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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  February 4, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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call citizens bank at 1-866-999-0218 or visit nbc 10 news starts now. and right now at 11:00 one person is dead, several hurltt, and dozens more forced out into the cold from their homes as they try to figure out what caused an apartment fire in norristown this morning. it took firefighters several hours to get the flames under control. the flames broke out on swede street just before 1:00 a.m. monique braxton is live for us this morning. that apartment building is in a busy part of norristown. there are streets in the area still closed. >> reporter: a couple of blocks away from the county courthouse. all streets around this area are blocked off. the motorists should make sure they allow extra time if they have to come to the county seat for business this morning.
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in the meantime fire investigators remain here on the scene. we can tell you they are examining the rear of the structure, believing preliminarily that the fire began in the rear near a trash dumpster. now firefighters took about 6 1/2 hours to totally extinguish the flames. close to two dozen people are now homeless. >> the hallway was just pitch black with smoke and as soon as you took a breath of air, your lungs filled with fire it felt like. >> reporter: that's when he realized he couldn't escape the raging inferno without the assistance of firefighters. one of the first responders captured this video of steve's rescue from the fourth floor amidst billowing smoke. >> credit goes to the firefighters who brave the elements and the tenuous situation of everything. and i'm just happy to be here. >> reporter: steve was one of three people treated for minor injuries. a firefighter cut his hand. but one person lost his life
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during the multialarm blaze that gutted the back of this apartment building. steve lives a stone's throw from where firefighters tell us the blaze began in the rear of the first floor. he called 911. then let otherd other people down the fire escape. >> the back part of the building collapsed. it was a pretty bad fire. >> reporter: were you frightened? >> you could hardly see. there was so much smoke in the building. >> reporter: now, the american red cross tells us they're assisting about 30 people nine of whom live next door. and their power was cut off because of all of the damage to this structure. we're working to let you know more about those survivors in the next half hour. live for now, from norristown monique braxton, nbc 10 news. 11:02. on to delaware county where an officer who was responding to a house fire crashed his patrol car. look at this. authorities tell nbc 10 the crews slid on ice and hit a utility pole on west rose valley
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road around 9:00 a.m. skid marks on the road. the cruiser off to the side. that officer is being treated for minor injuries at the hospital. skyforce10 left that crash scene to check out the fire that the officer was responding to. this is what we found. the crews on washington avenue there in nether providence see them working to put out the fire. no one inside the home was hurt. we have some new information now about a police involved shooting in trenton overnight. trenton police stopped a car on chestnut street around 1:00 a.m. they say the driver then hit the gas and hit one of the officers in the leg with his car. police opened fire hitting the driver in the neck and the arm. he kept going, sideswiping several vehicles before coming to a stop in hamilton township. the officer was treated and released. the suspect is in the hospital in stable condition. officials now say six people were killed in that train crash in new york not seven, as authorities had previously reported this morning. it happened last night on the metro north line in val haleh
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about 20 miles north of new york city. a train slammed into a jeep cherokee that stopped on the tracks. witnesses say the railroad crossing gates came down on top of that jeep. the jeep and the front of the train caught fire. one passenger said he and hundreds of others scrambled to safety. >> number of us were smelling the fumes from the car fuel and we said we need to get out. fire was starting to spread back toward the second car, i believe the second car did ignite. >> authorities say the driver of the jeep and five passengers on the train were killed. 15 others were hurt. the national transportation safety board is sending a team to investigate. recovery efforts continue in taiwan today after a plane clipped a bridge and crashed into a river. the disaster was caught on camera in amazing video. here is a look at the transasia air ways plane going down. the dash cam shows the plane sitting on to its side. there it goes. and then clipping the edge of
