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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  February 5, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EST

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some very light snowfall that's moving into a ammaeus right now. pottstown is 35. but it's just dropped to freezing in allentown while reading is 33. so the temperatures north and west are starting to fall. and we'll see that temperature fall in philadelphia, too. light snow at 7:00. tapering off by 9:00. and temperatures will be falling as the afternoon progresses we'll be at 30 degrees at lunchtime, even though we'll see some breaks of sunshine. the temperatures will dive this afternoon into the lower 20s. katy zachry is in lehigh county right now and witnessing the snow firsthand. morning, katy. >> reporter: hi bill. and i'm feeling the wind. wow! it's really -- it really is biting as it throws the snow into your face. so in the last 15 minutes or so the snow has started falling. and you can see how much -- i mean it's not a large accumulation by any amount but it is coating cars. it's coating the street.
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it's coating sidewalks. and it's cold up here as well as the wind. so people are definitely dealing with this snu surge this morning of winter weather, as you've been predicting. and as on schedule the weather moved in and the snow is falling. we're in the heart of ammaeus now, but throughout the lehigh valley they're experiencing a lot of conditions like this. let's go to jillian mele. >> good morning. people definitely need to slow down and take their time. if you're waking up in the lehigh valley traveling on highways, even side streets there, on and off ramps, that's where you need to be careful. we're not seeing that weather here. this is a live look in delaware county. 95 at route 420. everything is dry here on 95. and as can you see, it is quiet so far. we're not reporting any delays here. no accidents on the majors around philadelphia. if we head out to chester county, check some of your drive times, route 100 southbound from route 113 to route 30 will take you four minutes. eastbound from 340 to route 113 and 202 is clear in both
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directions to interstate 76 it will take you seven minutes. chris? new from overnight, crews put out a fire in a row home in west philadelphia. it broke out around 12:30 in the basement of a home on katherine street. everyone did make it out safely. well as we saw katy showing us there, there is a chance of snow today. some of you seeing that. but one year ago today, in this area, all of us were dealing with this major ice storm. who can forget it? the ice brought down trees and power lines. there were more than 700,000 power outages. it took crews more than a week to get that power back on for everyone. some of the hardest-hit areas. jesse, you talked to peco. how did that storm change their strategy last year? >> reporter: well what they do now, chris, is they consult with other power providers around the country. and they're also participating in mutual aid with agencies outside their service area.
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and that will help the repair damage for the second worst storm in the history of the utility. nearly three-quarters of a million customers lost service last year. in some cases those outages lasted for days forcing residents to abandon their homes. we talked to hillary schmidt. she says her family suffered six days without service while peco came repeatedly. >> neighbors not far away were getting their power back in a day or two, so it's very frustrating for us and our neighbors. i don't know. i don't know. we don't have an answer. i don't think peco ever gave us an answer. it's just we expect it. >> reporter: people officials say, they have heard those complaints and they have learned from them. they now have added new equipment to make pinpointing problems faster. and that makes the service restoration estimation process much more reliable. we're going to talk to you and tell you more about this new
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equipment coming up in the next 30 minutes. live in berwyn chester county jesse gary nbc 10 news. happening today, an ocean county man faces sentencing in connection with his son's deadly shooting of ai playmate. anthony senator pleaded guilty to child endangerment in october. his 4-year-old son and a 6-year-old boy were playing on an atv in 2013 when senator's son grabbed a rifle from his house and shot a playmate. senator says he left the loaded gun under his bed after checking out a noise the night before. this morning a delaware county man faces charges in the death of a toddler. police say daniel grafton was baby-sitting his girlfriend's son. authorities say he told them he stepped away and when he returned he found the boy face down in a bathtub. investigators say it took him almost an hour to take the boy to a doctor even though there was a doctor's office downstairs. we spoke to that doctor who tried to save the boy. >> i can't even tell you how
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much we've been affected by it. it's going to be very hard to go back to that same place. >> he's charged with reckless endangerment and endangering the welfare of a child. those charms could be upgraded once an autopsy is complete. now to the atlantic city casino crisis. it could lose its power, heat and water. revel's energy supplier is threatening to shut off services by 5:00 this afternoon. the atlantic city casino has been closed since september, as you know. on tuesday, revel asked an appeals court judge not to delay its sales to a florida developer. the delay is because a nightclub at revel is suing to block the sale saying it will lose millions of dollars. also in atlantic city caesars ceo gary loveman is stepping down. caesars entertainment group made the announcement last night. he'll leave the post in july but will stay on as chair. caesars' largest subsidiary
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filed for bankruptcy protection last month. happening right now, rescue workers in taiwan are still looking for 11 passengers missing after yesterday's plane crash. a live look here at the scene in taipei next to the river where crews have removed the wreckage from the water. they're trying to look through the fuselage now to find anyone who's still missing. an aviation official says the pilot of a transasia flight radioed "mayday mayday engine flameout" moments before it clipped a bridge and crashed into the river. that video appeared to show the left turbo propeller at a standstill. the crash killed at least 32 people and injured 15. police say a 67-year-old man shot a would-be robber in the head killing him. upper darby police say the man was walking along a trail yesterday in cobbs creek park when a masked man pointed a gun in his face and demanded money. police say the victim who is licensed to carry, pulled out his gun and killed the robber. police call it self-defense. >> i personally spoke with him.
