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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 430a  NBC  February 11, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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still not back to normal 24 hours after a water main break sparked a wet, muddy mess on the boulevard. crews will be back on the scene today top continue the fix. and who wants to be a half billionaire? >> me! >> apparently you're not alone, tracy. hopes are high and tickets are flying ahead of tonight's giant powerball drawing with the jackpot near the half billion mark. and get your heavy coats and long johns ready. the winning ticket is headed our way. >> you can buy a lot of long johns if you get the powerball tonight. >> good morning, this is "nbc 10 news" tonight. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. it will be cold later in the week, but right now we're okay this morning. meteorologist bill henley has the forecast. bill not too bad. seasonable, right? it's cold but not the brutal cold we'll see in a few days. but this morning it's typical for february in the 20s this morning. there's a little bit of a breeze blowing to make it feel a bit colder. you'll see sunshine on the
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slopes today. and you will need it too. right now it's in the teens for the pocano mountains. even allentown is in the teens at 19 degrees while trenton is 26. 28 in wilmington but there's a bit of a breeze blowing. so in philadelphia right now, that 29 degrees feels like 19 degrees. we'll go through it hour by hour with the future weather when i'm back in ten. right now, we'll check in with first alert traffic reporter jillian mele. good morning jillian. good morning to you at home. we are quiet on the majors and delaware. this is what 95 is looking like at the newark toll plaza. no big delays out here unless there's an accident which we are not dealing with. 76 rounding the curve, you can see lines of green out there. no slowdowns to report the entire length of the schuylkill expressway. drive times between the blue route and vine both ways will take you 12 minutes. 4:31. new from overnight, a person was hurt in this accident in the oxford circle section of philadelphia. nbc 10 was on the scene along
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roosevelt boulevard at bustleton. two cars collided. medics took the victim who was complaining of back pain to the hospital. police are looking into the cause. and happening today, repair crews will return to the scene of this big water main break in bustleton. that break shut down roosevelt boulevard during yesterday's morning rush. crews reopened all but one lane of the highway since last night. they will focus on getting the rest of it open today. all right. powerball fever. it is growing as the jackpot now stands at $485 million. >> that could go higher. stores will likely be busy today with people hoping to win big. and nbc 10's katy zachry is live outside a spot in winwood, montgomery county that has been lucky before. so i'm guessing these people are showing up there, katy? >> reporter: yeah they will. once they start to sell the powerball tickets. we have come to know the employees inside this sunoco station because for big powerball drawings this is the place to come. it's a winning spot as you said.
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and people around here know it. >> this spot had aother winning lottery tickets here before. tonight's estimated prize is $485 million. now, you will not be able to buy tickets to the powerball here before 6:00 a.m. we're having some fun on twitter this morning asking people to tweet me what their lucky numbers are and what they would do if they win big. so i hope to hear from you and we'll throw it out and share it with the viewers. reporting live in winwood off lancaster avenue katy zachry "nbc 10 news." >> that's always fun. thanks. evidence gone missing and a police officer in delaware county is at the center of the investigation. sources tell nbc 10 that the delaware county district attorney's office is looking into whether that upper darby police officer stole drugs and cash from the evidence room.
