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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  February 2, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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>> announcer: nbc 10 first alert weather breaking news. >> right now at 11:00, a messy start to monday. much of the area dealing with rain. others are still seeing some icing and snow will be returning. good morning, i'm vai sikahema. parts of our area are still dealing with travel troubles. the weather is going to change a lot as we go through the day and into the night. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. lay it all out for us glenn. >> there's quite a variety of weather. some areas are freezing. others first alert weather day, because we have a combination of icing and snow followed by an
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arctic blast that will freeze things up. strong winds coming this afternoon, gusts up to 50 miles an hour. refreezing tonight as temperatures plunge. i can see on the radar rain continues out of the southwest. it's going to stay wet for several more hours. we do have snow farther to the north and west. most of the icing has moved now into new jersey and some places like allentown have changed from freezing rain and rain back to snow. in some cases that will be better than ice. but you can see some of the rain a little bit on the heavy side that's coming in. the temperatures are critical mount pocono way below freezing. allentown is now 31 quakertown doylestown 32. these temperatures are going to be falling as we go through the afternoon. these temperatures are going to fall, too, but they have got a farther way to go. so it will be until tonight that we're going to see any kind of
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refreeze in the philadelphia area. trenton is only 33. so, again, they only have a couple degrees to go. look how warm it is down south. it's in the 50s. so like i said tremendous variation across the area. so here are the temperatures as we go through the afternoon. they are dropping down through the 30s and into the 20s. here is 4:45 this afternoon. we're into the 20s in redding and allentown. there we go into the 20s in the philadelphia area. by around 7:00 tonight. so we're going to see temperatures drop real fast. so we need that wind to start drying up the ground or else we're going to have a lot of ice around here tonight. more about the timing and these temperatures and what to expect where you live with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> as glenn just mentioned, the worst of the wintry mix lehigh valley. storm force 10 on the road throughout the morning checking out conditions in the area.
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nbc 10's matt delucia joins us. you saw the snow and slush causing a lot of problems out there. >> a lot of problems vai. the roads are still wet right now. let's give you a look out here. from storm force 10 dash-cam. we're on 476. we spent most of the day farther north in the lehigh valley. that's where we did see quite a few issues. this one right here caused a big problem. we happened to drive up to this tractor-trailer that went off the road and over the guardrail on the northeast extension right after it happened a little after 3:30 this morning past the quakerstown exit. northbound lanes shut down. all traffic forced to get off at quakerstown. just before this crash, we did notice a few drivers were going well past the advised speed limit of 45 miles per hour. there was quite a lot of snow rain, ice on the highway at that
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time. flash forward to later in the morning. once we had that rain the plows were able to get that messy slush off the road but rain fell all morning, depending where you are, and that made things slow and messy. >> slushy more than anything. i came from king of prussia area up to lehigh. more ice there than king of prussia. you have to take it slow and be careful and don't do anything stupid. >> now, over in new jersey state police say more than 100 crashes had been reported this morning and there are still speed restrictions on many major roads. as we look live on 476 it is mostly wet. the bulk of those travel problems continue up in the lehigh valley especially that big rig crash on the northeast extension. so if you are heading out today be careful and be safe. live in storm force 10.i'm matt
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delucia, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, matt. check in with jill. you have an alternate to get around that accident matt just showed us? >> it's been out there for hours, approaching 4:00 this morning. a long time here. that tractor-trailer went off the road so a lot of work needed to be done. stick to 309 if you're planning to use the northeast extension that is going to be your best bet a live look in the lehigh valley route 22. roads are wet. that can be deceiving. you still see slippery conditions, shoulders of the road on and off ramps, side streets where you have to watch out. same situation along interstate 78 cedar crest boulevard. heading north, mount pocono very messy conditions. i just wanted to take you north so you could see the variation in what we're seeing on the roads. that is a live look in mount pocono. just be careful wherever you're
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going even if closer to the city with temperatures changing you never know when you could hit a patch of ice. those bridge surfaces can also be slippery. vai. >> here is new video out of lehigh county. this man was riding his bike along 12th in allen street in allentown, a mix of snow and ice. managed to get on the road. a cruiser slipped on the snow and crashed into a parked car. that fence there, the officer luckily was not hurt. you can count on nbc 10 news app to help you navigate through slippery conditions. you get the newest forecast and alerts right to the smartphone or tablet also watch a live stream of our newscast as it happens. this morning police are looking for an inmate who broke out of a burks county correctional city for the second time. they say he pulled the fire alarm at westernersville early
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yesterday morning and escaped. investigators say he jumped into a waiting car and got away. this is the second time in three years diven pulled off an escape. if you see him, you're asked to call police. a two-year-old fell out of this window. that's about a 10 foot drop in philadelphia. the child is listed in stable condition. the man accused of killing his boss at her bus stop has been arraigned and denied bail. police say randall sanders shot to death his boss kim jones, at a bus stop at 12th and jefferson last month. authorities say surveillance video captured him following jones moments before the crime. they worked at a center city nonprofit called turning point for children. they believe he killed jones because she was about to report him for misappropriating money. >> he's an absolute scum bag.
