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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  February 3, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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the next weather system headed our way. looks like it's going to bring at least a little built of snow around here. no precipitation tonight. the temperature dropping fairly quickly once the sun sets. but the clouds will be coming in, wind shifting and that will level temperatures off so it's not going to be bitter cold in the morning. we do have bitter cold in the seven-day forecast and snow. >> thanks glenn. freese frigid temperatures don't just affect us outside. it also means the potential for frozen pipes inside your home. but what would you know to do if the water suddenly stopped flowing in your home? nbc10's doug shimell has been asking the experts that question. what do we need to know? >> reporter: there is a whole checklist. most based in common sense, things you can do before you push the panic button over frozen pipes. when you work for the water company, you make sure the book
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case in the basement comes out in case of emergency. dave mcintyre with aqua america had it built that way in case his water pipes froze and burst. you need to find the shutoff valve? >> that's correct. the most important thing is to know where your water line comes in the house, where your meter is and where your control valves are. you turn the water off one quarter turn. >> reporter: to keep pipes from getting to that point and damaging your house, find out where the cold is coming from. >> that was the number one cause in a lot of homes, was walking in the basement and, you know the window is either open or panes are broken. it's out of sight, out of mind. >> reporter: fix the drafts and you can put on inexpensive insulation. if that's not enough heat tape. >> you will actually wrap this around your pipe. and it will apply direct heat to the pipe. >> reporter: if the pipes are frozen but not ruptured a hair dryer or utility lamp will work.
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for harder to reach pipes, a space heater. of course the old standbyes of opening cabinets will get heat in there and running water no more than a pencil width still works. not all frozen pipes are in the house. connecter pipes from the water line to the street are your financial responsibility. they also say any repair to that connecter pipe can cost thousands of dollars. for more information, download our nbc10 app. live in mayfair, doug shimell, "nbc10 news." larger pipes are also a concern in the cold. coming up at 4:15 we'll take you to the scene of a water main break in philadelphia where crews consider the winter to be their busy season. get important weather information delivered right to your smartphone or tablet with the nbc10 weather app. it's a free download. you can get it right now by going to the app store. all eyes on this man in montgomery county. officials say he's been named a
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person of interest in connection with a series of bomb threats at the county courthouse. nbc10's deanna durante has been talking to people in the community to see if anyone knows who he may be. any luck? >> reporter: not yet. we did talk to a number of regulars and people who live around the area where police say those calls were made. now, it was less than a week ago when hundreds of people were evacuated from the courthouse here in norristown outto the streets while investigators swept the entire building. those phone threats claimed the building that explosives inside. >> it seems simple enough. a man so a pay phone outside this suburban 7-eleven. they want to you focus on the man and the fact that on january 29, 2015 he's using a pay phone. >> i've never seen anybody on the phone. >> reporter: that would be something to notice right? >> yeah. >> reporter: police say this call was around 8:00 in the morning. but it's the other two calls the man made that's concerning. another one on this phone and another one he made around the
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side of the building on the cell phone. the time and location of the calls coincide with two bomb threats called into montgomery county courthouse the one that had the place evacuated for hours. >> we're talking about a massive use of resources. frankly, a massive waste of resources. >> reporter: they released these pictures in hopes of identifying the guy. they don't say he's behind the threats but they label him a person of interest. we showed the video to locals and regular customers of the convenience store. >> that's crazy. i've never seen him before. >> i heard about the bomb threat on the phone -- i mean on the news, but i didn't know he called from here. >> i live just a couple blocks over. never seen him before. >> reporter: now, i did talk to the owner of the store off camera. she told me she doesn't recognize the man and he never went into the store that day and she believes he and could be somewhere in the neighborhood. if you know who the man is, you are asked to call police. reporting live in norristown deanna durante, nbc10. a man shot as he drove his car in southwest philadelphia may have been saved by a
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quick-thinking police sergeant. investigators say the man was hit with three bullets as he drove near 65th and pascal. that's when the officer discovered the wounded driver rushed him to the hospital. the shooter was last seen in a black dodge charger. now to new information about a double shooting last night in philadelphia's nicetown-tioga neighborhood. police charged lashonda anderson. police are still trying to identify a second shooter. we brought this to you as breaking news. investigators say it started with aan argument between anderson and a group of women at a laundromat. afterwards anderson and another woman followed the women and they eventually started shooting. the two victims are now recovering in the hospital. finally free after more than two decades on death row, a dell man walks away from prison. but what brings joy to one family is leaving another outraged this afternoon.
