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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  February 11, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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good evening. >> we're going to get to the winning numbers in a minute. a losing weather combination first, coming our way, bone-chilling cold is almost here. this is the scene tonight in center city. >> let's look at the radar. we've been tracking snow showers this evening. and more could be in the works tomorrow. >> let's find out exactly what to expect from nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen. >> yes jim and jacqueline i've been watching a few light snow showers trying to make it in mostly west and north of philadelphia. chester county maybe parts of upper bucks county we could see flurries. very light snow showers. a lot of these trying to break apart. it's all a part of one weather system that could still bring a few light showers as we go into tomorrow. the bigger story is what's going to be behind this. arctic cold sets in friday morning. windchills that feel like temperatures below zero degrees. as for now, though we're not that cold. temperatures right in the upper 20s. as we go into tomorrow morning,
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we'll notice the clouds increasing. through noon tomorrow we could be near 40 degrees. but also we'll have light snow showers around. we'll show you when that cold air will set in. how cold it will feel and snow for your weekend. >> happening right now, the momenti&@y so many have been waiting for. the numbers are being drawn for the $500 million powerball jackpot. >> yes you said $500 million. get your tickets ready. we'll give you the numbers as soon as they're selected. but first a look at what you could buy with half a billion dollars. >> keith jones is in lynnwood at a convenience store with a serious taste of powerball fever. steve? >> reporter: that's right, because you can't get a ticket in here they're sold out here. the chances of winning, 1 in 175 million. it's not stopping people from purchasing tickets. and not stopping people from thinking about buying their dream. let's start cheap.
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the audi rjs8. she moves fast for cool $125,000. >> the car has diamond-stitched leather seats, a full suede headliner. it's dressed to the nines. >> it's fast as heck. >> fast as can be. >> reporter: with half a billion dollar powerball jackpot, we needed a higher price tag. so we looked up. we visited the residences of the ritz-carlton and got off the elevator at the very top. and this space here in center city, expect it to go for $14 million. it's 8,600 square feet. the reason it's priced that high? 2,000 square feet of outdoor space, 360-degree views of the city including a bird's-eye view of every sight philly has to offer. it has potential, but still needs furniture. not to mention an architect. nothing's like this. >> i don't think so at all. not remotely close. >> reporter: unless you venture out of the city. we drive there, but you can't
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see the 50-plus acre estate from the road. the price tag? $25 million. let's rev our engines. how about a worthy cause? for $80 million you could cover the expected deficit of the philadelphia school district or help the united way for about $50 million. you could cover their yearly expenses. there are so many good causes you could put that money toward. half a billion dollars. one thing you couldn't afford according to forbes the philadelphia 76ers are valued at $700 million. reporting live in lynnwood keith jones, nbc 10 news. >> you could still donate to them. >> i wouldn't mind that pent house at the ritz. unbelievable. or the car. the powerball numbers everyone's been waiting for, 25 11 54 13, 39, and the powerball is 19.
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the jackpot just+bvqñ raised to $564 million. >> imagine if you went to buy a ticket and they were sold out. you couldn't get one tonight. >> right. what if those were the numbers you were thinking of choosing. that would be painful. >> better luck next time. >> yeah. to other news now. an atm mystery in bucks county tonight. someone found the empty machine yesterday behind a shopping center on lincoln highway in falls township. police believe the atm was probably stolen and now they've released these pictures hoping to find the business that's missing one. falls township police want to hear from you. breaking news out of new york. longtime "60 minutes" correspondent bob simon died in a car accident tonight. he was riding in the back seat of a lincoln town car on new york's west side highway. police say the vehicle hit a vq mon's career spanned five decades. he was a legendary cbs news foreign reporter.
