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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  February 3, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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right now at 11:00, a bitter blast continues to bring very cold air to our region. not very comfortable day. to stand outside and pump gas. windchills are making it feel like it is in the single digits in some places. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. our below average temperatures will stick around today. and there is another possibility of snow this week. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. how is it looking out there? cold? >> absolutely. those strong winds, late yesterday, brought in this bitter cold air. we still have some wind out there. it is looking like it was late yesterday when we had gusts close to 50 miles an hour.
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just enough to make it feel colder than the temperature would indicate. it is 24 degrees at philadelphia. it is only 18 in pottstown. and allentown, the temperature at 11:00 in the morning, the average high for this time of the year is 41. and the windchill, the way it feels on your exposed skin only 5 in allentown. 7 in pottstown. 9 in trenton. and still 7 below in the poconos. now, we have some clouds across a good bit of the area. that's not really helping the temperature go up in the northern and western suburbs this is the area of snow we're watching, a light area moving pretty quickly. so we're not talking about any kind of storm potential here. for this afternoon, no snow but the clouds will be breaking up. the temperature, though, not going up very much. only to the upper 20s. and it will not be as cold tonight as it was last night. we're talking more about the
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timing of that next snow with the seven day. you could be the first to know when the forecast changes with the all new nbc 10 news app. get the latest forecast alerts and any advisories on winter weather to your smartphone or tablet. free download. get it at the app store. a man is shot while driving his car in southwest philadelphia. and this morning his quick actions and those of a police sergeant may have saved his life. matt delucia is live at 65th and woodland streets. you've been talking with the police throughout the morning. quite a series of events out there. >> reporter: the shooting happened about a block down 65th street here it is how the victim managed to get to this intersection and what happened next that has given police a stronger investigation. >> whoever it was that did it they're going to eventually get caught. >> reporter: people who live in southwest philadelphia this morning woke up to find police tape and a bullet riddled car just outside the 12th district station. it was just before 1:30 police say a 22-year-old man was
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driving this chevy at 65th and paschall when three shots came through. he managed to keep driving, speeding with no headlights up the block to woodland avenue where a sergeant just happened to be outside. >> initially he was conscious and then he became unconscious and was no longer able to talk to the sergeant. >> reporter: with a gunshot wound to the chest, the sergeant rushed the man to -- at the scene, this delivery driver says he makes several trips in this area at night. do you worry at night when you're driving? >> yeah. >> reporter: he wonders now if the shooting was targeted or random. >> i don't want to something to happen to me or somebody else. >> reporter: detectives searched through surveillance video and this former cop says she's grateful there weren't more victims. >> that car kafka reasoncould have careened and hit somebody else. >> reporter: police did speak to a witness of the shooting who told investigators he pulled up behind the victim's car on paschall. the victim was talking with
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someone standing next to the car and that person fired the shots as the victim drove away. police tell me that the man they're looking for was wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt and was last seen in a black dodge charger. as for that victim he was rushed into surgery. and is in extremely critical condition at this hour. live at southwest philadelphia, matt delucia nbc 10 news. philadelphia police are searching for two people they say broke into a home where a couple has lived for more than 65 years. the thieves stole money and jewelry from the couple. this happened before 4:00 this morning on arrott street. the robbers got away. no one was hurt. police in berks county are investigating an attempted abduction there. they say an 11-year-old student told police a man approached them on park north road in wyomissing grabbed their arm and told them to come with him. the child was able to run away. if you recognize the man in the sketch you're asked to call police. skyforce10 over the scene on
