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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  February 16, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EST

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first-alert icon on the bottom of the screen along with school closings across the area. we have those even though a lot of schools were closed because of presidents' day. we begin with meteorologist bill henley. bill? the screen says 2 degrees here at nbc 10. clear skies has allowed temperatures to come down. and there's a gusty wind that started during the day yesterday and is still going. that's a live view of the cold at center city looking across the delaware. nothing in the sky that is until tonight when it will be tracking snow. for now, a first alert weather day because of the record cold and windchills that feel like they are 15 to 25 degrees below zero. as far as accumulating snow that happens tonight and will be with us through the commute tomorrow morning. 3 degrees right now in philadelphia. 1 degree above the record for the state in philadelphia. but it is now tying the record for wilmington. reading has tied the record and the record has been broken in atlantic city. 2 degrees breaks the record of 3
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degrees set in 1888. and to make matters colder the wind is still blog. 19 degrees below zero in atlantic city. 18 below for pottstown and allentown. it's cold all around today. we will see sunshine but a bitter wind is blowing at 7:00. 3 degrees. just 8 degrees at 9:00. then into the teens, still blustery though not quite as windy at lunchtime today. the hour-by-hour weather to show you what to expect in your neighborhood when i come back at ten. good morning, jesse. >> reporter: your numbers are right on the money and your forecast for the wind. because it is blowing this way right across my face. this is a morning when you want to make sure you are bundled up. we are here in penssauken with very little traffic this morning because holiday and also bone-chilling cold out. the people here are moving quickly as they gas up whether they have to run inside to get something or not.
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nobody is sauntering. they are moving quickly. bill said near record temperatures if not record temperatures. you don't want to have exposed skin. heavy coat gloves hats something to cover-up your face as well, because just a few minutes out in this weather and you start to feel the effects of frostbite. we'll talk to the people to find out how they are faring and coping in the next 30 minutes. jesse gary "nbc 10 news." now it's time to check on traffic. >> an your way to your car, hat on gloves on layers on. then what are we seeing out there, jillian? >> we have an accident on 422 on the eastbound side near oaks. traffic is getting by but we do have a lane restriction there. keep that in mind traveling the pennsylvania turnpike this morning. the lines of green mean things are clear. no accidents or delays. drive times are 23 minutes in both ways between ben salem and valley forge. tracy? it's 5:02. we are following breaking news
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in west philadelphia. this started in the past hour. this is a lyeive picture rising from the roof of the building. no injuries reported. we'll continue to get new information on this. but you can see that is fully involved. we'll get new information to keep you posted on air and on the nbc 10 app. well, we are also following breaking news in philadelphia. emergency crews are on the scene of an apartment explosion. and nbc 10's matt delucia is live on the scene at chestnut hill. matt, what happened? >> reporter: well, tracy, we are still getting a whiff of natural gas out here. and pgw has been out here for three hours. you can see the damage caused by this explosion. windows, doors, even the wall portion of the front of this structure was blown out. now, just to the right here you can see this other part of the building here with that door open. we just saw about five or six workers go into that building right there to conduct their
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investigation. and this of course is still ongoing throughout the morning, but ten people including a 2-year-old child were forced out of their home this morning. formally police tell us no one was injured. this happened before 2:00 this morning at ardmore street. folks say there were several apartments in this building. the red cross came out here to get the nine adults and one child out of the weather. most of us were talking to neighbors who heard the explosion and one said it was very loud sounding like a tree fell on the house until she looked outside to see the damage. >> the house was blown out. so that is what we really heard. so we got a little paranoid and wondered exactly what happened. different people live in there, so our major concern was that everybody was okay. >> reporter: and once again, everybody did get out safely unharmed. but another look at the pgw crews out here on the scene
