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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  February 6, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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department sergeant donning a swastika seemingly dressed like adolf hitler. >> i find that extremely offensive. >> reporter: messages spread on social immediate, yeah now upsetting to many in lakewood's large orthodox jewish community. perfect bombing time is the caption on a photo of a crowded water ice shop. >> ignorance and danger to the comments. >> reporter: the postings came from teens in neighboring jackson township in the last couple months. we're not identifying them because of their ages. ocean county's prosecutor says his office is handling the case as a juvenile matter and some action may be taken. however, he tells me, no charges have been filed. >> you have to analyze what was said how it was delivered and if they have the capability of being a potential threat. we're not driven by public opinion. we're driven by the law, okay? we must follow the law. >> i was definitely offended but i do not feel threatened. >> reporter: lakewood mayor believes the state police sergeant, whose daughter appeared in the photo, should
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not be blamed. >> i think that's -- that this was an act by a group of teenage girls. i don't think she should be drawn into this him or his position. >> reporter: he tells me he spoke with jackson's mayor and school district officials earlier today and they agreed to work together to create a better future for the two communities. in lakewood, i'm ted greenberg, "nbc10 news." to the weather now. check out this gorgeous sunset. it's courtesy of sky force 10 this evening. our crew in the sky capturing this video over monroe township gloucester county. breathtaking. not quite as cold if you're headed out for your friday night. live look at eighth and market in center city. the winds are dying down as well. nbc10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with your first alert forecast. we're finally going to get a break from the bitter cold. >> yeah jim we're going to get a long break. all the way through the weekend. first of all tonight is not
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going to be anywhere near as cold as last night. and then it gets warmer each day over the weekend. it's 32 right now. got up to 32 today. 14 it was as low as 3 in allentown. it's 25 now. let's see what the windchill is in allentown. there's no wind. the wind has died down over much of the area so we won't be dealing with windchill problems later tonight or into tomorrow morning. and the temperature itself is not really going to be dropping a whole lot through the evening. we'll see how warm it gets and when this wintry mix will be coming with the rest of the seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. >> see you then glenn. there is another suspected measles case in our area. comes as cases grow across the country. today the montgomery county health department announced a 15-year-old boy is suspected of having the disease. that boy is being isolated at home while it's determined whether this is a true case of
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measle. local day cares in our area say they're taking extra precautions with infants because children under a year old are not able to get the measles vaccine. in chicago, five infants were infected with measles just this week. another baby in new jersey is also being tested. doctors say they usually start giving the vaccines to infants once they turn a year old but sometimes it can be hard to convince parents. >> we try our best to work with parents and convince them educate them to the benefits and minimal, if any, risk to these vak vaccines. >> extreme cases of measles epidemics, doctors say they'll vaccinate as young as 6 months but that's not happening in our area. sky force 10 over an accident involving several cars this after. this crash sent at least one person to the hospital. at least two cars collided right here on south black horse pike near corkry lane. part of black horse pike is still shut down right now as a result of this accident. new information on a man
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charged in a deadly dwi accident. we've learned the suspect is a police dispatcher. investigators say richard dougherty was indoction indicated when he hit a man in galloway township. they identified the victim as dickerson, who was pronounced dead at the scene around 1:30 this morning. they charged daugherty with dwi and say more charges are pending. a chester county teacher is accused of having a sexual relationship with an underage student at coatesville high school. they say in 2008 he took a 17-year-old student to his home three times, gave her alcohol before having sex with her. the victim says he also took her to his relative's home once and did the same thing. the teacher has been a teacher in coatesville since 2007. he's free tonight on $27,000 bond. new at 6:00 -- two hee lie county students facing charges this evening. accused of injuring two teachers
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during a fight in the classroom. the two reading high school teachers were reportedly trying to stop two girls from fighting when they were assaulted. kayla and bridgette scott faced a judge today. they're free until their next court date. a mangled mess of wreckage. a car slammed into a philadelphia suv, causing a chain-reaction crash today. matt delucia is live in the north philly neighborhood. police were trying to pull over another driver? >> reporter: it took more than four hours to get all of the vehicles removed from this crash scene. behind me you can see there are still pieces of the cars out there on the shoulder and also in the front yard of this home. one man who was sitting right here at the time had quite a close call. >> it was scary. >> reporter: at the intersection of large and herbert streets, tires glass and bumpers were scattered from corner to corner. philadelphia police say it started with two officers trying to stop a car for a violation
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when this white chrysler collided with their suv, sending it out of control. scott was parked in this volkswagen at the time. >> i was looking in my rearview mirror i was just about to back out and i saw it coming over literally on the suv, over the top of my car. >> reporter: the driver of the chrysler had minor injuries, according to his friend. >> he's in the hospital right now. he's okay. >> reporter: and so were the officers. scott says he helped them out of the suv. >> one officer was cut on his head another officer was really shooken up. >> reporter: nbc10 was at temple hospital late this afternoon as one of the officers walked out with tore pants and a limp. >> police trying to do their job. making a car stop. sometimes this is the result of it unfortunately. >> reporter: and somehow, scott managed to walk away without a scratch. >> the car over the top of me, i mean, yeah, scary. >> reporter: now, the original driver who was being stopped by the officers did eventually stop