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nbc10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong spoke with the victim's family about how they plan to get the former inmate back behind bars. >> testing, one, two three, four five. >> reporter: the videotape of the confession isn't of high quality but the confession itself sounds clear enough. >> i pulled the trigger. >> you pulled the trigger? >> yeah. >> reporter: jermaine wright was 18 years old when he was charged with killing the guy behind the register at the highway and liquor store in wilmington january 1991. he was found guilty and eventually went to death row. 24 years later jermaine wright walked free. state supreme court documents felt a judge didn't think his videotape confession shouldn't be used in court, he was read improper records and he was high on heroine. royce is the victim's son. >> justice hasn't been served. there's a confession and the man is now free to walk.
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>> reporter: state prosecutor hs to unhappily accept the court decision but they will appeal to get wright yet another trial and they hope yet another conviction. jermaine wright's lawyer told us he does not want jermaine talking with reporters. he's trying to lay low and get a job to help his family. they're hoping to clear wright of the original murder charge but he is aware this taste of freedom might be temporary. he could end back in prison. >> reporter: royce believes he's guilty and should be executed. will he follow the story from lehigh valley but with wright on the streets, he has a warning for delaware -- >> there is clearly a murderer walking your streets. you need to be careful. >> reporter: in wilmington tim furlong, "nbc10 news." delaware county leaders got a firsthand look today at a project that promises to produce much needed jobs. >> it's also causing a lot of controversy in neighboring counties. they're turning the old oil refinery into a processing center for natural gas products.
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delaware county council members tourd the complex today to get an update from sunoco. part of the project uses existing pipelines to move natural gas from southwestern pennsylvania to marcus hook but some home orange groupsowner groups oppose the pipeline because of safety issues. >> that situation came about when the right of ways up in chester county were put there before those homes weren't there. all of of a sudden homes were built. i can understand the concerns those communities have. >> the chairman of the delaware county council says sunoco logistics will be a big boost to the water front and help the borough of marcus hook. meanwhile, the obama administration has requested $175 million in pipeline safety funding to be included in the new budget. the money could help prevent explosions like the one that
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destroyed eight homes in allentown some four years ago. that happened when an old natural gas line failed. pennsylvania has about 7500 miles of pipeline some of which is more than 100 years old. we have new video to show you right now of a 7-eleven robber in northeast philly that happened last month. you see the man walk to the register calmly place a gun on the counter. he was able to get away with cash and cigarettes. if you recognize this guy right here contact philadelphia police. this afternoon golden nugget casino in atlantic city faces thousands in fines after failing to shuffle playing cards last summer. the new jersey division of gaming enforcement said it happened before four hands of blackjack, allowing gamblers to recognize card patterns. still no comment today from the golden nugget. new jersey governor chris christie's recent comments on vaccines for measles is sparking debate among liberals and conservatives alike. christie made the comments while meeting with officials in great
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britain this week. since then we've heard from several political leaders on the topic, including hillary clinton tweeting quote, the science is clear. here's the response he gave when asked whether americans should vaccinate their children against the measles virus. >> all i can say is we vaccinate ours. i also understand parents need to have some measure of choice as well. so, that's the balance the government has to decide. >> christie's office retracted his statement almost immediately saying, with a disease like measles, there is no question kids should be vaccinated. president obama is urging all parents to vaccinate their children. pennsylvania governor tom wolf has already stopped executive branch employees from accepting gifts. now he's asking independent boards in the state to follow along. today wolf sent letters to about 24 state agencies asking them to ban gifts to employees. the liquor control board and the pa turnpike commission have already put bans in place. burned alive. >> just released isis propaganda
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video purportedly showing the deft a jordanian pilot. nbc10's keith jones continues our 20 minutes of nonstop news live in the digital operation center with more on this new video. >> well the full video is 22 minutes long. it's quite disturbing as can you imagine. we're only going to send you one still frame. take a look at this shot. the man's name is lieutenant al kaseasbeh. he had to eject during a bombing raid. he was captured immediately. he was? a cage and burned alive and then they dumped rocks in the cage to put out the flames. president obama had this to say about the video. >> it's just one more indication of the viciousness and barbarity of this organization. and i think it will redouble the vigilance and determination on the part of a global coalition.