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the three-way bridge before crashing into the river in taipei shortly after takeoff. at least 23 people were killed. 15 have been rescued. 20 people remain unaccounted for. investigators are a step closer now to figuring out why that plane crashed as we look at the recovery scene there. crews have found the plane's black box recorder. taiwanese aviation authorities say the pilot issued a may day call shortly after takeoff. officials say the plane was less than a year old and had just passed a round of safety inspections last week. here is some new video, we just got this into the news room showing rescuers using a crane to lift the plane's wreckage out of the water there. the death toll is expected to rise now that crews are able to search parts of the fuselage that had been underwater. and this video shows one of the survivors, look at this little boy here they think he's about 2 years old. he was pulled from the plane, put into a raft taken to shore, where he was taken to the hospital. airline officials are not talking yet about what may have caused the crash, but witnesses
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say the weather was clear when the plane took off. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> weather is clear in our area this morning. we actually have -- look at this 35 degrees, temperatures above the freezing mark today. that's notable. we take a live look outside at boathouse row in philadelphia. the flags blowing strongly in the breeze. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here. this is our day for a brief warmup right? >> absolutely. those flags are blowing in warmer air. the wind is blowing in warmer air. the flag is an indication that the wind has shifted. remember it was blowing right to left. now it is blowing in the opposite direction. this is the souther areally wind, we have sunshine in parts of the area and clouds in others. look at that. we're already up to 40 degrees in philadelphia. still with the deep snow cover on the ground we are only 26 in allentown and reading. also more clouds there. that's a huge temperature
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contrast across the area. 43 degrees in georgetown delaware, and in wildwood. we have a lot of clouds around. but it is dry. and it will stay dry during the day today. we have a weak system coming in from the west. you see a little bit of light snow in the chicago area. that could affect us by tomorrow morning. but look how much warmer it is than this time yesterday. 16 degrees warmer in philadelphia. even allentown and reading. 8 degrees warmer than they were yesterday. but that's not going to last. we do have a mild afternoon, temperatures into the 40s. it is going to stay dry despite any cloud cover. we talk more about the next arctic blast, the next chance for some snow and the rest of the seven-day in a few minutes. all right, glenn. new this morning, philadelphia police are hoping this surveillance video will help them catch a man suspected of robbing several fast food restaurants. the crimes happened in northeast philadelphia between
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mid-december and mid-january. the robber held up a dunkin' donuts burger king and mcdonald's. please believe he's in his 40 with possible scars on his face. if you think you recognize him, call police. it is the last place his parents expected danger. a 12-year-old boy with a sleep in the bedroom of his main line home when a bullet almost hit him. 12-year-old zach marino is okay now. he's pretty shaken up though. a stray bullet came through his bedroom wall in radnor township. investigators say the shot came from someone who is actually shooting at this road sign here. see the bullet hole in it. zach was sleeping just five feet from where the bullet entered his house. >> i suppose anywhere in the house isn't a great thing, but it comes into your bedroom, where you're asleep you're not cognizant while it is going on it is unnerving. >> radnor police are asking anyone who saw anything suspicious near bryn mawr avenue last thursday morning to give them a call. police are still looking for the armed robber who targeted a
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philadelphia bar. a masked man walked into bottoms up at fifth and wyoming streets in feltonville around 11:30 last night. he pointed a gun at the people inside and demapded money. no one was hurt. happening today, a former city councilman will officially enter the race for philadelphia mayor. as everyone expected. jim kenny plans to make his announcement at city hall this afternoon. he resigned his at large seat on council last week after 23 years in office. kenny will be the fourth official candidate premiere joining former d.a. len abraham, state senator anthony williams and former judge nelson diaz. well you can expect some long lines at local stores that sell powerball today. the estimated jackpot for tonight's drawing is a cool $317 million. that's the biggest powerball prize in almost a year. and you can play that lottery game in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. up next an eye for an eye. jordan executed two prisoners in response to isis murdering a
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jordanian pilot. we'll tell you how those two prisoners are connected to al qaeda. plus eagles fans this may be tough to watch. we're about to take you live to a big snowy celebration in boston for the super bowl champion new england patriots. hey, they may have a lombardi trophy, but we don't have all that snow in boston. that's right. 48 inches of snow in ten days and they're going to get a whole bunch more in the next week. how about that? a welcome change for us today from the bitter cold we had. that's not going to last long. tracking the return of more cold air and some snow. that's just ahead.
