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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  February 6, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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ignorance and danger to the comments the young lady made. >> just analyze what was said how it was delivered and whether they have the capability of being a potential threat. >> reporter: ocean county's prosecutor says his office has reviewed the messages and is handling the case as a juvenile matter. so few details can be revealed. however, he tells me, no charges have been filed. >> there are personal rights under the first amendment that have to be taken into consideration. we're not driven by public opinion. we're driven by the law, okay? and we must follow the law. >> i was definitely offended but i do not feel threatened. >> reporter: lakewood's mayor says, he's taken action. >> i've already spoken to jackson schools and i've spoken to the mayor of jackson. and we're going to try to create a better future for the two towns. >> reporter: a jackson township spokeswoman wouldn't talk about this case but generally said incidents intended to be biased
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or hurtful can result in progressive student discipline counseling assistance and sensitivity education. live in lakewood i'm ted greenberg, "nbc10 news." 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with sky force 10 over this collision involving a philadelphia police vehicle. the crash left two officers trapped. >> i saw it coming over literally on the top of my suv. >> one man freed the trapped officers and emergency responders rushed those officers to the hospital. one other person was also injured. live at the scene this afternoon in frankfurt is nbc's matt delucia. >> spoke with someone involved in the crash. >> reporter: quite a story he told us. he was sitting in the driver's seat of his volkswagen right behind where you see that police suv when all of a sudden, pieces of metal and car parts went flying. >> yeah scary. >> reporter: and scott managed to walk out of this wreck without a scratch.
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at the intersection of large and her her herbechlt rt streets the result of a police pull over gone awry. police officers say two in this suv were trying to stop a car for violation when this white chrysler t-boned the cruiser, sending the suv out of control. >> i saw the whole thing. i was about to back out i saw them coming over literally on the side of the suv, over the top of my car. >> reporter: the person in the chrysler was taken to einstein medical center with injuries said to be nonlife-threatening. the officers meanwhile, were taken to temple hospital after scott says he helped them out of their mangled piece of metal. >> they were pretty shoonken up. one was cut on his head. >> police trying to do their job. making a car stop. sometimes this is the result of it, unfortunately. >> reporter: scott tells me he's glad no one was seriously hurt. all he wants is his car fixed
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up. now, the original driver who was being stopped by the officers did eventually stop just up this street here without incident. scott says he did see lights on that police suv at the time. but police would not go any further, saying this is still under investigation, all the circumstances of it. live in frankfurt, "nbc10 news." break news from montgomery county health department with a 15-year-old boy is suspected of having the measles. >> he's being evaluated to find out if it's a true case of the measles and also being isolated at home. a delaware state trooper is recovering after investigators say a woman rammed her fan into his patrol car. they say vanessa wilson rear-ended the trooper after he pulled her over near the delaware toll blaz. >>. the trooper wasn't seriously hurt. authorities say they found a crack in wilson's van. they faces several charges,
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including assault and dui. from trenton now, authorities charged a man they say tried to run over two officers earlier this week. the officers ended up shooting jeremiah sanchez after the incident on wednesday. tonight sanchez faces several charges, including attempted murder, weapons charges, reckless driving and assault. >> the bitter cold not budging today. nbc10 in wynnefield plenty of people were bundled up as they should be near the campus of st. joe's. after being stuck in this freezer, we finally have hope on the horizon. >> we do? glad to hear that. nbc10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz here to tell us about temperatures actually going up. can it be glenn? >> yes, it can. the wind direction is the key. it's coming out of the southwest and there's warmer air from that direction that's going to be moving in. we have a mix of sun and clouds across the area right now. some places getting some sunshine. and that has helped the
