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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  January 23, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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nbc 10 first alert weather, breaking news. right now, at 11:00 a.m., we're tracking a nor'easter expected to bring snow ice and rain to our area starting tonight. taking a live look now at radar showing where the system is right now, that nor'easter could bring some significant snow to the poconos as we look live at camel camelback mountain resort. we have live team coverage of the approaching storm and how crews are getting ready for it. let's go to glenn "hurricane" schwartz. break doubt thewn the timing for us. >> we're okay today, through the day today, through the evening rush and into dinner time for most places. it is tonight and into tomorrow
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where we have the issues. first alert coming for tonight and saturday. not during the day today. we have two weekend storms that we're tracking right now. the first one especially with snow ice and rain across the area. and nice period of dry weather in between. the weekend is not a total washout. it is a huge area of moisture already, moving up in our direction, so there is no doubt that this storm is coming. it is pretty cold right now, was in the 20s earlier. barely above freezing. so the roads generally on the cold side so what falls tonight is likely to stick. there is the storm right now, down near atlanta. as we go 6:00 precipitation still isn't around but as it moves into the cold air, as the moisture moves into the cold air, we start to get snow. that's later this evening. that storm intensifies but there
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really isn't enough cold air to keep this as a snowstorm. a lot of places are going to see a changeover to rain. at least by tomorrow morning. and then as the storm moves past, the colder air comes back and it changes back to snow. not a lot, but some. noon today, high clouds that's all we're going to be seeing just cloudy skies at 5:00. but by 10:00 tonight, it is snowing, in the philadelphia area, and points to the north and west already changing to rain farther to the south. we'll break it down farther across different portions of the area, at different times through the weekend with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> see you shortly, glenn. crews are getting the roads ready to make sure anyone who is heading out late tonight or tomorrow morning is covered. monique braxton is live with an
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update on storm prep. monique? >> reporter: hi, renee. renow there right now there is a lull in activity, the calm before the storm. but before dawn, we have been watching, since before dawn we have been watching trucks drive up here to this little garage and you can see the white tanks to the right. those trucks are being loaded with brine all night long. penndot is watching this storm approach and gearing up to make sure highways and roads are ready. as of today, they tell us 30,000 tons of salts has been used. they started brining last night in philadelphia and remaining four counties being done today. penndot tells us there is no shortage of salt this year because the eighth event so far this winter hasn't been overwhelming. but people say they don't want to see a repeat performance of last sunday when ice shut down local highways and bridges. after what happened last sunday people are frightened about going out, whether it is late
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night, dark or early morning when it is dark. and they're concerned about icing. tell me what you're doing to calm motorists' fears. >> well, as i said we have begun the preparation work by spraying the salt brine on the roadway. we will have our trucks spreading the granular salt throughout the night. >> reporter: and he tells us they're using more than 330 state and local contracting trucks. they're equipped with plows on the front so they're prepared when the snow begins. he also urges motorists to adjust your traveling schedules so that you can clearly see the road during the wintry season. he also says to slow down and keep six car lengths behind those salt trucks. that's hard. people are in a hurry. he says you couldn't be safer than to be behind a salt truck. coming up at 11:30, we go to a local hardware store to bring you up to date on their state of readiness. live for now in norristown
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monique braxton nbc 10 news. >> see you shortly. track the approaching nor'easter. get the latest forecast and alerts on your smartphone or tablet. downloot our first alert weather app in the app store now. breaking news now, a deadly crash in philadelphia's oak lane section has killed a teenager. this happened around 8:15 this morning on cheltenham avenue at old york road. investigators say a black mustang crossed the lane hit a wall and stopped in oncoming traffic where it was struck by a tan minivan. a 14-year-old girl riding in the mustang died. the two drivers, both women, were also hospitalized with injuries. fire marshal investigating a series of suspicious car fires in philadelphia. one of the fires spread to a home with a family inside. this all happened in the tacony section of the city. a mercury suv caught fire on the 1600 block of ditman street.