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following this story overseas jordan executed two al qaeda prisoners in retaliation for the murder of a jordanian pilot by isis. one of those prisoners was captured after her suicide vest failed to go off during a 2005 attack in jordan. isis demanded her release in exchange for a japanese journalist who they killed over the weekend. yesterday isis released video showing a jordanian air force pilot being burned alive. jordan officials were are considering a prison swap but they wanted proof the pilot was still alive. in retaliation for that pilot's murder jordan also hanged a former top aide to the leader of al qaeda in iraq. happening now, testimony is continuing right now in the murder trial of former new england patriots tight end aaron hernandez. hernandez was accused of killing semiprofootball player odin lloyd in massachusetts. lloyd's mother and girlfriend are expected to testify. earlier though a juror was
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dismissed after it became apparent she had given incorrect answers on a questionnaire. that juror reportedly also expressed doubts to people outside the jury about convicting hernandez. happening right now in the nation's capital, this is a look here a nomination hearing is being held for president obama's pick for the secretary of defense. the committee is in recess now. they'll resume their hearing shortly. carter is a graduate of abington senior high school in montgomery county. he would replace former secretary of defense chuck hagel who resigned at the urging of president obama. sources from both sides of the aisle say they do expect carter to be confirmed. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> yeah a whole lot different than it was yesterday. and the last couple of days. it is definitely milder. can't call it mild. it is only 40 degrees. but it certainly is not bitter
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cold. we are tracking some light snow coming in. perhaps for the morning rush. another bitter blast of very very cold air. the flagstaff not blowing a whole lot outside our studio here. we have a lot of clouds around. there is no rain. it is 40 degrees. the wind is out of the southwest. that's what's warming us up. it is 16 degrees warmer than it was at this time yesterday. but it is still only in the 20s in allentown and reading. you have that deep snow cover, plus the cloud cover. it is hard for the temperature to go up even with a southerly wind. and so that's the case today. so the areas with the least amount of snow you're going to get the warmest. now, we have been talking about more cold air coming in. 40 in philadelphia. 31 in detroit. not bad. but if you go a little farther to the north, yeah it is 11 in minneapolis. and 18 below. this is in southern canada.
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that's the temperature, not the windchill. so some of that air is headed this way. watch what happens. it feels like temperature -- this afternoon, 34. not bad at all. 11:00 tonight, 28. all right. that's not too low. tomorrow morning, 19. not too low. that's tomorrow morning. watch what happens during the day. by 4:00 it is down to 11. single digits north and west. what you wake up to tomorrow morning, well it is going to be a whole lot colder tomorrow afternoon. and then tomorrow night, the windchills are down below zero or near zero. and same thing for friday morning. so that's that next blast. by saturday it is not quite as cold. we're dry despite the cloud cover now. we have some lake-effect snows up to the north, not coming this way. little bit across parts of the western lakes coming in this direction. now, some computer models are
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giving us no snow out of this at all for late tonight and tomorrow morning. this is one that is just bringing a little bit. and so the trend has been for less snow to be predicted for this tomorrow morning rush. so we'll update this tomorrow afternoon -- or this afternoon with the new computer data. now, we have had the next storm that is going to be coming from the west. this is the snowfall total. watch what happens. this is another one that is coming in over the weekend, tracking to our south, more snow to the north and the south. does this sound familiar? not too much different than what we have seen. and there may be a period of icing in between. so by tuesday, things are going to be moving slowly. northern areas, once again, are going to see more snow than
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southern areas. details do remain in question though. partly sunny and warmer today. high temperatures getting into the mid-40s. and then the seven-day forecast there is the chance of that morning light snow tomorrow. not very much at all. perhaps a little bit coating up in the lehigh valley and inch in the poconos. but the bitter winds come in tomorrow afternoon. temperatures fall during the day. and by friday morning, it is 12 in philadelphia. single digits north and west. and then it gets interesting by sunday and actually into tuesday with snow ice, rain depending on where you are. more about that coming in a half hour. >> all right, glenn. breast cancer breakthrough. the possible vaccine that could give hope for women who suffer from a very aggressive form of that disease. and later, is facebook turning you into a green eyed monster. new findings on what the social
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media site could be doing to your self-esteem.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> lung cancer is now the top cancer killer of women in rich countries. american cancer society releasing that new report this morning. it says lung cancer has passed breast cancer as the leading cause of cancer deaths. the organization says the reason, no surprise smoking. that habit peaked years later for women than it did for men.
