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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  February 10, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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nbc 10 breaking news. >> and right now at 11:00, breaking news the parents of a 26-year-old american woman held by isis militants confirm their daughter is dead. the white house says kayla mueller's family received a private message from her captors over the weekend. us intelligence agents authenticated the information. she was the only known remaining u.s. hostage being held by the terror group. mueller was taken hostage in august of 2013. also right now at 11:00, breaking news a deadly crash in new castle county. the wreck also ties up traffic on a major road. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. several vehicles were involved in a crash on route 13 and bear road in bear delaware.
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matt delucia is live on the scene. how long has the road been shut down and how much longer will it be like this? >> reporter: well, vai, the crash happened about 7:15 this morning, right here at the intersection of dupont highway and bear road. i'll get out of the way. most of this has cleared up now. they're bringing in a sweeper to clean up the mess that has been out here and all the fuel that spilled out on to the roadways. we're expecting this road to reopen shortly. but state police tell us one person died as a result of this collision that involved four vehicles and it was quite a mess out here. had a ripple effect on traffic in this area. skyforce10 has a better angle of what happened at this intersection. one of the cars you can see was completely destroyed in the crash. state police brought out an accident reconstruction team to put all this together. that took up quite a bit of time in delaying reopening of this highway. from the ground a large police presence was out here going on for about four hours and the southbound lanes for the most part was not affected. cars have been getting by in
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that direction. just a couple of emergency vehicles off to the side. but heading north, that was a different story, we were in kent county earlier this morning and driving on dupont highway up this direction. the backup stretched for a couple of miles. state police blocked off those lanes and redirected traffic on to route 1. very messy morning commute here in new castle county. we'll come back live now. i have been checking in with state police for an update on when the northbound lanes will reopen. there is a big difference from what you saw in that helicopter video and what we see right now. those vehicles have been towed away, just off to the right you can see one of the vehicles involved is up there on that tow truck and you see those southbound lanes, traffic still moving smoothly. we'll give you an update on air and on social media when the northbound lanes reopen. but still traffic being diverted off to route 1 for the time being. for now, live in bear, delaware matt delucia nbc 10 news. >> matt we'll come back to you
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when the northbound lane opens. commuters face snarled traffic and tie-ups this morning in northeast philadelphia because of a water main break there. the break happened under a pedestrian walkway on roosevelt boulevard near bluegrass road. the result flooded all four lanes of the busy road and left behind a muddy mess there. nbc 10's jesse gary live on the scene. tell us what the situation is like right now? >> reporter: vai, traffic on the southbound and northbound outer lanes started moving about 90 minutes ago. all the activity now centered on the center lane. that's where the crews are draining a large hole which is the epicenter of this problem. the reason for that the resulting flood following the rupture of a 16 inch water distribution main earlier this morning. no residential or commercial customers were impacted but drivers were forced to navigate around the complete closure of roosevelt boulevard. once the flow was stopped, front end loaders cleared thick mud that caked the pavement. officials say weather likely caused the 73-year-old main at
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the bottom of the murky hole to break. >> the temperature of the water that goes through the main and not the air temperature above ground. the main is set below the frost line so the temperature does not impact the main from above, but rather through the temperature of the water going through it. >> reporter: the streets department has spread salt to melt some of the icing on the roadway. the water department is going to drain the hole and then assess the damage to the 16 inch main. and then they'll be able to tell how long it will take for them to fix this. what you need to know headed home this rush hour commute, this will likely be here the center lane is likely to be closed when you head home this evening. so you want to bear that in mind and know that you'll have to use the outer lanes, that's the way it looks now. but keep checking in with nbc 10 if you have our mobile app that's free check in with that all day long and we'll give you updates as to when the center lane opens, if they do open before the evening rush. we're live in bustleton this morning, jesse gary, nbc 10 news.