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it then spread to the exterior of a home. the family inside that home was able to get out safely. hours earlier, another car burned a couple of blocks away. authorities brought in arson investigation dogs to sniff for traces of accelerant. and happening today, a judge in northeastern pennsylvania will hold a hearing on the use of surveillance video in the eric frein case. authorities charged frein with shooting two state troopers in september killing one of them. 48 day manhunt in the poconos led to frein's arrest. prosecutors want to seal surveillance video taken at the scene of the gunfire. they showed the images of frein's preliminary hearing. prosecutors want the video sealed out of respect for the victims' families. happening right now, atlantic city officials are making a big marketing push at the new york times travel show. the goal is to promote the resort to fight negative publicity from the casino
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crisis. atlantic city reps expect to have the largest display area of any city at that show. more than two years after hurricane sandy people in atlantic city will get the chance to tell the state about their concerns for future storms. new jersey environmental officials with will hold a public meeting at the chelsea heights school from 5:00 to 7:00 tonight. officials will outline the state's bid for storm recovery funding as part of a $1 billion national competition. meeting with the mayor, what president obama is expected to say to some of the leaders of the biggest american cities including philadelphia and wilmington. that's coming up this afternoon. is tom brady a cheater? >> i don't believe so. >> later, what do you believe? it is the controversy everyone is talking about. and with the super bowl still more than a week away, how comments from patriots quarterback tom brady are igniting the debate over
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deflate-gate. >> i don't want to deflate your plans for the weekend, but i am tracking a nor'easter heading our way and then another storm behind that one. both are going to have a significant impact on our weekend. i'll break down the timing of the two systems and let you know what to expect just ahead.
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we have a first alert for tonight and tomorrow for a developing nor'easter. it is going to be a combination
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of snow ice and rain. i'll break down that timing in just a few minutes. officials are still working to account for everyone after a massive fire near pittsburgh. fire broke out around 4:30 in the morning and spread to four buildings. one of the buildings collapsed. firefighters rescued at least two people from the flames there and still no word yet on how this fire started. this morning in north jersey more than a thousand people remain homeless following that huge fire in bergen county. authorities say this fire was accidental. investigators determined workers doing plumbing repairs accidentally started the fire at the luxury apartment complex in edgewater, new jersey. we showed you the flames wednesday night at 11:00. the fire was destructive, but not deadly. four people suffered minor injuries. fire officials say cheap construction allowed this fire to spread so quickly. two news conferences yesterday did nothing to deflate the scandal surrounding the new england patriots alleged use of
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underinflated footballs. star quarterback tom brady and coach bill belichick fielded questions but left the media with few answers. peter alexander has an update. >> reporter: with the pressure on the patriots mounting three-time super bowl champion tom brady was forced to play defense. just days after laughing off the controversy. >> would you care to weigh in on that? >> i think i heard it all at this point. >> reporter: brady was hit hard with tough questions. >> can you answer right now, is tom brady a cheater? >> i don't believe so. i mean i feel like i've always played within the rules. >> reporter: but those answers didn't quiet krizhis critics. >> i do not believe what tom had to say. i don't think there is an equipment manager in the nfl on his own initiative would deflate the ball without the starting quarterback's approval. >> it is unbelievable. for you not to know what you
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touch every play. >> we have cooperated fully, quickly, and completely with every request that they have made. >> reporter: brady's denial came hours after head coach bill belichick said he was shocked to learn his team was playing with underinflated footballs. >> i have no explanation for what happened. i don't have an explanation for what happened. i don't have an explanation for what happened. i don't have an explanation for what happened. >> reporter: inside the patriots locker room brady's teammates shrugged it off. >> do you have faith that the golden boy quarterback tom brady had nothing to do with this? with the nfl review still ongoing, the patriots say they're cooperating. still unanswered how it happened and who's to blame. >> it is not the most difficult job that the officials have to do prior to the game. referee will look at that football and he'll do the hand feel and make sure that it looks good, but it is not a very
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difficult or time consuming project. >> reporter: after a half hour at the podium the patriots star tried to put deflate-gate in per spective. >> this isn't isis. this isn't, you know, no one is dying. >> that was nbc's peter alexander reporting for us. the new england patriots of course take on the seahawks in glendale arizona, nine days from now. and there is only one place to see the game and all the much talked about commercials, all right here on nbc 10. and nbc 10's keith jones and comcast sports net's john clark leave for arizona this weekend. john is already there. he'll bring us live team coverage leading up to the big game. happening today, president obama will speak at the u.s. conference of mayors in washington and also host a reception at the white house. the mayor including michael nutter will meet with cabinet members to expand partnerships between cities and the federal
