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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  January 26, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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do with what's going to happen tonight and tomorrow. the snow totals across our area will range tremendously from 2 inches to up to 15 inches. and some of those higher numbers are in parts of new jersey will wr it will be blowing and drifting. transportation will be difficult. driving is just fine around the i-95 and philadelphia area now. camera shaking a little bit with the wind. we continue to see some light snow especially in chester county. it's been sitting there for a couple hours. you can accumulate an inch or two like that. you're not going to get the bulk of this storm because the closer you are to new york city the more snow will fall with part two. you can see, we're increasing the amount of moisture here along the coastline. the storms are starting to intensify. and eventually some of that moisture comes right back at us. there's that low offshore. look at those winds coming straight into new jersey from way out in the ocean. as the storm intensifies, the wind gets stronger.
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pushes more moisture back. the question is, how far back? does that real, deep moisture come? meteorologist sheena parveen has more on what we expect out of this storm. >> that's right. as glenn just mentioned, as far inland as the moisture comes that will be the cutoff line between not so much snow and a lot of heavy snow falling for several hours. here is a look at what will happen come overnight into early tomorrow morning. area of low pressure off our coastline. blizzard conditions. just to our north, heavy snow falling through parts of our area. and here is how we expect it to play out. this is what it looks like right now. maybe 10 to 15 inches for burlington county mercer county blizzard conditions expected for ocean county. very windy conditions for atlantic county. but there will be a cutoff between that heavy snow and not so much snow. around the philadelphia area bucks county montgomery county, up into parts of lehigh valley, we could see 6 to 10 inches. that could even stretch into much of south jersey. of course, we'll be updating these numbers as we go through
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tonight. new model data comes in. we start to look at this very closely as we get closer to the actual event. for parts of chester county berks county new castle county in delaware could see 3 to 6 inches. then those numbers get to 2 to 4 the farther west you go. here is a bigger picture of the northeast. you see all this red. that's a blizzard warning. this is going to be a very intense storm. we already have some extremely heavy snow moving toward the boston area right now. for us we expect heavy snow. tuesday rush 7:00 in the morning for new jersey. this will be one of the worst morning commutes. it will be in new jersey. blowing snow snow drifts 45-mile-an-hour wind gusts with snow-covered roads. it's going to be dangerous, especially the farther north are you in new jersey. we'll talk more about the morning commute around the philadelphia/i-95 corridor, areas north and west of delaware that's coming up. this will bring greatly varying snow totals to the region, depending on where you live. the worst expected to start late tonight and into the late morning tomorrow.
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>> we want to check conditions on the road and mass transit with christine maddela. we've been warning people about this. hopefully roads are fairly clear and will continue to be clear as we get into the evening. >> it's stacking up right now in parts of chester and montgomery county. take a look at this route 30 bypass on the westbound side starting at route 100 to the business loop route 30 as well. it is all stacked up out there. slow go. same thing goes in montgomery county. 422 westbound here stacking up. normal volume for this time of day. farther north near the poconos, you can see some of that slush starting to form on the roads. just watch out for that farther north. and in parts of our area though the streets are pretty clear. it looks like nothing is really sticking to the areas in parts of new jersey for now. that may change as this storm starts to move in though. take a look here mass transit,
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new jersey transit service is suspended starting at 10:00 tonight. in preparation for the storm, also accept tashgs the broad street line and market frankfurt line every ten minutes. patco is on a snow schedule. >> a lot of changes. thank you. you've heard it from glenn and sheena this afternoon. >> parts of mercer county could see some of the deepest parts of the storm. doug shimell is in mercerville. >> reporter: this is a day of being lulled into a false sense of security. the heavy snow we had earlier, now a very light snow. aside from the side roads, the main roads are pretty clear. you go a few feet off into the residential cross streets and the day-long snow has started to accumulate. we were on grayson avenue not long ago this avenue and ran into the sole shoveller, joanne who said she was chipping away the ice in front of her house because she said once the heavy snow falls she didn't want there to be that double hazard, so
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people are not taking any chances. >> i saw them on tv talk about how we should really prepare, so i'm thinking like, we should really prepare. it's time to get ready. >> the winter's just getting started. so, the worst is yet to come. >> reporter: new jersey did declare a state of emergency. that simply activated their emergency operation center. that just creates an opportunity to provide resources, to townships like here in hamilton township, should they need it as round two of this storm comes in. live in mercerville, i'm doug shimell, "nbc10 news." >> taking a live look at fefl defl international airport. specifically the departure and arrival board, canceled, canceled, a few on time. flights in or out of the airport are being canceled or delayed. we're told arriving flights are running about an hour behind on average. to get updated information on arrivals and departures at philly international, here's an
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important number to keep handy. you can call the toll free number any time 1-800-phl-gate. in an hour a snow emergency goes into effect across the city of philadelphia. >> that means if you park along a snow emergency route, have you to move your car. mitch blacher is live in center city with more on this. mitch. >> guys, the calm before the storm has now started. the flurries we saw here earlier in center city they are over. the wind has died down. take a look into the intersection. all of 15th and jfk, also what has died down is the evening rush. we never saw it pick up down here. the mayor earlier said that this was a -- a situation where people really needed to leave the city early. a lot of people also got off work early. we also want you to check out love park. there's really no accumulation from those earlier flurries. still the mayor says that this is a situation to be taken very seriously, which is why that snow emergency does start in an hour.