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now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> snow fell over parts of our area overnight. nbc 10 cameras in bethlehem, lehigh county. just a coating of snow in that area over parts of our region. they were simply icy. now, things are thawing out. a live look at the philadelphia art museum. temperatures are warming up and we should see periods of sunshine later this afternoon. but the cold will return. nbc 10 first alert mergeteorologist bill henley is here with the forecast. >> we're starting to see the temperatures climb a bit. the skies are starting to brighten. we will get some breaks of sunshine. the wind is blowing. that's going to help us out, help to dry things out today. 33 degrees, one degree above freezing. but it looks like we'll be in the upper 30s this afternoon. close to 40 degrees in some areas. the winds at 13 miles an hour that's dry air coming in. we need to do away with the ice and dry things up before it
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refreezes tonight. 33 degrees at philadelphia international. and northeast philly. off to the north and west, chillier temperatures 31 in coatesville. most numbers are up and climbing right now. we saw freezing rain in delaware to start with and temperatures are just below freezing. so still some icy spots there. most of the area is dry, the last few drops of freezing rain right now, southern delaware. sussex county will see that ice disappear. on the verge of temperatures above freezing. with breaks of sunshine 36 degrees at 1:00. up to 37 at 4:00. the temperatures start coming down early this evening. but the breeze that will be blowing, blowing the dryer air will really dry things out as we head into the evening hours. doesn't look like there is much of a chance of some ice overnight tonight, but there is some snow in our future as well as colder weather too. look at the extended future weather when i come back later this half hour. >> we'll see you then bill. traffic is moving on the new jersey turnpike this morning after it took hours to clean up from a deadly pileup in middle
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sex county. this happened around 9:00 last night in kancranberry township. a tractor trailer jackknifed near exit eight causing a chain reaction. this is a cell phone video that a witness took at the scene. more than 40 vehicles were involved in this crash. and others in the inner and outbound lanes of the turnpike 52-year-old darryl williams of bordentown was killed. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. and in northampton county a two alarm fire destroyed a home in lower saucon township. it broke out on east university avenue late last night. no reports of any injuries. the cause is under investigation. and delaware's fire marshal is investigating a deadly house fire in wilmington. that fire started around 7:30 on north market street. firefighters pulled a man from the burning building. medics rushed him to the hospital. he died a few hours later.
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two others suffered smoke inhalation and they're expected to be okay. a plane that left from philadelphia made a crash landing in houston overnight, causing one injury. that american airlines flight operated by us airways ran into a problem on the nose gear of the plane wouldn't deploy. you see this video as the plane tilted forward on the runway. 52 passengers on board, four crew members, all evacuated, using emergency slides. one person -- one person hurt was taken to the hospital to be treated for minor injuries. and new video this morning as philadelphia police search for two men they say robbed the yummy diner in southwest philadelphia. this happened the morning of january 31st on north 52nd street. police say both men came into the restaurant with guns. one jumped over the counter while the other pointed the weapon at employees. they made off with $110 no one there was hurt. it was an emotional night at
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millersville university. hundreds of students came together to honor 18-year-old karlie hall who police say was killed at the hands of her boyfriend. ♪ and grace will lead me home ♪ >> a candlelight vigil was held a few hours after police announced the freshman from delaware county had been beaten and strangled inside her dorm room. police say they got a call sunday morning from karlie's boyfriend, gregorio orrostieta saying she was having a heart attack. he told authorities he shoved karlie causing her to fall and hit her head and then hit her in the face. the prosecutors say the physical evidence paints a more brutal picture. >> injuries that she suffered were not -- were far greater and more severe than a backhand slap and one push. she fought for her life. >> orrostieta is charged with homicide. he's being held without bail. millersville students are starting a fund-raiser to help karlie karlie's parents with funeral
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costs. not everything in vegas stays in vegas. one sin city landmark gone in seconds this morning. we'll tell you what may replace this hotel and why it may be -- why it may take vegas to new heights. she's been arrested several times for getting on planes without a ticket and now police say this alleged serial stowaway has done it again. we'll tell you how authorities say she pulled off it off this time. a cold start without sunshine, but that's going to be changing as the day goes on. already starting to see skies brighten up. we'll see sunshine to warm things up. already have seen some breaks of blue sky, though. clouds have temporarily rolled back into the pocono mountains. that's a view from camelback this morning. temperatures are near freezing this afternoon.