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he was very upset that this incident happened but at the end of the day, i don't see any criminal charges whatsoever and to be quite frank with you, i think he did what he had to do. >> and then there's this fact. police later found out the gun used by the would-be robber was just a pellet gun. the victim is at the hospital being treated for chest pains. police have not released the name of the suspect. 5:07. this morning a former delaware county police officer is facing more trouble two years after losing his job. lower merion police say trevor told him he was still a police officer when they pulled him over during a traffic stop in october. he's now charged with impersonating a public official in lower merion. police fired him two different times. the last time in 2013 after he tasered a teenager who was shackled to a bench in a holding cell. in philadelphia a judge yesterday sentenced these two former philadelphia police officers for robbing drug dealers. jonathan garcia got more than 17
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years in prison. his former partner got more than five years. the two admitted to staging fake arrests and stealing cash and drugs from those dealers. today in montgomery county parents and religion leaders will call the state to come up with a different approach to fund schools. the group says they want a funding formula that is fair to homeowners and is based on the actual cost of educating students. this morning they'll hold a briefing. that will happen just before a hearing by the pennsylvania basic education funding commission. today camden's superintendent will release a progress report on his 18-month plan to turn around city schools. he launched this strategic plan last year. its focus is learning teaching student safety and support and refurbishing old school buildings. this morning the superintendent will join the mayor and police chief to update the community and outline what still needs to be done.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> tracking some light snow this morning. it's already moved into the lehigh valley. that light snowfall will leave a dusting to half inch for the lehigh valley. but north and west of the city it looks like just a dusting for the suburbs. gusty winds kick in during the morning. that will drive temperatures down this afternoon. bitter cold is on the way. the temperatures will really get cold overnight tonight, too. 32 degrees, light snow falling in allentown. cloudy skies for northeast philadelphia. look at the temperature, 39 degrees. millville's running colder at 30. watching some very light snow fall. it's barely coming down in camelback. that's the view this morning. you see the snow is making some slow progress. light snow moving across burks county and the lehigh county and in the poconos. snow to start with won't last through the day. the snow will be pushing offshore probably by noon time. so expect it during the 8:00
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9:00 hour in the delaware valley through the i-95 corridor. and look at the temperatures start to fall early this afternoon. at 1:00 we'll drop down from the 30s into the upper 20s. and the temperatures will continue to fall because of the strong winds that will clear the clouds out but will really make for a cold afternoon. teens north and west for allentown and for portions of bucks county. so light snow, gusting winds this afternoon will bring our temperatures from the 30s into the 20s later today. and even colder tomorrow morning. now, the seven-day forecast show you how long that lasts when i'm back in ten. ten minutes after 5:00 and time to get a check on the highways. >> for that we check in with first alert traffic reporter jillian mele. >> good morning. the majors around philadelphia are still quiet. they're also dry which is good news. but in the lehigh valley we have that light snowfall moving in as bill has been talking about. you can see in this live picture of route 22 that it almost looks like the roads are damp in that area. that's where you really need to take your time out there.
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this is 22 right near mcarthur road. as you see as far as traffic goes, we're really not reporting any issues. bridges are all clear now. that includes franklin ross whitman, even burlington bristol. tracy? >> thanks. 11 minutes past 5:00 right now. this year's flu season is taking a toll on supplies of the drug used to ease the symptoms. this morning we're investigating the impact of a it willtamiflu shortage in our area. republicans get ready to unveil their plans to replace the affordable care act.