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in poor countries, breast cancer remains the top killer of women. and on the breast cancer front, researchers in florida may have a breakthrough in the treatment of an aggressive form of breast cancer known as triple negative. about 15 to 20% of breast cancer patients have triple negative cancer. it can't be treated by estrogen blockers. and even when treated by chemotherapy, the disease is likely to return and spread. researchers at the mayo clinic are planning trials for a vaccine that could prevent the disease from coming back. we'll see what happens. you know facebook helps you stay connected to friends and family. actually envying those people could also lead to your depression. researchers found students who compare their friends' activities to their own lives had a higher risk of depression. experts say you should try to avoid making that kind of comparison. or avoid facebook altogether. look out phillies this week's wednesday's child could be the perfect addition to the team some day. he's a fun loving boy, looking for his forever family.
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nbc 10's vai sikahema introduces us to john. >> hey, george. i want you to meet john. john is a fun loving and friendly 11-year-old boy. he's got a passion for all things sports. so we took him to battle rama to work on our swings. >> there you go. >> john is very active. he likes to be doing things at all times, playing, listening to music, playing video games, running around just your typical 11-year-old boy likes to run around and play and have fun. >> there you go. >> john really got into the swing of things and started hitting some home runs. is this the first time you played real baseball or at least hit a real baseball with a real bat? >> yes. >> how did it feel? >> it feels amazing. >> he even had coaching tips for me. >> head down on the ball. >> head down on the ball. >> explode. >> explode. i heard that. >> he enjoys his math class and
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is a very helpful young man. >> he does his chores makes his bed, cleans his room. he's very good in the house. very good following the rules. >> the ideal family for john would need to provide love and support. >> a two-parent household would be good for him. he hasn't had a father figure for a while. that would be really beneficial for him because he loves to watch and play sports. having someone to play with would be great. >> he's ready for his forever home. you're awesome, dude. john is this week's wednesday's child. >> and if you would like to make john's dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child sponsored by the dave thomas foundation, go to our website,, and search wednesday's child. you can also call the national adoption center 1-866-do-adopt. we're working now to learn new details about the deadly four alarm fire in montgomery county this morning. we'll tell you what investigators have learned as dozens of people are now looking
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for a new place to live. plus how about this? soda snacks and marijuana? a new way to dispense cannabis. we'll tell you where to find the vending machines and how they he work.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> fire destroys a montgomery county apartment building killing one person injuring three more including a firefighter. people are now scrambling to find new homes as investigators try to narrow down the cause. the fire started before 1:00 this morning on swede street in norristown, just blocks from the montgomery county courthouse there. a busy area. monique braxton has been covering the story for us. you were saying earlier it looked like the fire started in a dumpster right? >> reporter: that's right, chris. check out the debris here over my shoulder in the rear of the building. firefighters and investigators
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believe it began just a few feet away from this debris where the dumpster and the chute collide. they tell us it took six and a half hours to bring the intensive blaze under control. we spoke to those who fled the flames. >> the hallway was just pitch black with smoke. and as soon as you took a breath of air, your lungs filled with fire it felt like. >> reporter: that's when he realized he couldn't escape the raging inferno without the assistance of firefighters. one of the first responders captured this video of steve's rescue from the fourth floor amidst billowing smoke. >> credit goes to the firefighters who brave the elements and the tenuous situation of everything. and i'm just happy to be here. >> reporter: steve was one of three people treated for minor injuries. a firefighter cut his hand. but one person lost his life during the multialarm blaze that gutted the back of this apartment building.