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and we have an update on our breaking news this morning. the deadly crash on route 13 and bear road in bear delaware. matt delucia is live on the scene. he's got new information for us. matt, as i promised our viewers, when you had good news we would come back to you. what do you have? >> reporter: within the past ten minutes we have seen the northbound lanes at dupont highway reopen. i'll step out of the way where you can see the cars are now moving, where this had been shut down since about 7:15 this morning. southbound lanes were open for that time and so the traffic in that direction was not affected. but northbound that was quite a
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mess. traffic on route 13 coming northbound was being diverted on to route 1. that caused a couple of mile backup in thatdirection. right now, you can see, possibly even out here that sand and salt that the crews threw out on to the roadway, you can stell smell the the odor of gasoline out here because of the four car collision that killed one person this morning. at this point, all things appear to be looking good in terms of traffic. we're still waiting for an update on state police on the cause of this crash and the investigation as it unfolds. for now, at least the good news for drivers out here in bear delaware, both lanes of dupont highway now reopen. live in bear, delaware matt delucia, nbc 10 news. check out this building implosion in las vegas overnight. the old clarion hotel and casino came down in just a matter of seconds. it is sin city's first hotel implosion in nearly a decade. it's been there since 1970.
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the new developer hopes to build a 60 story tower hotel that could be the tallest occupied building in las vegas. nasa will try to launch the spaceex falcon 9 rocket today. it has been delayed due to weather concerns at cape canaveral. the rocket will be carrying a satellite to monitor solar wind. nasa officials say liftoff is scheduled for 6:05 tonight. spaceex will try again to land the rockets on a barge, hundreds of miles off the florida coast. a previous attempt to land the similar rocket failed. in virginia, minorities havey s authorities announced they're filing first degree murder charges against jesse matthew, he was charged in hannah graham's abduction after she went missing in september. a month long search ended when her body was found a few miles from campus. matthew has been linked to the 2009 disappearance and death of
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a virginia tech student and rape of another woman in 2005. drew peterson is charged in a plot to kill the prosecutor who sent him to prison. peterson, a former police officer in suburban chicago was convicted in 2012 of killing his third wife and is suspected in the disappearance of his fourth. authorities say while behind bars peterson tried to hire a hit man to kill the lead prosecutor in his murder trial. a jury is ready to hear the real life american sniper murder case in texas. opening statements are expected tomorrow morning in the trial against marine eddie ray routh. he's accused of killing navy s.e.a.l. chris kyle and his friend at a gun range in 2013. the oscar nominated movie american sniper is based on kyle's autobiography. the 11-year-old girl accused of killing a baby will undergo a psychological evaluation. 11-year-old girl entered a not guilty plea in court yesterday. the mother of that accused killer was baby-sitting the 2-month-old infant for a friend. police say after the mother fell
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asleep the 11-year-old took the baby upstairs and beat her to death. >> lacerations of the kidneys and liver and multiple blunt force trauma to the head and torso. basically beaten to death. >> if convicted, the girl could be locked up until she turns 21. police shot a man whoo they say led him on a chase through traffic and tried to carjack other drivers when officers were closing in on him. the chase happened east of los angeles and unfolded on live television. police were chasing a stolen car that zoomed through traffic and even headed the wrong way at times. the driver crashed into at least four cars before he was stopped, forced to stop and that's when he stole a woman's car at gunpoint. >> do you feel lucky you weren't hurt? tell us about that. >> yes. i was scared he was going to
11:18 am
hurt me. >> police eventually shot him when he was stuck in traffic and tried to carjack a second vehicle. they have not released the man's condition. families of victims of that transasia plane crash took part in a memorial service today in taiwan. taiwan's president and premier were also on hand for the prayer ceremony. at least 40 people died after the plane crashed into a river. rescuers continue to search for bodies of three passengers who are still missing. 15 people survived that crash. well she's done it again. a serial stowaway who has been arrested before for boarding flights without tickets managed to pull it off again. police say 63-year-old marilyn hartman flew from minnesota to florida without a ticket or a boarding pass. she was arrested last august in phoenix for doing the same thing. police say hartman landed in jacksonville and got on a bus headed for the omni resort on amelia island. they were tipped off when hotel staff reported she used a fake
11:19 am
name to check into a room. >> she was found sitting in one of -- sleeping in one of the rooms that was unlocked for renovations. she walked around the hotel and just found a place where she could sleep. >> federal agents are now investigating this latest breach of security. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> the freezing rain, the sleet, the snow it has ended. now we're seeing the winds start to pick up. we got a breezy day ahead. that's good. that's going to help things dry out as we thaw out during the day. breaks of sunshine and temperatures are climbing. we will be above freezing closer to 40 degrees this afternoon. i'm tracking very cold air. in fact the coldest of the season looks like it is going to be arriving during the weekend. and now right now, 26 degrees. that's an improvement and a break in the clouds little bit of sunshine here and there.