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>> trash trucks that would normally pick up your trash on tuesday, they're being converted for plowing operation. that's why we can't pick up your trash because we'll be mroeplowing snow. we appreciate those personnel. >> it doesn't permit everybody to work. >> a lot of people don't to want get stuck, so they sent people home early. >> a live look down benjamin franklin parkway. you can see light traffic out of center city. the mayor says the city is prepared for up to a foot of snow. he's also urging people to get off the streets and allow the right of way to those snowplows. live in center city tonight, mitch blacher, "nbc10 news." >> good to see the streets quiet behind him. deep snow powerful wind and flooding. they're all major concerns along the jersey shore. >> especially in northern atlantic county.
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>> let's check conditions in brigantine with ted greenberg. >> reporter: right now we have a little light rain falling, wind as well. within the past hour we've seen rain, ice pellets and snow. take a look down the sea wall. you see how much that flag is blowing right now. the jersey shore is bracing for a lot of white wind and high water tonight. howling winds whipped up the sand along brigantine's beaches before the snow moved in. bob says he's ready. >> i have my shovel, a bucket of ice melt and a broom for the trucks and cars. >> you've got to be prepared. i mean we made it through sandy, but that doesn't say anything. snow's different. >> reporter: the back bay in west wildwood is churning and police sent us these photos of streets that already started to flood this afternoon. worse flooding is expected in coastal communities during the
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upcoming high tide overnight. ocean city officials say it could be similar to what they saw during a storm in november 2009. >> that was a nor'easter that really breached the dunes in the north end of the island. but created probably the worst flooding we've had from a nor'easter in about ten years. >> reporter: in egg harbor city amy matthews came home with a fresh supply of wood for her fireplace. tomorrow she's not expecting to go anywhere. >> i can't be too careful because i've already been without firewood. i don't want to run my heat too much or my heating bill will be high. >> reporter: back here live along the coast where the storm is also expected to cause significant beach erosion. now, with the threat of snow and flooding west wildwood police also sent out a reverse 911 call to residents today, telling them to move their cars off the street. good advice for anyone who is in a flood-prone area right now. live in brigantine i'm ted
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greenberg, "nbc10 news." >> we are looking at live picture from claymont, new castle county. this area could see the most snowfall from the storm. and we're also watching the storm as it evolves as it gets stronger. overnight tonight we expect some of the heaviest snowfall. coming up we'll show you region by region. we'll break down the timing and how much snow you can expect where you live. that's straight ahead. >> as the snowstorm intensifies overnight, "nbc10 news" and the first alert team have you covered around the clock. we'll start our morning news an hour earlier. check "nbc 10 news today" tomorrow morning starting at 3 a.m.
