isis says they will kill two
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japanese hostages if it doesn't get $200 million by friday. this is an image from the video isis released overnight on militant websites to show two men identified as japanese citizens dressed in orange jump suits. this video is similar to other isis videos of hostages. the prime minister sayses the hostages' lives are a top priority but won't say if the country will pair the rand system. a baby was burned on the side of the road in peoplemberton friday night. the mother is charged with murder. and democrat tom wolf will be sworn in as the 47th governor of pennsylvania. his inauguration happened at noon at the state capitol. the only democrat nationally
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ready to take the oath of office. we'll follow ed randell with the latest throughout the day. and what an exciting day for these students. the chester children's chorus will perform a set just before the inauguration and then sing "the national anthem" moments after wolf is sworn in. many hope to use their time in the spotlight to challenge stereotypes about their homeland. count with nbc 10 for the inauguration. we'll bring you live reports from here at "nbc 10 news." one of pennsylvania's most beloved landmarks is getting a makeover. today city officials will meet to get their input on the future of wild park. katy zachry is live in center city but one of the most
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photographed landmarks in the city behind you there. what is happening and we are wondering, why now? >> in addition over the parkway you're looking at love park. the city has hired a firm to redesign love park. this firm has created parks and urban spaces around the world, including houston's discovery green and london's olympic park which you're looking at now. since the fall people who live and work in center city have weighed in on this. what would you like to see her? >> i think if they had more trees. >> it will look more hot biddable and green.
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>> reporter: tonight the meeting is at 6:00 in the philadelphia library. what is the timeframe for this? i'm working on that story for tomorrow night at 6:00. here are three other stories we are following throughout the day. >> we have an update on the fraud trial of former philadelphia sportscaster don tollison. he's defending himself and accused of selling $340,000 in bogus sports packages to benefit charities that didn't get the money. and we are keeping an eye on camden where construction crews are demolishing a dozen unsafe properties. officials will hold a meeting this week to aim at revitalizing the city. and tonight president obama will deliver the state of the union address. the first time the president addresses right here on nbc 10 you can watch the latest. a chef and restaurant owner are being called a hero.
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he gave his life protecting a woman from a man who stormed into a mall in florida armeded with a gun. the local ties that chef has. and police are releasing this sketch and hoping to get leads about this teenager. a cold start this morning. dry in cave may. that's a live view with 29 degrees here at 5:36.
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there's a little bit of a breeze this morning. philadelphia has a 9-mile-an-hour wind. it feels like 23 degrees. we are seeing mostly clear skies near delaware but we have some clouds racing into the
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harrisburg area central pennsylvania and points to the west. you're seeing the clouds. the clouds are going to be moving in. we have breaks of sunshine to start with but then the clouds take over. and behind those clouds, you can see some scattered showers that are in the ohio valley and stretching into central pennsylvania. most likely those fall apart. there's a slight chance that we'll see a few flurries in some spots later this afternoon. and this activity in north dakota does not look that impressive, but that's our snowmaker for tomorrow. for today, the hour-by-hour future weather. we see clouds but a lot of sunshine. and during the afternoon, scattered snow showers farther north and west we might see a few flurries blow through during the afternoon, but temperatures were above freezing. so i do not expect accumulations for today. clouds increase after some
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breaks of sunshine. a chilly one today with highs in the upper 30s to lower 40s. the hour-by-hour future extended weather is when i come back in ten. okay. more on snow in a moment. we'll standby for that. now for a check on traffic an the area roads. >> at least it relates to weather with the smooth ride. let's go to traffic reporter jillian mele. >> reporter: it's been quiet so far this morning, but just now i got an alert that the festival europe is going on in the area. the rest of the regional rails are looking good. this just happened the accident on the blue route right here taking out the left lane and the left shoulder. so we have these two lanes of traffic getting by right now. this is a it's enough to cause a really big delay there.
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i'll keep you updated on this. the right lane is blocked because of emergency construction there at delaware river boulevard. and drivers are dealing with potholes that are jarring. they are starting to pop up again as they always do. and we found this in spring garden with workers busy fixing the roads and repair shops have been busy picking the damage caused by the potholes. some get a suspension. they don't bend or tweak it a little bit. that fouls up the alinement of the car. mechanics say sometimes the damage is caused by hitting a pothole and sometimes it does not show up for a few months. more options for people who want to take advantage of the new jersey's quiet commute. they are expanding the program to train on the new york
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yearning for those who want a calm environment. it's able on trains between 6:00 to 8:00. on weekdays. and police are trying to track down who stole this little boy's wheelchair. the reason they believe thieves took it. and did they or didn't they? we'll tell you what is happening, next.