11:20 am
trenton, cloudy skies, 32 degrees. nothing is falling from them. dover, we went on the air at 4:00 this morning, light freezing rain that was falling in dover. right now the temperatures are still below freezing. still could be some icy spots out there. shawnee, they got lifts going and the clouds they're going too. slowly starting to break. we'll see more and more sunshine this afternoon. we'll clear out completely but enough to help with the thawing process. there goes the freezing rain the last few drops are in southern delaware. the rest of the area is dry right now. and a bit breezy too. that's going to help dry things out. northeast philly winds at 13 miles an hour in philadelphia at the airport. little stronger northeast philadelphia at the airport. and look at millville. 20-mile-an-hour winds. that will help to dry the ground that is out, so any thawing will not refreeze overnight tonight. 38 degrees at 1:00. the hour by hour forecast shows the temperatures go a little bit higher before they start coming down later this afternoon. millville will be at 40 degrees.
11:21 am
as we head into the late afternoon hours, still nicely above freezing for allentown. that's 4:00 this afternoon. 38 degrees in wilmington. it is this evening that we'll see the temperatures drop as skies clear. that's going to allow the temperatures to come down below freezing in allentown by early evening and by later in the evening, it will drop below freezing in philadelphia. but, should be dry on the ground. most of the area will be completely dry. and stay that way. nothing will be falling from the sky even though we got some scattered clouds during the day today. temperatures, not bad at all. upper 30s and low 40s. closer than the normal high in low 40s for this time of year. but it changes in a big way this weekend. cold air starts moving in. you'll feel it on valentine's day. 25 degrees. the high temperature, and a chance of snow as we head into the later evening hours. light snow it looks like. look at sunday. a cold blast and potentially the coldest day of the winter. high of 18 degrees after morning
11:22 am
low temperatures in the single digits and that -- may not be the end of the cold. i have the seven-day forecast in the next half hour to show you how long that bitter cold will last. vai? >> thank you, bill. as you see from bill here we have cold temperatures this winter, but so far we have been way more fortunate than people in new england. boston has gotten so much snow they're running out of places to put it. we'll tell you what solution they come up with. that's in our next half hour. mothers and fathers who smoke have a greater chance of having children who develop a certain disease. we'll tell you what their kids are more likely to deal with.
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larming new findings about women who deliver premature infants. they may have doubled the risk of heart attack or stroke. researcherers found driving before 37 weeks is a cardiovascular risk factor. almost as strong as smoking, high blood pressure and obesity. they say it is because women often have hypertension high cholesterol or diabetes after a spontaneous premature birth. another reason for smokers to quit the habit, a new study finds women whose mothers smoked while they were pregnant were two to three times more likely to be diabetics as adults. dads who smoked also contributed to the increased risk. researcheres say birth weight did not affect whether daughters of smokers developed diabetes. a local coach accused of
11:26 am
waging a smear campaign. we'll tell you what he's accused of saying about players on opposing teams. those details coming up. and we have seen lower gas prices the last couple of months. so what are people doing with the money they're saving? we'll show you.