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south 7th street in southwest philadelphia where a car crashed into a house. there are no reports of any injuries. it is still unclear what caused the driver to lose control of his vehicle. and jackknifed tractor trailer shut down a busy stretch of route 22 in the lehigh valley. skyforce10 over the scene this morning, just before 5:45 in white hall township. the impact of this accident caused some fuel to leak from the truck. the eastbound lanes were closed between 15th street and route 145. but are now back open. no one was hurt in this accident. lincoln drive in philadelphia is back open this morning as well. police blocked off the road near gypsy lane overnight because a water main break left it iced over. trucks spread salt to clear the ice. and frigid conditions for firefighters as they battle fire at a vacant house in camden. it started around 12:45 at a house on mount vernon street. no one there was hurt. and this morning, we know the identity of the driver killed after a tree fell on his
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car. the authorities have identified the victim as 54-year-old marsis mothersill. they believe strong winds and wet ground played a part in the deadly crash. the car kept going and crashed into another car. no one else there was hurt. the philadelphia woman and her teenage daughter are accused of shooting two women at a laundry mat. this happened on roberts avenue in the nicetown-tioga section of the city around 5:30 last night. investigators say the woman and her 13-year-old daughter know the victims and followed them to a laundry mat, got into an argument and opened fire. police say one of the victims was grazed in the head and came within an inch of losing her life. >> it is reckless. kids could have got hurt you know. they walking around every day. i mean anybody could have got hurt. >> the other woman was shot in the leg. both are listed in stable condition. mother and daughter are in custody, but have not yet been
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charged. a philadelphia police sergeant is suing the department for false arrest. sergeant brandon rough filed the lawsuit after he hid his identity while handing in a stolen gun. prosecutors say he handed over three guns at a north philadelphia police station last august but did not tell the officers there he was a cop. and gave them a fake name. investigators say one of the guns had been reported stolen a police department spokesperson said rough will be fired after he serves a 30 day suspension. another important deadline looms today for the bankrupt revel casino in atlantic city. the company that ran its nightclub and beach bar is appealing the casino sale to a developer. revel has until 4:00 this afternoon to respond to the appeal or the deal could fall through. the developer has threatened to walk away if the sale continues to stall. and revel is facing more problems. its sole utility supplier said
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it will cut off electricity on the building on thursday unless its accrued debts are paid. revel says that would violate a court order and asked the judge to find acr energy $10 million and an additional $1 million for each day the company cuts off power. chris christie continues his overseas trip. we'll show you who he's meeting with today in england, one day after his remarks about vaccines stirred controversy. we'll also show you what other possible presidential hopefuls are saying about vaccinations. how much sleep do you really need? we have newly released recommendations that may change your thinking. we're tracking light snow that could affect one of your commutes this week. i'll show you when coming up in my seven-day forecast.
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it is a final day of new jersey governor chris christie's visit to the united kingdom. right now he's meeting with british chancellor george osborne. he's the equivalent of the u.s. treasury secretary. yesterday, the governor had to clarify comments he made about the growing debate over vaccinations. >> there has to be a balance. and it depends on what the vaccine is what the disease type is and all the rest. i didn't say i'm leaving people the option. i'm saying we need to have the balance. >> governor christie originally said parents should have some choice about vaccinating their children. later clarified that children should be vaccinated for mees. all in response to a measles
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outbreak in california. president obama insists the science is clear. >> there is every reason to get vaccinated, there aren't reasons to not. >> i'm not arguing vaccines are a bad idea. i think they're a good thing. i think the parent should have some input, the state doesn't own your children parents own the children. >> republican senator rand paul just saw there also says most vaccinations should be voluntary and a parents' choice not to vaccinate a child is an issue of freedom. hillary clinton put it this way, the science is clear, the earth is round, the sky is blue and vaccines work. let's protect all our kids. also happening now, health leaders in pennsylvania are meeting to discuss the measles outbreak, this comes as local and national politicians try to draw a balance between parents' rights and public health needs. nbc 10's jesse gary reports from university city. >> reporter: officials using the convenience of the telephone to