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the american red cross is now assisting close to two dozen who lived here. some have special needs. >> there were elderly living there. there were people with physical challenges. there were people there with other kinds of challenges. it is the microcosm of who we are as a community. >> reporter: steve lives a stone's throw from where firefighters tell us the blaze began in the rear of the first floor. he called 911, then led other people down a fire escape. >> the back part of the building collapsed. it was a pretty bad fire. >> reporter: were you frightened? >> oh yeah. >> reporter: aside from the folks who lived in this apartment building the american red cross is also assisting nine others who live next door. they don't have power. and the american red cross did not want them out in the cold. we'll be following all of the late breaking developments throughout the day and have them posted for you on the nbc 10 news app. live for now, in norristown monique braxton, nbc 10 news.
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we have an update on the train crash in new york early this morning. governor andrew cuomo says six people were killed in the accident not seven as previously reported. the metro north train slam nad a jeep cherokee stalled on the tracks in val haleh, north of new york city. nbc's kate snow has an update. >> reporter: federal investigators just arriving here on the scene. they're going to be asking a lot of questions about what exactly happened here last night. what we know so far is that a metro north train, that's a major commuter railway out of new york city was coming north on this track behind me here with about 600 or more passengers on board. it was during the evening rush hour when an suv somehow got on to the tracks at a crossing. apparently the driver had driven on to the tracks was hit by a safety guard coming down tried to get out and look at the damage to her car, got back in and tried to move off the tracks but there was another crossing gate in front of her, she couldn't get off the track in
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time. >> this happens too often. if cars get on the tracks and those gates come down it is a very dangerous position to be in. you always want to make sure before you enter a grade crossing that you can completely clear the tracks on the other side. >> the train barreled into that car, pushing it 400 feet down the track. it erupted into flames. the front of the train caught fire and people were simply trapped inside. >> there was a loud bam, like an explosion type thing. and once we jumped off on the side, there was, okay there was another explosion. >> reporter: we know now the driver was killed along with five other people on board the train. there were at least 15 people injured here. a lot of questions now for investigators to answer as they try to figure out what happened at that crossing and whether people had any trouble getting off of that train. there were reports that people had to climb out of windows. kate snow nbc news. a check of our other top stories now. trenton police shot a man after
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he allegedly tried to run over an officer on chestnut street around 1:00 this morning. the suspect kept going, sideswiping several other cars before coming to a stop in hamilton township. the officer was hit in the leg by the car. he's being treated and actually has been released from the hospital now. the suspect is still in the hospital in stable condition. a police officer is being treated for minor injuries after crashing his cruiser in rose valley delaware county. authorities tell us the car slid on ice and hit a pole around 9:00 this morning. the officer was responding to a house fire in nether providence at the time. today long time city councilman jim kenny will enter the race for philadelphia mayor as many suspected he would. kenny will make that announcement at city hall this afternoon. he resigned his at large seat on council last week after 23 years in that position. kenny will be the fourth official candidate for mayor. all right, happening right now, we told you we would take you to it when it happened. this is it. a live view here of the new
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england patriots super bowl victory parade. pushed back a day because of the crummy weather they had in boston all the snow they had. you see that has not stopped a lot of fans from coming out. these fans really are no stranger to championship celebrations. beantown teams have won nine titles since 2001. that's enough. that's enough titles boston. you had enough. here are the champions there, live shot of the float. you can see looks like tom brady there in front. and the lombardi trophy there on the right side of the float. the patriots of course winning the super bowl to capture the fourth title. and we should watch this play again, by the way. malcolm butler picking off the -- what many are considering one of the worst play calls in the history of football. that interception clinching the patriots fourth lombardi trophy. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> we do not have a snow day in