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nbc 10 breaking news. >> and we're following breaking news this morning. the parents of a 26-year-old american woman held by isis militants confirmed that their daughter is dead. the white house says kayla mueller's family received a private message from the captors over the weekend. u.s. intelligence agents authenticated that information. isis said friday that mueller had died in the jordanian air strike. she was the only known remaining u.s. hostage being held by the terror group. mueller was taken hostage back in august of 2013. we're also following breaking news locally out of delaware a deadly crash in new
11:30 am
castle county. one person was killed in the four vehicle accident along route 13 in bear road in bear. the highway was closed for hours. as matt delucia told us a few moments ago, it just reopened north and southbound lanes. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> and take a look at this. view of the delaware river completely frozen. nbc 10 and trenton, mercer county, and if you just listen closely enough you can hear the ice cracking as the water flows underneath the river. and after a cold and icy morning, things are warming up across our area. here is a live look at boathouse row where things will be thawing out. but the cold will return. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley is here with the forecast. bill, i find myself enjoying and appreciating more and more the sunshine little bit of warm weather we get. >> amazing what a difference a little bit of sunshine will make. we're seeing a little bit
11:31 am
breakthrough the clouds right now. visible satellite still shows there are some clouds around but we will see more and more breaks of sunshine like we're seeing in gloucester county right now. before the next round of snow moves in we're tracking some clouds some light snow moving through minneapolis that is going to be affecting our area looks like thursday a possibility of some light snow. until then watch the temperatures. at least for today. and again tomorrow climb above freezing. that's where we are right now in philadelphia. just 1 degree above freezing however. currently 32 degrees in camden. still could be icy spots around voorhees. but we should be drying out, that breeze is blowing and the wind is going to bring in dryer air during the day today. the future weather shows that light snow that is over minnesota will be tracking to the north. that's a potential for us come thursday morning. just some very light snowfall. but not today. we'll be dry today. more and more sunshine
11:32 am
afternoon temperatures in the upper 30s to low 40s. but then the numbers plummet. and, yes, not only cold but a chance of more snow over the weekend. the extended future weather when i come back later this half hour with a seven-day forecast. >> we'll see you then bill. record-breaking snowfall is taking a toll on the city of boston with 68 inches falling in just over two weeks. the city's mass transit and schools are shut down again today. nbc 10's dylan dreyer tells us icy conditions are impacting travel across the northeast and there is more snow on the way. >> reporter: freezing rain may have been behind a major pileup on the new jersey turnpike monday night involving more than 15 vehicles including four tractor trailers two box trucks and a full bus. investigators were on the scene overnight, but haven't determined the cause of the fatal accident yet. one witness at the scene tweeted that the roads were like a skating risk. across the northeast this morning, the big dig is once again under way. after a massive four-day snowstorm. >> i'm crazy about snow.
11:33 am
but it is pretty bad when you can't take your dog snowshoeing because it is too deep. >> i'm so sick of it. i'm so sick of it. >> reporter: the biggest question, what are people doing with the snow? digging out cars i see some cars haven't been dug out since the first storm. >> there isn't a place to put it. that's the problem. >> reporter: in 17 days boston set its fastest snowfall on record reaching an astonishing 68.4 inches beating the previous record of 44 days. canceling more than 4,000 flights, costing airlines for the past three storms an estimated $75 million, and more than $700 million for passengers. no school in boston this morning. the city's eighth snow day this year. with the historic snow amounts being moved across the state, 10,000 dump trucks in boston alone, enough to fill the home of the super bowl champions new england patriots gillette stadium, 90 times. >> that was nbc's dylan dreyer reporting. checking out our top stories
11:34 am
right now, the philadelphia water department says cold weather was a factor in this water main break on roosevelt boulevard in northeast philadelphia this morning. and nbc 10's jesse gary just got off the phone with the philadelphia wear water department. they sell him the 16 inch main is broken not just cracked and repairs are expected to take some time. both sets of outer lanes and north and southbound are now open. in northampton county one person is killed in the two alarm fire in lower saucon township. it broke out on the 1400 block of east university avenue late last night. we're working to figure out how this fire started. and one passenger was hurt after a plane that left from philadelphia last night made a crash landing in houston. that american airlines flight operated by usair ran into a problem with the nose gear of the plane which didn't deploy. you can see in the video the plane is tilted forward on the runway. 52 passengers and four crew members were evacuated and there