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here's a live look outside at 5:14. relatively warm outside. flags blowing. chris, 38 degrees? >> 38 degrees. >> 38 degrees, flag blowing. center city will see light snow according to bill henley between 7:00 and 9:00? ammeus here's a live picture there. we're seeing more light snow but bill says we'll just see light snow across the area today. the bigger thing you'll notice is the chilly temperatures that move in later this afternoon. the u.s.-led coalition to stop isis is showing signs of strain. the united arab emirates canceled air combat missions. jordan is begging u.s. lawmakers for weapons and president obama's pick for pentagon chief, ashton carter is facing tough questions on isis policy from lawmakers. all of this follows the militants executions of a japanese journalist and a
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jordanian fighter pilot. also happening today, lawmakers will hold a hearing on the future of the prison at guantanamo bay. the senate armed services committee will also discuss u.s. detention practices. at a hearing yesterday, a state department official said returning that base to cuba is off the table even though the u.s. is normalizing relations with that country. also today in washington president obama will speak at the national prayer breakfast. you're looking at video of last year's event. the annual breakfast began in 1953. members of congress host the event which brings together people of different faiths, the dalai lama is expected to attend the breakfast at the national cathedral later this morning. today acapitol hill some leading republicans will unveil their replacement for the affordable care act. officials say the plan would drop the mandatory coverage requirement. it would also give tax credits to help lower income people buy health insurance. the white house has said president obama will veto any effort to scuttle the law. last month the aca reached its original goal of 9 million
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subscribers. now to the flu outbreak. when it comes to the number of cases this winter our area covers the entire change. chester county for instance has the fewest flu cases in our area but lehigh county has the most and the second highest amount in all of pennsylvania. nbc 10's katy zachry is live in lehigh county. katy, you've learned fighting off the virus is getting tougher because of a shortage of a key medicine. tell us more about that. >> reporter: it is tracy. so we're talking about tamiflu. it is not a cure-all but it can definitely lessen your symptoms. however, at some of your local pharmacies, they are experiencing a shortage. so we went to medical professionals to ask them why and what patients should do about it. they say the shortage is because more doctors are prescribing tamiflu this year because more patients are coming down with the virus. now, this year's flu vaccine, listen to this is only about 25% effective. tamiflu coats the outside of your cells so the flu virus cannot replicate as easily. now, in most cases the drug is
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made six months ahead of time and they base it on the prior year's demand. >> they can make more. it takes time. think of it as a bakery. you have so much dough. you have to -- it takes time to make it. you have to quarantine it do all your fda parameters as far as testing. it doesn't happen overnight to make it. >> reporter: that's a great analogy. it's like a bakery. well, gibb williams director of pharmacy at bryn mawr hospital suggests to patients calling your local pharmacy ahead to see if they have it. if they don't, call around to other local pharmacies. fortunately bryn mawr hospital as well as lehigh valley medical center up here they have it. most hospitals do because they've stockpiled it in anticipation of a problem like this. reporting live katy zachry nbc 10 news. >> you see where the rest of pennsylvania stands county by county and more flu information including a list of the top five flu myths and the facts to go along, go to the nbc 10 app or
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logon to 5:17 now. paul moriarty says he felt humiliated when he was handcuffed and charged in a traffic stop in 2012 a stop that was later ruled illegal. that was part of his testimony in a courtroom in woodbury yesterday. moriarty was the first witness to take the stand against washington township police officer joseph debonaventura. he's charged with falsifying records and official police misconduct. >> i was pulled over accused of cutting somebody off, accused of having a smell of alcohol. i'm, like what's going on here? it was like "the twilight zone." >> the officer is suspended from duty right now. his attorney says he was given a tip that moriarty was possibly drunk before he made that traffic stop. pennsylvania attorney general kathleen cane wants the state supreme court to dismiss the grand jury case against her.
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cane is accused of leaking secret documents to a philadelphia newspaper in order to discredit her critics. cane's lawyers argue that the special prosecutor who investigated her just didn't have the legal authority to do that. high court justices will meet in philadelphia in march for oral arguments in the case. 19 minutes after 5:00 now. and almost hate to say that it's been a slow morning so far because you know what will happen. so i'm not going to say that. >> jillian mele. but he said it anyway. >> that doesn't count. >> you're thinking it. >> good morning. it has been really quiet out there. but i know anytime we have a morning like this oftentimes i'm usually the one to jinx it. this is a live look in delaware. 95 right at route 896. 95 is clear. 495 looks good. same situation on route 1 and 113. new jersey checking out drive times. 42 from route 55 to the walt whitman bridge will take you five minutes. by the way your area bridges are looking good so far. 295 southbound from route 38 to 168 is a 13-minute trip.
