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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 29, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EST

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we are following two breaking stories this morning. first, two people were killed in this house fire. in south philadelphia. a live picture as firefighters continue to be on scene there. we're live on the scene talking to investigators and neighbors. also breaking this morning, a car full of people crashed in a philadelphia neighborhood overnight. one of the passengers is dead, but police say it's not the crash that killed him. a few hours from now, president barack obama will be in philadelphia. we'll tell you the reason for his trip and how the city will use this visit to try and score another major event. and we are off to a very cold start this morning. the temperature on the screen says 26 degrees. it feels much colder than that as the first alert weather team is also tracking more snow
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moving in overnight. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today on this thursday. hopefully it's a quick shot of snow tonight. i'm chris cato. let's begin with meteorologist bill henley. we don't have the winds that we had yesterday morning. not yet. >> no it's calm. that's part of why it's colder this morning. with clear skies and calm conditions, that's when you can get some of your coldest temperatures. and that's what we're seeing this morning. clear view from center city. the view from the comcast center. we will see sunshine to start with. but we're still watching the temperatures come down this morning. right now, single digits for pottstown, allentown, both at nine degrees. it's 19 in trenton and wilmington. while philadelphia international is 24. most of the area is significantly colder. millville, 13 degrees right now. the temperatures are still falling. they've come down a couple more notches in philadelphia. 18 at 7:00. the clouds start rolling in. we will see a warm-up, 23 degrees, but it's not going to be near as sunny as yesterday.
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30 degrees by lunchtime as the clouds roll in. we'll be tracking the chance of some snow as we head into the evening hours. right now let's check in with first alert traffic reporter jillian mele. morning. >> morning, bill. quiet start. no serious accidents to report. this is a live look at 76. you see just a few people out there. drive times pretty average. 13 14 minutes between the blue route and the vine. in new jersey the 42 freeway is looking good. five minutes, your drive time on the 42 freeway between 55 and the walt whitman bridges. the bridges are also clear at this hour. chris? let's get back to that breaking news now in south philadelphia. a house fire there left two people dead early this morning. nbc 10's katie zachary live on scene. it's been a wild morning. you were on the scene of a crash that has led to a murder investigation when we told you about this fire breaking there in south philadelphia. what can you tell us now just getting on scene? >> reporter: chris, yeah just
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moments ago, we got to the scene. here it is behind me a very sad and somber scene out here on the 400 block of daly street in south philadelphia. you can see firefighters are outside the home. they're also inside the home and you can see just how badly charred the home is. so we understand that this fire broke out on the first floor earlier this morning. we heard from fire commissioner derek sawyer who said there were no working smoke detectors in this home. a police officer was the first one to arrive to this fire call. we understand he went inside and tried to save two people who were inside. but he was unable to rescue them. and that police officer was actually injured as well. and he was taken to the hospital this morning with minor injuries. when firefighters got here they put out the fire i'm told in a pretty good amount of time. it didn't take them too long to put out this fire. but unfortunately, they were not able to save the two people who lived at 435 daly street. now, i did just get on scene.
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there's a neighbor who was forced out because of the firefighting effort. firefighters just let him back in. i'm going to try and learn more about his neighbors who sadly perished in this fire this morning. reporting live in south philadelphia, katie zachary, nbc 10 news. let's get back to that other breaking story this morning. a man shot. >> reporter: thank you. >> badly wounded. and both were found inside this car that crashed into a wall. nbc 10 was first on the scene on north american street. philadelphia police say three passengers in the back seat of this vehicle ran off after the crash. officers say they found a gun. you see video of that gun right there in the back seat. there it is. now, the surviving victim is in critical condition. here's what's interesting about this as we take a live look at the scene there. you can see the suv smashed up against the building there. police are telling us that one of the victims, the man actually who died who was shot in the head, he was alive when officers
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got there. he carried on a conversation with them mentioned he had been in the crash but he never mentioned being shot in the head. in fact, he may not have been aware at the time he had been shot in the head. investigators found that detail out when they got him to the hospital and then he passed away. nbc 10's monique braxton is on the way to the scene and will wrap everything up when she gets there coming up at 5:00 a.m. new from overnight, delaware state police are looking into a baby's death at a day-care center. the investigation is focused on handy's little disciples day care. police say a worker there could not wake a 10-month-old boy from a nap yesterday. medics rushed the baby to the hospital, but they could not save him. state forensic officials will determine exactly how the little boy died and the cause of death. new details this morning in the crash of airasia flight 8501. this just coming in. indonesia's national transportation committee says a co-pilot was actually flying the plane when it went down on
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december 28th in the java sea. also black box data reveals that the plane ascended quickly. it went up steeply, triggering a stall warning in the cockpit. it's unclear at this point how the co-pilot and pilot responded to that stall warning. the jet crashed with 162 people on board. no one survived. back here in philadelphia happening today, president obama will visit philly to huddle with house democrats who are meeting at a retreat this week. our christine maddela is live. it's been attracting a lot of global attention lately. >> absolutely, chris. philadelphia is on a roll making national and international headlines just in this month alone. the president is scheduled to speak today at the house democratic caucus retreat in society hill. president obama was in philadelphia in november stumping for governor-to-be tom wolf. now, earlier this month, the
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vatican confirmed pope francis would attend the world meeting of families in philadelphia this september. and philadelphia is still on the short list for the 2016 democratic national convention add those conventions, shows and social events and you get an idea of what visitor and tourism officials have on their plate. >> we always have good things to promote and to work on but this year there's no stopping it. there's no down period. the city is going to be in the spotlight all the time. >> president obama arrives in philadelphia this afternoon. you can count on nbc 10 for full coverage from the time his plane, air force one, touches down till the time he leaves. christine maddela. also this week could be philadelphia's last chance to snag the 2016 democratic national convention. dnc chairwoman debbie wassermann schultz and a small team visited the city yesterday. mayor nutter showed them the convention venues and the historical sites.
