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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  January 20, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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nbc10 first alert meteorologist brittney shipp who is tracking the timing for tomorrow. >> it begins on where you are. we'll start off with the suburbs because the system will move in from the west. tomorrow will be a first alert weather day. the reason why is we expect to mainly see snowfall to the north and west of the i-95 corridor. that will start closer to noon to 2 p.m. that's the time frame. once this snow starts immediately we'll see slick roads and it will continue until the evening commute. you want to be careful in the suburbs, especially as well for the i-95 corridor where it's going to see more of a mix of snow and a wintry mix. that will start closer to 1:00 to 3:00. slick roads still expected. even closer to the shore in south jersey will it start off mainly as rainfall slower to switch over to a wintry mix, eventually moving to snow. it will start later in the suburbs or the i-95 corridor, closer to 3:00 or 4:00. with slick roads expected. once this snowfall will start, it will continue until most of the evening as we head into wednesday. won't clear up until after midnight.
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i'll go over how much smoe we'll get in my full forecast. >> thank you. nbc10's doug shimell continuing our live coverage tonight in north montgomery county. >> road crews are telling you they're ready this time around. it's a different situation from the icy mess we saw on sunday? >> exactly. penndot says sunday's icing was more difficult to predict and imagine but they believe tomorrow's snow should be much more straightforward. the ice that did this on sunday can't happen again, according to penndot. it's why john bolt and phil wideman have been out pouring thousands of gallons of brine in advance of wednesday's snow. >> it won't be a heavy, accumulating snow but the timing is such it will be in the afternoon so the evening rush hour on wednesday, motorists will need to get themselves extra time. our crews will be salting. >> reporter: the early afternoon snow is at the end of the school day which means superintendents
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like upper marian's jane callahan have to decide whether to cancel school or send kids home early. >> safety first and following that schedule we have parents that won't be home, so we'll send kids home. we need to make sure we have places for those kids to go. we need to make sure we have communications out. >> reporter: as penndot primes the roads, they say drivers have an obligation to actually pay attention. >> when precipitation falls and you have temperatures around the freezing mark there's a good chance they may be frozen. >> reporter: penndot says for some reason there always seems to be a shortage of common sense when weather like this approaches so they're telling motorists to please stock up on it. live in norristown, doug shimell. following last year's brutal weather, septa has released a new winter storm service plan to help better accommodate riders. employees will be passing out pamphlets with plan information at several local stations. can you find the information on
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our "nbc10 news" app. you can count on the first alert weather team and our digital team to bring you the very latest snow forecasts with the "nbc10 news" app. tonight nbc10 is learning more disturbing details that led to the burning death of a baby. the burlington county mother accused of setting her newborn on fire appeared in court for the first time today. nbc10's christine maddela is live in mt. holly. did she show any emotion at today's hearing? >> reporter: no, she didn't have any reaction. she just answered the judge's questionings. now, today in court was the first time we saw the woman charged with murder accused of setting her newborn on fire. >> can you hear me -- >> reporter: hyphern-kimberly dorvilier appeared in court via video. >> interrupted in the act of committing the crime. >> reporter: the state's attorney asked the judge not to
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reduce her bail. he said she's unlikely to come up with the $500,000 bond, but if she is she should undergo a psychological evaluation before she's released. the judge agreed. >> the court finds that the first bail factor be considered due to the seriousness of the offense. in this case, the allegation of this particular offense is very serious. >> reporter: dorvilier didn't say much. when she stands up to talk to the judge, you'll just see her orange jumpsuit from the waist down. >> do you understand the charges against you? >> yes, your honor. >> reporter: zoo>> do you understand the rights i've previously explained to you? >> reporter: she unemotionally answered the judge's questions with, yes, your honor. now, after the hearing dorvilier's family inside the courtroom rushed out. they were visibly emotional, upset and crying. i talked to them on the elevator and asked if they had anything