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>> jordan had been negotiating a prisoner swap for this high pooi lot after isis executed that japanese journalist a few days ago. reporting live in the digital operation center keith jones, "nbc10 news." >> thank you, keith. president obama meantime, is getting a chance to meet ten people who say they benefitted from the affordable care act. allentown veteran was among the ten who wrote letters to the president. burt windsor says receiving an invitation to washington was something he wasn't expecting. >> i don't know really how i earned it. it's kind of a surprise. awesome. just another day in the life of myself, you know. >> wow, what a life i think, this man has led. the white house says it is highlighting the ten stories in an effort to get more people to sign up for affordable health care.
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paid sick leave supporters showed up at philadelphia city hall today. a group calling action -- called action united wants physical city council to pass legislation to require paid sick leave to some city workers. they could earn up to five paid sick days a year. senator greenleaf sponsored the bill. >> we're talking about five days a year. they can be -- if a business provides vacation or administrative leave days, that can be subtracted. >> similar bills have been vetoed twice by mayor nutter. this time if it passes he says he will sign it. busy route 22 in the lehigh valley is back open after being shut down by a jack knifed tractor-trailer today. sky force 10 was over the scene in white hall township. it caused some fuel to leak from the truck there. here's how it looked from the ground. you can see the traffic just at a standstill. police tell us no one here was hurt.
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the frigid cold could be what caused a water main break in montgomery county early this morning. sky force 10 over the scene on summit lane in springfield. service was shut off for about a dozen customers. crews were able to fix the break just after 10:00 this morning. that wasn't the only water main break in the area. there will likely be many more to come as the region deals with this bitter cold winter weather. rosemary connors live at the scene of a break in north philadelphia. rosemary. >> reporter: let me show you what's happening on 21st street near allegheny avenue. you can see the water department crews are wrapping up their work here. they fixed the break that was in the line underneath of the sidewalk here. initially only a handful of houses were without water. water has been restored to everybody. this is the kind of weather that really poses a challenge to the philadelphia water department. by the end of tonight, they could come across at least a half dozen more water breaks in the sfep city. water department workers find
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themselves below ground on most winter days. this is their busy scene for water main breaks. they've responded to more than 180 leaks and breaks day and nights where the streets are often flooded. >> technically the water in the pipe plays a larger factor than the air temperature because the air temperature -- the pipes are typically set below the frost line in the street. >> it's too cold for them to be out working. >> reporter: neighbors near 21st and allegheny couldn't help but check out the scene this afternoon. it's no secret the pipes in philadelphia are old and susceptible to breaks but in the winter it's all fair game. >> the age of the pipes doesn't always play a factor in this. you have pipes that can break that are newer, pipes that can break that are very old. >> reporter: to keep the water flowing during these cold months, the city beefs up crews in the field who work 12-hour shifts. neighbors tell me sites like this keep them focused on the spring. >> the snowstorm, rain and ice, it's been pretty bad.
