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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  January 27, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EST

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have changed overnight as we take a live look at sideway is snow blowing through center city. n nbc 10 first alert is still in effect reminding you to take it easy if you go outdoors. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm chris caddo. >> and i'm rosemary connors. state offices are open. meanwhile a statewide ban is still in effect in new jersey. if that changes, we'll keep you updated. in philadelphia public and parochial schools are closed. >> our nbc 10 crews are out across the area covering snow. we have our first alert traffic team right there in the studio tracking the snow and the changes in the forecast and on the roads.
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nbc 10's bill henley and jillian mele have you covered this morning. >> we saw such a little bit of snow but it has such an impact. >> even though it is light snow it is accumulating and it will continue for most of the morning and into the afternoon. that's a live picture looking toward center city across the delaware. that heavy snowfall avoiding the city. light accumulating snow. i'm looking for 1 to 2 inches of accumulate during the day today. that's headed to new england. in fact, eastern long island into connecticut and the boston area getting pounded with snowfall. we're getting snow, but the leading edge has just moved into the reading and allentown area. that's light snow falling through philadelphia light snow. it's a bit heavier in portions of burlington county, eastern cumberland county. you can see spots where the darker color indicates some heavier snowfall and that's approaching atlantic city right now. but still compared to where we thought we were going to be
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we're looking at much lighter snowfall totals for today and into this afternoon. temperatures right now, 25 degrees in philadelphia. add to that winds that are gusting to more than 20 miles an hour. and it feels like it is in the teens. so a snowy scene during the day today. but the shovel won't need as much work to get the stuff moved off the ground today because it will be light snow accumulating at 7:00 and 9:00. by lunchtime, gusty winds and the like will start tapering off as we head into the afternoon hours. a look at the future weather. we'll go through it hour by hour to show you how much you can expect. but first the latest from the traffic center. good morning, jillian mele. >> good morning, bill. let's take a love like. this is through the allegheny area. the surfaces that have been treated, they're in good condition. 95 for the most part looks wet. don't be fooled though. you need to reduce your speed,
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slow down and take your time. watch the on-and-off ramps. watch the neighborhoods. regional rails still operating on a saturday scale. i checked in with heather. the cynwyd line is still operating. the septa line has no a or b service. that's your update from septa. patco is operating on a modified schedule and so is amtrak especially the northeast corridor. rosemary. >> thank you, jillian. good information. we want to show you some conditions. the snow fell likely. this is in norbert. later on snow will be clearing the way for drivers.
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downshore shore, folks won't be digging out. they'll be dealing with flooding. this is after high tide on jay street. matt talk about your travels down there and what the conditions are like on the expressway and what's happening right now. >> reporter: rosemary we came into in last night. i can tell you just on the way into atlantic city here and up on the boardwalk, the roads were a little bit wet. not too slick. it looks like a lot of the roads had been pretreated with salt, so the roads are passable at least for the emergency vehicles and the essential personnel that are out there right now. but you're looking at new video within the past 30 minutes. the only activity on the boardwalk is a few plows trying to clear the roads. we had a little snow on the road
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surfaces. nonessential driving is still not allowed. you need to keep that in mind if you're thinking about going out because the statewide travel ban is still in effect. you have a lot of people still working. the casinos and hotels are in operation. we have not seen many people outside but some people tell me they have to be. >> working. getting snow. working. so just when i think i be relaxing, i'll be working. i'm -- i love it though. i'll be working. i'm trying to take care of it early, maintain it so that way don't go in the house and let it pile up. then it be hell. >> reporter: and you're looking live right now. this is the boardwalk. a lot of places have just a coating, but in some spots we have about an inch or more. you can see how much has piled up. i'd say that's an inch or less.
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i've been talking with folks who have told me they're breathing a sigh of relief. they're expecting more to fall in this area but right now, so far, so good. we have some steady snowfall right now. the large heavy flakes that are falling right now. so, of course the accumulation could add up as the morning continues as bill henley has been telling us so far this morning. but the folks right now here in atlantic city a lot of them are just staying inside. there's virtually nobody out here on the boardwalk. it's a ghost town. you cannot see anything because that snow is still falling at this hour. live in atlantic city i'm matt delucia, n b kr"nbc 10 news"." >> matt and people in mercer county they're wake up and seeing snow covered streets on
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sidewalks this morning. >> that's right. gentlemen jesse gary is live out there. not a whole lot of snow. talk about it. >> reporter: we have about an inch of snow. this is robbins to understand. there are sections of it where it's dry. you know you're down to the pavement with salt on it. moist but not slippery. that's kind of the conditions you're going to find. we have some video of crews out earlier this morning doing snow removal trying to keep streets clear. that's mostly what you see here. plow operators and snow operators. because they're doing the work, it's not impeding the vehicle that we're seeing. mostly snow plows. there are some vehicles that i'm seeing as the hours move along, regular cars that are moving on
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the street. if we come back live, it looks down they, yeah i can hear that. those are plows moving up robbinsville allentown. that's moving in the east direction toward us and they're plowing. these are the first plows we're seeing with their blades down on the ground. others are spreading salt but these are plowing roads. if we hold for a second we'll see them clear this road of snow how well they do. well we've got a red light. you get the idea. there are plenty of plows out here. so we're going to come back in about 40 minutes or so and give you an update and show you how well they did plowing the roads in mercer county and have an update for you. live in mercer county jesse garry, gary nbc 10 news. >> this is a live look at the train station. amtrak has suspended rail sj in the region. that's stopping the sul lis
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express. keystone will operate on a mod fight schedule. also septa operating on a saturday schedule. our coverage continues in philadelphia not on the trains but on the roads. they're moving now. they were taking a break on the side of the road. katy? >> reporter: hi chris. we stopped to test the conditions of the sidewalk. it's really just a powdery light snow. we didn't encounter any slippery spots on the sidewalks. so that's good news. for all of you waking up this morning and you have a commute or drive in front of you, i'm happy to report if you're going to be driving throughout philadelphia you should be okay. as you can see, the roads, there's a light snow covering about an-inch on some of the roads. we're crossing over market street right now on sixth street headed toward old city.