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boston, but skiers in the pock knows s poconos saw a few snow showers. live look outside at camelback mountain ski resort there. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here. this sour day to this is our day to enjoy a bit of a warmup. >> we haven't hit 40 very often in the last month or so. the flag the southwest wind is blowing in a different direction than the way it was blowing yesterday. 40 in philadelphia. 26 in allentown. 28 in reading. because of that deep snow cover that they have plus the clouds on top of that so quite a contrast across pennsylvania and in southern new jersey southern delaware. without the snow cover into the low 40s. also little more sunshine to the south. south jersey and delaware as well. the combination leads to that big temperature contrast. we do have a little bit of light
11:36 am
snow back to the west. this is back towards chicago. and it is not a storm, really of any sort. and the chances of any kind of light snow for tomorrow morning are fairly small, but at least they are not zero. the temperature going up into the mid-40s this afternoon, despite any cloud cover, we'll talk more about the chance of snow tomorrow and the bigger threat for part of the weekend with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> all right glenn. at least two dozen people were killed after a plane in taiwan crash nad a river there. this remarkable video on dash cam showing the moment that the plane clipped that bridge there and crashed into the river below. the number of dead is expected to climb now. the plane's final moments as you see were caught on camera. ian williams has more from beijing. >> reporter: this dramatic dash cam video appears to show the last moments of the transasia flight. aircraft clipping an elevated roadway before crashing in the
11:37 am
shallow keelung river below. emergency rescue teams soon converged on the partially submerged fuselage barely up in the water, 58 passengers and crew trapped below. debris was scattered nearby. one of the first to be pulled from the crippled plane was a small child. one of two believed to be on board. the french built atr 72 turboprop was only nine months old. 31 mainland chinese were among the passengers. it had just taken off from the smaller of taipei's airports on a short domestic flight. the aircraft lost contact shortly before 11:00 in a stormy morning. though it had been relatively clear at the time of takeoff, local television showed the damage to the overpass. the aircraft appeared to just barely miss nearby apartment buildings. though it is not clear whether the pilot deliberately steered the stricken plane into the river in an attempt to avoid greater disaster. transasia is taiwan's third largest carrier. this was the second disaster in
11:38 am
six months. another atr 72 crashed last july killing 48 people. it is evening now in taipei. the search for survivors continues under flood lights. the river there is fairly shallow, so they have quickly found the black boxes, which should enable them to determine again relatively quickly precisely what did go wrong. ian williams nbc news beijing. an update from nbc news reports that 26 people had been confirmed killed in that plane crash. jordan executed two al qaeda prisoners in retaliation for the murder of a jordanian pilot by isis. one of those prisoners was this woman who was captured after her suicide bomb failed to go off during a 2005 attack in jordan. isis demanded her release in exchange for the life of a japanese journalist who they killed over the weekend. and yesterday isis released video showing this jordanian air force pilot being burned alive. jordan officials were
11:39 am
considering a prisoner swap but wanted proof the pilot was still alive. in retaliation, jordan also executed a top aide to the former leader of al qaeda in iraq. listen to this a former u.s. army soldier joined the fight against isis overseas. wisconsin native jordan mathson teamed up with kurdish fighters battling the isis militants in iraq and northern syria. he's one of dozens of people from western countries who joined the kurdish forces. the call to action came through a facebook page. he says he was eager to help. >> isis grew they said it was an iraqi problem, and that didn't sit well with me after all the blood shah was shed here by -- i'm former military. >> western fighters say there was a major drive to recruit as many foreigners as possible especially because many young kurdish fighters have little or are no combat experience. heavy shelling killed five people and damaged a hospital this morning. witnesses say there wereor
11:40 am