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>> reporter: back out here live in north philadelphia again, they should be finished in the next half an hour or so to 21st street will be reopened by allegheny avenue. we also spent time in delaware county talking to tree removal crews. they are busy this time of year. we'll tell you more about what they say homeowners should be doing and checking on their trees to make sure they're not in any danger and that there isn't a threat with there is another storm. reporting live in north philadelphia, rosemary connors, "nbc10 news." in november the nbc10 investigators looked into the pipe problems in the city of philadelphia. some pipes dated back to the 19th century. we also learned since 1980 the city of philadelphia has used a point system to track and identify the most vulnerable pipes, age, location and proximatety to electricity all earn a point. in boston tonight, crews are working nonstop to recover from the latest winter storm up there. more than 34 inches of snow set a record for the snowest seven-day stretch in boston
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history. in the past ten days people there have seen more snow than they see during an average winter. victory parade for the new england patriots' super bowl win has been rescheduled until tomorrow because of that snow. >> yeah&=tx boston's had 48 inches of snow in the last ten days. and they're going to get hit a couple more times in the next week. we've got some milder weather coming in during the day tomorrow. then we're going to be trackingment so light snow. then another bitter blast coming in for thursday night and into friday. at least as cold as what we've seen today. we have sunshine out there now. hasn't exactly warmed up. it's 30 degrees. wind is 14 miles an hour so it feels like 20. that's about as warm as it's felt all day. it's 11 degrees colder than it was at this time yesterday. we have temperatures in the
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mid-20s to the north and west. 26 in trenton. 27 in mt. holly. it's even 29 in stone harbor. so, it is cold everywhere. at least we don't have a tremendous amount of wind so the windchill the way it feels on your exposed skin not anywhere near as low as what we saw this morning. we saw single digits all over the place. in the poconos, it was near 20 below zero. so how is this feeltz like temperature going to change? as we go into tomorrow that's not bad at all. 32 in philadelphia and toms river and trenton and allentown. all of those areas in the 30s. so, it's going to feel pretty decent. by thursday watch what happens. we start off the day with 22 degrees, 17 18 north and west. but the temperature goes down and the wind goes up. so by thursday evening, here we go again, back near zero.
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for that feels like temperature. that goes into friday morning. feeling like zero in allentown. 5 in philadelphia. 2 in toms river. we have the sunshine now. we had some clouds this morning. this is the next system headed our way. it's small it's moving fast. we're not expecting a lot of snow out of it but it could be enough to be a nuisance. first, we have a little bit of the band much snow coming toward the thursday morning rush. there you can see it. over the i-95 area. then it breaks up. so we are going to be seeing just a weak system there. we have something a little more substantial possible over the weekend as another storm moves from west to east. not too unlike what we saw sunday and into monday of this week. which means boston's probably going to get nailed again. the clouds increase tonight.
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cold but not bitter cold. 22 in philadelphia. 14 in the suburbs with very little wind. look at the temperatures! mid-40s it's going to feel like springtime. especially in the afternoon and not much wind either. the seven-day forecast that lasts all day. light snow thursday morning. there's the high in the morning. temperatures fall in the 20s through the day. you saw zero by night. temperature down to 12 by friday morning. with strong winds that day. then sunday into monday it could start as snow, change to a mix and then rain and maybe back to snow monday. >> local city council members going toe to toe as their town faces bankruptcy. the nbc10 investigators uncover what the borough is really using taxpayer money on. then how investigators say a photo inside an airplane led to this deadly crash. plus a 40-minute police chase for a dog.
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why authorities are now forcing the owner to pay up. coming up on "nbc10 news."