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investigating the cause of this natural gas explosion here in chestnut hill this morning. quite an intense blast. you can see pieces of this building are out here littered across the street. you can see pieces of the windows there, parts of the frame of the house here. as i say, we are still getting that odor of natural gas. but of course the work continues here. folks have been allowed to go inside to retrieve belongings. and the folks around here who live in the next building over tell me they were given the all-clear to go back inside and to go to bed to try to get some rest after a brutal awakening here this morning. live in chestnut hill matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." and we're continuing to follow that breaking news in west philadelphia. this is a live picture from the scene to give you an idea of where this is 51st and chestnut. and you can see the flames and the heavy smoke. here's what we know 51st and chestnut started within the past
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hour. obviously, you can see the flames. crews were on the scene, no injuries reported. we have a photographer live on the scene and rosemary connors is live on the scene. she'll bring us a report soon. and you can see the sidewalk blocked over at the amc theater at route 202 in chadsford. extreme cold may have played a part in the water main break. many movie goers were forced to evacuate in the middle of the movie. and in a town home development yesterday in lakewood, 66-year-old olivia bonita was found face down in the snow. bonita was going to walk a short distance to her home but never made it. police are now waiting on the autopsy report. remember count on nbc 10 to help you stay safe during the
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coldest week of year as we look at video of a tree that came down in east falls yesterday during heavy winds there. ahead at 5:15 we'll have more on the impact of the biting winds. also at 5:50 how the cold can take a toll on your car. at 5:55 we are talking protecting your pets. how to know when it is time to bring your cats or dogs indoors and the penalties you could face if you don't do that. another tool you'll need in your tool box this week is this one here the nbc 10 app. download it for important alerts and weather updates about the cold and snow to come. and we are following breaking news overseas as egypt bombed isis targets in retaliation for the mass beheadings of christian egyptian hostages. earlier they targeted isis training camps in libya after the terrorist group released a video claiming to have execute
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2d 21 egyptian christians in libya. they are from the tripoli area. one of them says quote, we will conquer rome. and this time from denmark, police arrested two men overnight accused of helping the suspect in the terror attack in copenhagen over the weekend. the gunman may have been inspired by the attacks in paris last month. on saturday he opened fire at a cultural center and then later as disturbing forces outside a synagogue killing two people there. the suspect was killed in a gun battle with police yesterday. we are learning more about a crash to kill a brother and sister in chester county over the weekend. the driver was drunk and speeding when he rear-ended a minivan saturday night on route 100 at ship road in uwchlan township. two people were thrown from the van and killed. charlotte was a junior at downing high school west. and miles was also a student. is suspect, thomas moore,
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remains behind bars on charges of homicide by vehicle while driving under the influence. it is a frigid start this morning. we're watching the temperatures plummet the area. and part of the big problem is the wind. the windchills across the area are well below zero. and they are going to stay below zero through most of the morning. right now in coatesville, 21 degrees below zero. 17 below in doylestown and down to 14 below in philadelphia. and 16 below zero for mount holly. even at the shore it feels like well below zero this morning with the wind that is going to be present through the day. first the cold then the snow. check this out. snow accumulating tonight. by 7:00 this evening, we'll be tracking light snow just to our southwest. that moves into the area during the late evening hours. an inch of accumulation in
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dover, and look at the three to four inches that will be on the ground for philadelphia and wilmington at 5:00 in the morning. 2 inches for trenton at that time of the morning. as much as 5 inches could be on the ground for philadelphia at that hour. we will start to taper off by 8:00 in the morning for allentown, but continuing snow will pile up in wilmington, philadelphia and trenton. four to six inches in philadelphia with more to the south and east in delaware and south jersey. as much as 8 inches of snow. so today, it will be the cold temperatures. we'll have bitter cold temperatures made even colder feeling thanks to the northwesterly winds at 18 miles an hour. the seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten. and ten minutes after 5:00 it's definitely a morning to get that car warmed up before you get in to hit the roads.