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and if you're taking mass transit, everything looks good. new jersey transit's on time. patco is on time and no delays or problems when it comes to septa. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> yesterday the wind was our friend. we had a southwesterly wind which helped warm us up. but the direction has changed and is going to get colder as the day goes on. 36 now in philadelphia. not bad just yet. and the wind is calm at the airport. but a strong gusty northwesterly wind is going to really bring the temperatures down. and give us snow this morning. we're watching blue mountain. so far looking dry. but there are snow showers, light snow north and west as the temperatures are falling north and west. pottstown is nicely above freezing. wilmington both at 35 right now. northeast philly is 39. but as you go farther north and west, there are colder spots. blue bell is at 37 degrees. down to 32 right now in collegeville. and still on the warm side for gilbertsville, though. 39 degrees.
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it's just off to the northwest. that's where the light snow is making some progress through burks, lehigh northampton counties and into the poconos. just very light snow. looking for a dusting in the lehigh valley. possibly a dusting in the northern and western suburbs but it will fall apart as it blows through the i-95 corridor between 7:00 and 9:00 this morning. and the wind will really kick in. that will clear the clouds out of here. we will see clearing skies. but it's going to get colder and colder as the afternoon goes on. so enjoy this while it's here. 34 degrees right now. . dropping to 24 degrees later this afternoon. the snow will be long gone by afternoon. we'll see sunshine break through and winds gusting to 35 miles an hour. tomorrow it gets even colder in the morning. that's in the city 12 degrees. 30 in the afternoon with a breeze still blowing. it's going to be a bitter breeze for friday. temperatures will climb on saturday as clouds come in. that leads to some wet weather for sunday monday and tuesday. a system coming together for all
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three days. finally by wednesday, we will be dry. hit by hackers. the customer information compromised and what a major insurance company is calling a sophisticated cyber attack. and donating to a good cause. coming up in our next half hour a local police department is asking the community to pitch in to buy crime cameras.
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well it has been a good winter for snow so far in the poconos. a live look here at camelback
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ski resort. can you see what we saw on radar a moment ago. that is the light snow coming down. bill henley says that will move on through this morning. what you'll want to know about is the drop in temperature headed our way. bill will have that in a moment. >> going to be chilly. this morning there is news of another hacker attack. this time on a u.s. health insurer. landon doughty is here with that in this morning's cnbc business news. good morning, landon. >> tracy, good morning to you. hackers have struck the number two u.s. health insurer stealing the personal information of current and former customers and employees. anthem has nearly 40 million members but the database said it was hacked contains data on about 80 million people. anthem says it doesn't appear medical records or financial info such as credit cards and bank account numbers were stolen but names and birth dates, social security numbers, street and e-mail addresses and employment information was exposed. anthem has created a website, with the latest news on the cyber attack and
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will offer credit monitoring services to those affected. back over to you. >> the positive one on this one is the fbi says they were really quick to respond and get the word out. so that's something. >> that's right. >> landon doughty with cnbc, thanks. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. tracking some light snow in areas north and west. and it's going to ride into the philadelphia area on gusty winds. the winds have just started to pick up. look at that view from center city. right now 38 degrees at 5:26. jillian mele is in the first alert traffic center. >> good morning to you. let's check drive times on 95. 12 to 13 minutes between woodhaven and the vine. coming up i'll take you to a live look at the boulevard. we'll be right back.
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we are tracking snow and much colder weather moving in. nbc 10's first alert weather radar now shows light snow falling in parts of the area. >> it is indeed. here's a live picture from ammaeus where there is light snow. this is where the snow will start. again, just light snow. behind it, though bitter cold temperature. just about 5:30. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> andj cato. how appropriate to have this
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snow falling to national weatherperson's day. >> we have a weatherperson who is actually a meteorologist. >> we're talking about bill henley. bill tell people to hold the cards and letters, right? >> is this february 5 already? >> it is. >> everybody knows today would be national weather -- yeah just days after groundhog day, go figure. let me show you what's happening outside right now. cloudy in center city but we're waiting to see snowflakes. snow is falling to the north and west, into the lehigh valley. we zoom out from the allentown area you see it's now falling across burks county and just starting to inch into montgomery and bucks county. that snow will sweep through this morning and following the snow cold gusty winds. right now it's not cold. 36 degrees in philadelphia. light snow and 32 in allentown. and it's in the 20s in the poconos. and that's where we're going to be this afternoon. as the temperatures will be plummeting during the day. to start with 34 degrees. light snow at 7:00. it will be tapering off by 9:00.


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