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here's what we know about the major snowstorm now bearing down on the region. the worst of it is just hours away. we will see the heaviest snow from late tonight until late tomorrow morning. and because of the way this storm is still developing some people in our region will get a lot of snow. others will see very little snow. >> let's take a look at delaware and new jersey now as we go through time here. this is going to be one of the areas hardest hit, mostly new jersey. we'll start with this afternoon and evening. here you see 9 p.m. we'll have periods of snow moving through the area. this is just one region we're going to be watching very
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closely. now we go through the overnight hours. 11:00, 12 a.m., 1 a.m. in the morning. take a look at the dark colors. this is heavy snow. ocean city up to atlantic city under a blizzard warning right now. this will continue through the early morning hours. 4 a.m., 5 a.m. in the morning. this is very heavy snow. 7 a.m. the morning commute is going to be very dangerous. we'll have a lot of heavy snow, blowing snow, drifting snow wind gusts near 45 miles an hour and flooding along the shore with those very strong winds. we'll talk more about this snow totals and the rest of the area how the timing looks coming up. and let's head back outside for a live look at weather conditions across the region. right now you're looking at 30th street station in center city. the heaviest snowfall expected to begin at 10 p.m., extending until 10 a.m. >> and let's head north now to providence rhode island. taking a live picture here. this area could get hit with up to 3 feet of snow. you see the rush hour traffic
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moving right now. this will be a very different situation as they move overnight and into tomorrow when that blizzard hits. as we brace for deep snow it's all sun and fun mostly out west. >> yeah. snow? what snow? it's beautiful here. excitement is building all week as we approach super bowl xlix. joining us live is comcast sportsnet's john clark. i would be lying if i said i weren't envious seeing you there in your short-sleeved shirt there today. >> ditto. >> it's only in the low 60s here today. we're talking about deflategate, new information from fox's jay glazer. he said the nfl in their investigation, they're zeroing in on a patriots' ball boy. a locker room attendant who took the 12 footballs from the officials' locker room took them somewhere else before taking the footballs out onto the field. take a look. we went to the source. we wanted to talk to the people who make the nfl footballs. take a look at the nfl experience.
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wilson has a display there. look at all the patriots fans showing up. that was ironic. wilson has been making nfl footballs for over 70 years. they showed us how they inflate or deflate footballs with the bladder that they place in the footballs. bill belichick on saturday he revealed his scientific opinions on what happened to the footballs in that game. but wilson does not agree with what bill belichick was saying. here is wilson's spokesperson. >> a ball over time could potentially lose a little bit of air with a bad bladder. bladder giving up over time. with a ball losing a lot of air like that there's only one way air goes in and out of a football is with a needle. over 70 years of being on the field, we're fortunate to know none of them have ever failed. >> how about that? the only way to take the air out of a football is a needle. you hear it from wilson right there. and now with the report they're zeroing in on a patriots' ball
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boy or locker room attendant, it's going to get real interesting this week. the patriots haven't even landed yet, they're on their way, and they'll face a lot of questions. john clark live from phoenix, arizona. we'll see you at 6:00 with more. >> there's only one place can you see it sunday february 1st only here on nbc10 for the super bowl. returning now to our coverage of the major winter storm bearing down on the region. nbc10's deanna durante is on board stormforce10. she's surveying the roads in lehigh valley. montgomery county was the last stop. >> reporter: in coopers berg lehigh county you can see traffic is fairly light. people are taking it easy and have heeded the warnings about staying off the road. i spoke with emergency management officials in the county and they tell us they're preparing to staff up their storm center when the bulk of the snow is expected to start falling. take a look at the roads. you can tell salt trucks have been here, pretreating, salting
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and brining and pretreating the roads. we've seen plows come through. one thing the townships are asking you to do is abide by the snow emergencies. stay off the roads. that's going to help the townships and the county and the state get through on those roads and get the roads clear. also in allentown, they're offering up four parking decks for people to park to get off the streets and the allentown city hall asking you, do not call 911 if you have questions. instead, call the city snow emergency line. deanna durante, "nbc10 news." we've been saying it all afternoon, this is not a one size fits all kind of storm. the amount of snow that's going to fall in your yard, it really depends on where you live. >> first alert meteorologist sheena parveen and glenn "hurricane" schwartz are tracking that storm. let's begin with glenn. >> sometimes when we get a long-lasting events people get frustrated saying, where's the snow? remember, this is two parts. the first part is just a
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nuisance. that's what happened today. the first alert for tonight and into tuesday. it's going to be totally different. the peak of the storm from 10 p.m. to 10 a.m. a lot of the snow's going to fall while a lot of you are asleep. you'll wake up tomorrow morning, oh, that's the storm. and the snow totals ranging from 2 to 15 inches just across our area. up in new england, they're talking about 2 to 3 feet. well, we have -- the flag's blowing but not that hard. we've got some gusty winds. we'll get gustier as we go into tomorrow. we continue to see that snow area stall right over chester county. and you can get an inch or two of snow like this. you're not going to get very much out of the main part of the storm, so if you want snow this is your best chance probably. we're seeing more and more development offshore. it's getting whiter. it's getting greener.