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>> we'll see if there are problems on the road with nbc 10 first traffic reporter jillian mele. good morning. majors in and out of philadelphia are clear including 75 and the vine street expressway. the problems on 422 up here 422 eastbound near oaks we have an accident that right now is temporarily blocking all lanes. so this is something to keep you updated on that happened within the last 15 minutes. right here you can see that line of traffic starting to build out there with all lanes currently blocked. we'll have an update on that accident in the next few minutes. 76 eastbound from the turnpike to the vine that's clear. 13 minutes from woodhaven to the vine. and the blue route from 95 to 76 will take you six minutes. and sleep deprivation is something we on the morning team understand all too well. >> good evening. i'm vai sikahema. >> good evening. last night vai and i anchored at
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11:30 after the "snl" special. we have been here all night and doctors warn of serious health risks. this morning we'll uncover the dangers of sleep deprivation. and we have breaking news from 52nd and locust with nbc 10 live on the scene of this fire. a ladder truck is pouring water on heavy flames and smoke. this is a storefront we are told. we don't know what the business is. they are trying to get more information. nbc 10's rosemary connors is almost there and when she does we'll gather more information and get a live update coming up in minutes.
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and we continue to follow breaking news at 52nd and locust. we are told the flames are down somewhat from the live pictures we showed you within the last five minutes, but as we zoom in we are seeing them still rage as the ladder truck gets water on the flames. the fire department is telling us that the winds and the cold are definitely factors in fighting this fire. also, another fire they have been called to in north philadelphia where we are getting more information on that right now. no injuries reported in this fire or the other one. so nbc 10's rosemary connors is on her way to this fire with a live report as soon as she gets there.
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at nbc 10 this morning, we are working at where the wholesale produce market is going on as they work there all night. and it is busy there now, right? >> reporter: it absolutely is chris. behind me a number of truckers and workers are inside unloading palates of fruits and vegetables. a doctor warns not everyone is cut out for the overnight hours. now, most of the workers inside who i spoke to admit they get less than the recommended eight hours of sleep a night. sleep specialist dr. jonathan cast warns that could be harmful to your health. unless you are a true night owl, which most people are not, you are inclined to sleep when it is dark outside. for us it is tough to change the natural sleep rhythm so people end up sleep deprived
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that can lead to an increase in problems. >> long-term sleep deprivation is associated with your arteries being obstructed and stroke. >> reporter: sleep deprivation can affect everyone not just people like all the employees here who work the overnight shift. now, coming up at 6:15 i'm working on a story about what doctors suggest you can do even if you don't work the overnight shift, what you can do so you are not sleep deprived. reporting live in southwest philadelphia katy zachry "nbc 10 news." i look forward to that thank you. 5:17. happening today, a heads-up for drivers as the philadelphia streets department will be inspecting bridges over the schuylkill river. so there will be temporary lane closures on the federal bridge strawberry mansion bridge and mlk drive bridge. and officials are looking to build a bike path along a busy road after a pedestrian was killed last month. egg harbor city's mayor wants
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the county to build a bike path along philadelphia avenue claiming the shoulder is just too small. just last month a man was killed while walking on the shoulder. this is the second time egg harbor city's mayor has asked the city to consider bike safety along philadelphia avenue. time to get another check of the highways as we watch for any problems that pop up on monday morning, of course. >> jillian mele has you covered on that. good morning. >> good morning. all lanes were temporarily blocked because of 422, and now traffic is moving again. one lane is getting by though. so we have the far right lane blocked on 422 eastbound and a bit of a delay approaching the scene. keep that in mind. drive times on the northeast extension, 22 to 21 minutes between quakertown and the mid-county interchange. north to the the lee heyhigh valley, 78 is clear. no incidents to report on the
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northeast extension. a frigid start this month as temperatures are still falling. we have record cold in the region. the cold is going to stay with us throughout the day, even though we'll see lots of sunshine. guys are clear, but the-- the skies are clear, but a windchill is at 15 below zero. we have stronger winds around. look at the flags here from lowes hotel. we have the winds at 18 miles an hour right now. and higher gusts in the pocano mountains. 20-mile-an-hour winds for dover and atlantic city. so that's going to put windchills well below zero this morning and holding there. 14 degrees below in trenton. 15 below for northeast philadelphia. and look at the pocano
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mountains, 32 degrees below zero. we will stay dry during the day today. we'll see lots of sunshine but we are tracking snow that is going to be moving in late tonight. and you can see it moving through portions of kentucky and into the ohio valley. this is a storm system that may give us the most significant snow of the season. so heavier snow in southern missouri, illinois and into western kentucky and northwestern tennessee. that's destined for our area. by 5:00 this afternoon, it will be dry. but the snow to the southwest is falling in washington and moving to baltimore. it will move into the philadelphia area during the late evening hours. at 11:00 this evening, snow will be falling and accumulating in south delaware and jersey. by tomorrow morning, inches of snow on the ground. at 4:00 we could see 3 inches on the ground in philadelphia. and it will still be coming down. so today, during the day, it's the cold. bitter cold with windchills of 20 degrees below zero.