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a $124 billion settlement owed by standard & poor's. s&p admitted to inflating ratings of mortgage investments despite knowing many were unjustified and bound to default. attorney general eric holder says this is another step forward in the justice department's ongoing efforts to safeguard americans from financial fraud. locally, delaware residents will benefit the most, receiving a $25 million payout. pennsylvania and new jersey will receive $21.5 million each. well do you have old or unneeded prescription drugs? you can safely toss them out at
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little egg harbor new jersey dispose in a medicine drop box at the police department. available 24/7 all year long. they say a large number of addicts in new jersey started by abusing prescription medicines. >> so, can you cut off that part of the addiction cycle. think how successful that can be. >> drop boxes, by the way, are bolted to the ground and they are within view of police officers as well. the search for a suspect in a series of bomb threats. >> that's one of the top stories we're following on "nbc10 news" at 4:00 today. authorities in montgomery county are looking for this guy. they're calling him a person of interest in the case one of those bomb threats was called into the county courthouse. more council chaos. as local leaders go toe to toe in meetings the nbc10 investigators are digging deep into one borough's financial records and accusations of
4:26 pm
misuse of taxpayer money.
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another day of bitter cold. you can feel the chill in the air. just looking at folks walking along south broad street in gloucester county. not a good day to be outside. >> certainly looks pretty along the river. live look right here at philadelphia's boat house row. sun glistening off the boats. there is some milder weather moving in. >> if you're looking for a long-term warm-up, you're out of luck. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the update. >> we're talking about
4:30 pm
temperatures getting into the 40s without much wind out there. this is the poconos, camel back sun setting behind the mountain. felt like 20 below there this morning. going to get a little milder tomorrow and then feeling like 20 below again by friday morning. right now we have temperatures generally in the 20s across much of the area but the windchill, feels like temperature is in the teens. it was in the single digits earlier this morning. we've seen some improvements in that earlier today. we've also seen the clouds we've seen during the day go away and see lots of sunshine. this is the next weather system headed our way. you can see a little sun coming into the chicago area. it's fairly fast fairly small. so the potential for accumulation could be fairly low but enough to mess up the early morning rush. we'll try to warm up the
4:31 pm
atmosphere ahead of tomorrow. another bitter cold blast is coming and another weekend storm, too, both in the seven day in a few minutes. >> get important weather information delivered to your smartphone or tablet with the free nbc10 weather app. it's a free download can you get at colwyn burrow isorough is staring possible bankruptcy as their council go toe to toe in meetings. >> nbc10 investigators are looking at agss of misappropriated taxpayer money. harry hairston is here with what they found. >> we combed through dozens of borough documents examining checks spreadsheets bank documents, what they say is proof the money was misused. when you put aside the in-fighting and name calling -- >> stupid woman right here. >> reporter: -- borough manager paula brown says you'll find
4:32 pm
financial problems. >> for the last eight years the record keeping here has been atrocious. >> reporter: and brown's allegations don't stop there. >> it appears that money was misappropriated. >> reporter: brown points to these boxes of financial records as proof. >> i think the root of all evil is the credit cards/debit cards. >> reporter: she tells us the borough had nine debit cards attached to 24 bank accounts. and some cards in council members' names. >> they have an expense account, they had a gas account, they had a general fund. >> reporter: borough bank statements detail expenses brown says had nothing to do with borough business. such as charges at philadelphia restaurants, out of state retail stores, cash withdrawals from gas stations and even a hair salon. >> people don't pay their taxes so the elected officials can go out to dinner and treat themselves, or so they can fill
4:33 pm
their personal karlz up with gasoline or so they can get their hair done in west philadelphia. you don't do that. >> reporter: brown also says the borough collected cash for services and then dipped into the envelopes for petty cash. >> when you receive cash in a municipality for anything, that has to be deposited. no matter for what. you don't keep that for petty cash. >> reporter: when you put cash into the envelopes before they were deposited, they would also be used for petty cash. >> they were used for petty cash if we didn't get a chance to get to the bank before they were used, yes. >> reporter: former chair denies any wrongdoing. she says all envelope transactions had receipts. and were entered in a computer. she insists the cash was used to buy gas for police cars. and she says withdrawals from gas stations were for police car fill-ups. >> they withdraw money put it in an envelope, they would use the money, put in their receipts. >> reporter: and they withdraw