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host a panel discussion. they'll have health care professionals and members of the media phone in just about now. this action comes after concerns that california outbreak of measles could make its way to pennsylvania. there are now 92 confirmed cases in the golden state. it all started last december when at least 40 people who visited or worked at disney land in orange county contracted measles. measles was all but eradicated in the country from vaccines given to children. the resurgence since 2011 has come largely in cases -- clusters in communities where people do not immunize. >> one of the most contagious infections. if i had measles now while having this discussion you both would be at risk for contracting measles if you were not immune and anybody else who came in this room even as long as two hours later after i leave would still be at risk for contracting measles. >> reporter: the doctor recommends vaccinating your children. he adds 3% of adults infected
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with measles become hospitalized because that disease develops into pneumonia. you can learn more about measles and vaccinations from the pennsylvania medical society. in university city, i'm jesse gary, nbc 10 news. >> heart disease is america's number one killer. and president obama has declared february american heart month. this weekend, the american heart association is having a big fund-raiser to help the cause. the organization's 58th annual ball is this saturday night at the marriott at 12:01 market in center city. here to tell us more is linda paulschuch from the american heart association. thank you. welcome to the studio. tell us about the ball and tell us how much money you expect to raise and who exactly benefits from the money i'll raise this saturday. >> the american heart association's heart ball is one of three major campaigns. with that go red for women, and the heart walk all together we raise about $3 million. and the ball -- this year's ball
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we are honoring business men, jerry mcginnis, from kpmg and cardiologist dr. peter co- err coew from main line health. >> how many people suffer from heart disease? >> about 80 million americans are considered to have cardiovascular disease. in this area close to 9,000 people die annually because of the problems with cardiovascular disease and stroke. >> that's significant. tell me how the american heart association helps those folks out. >> yeah the money that is raised from the american heart association campaigns really goes primarily to research. and we're very fortunate in the philadelphia area. this year we're supporting 86 research grants totalling about $15 million. >> and friday is a big day for you guys. go red for women day. tell us what that means. >> yes, go red for women is another campaign sponsored by the american heart association.
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and as you may know heart disease is the number one killer of american women. that is another campaign in which we raise money to support research in our area. >> i understand our own jacqueline london is coming to emcee your event. >> at the heart ball yes, she'll there be. >> have you met her? >> i have not but i'm looking forward to it. >> that will be a great treat to have jacqueline there. thank you for coming in. we appreciate it. the heart ball is saturday night at 6:00 in the evening. go to or our nbc 10 mobile app for more on how you can support the cause. thank you. appreciate you coming in. >> thank you. a new study by the national sleep foundation shows millions of americans are not getting enough sleep. the report actually says sleep deprivation is a national epidemic. the group most at risk for not getting enough sleep, teenagers who need eight to ten hours a day. adults should get seven to nine hours a night. this new study widened the range for the younger age groups. it also added an older adult age
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group. experts say people over 65 should get seven to eight hours of sleep. british lawmakers have just voted to approve letting scientists use genetic techniques to create babies from the dna of three people. the move could make britain the first country in the world to allow embryos to be modified this way. the techniques are intended to stop mothers from passing on potentially fatal genetic diseases to their children. >> not alteringing the nucleus, not altering the 5 50% of genes that come from each parent. it is .54% of the genome. >> opponents insist the techniques cross a fundamental boundary. but scientists say they would only be used in about a dozen cases each year. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> quite a change from what we
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have seen at this time yesterday when we had snow and ice and rain falling. it is very cold after that storm that moved out. we are tracking some light snow with the system coming in from the midwest and we got another bitter blast behind that one that is going to affect us later in the week. the clouds breaking up at least in parts of the area. so we're seeing a little bit more sunshine. 24 degrees, the wind 13 miles an hour. not nearly as strong as late yesterday. the windchill feels like 12 degrees. the current temperature is still only in the teens in allentown and pottstown. mid-20s in dover and millville and atlantic city stone harbor and with the wind it feels colder, like the teens to the south and east. and single digits still in trenton and lancaster and below zero in the poconos. this is a 24 hour temperature