11:35 am
is the plane with the nose on the runway. they were evacuated using emergency slides. philadelphia police are looking for the man who attacked a woman at a septa station in center city. this happened around 1:00 yesterday afternoon at the jefferson station. that's the former market east station. the woman claims the man attacked her in a remote area of the station. she was taken to the hospital but we don't know how badly she was hurt. and university of delaware football player faces charges after a fight at a party over the weekend. police say several people claim roman tatum assaulted them saturday night after he was asked to leave the party. one student's front teeth were dislocated. tatum turned himself into police on sunday. he's charged with assault and other offenses. a bucks county catholic high school coach has resigned amid allegations he waged a smear campaign against players from another school. john gallagher, the coach of archbishop wood, is accused of spreading rumors to college recruiters about two girls who
11:36 am
play on a different basketball team. he allegedly said the girls from nigeria are older than they claim and are in the united states illegally. as the story gained national attention, he resigned. the group tasked with finding solutions to wilmington's violent crime epidemic will get to work today. the wilmington public safety strategies commission will meet for the first time. made up of law enforcement citizens and business leaders, the commission will look at ways to improve policing strategies. yesterday nbc 10 broke the news that the new castle county police will be working alongside wilmington officers. the public is invited to comment at tonight's meeting at 5:30 at the walnut street ymca. a french court ordered a private clinic to pay more than $2 million to two families whose babies were accidentally switched at birth over 20 years ago. a nurse accidentally switched two newborn girls inside the same incubator. and even though the both mothers doubted the baby they were given
11:37 am
was theirs they were sent home. years later, a paternity test confirmed the girls were with the wrong families. the families were seeking more than $13.5 million in damages. today for first time on capitol hill lawmakers are addressing the measles outbreak spreading across the country. the disease spread to 18 states including pennsylvania new jersey and delaware. the cdc says there are 121 confirmed cases and the vast majority are linked to the disney land outbreak. the measles is highly contagious and causes fever, coughing runny nose red eyes and a signature red spotty rash. and here is a live look at the senate health education labor and pensions committee. their hearing is under way at this very moment. two new reports out this morning show the success of a nationwide school break fast program. more work still needs to be done. during the 2013/2014 school year more than 14 million
11:38 am
children ate breakfast at school each school day and majority came from low income households. still, many classmates are hitting the book on an empty stomach. the findings show most states didn't reach a federal goal of having more than 70% of students taking part in the breakfast program. they missed out on millions of government funding. two bars in new castle county now have breathalyzer vending machines and we're getting a first look at how they work. the tailgate sports bar and grill in newark says customers can put a dollar into the machine to get a disposable straw. they blow into the device and it displays their blood alcohol level. there are similar machines at three other bars throughout the state. the new jersey senate transportation committee approve'dapprove approved a bill that could bring electronic drivers licenses to the garden state. they would use an app on their phone to display their licenses. they don't have to rely on the traditional plastic cards. there is probably less chance of losing your license as well.
11:39 am
delaware is planning to allow digital licenses. fans at the wells fargo center in philadelphia are in for a special treat. the arena now has upgraded free xfinity wi-fi. the technology allows for more in game interaction for fans for media and businesses in the arena. fans can have their selfies posted on the scoreboard. comcast says visitors will experience faster upload and download speeds than ever before. comcast is the parent company of nbc 10 and telemundo 62. we are creating an experience at the wells fargo experience where our guests will be able to stay engaged with social media, upload their photos download stats, instantly post a selfie on the center hung scoreboard and continue to follow their favorite team or entertainer just as they could at home. can it top hip-hop? philadelphia 76ers will unveil their new mascot today.