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temperature get all the way up to the freezing mark. we were down to 14 in philadelphia this morning. 3 in allentown. allen allentown is up to 27. still pretty cold and feels like it's 18 in allentown. but the windchill was down below zero this morning. so we have seen quite an improvement during the day. we're going to be seeing not much of a temperature drop during the night tonight. not nearly as cold as last night. temps level off as the clouds come in. very little wind as well. but a big warm-up over the weekend and some rain on the way. we'll see if it's going to come here before the weekend's over with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> glenn, we'll see you then. now to sky force 10 over a house fire in atlantic county crestview, around 10:00 this morning. you can see there is plenty of smoke. no one was hurt. investigators are still trying to figure out how that fire started. in delaware this afternoon, a boil water advisory remains in effect for a portion of new castle county. an overnight water main break in
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newark is to blame for this. kirkwood highway was closed for several hours. anyone living in this area may be at risk of e. coli contamination if you drink from the faucet. you should boil your water or use bottled water instead. officials expect it to be resolved within the next 48 hours. big mess in the north kensington section after a water main break there. we'll show you the scene along north howard street. flowing water quickly became ice this morning. officials tell nbc10 they're working to restore service as quickly as they can. we'll keep you posted on air and on your "nbc10 news" app. happening now, lawmakers are getting an update on the redevelopment project at willow grove naval air station in montgomery county. a state representative stevens and u.s. congressman pat meehan and brendon boyle are touring the fa sill till right now.
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sky force 10 was over the base this morning. the navy will transfer land to the township. deanna durante will speak to officials once they wrap up. she'll have an update before 6:30. they got the scare of their young lives during a walk to school yesterday on "nbc10 news" at had4:00, we brought you the story of two young girls who fell through the basement doors on trenton avenue. >> we talk about the doors on the sidewalk at the center of all this. >> cydney long is live in trenton covering this story, asking these questions. >> let's start with the conditions of those little girls. how are they? >> reporter: jackie and jim, raeshgably remarkably they were not badly hurt. they are doing very well and in good spirits. in addition to speaking to the two little girls, we're in contact with the city. it owns the sidewalk here in front of this empty building but it is the building's owner who is responsible for repairs to those metal-type doors.
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he told me over the phone today, he is working on a permanent solution to replace this plywood. four 5-year-old iona and cousin dustiana walking on their way to kind guardergarten -- >> i slipped on the ice and then fell down a hole. >> reporter: it was a scary experience they won't forget. suddenly six feet below the sidewalk. >> i was crying. i was like somebody get me out of here. somebody get me out of here. and they kept taking pictures of me. >> reporter: taking photographs today, the city's housing department. they say they will continue to do so until the owner of the empty building lafayette cooper, secures the metal doors permanently. he could be fined up to $2,000 and face 90 days in jail. cooper insisted he is complying with the city's order and new steel doors are being made to purchase. >> there should have been something done with that a long time ago. that place has been vacant for many years.
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>> a little scratch. >> reporter: the little girls were just bruised and shaken up. one girl went to the doctor with a bruised wrist. >> i got x-rays. it wasn't broken or nothing. >> reporter: the family wants the city to stay on top of the building's owners so that no one else falls victim. >> if that door had fell on their head or crushed that little one in the chest, it could have been fatal. >> reporter: now, the owner told me today that the doors are built to order to fit that space in the sidewalk. that the steel company was out here today, measuring. so that could be done. he promises that this will all be taken care of by next thursday. live in trenton tonight, i'm cydney long, "nbc10 news." >> thanks. chester county teacher is accused of having a sexual relationship with an underage student this afternoon. mark teaches at coatesville high school. investigators say in 2008 he took a 17-year-old student to his home three times, gave her alcohol before having sex with her. the victim says he also took her
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to his relative's home once and did the same thing. the coatesville area school district issued a statement that reads in part he passed state and federal criminal history checks and child abuse history clearances. there have been no reports of improper conduct. he is free on $20,000 bail this afternoon. today nbc10 has new information about those at the center of an alleged sex scandal in the ranks of the philadelphia fire department. >> the firefighters union spoke out publicly about it today. as you saw live on the "nbc10 news" app. they are questioning the city's case. nbc10 christine maddela spoke to union leaders today as well as city officials. >> high-level fire officials are implicated but you the union says not so fast. >> reporter: that's right. we've known a female ems worker filed a complaint with the fire department but now we know how many people are accused of sexual misconduct. >> allegations of sexual misconduct were made against 13 fire department members.