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simon covered everything from the vietnam war, to a piece last weekend on the film selma. he was 73 years old. new at 11:00, a man beaten and bound in his own home. they're looking for the attackers responsible for a violent home invalgs. >> take a look. they've released a sketch of the suspects. here it is right here. nbc 10's nefertiti reports now. people in the community will not feel safe until they're caught. >> reporter: that victim is out of the hospital. but his neighbor said he's too scared to go back home. residents tell us they're worried these guys may strike again if they're not caught soon. >> it's scary when it's right here. because this type of thing doesn't happen here. >> reporter: stacy said she's concerned about her safety. >> because i was so close. i don't know what their motive was, what they were looking for. >> reporter: her fear comes
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after police say a neighbor was tied up and robbed after two men broke into his home sunday evening. police say the two men seen here slid into the man's home here through an unlocked door. they say the suspects duct taped the victim to a chair and repeatedly beat him with a metal pipe while demanding money. we're told the suspects ransacked the home and stole an undisclosed amount of cash before taking off in the victim's cadillac. detectives say the bad guys threatened to come back and kill the victim if he called the cops. investigators found these two bikes nearpíiy the victim's home in a wooded area. they believe they belonged to the duo, and are analyzing them for fingerprints. so far, those results from the prints haven't come back yet, so police say they need your help with them. if you know anything, give them a call.f3÷ nbc 10 news. a man's in critical condition with burns after a house fire here in philadelphia's kobs creek section. it's on north simpson street.
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investigators are working to figure out what started the fire. philadelphia police say they have the robber in custody wanted in seven hotel holdups. 39-year-old george meriwether is charged with robbery, aggravated assault and more. he was arrested friday. he was caught on surveillance robberies. he's accused of hitting hotels in both philadelphia and delaware county. during a three-day crime spree in december. new information tonight on the criminal history of a man suspected of attacking a woman at a center city train station. it's because of that background that prosecutors say they will ask for high bail to keep him behind bars. tonight septa police gave this photo of the officers arrested reginald green. they've arrested him at least ten other times. this time he's charged with attempted rape robbery and assault. surveillance video from the jefferson septa station on 10th and market was key to catching him this morning. he's accused of att ig; woman at the station on monday.
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a philadelphia family forced out of their home by a demolition problem is expected to be back by tomorrow. firefighters rescued the family after an excavator hit their house this afternoon and trapped them inside. the city tells us the company was demolishing the home next door. their wall. >> and he hit the side of the home. the front of the home started to buckle out, bricks started to fall. he tried to push the bricks back. >> the city tells us all repairs to the damaged home will be completed by tomorrow night. tomorrow we could see a crucial step toward mandatory paid sick leave becoming law in philadelphia. a live look at center city. city council is set to vote on the bill tomorrow. the bill would require all employers with ten or more workers to provide sick leave. that leave would be up to a maximum of five days a year. the bill is expected to be approved.
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isil is on the defensive, and isil is going to lose. >> tonight president obama's request to congress for new war powers. he's getting mixed reaction. the president laid out his": to turn up the heat on isis in the wake of another american death blamed on the islamic militants, kayla mueller. the u.s. fight against isis has been under way since last summer. when u.s. warplanes began pounding isis targets in iraq and syria. but now the president is making a formal request to congress to continue the war against a group he says poses a strong threat to national security. >> i'm optimistic it can win strong bipartisan support and we can show our troops and the world that americans are united in this mission. >> the president wants a three-year limit on the fight. one that could be allowed to expand beyond syria and iraq to wherever isis goes. it would not allow so-called enduring offensive ground combat but would permit u.s. ground forces to hunt down the enemy as we saw in the raid that
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killed osama bin laden. rescue attempts of american hostages would also be allowed, like the unsuccessful mission to free 26-year-old kayla mueller back in july. but at the vfw today, mixed reaction to the president's plan. >> it shouldn't be tolerated. we should not play with terrorists. we should take care of them very swiftly. >> i would ask the president, take a close look at what we get ourselves involved in. >> vigorous debate is expected in congress on this. the senate foreign relations committee will hold hearings at the end of the month after congress gets back from recess. the acting director of the secret service returned to his roots tonight. joseph clancy spoke at villanova university as part of its spotlight on leadership series. clancy is a 1978 grad of villanova. he explained his new job is nonstop.