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to shoot someone in daylight in front of people and leave her on the corner. >> he also faces weapons charges. he's expected in court later this week. a burlington county man accused of killing his girlfriend and father in the home they shared in mount holly is facing a double murder charge. dennis pos. iak. charged with two counts of murder nicole and brian wilson. his bail set at $1 medical. police say he bludgeoned the victims to death inside their home on washington street sometime between friday night and saturday morning. the victims died of head trauma but no other details have been released. the motive is still under investigation. this morning police in mercer county are looking for a hit-and-run driver. officers say someone struck a man on east state street in hamilton township and then took off. it happened early last night. police are looking for a silver
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suv with damage to the front hood and windshield. the victim is expected to recover. happening today in philadelphia lawmakers will make a push for a ban on the sale of powdered caffeine. pennsylvania senator bob casey and other legislators will hold a briefing at 30th street station this afternoon, expected to call on the food and drug administration to stop businesses from selling caffeine powder. according to fda a single teaspoon is equivalent to 25 cups of coffee. it has been linked to deaths in ohio and georgia. super bowl xlix is in the books. once again the new england patriots are champs. it was a heartbreaking loss for seattle seahawks who were just one yard away from scoring the go ahead touchdown with less than 30 seconds on the clock. they had a time-out as well and then this happened. >> pass is intercepted at the goal line by malcolm butler.
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unreal. >> unreal indeed. seahawks opting to throw the ball instead of giving it to their star running back marshawn lynch, the guy they call beast mode. patriots quarterback tom brady threw for four touchdowns to grab his third super bowl mvp of his career. new england wins the game 28-24 for their fourth super bowl title. >> i think there's a lot of people that are very deserving of this award and a great gain by our team a lot of individual players played phenomenal. it was a real test for our team and i'm honored to be up here. >> i just went to -- i was 83? i don't know. i jumped and there was the ball. >> the first time in a decade new england took home lombardi. they remain the last nfl team to
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repeat as champions. we're expecting big news from washington within the hour. the president is expected to release his budget plan and what it contain and whether there are any others he can find agreement with republican congress. huge flames overseas will show you where this massive inferno happened and what was destroyed. glenn. >> some areas are dealing with rain but others are still seeing ice and snow. it could spell some big trouble later on today. details just ahead.