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difference. we're 20 to 22 degrees colder in southern sections than we were at this time yesterday. remember, we were in the 50s in parts of delaware and south jersey yesterday morning. well, it is cold here but, of course it is colder back to the north and west. and our air has been coming occasionally. 20 to 30 below zero temperatures in central canada. we have another shot of that coming down by thursday. so it feels like temperatures, we go through the afternoon, not as bad as what we saw last night or early this morning. still on the cold side for this time of the year. but it doesn't really go down that much during the night tonight. the temperature kind of levels off and by tomorrow morning, we're feeling like the low 20s. that's almost going to seem balmy compared to what we have today. these are some of the clouds coming through. no precipitation with it. that's a different story up here in the midwest, weak system
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moving pretty rapidly. that looks like it will be affecting us and the timing may not actually be great. for 11:00 wednesday night, there it is north and west lehigh valley. and this particular computer model brings this band of snow down right near the morning rush on thursday. and several other models have similar timing. fair amount of agreement on this. and the agreement is also this is not a major system. we are not getting multiple inches of snow. it could get just enough just a coating, for example to cause a nuisance there for that morning rush. for the rest of the day today, clouds giving way to increased sunshine. but it is still going to be very cold. and the wind not nearly as strong. and tomorrow not nearly as cold, up to 42 degrees. but then by thursday morning, a little bit of light snow maybe a couple of hours worth at the most. temperatures not really going very far. look how cold it gets on friday
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again. with wind that's bitter cold. and then on saturday not as cold. we jump up but just for a day, because that may actually be a storm affecting the area on sunday and monday that could provide some snow to many parts of the area. >> thank you, glenn. we may have bitter cold in our area. we don't have to dig out from under three feet of snow. in our next half hour we'll get a check on how people are coping in new england. and we're about to get new insights into the life of civil rights icon. we'll tell you what the library of congress is about to make public.
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this video just in to nbc 10. the implosion of the i-270 mississippi canal bridge near st. louis, crews just brought down a large section of it with explosives just minutes ago. the bridge connects st. louis county to the state of illinois. happening today, survivors of an elite special operations unit will receive the nation's highest military honor on capitol hill. almost 50 world war ii veterans will receive the prestigious congressional medal of honor. the men were part of the first special services force which came to be known as the devils brigade. it became the stuff of legend
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and led to a hollywood movie in the '60s. we'll soon get a closer look into the life of the mother of a modern civil rights movement. the library of congress will open up a treasure trove of man stript scripts and photos that belong to rosa parks. it includes notes, mementos letters to childhood friends and her pancake recipe. tomorrow would have been rosa parks' 102nd birthday. she died in 2005. a deadly scene down under. an explosion rips through a shopping center. we'll tell you what was apparently behind the blast. we have that coming up. and inmate escape caught on camera. we'll show you how he was able to walk right out of jail before guards noticed what was happening. we'll tell you how his run from the law came to an end this morning. homecoming? it's awesome. but with the citizens bank education refinance loan it gets even better. you know those people who pay a little extra and get all the legroom in coach? that could be you, if you refinance your student loans.
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i can refinance? yes, you could replace your current student loans with one new loan and save money on interest. sounds easy! it is easy! so, treat yourself to something from that in-flight magazine. or save up for a new car, a wedding or a down payment on the home of your dreams. call citizens bank at 1-866-999-0218 or visit
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rngts . we're continuing it deal with a bitter blast. wins make it feel even colder as you see the flag whipping there at the aramark building. and we're tracking another chance of snow. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. skiers and snowboarders wondering when the snow is going to come. >> they have quite a bit of snow with the last system up to 10 inches of snow in parts of the poconos. it got cold. this is blue mountain live. and the windchill there was 20 below early this morning. so it is bitter cold if you want to go up there. it is cold. look at that. 10 degrees, 18 in allentown and pottstown. warm spot on the map, 25 degrees. still feels like 7 below zero at mount pocono and only 5 in allentown. 7 in lancaster.