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5:45 now. here's what's happening across the country, atf agents are expected to return to maryland today to examine the remains of a mansion in annapolis that went up in flames yesterday. officials say six people are unaccounted for. crews can't search for victims yet because the house is not structurally sound. look at this florida woman escaping with minor injuries here after passing out behind the wheel of her van. the van flipped over rolled down the street and crashed into a taco stand in florida. the woman's boyfriend and the passenger seat said he grabbed the steering wheel and hoped for theest theest best. and the jury selection begins for the man responsible for the deadliest shooting in
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american history. james holmes admitted to the attack inside the aurora movie theater that left 12 people dead and injured seven others. he pleaded insanity. we have information about a local connection to the deadly mall shooting in florida. according to "the times" of trenton, the owner of the pizzeria in the mall who tried to stop the gunman is from new jersey. the newspaper identified him as 36-year-old heleonardo cipolta. he died while trying to protect a woman whose husband opened fire in the mall. and the trial of a burkes county man accused of killing his estranged wife will be in court today. miguel torres is charged in the shooting of his wife barbara in 2005. prosecutors say he ambushed her in a parking lot. well authorities arrested torres in italy in 2013. officials extradited him to the
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u.s. when prosecutors agreed not to seek the penalty. two passenger planes at jfk airport in new york have the all-clear to leave after a bomb threat. this is video of one of the flights. one was headed from san francisco to new york. the other from new york to tel aviv. they both had the same flight number. authorities checked both planes but found nothing suspicious. we have new information this morning about reports of a 4-year-old whose wheel chair was stolen. brookhaven police say someone stole nicholas' wheelchair yesterday afternoon. the 4-year-old suffers from epilepsy and a neuro disorder. police think the suspect intends to scrap it for cash. the wheelchair is valued at $2200. >> if it shows up on our doorstep anonymously, that would be wonderful. we just want it back. >> since the story aired at 11:00 last night, several people
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have contacted us about replacing the wheelchair for the family. so we have put information on how anyone can help out on our website, and find the info on our "nbc 10 news" app. 5:48 now. we know more about the plans to separate a set of conjoined twins in texas. doctors say 8-month-old natali and adalynn are on a set timeline. the babies have not left the hospital since being born. right now doctors are waiting for their tiny organs to be strong enough to go undersurgery again. >> they are stuck together by skin pretty much and a few organs are stuck together too, but other than that they are little miracle babies. >> boy they are cute aren't they? doctors say the little girls could be ready for surgery in the next month and the separation procedure could take more than 36 hours. have you heard about this controversy? the new england patriots will fully cooperate with the nfl as
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the league investigates where the team tampered with the footballs used in sunday's afc championship game. the pats are accused of using deflated footballs to give them an advantage. the deflated ball makes it easier to throw and catch in cold conditions. new england clubbed the colts 35-7. and tom brady says the allegations are laughable. he actually laughed on a radio program when asked about this. we should also mention this wouldn't be the first time the patriots faced trouble like this. back in 2007 the team was fined and lost the draft pick for videotaping their clients' signal. looks more like they were using laser-guided footballs, which is technology nobody knows about just yet. hey, listen we have a little bit of a breeze blowing. less wind than yesterday, but still cold outside. the numbers have fallen just below freezing in philadelphia. 31 degrees with a 9-mile-an-hour wind. dry this morning in cape may. there are clouds that will be moving in during the day, but we
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will start with some sunshine before this section of clouds moves in. and the numbers will be moving up above freezing and topping out in the lower 40s. satellite imagery is showing it clear in philadelphia and south jersey. but you can see what is coming in and moving in from the west. a lot of cloud cover but not much behind them. they are just a few scattered showers that are moving into the harrisburg area. maybe seeing a few flurries during the day today, especially north and west but most of the area is going to be dry. certainly no lake-effect snow of any sort coming our way. just cold to start with. this afternoon, by late in the afternoon, the numbers start to come down. 35 degrees in philadelphia. some breaks in the clouds and we'll see the clouds move out during the evening hours. and that will bring the temperatures down by late this evening. 11:00, below freezing in philadelphia. but the clouds return first thing tomorrow morning. might see a little bit of sunshine to start with but the clouds take over during the day