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they wanted to say about the case. though just covered their faces. reporting live in mt. holly, christine maddela, "nbc10 news." family members say a former philly union boss may appeal the conviction that cut put him behind bars for the rest of his life. joseph dougherty is already in custody after a jury found him guilty of a racketeering charge this afternoon. prosecutors say he ordered violence and vandalism to get construction joblz for members of the ironworkers union. he is 73 years old. his charge carries a 15-year minimum sentence. he will be sentenced in april. a changing of the guard at the state house in hair business ris burg. >> i will support, obey and defend -- >> pennsylvania's 47th governor tom wolf s sworn into office. and now the real work dpendz begins for the commonwealth. >> during my campaign, i pledged to be a different kind of governor and i will keep that promise. today governor wolf appealed
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for bipartisanship in a divided state government. >> his goals here creating good paying jobs and leveling the playing field. jacqueline london is live in hershey where the inauguration party gets under way in a couple of hours. >> what do pennsylvanians say they want from their new governor? >> reporter: pennsylvanians want education reform and economic improvement. voters proved they think tom wolf is the one who can accomplish that. right behind me you probably think the party has already started but not yet. they're gearing up practicing. two hours from now, 4,000 of tom wolf supporters will be gathered here at the hershey lodge in the great american balancel room. tom wolf was inaugurated on the steps of the state capitol in harrisburg as the 47th governor of pennsylvania. and in his first official action governor wolf issued two
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executive orders aimed at reforming government and restoring the public's trust. >> governor-elect has a lot of new ideas that i'd like to see implemented. and i like what he stands for. >> reporter: and that executive order bans gifts for those working in the executive branch and an executive order reforming legal contracting in the executive branch. wolf outlined his goals, good paying jobs education opportunities in public schools and providing a government that works. back out here live they are practice practicing, making sure the sound is working. 8:00 tonight is when the hershey lodge will be filled with supporters of of tom wolf. after this party tonight is when the new governor of pennsylvania will begin his first order of business. live in hershey, pennsylvania
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covering the inauguration of tom wolf jacqueline london f you can hear me, "nbc10 news." >> soupd like a good time out there already. it's also a big night for the president, who will deliver his state of the union address tonight. president obama is expected to focus on the middle class and income inequality. the white house has already revealed several proposals. they include increasing taxes on the wealthy, making community college free for many students and expanding paid leave. if you can't be in front of your tv then watch the state of the union live as it happens through our "nbc10 news" app. new at 6:00 -- a man shot and killed inside a food court at a florida shopping mall has ties to our region. 36-year-old leonardo copolla owned a pizza restaurant. he was a well known restaurant owner and executive chef for a number of restaurants in mercer county. around 9:30 saturday morning, police say 57-year-old jose
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garcia rodriguez open fire inside the mall shooting his wife and copolla before turn, the gun on himself. investigators say it appears copolla was trying to move the man's wife out of harm's way when he was shot. the woman survived. fraud case of don tollefson now in the hands of a jury. prosecutors say tollefson used his fame to scam hundreds of people out of hundreds of thousands of dollars meant for charity. they say the former sportscaster used the money for personal expenses like dog grooming landscaping and liquor. friends and family gather to remember a woman mofs shot to death at a north philadelphia bus stop last week. viewing and funeral services were held today for kim jones. the child advocatecy worker was shot at 12th and jefferson last tuesday. and there is a growing memorial at that site. can you see people have left behind stuffed animals, candles and notes in memory of jones.