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so far no charges have been filed. and in philadelphia, the victim in a police assault that made headlines last week is now talking about what happened to him. two officers in kensington beat and battered. the officers claimed it was in self-defense. last week the d.a. charged them with assault and conspiracy. they say rivera never provoked the attack. he lost his job and remains out of work. he did get a $200,000 settlement but said most of the bills went for medical fees and lawyer fees. >> he may look good on the outside but inside he's damaged. >> i think i will never be the same again. >> rivera says he hopes the charges against the officers will stick. and this month marked ten years since the philadelphia couple vanished without a trace. >> ten years. and now the fbi is taking another look at the case. richard petrone jr. and his girlfriend vanished after having
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drinks at a bar february 19 2005. the fbi is now adding more resources and man hours to the case. there will be new leads uncovered or old leads will reveal something new. investigators say richard's 2001 black dodge dakota has never been found. the license plate with the tags are right there on your screen. there could be a sticker on the rear window. if you know anything about the couple's whereabouts, contact the fbi immediately. and a bankruptcy charge could decide today if revel can keep a $10 million deposit from a developer who wants to buy the closed hotel and casino. revel was set to sale to developer glenn straub for $95 million. but the deal was canceled after it passed the deadline monday night. today straub will ask to extend the deadline. dozens of teachers could lose their jobs at the end of the summer. >> next the new jersey school proposing big cuts. plus, a secret inside this old abandoned house in camden
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county. the new discovery that has people giving it a second look. and a cold start this morning with clear skies. we'll see sunshine today, but there is a chance of snow ahead. we'll have the extended forecast when i come right back. ring ring!... progresso! it's ok that your soup tastes like my homemade. it's our slow simmered vegetables
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it is 4:38. more than 100 teachers could lose their jobs in an effort to save $19 million. the schools are looking to eliminate some of the teams to evaluate special needs students and to close an elementary school. they will look at the options at the next school board meeting. happening today, governor tom wolf is kicking off a statewide school to teach in chester county. he will talk about his severance package as that was a big part of the campaign. and he says the tax could generate more than $1 billion this year and could be
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reininvested in public education. the leading new jersey lawmaker wants to keep the park near the statue of liberty under state control. the assembly speaker plans to introduce a bill that would keep a new regional official from controlling the park. now they want environmental officials to take charge. it is wear what you want wednesday. i suggest layering up this morning because it's cold outside. the temperatures have dropped down into the 20s. 29 degrees right now in philadelphia. i just made that up by the way. but it is wear what you want wednesday because it's a cold wind blowing, 19 degrees right now is what it feels like in philadelphia. it is dry. we'll see a lot of sunshine today. and sunshine will have a big effect. tomorrow, clouds will be moving in along with the scattered snow showers. just some light stuff. we are not expecting much but we'll see the clouds tomorrow.
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for today, some sunshine and a nice warm up. we'll be in the 30s by 11:00 this morning and climbing. so get ready for a sunny day today. not as breezy as yesterday, but there's still some wind around. so it will warm into the middle to upper 30s this afternoon. and at times it will be colder with the wind. this weekend it will be colder. starting on valentine's day. a chance for light snow again on saturday. and then drying out on sunday but look at the bitter cold air that will be blowing in to town. a high of 18 degrees after a morning low that will be in the single digits sunday. i have the seven-day with warmer weather ahead when i come back in ten. and 20 minutes till 5:00. time to get a check on the highways. we'll see if anything is moving out there or not moving. >> jillian is monitoring the cameras, what are you seeing? >> good moving. oh man, good morning. someone get me coffee. a live look at route 73 near 295, this is right at the entrance for 295. so 73 is clear.
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295 is looking good. no accidents to report on the new jersey turnpike. if you're traveling on 95 this morning, drive times are pretty average as you can see between woodhaven and the vine 13 to 14 minutes. southbound, this is what we tip you cannily watch with things busy later in the morning, but right now your average speed is 59 miles per hour. tracy? a dirty problem could disrupt dozens of people's morning routine in the lehigh valley. >> and wait until you see what is coming out of the pipes that have homeowners calling for help. plus a pennsylvania day trooper was killed in a training exercise at a local gunnery. who pulled the trigger and the action the victim's family is now demanding. plus, a diet surprise. new recommendations about what to eat to stay healthy will soon be released. the unexpected shift that could change your menu pick.
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4:43. new from overnight, the united states and britain have closed their embassies.
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britain has withdrawn its diplomatic staff as both countries blame the political crisis in yemen following rebel takeover in much of the country. president obama could ask congress to formally authorize military reports against isis in iraq and syria and could do it as early as today. bob menendez says this request stipulates enduring combat operations against the terror group. me then desknen operations against the terror group. me then desknendez says the proposed legislation will expire in a year. and this comes a day after the president vowed to bring to justice a terrorist responsible for an american hostage's death. the family of kayla mueller confirmed she died while being held by isis. u.s. officials don't know how she died but they are certain it was not in a jordanian air strike as claimed by isis.