4:34 pm
the money with their borough card, credit card? >> the borough card because it was for gas. >> reporter: she tells us she doesn't know anything about a council person spending money during out of state trips or at a hair salon. these would not be borough charges? >> should not be borough charges. i don't know where they came from. >> reporter: but the councilwoman does say it was her idea to put another council woman's husband on the payroll. >> i can't give you any information on that. it's being investigated right now. >> reporter: according to borough records, councilwoman's husband was paid thousands of dollars for computer work. council approved the payments in 2012 but records show the borough paid his company for more than a year before the council's vote. >> i don't believe in nepotism, okay? so therefore, i would never hire anyone in my family to do anything. >> reporter: we reached out to her several times. she refused to answer questions. >> she never asked me to explain
4:35 pm
anything. >> reporter: she questions why brown is making these claims. >> i don't know what paula is doing. i don't know what paula's end game is. >> reporter: brown tells us she a whistle-blower, trying to clean up the borough. >> when you're in a war or a battle, you don't give up. you just keep on going, going, going, going. and we're going until we get to the end and we correct it. >> we've confirmed the state ethics commission is investigating the problems in colwyn and the department -- or the delaware county district attorney's office tells uls they're reviewing the material. tomorrow, more borough problems. this time they literally come to the borough manager's front door with allegations of back room deals. >> so, how likely is it that someone will end up being charged? >> that's up to the district attorney's office. i can tell you the borough manager, she did meet with the district attorney's office so she says and that was last friday. she also says she has testified before a grand jury in delaware county looking into possible
4:36 pm
wrongdoing at the borough. >> harry hairston. >> you'll have more for us tomorrow. look forward to. do you. us to investigate the decision-makers in your community and how they conduct themselves at public meetings? the nbc10 investigators will look into this. send us a tip using the "nbc10 news" app or by going to and we'll start investigating. here's something we'd never heard before. federal investigators saying a pilot taking selfies with a passenger likely tloed a plane crash in colorado last year. the pilot and passenger died when their small plane crashed near an airport last spring. federal investigators say a gopro camera recovered at the scene showed the two taking selfies. they say the flash probably disoriented the pilot and he lost control when the plane went down. how much sleep do you really need? probably more than you're getting. we have some newly released recommendations that may change your thinking. first, here's what we're working on for you right now for "nbc10 news" at 5:00. new jersey property tax already the highest in the nation.
4:37 pm
new at 5:00 the real numbers are in. how much residents really paid out of pocket in 2014. then camden's battle to make streets safe is working. how it's helping to improve school attendance. local police warning you to be on alert for this man they say tried to abduct an 11-year-old. when he allegedly told the child moments before9>6 count on "nbc10 news" at 5:00.
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today lawmakers in england took the first step toward legalizing the creation of three-parent baed babies. that's when doctors change the human egg from mixing dna from a donated embryo. it's to stop mothers from passing on genetic diseases. critics say it's impossible to know if the procedure will impact future generations. a new study finds newborns need even more sleep than doctors realized. 14 to 17 hours. turns out, though kids and teens need less. to stay healthy the report recommends preschoolers get 10 to 13 hours a night. school aged kids 9 to 11. teens, 8 to 10. and adults should get 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night. well a simple and easy task could add years to your life. >> a surprising new study finds most people just don't want to be bothered with it. researchers say one in three
4:41 pm
people would choose a shorter life over taking a daily heart pill. 8% would trade two years of life in exchange for a pill-free existence. 21% would give up anywhere from a week to a year. others said they would be willing to pay money to live pill-free. doctors say the purpose of the study was to find out how much pill-taking interferes with life. a cruise to warmer weather sure sounds good right about now. >> but a local woman's voyage was anything but a vacation. noro virus ruined their cruise last year. then the sickness struck again when they went back to sea. >> we were all in some kind of a shock that this could happen two times in a row. >> i'm ted greenberg with the toll it took on a pair of vacations for a couple at the jersey shore. bitter cold today, especially early today. milder tomorrow. plus i'm tracking the chance for snow. i'll break down the timing of it all coming up in my first alert
4:42 pm
seven-day forecast. new tonight, a predicament on the jersey shore. how a photographer is trying to rescue his drone after it got stuck on top of this water tower. ♪ good morning, usher! hey! did you know bees communicate through dance?