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government. the nor'easter that is headed in our direction is bringing rain to the south. weather channel meteorologist mike seidel shows us what is happening in atlanta. good morning, renee. from what was a wet friday morning rush hour from the metro area and the southeast, light rain right now, but traffic here on the downtown connector, that's 75 and 85 get together and come through right through the downtown area is moving fine through the late morning hours. the rain showers will be continuing on and off through the afternoon here in atlanta. temperatures are chilly in the mid-40s. we had five days in the 60s earlier this week and last weekend. heaviest rain by far has been down through the florida panhandle, flash flood watches posted for the tallahassee area panama city until dinner time. this storm is going to make the turn and go up the coast and the moisture here will impact you in philadelphia later tonight and saturday. and it will start off as frozen precipitation as snow. heaviest snows by far won't likely be north and west of boston through down east main
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where some areas could pick up six inches of snow. if you're traveling out of philly, down in this direction, towards atlanta, into the southeast over the weekend, sunny skies and temperatures by sunday here around 60. renee, back to you. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> i'll take it from here. used to do what mike is doing right now. chasing the weather all over the country. and now we have got first alert that is going to be tonight and into saturday. there is probably going to be another one from sunday night into monday. so let's not forget that one. that may very well interfere with the monday morning rush. two weekend storms to deal with but we have a big break in between. we have got many many hours of decent weather this weekend. so you don't need to cancel everything. we have some pretty decent weather right now.
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just some high thin clouds not much wind at all. the temperature not that cold. it is 34 degrees. doesn't feel much colder because the wind is only 6 miles an hour. but it did get down into the 20s this morning. the roads are pretty cold. especially to the north and west where it is barely above freezing or at the freezing mark right now. and nobody is even that close to 40 degrees yet. now, this storm is a huge one. it is going to end up redeveloping off the northeast coast. but the clouds already coming in to virginia. and as the moisture moves in to the colder air, the mountains, it is starting to snow in western virginia and parts of north carolina. so here's what to expect in general for the shore and delaware, a wintry mix at the start, but mostly rain for this storm. the i-95 corridor starts to
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snow, then goes to ice, then goes to rain. and actually back to snow at the end. north and west snow get the most snow out of that also perhaps the most ice out of it too. but you're also going to change to rain and then you're also going to change back to snow. a lot going on here. you have to break it down even more and more and later segments. now, the poconos, it is going to be mostly snow but perhaps a little bit of ice. now, let's go take it hour by hour. 6:00, nothing going on. nothing to worry about. by 9:00 we have rain moving up but, remember it is moisture moving into the cold air. unlike what happened last sunday, it is not likely to start as freezing rain. and then icing everything over. in this case it starts as snow and when it changes over to ice,
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you got ice on top of snow instead of the bare ground. so it will be kind of crunchy to walk on as opposed to solid sheet of ice. that's a solid area of snow at midnight from northern delaware to the lehigh valley. getting heavy at times, but warmer air is coming in. there is no doubt about that. it is not going to be a complete snowstorm for the philadelphia area, or points to the south. no way that can happen now. and farther to the north, the poconos, it is just about all snow mostly snow and ice in the lehigh valley. we have to watch that as we go into tomorrow morning. still raining in the tristate area. and look at this area of snow. as the storm itself moves past as we showed you earlier, we have that band of snow coming through. i'm not expecting a whole lot with that. but there is a lot going on as
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you can see. for example, philly i-95 corridor, 8:00 to 2:00 a.m. snow. 2:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. freezing rain. 5:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. a good bit of the storm, rain some of it heavy, and then that brief period back to know. we'll show you some of the other areas a little bit later. here is the latest computer model is showing not much snow accumulation in philadelphia. perhaps one to two inches expect a lot of mix and a lot of rain. and then three perhaps more to the north and west. so we really are talking about more snow to the north and west and also watching out for this icy mix. so the clouds thicken this afternoon. we have snow and then icy mix tonight. temperature this afternoon in the upper 30s. then tomorrow, we have that first alert day, snow ice and rain as you just saw.
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we dry out for most of sunday is dry. but sunday night, here comes the snow. it goes into monday morning. and that could very well mess up the morning rush and school delays or cancellations, we have to look at that. and then bitter cold next week. look at those temperatures only in the 20s during the day and windchills maybe down to zero. happening right now, a live look from cuba where a u.s. official is holding a news conference to discuss this week's historic talks. assistant secretary of state roberta jacobson here talking about her conversations with cuban officials to work toward normalizing relations between the two countries. we will monitor this news conference for you and bring you details later today on nbc 10 news starting at 4:00 p.m. well they're tough nuts to crack, but they may be worth all of that work.