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now nbc 10 first alert leather. >> 11:14, take a live look at cape may, new jersey from our camera at the hotel. as you can see, rain is coming down out there in south jersey. glenn "hurricane" schwartz will be back with the full forecast. you'll have that coming up in just a moment. meanwhile within the hour president obama will release his budget proposal for 2016. nbc's tracie potts takes a look at the $4 trillion plan and issues up for debate. >> reporter: president obama's $4 trillion budget federal workers would get a bigger raise than before. plus he wants to spend nearly half a trillion on infrastructure, roads, bridges, and public transit, $10 billion plus clean energy and millions eventually billions for free community college. >> we can afford to make these
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investments. since i took office we cut our deficit by two-thirds. >> the deficit, how upside down it is, the debt we owe would maintain relatively stable but still unbalanced. these likely to cause a rift here plus a 14% corporate tax on overseas profits and an even bigger tax on future foreign earnings. but republicans are talking compromise. >> we want to go and see if there's common ground. we wan to work with this administration to see if we can find common ground on certain aspects of tax reform and exhaust that possibility. >> this budget gives middle class a break, a second tax credit for two-parent working families expanding breaks to adults with no children and expanding child care tax credit. republican leaders say they are open to that. what they don't like is closing trust fund loophole. you might think that just applies to rich families. republican leaders argue it applies to small businesses like
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farmers who want to pass the business onto their children. tracie potts, nbc news washington. waiting for proof of life for a pilot captured by isis militants. they want proof the pilot is still alive before exchanging a jailed iraqi militant as part of the swap deal. the pilot was taken hostage in august after his jet crashed in an isis-controlled territory in syria. dozens of people gathered outside japan's prime minister's office to pray for the two japanese hostages killed by isis. over the weekend isis released a video that purports to show journalist kenji goto being beheaded over the weekend. japan's prime minister said the country will take on a role in the international community's fight against terrorism. over the weekend, some russian attack helicopter arrived in baghdad to help in the fight against isis. in this video from the iraqi ministry of defense, you can see helicopters being unloaded from
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a cargo plane. the helicopters will be deployed to northern iraq where the harsh winter weather and thick mud hindered soldiers on the ground there. some teachers in pakistan are now carrying firearms. this decision comes one month after 140 students and staff were killed when taliban gunman stormed a school in peshawar. the teachers were given basic training on how to handle the guns and how to take cover before trying to shoot any attackers. take a look at this fire. officials say it caused $40 million in damages after it ripped through a tire plant in thailand. the fire destroyed six of 15 warehouses. nobody there was killed. it took six hours to get the fire under control. the company is homeland to the biggest tire maker and exporters. hundreds returned to navy yard more than a year after mass shooting happened there. that building has since been closed since september of 2013
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when 12 people were killed. the gunman was killed by police since that shooting. the building was renovated with a new layout and appearance. >> now nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> well the poconos are about the only place that had a lot of snow, 10 inches of snow. other parts of the area may have to be dealing with icy conditions. that may be the biggest problem before this whole storm is over. we have strong winds that are going to be coming in later today and into this evening helping for that refreezing tonight with some icy conditions. now, what types of icing are we talking about in what do we mean when we say that? icy spots, least threatening. here, there, little ponds that freeze up. icy areas a little bit more widespread. what we're talking about possibly happening tonight is a flash freeze where all that
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slush that's out there, you better get rid of it this afternoon because it's going to freeze up tonight because temperatures are going to plunge so much. black ice is what we had that other sunday where the ground looks like it's wet. there's blacktop underneath looks like nothing and it's a solid area of ice. not so much expecting that. flash freeze is a serious thing. we'll have to watch that through the afternoon. we have a lot of clouds around. there's rain in some places. it's 38 in philadelphia with northeast wind. so we've pretty much stopped warming up. that's going to be part of our problem. see, the wind flow now out of the north, we had southerly winds, brought temperatures into the 50s in delaware and south jersey but that's moving offshore. when the west winds come in that's when the real cold air starts. of course temperatures are critical. we're going to take a look at a lot of these. wrights town 32 trenton 33. and as we go up to the north,
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allentown is 31 quakertown 32 mount holly is only 33. look how warm it is to the south. dover was in the 50s an hour ago. let's head to lehigh county no serious problems now outside poconos, going to happen this afternoon. down to 30 in allentown, 30 in mertztown. these temperatures will go down. we have some snow this afternoon. 33 in white haul. bucks county lower bucks, just a little bit above freezing. levittown at 33 middle furlong and warrington at 33 yeardley at 33. but only 32 in dodoilstown, perkasie. we don't have far for temperatures to go down. montgomery county, a little milder. eagleville only 33 and 35 in
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pottstown. now, we still have plenty of moisture. so the roads are going to stay wet for several more hours. there may not be enough time left in the day for the wind to help dry out the roads. that's what i'm concerned about because the future weather models are bringing this rain and moving it out maybe too fast. then there's a bit of a changeover to snow. so we have some snow showers in the lehigh valley and poconos this afternoon. that could also lead to some problems with icing tonight. so we have that change to snow up to the north. we have flash freeze possibility up to the north and some icy areas to the south during the night tonight. so as we go through the day, rain to ice to snow in some areas. strong winds. big temperature contrast. gusts to 50 miles an hour possible later today. so a lot going on.