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me too... we're practically twins!
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south jersey firefighters got a major league workout. dozens of firefighters got a workout from trainers. the crew members also learned about heart-healthy eating. good for them. chasing a rogue dog will keep you in shape in the middle of a busy highway. >> it wasn't easy for troopers to get their hands on him either. this was the scene outside of salt lake city monday. the black pomeranian led troopers on a slow-speed chase
4:46 pm
for 40 minutes. troopers calling the incident frustrating after weaving in and out of lanes for miles. well the dog's owner finally showed up and saved the day. >> it was a fast little dog and it was hard to catch it with two feet instead of four. >> okay. well, the little dog doing just fine. his owner has to pay up. along by being cited by animal control, he's facing a $110 fine. look at the backup. >> they're so lucky that little guy is alive, right, glenn? >> that's amazing. the weather has been pretty amazing, too, especially in boston. how would you like to be there? 48 inches of snow in the last ten days. and they're going to get hit twice more in the next week. how close are we on a map to boston where it could have been us. we've got milder weather coming in on wednesday.
4:47 pm
it's just going to be cool. not cold. not bitter cold. just cool. that's not bad. we're tracking some light snow coming in. and then another bitter blast. we're going to have windchills back near zero again like we had this morning. you can see a lot of sunshine out there. we had clouds this morning but it's bright and sunny now. 30 degrees. feels like it's 20. and 11 degrees colder than it was at this time yesterday. we have a little bit of a southwest wind getting ready to move in here. and it is going to help push the temperature up tomorrow. we're only 26 in horseham. 25 in quakertown and doylestown. 26 degrees in reading. and actually above the 30 degree mark in south jersey and delaware. 32 in vineland new jersey. the windchills, the way it feels on your exposed skin not all
4:48 pm
that low. near 20 degrees. farther to the south, some teens, to the north and west. we have a lot of sunshine around during the day today. this is the next system coming in. can't even call it a storm. it's pretty small. it's moving fast and so any snow would not last very long. but here we are, tomorrow morning one disturbance that could create snow showers, especially north and west. this is 5 a.m. tomorrow. philadelphia's down here. so, it's just a very brief thing. one or two hours, hee lie valley poconos. then we're dry. we get a little milder during the day tomorrow. but not mild enough to make this rain. still cold enough for snow. thursday morning, latest model bringing it in. generally a little later in the morning rush but there's that little band of mostly light snow coming through. 11 a.m., right across the philadelphia i-95 corridor. then we've got wind and cold coming in. by thursday night, there we go
4:49 pm
again, feeling like it's close to zero. 11 below in the poconos. and then by friday morning, it's below zero in parts of the area like in doylestown and allentown. ten below in the poke nose. that's not going to last either. by saturday the temperature will be going up a bit. we're kind of up and down a little bit. and more down than up. 14 in the suburbs with a light southwest wind. during the day tomorrow we have a mix of clouds and sun. the temperature going up into the mid-40s without a whole lot of wind. it's going to feel fairly comfortable. but that's about it because it's not going to feel too comfortable thursday. we get a little bit of light snow first thing. high of 31. then the temperature goes down the wind goes up and it gets bitter cold by thursday night into friday morning. we showed you this windchill near zero. and the high temperature only in the 20s.