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precipitation is increasing. that's a sign. now, let me give you a sign just an example of the kind of variation we'll get. now, normally -- this is bucks county. the upper portion of bucks county gets more than the lower portion. it will be reversed with this. the closer are you to new york city, the more snow you'll get. in lower bucks, like in langhorne and richboro. 6 to 10 up in quakertown. there's a storm developing off the east coast. as it moves in this classic pattern and strengthens, the wind increases. the air lifts, causing heavier precipitation. and then it starts coming down to the southwest. look at the darker blues, indicating the heaviest snow. that's around 5 a.m. don't think there's going to be much of a rush tomorrow. but by later in the morning, it's getting whiter.
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getting lighter. it's starting to break up by early afternoon. so the end of the day tomorrow is going to be quite a bit different than the beginning of the day tomorrow. now, with more details and just what to expect where you live, here's meteorologist sheena parveen. >> we'll go region by region depending on which county you live in. there will be a big range of snowfall totals so you want to pay attention to this part. depending on where you live. if you live areas north and west lehigh valley poconos, chester, montgomery county, here's what it will look like at 10:00. snow showers continuing to fill into these areas. then we go overnight, you start to notice the darker colors for lower montgomery county lower bucks county. that's heavy snowfall in these areas. then we go through the early morning hours for the morning commute. areas mostly west to like berks county, lancaster county. and then we get closer to noon and we could still see some snow showers before it tapers off. parts of lower bucks county you
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could see 10 to 15 inches. a big difference between that and upper bucks county. montgomery county, maybe 10 to 15 inches as well. that stretches into lehigh valley including allentown. there will be a cutoff line. so for berks county lancaster county, you could see 3 to 6 inches depending on where you are. the philadelphia area, the i-95 corridor stretching from wilmington to the trenton area. by 10:00 tonight we expect to see increasing snowfall especially in new jersey. 2:00 in the morning, the darker shades moving into burlington county mercer county. it stretches into the philadelphia area. so this is heavy snowfall. then we go into the morning rush hours. we still see snow falling. on the lighter side though. new castle county near wilmington. these areas through the middle of the day, we still expect some of this portion of the viewing area to see heavy snowfall. again, there will be a cutoff. wilmington and new castle county, parts of salem county could see 3 to 6 inches. 6 to 10 around the philadelphia area.
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this stretches into parts of gloucester and camden county. for mercer and camden county 6 to 10. south jersey and delaware overnight tonight we'll really start to see the heavy snow moving in. around atlantic city up to ocean county, even parts of delaware. that's overnight tonight while you're sleeping. early tomorrow morning we could have 45-mile-an-hour wind gust as long the shore. coastal flooding also. tetd greenberg showed you there's already flooding at the shore. aside there that we'll see heavy snow, blowing snoeshgs drifting snow. as we go through south jersey we could see 6 to 10 inches. 3 to 6 for parts of dover. again, this is something we'll be watching very closely. so big difference depending where you live. this is a huge storm. it's affecting these higher northeast. snow gets heavier tonight. like i just showed you most of that heavy snow will be in parts of new jersey. but it is something we need to keep a constant eye on because as we've been showing you, as
5:24 pm
glenn's been showing you, this is a storm system growing right before our eyes. we have to watch it closely. >> that affects how those bands move back down into our area and how wide they stretch and how far they stretch. the morning, for people thinking, am i going to try to go to work in the morning, that's when we'll be in the thick of this right? >> i don't think there will be a rush hour tomorrow morning. i think the schools will be closed in much of the area. later in the day i mean if you have to get out toward the end of the day, it will be a lot safer than at the beginning. >> hopefully people listen to those warnings. thank you. speaking of traffic, let's take a look a live look at traffic along i-95. so far traffic moving along moolt smoothly. we know salt trucks have been out all day. we'll go live to philadelphia international airport next.