seven explosionsexplosions. the united states says the fighting has killed more are than 200 people over the past three weeks. the european union foreign policy chief is now calling for at least a three-day truce so that civilians can be safely evacuated from ukraine. ukraine's president says he expects the united states to send weapons to his country to help fight those pro russian rebels. president obama opposed sending lethal assistance to the ukrainian government. but a senior official now says the surge in fighting has spurred the white house to rehave thatre review that policy. pope francis called on warring fractions in eastern ukraine to restart their peace process. he called the conflict a war between christians during his weekly speech to the audience at the vatican. a judge may decide today whether to approve a class
11:41 am
action settlement involving remington rifles. they been battling allegations that their rifles are defective and the company accused of covering up a design flaw that causes the rifle to fire without anyone pulling the trigger. they would need to replace the triggers on most of the rifles in question. happening on this fourth day of black history month, the world is getting first look at the private life of rosa parks. researchers are getting access to a collection of parks' letter notes and photos at the library of congress in washington. a public display will open next month. parks helped spark the civil rights movement by refusing to sit on the back of the bus in alabama 60 years ago. today would have been her 102nd birthday. people in washington state can now buy marijuana the same way you buy a snickers bar. marijuana vending machines are in service in seattle now. the machines are being placed in medical marijuana dispensaries. they helped verify a customer's age because medical marijuana
11:42 am
cards are required to get into the centers. the customer needs to swipe that card or driver's license through the machine. the creator of the machine says this is just the next logical step for the marijuana market. >> a few years ago we recognized the fact that uncle harvey that was giving cigarettes out that the 21st century was here. maybe we could upgrade on that. >> the company says these machines do not have glass windows that can be broken into. and that's an added protection against would be thieves. if you're feeling the chill these days we're not talking about the weather here. we have a new look at who is stressed out and why fewer people may be feeling anxious. glenn? well the mild weather for now, the bitter cold air is going to be making a comeback and so is the snow. i'll break down the timing of it all just ahead.
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all right, we're just getting this in to nbc 10 newsroom here. fire crews just put out a fire at an apartment building in philadelphia's germantown neighborhood. this happened around 10:00 a.m. in a high rise on emblem street. firefighters had it under control pretty quickly. no one was injured. staples is buying its competitor. office depot. we told you yesterday that this deal was possibly in the works, now we know that staples is paying about $6 billion in cash and stock for its rival. that deal is expected to close by the end of the day.
11:46 am
this probably isn't too big of a surprise to most of you. a new survey shows the leading cause of stress is money. the poll shows 72% of adults felt stressed about money during the past year. 72 really. i would have thought higher than that. parents, younger generations and people living in low income households had the highest level of financial stress. americans' stress levels have dropped since 2007. experts say most of us still feel unhealthy amounts of stress and we aren't doing enough to manage it. different kind of stress relief here. imagine being a child and watching your parent go through a life threatening illness. an experience like that could force a kid to grow up quickly. there is an organization in this area that is helping these courageous children put aside their fears and worries and putting fun back into their lives. they're talking about the university of pennsylvania sponsors a branch of kessem a student run summer camp for students who have a parent with
11:47 am
cancer or had a parent with cancer. joining me is alex smith, he's a counselor for the camp. and keira, better known as piglet, am i getting this right here piglet you're an 11-year-old camper from montgomery county. all right. i got to address the piglet thing in a moment. alex let's start with you. you're a senior at penn. penn. tell us about camp kessem. >> we have been around we have grown from 20 campers that -- well 30 campers and 20 counselors the first year, last year 76 campers from the philadelphia area. >> all the kids who go to the camp have a parent that is battling cancer or has badle lebattled cancer, right? >> that's right. >> you've been affected by the disease in some way?