4:50 pm
then we're dry on saturday and a storm could be affecting us sunday. by monday it looks like it's coming from west to east. it will be one of those close calls where the best chance of the snow accumulation in the northern portions of our area. >> all right. what a winter. >> it has been yeah pretty amazing. just a tremendous contrast across just a couple hundred miles. >> when you look at new england, what they're dealing with. will continue to look at. >> look at a world map and see how close we are. >> thanks again. >> the second time wasn't the xharm for a local couple. >> wham there we were, another sick cruise. >> you heard of lightning striking twice. how about the same sickness the cruel twist of fate that ruined a south jersey woman's vacation again. then all new tonight on "nbc10 news" at 5:00, buyer beware. why health officials say consumers are being ripped off by those popular herbal supplements.
4:51 pm
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4:54 pm
you could call it a double dose of back luck. >> they set sale on a make good cruise after an earlier vacation ended in illness only to have sickness strike passengers again. the couple was aboard a ship when it left for bahamas on january 24th. they came back yesterday after many said they felt sick to their stomach. >> ted greenberg spoke with a pair of passengers who took a trip on the sick ship. >> our last cruise was horrible. >> reporter: edward wanted to be done with cruising after the first time. >> the only reason i went again, because my wife said what's the odds? >> reporter: well, he and
4:55 pm
barbara ferguson found out when nearly 200 passengers on royal caribbean's grandeur of the sea got sick with what's believed to be noro virus. >> it's awful. >> reporter: the same ailment she and many others contracted on a royal caribbean cruise this time last year. >> we thought, well, we're go again, use our voucher, have a good time and, wham we were all in some kind of a shock that this could happen two times in a row. >> reporter: the couple is now back in their dennis township home after the boat returned to baltimore a day early yesterday. although the cruise line says that was because of an unrelated medical emergency. >> even though we weren't sick we didn't get it everything changed. they're cleaning with a chemical that made me have a sore throat continuously. >> reporter: a royal caribbean spokeswoman told me the passengers received an on-board credit for a port the cruise skipped plus a discount on a future voyage equal to one day of the fare they paid for this time. will there be a third time? >>, no we're done with royal caribbean.
4:56 pm
no absolutely not. i don't even want a voucher. >> reporter: ted greenberg, "nbc10 news." >> can't blame her. >> maybe a road trip next time. nbc10 at 5:00 is next. >> here are jacqueline london and keith jones. >> next drone drama. >> a jersey shore photographer got his drone stuck at the top of a water tower. the struggle to get it down and why the incident is raising new safety concerns about the devices. sheena? >> after a really cold morning this morning, tomorrow will be a milder day. then we're tracking our next chance for snow. the timing of that coming up. plus fighting crime in camden schools. how the district has made students feel safer. that's next on "nbc10 news" at 5:00.
4:57 pm
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how much lower will temperatures get tonight? >> temperatures will get low enough tonight for some areas to once again be in the teens. and it is still cold across the area right now. so even as evening temperatures only in the 20s so no one on the map is at freezing. we're all below freezing. 29 in philadelphia through the lehigh valley. 18, mt. pocono. south jersey and delaware the
5:00 pm
upper 20s. as we go through tonight, temperatures will start to drop off pretty quickly. then we'll get clouds moving in that will start to steady things out a bit. by 6 p.m. 28 degrees. by 8 p.m. 27 degrees. more clouds moving by 10:00 tonight. temperatures dropping into the mid-20s. yes, another cold night tonight. but, in fact through the afternoon tomorrow we will be quite a bit milder. i'll show you a look at those temperatures and also our next chance for snow. that's coming up. >> before we get to that though, the cold and windy weather can cause problems like frozen pipes to fallen trees. >> nbc's rosemary connors. >> reporter: a real inconvenience, 21st street at allegheny avenue has been shut down for most of the day. crews are just about finished. their pipes daisht pipe here has been fixed. they'll leave the scene very shortly. these crews aren't the only one who is are busy this time of year. tree removal experts are spending a lot of their time out in thi


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