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and then tonight here comes the snow accumulating. i'm looking at 3 to 8 inches in the area. 8 inches for delaware and south jersey. four to six possible for philadelphia. then a few scattered snow showers won't appeal to much on wednesday, but you will notice the record cold to make a return later this week for thursday and friday. morning low temperatures back down near zero. sunday afternoon, a chance of rain and snow. all right. 5:21. many schools are closed today for presidents' day, but there are a few closings because of the weather. you can see a full list on the nbc 10 weather app. and this is a good time to remind you with more winter weather ahead this week this is a good time to get an alert sent straight to your phone that your child's school is opening or closing. you can do that by signing up through back to breaking news now we are live on the scene of a two-alarm fire at a store front.
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52nd street in west philadelphia street the fire is is still burning here. they have been putting water on this fire for more than a half hour. no reports of any inside at the time, but we got early reports that everyone is out of the building. so we don't have any word of injuries. firefighters are still on the scene here as this looks like it may have been a shoe store near the bush fire theater of the performing arts. but as you see there, the firefighters still have a lot of work to do with heavy smoke coming from the building. rosemary connors has a live report for us as soon as she gets on the scene with more information.
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we continue to follow breaking news in west philadelphia, 52nd and locust. fire crews are on the scene of a fire that is raging. a two-alarm fire. and the fire department has said that the cold and the winds are a factor in fighting this fire. bill henley talk to us about the winds in philadelphia right now. >> we are seeing gusts of more than 20 miles an hour. and the winds are steady at 15 miles an hour to give us windchills well below zero. add to that the temperature, which is 30 degrees below the freezing mark this morning. right now it's 2 degrees here at nbc 10.
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so it doesn't take long for that water to freeze at all. clear skies, we will see sunshine during the day. but i'm tracking snow for tonight. jillian mele in the first alert traffic center good morning. good morning. still following an accident on 422 eastbound near oaks with one lane getting by. we had a delay earlier but the delay has since cleared out. more for you coming up in the next few minutes.
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it is just about 5:30 on this monday morning. crews are trying to get this blaze under control. and windows blown out of the building and bricks lying on the ground. we are live on the scene of an apartment explosion that forced people out into this frigid cold overnight. speaking of frigid cold you are waking up to temperatures that feel like they are well below zero. and it's not going to get warmer any time soon. in fact, we'll add snow to the equation. we are tracking snow and colder temperatures ahead. it is 5:30. good morning, welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. we have broken cold records in parts of the area this morning. frigid temperatures can really be dangerous. that's the reason we have issued a first alert icon at the bottom
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of the screen right now. >> rest assured, nbc 10 has you covered with what you need to know to keep you and your family safe. our reporters and photographers are out to brave the bitter temperatures. and meteorologist bill henley is tracking the temperatures. let's begin with bill. they are still falling at this hour. we are holding at 2 degrees here at nbc 10 but that still could come down farther. zero so far is the low temperature in reading, which ties the record. atlantic city has a new record for the state of 2 degrees down for the record of 3 from 1888. clear skies over the city. we will see sunshine today, but snow will be moving in tonight. it is a first alert weather day for first record cold. in fact dangerous cold when you factor in the wind the chills are 15 to 25 degrees below zero. tracking snow that happens tonight. and through tomorrow morning. right now, 3 in philadelphia. wilmington now down to 2 degrees. that ties the record for wilmington. zero in reading. 1 degree in allentown and


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