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tomorrow. watch what happens tomorrow afternoon. the clouds will develop. some snow develops north and west during the late afternoon to evening hours. that's 6:00 in the evening. so the evening commute might be a problem tomorrow but the morning won't have any issues. and then the snow will be accumulating lightly. one to two inches in the area. that's 9:00 with snow farther south and east for delaware and south jersey along the coastline. that's tomorrow. for today, clouds increase. nothing more than a flurry during the day today with high temperatures into the upper 30s to lower 40s with westerly winds just at 10 miles an hour. tomorrow the clouds are back and then the snow and rain develop during the afternoon. again, light know 36 degrees. and it is all gone by thursday with a high of 40 degrees in the afternoon. friday cooler at 38 for the high. and a cold start saturday morning, but a nice rebound with a high of 44. then we're looking at a return to the 30s for sunday and monday. nine minutes before 6:00 if you're getting ready to head out
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thor do we'll get you updated on the traffic. we can see the red flashing lights. >> that usually means there's problem for some people right, julian? >> we have an accident on the northbound side just past 76. you can see it here blocking the left lane on the northbound causing a little bit of a slowdown in the area. building volume on the blue route northbound near the area. aside from that no other accidents on the highways. in and out of center city you're looking good on the vine and 76. in south philadelphia we have the repair closure work happening earlier on snyder after to block between broad street and 13th street. take jackson street or wolf street to get around that. thank you. now let's take a look at what is happening county by county. >> we're starting in atlantic county this morning where police hope a new clue will help to solve a murder mystery dating back more than 40 years. investigators are trying to find this girl whose remains were
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found along the garden state parkway in 1971. galloway police published this picture on facebook to show a wristband found near the remains. the autopsy shows that the 12 to 18-year-old white female may have been strangled buttal investigators don't know who she is. in burlington county the first step to rebuild a popular comment is yesterday. we were also there two months ago when it went up in flames and ten businesses burned down. the fire marshall's office says we pa may never know what started the fire but the owners of the home are looking into it. officers in dublin borough, will they wear cameras like these on their department.
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they have not said when the new cameras will be put into use. and chilean's president will be here to discuss trade. this is a major point of entry from the south american country. and there's a food fight of sorts brewing now. some guidelines have your kids' favorite hamburger and fries off the menu at day care. and some local towns have brag rights this morning. we'll tell you some of the safest areas to live.
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new guidelines created by the federal government could be calling for day care centers to remove chicken fingers and french fries from the menu. instead they want them to follow 2010 guidelines with fruits and veggies to serve that with every down. . some say no big deal they are on board to help them eat healthy. >> in order for us to raise
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these children nutrition is a huge part of it. >> the new guidelines are expected to be put into place for any day care center that receives federal money will lose their funding if they don't comply. this morning there's controversy brewing in a burlington county school district over a state mandated test. we received an e-mail to find out a lot of parents are refusing to let their kids take the standardized test but the school is still making the students sit in the room for the duration of the test. today there's a school board meeting where parents speak out against the sit and stare policy. well, a handful of local suburbs topped the list of safest places to live in pennsylvania. according to the website, upper em delaware county took the stop spot. this list was put together using crime stats from the fbi. and in fifth place was bucks county. >> i was thinking about moving a year or two ago somewhere else
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but there's no other place to be here. also buckingham township in bucks county and euclid township also ranked at the top of the list. a lot of real estate news for you, too. it is interesting to see who comes out on top. you're watching "nbc 10 news today" at 6:00 a.m. that starts right now. >> a new video and new threat. we details on what isis is demanding in return of sparing two lives. and we are live on the scene of the all clear. some people evacuated from the gas leak still are not being allowed back into their homes. pennsylvania's 47th governor will soon be sworn in. we are live in harrisburg for the inauguration of tom wolf. but the real work happens after the ceremony. we are looking at what could be the biggest impact on people in
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philadelphia. and dry today. a live look outside with snow tomorrow. we'll get in the first alert forecast hour by hour to find out more about that snow. good morning, i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. now to meteorologist bill henley with more on what we're seeing out there, windier conditions out there this morning to take temperatures fall. not as windy as yesterday, but enough of a breeze to make it feel colder to start with this morning. we are below freezing for much of the area and the numbers are still falling, but that's the only thing falling. that's a live view from the comcast center. we could see a flurry this afternoon pointing to the west but more impress sieve snowfall tomorrow. numbers coming down in the 20s for pottstown. trenton below freezing. and wilmington just dropped 3 degrees in the last hour. 27 degrees. millville is 25. so it's a cold start this morning. but temperatures are coming up to 34 at 9:00 and the upper 30s at


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