11:40 am
and the team has confirmed it is a fluffy blue dog named franklin. you'll see little bits and pieces of franklin in this promo. there he is. on the sixers site. franklin will be the third mass could have after hip-hop and big shot. if you see people running through the streets of philadelphia in their underwear this weekend, well don't be too surprised. it is a silly idea in support of a very serious cause. we'll show you who is being helped by the upcoming undie run. >> of all weekends it looks like we're in for the coldest weather of the season so far. and it arrives this weekend. i'll tell you hour by hour with a future weather. a look at the seven-day when we come back.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> the ride to the robots the machine replacing factory workers at a faster pace. that's according to a new report that finds robots can do more work which would save factory owners money. experts say robots are getting cheaper to buy and can be reprogrammed faster than humans can be retrained. they predict the use of robots will rise over the next ten years and the largest export nations including right here in the united states. well it was good while it
11:44 am
lasted. gas prices creep back up. brokerage firm converge x says falling gas prices encouraged people to drive more often and buy more trucks which are less fuel efficient than most cars. the same time, faster economic growth and big surge in hiring means more people are taking part in a daily commute. here is your price check for average fuel costs in our area in philadelphia p.a. suburbs. prices have crept back up to $2.37 a gallon. in south jersey always the lowest, average there still under 2 bucks at $1.98. in delaware $2.16. want to drive leak aike a billionaire? you have an opportunity to own warren buffett's personal 2006 cadillac dts. it has 20,000 miles on it. also has a large autograph on the glove compartment. the auction starts tomorrow morning with an opening bid of 10 grand. proceeds go to the charity in
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omaha. you can get the keys directly from warren buffett himself. things are getting saucy at qdoba mexican grill. if you order a smothered burrito on saturday and share a kiss with anyone you get a second burrito for free. onion, i'm sure. what would people -- what would inspire people around -- to run around in their underwear in this cold weather? the answer a chance to help out in a good cause. it is called cupid's undie run and philadelphia's version is set for this weekend. here to tell us more is sandy freon, the race director. this is your third year in philadelphia. there are 30 races, i think they have been added -- they added some cities close to 40 now around the country. tell us how this thing got started. >> this thing -- this started about five years ago in washington, d.c. a couple of guys were sitting around one night talking about how they can help a brother who suffers and how we can raise
11:46 am
critical funding for the foundation. and came up with this crazy idea of running around in your underwear. >> bill said this will be the coldest weekend of the year but he said you'll catch a break because saturday will be warmer that be -- if it was sunday folks will be in trouble. they're not going to run that far. >> the run is about .75 miles it very smorthort. a four hour party with a brief run in the middle. >> it goes to a good cause. you have a personal stake in this, i know. >> that's right. my 10-year-old son has a disease that causes tumors to grow anywhere along the body. and two years ago we found a brain tumor, so he went through a stint of keepchemotherapy. we're personally vested in this cause. >> i looked at your website, i poked around in there. i saw you raised close to $4,000. people can go to the website and run as individuals or bring a
11:47 am
team which i'm sure they would appreciate. or there are existing teams, you can link up with a team and meet new people. >> you can join us there will be race day registration at the door. doors open at noon. and should be a good time. >> how many people did you have last year and what do you expect the numbers to be this year? >> we reached nearly 700 last year. we'll have upwards of a thousand this year. we're going every year. >> almost 40 cities around the country. i think they had to run last saturday in st. louis and maybe other cities. how much money are they raising nationwide for this cause? >> last year we almost hit the 3 million mark. so far this year we're just over 2 million. we're looking to exceed last year's 3 million. >> so people will come in their undies but also have probably some warm clothes, blankets around when they get to the finish line i'm guessing. >> they'll be in a hurry to get back in the bar, for sure. >> we appreciate very much your coming in. once again, cupid's undie run philadelphia will be held on saturday valentine's day. bring your loved one, right?