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today the u.s. pipeline bill will be voted on by the house. the senate approved it last week. president obama promised to veto it out of concerns for the environment, but republicans and some democrats in congress say the pipeline carrying crude oil from canada to the gulf coast would create thousands of new jobs. the family of a pennsylvania state trooper who was shot and killed by an instructor is calling the charges against him a slap in the face. corporal richard schroeder has been charged with reckless endangerment endangerment. last month he accidentally shot a trooper. the trooper's family says the charges are a slap on the wrist and they want more severe charges. >> he then pointed his gun directly at my brother's chest and deliberately pulled the trigger. we understand this tragedy was not intentional, but this was
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not an accident. >> to protect his family they are conducting a state independent investigation. meantime, the lawyer for richard schroeder says this case is a tragedy and his client is racked with remorse. there is new fallout this morning from the 40-car pileup on the new jersey turnpike that killed a man and injured almost 70 people. the state officials have now ordered a e are view of turnpike operations during winter conditions. the man killed in the crash is darrell williams. they say icy conditions contributed to the wreck in middlesex county. the airlines have gotten the message about not keeping passengers stranded on the tarmac for endless hours. the u.s. department of transportation says in 2014 airlines had the lowest number of tarmac delays. nothing longer than three hours. there were 30 in domestic flights, 9 international. for the past few years, airlines face fines when flights are on the ground for three hours or more. and a pennsylvania lawmaker reportedly wants to change the
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penalties for some first-time dui offenders. under a bill sponsored by the state senator john raferty, some first-time offenders can keep their licenses as long as their cars are equipped with an ignition interlock. a device that operates like a breathalyzer and you would have to pass it before starting your car. the national mothers against drunk driving group supports this measure, but the american beverage institute opposes a similar plan in new jersey. in chester county free late night parking in westchester will be coming to an end. they will install automated pay stations at the downtown parking garages near high street and chestnut street. officials passed that on monday. and they will install security measures as a security system will be installed. no word on when that will be up and running. and officials will begin work at the granite run mall. according to the attorney who plans to redevelop the site most of the mall except for two
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department stores will be torn down to make way for an upscale town center department stores restaurants and movie theaters. that will take two years to complete. and this morning some residents in the lehigh valley are turning on their faucets and getting dirty water. according to the morning call, the bethlehem water authority is checking into dozens of complaints of dirty water. a lot of people called in between 6:00 and 8:00 last night and described their water as having a brownish and cloudy color. they are checking to see if a broken pipe is to blame. and a man is accused of stealing money people gave him to save their homes from foreclosure. danielle sheehan prepared paperwork and collected their mortgage payments but he never submitted the paperwork and pocketed the payments. sheehan used the same scam in new york and think there could be more victims in the area. and also in camden county police are hoping that you recognize the guy who was caught on camera using a stolen credit card. take a look here authorities say the cards were stolen from a
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card at the timber creek dog park in gloucester township. the guy was caught on camera there he is, using the stolen credit card at target in gloucester county. and police say he ran up more than $2,500 in charges at philadelphia and new jersey gas stations and other stores. and a cold start this morning and a little bit of the breeze is blowing to make it feel even colder. look at the flag here at the nbc 10 studios. clear skies over the city. 29 degrees right now with the wind at 13 miles an hour and feeling like 19 in the city. and in the city you can see eighth and market with the wind blowing. there's the view a live view from center city. that's where we'll see sunshine today. the satellite shows no clouds around for today, but enjoy today because they are waiting in the wings. the cloud cover that's moving into the ohio valley that's coming our way. you can see this producing snow showers in northern michigan. and there's a chance for the snow showers to move into our
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area scattered snow showers during the day tomorrow. not a big threat however. the next chance of snow is going to come from a system that will come through on saturday. valentine's day. and that will be lining up to the west and moving into the ohio valley by friday evening. saturday, evening, that's when we could see the late snowfall. so two opportunities for snow coming our way. and in between, very cold air. but not today, today will be nice and sunny with a high temperature into the middle to upper 30s this afternoon with less winds than yesterday. but still breezy at times. and tomorrow cold 23 degrees. clouds and some gusty winds later in the day. scattered snow showers, those areas that do see them i think they will line them up with less than half an inch of snow. very light snow. then here comes the cold the blast of cold air on friday with a high of 23 degrees. could see some late light snow on saturday valentine's day, 28 degrees.
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doesn't look like it will mess with your evening plans if you have some. if you have plans for sunday make sure they include additional layers. look at the temperatures 9 in the morning. 18 in the afternoon. and the wind will be blowing on sunday. less wind but a bit colder monday morning down to 7 degrees with a high of 23 on monday. and then the upper 30s for tuesday. all right, bill thank you. nine minutes before 5:00 the last couple of days we have been saying to plan for extra time as you scrape off your car and take it easy on the roads. maybe you can leave on time today, i don't know hopefully. >> or if there's an accident that jillian is about to tell us about. or something else maybe you don't leave on time. >> maybe you leave a little extra time. if your travels take you on the route 30 bipass but the rest of the majors are looking good. leave on time there. but if you're traveling through chester county listen up. the route 30 bypass westbound is shut down at route 340 because of an accident involving an overturned tractor-trailer. go ahead and take business route 30 if you need to get around it. the line is yellow there and that's where we see the closure
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point. this right here is business route 30. so it won't take you too far out of your way but will add on a few extra minutes to your commute. around center city the vine street expressway is really quiet. no accidents on 76. and the boulevard is also clear, this is a live look at fox street. chris? today we will learn more about philadelphia's upcoming bike share program. at a news conference today at city hall we expect to hear michael nutter reveal the name of the program and his corporate sponsor. nbc 10 already learned riders will buy monthly membership passes that will allow them to use one of many bikes stationed at various locations around the city. and we got a sneak peek at where the bike share stations could be. you can find the list right now on our nbc 10 mobile app. and in the lehigh valley pesky potholes are popping up everywhere and the city of allentown is looking to report those in a possible hotline. callers have to give the location of the pothole along with their name and telephone number. in fact, you are just a few taps away from being able to contact the pothole contact.