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nutter said having the house democrats here this week actually helps the city's bid to host the party's national convention. >> better time for them to be here given that you know, the world meeting of families and the pope will be here later on this year. we're in the hunt. >> there could be one sfag though. the philadelphia convention and visitors bureau tells us there's another major convention planned for the week of the dnc, and that could lead to a shortage of hotel rooms. philadelphia vying against two other cities to host the 2016 national convention. brooklyn, new york and columbus, ohio. the democrats could make their decision early next month. 4:08. pennsylvania governor tom wolf will be in northeast philadelphia to fulfill a campaign promise. he'll visit benjamin rush state park to sign an executive order banning any new leases for natural gas drilling in state parks and forests. environmentalists are praising this action but an industry
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group says this ban is unnecessary because the process is safe and tightly regulated. happening also today, the man charged with killing a pennsylvania state trooper and wounding another is expected to be in court. eric frein will be arraigned through a video link. he's accused of ambushing those troopers outside state police barracks last september. police arrested frein after a seven-week manhunt in the poconos. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. with meteorologist bill henley. >> brilliant sunshine yesterday. clear skies overnight. and this morning as a result of clear skies, the temperatures have come way down. it's colder this morning, much colder especially in some of the suburbs where we're looking at single digits. we're tracking some light snow that's going to be here this evening. and then it's going to be moving out. replaced by colder air as we move into the weekend. right now nine degrees in allentown. northeast philadelphia is 20. and 13 degrees in millville.
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and we have clear skies. we'll start the day with lots of sunshine. look at that clear view across the delaware this morning. brilliant sunshine to start with. but it's not going to last. one of the reasons we're so cold this morning, this. there's no wind. with less wind there's no mixing in the atmosphere clear skies, dry air and those temperatures come way down. nothing's coming out of the sky. we will see that change though as the day goes on. we're tracking some wet weather, some snow potential for us. you see snow into michigan. that snow will be arriving during the evening hours. but first the clouds have to move in. 10:00 this morning, we'll still see some sunshine in new jersey. but to the western suburbs, temperatures rising as the clouds come into play. we'll make it into the 30s this afternoon. and skies turn mostly cloudy. dry at 3:00 this afternoon. but as we go into the evening hours, early evening, 7:00 you see some light snow moving in from the west. go through it hour by hour show you how much to expect when i come back with the extended
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future weather in ten minutes. >> all right, bill. so tomorrow morning could be a little slippery out there on the roads. things are dry this morning. let's get a check of conditions with our first alert traffic reporter jillian mele. >> good morning, chris. it's dry and quiet, and that's a good combination on the roads especially at this hour. this is a live look in the lehigh valley. we're at 22. 22 is clear. 78 looks good. no incidents as far as accidents or delays on the northeast extension. so a pretty good start on a lot of the highways including the pennsylvania turnpike. you'll notice the lines of green. that indicates no delays. we have a lot of overnight construction on the turnpike but it's very common and not causing any delays. drive times, about 22 23 minutes between ben salem and valley forge. chris? well the countdown is on to try and save the lives of two hostages in the hands of isis. the new deadline that is fast approaching now. plus not all of this year's super bowl ads will be light-hearted this weekend. next the commercial that will address a serious topic that has caused a lot of problems for the nfl this year.
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and do your kids have problems with peanuts or restrictions at lunchtime because of other allergies? still ahead, we'll tell you about a new test that could eliminate peanut allergies. and we are on the scene now of breaking news in south philadelphia. this is the fire commissioner speaking. let's listen in quickly.