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>> reporter: of those 13 we know 7 fire department members are accused of disciplinary violations. here's their breakdown by rank. two battalion chiefs who oversee fire captains and lower level staff, one captain in charge of a fire house, one lieutenant, one paramedic and two firefighters. >> the second battalion chief as well as two other members were charged with conduct unbecoming because of alleged con sen you'll, offduty sexual relationship. >> reporter: the union president said right now the fire department doesn't even have a policy regarding fraterization so employees who had relationships outside of work shouldn't be discipline having a consenting, offduty adult relationship is no business of the fire department. >> reporter: the paramedic and two firefighters charged with sexual harassment based on inappropriate behavior at work but not sexual interaction with the woman at the center of this case. one employee is accused of having sex in a fire house, an
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accusation the union says hasn't been proven. >> since this member is being charged based solely on the allegations, why then are there no charges against the other eight members implicated in the complaint? >> reporter: the union president says he only knows about the allegations and charges against these seven members because the city redacted a large portion of the inspector general's report. >> we should be provided with the entire report. >> reporter: as for those other people linked to this case the city simply isn't releasing any information about them. i talked to the inspector general herself as well as the city's law department and the mayor's office to try to find out why so much of this inspector general report is being kept hidden. i'll have is that for you in our next hour. reporting live in northern liberty, christine maddela, "nbc10 news." police arrested an atlantic county man accused of hitting a pedestrian with his car this morning. al phone zoe dickerson was walking in galloway township around 1:30. a car driven by richard
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dougherty hit him. dickerson was charged with dui. a man charged in the rape and murder of a delaware church worker is back in the state. authorities originally brought march thou burton to maryland but they extradited him to delaware because they believe that's where the killing happened. investigators say burton raped and killed nicole benton. they worked together at a church in sussex county. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with a guilty plea from reputed philadelphia mon mobster. he pled guilty to several charges including third-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder. they say he shot and killed dipitro. he was sentenced to 25 to 30 years in jail. we have new information on restaurant at the center of a hepatitis scare in mercer county. a food inspection report shows
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rosa's restaurant was cited for hand washing violations. a month later a worker at the business in hamilton tested positive for hepatitis a. three other people who ate there also contracted the virus. 20 minutes of nonstop news continuing with concerns over measles. kinder care learning center announced today it's requiring all staff members working with kids under 15 months to be vaccinated against measles. kinder care has facilities across the country. five infants at a kinder care near chicago have been diagnosed with measles. as we told you earlier, there's a suspected case of the measles involving a 15-year-old boy in montgomery county, pennsylvania. health experts in north jersey are looking into a suspected case involving a 1-year-old. >> local day cares as well taking all the precautions they can to protect kids from the measles. as nbc10's randy gyllenhaal found out the challenge is that the vaccine cannot be given to all children because of their age. >> reporter: step into a playpen
4:15 pm
full of energetic 2-year-olds. >> woo! >> reporter: toddlers have one great talent -- stuffing everything into their mouth. >> putting toys in their mouth, hands in their mouth. >> reporter: it's germ warfare every single day. not a problem for toddlers because they're all vaccinated. but for babies you'll need clean hands and plastic booties before stepping into the infant nursery. >> disinfect toys mats surfaces. >> reporter: babies less than 2 years old can't get the measles vaccine so they're highly susceptible to the disease. in new jersey a 1-year-old is being tested. doctors at ambler pediatrics say babies should wait until they're 18 months old. >> their immune doesn't respond to this particular vaccine. >> reporter: this means until then they're at high risk especially around unvaccinated
4:16 pm
people. >> good boy. >> reporter: so keeping those little hands clean is your best bet. >> talk to their friends and neighbors who are not immunized and plead that they do become immunized. >> reporter: that is a concept called herd immunity. if enough people in the community are vaccinated there's a much less chance a baby will catch the bug. coming up in the next hour or so we'll hear about the rare circumstances where a young baby can get vaccinated at just 6 months old. live in abington randy gyllenhaal "nbc10 news." >> parents can have their kids opt out of vaccinations in schools in all three of our states. in pennsylvania they can do it for religious or philosophical reasons. in new jersey and delaware they can only do it for religious reasons. >> we'll be diving deeper into the measles threat this sunday on "at issue," i'll talk to a mother of twin austistic boys.