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15 in wildwood. that's, again, the warm spot. we had a few clouds around. they're thinning out and starting to move out. we'll be seeing increased sunshine during the afternoon. this is the next system we're talking with the chance for snow producing some in minnesota and iowa. it is a fairly weak one. it is moving fast. and so we're not expecting a lot out of it. but the timing may be a bit of a nuisance there. and the temperatures today, most places not getting to 30 degrees. the average high is 41 for this time of the year. but at least increasing sunshine and not nearly as much wind. more on the timing of that snow and another potential storm will affect the weekend with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> the cleanup begins after record snowfall across the northeast as nbc's miguel almaguer reports, many people are left to deal with frigid
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conditions. >> reporter: this morning, new england wakes up buried in snow. it is the arctic blast across the northeast many will feel in their bones. the deep dive in temperature comes after blinding blizzard-like conditions. >> i'm tired of the snow. >> reporter: it hammered down for 14 hours straight in boston. record 3 feet of snow in 7 days. the mayor declared an emergency. buses were stuck. roadways were dangerous. even the super bowl parade was pushed back to wednesday. >> we have an entire city to get up and running. >> reporter: not just cities crippled airports hit hard too. more than 6700 flights canceled, many stuck with nowhere to go. >> they call this an act of god or something, so the airlines won't compensate you for a hotel room. >> reporter: with winds whipping up to 50 miles an hour outside boston, the storm turned deadly. a woman hit by a snowplow after the driver failed to see her.
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whiteouts led it wipeouts across the region. this is the view behind the wheel in connecticut, while two were killed during rush hour on i-95 in new york. >> too much snow. and it keeps coming and coming in a very short time. >> reporter: not just snow, but sleet. the winter mix is a mess and a nightmare to clean. today, roads are frozen over cars still buried deep. for now, the snow may have stopped, but the deep freeze is just settling in. >> that was nbc's miguel almaguer reporting. the snowstorm in boston is delaying jury selection in the boston marathon bombing trial for a second day. jury selection is canceled for today. and so far more than 100 perspective jurors have been questioned. tsarnaev is accused in the 2013 attack that killed three people and injured hundreds more. and checking out our top
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stories now, philadelphia police are looking for the person who shot a man this morning in southwest philadelphia. they found a victim as he was driving his car toward them. the man told them he was driving on 65th and paschall streets when bullets went right through his car. he was hit in the chest, but kept driving toward a police station. the sergeant was outside and helped him get to the hospital. and skyforce10 was over the scene on south 7th street in southwest philadelphia this morning where a car crashed into a house. there are no reports of any injuries there. still not clear what caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle. and jackknifed tractor trailer shut down a busy stretch of route 22 in the lehigh valley. skyforce10 over the scene this morning just before 5:45 in the morning at whitehall township. the eastbound lanes were closed between 15th and route 145, but they are now back open. no one was hurt. and new video into nbc 10
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shows two police -- two men police say held up the urban sa saloon in fairmount. two men with guns entered the bar and demanded money from employees who were closing. they got away with an unknown amount of cash. no one was hurt. and philadelphia police are also looking for the man who held up a 7/eleven store on cottman avenue. this shows the man pointing a gun at an employee. he got away with money and several packs of cigarettes. this happened back on january 14th. if you have any information, you're asked to call police. u.s. backed kurdish fighters are continuing an offensive to drive isis militants out of kirkuk iraq. the photographer who recorded this assault just south of the city, the offensive began last wednesday and since last friday and since then coalition air strikes have hit isis targets. villagers continue to flee the area. over the weekend, a sniper
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killed a senior kurdish commander. and an explosion at a shopping center killed at least two people in australia. police believe they were working in an area near an electrical transformer when the blast happened. several other people were hurt. and an inmate is back in custody after escaping from a north carolina prison. all he had to do was walk out the front door. security video shows the inmate walking right through the metal detectors, on his way out of the facility last week before officials started to follow him. once he got outside, he took off his coat and ran for the woods. officials say the inmate actually posed as his brother who was set -- who was set for release that same day. prison guards face disciplinary action. and happening today, delaware county leaders are touring a place that promises to produce jobs. but also produced controversy in a neighboring county. this is a marcus hook industrial complex, the former oil refinery in the -- on the delaware.