11:48 am
>> it has been an amaze experience to meet some of the kids, to hear their stories and really try to give back and give them an amazing camp experience. >> what kind of activities are they taking part in here? >> we have everything. i personally love the science and nature activities at camp. we do tube and arts and crafts and all the normal camp activities you expect and much more. >> all your basic camp fun. let's talk to one of your campers now. your camp name is piglet. okay if i call you that right? >> yes. >> they told me to call you that. how did you get that name? >> well you have to choose a camp name to go to camp. i was watching winnie the-the-pooh and i thought let's do piglet. >> better than eor, right? >> probably. >> you're a perfect piglet. tell us about your camp experience, how long you've enjoyed this and what you like about it. >> well camp kessem isn't just
11:49 am
a camp you go to just to go to camp. it is, like so much fun and it is, like so much fun and the counselors are so nice and they're just there for you. and it like when i had to run a mile i pictured all my counselors at the finish line waiting for me to finish it and it just affected my life since then. >> the important thing is all the kids there with you, they can empathize with what you've been going through. your mother had breast cancer. she's doing a lot better now. but these other campers, they're living through this and you can actually help them too with what you've experienced, right? >> yes. i know some campers, we have at the end of the -- end of the week we have a talk and we talk about all of the things that we're going through. one year we wrote letters to our parents about how much they mean to us. we made capes and to like superhero capes and we made jars, and put kind words into them and it just is amazing.
11:50 am
>> it is an awesome outlet for kids who had to shoulder some really adult duties in life. there is a way to help. a big fund-raiser to help camp kessem, make the magic benefit dinner this saturday february 28th, that's not this saturday but saturday february 28th. i got the date right. saturday, february 28th, at the inn at penn. maybe you can meet piglet who knows. will you be there? >> yes. >> you got to be there now. >> for more information, go to our website, alex and keira, thank you for being here and talking to us about the camp. it sounds awesome. keep up the good work. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> the temperature is up today, but don't let that fool you. it is not going to last. it is a little bit milder in some areas and a lot milder in others. we are tracking some light snow
11:51 am
for later tonight into tomorrow morning, though it is looking less and less impressive. and another bitter blast, that's still pretty impressive coming during the day tomorrow. starting. we have a lot of clouds around these parts of the area. keeping the temperature down. and in some areas, it is not 40 degrees in philadelphia despite most of the cloudy skies. it is that southwest wind that makes the big difference there. and humidity is at 30%. now, we're still pretty cold north and west but we're still 8 degrees warmer than we were at this time yesterday. 16 degrees warmer in philadelphia. now, it is only 33 in trenton. 37 in horse sham. 35 in chester springs. the deeper your snow cover, the colder it is. it is 26 in allentown. 28 in reading. 30 in pottstown. and doylestown. and then farther to the south, without the snow cover, we have temperatures well into the 40s. 45 degrees in woodbine.
11:52 am
now, the feels like temperatures windchill, not an issue this afternoon. not much of an issue tonight either. not going to be all that cold tonight. or first thing tomorrow morning. but dressed for winter because as we go through the day tomorrow, the windchill is going to be gone way down. single digits by 4:00 in the afternoon. and zero or below zero by midnight tomorrow night. and for the friday morning rush near zero again. so we have that bitter blast coming we're dry right now, we do have a little bit of moisture back to the west that is going to try to come in here. it is not with any kind of storm. and some of our latest computer models showing that it is really not that much. here is 2:00 a.m., that little bit of snow in the poconos. lehigh valley and then it disappears. and there is another model that
11:53 am
does pretty much the same thing. we'll see what happens with some of the latest guidance later this afternoon. now, this is pretty amazing. snow this winter versus last winter. as of today, philadelphia 5.2 inches compared to 40 at this time last year. atlantic city at 22 at this time last year. wilmington 4.4 now. 30 last year. now, a good share of snow this winter. 23 inches. so you're going to be getting more out of these next systems as well. partly sunny and warmer. high temperatures getting up to the mid-40s. and during the day tomorrow chances of light snow. but mostly to the north and looks pretty light. temperatures going down and the wind going up. that's going to be a big issue tomorrow. those bitter winds continuing into friday. and then over the weekend, saturday looks dry. but starting on sunday we could
11:54 am
have an extended period of a mix of snow to the north, wintry mix and some ice in some areas and then rain to the south.
11:55 am
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