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we'll hear from an expert on vak seens wyoming they're so important and exactly how they work. that's this sunday on "at issue" right after "meet the press." a developing story. the state department says it has yet to confirm isis claims that an american woman held hostage was killed in a jordanian air strike. a purported statement from isis claims a u.s. aide worker was killed during air strikes today in syria. mueller's parents provided this photo of her. isis took her hostage in syria two years ago. the white house says it has not seen any evidence at this time to corroborate the claims that she's been killed. chilly day to be working outside. nbc10 in havertown as they brave the bitter conditions to get the job done.
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especially earlier today, it was cold. it was down to 3 degrees in allentown. zero in the poconos. it will not be anywhere near that tonight. clouds keeping the temperature up. a southwest wind bringing in warmer air. that's keeping the temperatures up too. that's also going to help warm up the weekend. we're tracking some rain and a wintry mix but not during the daytime hours of this weekend. looks like it's going to be dry. and it's dry right now. we have a mix of sun and clouds. it's 32 degrees. the wind out of the southwest at 14. we're not seeing the wind gusts. it feels like it's 22. it's 3 degrees warmer than it was at this time yesterday. we're 27 in allentown. 29 in pottstown. other areas, at least 30 degrees. some places above the freezing mark. and that's quite a jump compared to what we saw earlier this morning. you can see the wind direction
4:19 pm
coming out of the southwest. not many wind gusts any more. a couple spots near 20 miles an hour. so, it's not that windy. the wind is going to diminish even more overnight tonight. we won't be having to deal with windchills by tomorrow morning. feels like it's 18 in allentown now. 5 in the poconos. generally 20s elsewhere. quite an improvement. we have a mix of clouds and sun. been a lot of clouds around during the day today but it has been dry. our futurecast shows, perhaps, a few flurries in the poconos first thing tomorrow. we had some there this morning. again, pretty harmless. and no precipitation during the day tomorrow. what about sunday? we were talking about a system that was going to be coming down from the northwest. let's see what happens to it. really not much. sunny at 6:00. we're still in the clear. plus the fact that it's so warm that any precipitation would be rain, not snow. here we are going in to monday morning. still nothing. but now, there we go there's
4:20 pm
the monday morning potential problem. the atmosphere is warming up aloft. but at the ground it could be cold enough so that we have some of this wintry mix. perhaps a little sleet across parts of the area. that's something we'll have to watch over the weekend. but the weekend itself is looking pretty nice for most of you. partly cloudy tonight, 23 for the low in philadelphia. 15 north and west. and then tomorrow despite the clouds, it will be milder temperatures getting into the 40s. not a whole lot of wind either. the seven-day forecast, how about that? 52 on sunday with dry conditions during the day and monday there's rain with the wintry mix generally north of the pennsylvania turnpike. and then clouds the sun on tuesday and, boy, do we get another bitter blast for the end of the week. >> watch this- coming up what
4:21 pm
was underneath this child that pulled him under water? drivers in part of montgomery county can now expect more heavy delays. still ahead, the $6 million project that will make traffic a mess. when construction will start and how long it will take. then gas prices jumping in pennsylvania new jersey and dell. how high you can expect them to climb coming up.