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on the vine street expressway, 76, 95 your majors are totally clear of snow. it's really wet pavement as if you were driving in the rain. in terms of snow coming down it's stopped. there's a light wind picking up snow that has fallen on the ground but we're really not seeing any of the flakes -- any new flakes so to speak. so we're going to take a left on market street right now where i want to show you the conditions on market. so just -- it's really wet. as you can see, the plows have been out here and market street was pretreated with salt. you're good to go if you're driving in philadelphia this morning. back to you, guys. >> thank you katy. such a contrast from what you saw with katy and then with matt matt. >> this is what bill said. such a different storm when you take it section by section and back over further inland. everybody's seeing different
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conditions. bill henley has more on what's happening. bill? >> we knew that the heavier snow would be on the shore and farther inland it would be lighter. to be honest i didn't expect it to be this light, which is great news. we're still tracking snow. for philadelphia it's light snow that will be accumulating. gusty winds for the entire region, but especially strong at the shore. there's still a potential for wind gusts of 40 miles an hour mainly after daybreak and that's just after 7:00 this morning. that can lead to some blowing and drifting snow, but with lower snow totals overall, even at the shore, i think that's going to be less of an impact today. mt. pocono light snow. 17 degrees. that cold air will be moving into philly tonight. 23 in trenton. not exactly warm there. wilmington, right now, cloudy skies. you'll see some snowflakes but no heavy snow and certainly no heavy snow in this scene. this is the view from pocono mountains and camelback. if you look closely, you see a
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snowflake or two blowing past the camera. that's about it. the snowfall is light in the pocono mountains. you see very light snowfall in lehigh valley for portions of berke county. some isolated snow flurries. light snow in new castle county. there's still a potential that atlantic city and points to the north will see more snowfall than philadelphia. here it is. this is on top of what's already on the ground. didn't get a lot yesterday and last night, but look for an additional inch in philadelphia by 6:00 this morning. more to the east. closer to the storm the bigger the amounts. by 10:00 in the morning, toms river could see 4 inches of snow. this band is the 2 to 3 ifrmg band. this will pop in this afternoon. we're still looking at a snowy day today. not the huge amounts that it looked like we were going to get on this day. during the day you'll see light
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snowfall falling in our area with gusty winds. the winds gusting in philadelphia to 30 miles an hour. higher gusts at the shore. and then the cold that's due in tonight after the snow ends. the temperatures plummet. i've got the seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten. >> we really got lucky with the snow but hurricane force winds and heavy snow that's what some areas are dealing with today. you hear that in new york to boston. much of new england is being beaten up by a blizzard. coming up in the next half hour, the latest conditions on the north and the impact on our region this morning. >> good morning. i'm jillian mele. take a look in trenton. this is near 29 and 129. you can see slick conditions out there along the highway in trenton. coming up in a few minutes, i'm going to gather a bunch of cameras and show you what it looks like throughout the entire area. of coffee is always awesome when i go to dunkin'. man: i see the steam rising off the cup 'cause you know it's a fresh pot. man: one cup a day for sure.
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two if need be. and it's usually "need be." dunkin' -- your place for coffee.
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a live look outside here across the river. we're looking at camden this morning where snow is falling, lightly falling in camden right now as it is in philadelphia. camden county offices will be closed today. classes are also canceled at camden county college. in a moment meteorologist bill henley takes a look what happens after the snow moves out. stand by for some very cold air. all right. something to take our minds off this snow. let's talk about the super bowl.