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then we're down into the teens in the city tonight. perhaps single digits in some suburbs. so that's why everything is going to freeze up. then wednesday, we're up to 42. then we get another blast coming, a chance of a little bit of snow on thursday and another arctic blast for friday. >> thank you, glenn. well, hey, it's groundhog day. will it be an early spring? >> you can start the twitter #six more weeks of winter? >> really? you heard it right there straight from the shadow of punxsutawney phil. six more weeks of winter. let's hope he's wrong. crowds gathered at gobbler's knob for the star of the show to appear. this the 129th groundhog day in punxsutawney. important news for parents of young children. new information about what's really in prepackaged meals for toddlers. we'll have that straight ahead.
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governor chris christie is continuing his trip to england. we'll show you what he's up to today when we come back.
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a new study shows many prepackaged foods for toddlers contained high amounts of added sugar and sodium. researchers looked at dinners, snacks juices and deserts made for babies and toddlers and what they found is that 41% of mixed grains and fruits included at least one added sugar and 72% of toddler dinners were high in
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sodium. most commonly used added sugars were fruit juice concentrate, sugar and high fructose corn syrup. the snow has turned to rain in many parts of our region but other areas are still dealing with snow and ice. as we take a live look at camelback mountain resort in the poconos, plunging temperatures could lead to big problems today. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz will let us know what we can expect just ahead. it's the time of year when we're seeing a lot of home fires. we'll be joined by experts who will tell us two simple things we can do to prevent a fire in your home.
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>> announcer: this is nbc 10 news. >> and it is a first alert weather day. much of the area is just dealing
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with rain. others are seeing icing and snow which will be returning. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz here with the forecast. glenn. >> we have some nasty weather in parts of the area. we've got a first alert weather day out there, and it's especially true for the poconos, lehigh valley burks county upper montgomery and upper bucks counties. we've got that icy mix changing to snow in those areas with the temperatures plunging as strong winds come in during the afternoon. gusts over 40 miles an hour during the afternoon. refreezing tonight as temperatures drop sharply and not just through the 20s but into the teens by tomorrow morning. and that will cause any kind of slush overnight. cannee eesee all the rain on the
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radar. need several hours for the roads to dry out before this cold air comes in. that rain is not helping things. we have some snow still up in the poconos. we've had a change to snow in allentown over the last couple of hours. you can see it's a fairly solid area and not all just light. what it's doing, it keeps the roads and sidewalks and driveways moist, that cold air, coming in overnight tonight. look at rain still on the radar at this particular hour. the temperatures are down in some areas. 30 in allentown. we were 32 a couple hours ago. it's already dropping. that will cause some more icing issues. reading is 35 pottstown 35,
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lancaster. a band of snow coming down. that will help keep things moist and a little bit slippery. especially in northern areas where it's already cold got to take it easy on the roads. can't just assume that everything is wet. look what happens here this evening. temperatures drop into the teens. by 9:30 tonight, even philadelphia is down to 21. northeast philly 19. this entire area is going to be well below freezing by tomorrow morning. that is going to be part of the problem. we'll talk more about the timing of the precipitation, how low it's going to go and talk about any possibility of moisture with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> and you can see just how dangerous the roads are in lehigh valley lehigh county here as this car tries to maneuver down a snow covered street in allentown. but they are going slowly so that's good. a winter storm warning in effect until later tonight.