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major apartment fire we told you about in north jersey prompts construction concerns. this afternoon state assemblyman wants to impose a statewide ban on light frame construction while they take a good look at how safe those buildings are. it comes after this fire last month at two apartment communities in edgewater, bergen county new jersey. the fire destroyed about 500 bills. the bill would put a two-year freeze on the same lightweight construction used in the edgewater complex. the moratorium would include all multifamily dwellings, all future construction would stop while codes are reviewed.
4:25 pm
gas prices are headed in the wrong direction. since monday gas prices went up 12 cents in pennsylvania to $2.35 a gallon. prices also jumped 12 cents in new jersey to $197. in delaware drivers saw an 11-cent spike to $2.15 a gallon. a aa spokesperson says we've seen a spike in the past few days. all is not loss even with the expected increases this spring. drivers should pay lower gas prices when compared to peak prices in recent years. back to our top story a local teen dressed as adolf hitler and making a nazi-style pose. >> that image along with disturbing messages have made their way around social media. the tweets appear to target the jewish community in lakewood ocean county. one of the teenagers behind the tweets is the daughter of a police officer. but the county prosecutor says no crime has been committed. new at 4:30 getting a handle on a certain jug handle. a traffic jug handle.
4:26 pm
the twists and turns of one local road that are about to get a major makeover. find out what it means for your commute. well i've been saying this lately but temperatures are going to be going up. tracking a weekend warm-up. but then another shot of wintry weather in my exclusive nbc10 weekend weather forecast.
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a 15-year-old boy is suspected of having the measles. the boy is being evaluated to determine if that is indeed the case. he's also being isolated at home. count on updates as we get new information.
4:30 pm
and a cold day for clean-up in northampton county today. nbc10 in hellertown where crews are getting rid of some snow that fell earlier in the week. we're about to thaw out quite a bit. >> chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here to tell us this news we've been hoping for that we need after these bone-chilling days, glenn. >> yeah, jacqueline the temperatures will be going up significantly from what we saw today. now, the one area that may not be so happy about that is up in the poconos. as you ski big bear where it was near zero this morning. it won't be anywhere near that cold over the weekend. right now it's 18 at mt. pocono. 27 in allentown. 29 in pottstown. most areas are right around the freezing mark. there's a little bit of wind out there, making it feel a little cooler than the actual air temperature but the wind is going to be diminishing quite a bit during the night tonight. there will be no windchill issue
4:31 pm
late tonight or into tomorrow morning. it's all about the temperature. and that temperature is going to be leveling off. so we definitely have a milder weekend on the way, but parts of the area are going to see a wintry mix by the time we get out monday morning. we'll talk more about that with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> also at 4:30 -- it's a major piece of transportation history and it's about to become history. yeah the days are numbered for a familiar and sometimes annoying traffic jug handle. >> deanna durante takes us to the spot that's about to undergo a major road renovation. >> reporter: if you've driven it -- >> you've got to object your game. you got to come around the corner know what you're doing. >> you just have to get used to it and be careful. >> reporter: then you know all about it. >> it's not safe now. i don't like it not at all. >> reporter: the allenwood road jug handle. you can't get off the blue route or go shopping without it. >> if you get off right now,
4:32 pm
it's sis to go westbound but you can't go eastbound unless you go west first, catch the jug handle and make another left turn to go eastbound. >> reporter: montgomery county commissioners have voted, the jug handle will soon be gone. >> it's part of a larger plan. one that would rebuild the entire stretch of ridge pike from norristown to the philadelphia county line. with tumbling concrete the road built in 1930 will get a total overhaul and will cost $6 million. >> the good thing is it will be safer. >> reporter: and take two years to build. >> that's going to be a pain. there's enough construction on the roads. we don't need any more. >> reporter: with newer roads, wider lanes, county commissioners are hoping drivers will quickly forget the headaches. deanna durante, "nbc10 news." animal control officers in pittsburgh are looking for a pet owner after they found a dog frozen to death inside a cage. officers don't know exactly how long the dog was exposed to the frigid temperatures.