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the simple brain boost experts say you can get from eating walnuts. and later, dumpster diving with a purpose. what prompted an off duty police officer to undertake this messy search and rescue operation.
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well, we have a first alert for the area for tonight and into tomorrow because of this storm that is moving in our direction. you can see on the radar, a lot
11:25 am
of moisture with it and as it moves into the coal air, some places are getting snow some a mix. snow to ice and eventually rain. back with more timing in just a few minutes. thanks glenn. there is a new treatment option available for people who suffer from painful psoriasis. the fda approved a drug for plaque psoriasis. it is injected under the skin. it works by stopping the inflammation that leads to thick, redskin and scales. psoriasis affects about 7.5 million americans. if you're headed out to get groceries before the snow moves in, you may want to add some walnuts to your cart. researchers found adults who ate the most walnuts performed significantly better on tests that measure memory concentration and processing speed. they believe the antioxidants
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vitamins and minerals in this nut help protect brain function. walnuts are also the only nut that contains high levels of an omega three fatty acid which benefits the heart. get ready for the arrival of snow of ice and rain. just in time for our weekend. that large storm system you see on radar to our south is now heading our way. glenn will be back to break down the timing of not just one, but two storm systems that will have an impact on our weekend. plus let's talk. why pope francis wants you to put aside your iphones and twitter feeds.
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live look right now at radar showing the nor'easter heading our way. storm is expected to bring snow ice and rain to our area starting tonight.
11:30 am
we have live team coverage of the approaching storm and how crews are getting ready for are it. let's begin with nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. what can we expect? >> in this case a fairly typical storm in that areas north and west are going to see the most snow. but we have seen many of the storms that are mixed, this is going to be one too and with some ice. we have the first alert weather day, that's coming tonight and into saturday. but we have two weekend storms that we have to deal with. snow ice and rain especially for this first one. but quite a few hours where it is going to be dry in between and you'll be able to get stuff done this weekend. now we have lots of moisture down to the south, moving up into the cold air. this time of the year many cases, many years, that would lead to a big snowstorm. but there is no high pressure up to the north to block the cold
11:31 am
air, keep the cold air in. so as this comes up yeah it starts to snow but warm air is going to get in there eventually. not real warm just warm enough to change it to rain. there is the freezing mark in allentown. and in reading, barely above freezing in the philadelphia area. and upper 30s farther to the south. there is the storm. a lot of moisture already with it. but as it moves toward the coast, the warmer air is going to start to come in. here is the snow later this evening. and the circulation around this will bring in the warmer air, change it to rain across a good bit of our area and back to snow as the storm moves off shore. then we wait for the next one for sunday night to monday. by noon we have high clouds just totally cloudy at 5:00. no precipitation for the afternoon rush. and then the snow by 10:00
11:32 am
tonight. so in general, what to expect we have a mix at the start at the shore, delaware, not going to get much snow at all. mostly rain out of this storm. i-95 area looks like it is going to start to snow. not last that long. change to some freezing rain. freezing rain will be on top of the ice and not on top of the bare ground like it was last week. and then north and west snow accumulation, then ice accumulation then to rain then back to snow. that is a lot going on there. and the poconos mostly snow with some ice. we'll talk more about the specific timing of these different areas with the rest of the seven-day in a few minutes. >> thanks glenn. crews are working to make sure the roads are ready for the nor'easter. monique braxton live for us again in montgomery county with an update on storm preparations. monique? >> reporter: penndot trucks like this one here seem gigantic
11:33 am
standing next to me. they have been on the road all night long and they're out right now brining the five county area. a lull though at this point. so while there is a lull going on here we decided to check out a local hardware store. >> the front will fall right in. >> all right. >> you may recall even the big box stores like this home depot in king of prussia ran out of snow removal and de-icing items last year. we stopped by late this morning and we found them stocking shovels, ice melt was piled up jugs of windshield de-icing formula was also lined up. so we did find one item in short supply. >> snow blowers are a challenge this year. as fast as we get them in, as fast as we sell them. >> reporter: people are trying to be ahead of what they think is coming? >> yes. >> reporter: now, the one snow
11:34 am
blower they had runs about $700. john mills also told us some snow blowers can cost you about $1700. so if you're shopping for a snow blower, you may want to call ahead of time. and make sure that you watch nbc 10's first alert weather team to keep you ahead of the approaching storm and by all means when you see these big guys on the road they tell us cording to penndot, to stay about six car lengths behind them so they can keep the roads safe for all of us. live for now in norristown, monique blast enraxton, nbc 10 news. more advice you can take the first alert weather technology with you. get the latest forecasts alerts and advisories on winter weather on your smartphone or tablet download our new first alert weather app in the app store right now. we continue to follow breaking news this morning.