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this is video from long island upstate new york got a few more inches of snow yesterday. this comes as residents are working to dig out from last week's blizzard. and more than a foot of snow fell in detroit, michigan. streets in downtown area there all but abandoned with only a few vehicles bracing the winter weather. the snow did not stop sledders from going out and having a little fun out there in that snow. more snow and ice leading to rough conditions on many of our roads and even bigger problems to our north. today's show al roker live in new york to talk about more issues there. al i understand new england patriots scheduled their parade for tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. that going to be a problem? well, you know, vai, i've got to tell you, i think it could be in doubt for two reasons. one, the roads are a mess. you're going to be seeing much cooler air, colder air coming in. whatever is on the ground now is
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going to freeze solid. two, they may have trouble getting flights in. they have charters obviously. we've heard reports. we've not gotten confirmation that one of the first flights out from phoenix to boston had to be diverted to jfk. that had staff, patriots staff and family members on it not necessarily the players. it's going to be interesting to see what happens. as you've been mentioning, snow amounts chicago, detroit big, big snowfall amounts. the other issue we're watching this icing situation. we've got the rain/snow line. this may get into philadelphia or at least north of philadelphia in your northern suburbs in the next few hours. we've had a quarter inch of ice in altoona, pennsylvania, .12 inch in central mass. somerville, new jersey
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pittsburgh, .01 inch of ice. what we're watching with this radar, we're watching freezing rain, ice line set up. as it does that's going to be the problem, vai. so the snow for you guys that's done. that moved on. but you could see some decent icing which will cause some problems for your afternoon rush hour. here it is setting up. now, right now you guys are in pretty good shape. but that could be changing if this cold air continues to slip south and you got this fairly decent slug of moisture coming in. so i know hurricane schwartz will be watching that very closely. >> thank you very much al roker. we look forward to seeing more of your reports on the "today" show. breaking news, following a multi-vehicle accident that's believed to be weather related in the chicago area. this is video that just came in from hickory hill, illinois, just outside of chicago.
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reports. as many as 100 vehicles involved in this crash, tying up traffic. it involves cars and tractor-trailers along 294. working to see if anyone injured, making phone calls. updates on this breaking news. count on nbc 10 news app to keep you up to date all winter long. you can get the newest forecast on your smartphone and tablet. also a live stream of our newscast as they happen. in delaware crews are working to clean up after a paint truck overturned near greenwood. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the driver of the truck to drive off beach highway. the driver was injured but will survive. authorities say there are no reports of any propane leaks. happening today new jersey governor and expected presidential contender chris christie is in the middle of a three-day trip to britain. today governor christie toured the cemetery remains of many
11:37 am
americans who died in world war ii. christie and his wife pat laid a wreath at the cemetery. earlier toured a bioresearch company in cambridge. after the tour christie said parents need to have a choice about vaccinating their children against the virus. >> it has to be a balance. >> will meet with british prime minister david cameron. home fire is the biggest disaster threat to american families. more than floods more than hurricanes or tornadoes. here now to talk to us about how to prevent home fires is philadelphia commissioner sawyer. tell us some things people can do to help prevent fires in their homes. >> a few things.
11:38 am
first of all, a working smoke alarm. almost 80% of the homes we visit that have fires do not have working smoke alarm. if they had a working smoke alarm and tested that that would be the first step ensuring safety. >> a couple of deaths last week. >> yes, that's correct. >> because somebody did not have smoke alarms. >> the second thing is a home escape plan. >> escape route. >> once have you the smoke alarm that's working, make sure you can get out and stay out. those two things can keep people safe. >> it's important not to just have the escape plan but practice it. with young children this is something that need to know what to do, where to go how to gather especially in the middle of the night. this is a problem you often -- what else -- other things? what about technology. are there ways to use technology
11:39 am
to prefer you self for these disasters. >> we view smoke alarms as technology. working on technology for cooking fires. for example, testing going on to have stove tops where burners don't get too hot. that will help reduce cooking fires also. technology is a good source. once again, main thing is having a plan how to get out. portable heaters. wintertime. we know people will use space heaters to keep warm. the key to space heaters, space heaters need space. three feet around anything that burn including yourself. a space heater getting warm sitting close to it your clothing can catch fire also. we want to make sure you remind everybody at least three feet from anything that can burn. >> especially folks in homes where there's young children or elderly and more prone to use those space heaters. >> children pets. pets can tip over space heater. speaking about technology the
11:40 am
newest space heaters have tip control, where space heater gets tipped over it shuts offer. make sure using newest equipment, underwriter laboratory approved make sure you use safety especially around children and pets. >> commissioner before i let you go i have to ask you this question about the alleged scandal in your department accusations of firefighters having sex with a paramedic on duty. what can you tell us or can you update us on the situation? >> basically at this point, it's a personal matter. right now we won't discuss it until we get all the facts and decide what course of action we need to take. once we do that i think we can provide more information. >> the mayor has said it's a complicated issue. we recognize that. is this something that could change department policy? >> oh, it definitely will change department policy. i think you have to always look at ways you can improve your organization. so i guarantee it will change department policy. >> commissioner thank you for coming in today.