11:48 am
>> yep. >> fun starts at noon and xfinity live. want more information, we posted the link at our website, and on our nbc 10 mobile app. thank you for coming in. >> thank you for having me. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> well, good news for that run, looks like it will be dry at least. it will be cold, but snow will likely hold off until later in the day on saturday. right now, no sign of any snow. the clouds are thinning out. still cloudy over center city. we'll see sunshine and the temperatures, well they already started to climb with cloudy skies, 33 degrees. the wind is blowing. it is a 13-mile-an-hour philadelphia international. we get a windchill of 24 degrees. and finally some sunshine breaking through in the pocono mountains. we can see it now falling on the slopes at shawnee. the sun will be breaking through for the rest of the area. but the wind will be steady this afternoon. that's a dry wind for us. that will help dry things up
11:49 am
before it refreezes tonight. wind blowing, the chill in the air, feels like 24 degrees in the city. 24 in trenton. and wilmington is 26 degrees. little sunshine makes a big difference. the sunshine breaking through there, you can see the little bit more sunshine the last few minutes. won't clear out completely today. we'll see a good deal of sunshine tomorrow, however. then on thursday this is what we'll be watching. this is an area of snow moving through minnesota. that's on target for us. this is one of two fast moving systems that will give us a shot of some snow. this one is due in on thursday. the future weather, hour by hour showing it stays to the north until early thursday morning when 8:00 in the morning, could see light snow in the allentown area. i-95 corridor with a dusting to most likely less than an inch on thursday. it will be out of here in the afternoon. and then we'll be watching the next system which you can see,
11:50 am
moving through the chicago area. that's friday at 7:00 in the morning. by saturday evening we could see light snow developing from that next fast moving system. for today, though no snow more sunshine, and the temperatures well, they're going to warm up to near 40 degrees this afternoon. the wind will be steady however, those north and northeaster areally winds 10 to 20 miles an hour. never going to feel all that warm today. and it is going to get cold tonight. we'll be dropping down into the 20s tomorrow morning. should be dry and sunshine will warm us back to the upper 30s wednesday afternoon. then here come the clouds with a chance of light snow. thursday morning, and into early thursday afternoon. high of 38 degrees on thursday. then behind the snow here comes the cold. blowing into town. 14 friday morning. 24 friday afternoon. i just updated this for saturday. looks like it is going to be a little warmer than what was expected earlier. still cold. 28 after a morning low of 15 degrees.
11:51 am
snow developing later saturday evening. that too looks like it is going to be light and then the real cold arrives, the coldest day in the season sunday 9:00 in the morning, 18 in the afternoon. monday morning, even colder, down to 7. we'll be right back.
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transplant centers are rejecting more donor hearts despite a desperate need for them. researchers say only one in three available donor hearts are accepted for transplantation because of small size advanced age or disease. experts say suitable hearts aren't being used. they recommend standard scientific guidelines be put in place to determine whether a heart should be used for a transplant. an the football world is mourning the loss of a pioneer. ed sable died at the age of 98. he founded nfl films. he revolutionized the way we watch sports. his son steve was there to welcome him into the hall. steve died of brain cancer three years ago. ed was born in atlantic city.
11:55 am
at 3:00 an all new ellen. today, the man who really cleaned up at sunday's grammy award, sam smith and annie lennox. and this afternoon, one of our region's greatest mysteries, what happened to this local couple as we approach the ten-year anniversary of the mis mysterious disappearance. now to an update on the breaking news we brought you at the top of the show the parents of a 26-year-old american woman held by isis militants confirmed their daughter is dead. the white house says kayla mueller's family received a private message from her captors over the weekend. u.s. intelligence agents have authenticated that information. isis said friday that mueller had died in the jordanian air strike. she was the only known remaining u.s. hostage being held by the terror group. mueller was taken hostage back in august of 2013. and bill henley now with a quick look at afternoon
11:56 am
forecast. >> chilly day but temperatures improving today an we're drying out. the next couple of days completely dry. thursday we'll have a chance of light snow. looks like less than an inch. here comes the cold for friday and the weekend. i don't know if you're taking part in the undie run on saturday, but it will be below freezing through the day. 15 in the morning. 28 in the afternoon. could see light snow stay evening to the early morning hours of sunday. but behind that snow really gets cold the coldest air of the season 9 sunday morning, 18 in the afternoon. and turning even colder on monday morning. by monday morning, the winds will die down. just be plain old cold at 7 degrees. some of the suburbs could be closer to zero monday morning. >> yeah i think we all like it cold on valentine's day, don't you? >> yeah. >> thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema. for bill henley and all of us
11:57 am
here at nbc 10, have a great day.
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