4:33 pm
the shih tzu was found yesterday with a collar that read, i love long walks. >> that is cruelty and people are rotten and cruel to animals. >> doctors will perform an ee cropcy to find an exact cause of death. from a delaware bureau this afternoon -- new castle county authorities hope you can help find three thieves who robbed an embassy suites in newark. investigators provided this surveillance video. call newark police if you have any tips. nbc10 was there as crews got a dump truck back on its wheels along i-495 in wilmington this morning. police say the bed's truck was razed when it clipped the 12th street bridge overpass and toppled over. 495 was closed for more than three hours. the driver was not seriously hurt. authorities cited him for careless driving. >> from our jersey shore bureau
4:34 pm
the owners from the revel casino they to want stay put even if the casino is closed next week. a florida developer is set to buy it for $95 million. a judge is expected to rule on the matter some time today. the case of late penn state joe paterno was back in court today. a judge heard arguments whether his date should affect the state's ability to suh ncaa and penn state over how they handled the jerry sandusky scandal. the judge made no immediate ruling. he'll decide if they can continue to pursue a breach of contract claim. jeffrey scott -- >> pomp and circumstance in north philadelphia. police commissioner charles ramsey overseeing 162 promotions within the department at this ceremony while offering congratulations.
4:35 pm
the commissioner was quick to remind everyone, there's still plenty of work to be done. >> i want to thank each and every one of you for everything that you have done for everything that you are going to do. >> congratulations to everyone promoted today. check out this video. gone in an instant. cameras are rolling as the young boy is sucked away and vanishes under water. you'll see the rest of that video and just how things turned out for him. first, here is what we are working for you right now for "nbc10 news" at 5:00. a sex scandal inside philadelphia's fire department. impacting a dozen people. nbc10's been on the story since the beginning. new at 5:00 -- the report out today detailing what will really happened. and we have why other details are being kept secret. customers of this new jersey restaurant infected by hepatitis a. we found out why the business was cited before. count on "nbc10 news" at 5:00.
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philadelphia nonprofit dental center kids smiles is providing free dental care for uninsured and underinsured children. ceo cheryl jansen says the sooevent a great way to join a national effort to help parents give their children a healthy smile.
4:39 pm
a big surprise for philadelphia academies. this morning the group was named champions in action. the award is a partnership between citizens bank, nbc10, telemundo 62 "philadelphia inquirer." they offer students career and educational support. >> it's just so important that the community supports our schools. what a great organization. we're thrilled to be a part of this. >> the award comes with a check for $35,000. congratulations, philadelphia academies. >> that's great. it wasn't just the scare of her life. >> no. it nearly cost her her life. >> you had a heart condition? yeah, i did. >> but she didn't know about it until it was almost too late. the near-death experience she had and why doctors are hoping women in our area take notice to the story. temperatures are going to rise as we head into the weekend. but then i'm tracking some trouble to start the new week.
4:40 pm
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dramatic video from brazil. a boy and his uncle are clearing debris from a flooded storm drain. they are pulled under water as the drain clears up. watch and listen from a different angle. >> you can hear the screams. watch as the boy and his uncle emerge from another end of the pipe. there they are. very relieved, understandably. amazingly enough the boy and his uncle suffered just minor injuries. aviation safety officials are releasing new information this afternoon about what caused a transasia plane to crash wednesday, just seconds after takeoff. we've shown you this dramatic
4:44 pm
video. the plane turning on its side in mid air and then clipping an overpass before this crashed into a river below. investigators say one of the plane's engine's went idle 30 seconds after takeoff. both engines failed about 15 seconds later. attempts to reboot the engines were unsuccessful. of the 58 people on board, 15 survived, 35 passengers were killed. the others remain missing. relatives of victims gathered at the crash site today for a prayer vigil. this is the airline's second plane to crash in the past year. the suv driver hit by a commuter train in new york city was laid to rest today. 49-year-old ellen brody was killed earlier this week when a railroad crossing sign trapped her suv on the tracks. the collision caused the train to derail, killing five people on board. the engineer of the train told ntsb investigators he desperately tried to stop the train when he saw brody's suv stuck on the tracks. investigators are going through the remains of the burned out train car, collecting evidence.