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a two car cash in philadelphia's oak lane neighborhood claimed the life of a teenager. happened around 8:15 this morning on cheltenham avenue at old york road. investigators say a black mustang crossed the lane head a wall and then stopped right in oncoming traffic. that's where it was struck by a tan minivan. a 15-year-old girl riding in that mustang died. the two other drivers, both women, were also taken to the hospital. checking out our top stories now, police are investigating two suspicious car fires in the tacony section of the city. one fire spread to a home on the 1600 block of ditman street. the family inside the home got out safely. hours earlier, another car burned a couple of blocks away from there. authorities brought in dogs to sniff for traces of accelerant. this afternoon, a northeastern pennsylvania judge will hold at 9c)ing on the use of surveillance video in the eric frein case. frein faces charges in the
11:36 am
shooting of two state troopers in september. one of the troopers died. now out of respect for the victims' families prosecutors want to seal surveillance video taken at that scene. president obama will speak this afternoon to the u.s. conference of mayors in washington. he'll also host a reception for the mayors at the white house. philadelphia's mayor michael nutter is among the mayors who will meet with cabinet members to expand partnerships and relationships between cities and the federal government. following a developing story from overseas no word on the fate of those two japanese hostages after isis's ransom deadline expired. the deadline to pay the captors passed early this morning. isis threatened to kill the two men if the japanese government did not pay $200 million. leaders in tokyo said they're doing their best to secure the hostages' release but they will not yield, they say, to isis. saudi arabia's new king has
11:37 am
already named a future successor hours after he took the throne following the death early this morning of king abdullah. king abdullah was buried hours after his death, put to rest in an unmarked grave without a coffin. his body was shrouded in a simple beige cloth without the coffin, a move that follows his laum islamic tradition. he was 90 years old. in a nationally televised speech, the new king offered his condolences and promised to continue the policies of his predecessor. king abdullah was born in yee riyadh in 1924 one of the dozens of sons of king abdul aziz assad. he was elected as crown prince in 1982. he became king in august 2005 but was running saudi arabia since 1996 following his half brother's stroke. he joined washington's fight against al qaeda and sought to modernize the muslim kingdom.
11:38 am
saudi arabia's new king has increasingly taken on the duties of the king over the past year as his ailing predecessor and half brother became more incapacitated. he has crowned his -- as his successor. today interneegsdonesian divers finally enter the fuselage of the jet that crashed into the sea last month. officials say the divers saw more bodies but debris prevented the crew from pulling them out. a total of 65 bodies have been recovered so far. bad weather is a suspected factor in that crash. a new report shows most states are lacking key laws to improve highway safety. now, the group advocate for highway and auto safety released its 12th annual report card on 15 basic safety laws. those laws include seat belts,
11:39 am
helmets, texting and teen driver licenses. delaware was one of 11 states that performed the best in terms hive way safety laws. pennsylvania and new jersey ranked in the middle of the pack. the disappearance of malaysian airlines flight 370 last march has prompted new u.s. government guidelines for airlines. they recommend u.s. passenger planes making long flights over water should carry advance technologies to help search teams find them if there is a crash. among those technologies tamper resistant transmitters and low frequency underwater beacons. however, experts say the high cost could keachep airlines from adding the new technologies. a new hampshire man agreed to watch over his twin 9-year-old nephews while parents were away in africa well authorities say he left the kids mostly alone for four and a half months. the uncle is now charged with endangering the welfare of the
11:40 am
children. police say they were are contacted by family services in november when the twins told a social worker they were taking care of themselves. authorities say the uncle would stop by every few days and drop off food. most days the kids had little to eat at the apartment and were responsible for getting themselves to school and back. >> i've seen them out there all the time but never seen them with a guardian, somebody never no one with them. >> what a sad story. the boys' parents went overseas in july they were due to return in august but illness and passport problems delayed them. they finally returned in mid-november. they won't face charges because the children were left in the care of their uncle. we have dramatic footage released today. the coast guard rescuing fishermen from the sinking ship. take a look here. an irish fishing vessel sent a distress signal tuesday morning hours before it tank to the