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just up the street without incident. scott says he did see the flashing lights on the suv. police would only say the circumstances of this crash are still under investigation. live in north wood tonight, matt delucia, "nbc10 news." new information this evening about an alleged sex scandal within the philadelphia fire department. we learned those accused include one female paramedic and several men, including some high-level department leaders. allegationless of sexual misconduct were made against 13 fire department members. seven are accused of disciplinary violations. one is accused of having sex with a female paramedic at a fire house. but the firefighter union says the department does not have a policy on fraterization. >> having an adult, con sen you'll, offduty relationship is no business of the fire department. >> the city hasn't provided any information about the other members linked to the case. the union says the city redacted that information from its report. the mayor's office did not
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comment on the case. two atlantic city's casino crisis. the owners of the nightclub inside revel want to stay put even if the property is sold next week. the casino has been closed since september. a florida developer set to buy it for $95 million on monday but the hq nightclub has a lease with the casino and says it could be wiped out if the sale goes through. we'll pass along the judge's ruling on the matter when it happens. today we learned that one of the victims of tuesday's deadly train crash outside new york city has ties to our area. joseph in additional iii was one of five metro north passengers killed when a train struck an suv in new york. the 42-year-old analyst at jpmorgan was related to a family in berks county. investigators are now trying to figure out whether the rail's unusual design explains why the crash was so deadly. the metro north railroad is believed to be the only u.s. commuter railroad that uses a so-called underrunning
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configuration with an electrified third rail. "nbc nightly news" will have more in the investigation right after this newscast. a boil water advisory still in effect right now for a portion of new castle county delaware. a water main break from overnight in newark is to blame. northbound lanes of kirkwood highway were closed for hours while crews cleared the roadway. anyone living in the area shown on this map right here could be at risk of e. coli contamination if you drink water from the faucet. until the advisory is lifted you should boil your water or use bottled water instead. officials expect the issue to be resolved within the next 48 hours. there's a potential deal in the works to resurrect a popular allentown soda company. according to published reports, businessman paul ifler submitted a letter of intent to buy the bottling company. he's requested a response by next friday. a-treat closed last month after
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97 years in business. if you live near the barley beer house in west reading, you can now have beer delivered to your door step. you can get two six-packs delivered at a time. they'll deliver to anyone over 21 who lives within a five-mile radius of the business. liquor control board made delivery of beer legal last month. two businesses have applied for delivery licenses as well. they're waiting to hear back. i'm deanna durante where local and federal officials are waiting for an answer from the u.s. navy why development is stalled again at the air station. plus changes coming to new jersey. schools, the move on medications that could better protect your children in an emergency. a break from the bitter cold will almost people balmy this weekend. the warmer temperatures you can
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federal health officials say the vacant land is now in need of a environmental clean-up. deanna durante spoke with lawmakers after they toured the site. what did they have to say? >> reporter: they're hopeful some action will be taken soon. the development planned for the former willow grove naval air station will happen at least in the next couple of years. >> they are well, well behind in what the timeline they originally promised. when i say well behind i'm not talking about a few days or a few weeks. i'm talking about literally years now. >> reporter: new u.s. congressman brendon boyle said he's frustrated with the u.s. naval over the lack of progress at the willow grove air station. he and patrick meehan penned a letter to the u.s. navy asking for a timeline as to when the epa clean-up and environmental impact study would be completed. lawmakers say the plan for residential and commercial development cannot go forward until the navy does its part. >> we want them to do their job and meet their obligations so we can go ahead and with the economic development that is so
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critical. >> reporter: the lawmakers toured the base. our cameras were not permitted on that tour but the congressman says the tour was two-fold. >> it was a good opportunity to not only identify where some of these things are, but to get clarification from the navy. >> reporter: now, we've been told that the development plans right now are for about 1400 residential units commercial properties as well as a new school and a golf course. representative meehan says it could bring about 8,000 jobs to the area. representative boyle's office says they're hopeful they'll get a response to their letter by the end of next week. reporting live deanna durante, "nbc10 news." from our jersey shore, new developments in a battle between wildwood and a company it hired to develop beach bars and other attractions. boint break group management filed a federal lawsuit against wildwood. it says wildwood undermined the
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company's efforts to create new attractions. the two sides have already sued and countersued in superior court. wildwood says the company failed to live up to the terms of its contract. from our south jersey bureau as well tonight, a new report shows jails in cumberland county paid employees more overtime than anywhere else in the state. they looked at jail spending in 21 counties. the state paid correction officers more than $810 million between 2010 and 2012. most went to facilities in cumberland county, double the average of 14%. the report urges more oversight to keep those overtime costs down. also in new jersey school nurses can now give students emergency allergy medicine without permission from parents. a new law went into the books yesterday, allowing trained staffers to give epinephrin using epi pens when needed.