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sunoco logistics is turning it into a processing center for natural gas, liquids like propane even ethane. there will be an update from sunoco today. sunoco said this will create hundreds of permanent jobs across the state, but there is one potential snag. the natural gas would be pumped from the marcellus shale region of western pennsylvania through a pipeline stretching across the state. several townships along that path have mounted legal challenges to the pipeline not wanting it in their backyards. west goshen township is fighting proposed pumping station that would be part of the pipeline. sunoco promised investors that the project will go through. the delaware county council is expected to brief the media at about 1:00 p.m. we'll find out if the council is concerned about the legal challenges. and if the county is offering any tax incentives to sunoco logistics. carpenters and teamsters took a hit from pennsylvania's
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labor relations board. they were hoping to get back to work at the pennsylvania convention center after filing a complaint for unfair labor practices. the board zis missed the complaint saying it did not have jurisdiction in the case. last year the two unions missed the deadline to sign an agreement with the convention center. they were barred from working there. jury selection is set to begin in the morning in the misconduct trial of a police officer in gloucester county. dash cam video shows washington township police officer joseph bueno ventura arresting paul more artie in 2012. he charged him with dui, but the charges were dismissed after a judge determined the stop was illegal and the officer had lied on a police report. a royal caribbean cruiseship is back home in baltimore after hundreds of passengers and crew members got sick with norovirus. the grandeur of the seas left baltimore on january 24th, heading to the bahamas.
11:38 am
the ship came back to baltimore yesterday, a day early, after many on board say they felt sick to their stomachs. this is video of the ship returning to port yesterday. royal caribbean says in all nearly 200 passengers and nine crew members reported symptoms. some passengers say they were sick for about three days. and in an ironic twist, a woman from sea aisleisle city says she got a discount on this cruise after coming down with norovirus on at cruise last february. one of the most talked about features of this year's super bowl. this morning, we're learning more about the giant lion that katy perry rode on to the field. find out how it was created and how it was operated coming up. >> that was pretty amazing. we'll have a bit of a warmup this week. but then another bitter blast is going to arrive. i'll show you when in my first alert seven-day forecast.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> here is a live look at philadelphia museum of art in center city. if you're headed there anytime soon, you'll notice a new addition to its collection. museum officials are excited to announce some new gifts that are now on display. they include five paintings by french artists dating back to the late 1800s, plus two rare portraits adding to the world's largest collection of works by artist mar shell deshown. the game may have ended with
11:42 am
a bad play call. but the game was the highest rated super bowl of all time nbc's broadcast 49.7 in the major markets and 72 share, which means 72% of all television stations that were on sunday night were turned on to the super bowl. it was the most watched tv show in u.s. history with more than 114 million people glued to their screens to watch the new england patriots beat the seattle seahawks. amazing. we're learning more about how much work went into creating that giant lion that katy perry reed into the super bowl. a team of 40 designers in oregon used a 3-d model to make the lion out of foam. only had eight weeks to do it and had to keep the project top secret. now, if you missed it the lion wasn't a robot. instead, it was powered by human performers dressed in black with rod controls. nfl hall of famer warren sapp is now out of a job
11:43 am
following his post super bowl arrest in phoenix. police arrested the 42-year-old former defensive tackle on suspicion of soliciting a prostitute and assault allegations. sapp made his first court appearance yesterday, and posted bond shortly afterward. the nfl network released a statement saying that sapp's contract has been terminated. an office supply megamerger could be in the works. the wall street journal is reporting that office supply chain staples and office depot are in advanced merger talks. last month an investment group called for the companies to merge saying it would lead to greater savings. the two companies tried to merge before, but regulators rejected the staples attempt to buy office depot back in 1997. the federal trade commission approved office depot's takeover of officemax. new research finds more people are buying their basics online. everyday household products are tied with media-like online books and movies as the second most popular category of items
11:44 am
bought online. clothing is number one. researchers say incentives like free shipping are adding pressure to the traditional brick and mortar stores. the energizer bunny will soon be really keeping going and going as they say. the company will begin selling aa batteries made from partially recycled old batteries. the echo advanced batteries are the first of a major brand to use recycled material. it is part of energizer's efforts to reduce the environmental impact of powering all of our devices. now, many people commute to work by car or public transportation. but one michigan man takes a 21 mile commute every day by foot. james robertson says he hasn't been able to afford a car since back in 1988 when his car died. he leaves the house at 8:00 in the morning to start his long walk to the mold and engineering building here where he works. his shift doesn't start until 2:00 in the afternoon. and then after work he gets off 10:00 p.m. he takes the same walk home.