11:41 am
bottom of the sea off the coast of scotland. two crew members made it to the life raft. three others were airlifted to safety after high seas washed them from the ship's sinking hull. all of the men are okay. pope francis wants families to put aside their iphones and social media and learn to talk to each other again. the pontiff made that plea during his annual message during the church's world day of communication. francis says social media can help far away family members stay in touch, but it also makes it easier for others to avoid one another. the theme coincides with the pope's two-year focus on families. pope francis will visit philadelphia in september. not uncommon for kids to lose their retainers when they take them out to eat or to sleep. but it is uncommon for police to get involved in the search for one. and that's just what happened when a young girl in california threw out her appliance worth
11:42 am
hundreds of dollars and it ended up in the neighborhood dumpster. well, as her mother was preparing to have the girl go into the dumpster to start the search an off duty police officer jumped in. after a half an hour he found the retainer wow, in the last bag he searched. >> it was a stinky mess but we found it and found the retainer and all is well. >> i'm never taking it off in a napkin ever again. >> it wasn't in its case it was in a napkin. that's an amazing find. the girl took some of her birthday money and bought the officer a gift card. talk about going above and beyond the call of duty. turbo tax turmoil. the software upgrade that could cost you more to file your taxes this year. snow ice and rain headed our way. and that's just one of the storms i'm tracking for this weekend. we'll let you know when the nor'easter will arrive and what is coming after that.
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11:45 am
we have a first alert for tonight and tomorrow as this developing nor'easter continues to spread moisture our way as it moves into the colder air. some will fall as snow. some as freezing rain. and some as rain. we'll have to break it down across the entire area in just a few minutes.
11:46 am
it appears many americans are still using simple passwords online, even after major organizations have been hacked like sony target and even the u.s. government. flash data a cybersecurity provide, released the list of the 25 worst passwords of 2014. they include common passwords like 1, 23,2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and password. they say those aren't the best lines of defense against hackers. >> my yahoo! account has been hacked are more than once. >> one of the big threats we see are people who basically re-use their passwords from one system to the other. more random your password is and much -- and the longer it is, the much stronger your password will be. >> if you want to see how your password stacks up against the list check it out on and our new nbc 10 app. the recent plunge in gas line prices is helping us keep
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more cash in our pockets. experts say on average americans are spending around $18 a month per person. exclusive data provided to cnbc finds we have been spending the money on eating out and online shopping. turbo tax says it's sorry. the company is apologizing to customers who were forced to upgrade to a more expensive version of the software. many people learned of the price changes after they had bought the 2014 version and then started working on their taxes for this season. turbo tax will give a $25 rebate to customers who used the deluxe software last year and had to upgrade to turbo tax premier this year. people spend more money on tvs for super bowl sunday than they do in black friday. that's according to the shopping website, shop adviser and it appears bigger is better. if you want to up watt big game this year want to do it on a big screen. shop adviser says more than 80%
11:48 am
of the tv's consumers want to buy for super bowl sunday they have screens 55 inches or larger. that's compared to 69% last year. chicken wings and football go hand and hand. that's according to the national chicken council. americans will consume more than a billion chicken wings on super bowl sunday. that makes super bowl sunday the country's number one wing eating day. to put that number into perspective, the national chicken council says that's enough to put more than 570 chicken wings on every seat in all 32 nfl stadiums. the new england patriots take on the seattle seahawks in glendale arizona, nine days from now. there is only one place to see this game and all those much talked about commercials as well. it is all right here only on nbc 10. keith jones and john clark leave for arizona this weekend and will bring us live team coverage leading up to the big game.