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they also require schools to keep a stockpile of the medicine new tonight two young girls talking to "nbc10 news" after falling through a knoll a trenton sidewalk on their way to school yesterday. we first brought you this story at "nbc10 news" at 4:00 yesterday. 5-year-old and her cousin fell through metal basement doors six feet into the ground. fortunately, they didn't break any bones but one has a sore wrist. the girls tell us it was cold dark and dirty. and they want those doors fixed. >> i slipped on the ice and then i fell down the hole. >> when i went to sleep last night, i was kind of scared. >> city inspectors say they're staying on top of the building owner to make sure the doors are fixed. the owner tells us new steel doors are being custom made right now. >> oh yesterday at this time we
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had a whole bunch of wind and last night we had temperatures that went down into single digits through much of the of the area. it's not going to be nearly as cold tonight and plus the wind died down. we have a weekend warm-up. a significant weekend warm-up on the way. but we are tracking rain and a wintry mix. perhaps an icy mix coming for the beginning of the week. well the flags not blowing very much tonight. quite a change from what we saw 24 hours ago. it's 30 degrees in philadelphia with a 10-mile-an-hour wind. no gusts during the day today. 6 degrees warmer than we were at this time last night. to the mid-20s north and west. hasn't really dropped very much. and there's very little wind out there. temperature near freezing. in stone harbor that's one of the warm spots. you can see the wind generally out of the west/southwest but fairly light. calm in some places. but that direction will be bringing in much warmer air. while it's 30 in philadelphia
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it's 50 in nashville. and 51 in little rock. 60 in wichita. just a little of a southwest wind is going to bring in much warmer air over the weekend. futurecast a few snow flurries around the poconos tomorrow morning. that's about the only real threat of anything during the day tomorrow. or tomorrow night. or during the day on sunday. here we are, sunday if anything falls, it's warm enough for rain. there's 4:00 in the afternoon. so, we're -- we got clear sailing here. plus, it's going to be kind of warm for this time of the year at least. then monday morning, a different story. the atmosphere is warming up higher up but there may be some layers in the atmosphere that aren't getting so warm. we might end up in this wintry mix. some sleet, maybe freezing rain in parts of the area. by monday morning, rain from philly southward. not a big system there, as you can see. but we're going to be seeing quite a change between sunday and monday.
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sunday's dry. then that storm moves by a bit of a wintery mix here. the heavier snow way up in new england. far north of new england for that heavy snow with this one. partly cloudy not as cold tonight, 23 for a low in philadelphia. 15 north and west during the day tomorrow. not a lot of clouds but milder. temperatures well into the 40s which is actually a little above average. way above average on sunday. 52. monday rain with that wintry mix. perhaps icy mix. to the north. then we're dry for a couple of days. then what a blast we get starting next friday vanl tine's day weekend, it will be bitter cold. i'm going to focus on that 52 on sunday. coming up in sports we'll let you know if michael carter-williams will play tonight for the sixers in boston.
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i'm amy fadoool. skated for the first time he missed the entire season with blood clots. he skated for 45 minutes with general manager watching. he estimates he needs two weeks to get into game shape but wants ten days to get on the ice with his teammates. today is a big first step. >> it was kind of weird but i was so excited looking forward to this morning. didn't really sleep last night. it's like riding a bike but it's different. i feel like skating is hard.
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kind of like a training camp for me. >> sixmichael carter-williams will not play tonight for the sixers in boston. he's missing with a sore right foot. he missed wednesday's game as well dealing with ankle and shin injuries as well. you can see the game on comcast sportsnet at 6:30. pregame live startle at 7:00. if you look at your watch right now, in about 15 minutes it will exactly ten years since the kickoff of super bowl xxxix between eagles and patriots a game the birds lost 34-21. ike reese reminisced about it and thomas asked what was said at halftime. >> let's go win this game. let's go out here and do what we need to do to win this game. as a player you're always be, like, the score is 0-0. there's a situation now, it's tied up here we go let's do what we need to do to come out with a "w".
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>> we outplayed new england in the first half. you look up and it's 7-7. second half in a tight ball game i think the difference was, we didn't take advantage of great field position and the one turnover we got against new england. >> here's hoping it's not another ten years. that's it for sports.
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u.s. senator booker will try his hand of acting join the cast of nbc parks and recreation joining senators john mccain and/orand hatch. you'll see it tuesday night at 8:00 right here on nbc10. >> he's playing a politician. >> i would imagine he's playing himself. >> not a big stretch. well the temperature is stretching in the upward direction. 32 today. 44 tomorrow. 52 on sunday. it's going to be dry for both saturday and sunday but it's monday when we have some
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troubles. rain and a wintry mix. >> liking that temperature on sunday. for glenn and all of us here at "nbc10 news," i'm jim. on our broadcast tonight, american hostage mystery. isis is claiming the death of a 26-year-old woman from arizona. they say she was killed in an air strike in syria, but a lot of doubt is being raised about possible isis propaganda. a flood emergency in the american west. several states slammed by way too much rain way too fast. homes flooded, highwater rescues on the road. and in the east more snow on the way. moment of crisis what we've learned about that deadly commuter rail crisis like the safety changes ordered at that crossing that were never completed. and stolen tax refunds, a new warning tonight as a lot of americans go to file their taxes and then are told someone's already done it. and someone's trying to make off with your


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