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4:14. two breaking stories. this is a wild investigation in philadelphia. you see the smashed-up suv against the side of that building there. police were called to the scene after it crashed. they found out that the driver and the front seat passenger had both been shot in the head. the passenger was killed.
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the driver survived being shot in the head and was even talking to investigators when they everybody aed on scene. three people in the back of that suv ran away. one of them the suspected shooter. so police are searching for a killer this morning. no word yet on what prompted that shooting. now, this other breaking story that we're following is a fire that is now a fatal fire in south philadelphia. we are looking live here at fire commissioner derek sawyer for philadelphia speaking to media there. can we listen in a little? >> i know it's an investigation. >> i didn't see a space heater in there. the fire started spreading -- >> so again, you heard him say right now they have no idea how this happened but this is a home on daly street in south philadelphia. two people inside were killed. nbc 10's katie zachary is on scene talking to some neighbors who tried to rescue the couple but could not. we'll hear from her in a moment. it's 4:15 now. isis is threatening to kill
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another hostage if its new demands aren't met by sunset today. isis released a new audio message overnight. the message is apparently containing the voice of this man saying he's a japanese journalist currently being held by isis. the message says that jordan has to release one of its prisoners or else isis will kill a jordanian hostage. now, there are reports that the government of jordan is negotiating with isis and the release of that japanese prisoner is also a part of that negotiation. so you have three different entities involved in this. japan, jordan and isis negotiating over the lives of two hostages. one hostage from japan, one hostage from jordan. we'll keep you posted. we have new information now on the deadly terror siege in sydney australia, last month. the coroner found that one of the hostages was actually killed by fragments of a bullet fired by police. you'll remember that a gunman held more than a dozen hostages for more than 17 hours at a cafe in sydney. the gunman executed one of the
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hostages. police eventually stormed the cafe and killed the gunman who is a self-described cleric with a long criminal history. let's turn our attention to something a little lighter this morning. super bowl xlix. now just oh yeah, here's the countdown clock if you're keeping up at home. three days 14 hours, 12 minutes until christine maddela throws a giant super bowl party that i haven't been invited to yet. the showdown is this sunday here on nbc 10. and while many fans will be focused on the game a lot of people are watching for the commercials. not all of them are light-hearted this year. one ad will be the first ever to address domestic violence and sexual assault. >> 911, operator 911, where's the emergency? >> 127. >> okay what's going on there? >> i'd like to order a pizza for delivery. >> ma'am, you've reached 911. this is an emergency line. >> large with half pepperoni, half mushroom. >> you know you called 911. this is an emergency line.
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>> do you know how long it will be? >> is everything okay over there? do you have an emergency or not? >> yes. >> and you are unable to talk? >> the 30-second ad by a group called no more is the latest installment of a series of public service announcements airing since fall. local experts state it addresses how difficult it is for someone to talk about domestic violence. >> a mile from your location. >> it also talks about the importance of training that the 911 dispatcher operator was trained in how to listen for what's not being said as well as what's being said. >> pretty powerful stuff there. that commercial is scheduled to air during the first quarter of the game on sunday. >> don't spoil the game. leave your drone at home. >> and this is what it's come to, folks. leave your drone at home. the university of phoenix stadium is a no-drone zone during the super bowl. the faa has put out this youtube commercial just to let everyone know not to fly your drone over
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the stadium. the ban also applies to just about any other manmade aircraft. we did not send a drone to cover the game. we sent annual tombs including nbc 10's keith jones. he's live there in phoenix. he's been there all week. keith, what is going on there this morning? >> reporter: chris today is a big day. now, the tens of thousands of people have flooded downtown phoenix to super bowl central behind me. here's the rundown today. we're going to attend a news conference between nfl officials and referees. no doubt they'll talk about the deflategate scandal. also, we're going to get an update from the nfl about the counterfeiting merchandise that they busted up yesterday. one man is under arrest for selling merchandise that was fake worth $100,000. another thing that woke us up this morning, we're two hours behind you, fireworks that shot off here from super bowl central. they officially kicked things off here yesterday. we want to show you that. this whole area was mobbed. there was traffic, and i'll tell you what our usual four-minute trip from the hotel took us 25 minutes to get here. and on our way, we caught up
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with an eagles fan who had a custom jersey on, number 9 on the back said "big willie." let's just say he gambled and he lost. and now he's in arizona. the reason for his confidence is coming up. reporting live in phoenix, keith jones, nbc 10 news. >> we are all intrigued here at the station, keith. that's definitely something we need to follow up on why big willie wound up losing a bet and being at the super bowl. it doesn't sound like a bad bet to lose, though. he lost a bet and he's at the super bowl now. >> reporter: that's right. you know he could be dealing with 30 degrees, 20 degrees in philadelphia. he's here, 60s, 70s. i guess he didn't make out too bad. but when you hear the story, you'll understand why he might be a little disappointed. >> all right. keith jones live for us in phoenix. we'll hear more from him. listen to this too. keith and john clark today on our facebook page at 1:30 they're taking all of your super bowl questions live from arizona. anything you want to ask, ask them. it will be good stuff.