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storm stirring things up from the coast. this is from ocean city. as the night goes on the surf is expected to get rougher as the winds pick up. also rough is the afternoon commute. if you were driving through parts of chester county here's a live look at route 30 westbound in chester county. it is easing up a bit. we have seen some delays there. i'll update you on some travel restrictions, some speed restrictions due to this storm as well when we come broadcast. >> just because you may not be
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in front of your tv doesn't mean you can't get the latest information. when you're in your car, count on nbc10 first alert weather on your radio. we'll deliver updates every half hour on 101.1.
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let's check the latest on what we know about the major snowstorm on the way. we've been getting light snow throughout the day today.
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that will change with the storm intensifying later tonight. the heaviest bands of snow are expected to arrive late this evening. and while this will be a major event for some people, other areas will see very little snow. >> nbc10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz and sheena parveen are both tracking the storm. >> let's get to glenn right now. >> we don't know exactly what you'll get, 6 inches or 6 1/2 inches, but we do know that the farther east you are, the closer to new york city the more snow you're going to get. the farther away you are, the closer you are to washington, d.c., the less snow you'll get. that's pretty clear cut. it's a major snowstorm for many parts of the area. not everybody because the snow totals are going to range dramatically. we once had a snowstorm in this area with amounts ranging from 2 to 50 inches.
5:32 pm
1958 it happened here. new jersey will get hardest hit. blowing snow drifting snow. it will be really awful in the morning. it's not going to look like this. i-95, everybody zooming along. not going to happen. chester county getting it right now. this is not related to the main storm. but we do have an area of snow that's just sitting here. you get a little accumulation. temperatures below freezing slippery roads out there. we look at the bigger picture to see what might be starting to come in from the ocean. not quite there yet but we're getting more and more developing more and more colorful as this area of low pressure offshore continues to strengthen, pulls in more and more of that atlantic moisture and the stronger it gets, the more moisture it pulls in. my question is how far west will it pull it in. sheena parveen has more on what to expect. >> that's right, glenn. this is a large storm affecting
5:33 pm
the entire northeast. we have blizzard warnings along the shore, up and down the new england coastline. this does stretch from ocean county in new jersey all the way up through maine. here is a look at the map now. you see all the red areas. these are blizzard warnings. this is how strong this storm is expected to be. tuesday morning, blizzards off the coast. like glenn showed you the amount of moisture will depend where that cutoff is between the lighter snowfall and the heavier snowfall amounts. earlier tuesday we expect 10 to 15 inches north of atlantic city. burlington county through mercer county, including trenton. 6 to 10 around philadelphia. up through parts of montgomery and bucks county. south jersey 3 to 6 inches possibly for chester county berks county new castle county and farther south and west 2 to 4 inches. there's a big difference across the area. tomorrow morning's heavy commute, snow drifts
5:34 pm
45-mile-an-hour wind gusts coastal flooding not a good commute in new jersey especially the farther north with the heavier snow. wilmington to trenton, including philadelphia, snow-covered roads for morning commute. dangerous driving. the farther south, the less snow we'll see. areas north and west of lehigh valley and delaware, we'll put you on the same category because we expect lower amounts in these spots. we'll expect ice on roads, but most roads with the lowest amounts should be on the more passable side. worse conditions will lie in new jersey. we'll have more update on the timing can and a closer look although snow totals county by county coming up. >> as first alert weather team reported, burlington and mercer counties could see the heaviest snowfall from this storm. here's a live look from mercerville. you can see light snow falling there right now as that guy crosses the street. there is a coating covering the ground. >> we want to go back to the roads. >> we've been showing you conditions live across the region. nbc10's deanna durante live in
5:35 pm
storm force 10. you're in montgomery county right now? >> we've been circling the area. we're in springhouse along bethlehem pike. the roads are snow-packed and drivers off the blue route, some people slipping near the mall less than an hour ago. you look at bethlehem pike it almost looks like nothing has happened here. we're seeing a number of plows and salt trucks hitting the road, whether the township penndot or montgomery county crews out there tonight. and some people from our area are quickly heading up to new york city to be there in time for the storm. we caught up with a new york city firefighter who was told he needed to get back home. >> not bad. the roads are okay. i think they said it was to start later. new york will be like 2:00 3:00. if i get there by 3:00, settle down for two or three days. >> reporter: taking a live look
5:36 pm
again on bethlehem pike as we come up to the ambler section. we talked with county commissioner chair shapiro today. he said the storm center in the county will be staffed this evening and they're going to make a determination about people coming to work those county employees, so people should look for that on social media, notify pa and other online offices for the county, whether offices will be open whether people can report to work or whether they need to do their jobs. reporting live in storm force, deanna durante, "nbc10 news." >> we know a lot of people are trying to make it home from work before the heaviest snow falls. let's check conditions on the roads and on mass transit with nbc10 first alert traffic reporter christine maddela. it was quite busy when we checked in with you last time. >> it's still busy in certain areas, like interstate 95. take a look at this.