11:45 am
>> five days a week. i don't usually get any sleep. i don't get any sleep for the weekends. i can't imagine not working. i don't want to end up you know, doing nothing. did you know how long it took me to find this job? >> that's a great attitude there. after his story got out, a go fund me page was set up for him. in one day, people have donated over $130,000. should be able to get a nice ride with that. from a long walk to a short race, the shortest road race in the history of philadelphia will take place hadthis weekend. it is not a 5k not a 1k or a 40-yard dash. but it does benefit a good cause. todd strauss and kathleen titus are from uara events. they're here to tell us how short this race will be. this is not the kind of race that mr. robertson who walks for miles, this is for folks who may
11:46 am
not be in shape to do a 40-yard dash. tell us how short this race actually is. >> it is a 0.0. the idea was -- let's put together an event that runner and nonrunners alike can come to and enjoy. we had the idea after seeing a cartoon on social media that had an instant gratification, zero mile fun run. we thought in the off season the middle of winter when it is tough to put on events tough to get out and train, let's put together an event that both runners and nonrunners can enjoy together. maybe their significant others are on the sidelines can come and enjoy with them. and come and enjoy the post race party. >> kathleen i first saw this i thought this had to be the idea of college kids at a frat party, laying around one night, you know comes up with this thing. but this is -- this is actually going to go for a good cause. tell us who it benefits. >> it benefits paradise farms which we're both local to the
11:47 am
chester county area. wanted to keep this local to our roots. so a lot of the proceeds that we're raising are going to help fund children disadvantaged children coming out for outdoor programs so they're able to come out, get to camp enjoy the outdoors. that's something we both do. so again, not height school, more the, the endurance sports we put on but helping children who are disadvantaged and have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors as much as we enjoy it is fabulous and it is local. >> if they're inner city kids, they're likely to never have gone out to the suburbs or woods and camped and sit around the fire and make s'mores, that kind of stuff. >> a lot of kids it is the first opportunity to walk in the woods, spot a trout in the stream, see the stars. children's country week association, they manage over 600 acres in chester county. and they have this residential weekly program that they go and the proceeds will go towards sponsoring some of those
11:48 am
children. >> that is such a shame. outside of the city if you live in the city don't have any way to get out, if you use public transportation, you don't have any way to get out, outside the city, there is so much of that outdoor stuff like that that it would be a different world for those kids. >> absolutely. >> and this is the first year this is the inaugural event. how many people do you expect to be there? >> we're expecting 500 people to show up. we also actually offered a virtual option. so we have people from all over the country that are signing up virtually so they'll get their packet, their number bib and t-shirt and -- >> their own bib. i love that. >> they will miss out on the sponsor. >> the festivities begin at 5:30. and the race starts and ends at 7:30. go to or nbc 10 mobile app for more information. thank you for coming in. >> appreciate it.