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super bowl xlix. the new england patriots and seattle seahawks are in town getting ready for the big game. we're five days away from the sunday night showdown. you u can watch it right here on nbc 10, the only place to watch it. nbc 10 keith jones is live. folks back here are envious of. keith, i understand you were able to find an eagles fan out there. >> caller: i can >> reporter: i can point to three, as a matter of fact. it's already the busiest day with media day scheduled for 12:30 eastern time. that's where every player has to talk to the media. before we get to that it's 3:15. we're two hours behind. preparations and construction crews are already hard at work. a million people are expected to be here in this 12-block perimeter. it starts easy to find with these giant roman numerals
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xlix. you can see crews working what's next to the grand canyon experience. that's what they're calling it here. fans can scale that rockwall. you see the video rolling. that wasn't here yesterday. if you pan further left that's the pam center. this fan travels and this is his fifth super bowl. you're rocking the eagles up top. >> that's because i live philly. this is the team i rooting for. >> you've got to lovebird fans. certainly the loudest. you see what they were able to do here posing behind that eagles cutout. coming up we travel to the stadium. that's where super bowl xlix is going to be held. they're going to literally roll
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the field into the stadium. it's quite unique for arizona and the university of phoenix stadium. the field is outside the stadium right now. they're laying live turf. at 5:00 p.m. eastern time they're going to roll that through a little door. for now, we're live in phoenix. keith jones, nbc 10 news. >> looking forward to it. thank you, keith. super bowl sunday beginning with the pregame at noon and kickoff is at 6:30. you can watch all of the action right here on nbc 10. 19 minutes after 5:00. time to get another check of the roads. people have been staying off the roads for the most part this morning. things were a little dicey in parts. >> yeah, they are. we've seen crews out there. that's good news. jillian, what are you seeing? >> you can go camera to camera and things look very different. i'm going to basically take you on tour of the entire area. this is the turnpike, 95. you can see it's virtually un untouched.
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there's a travel ban. keep that in mind. a short distance away you can see the snow coming down. this is right near where jesse gary was live a few minutes ago. this is a live look. still very snowy and very quiet. this is the garden state parkway at route 37. that's what it's looking like there. and right near summer point, light flurries. but here the roads are looking mostly wet. you can see the difference acrops new jersey. heading across pennsylvania northeast philadelphia you can see the tire tracks out there. so you definitely have to slow down and use kauks, especially on your on-and-off ramps in center city. the vine expressway and streets, they're wet but slippery. this is one of the ramps to get on in bucks county from route 32. you can see the conditions. that's where you need to slow it down. especially some neighborhood streets as well. delaware county the blue route, same situation there. then you head south to delaware, that's looking pretty good.
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it's a snowy scene this morning, but for most of the area, it is light snow and gusty winds. the winds are still kicking even though the snow is looking very light. 25 degrees right now in philadelphia. winds are gusting to 23 miles an hour giving us a windchill of 12 degrees. that is cold outside. pocono mountains, you've seen light snow. it's barely coming down on camelback. not going to get a lot more snow maybe an-inch in the mountains. plenty of cold. down to 9 right now in trenton and 12 degrees in millville and dover with light snow that is moving inland but it's really falling apart as it moving into allentown, reading and lancaster county scattered light snow in chester county. this storm system has really fired up in new england. we expected it all along to be stronger to the north and east and for us to be on the
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outskirts. it looks like the much heavier snow is going to miss us almost entirely. there's still the possibility of 4 to 6 inches of snow for portions of eastern new jersey ocean county to points northward. we're all going to get the wind. this is 2:00 this afternoon. those are steady northwesterly winds. the wind is going to keep the temperatures on the low side. we'll be below freezing during the day. maybe struggling to get to the freezing mark. strong gusting winds will be with us tonight even after the snow ends and the skies clear and that's going to lead to some much colder temperatures over the next few days especially in the morning. 15 degrees to start with in the morning. sunshine and 30 the high temperature. 37 thursday afternoon, but look at thursday morning down to 16 degrees and a cold start on friday with just a chance of a
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shower. not a big deal coming through friday. bitter cold to start with this weekend. 8 degrees on saturday 15 on sunday. then there's a chance of some rain and snow. just a chance on monday. now, the storm that we're dealing with today has been a huge disrupter at the airports. we'll check on the airports, see what flights are coming in and which ones are taking off when we come back.
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at 5:25 a live look out toward the airport heading out on i-95 in south philadelphia. you see the snow drifting across in front of the camera there. yes, there are some people out on the roads this morning taking it slow as advised. if you're heading to the airport, you should know that hundreds of flights are canceled this morning heading in and out of philadelphia. >> that's right. monique braxton is out at the airport. have you seen a lot of folks stranded? tell us what's happening? >> reporter: not a lot of snow since we arrived wchl. edarrived. we see folks sweeping the sidewalks. we checked the boards. most have canceled flight this morning but we did find passengers checking in at the delta schedule where some flights are on time. one passenger we spoke with is
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ecstatic. >> it's here and ready go. i think i'm the only one leaving the airport. >> you could go skiing in this lovely snow. >> that's what i think is the irony of it. >> reporter: he was heading out on a ski trip. a delta employee said they're also flying to atlanta today. airport officials tell us they're open. most flights are canceled, though and the airport has designated sleep zones in terminal a east which is on the other side of security. i just got off the phone with a spokesperson. she said overnight they had four people sleeping at the airport. what happens if you make it to the airport and you can't get home? we'll have that for you in the next half hour. live from the airport where septa trains are running, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. good morning. i'm katy zachry inside storm
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410. they change from neighborhood to neighborhood. i'll have the details coming up.
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tracking the snow. this morning flakes are falling across parts of our area. as you look


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