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nbc 10 is your home for super bowl xlix. live coverage sunday at noon. kickoff at 6:30. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> cold yesterday, a bit colder this morning. the difference though the wind has died down. so it may actually feel not as bad as yet. 24 degrees in the city. it's actually four degrees warmer, but the temperatures are falling. expected to come down a bit more in philadelphia. and beyond the city the temperatures have dropped into the single digits and the teens. it's a very cold start. nine right now in pottstown. no windchill there. look at toms river at three degrees. and teens for trenton and doylestown. montgomery county blue bell is down to 14 right now. while collegeville is at 9 degrees and still falling. and 9 in pottstown at the airport. not exactly warmer in gilbertsville or upper providence. a very cold start. we do have clear skies.
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we'll start with sunshine but look what's coming in. clouds in the west already moving into western pennsylvania. that is a big system. but take the clouds away there's really not much to show you in the way of wet weather. just some very light snowfall in michigan and farther to the south, that's a little bit of rain moving through indiana. this is the system that's going to be moving in during the evening hours. and yes, it's going to bring us some light snow. future snow showing at 7:00 coming down in readinging allentown, wilmington, very light with minimal accumulation. by 9:00 you see close to half inch on the ground in reading, while it's just starting to accumulate in wilmington and philadelphia. it ends probably around 10:00, if not before, in philadelphia. but there still will be light snowfall in reading, allentown and the poconos. and it's the ski resorts that will see the most out of this. it's tapering off by 1:00 in the morning. about 1 1/2 inches in the poconos. i expect an inch or less for the lehigh valley and i-95 corridor.
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we do have snow on the way, but most of the day is going to be dry. and sunny to start with. so we will see the temperatures start to climb and make it into the 30s in spite of increasing clouds. might see a flurry this afternoon, but the light accumulating snowfall will really hold off for most areas until this evening. seven-day forecast with a look at the colder weather that's going to be here for the weekend. that's in the next half hour. >> all right. can you just stop with that colder weather any time now. thank you for that. 4:23. let's find out if there's anything to slow people down on the thursday morning drive. jillian mele has that for us. >> it's really quiet in new jersey pennsylvania and delaware. this is a live look at 95 route 896. we have this construction doanzone. we're not reporting any serious accidents out there at all. so for drivers in delaware 95 is clear. 495 looks good. route 1 quiet. same thing on route 13. for drivers in pa roads like 76, the blue route and 95 also quiet. so far not reporting any incidents on the area bridges.
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chris? you may notice a big change at mcdonald's. the effort the golden arches is making to turn that struggling chain around. and researchers may have found the cure to peanut allergies. the test that could add peanuts back to your lunch and dinner menu.
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4:26. mcdonald's ceo is stepping down. just as the world's biggest hamburger chain fights to hold on to customers and change its image, don thompson will retire march 1st after more than two years as ceo and 25 years with the company. he was the first african-american to head mcdonald's. his departure comes amid declining sales. customer traffic in the u.s. fell 4% last year. scientists in australia believe they are closer to a cure for peanut allergies.
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they gave children a particular kind of probiotic. after that test 80% of the allergy sufferers were able to eat peanuts. the scientists will now work to see if that treatment will work long term. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> a very cold start this morning. that's a live view from the poconos where the temperatures have just dropped four degrees to four degrees. it is cold this morning for most of the area and we've got snow on the way, jillian. >> snow? say it ain't snow, bill. >> oh. >> all right, good morning. this is a live look at 95. right at the philadelphia international airport. 95 looks good coming up in just a few minutes, i'll give you your drive times. and of course we continue to follow the breaking news in south philadelphia. a live picture here of a fatal fire. a house fire that killed two people. nbc 10's katie zachary is on scene learning more about the victims and what may have happened here.
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we're following two breaking news stories this morning. first, nbc 10 is live on the scene of a fire in south philadelphia that left two people dead. we just spoke to the commissioner about what he knows about the fire. and we're getting new information now about a crash that led to a murder investigation. police say the most surprising thing is what one victim didn't say about the crime. and it is even colder now than it was yesterday morning. we're tracking snow that could start falling later today. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm christine maddela. >> and i'm chris cato. bill is promising even


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