5:37 pm
jammed at girard avenue. typical for the afternoon rush. looks like people are trying to head home and get home. as far as the actual road conditions on the majors pretty much like what we were seeing in deanna's shot from stormforce10 there. a lot of wet roads. not so much slushy on those major treated roads where the salt has already been down. pretty much just wet. >> elsewhere you will see slushy spots, slick spots maybe on the secondary, untreated roads and sidewalks. be on the lookout for that. as we take a look now, there are some speed restrictions in place already in anticipation of this storm. sper state 495, 55 miles an hour on the garden state parkway. i'll keep you posted. >> happening right now, pennsylvania's governor tom wolf and other state officials are addressing the media about the state's preparations for this snowstorm. let's listen in. >> governor, can you talk about
5:38 pm
the state workers? >>, no we had a two-hour delay today but i don't know if we have anything. do you know of anything state workers tomorrow? >> they'll be called tonight and possibly if we need it very early tomorrow morning to make that call. there was a to-hour delay in pittsburgh and hairrrisburg. we'll be looking at offices in philadelphia and southeastern pennsylvania area to see how it will be impacted as well as here. >> power outages? >> all over the state. the reality of it is i think the most you have is in montgomery county with 200. that's 200 customers. not individuals. 200 customers. >> governor are you going back to york? >> yes, i am. >> did you make it okay? >> yes, hi my jeep. >> governor wolf and other
5:39 pm
government officials talking to the reporters and the governor talking about the jeep he had in campaign ads. they'll talk about how state workers will have to react to this storm tomorrow. they also talked about scattered power problems right now. we'll continue to monitor that and bring you updates as necessary. so not a lot of snow right now. that's expected to change. brigantine, light rain falling there right now. >> a live look at center city philadelphia. mayor nutter declared a snow emergency. that takes effect at the top of the hour just 20 minutes from now. what that means is that parking is banned in designated snow routes starting at 6 p.m. you'll want to move your car if it's parked in that location immediately. the latest on first alert weather updates are available at your fingertips 24 hours a day. download the "nbc10 news" app
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for free. you can watch the newscast there live as well. heavy snow high winds, ice storms. >> winter can be tough in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. >> last year hundreds of thousands of people in our area lost power. >> this year nbc10 and telemundo are partnering with comcast to bring you plug in power-up stations. >> if power goes out head over to a participating comcast/xfinity store near you to charge your devices for free. to find your nearest plug in power up stations go to and search power up.
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welcome back. i'm nbc10's vince lattanzio. let's take a look at what you're posting about the major storm. the dots across the area are pictures we're getting in. this first one is out of delaware county. this is in upper providence township. as we can see, the roads are slick out there. this guy went off the road and into what looks like a little embankment there. crews are on the scene. we did call no one was hurt in this accident. if we take a look over in the conshohocken area. there was a little snow coming down, probably there from earlier in the week. carolyn was able to take a sled ride. in the hardest area we're expected to go into, the toms
5:43 pm
river area in ocean county we can see andrew is on snow-covered roads there. you want to be careful if you're going out and later on tonight we know you don't want to be going out at all. can you see more photos on the nbc10 app in the app you can also send us your snow photos and videos. we'll update the image on the app throughout the storm, online and on tv. i'm meteorologist sheena parveen. we're watching this snowstorm evolve into something stronger. so for parts of our area we'll see heavy snow. there's going to be a cutoff. coming up, we'll show you the snow totals, what you can expect, who will get the most and who may not see that much straight ahead. >> what about school? parents, if you haven't already done it sign up now for nbc10 school closing alerts. we'll text or e-mail you just as soon as your child's school makes a decision. it's easy. just search school closings on the "nbc10 news" app to sign up.