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police released surveillance video days after the murder that shows the suspect waiting for jones to leave her home and then tailing her as she walked to the bus stop. from trenton, new jersey governor christie is heading to london next month. the trade mission will be his third foreign mission in recent months. also a chance for christie to boost his foreign policy credentials. political pundits are watching him for signs of a political run. it will be funded by a state economic development group. jeff hamilton is asking the public to give him the presumption of innocence a month after his dui arrest. in a letter to the editor on he wrote in part i want you to be aware the recent incident involving a motor vehicle stop and the issue of a formal complaint against me is personally very troubling, he said. i hope the good citizens of paulsboro and others will afford me the prupgs of innocence. officers arrested hamilton last
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month. during the arrest the mayor asked arresting officers to call his good friend and fellow political colleague, mayor of woolwitch, which the officers did not do. to a story we first told you about on our "nbc10 news" app. police arrested a delaware woman after they say she brought her baby along for a robbery. investigators say amanda powletti used a waiting taxi as her getaway car. it happened this morning at a wawa in wilmington. now to the jersey shore and a job fair that drew hundreds of people looking for work. bass pro shops wants to hire more than 200 people for its new store in atlantic city. that's welcome news to the thousands who lost their casino jobs. it continues until thursday. next on "nbc10 news" at 6:00 -- nbc10's first alert weather, tracking snow moving through our area this time
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tomorrow. and it could turn into some problems for the afternoon commute. >> that's right. the timing for tomorrow's snow is critical. i'll have the latest track on when we can expect it and how much we could see. that's coming up in my exclusive nbc10 first alert forecast. they're breaking in the door. >> frantic 911 calls shed more light on what happened when a man in a wheelchair shot and killed an alleged intruder at the jersey shore. >> do you have to shoot somebody in the head? can't you shoot them in the knee? >> why his family believes he never meant to hurt anyone.
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an alleged intruder shot and killed at the hands of a jersey shore homeowner. >> 9 11 calls are shedding more like on the confrontation. ted greenberg spoke to the family and why they believe he was actually a man in need of help. >> there's someone trying to get into our house. >> oh, my god. observation, my god. oh my god. >> reporter: prosecutors say 21-year-old james weaver jr. triggered that frantic call to 911 when he tried to force his way into this lower township home. >> they're breaking in the door. >> reporter: when terry ewing made that call around 3:15 sunday morning, she told a 911 operator she was on the second
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floor as her 56-year-old husband, richard, in his wheelchair confronted the alleged intruder downstairs. >> they're screaming. he has a gun. my husband -- and he's told them that he has it but they're trying to get in. >> reporter: prosecutors say weaver, who was unarmed, smashed a side glass door. ewing shot him once in the head killing him. no charges have been filed. >> it appears the homeowner warned the decedent about coming in. the phone call reveals a lot of facts and i won't draw the conclusion. can you draw your own conclusion. >> reporter: a different 911 call made nearly an hour earlier, provides further insight. it came from weaver's friend who said he was enraged and extremely intoxicated. >> i just picked up my friend from a bar and he grabbed the wheel and tried to get into an accident. flipped out and punched out the windows of my truck. >> reporter: authorities say weaver was ordered to get out and walked away. >> do have you to shoot somebody in the head? couldn't you shoot them in the
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knee? >> reporter: his grandmother believes he never meant to harm anybody. >> why would he break into the house? he didn't look for money. i think he was hurt and looking for help. >> reporter: the prosecutor tells me there won't be any conclusions made until investigators get the results of toxicology tests, which should shed more light on whether weaver was, indeed under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time. in middle township, i'm ted greenberg, "nbc10 news." and here's what you need to know about new jersey's legislation that affects victims' rights. the use of force is justifiable when a person believes immediate force is necessary for protection. a person cannot use force if he is resisting arrest or involved in any sort of a crime. can you read more about how to protect yourself and your home on our "nbc10 news" app. new information on the search for a hit and run driver. police say amanda miller turned herself in last night and was charged in this case. just yesterday we showed you a photo of the suspect's car. a 10-year-old girl was on her way to school friday morning when she got hit by the car in
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main street in northampton borough. she's now recovering at home. a guilty plea today from a pennsylvania state representative charged in a corruption scheme. j.p. miranda pleaded guilty to making false statements and ethics violations. authorities say he hired a ghost employee to funnel money to his sister after his election in 2012. he will be sentenced in march. new at 6:00 thomas jefferson university hospital announced today it's joining forces with south jersey's inspire health network. the hospitals plan to build a new $30 million personal health care facility in gloucester county. this will include a cancer treatment with radiation therapy as well as other services. from our jersey shore bureau you can soon fly air canada from atlantic city airport. the airline is planning to launch summer service between toronto and atlantic city. they'll start by flying four days a week between memorial day
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and labor day. they may add flights from montreal if there's high demand. from chile to delaware president paid a visit to port of wilmington. the port is a major gateway for fruit from chile. the president met with state and business leaders to talk about increasing trade and growing each other's economies. good evening. i'm tracking big change as we head into your wednesday. heads up a first alert weather day for the afternoon and into the evening. we're tracking snow and icy mixes possible and really slick roads for your evening commute tomorrow. this is the details of our first alert weather day. snow's going to develop later on in the morning, early after. then once we head into the afternoon, it's going to be more of a steady snowfall coming down. that is going to affect your evening commute and whatever plans you have for your wednesday evening.