4:45 pm
the ntsb says this investigation could take months to complete. well bitter cold start to this friday and next friday is going to have a bitter cold start, too. in between, things are warming up, though. not as cold tonight as it was last night. nowhere near as cold. and significant warm-up over the weekend. by sunday temperatures may be above 50 degrees. in parts of the area. but we are tracking rain and even an icy mix. for a portion of the area for monday morning. we have a mix of sun and clouds. not a whole lot of wind anymore. and so the windchill issue is going to be diminished. 14-mile-an-hour wind out at the airport. most places less than that. the wind direction is out of the southwest. and that's bringing up the warmer air. we're going to be seeing that
4:46 pm
starting tomorrow. it's only 30 degrees in trenton, chester springs. washington township is 30. it will cool down a little bit over a few hours. and then start to actually go up later tonight. 27 in allentown and doylestown. 29 in pottstown. oxford and southwestern chester county, 33 degrees. also 33 in beech haven, avalon cape may. it's way above freezing to our southwest. that's where our air's coming from, right? we have to look back. it's 51 degrees in nashville. 51 in little rock. 60 in wichita, kansas. there's plenty of warm air down there. all you need is a southwest wind. and that will bring it up here. now it's only going to be temporary, but at least it's coming and it's coming in time for the weekend, too. here's saturday 8 a.m. a few snow flurries around the poconos. that's about it for any threats of precipitation tomorrow. nothing tomorrow night.
4:47 pm
nothing much during the day on sunday it will be rain if anything falls sunday. sunday afternoon things will change maybe not until later sunday night. rain comes in. the atmosphere is warming up enough so that it's too warm for snow but parts of the atmosphere may be too cold for rain. that adds up to this pink area which is potentially an icy mix for the morning rush on monday before we warm up to get a little bit of rain. we're not talking about a lot of precipitation. and after that milder weekend, the next storm track coming across us the heavy snow, way, way up to the north. in new england, maybe boston will escape the heaviest of the snow with this one. everything keeps tracking farther north. partly cloudy, 23 for the low in philadelphia. 15 north and west. tomorrow mostly cloudy but
4:48 pm
milder into the 40s. with not much wind. and then how about 52 on sunday. now, it's not going to be 52 in allentown. may be closer to 40 up there. but south of philly, it will be above 5. monday morning, there's that rain in southern sections and is that icy mix, perhaps sleet involved in the morning rush. then we wait until the end of the week for another fierce arctic blast coming in and valentine's weekend is going to be extremely cold. much colder than this weekend. >> oh, boy. you need to get by a fireplace valentine's weekend. >> plan for that. >> good cuddling weather. >> glenn thanks. happening this weekend, the philadelphia auto show, last weekend for the show at pennsylvania convention center. down the shore, at atlantic city boat show saturday and sunday. ends sunday at 5:00. also happening this weekend an event nbc10 is proud to be a part of.