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you can use the new nbc 10 app on your smartphone to get the contact information. allen town says that will work quickly to repair every pothole reported and at least one crew is assigned to repairing potholes every day. they filled more than 12,000 potholes last year alone. and that will cost $110,000 in equipment, material and labor. the troubling dilemma facing several local schools this morning. plus new legal trouble surrounding the area's popular musical "jersey boys." a new fight over where the ticket money is going. and the new improving method to make yourself feel better after a rough night of sleep.
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a copyright suit for "ierjersey
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boys" is headed back to trial. the author's widow says this served as the inspiration for "jersey boys" and believes she should get some of the profits. and there's two weeks to hand over the rights to three schools including bancrofl elementary, stubbs elementary and another. the district has until february 27th to decide whether to handover control of the three schools to a charter or outside agency or close them. parents attending a meeting last night are understandably worried. >> it's really heartbreaking. i'm wondering what is the next step. what is going to become of our kids? >> now board members and the super superintendent believe control
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should stay with the school district. and in camden there's a historical site at this house on walnut street. dr. king stayed here in the 1950s an activist says. the activist wants to make it a headquarters for civil rights information. and a recall to tell you about from whole foods. the food items prepared with ground cumin may have contained an undeclared peanut protein. no allergic reactions have been reported but dozens of food items are being pulled from the shelves at whole foods. go to for a look at the rauld iecalled items. and the new dietary guidelines will be released in the next few weeks. the advisory committee is expected to ease up on cholesterol restrictions and for the first time ever put a limit on sugar consumption. but despite some revisions, the main advice stays the same. eat more fruits vegetables whole grains and less saturated fat. the dietary guidelines are issued every five years and used
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to set standards for school lunches and nutrition labels. >> a new study shows a short nap has big benefits for your health. hormone levels of a group of men were analyzed in men who slept two hours of night before. after one night of poor sleep, they had an increase in the hormone for blood pressure and a drop in the immune system. after taking a 30-minute nap the next day, those numbers dropped. the power nap, i have been a proponent of that. and you're watching "nbc 10 news." "nbc 10 news today" at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. in case you haven't heard, there's a giant jackpot up for grabs. this morning lottery fever is spreading as we count down to tonight's $485 million powerball drawing. and prepare for traffic troubles. nearly 24 hours after a water main break flooded roosevelt boulevard, the road is still not
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completely open. we are live with repair plans that you need to know about before you leave the house. give yourself a little extra time, maybe. there's a clear, cold start to wednesday morning as we take a live look at center city. a couple people are moving along the streets bundled up 28 degrees. the first alert weather team is tracking changes that will bring us the coldest air of the season so far. get ready for that. good morning welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm chris cato. >> i'm tracy davidson. bill henley is in the first alert weather center. good morning. good morning. temperatures are still falling as we are in the 20s. it's getting colder in part because the skies are so clear to allow the heat to escape, but that's also going to allow us to see lots of sunshine today. there's a nice clear view across the delaware from the adventure aquarium. in the city, 28 degrees. pottstown, redding and lancaster at 21. allentown is 15. while trenton is in the middle 20s. it's 28 in millville and 27 in
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wilmington. it's cold this morning, but sunshine will be bright starting at 7:00. 26 degrees. by 9:00 we'll be close to 30. then into the middle 30s at lunchtime and climbing. we'll go through it neighborhood by neighborhood to show you exactly what to expect today. that's when i'm back in ten, but right now we'll go to first alert traffic reporter jillian me a lee. weapon continue continue to monitor an accident on route 30 westbound. your alternate is route 340. traffic is moving right now. and this is a live look at the platt bridge. it is really dark. not too many drivers. the area bridges including the ben franklin bridge that's clear. the betcysy ross is looking good alon


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