11:49 am
now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> a lot of sunshine out there, behind vai. we have seen a lot of the clouds break up. us about it is still very cold out there. not quite as windy as it was late yesterday, but still very cold for -- even for february. and we're tracking light snow that is going to be coming in within the next 48 hours. and then another bitter blast. not consistently bitter cold but we keep getting them, look at that the flag finally not moving very much. we rarely get to see that. 24 degrees now. 13-mile-an-hour winds at the airport. we're 14 degrees colder than we were at this time yesterday. it feels like it is 12. so, yeah it is cold. we have those west winds across the area. and they have kept the windchill down, even though the wind itself is weakening, only 8
11:50 am
miles an hour in reading, 9 in pottstown, 7 in mount holly. that's an improvement. only 20 degrees in chester springs and trenton. 21 in kennett square. 23 in wrightstown. 22 in horsham. 18 in pottstown. and allentown, 19 in quakertown. 17 in doylestown. toward the jersey shore, 26 in beech haven. don't really believe that 37 in vineland. 25 in dover. and in avalon right now. and the windchills the way it feels, your exposed skin, still single digits some areas north and west. and teens elsewhere. so, yeah it is very cold. and let's see how cold it feels back to the north and west. we showed you the temperatures half hour ago. feels like it is 2 in detroit now. how about up in canada. that's where our air is coming from some of it. look at that 45 to 50 below. another shot of that coming up
11:51 am
as we go into thursday and thursday night. those clouds moving out pretty nicely. we had clouds in the morning and there is another batch with some snow in minnesota and iowa. small area moving very fast so it is certainly does not have potential to be anything major. but just enough to be a nuisance nuisance. here we are, tomorrow night, midnight, a little bit of snow up near the lehigh valley. as we go into the morning rush on thursday a lot of models do bring this little band of snow through and could be just enough for a coating or perhaps an inch and that's about it. as we go into the weekend, saturday, we'll have a little snow from the thursday system and then the next -- this will be a storm moving through to the south. and the question isn't just how far south it is going to be as
11:52 am
to how much snow we get sunday and into monday. more on that as new information comes in this afternoon. we'll update that starting at 4:00. mostly sunny, cold today, high temperatures in the upper 20s. compared to the average high of 41. we'll be closer to that tomorrow afternoon, despite a lot of clouds. then we have that morning light snow, then just perhaps an hour or two and then another bitter blast coming in behind it low windchill windchills temperatures down to 12. and the cold start this saturday and then that threat of a storm coming in for sunday and into monday. we'll be right back.
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music mogul suge knight is facing charges of attempted murder. a judge srirevoked his bail after authorities said he might be a flight risk or intimidate witnesses. the founder of devereauxaf row records turned himself in. he said it was an accident. prosecutors allege he intended to run down two men after an argument on a movie set. coming up this afternoon, starting at 3:00 ellen is all new. mila kunis talks about being a new mom. and then it is nbc 10 news at 4:00. this afternoon, cold weather
11:56 am
dangers and we're not just talking about what this weather can do to your body. frozen pipes and falling trees, this cold snap can cause serious problems. details on the danger this afternoon at nbc 10 news at 4:00. speaking of cold weather, glenn "hurricane" schwartz our chief meteorologist. >> yeah. still feels like it is in the single digits in some parts of the area. it is a bitter cold day. will not be as cold tomorrow and then we get a little bit of light snow for early morning on thursday followed by another bitter blast and then we watch the west for a potential storm developing for sunday and into monday. so we're definitely in a winter type pattern. and you can see how close we have come to getting buried. look at new england with that pattern there. they had close to 50 inches of snow in boston in ten days. that's an all time record. >> the patriots had to postpone their parade to tomorrow. >> and they have got more snow coming this week too. >> thank you very much glenn.
11:57 am
thank you for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema. for glenn "hurricane" schwartz and all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day. stay warm.
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