4:49 pm
the 23rd annual african-american children's book fair will be held. this is video from last year's book fair. it spotlights the work of african-american authors and promotes literacy and recognition. it will be held from 1:00 to 3:00 inside the gym of the community college of philadelphia located at 17th and spring garden streets. brittney shipp is going to be there. hope you didn't miss steve harvey on nbc10. one of our colleagues played cupid. >> i got a surprise for you. >> oh, my goodness. >> i do. come on outside. >> okay. >> abby -- >> are you ready? >> this is steve harvey, abby. >> hi steve. >> how are you doing? >> we showed up at abby's home in northeast philadelphia as a surprise. abby wrote to steve saying she's having a hard time finding mr. right. as you saw on today's show
4:50 pm
monique helped steve harvey deliver. >> look at this guy. look at this guy, abby. look at this guy! >> that's ben. monique has done a very good job playing match maker. he surprisesed abby and then they hopped in a limo and headed too far a date and they lived happily ever after. we hope they will. >> we do hope. monique was impressed, too. look at this guy. >> how can you not like this guy? >> she did a great guy. well she's an athlete and a sports coach. >> and at age 30 something happened to her that she never expected. >> she progressively got worse. >> today the condition that nearly took her life and why her story serves as a warning to all women. then all new tonight on "nbc10 news" at 5:00 a check-cashing scam at several atlantic city casinos cost a bank nearly a quarter of a million dollars.
4:51 pm
how one man and dozens of accomplices pulled it off.
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
a live look at the cira center in philadelphia which will all be lit up for national wear red today. to the philadelphia sky scrapers, liberty 1 and 2. the city's go red movement supports the many women fighting heart diseases. if you are headed out tonight, you'll notice this and more than a dozen other local landmarks all aglow with red lights. go red for women day is an annual campaign by the american heart association to promote heart disease awareness among women. that's why you see many of us wearing red today. today nbc10 visited lehigh valley hospital cedar crest. three women at today's event
4:55 pm
underwent ground-breaking procedures to not only prolong their lives but provide a better quality of life. all three were in red today, celebrating another milestone in their battles against heart disease. >> how do you feel today compared to three years ago? >> a whole new person. it's amazing. in a matter of four days four days i was up walking around and i couldn't believe it. >> the network's heart and vascular center was renamed after charles crin a local businessman who donated $5 million to support the center's research. february is national heart month. nbc10 talked with a local soccer coach who has quite the survival story. 30-year-old jacqueline mcclone suddenly collapsed on the soccer field. the young girl she was coaching ran over to help. she was revived on the way to the hospital. but once there, her body gave out again. fortunately, the hospital used a special machine that worked in place of her heart. >> i wouldn't be here if he
4:56 pm
wasn't able to do what he did that fast and have a wonderful team you know and give a bad circumstance, just plow forward. >> doctors say the former temple soccer player experienced a couple of heart attack signs the night before but thought it was a sports injury. research shows the number one killer among women were heart disease. more deadly than all forms of cancer. one in three women dies of heart disease. 43 million are affected by it. a staggering 90% of women have risk factors for heart disease or stroke. officials say still more can be done. according to health experts, fewer women than men survive their first heart attack. also symptoms can be different for men and women. can you learn more about heart disease, including how to make lifestyle changes that could save your life right now on the "nbc10 news" app. very important information. >> it is to bring awareness. i'll be hosting the heart ball tomorrow night for the american heart association so we hope to see a lot of people out there. >> great cause. coming up next all new tonight on "nbc10 news" at
4:57 pm
5:00 -- it was a danger they never saw coming. >> we first told you about the two trenton girls whose walk to school plunged them into the basement of a vacant building. now they are talking about the ordeal and we're working to find out when repairs will be made. and if you're heading out tonight, it's going to be really cold for your friday evening. then a nice warm-up into the weekend. i'll show you just how warm it will get coming up. and an illegal gamble paid off briefly for dozens of people in atlantic city. how a check-cashing scam involved several casinos and a bank to the tune of $200,000.
4:58 pm
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we were walking, i slipped on the ice and then i fell down a hole. >> right now on "nbc10 news" at 5:00, the young victims of yesterday's sidewalk scare in trenton are telling their story. >> the metal doors in that sidewalk gave way, tossing the girls into the cold dark basement of an abandoned building. >> now more than a day later, those doors are still not repaired. >> nbc10 south jersey reporter cydney long is live in trenton city. what did you find out about this? >> reporter: i can till you we've been out here all day. the city department of inspection has been out here every couple of hours tak


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