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>> we have people right now overseas doing protective assignments. investigative assignments. and it never stops. at any moment someone may jump the fence at the white house. at any moment, we've got to be at our best.vs÷ >> clancy was appointed to the top-secret service position in october. a university in the poconos is taking precautions tonight after dozens of students became sick. at least 42 students at east straussburg university are treated for a possible stom as virus. most of them got sick between 10:00 last night and noon today. the school doesn't think it has anything to do with the dining service but the dining hall is being cleaned tonight. >> we're doing everything we can to minimize the spread. so we'll be doing extra sanitizing in some of those places where people are more in close quarters like the dining service, like in our residents halls. >> at the university they're coordinating with the department of health. philadelphia's most famous
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little league team is weighing in on the scandal that stripped the championship away from chicago. the jackie robinson west team was told today they're no longer champs. but it's not the kids accused of bending the rules, the league said adults yoursed players outside the team's geographic boundary. the team manager is suspended. they released a statement saying the chicago players were great competitors on the field and gentlemen off the field. not one, but two chances for snow heading for us. and it will impact your weekend. when the flakes will start falling during your time off. and the coldest air of the season. >> i'm sorry for your loss. >> the battle between philadelphia police and the community. why this meeting spiraled out of control. >> it's being rammed down our throats. >> a halfway house in one south jersey community. residents aren't happy. why they say the fault lies with rutgers university. the high-speed chase that ended with a mother retaliating
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with her fists.
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a carjacking suspect chooses the wrong van to hit during a high-speed chase in dallas today. that's the suspect in the white car. he crashed into two vehicles. in the one minivan, a woman was driving with her son and boyfriend, she ran up to the suspect's car and let him have it. she and her boyfriend hit him and dragged him around. until police arrived. a dramatic rescue after a crash on a north jersey overpass. >> a crane fell on a delivery van. rescue crews worked feverishly to free the two men trapped inside the van. both men were conscious and talking after they were pulled out. the mayor calls that a miracle.52f anger and frustration at
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phqm olphia police as the community came together. they want to improve relations between the police and the people they serve. there were several heated exchanges. one generated by the mother of brandon brown. philadelphia police shot and killed him in december. the officers are on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation. brown's mother said police painted her son out to be a monster. police say they've made progress to improve relations with the community. >> trying hard to show a difference. he's posted as a monster and a thug. >> i believe we're in a good place now. we've done a lot of positive things. we're doing a lot of positive things in the community. >> among those on hand for tonight's meeting were representatives from the p
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one south jersey community is hoping to evict unwanted neighbors before they even arrive. >> residents are pushing back for plans for a halfway house in the subdivision of berlin. a neighborhood meeting brought out dozens tonight. >> george spencer was there tonight. georgthr(t&háhp &hc reporter: jacqueline, neighbors say they were lied to about what this home would be t uáq" for. it is noêj+uu to become a group home for people who have had mental illness. and it is positioned directly next to the cut-through, that many kids walk through every day on their way towards school. with four bedrooms two baths and a nice yard it looks like south jersey's traditional family home. but the family here will be different. up to eight people who have had mental health issues transitioning back into society. >> this is being rammed down our throat under false pretense. >> reporter: he insists it wasn't supposed to happen this
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way. like many he's worried about safety and whether the new residents may bring their pasts with them. >> we don't know what we're dealing with. we're not privy to that information. we have to assume the worst. >> reporter: the crowd at tonight's meeting said they were originally told their new neighbors would be visiting teachers working at rutgers university. >> you feel lied to. >> absolutely. now we hesitate to believe anything. >> i have no idea how that got out. we never said that. >> reporter: christopher is the president of the rutgers behavioral welfare who runs many of these homes he says with very few problems. he said the state has deemed the incoming residents fully appropriate to be in the community and they'll be supervised 24/7. they may be people with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or the like who need somewhere to call home. >> these are our children. they are our children. they could be your child, my child, anyone's child. >> reporter: we're told that local leaders have supported
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residents here but it seems state rules will supersede the local opposition. the new tenants could be here in just two months. live in berlin, george spencer nbc 10 news. now, your nbc 10 first alerthçí= weather, with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well pretty decent day today. temperatures got above freezing. and they will still be tomorrow. but we also have some light snow showers moving in. i don't think everyone will see these, but we could see passing snow showers tomorrow. not amounting to much. friday morning the winds will pick up the arctic air will set in and it will feel below zero degrees friday morning when you walk outside. remember that before you head out. the next snow chance comes as we go into saturday for your valentine's day. i'll show you the timing on that in just a second. tomorrow it's not going to be a bad day. 8:00, mostly cloudy. temperature near 30 degrees. by noon about the upper 30s.