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we have that first alert for tonight and into tomorrow. we issue these things to let you know it is going to be not just another day. it is going to be significant. it is going to affect your travel depending when you go and we're trying to help you steer around any kind of troubles. the first alert may be another one coming up for sunday night and monday. because we have two weekend storms that we're going to be dealing with. but a big break in between so the weekend is not a total washout. we have high colludes across the area now. it is cold but it is not that windy. 34 feels like it is 29 right now. a lot of moisture coming up from the south with this storm. as it moves into the colder air, starting to produce some snow you can see in the mountains of western virginia and north carolina, the darker blue
11:50 am
indicating heavy snow. right now, temperatures are only around the freezing mark north and west just barely above it. elsewhere, in the 20s this morning, roads are cold. and when it starts to snow it will be sticking on untreated surfaces tonight. speaking of tonight, by 6:00 nothing is falling. anywhere. so okay for the afternoon rush okay for early dinner. later on tonight, here it comes, and as it moves into the cold air, all of a sudden you got snow. you don't have ice immediately like you did last sunday which caused all of those problems. the glaze on the entire road. now you have ice falling on top of this snow making it kind of crunchy. there it is 11:00, it is snowing over a good bit of the area. even in northern delaware even in much of south jersey. it is not going to last. warmer air coming up first, up
11:51 am
here. high up in the atmosphere. that melts the snowflakes and then cold at the ground and you end up with freezing rain. eventually the ground is going to warm up enough so it is just rain. of course going to warm up first, delaware and south jersey. look at that warm air coming up even to the lehigh valley berks county. so there may be a changeover not just as ice, but to rain even in those areas. the poconos, of course having the best chance to stay in all snow. as the storm moves off shore, the colder air comes back in. and it changes over to a period of snow perhaps a couple of hours worth. and it may not -- that may not stick. it is going to be falling on wetter roads by then. and for the philly i-95 corridor it starts tonight, as snow changes to freezing rain. mainly in the middle of the night. and by the time you get up tomorrow morning and in many cases it will be raining, temperature will be above
11:52 am
freezing. go about your business need to prepare for the rain. then the snow coming later on that shouldn't be too inconvenient. now, north and west that's where we got some problems. rough driving tonight as it starts to snow. the icy mix perhaps even when you get up in the morning, that caused some rough driving. 9:00 a.m. to noon, mainly rain. you got improving conditions and then snow coming back. south and east starts as snow in parts of the area. and icy mix, then to rain that is later this evening. but overnight tonight, into tomorrow afternoon, it is just wet. might have some icy spots tomorrow night. we're talking about an inch or so in northern delaware couple inches in the philadelphia area maybe up to 4 or 5 north and west. but more concerned about the ice than about the snow. the clouds thicken.
11:53 am
we have snow and that icy mix tonight. temperatures in the upper 30s. seven-day forecast there is the snow, ice and rain tomorrow and first alert day. we have the next storm sunday night and into monday morning. monday morning rush problems. more on that of course coming up later. and then it is just bitter cold for the rest of next week. and we'll be right back. as a small business owner you wouldn't deliver just half of what you have to offer to your customers. so why are you settling for half-fast internet? only verizon fios comes with speedmatch-- upload speeds as fast as your download speeds so files go out in a snap. call today to get $200 back when you switch to fios internet and phone for just $99.99 a month with a 2-year agreement and get $200 back. just call 1.888.774.4418 today.
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coming up this afternoon, starting at 3:00 "ellen" is all new with timothy olyphant. then nbc 10 news at 4:00. the developing story and the new scandal involving this former volunteer firefighter as we reported to you in the past. he's been linked to arsons in our area. now police are about to announce charges against him involving young kids. all this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. all right, big weather system here to come. >> we got two. and the second one is -- may produce more snow than the first one. the first one has more of a threat of some ice. we'll show you various computer models. this is the famous european model that has a couple of inches of snow for philadelphia and three, four inches up into the lehigh valley very little down to the south, and so it is
11:57 am
going to be a close call. we'll be watching it this afternoon, back at 4:00 with new snow totals. >> all right. have a good afternoon and a good weekend.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
>> victor: no. >> kate: oh, come on, vic. you know you only bought those stocks to help me and sami take over dimera. >> victor: yeah, well, why the hell should i sell them back to you now that i've turned them into moneymakers? >> kate: well, it was worth a shot. >> victor: you knew damn well what my answer was going to be. so why don't you tell me why you really came over here toee me? and please don't tell me it's about your hillbilly beau. >> jeremiah: and after what happened at the docks last night, we know that old man kiriakis just ain't gonna roll over and play dead. >> clyde: [sighs] well, it doesn't take much playing on his part, does it? >> jeremiah: maybe. but that old man's got his crew in for the fight for the long haul.


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