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here's what we know about the storm coming our way. it will bring heavy snow to the region starting late tonight. people just miles apart will see varying snowfall totals and strong wind gusts and treacherous travel conditions can be expected as well. now, here's sheena with a look at what to expect along the i-95 corridor. sheena? >> sthaert. so it really depends where you live. it could be the i-95 corridor new castle to trenton. now through the afternoon into tonight. 11 p.m. heavy snow starts to develop. some of the heaviest bands coming in from the coastal areas. so burlington county mercer county, you'll see this first. and it continues. take a look at 2 a.m. the dark shade, that is heavy snowfall. this continues overnight. many of you sleeping. by 7:00 tomorrow for the morning commute, we still expect at least some heavy snow around. driving will be pretty dangerous in the morning. we'll talk more about this and also the snow totals where you live. that's coming up.
5:47 pm
>> we have you covered along the jersey shore. >> nbc10 south jersey bureau reporter cydney long is live in atlantic city. >> reporter: conditions not too bad. mother nature dishing out a little mist here on the atlantic city boardwalk. because temperatures are hovering just above 34 degrees, you can see the boards here are wet but not yet a slick sheet of ice. >> we took a walk on the beach. beautiful out there. but getting cold. and it's getting windy, so we know it's coming. you can see it in the air. >> reporter: visiting from detroit, allen and his daughter are used to harsh winters but they specialize in warm weather entertainment entertainment. in atlantic city for this week's pool and spa convention. it's supposed to attract 11,000. the boardwalk today, with blizzard-like snow today. >> because of the storm, we left yesterday, drove all night instead of driving through today's weather. >> reporter: it it means some of his colleagues in the industry
5:48 pm
won't make it. >> we heard a few of the people coming in already had flights canceled. >> reporter: we checked in areas of north atlantic city that flooded earlier in the day but with the approaching low tide the streets are clear. winds are picking up ahead of the snowfall that could amount to a foot in some areas near the shore. >> with the winds that we're going to have the blizzard like conditions in some areas, they can become stranded very quickly. >> reporter: emergency officials tell me the winds will be critical with this storm. you can see we're not getting much. definitely a lull right now. they're not gusty or sustained. again tonight's high tide will actually happen overnight about 1:00 in the morning. with that accumulating snow, all night into tomorrow. live in atlantic city cydney long "nbc10 news." >> as we've been showing you, the amount of snow to fall in your yard depends on where you are. >> location, location location. chief meteorologists sheena parveen and glenn "hurricane" schwartz are tracking the storm. glenn, people should not be deceived by the light snow we've
5:49 pm
had throughout the day so far. >> that's part one of this two-part storm. part one was always going to be a minor kind of thing, a nuisance, at worse. that's what we have. but we are seeing some changes now. changes on the radar screen. they're very important to what is going to be happening. the peak of this storm, 10 p.m. to 10 a.m. still looks like those hours, a lot of that snowfall while you're asleep. we'll have a huge snowfall range across the area. it's not like a great deal of uncertainty. we can't tell whether you'll get 2 or 15. you are going to get 2 or 15 depending on where you are. that's just the way the storm is. probably had as much on friday as you'll get out of this one. we're starting to see motion from east to west. that's what we've been looking for. that's a sign of the storm
5:50 pm
starting to strengthen. chester county continues to see this snow. and accumulating temperatures below freezing slick roads. even though you're not going to get the heaviest amounts by the time it's all done. a lot more developing offshore isn't it? just in the last couple of hours, and we're also starting to see some of this motion toward the west. the circulation of this storm starting to have its presence felt. also some of these snow bands being formed in the new york area and starting to move southward. this is what we look at what we make a forecast. are the forecasts working out? this particular thing should be happening at this time or else or forecasts are in trouble. so those things are happening right when they're supposed to. as this storm moves offshore and everything starts to move backward, there's that blue indicating the heavier snow
5:51 pm
right in the middle of the night and into what would be the morning rush. it's not going to be much especially in new jersey. you can see the lighter colors the farther west you are. a big radiant from east to west across the area. meteorologist sheena parveen has more on breaking that down. >> now we'll talk about the counties you live in because that will depend on how much snow you see. we've been telling you all day long, there's going to be a cutoff between some of the highest snow amounts and some of the lowest snow amounts. we'll start with areas north and west through the lehigh valley. this also includes chester county, montgomery bucks county. through 10:00 tonight. take a look at lower bucks county. this is where we expect to see the heaviest snow first. then we go through the overnight hours. 2:00 in the morning. some of that heavier snow moving in from offshore. that will be parts of bucks county, lower montgomery county certainly mercer county in new jersey, and some of that lighter snowfall in the pocono and lehigh valleys.