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passing snow shower. by 4:00 p.m. we should be topping out around 40 degrees. the winds increase. so you'll also notice that. after tomorrow temperatures go way down. look at friday. more than 20 degrees below what's considered normal for only a high around 20. but feeling more like ten degrees through the afternoon. then we go into the weekend, freezing on saturday. sunday back in the teens. monday, we're only in the 20s. so enjoy tomorrow. because after that things are really going to be changing. here's a lot of snow up to the north and west. it is mostly on the light side. a few snow showers tried to move in this evening. but really not amounting to anything. future weather does pick up on the snow. tries to move a few snow showers through. not until the afternoon, though. your morning commute does look dry. you'll notice the clouds around. through the day tomorrow we could see a few very light passing snow showers. again, i don't think they'll be amounting to anything. they're out of here as we go into tomorrow evening. and in that bitter cold setting in friday morning.
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here's friday, 7:00 in the morning. we could be feeling like a minus 6 degrees in philadelphia. feeling like minus 11 in allentown. minus 10 in reading. pottstown, up in the poconos, 23 degrees below zero. through friday afternoon, still around 10 degrees is what we'll feel like. if you're in allentown through friday afternoon, you could only feel around 5 degrees. now we watch for the weekend snow. saturday morning, area of low pressure moves by. gives us some snow showers. it does look to be on the lighter side at this point. the heaviest snow looks to be confined in new england unfortunately, because we all know they don't need it. but it does look to occur later in the day on saturday. possibly early sunday morning. we'll have more updates on that as we go into tomorrow and friday. tonight, mostly cloudy. temperatures dropping below freezing. in the 20s. tomorrow, chance of a snow shower, light snow shower with the winds increasing through the afternoon. then we go into friday. take a look at the high temperature.
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21 degrees. it will feel like 10 in the afternoon. chance of snow saturday. much colder and windy again as we go into sunday. john? >> thank you, sheena. it is a college hoops night. lasalle big overtime upset. you've got villeanova on the road going for five straight wins.
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college hoops teams heading toward march madness. villanova winning their fif straight tonight at providence. nice dunk.
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nova's up 3 at the half. the cats have a bunch of road games to finish. lasalle with a game of the night on the road at number 20 bcu. they are down three, under 40 seconds left. the explorers miss the three but get the rebound. jordan price. nice. the transfer from auburn sends it to overtime. tied at 54. he scores all 12 of lasalle's points in the second overtime. price with 34 points 18 boards. what a game. lasalle a big upset on the road 74-69. st. joe's hosting rhode island. hawks down two. final ten seconds. chris wilson. st. joe's is up one. time left for rhode island. but they don't get it. st. joe's wins 65-64. they have won five straight at home. tiger woods is taking a break from golf. he will not play again until his game is better. he is currently ranked 62nd. his worst as a pro.
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he said his game needs a lot of work and hopes to play by the end of the month, but won't return until he's ready.b< / sam hinke using analytics in fixing the sickers. ripped by charles barkley last night on tnt. charles is not a big fan of analytics. >> i'm not worried about him. he believes in analytics. i've believed analytics is crap. the nba is about talent. all these guys that run these organizations who talk about analytics, they have one thing in common they a bunch of guys who ain't played the game and never got the girls in high school. you know? >> sounds like sports casters, too. john clark. we are right back.
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frigid on friday. feeling below zero in the morning. next snow chance saturday. >> thanks for joining us. the "tonight show" with jimmy fallon coming up next. have a great night.
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- hugh grant charles barkley, comedian kyle kinane


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