11:41 am
good luck to you. we appreciate you and your time. >> thank you. >> one super bowl ad last night focused on the serious subject of domestic violence. take a look. >> is there someone in the reason with you? just say yes or no. >> yes. >> we'll have a look at whether it increased public awareness about public vile ennis helping or hurting victims. glenn. >> watch out for icy conditions tonight as temperatures plunge. i'll show you how cold it's going to get and what areas are most at risk coming up. trading-in or selling your car truck or suv? takes the hassle
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out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at ♪
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super bowl xlix is in the books. once again the new england patriots are champs. heartbreaking loss for the seahawks though. just one yard away from scoring the go ahead touchdown. less than 30 seconds on the clock. they had a time-out and then this happened. >> play clock is five. pass is intercepted at the goal line by malcolm butler. unreal. >> it was unreal especially if you were seahawks. seahawks opting to pass instead of giving the ball to their star running back marshawn limpbl beast mode they call him. patriots quarterback tom brady had three touchdown passes to grab his third super bowl mvp. new england wins the game 28-24 for their fourth super bowl title. after the patriot big win hundreds of students gathered on the campus of university of massachusetts amherst. there they are running out of the building to celebrate.
11:45 am
u mass police along with state police were there to monitor the crowds. some students did get a little rowdy. about a dozen were arrested. katy perry entered on a giant line puppet. appearances by lenny kravitz and missy elliot wrapped up with huge fireworks show as perry soared through the air performing firework. more big moments on the game at field during halftime check out super bowl section at instead of getting laughs some super bowl advertisers took the opportunity to spread a more serious message. take a look. >> i'll never learn to ride a bike. or get cooties. >> nationwide insurance taking
11:46 am
some heat on social media for this ad teaching a little boy talking about all the great things he'll never do in his life because he died in a childhood accident. one commercial focused on a serious issue that's been in the spotlight the entire nfl season domestic violence. >> is there someone in the room with you in just say yes or no. >> yes. >> the no more campaign showed images of domestic violence while featuring 911 call of a woman pretending to order a pizza because her attacker was still in the house. katy zachry went to camden to show us whether public awareness helped or hurt domestic violence victims. >> reporter: there was so much public outrage following ray rice elevator abuse video we're hearing it may have hindered other victims from coming forward. >> a lot of coverage i saw, i thought it could serve as more of a deterrent to coming
11:47 am
forward. >> the woman's place in bucks county said at the end of last year there was no increase in the number of domestic violence calls compared to the year before even with the addition of domestic violence awareness ads. >> no more. >> several airing last night during super bowl. >> are there any weapons in your house? >> no. >> can you stay on the phone with me? >> no. >> many of those ads are in response to the ray rice elevator abuse video. but aduba says it's the public outrage that may keep victims from coming forward. >> they are afraid they will get blamed or questioned. people did just that. they questioned jhene rice. >> she also says nfl put so much money into ad campaigns which she applauds but worries because that money is not making its way to the front lines where volunteers like hers work 24/7 to staff phones and help victims out of dangerous situations. >> it's that awareness campaign actually increases the number of calls that we receive, there were no dollars that followed it
11:48 am
to really support making sure those phones got answered. >> a woman's place had its own fundraiser over super bowl weekend to help raise money for a cause locally. you can find more information about that on our nbc 10 app. reporting from center city katy zachry nbc 10 news. a father-daughter relationship is an unbreakable bond. for nfl player devin still it meant taking a break from football to support his little girl as she battled cancer. devin born in camden born in wilmington and raising her in philadelphia. i had a chance to set down with these two inspiring people for a heartwarming look at their special relationship. >> are you ready for today? are you ready to get this cans are up out of you? let's do it. >> when this video went viral it made them household names. the fist pump got them national exposure on "ellen" show went