5:52 pm
we don't see too much north and west. the heaviest snow confined to new jersey. we could have snow bands in the middle of the day tomorrow which could be bringing in heavy snow to that area. as far as snow totals lower bucks county could differ from upper bucks anywhere from 10 to 15 inches in lower bucks to maybe 6 to 10 in upper bucks, including montgomery county through parts of the lehigh valley. the farther west you go those totals will go down a bit. parts of berks county lancaster county, up through poconos, we could see 3 to 6 inches. it depends on where you live. i-95 corridor, we'll see the heavy snow move into burlington county. also mercer county near trenton. that will continue to move overnight near philadelphia. into tomorrow morning we'll see the heavy snow falling. through the noon hour we could have a band of snow coming back into the area. so storm totals anywhere from 10 to 15 inches for the trenton area, i-95 corridor through parts of burlington county 6 to 10 around the philadelphia area. that does stretch areas north
5:53 pm
and west 3 to 6 for parts of new castle county. through south jersey and delaware this is an area where we'll be watching especially new jersey. we'll see some heavy snow around atlantic city ocean county, down to parts of cape may county overnight when we'll see the heaviest snow. into the morning hours, 45-mile-an-hour winds, blowing snow. we will be seeing the chance for coastal flooding. we'll take a closer look at snowfall totals. jooishgsz
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
jooishgsz. delays and cancellations are inevitable with weather like this. let's check conditions at philadelphia international. >> harry hairston is there live to bring us up to date. harry, how is it looking? >> reporter: the hall is empty. tsa agents not much to doed because of what you're seeing on this board. cancellation after cancellation. more than 400 flights canceled in and out of philadelphia today. 622 for tomorrow. and if you take a look as you go through the security gate there, just a few passengers going inside, hoping they may make it out. listen, folks, here's what i'm being told by officials here at the airport. things may not get that much better come wednesday and thursday. because of what's happening with the storm in new york and boston. there will be a ripple effect meaning they say there are airplanes, aircraft in new york and boston that need to be brought here to philadelphia and they may not be able to get here.
5:57 pm
trying to get to where? lagardeaguardia airport. >> reporter: tony tells me he would have been long gone if it wasn't for an early morning hiccup on his flight. >> technical difficulty with the plane so it didn't get off on time which made us arrive late to philadelphia, which made us lose the plane to laguardia. >> reporter: also you want to find out what's going on the number to call on your screen 1-800-phl-gate. call that number. make sure if you want to find out about your flight for wednesday, thursday or even going into friday. reporting live at phil in international airport, harry hairston, "nbc10 news." well part two of this storm just beginning to crank up here and before morning there will be a lot of snow in parts of the area. we'll break down exactly what to expect and when.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
2 inches to 15 inches. >> just keep shoveling. nothing more you can do. some snow is already here but a major snowstorm will blow in just hours from now in some parts of our region. >> our first alert weather team is gathering new information right now on this snowstorm. >> let's bring you up to date on
6:00 pm
what we know right now. the storm will bring lots of snow to some areas and very little to others. it all depends on where you live. the worst of it will start late tonight and then keep going into late tomorrow morning. let's go to our team of nbc10 first alert meteorologists for a look at what's happening right now and what we can expect soon. >> well we're going to be seeing some of that snow increasing over the next few hours. we do have a first alert weather day. that is especially coming tonight and into tomorrow morning for this major snowstorm in parts of the area. as renee was mentioning. the snow totals are going to vary tremendously across the area. some will get a major snowstorm and others will get a nuisance kind of thing. but new jersey, overall, going to be the hardest hit place. blowing snow drifting snow at the shore. gusts 50 miles an hour coastal flooding. it's going to be a mess in


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