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philadelphia, 39 degrees. wind speeds at 9 miles an hour. as we head into the rest of tonight, we've seen a weather disturbance. it's pretty much moved away. what we'll see as we head into the next 24 hours or so is this next system moving closer to us. with you can see it moving out of the dakotas into minneapolis. it's a quick-moving clipper system. the futurecast will show you how fast it will move. it will get here as we head into your 11:00/noon hour by tomorrow. it will move into parts of reading, lancaster, and fill in near the northern parts of delaware. we could see this system push in an hour or two earlier. a heads up for wednesday. even into your late morning hours, we want you to stay safe and allow a little extra time to get what you need to go. it's going to start off as rainfall closer to the shore. atlantic city, cape may. as we progress the model into the afternoon, by 3 p.m. we're talking about widespread light to moderate snowfall coming in. more of a wintry mix for
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millville and atlantic city. eventually we'll see most of that rain switching over even for atlantic city and cape may to snowfall by 5 p.m. this is right along the i-95 corridor, right as people are trying to head home from work. it's going to be a tricky situation trying to navigate the roads. by 7 p.m. wide spread snowfall stnz. this entire system will continue at least through 10 p.m. after midnight we see most of the moisture way but we could see wet roads tomorrow refreezing as you try to get to work as you head into your thursday morning. just be careful wednesday heading into wednesday morning. your snow forecast shows 1 to 2 inches for poconos. 2 to 3 possible for lehigh valley. 1 to 3 along the i-95 corridor. central parts of delaware 1 to 2 inches. south jersey, 2 to 3 inches. closer to the shore, anywhere from a coating to about 2 inches of snow expected as we head into tomorrow. as far as tomorrow is going to g we are going to see clouds increasing showers expected. our temperatures will drop down
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to 31 degrees for philadelphia 21 for suburbs. your seven-day forecast shows a wintry mix tomorrow but snowfall also expected. 35 degrees. our next chance of a rain/snow mix saturday with a high of 41 degrees. stay with us. you're watching "nbc10 news."
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hi i'm amy fadool from comcast. flyers back on ice to face penguins. they didn't beat islanders yesterday in the orange and black final game at nassau coliseum. flyers allowed seven goals to the top team in the eastern conference.
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>> we can be a good team, too, and forget -- or play together we're going to be -- we're going to start winning games. we know nassau. we're going back to work here and look at video, see what we're doing wrong. i mean we got to believe in our team we have. we have a good team. and when we do we'll start winning games. >> they're back to work tonight here at the wells fargo center at 7:30 ice time with penguins on nbc sports network.
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snooi. we have a first alert weather day for tomorrow that's going to go into effect by 10 a.m. snow is expected to develop closer to noon to 2 p.m. that's the window. it's going to start north and west of the i-95 corridor. steady snow even heading into your evening commute. not a whole lot of snow but the timing is over the evening commute so that will affect a lot of people. >> be careful out there again.
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>> that's right. >> for all of us here at nbc10, thank you for watching. >> the news continues now with "nbc nightly news." on our broadcast tonight, on the offensive, the president in primetime, a showdown with the new republican congress over taxes, and a whole lot more. and the question is can anything get done here in washington. the final moments of airasia flight 8501. what the black boxes have revealed happened just before that aircraft plunged into the sea with 16 souls onboard. money problems. the new warning from the irs about why your tax refunds could be delayed this year. and where the wild things are. the big city invasion happening all across our country. "nightly news" from washington tonight begins now. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. reporting tonight from


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