11:49 am
on espn. he's all american first round draft pick of cincinnati bengals. after his daughter's diagnoses he found his softer side and embraced it from dancing and painting nails, dancing to dougie. there's nothing this dad wouldn't do for his little girl. >> a daughter a totally different experience. one thing i do i never did in my life is play with her barbies and barbie house. i never would have done that before if i didn't have her. you'll do anything to put a smile on your child's face. >> she was admitted friday and expected to be released on wednesday. once leah gets better this daddy-daughter duo has plans for a book titled "i am strong." >> chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> we have some serious weather conditions in parts of the area. other parts of the area way
11:50 am
above freezing. roads are just wet and things are okay for this afternoon. but even there it might change during the night tonight. some icy and slushy conditions up to the north. that's going to refreeze and ice up as the cold winds come in on those strong northwest winds. refreezing tonight. some areas getting flash freeze all the slush that's around is just going to ice over. so you might as well get it off the car, off the sidewalks, off the driveways and driving, which is again, just wet right now. tonight there could be some more problems so you want to take it easy. leave extra time and let your loved ones know there may be an issue here. we've got to follow these temperatures and the road conditions. we go through the afternoon and tonight. 38 right now in philadelphia. so we're still above freezing. been above freezing all night from philly southward. with the southerly wind. now the winds are coming out of
11:51 am
the north. that's the end of warming. when it starts coming in out of the west that's when it starts getting colder. so we're above freezing chester county trenton 33 wrightstown 32. farther to the north and west allentown at 30 right now. so there's been some icing, some slushy conditions. of course down south it's, you know mid-40s to near 50 degrees. it was even warmer than that a couple hours ago. mertstown 31 slatington 29 degrees. goits to get colder as we go through late afternoon. there may be snow added to this. lehigh county bucks county. not so much lower portion of bucks county this afternoon but tonight that's all going to freeze too. doylestown at 32.
11:52 am
so is perkasie. so we've got issues in upper bucks, upper montgomery chester county we're above freezing as you can see. coatesville 36. very often chester county is a little extra cold. so far not extra cold. but tonight this whole area is going to go down into the teens. so anything of course that's around is going to freeze. we need those winds to dry up the roads. but there's still rain. how do you dry off the roads if it's still raining? that's going to be the problem. if the rain cut off and we could have several hours of strong winds drying things out, then we'd be in better shape but that's not happening right now. there's a changeover to snow in the lehigh valley. parts of bucks county this afternoon. that adds to the potential slipperiness as we go into the afternoon rush. so the latest on this first alert day, we have that change
11:53 am
to snow up to the north. we have that potential flash freeze where all that slush freezes over. anything wet ices up because it's going to get so cold. icy areas to the south, places not icy now are going to be later on. we've got rain ice, and snow with strong winds this afternoon. a huge temperature contrast gusts to near 50 miles an hour. a lot going on here. come back starting at 4:00 and we're going to give you an update on this difficult night. then we're down into the teens in philadelphia perhaps single digits. suburbs only 27 for a high tomorrow. then temperatures go up for a day before we get another blast, a chance of some snow as well on thursday. look how cold it gets friday again. we'll be right back.
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coming up this afternoon on nbc 10 starting at 3:00 "ellen" is all new today with actress viola davis. then it's nbc 10 news at 4:00 this afternoon council in chaos. you've got to see this story. local leaders yelling, finger pointing and name calling. nbc investigators showing you what elected leaders are doing at meetings while city business hangs in the balance.
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thank you for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm vie silk this is glenn "hurricane" schwartz, from all of us, have a great day. stay warm out there.
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