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tv   Today  NBC  February 16, 2015 7:00am-11:01am EST

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and watch for snow tonight. you two go home to get some sleep. the "today" show is up next. see you for a local update in 25 minutes. >> and you can see the snow moving in on the nbc 10 app. . >> good morning. polar plunge. bitter cold for a huge section of the country as a massive snow and ice storm bears down on the south. another weekend of snow setting records and burying cities like boston. dylan is braving the elements d al is watching the forecast. jim cantore? >> yes, yes, yes! we got it baby! >> he is celebrating a weather man's dream come true. >> striking back. egypt launches a major assault on isis. the attack's retribution for the videotaped mass killings of 21 people. new arrests, two men taken into custody with the deadly attacks
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in denmark. were they part of a larger plot? >> fabulous! >> live from new york it's saturday night. >> an unmatched parade of stars comes together to celebrate four decades. >> this show is actually live so you have to stay in the down and locked position. that means you too, kanye west. >> the jazz. and the unforgettable moments people are still talking about, monday february 16th 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning and welcome to
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"today" on this monday morning. if you are bleery eyed because you couldn't turn snl off, welcome to the club. >> to see how many huge stars that show produced it was like the oscars. >> i cannot watch sean connery in celebrity jeopardy. >> bradley cooper and betty white. i didn't know how much i wanted to see a live fish blended. >> that jeopardy sketch to get things going. what a great night. >> as usual, the weather is the big story and the temperature has taken a dive. it is 4 degrees and feels like negative 13. in marshfield massachusetts it feels like minus 15. even the south is not being spared. it is hit by a dangerous winter
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storm of its. let us begin with dylan drier in boston. good morning. >> good morning, savannah. this time yesterday we were in white out conditions. it was the fourth major winter storm to hit the area in just three weeks. now with nearly everything completely covered in snow and temperatures plummeting new england is like an ice box and becoming dangerous. yet another weekend white out with another major winter storm piling the powder even higher. >> they got the national guard out here and there is only so much you can do. >> residents tried to start digging out after another 16 inches overnight made it officially the third snowiest winter on record with 97.5 inches for the season so far. >> i don't know what boston is going to do with all this snow. they are denied to dump in the harbor. we are stuck with it. >> maine got 101 inches since
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january 24th, 8 1/2 feet of snow in three weeks. like clock work storms hit every five to seven days since january 27th cancelling weekend plans and closing school every monday. those who are venturing out, icy roads contributed to car crashes and a 20-car pile up to ohio where a pregnant woman was killed. others forced out of their homes with build ups of heavy snow causing roofs to collapse, affecting businesses and scaring home owners. >> i heard this crash. the whole gutter came crashing down. >> others are managing to have fun during the freeze the weather channel jim cantore celebrating thunder snow. >> yes! yes! we got it baby. we got it!
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oh again! that's a two for, baby! yes! again. you gotta be kidding me! >> i wish i could be that excited right now. a couple of other things i could yell considering the temperature is answer and the wind chill is 24 degrees below zero. for anyone who has to be out, you need to cover everything. your face your hands and every part of your body. frostbite can set in in under 30 minutes. it's that cold. >> the south is dealing with nasty winter weather and snow ice, and rain. watches and warnings stretch from the carolinas. in louisville kentucky with more on this. >> good morning. the snow really started to pick up overnight. they are expecting up to a food
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of snow in the area. that would make it the biggest snowstorm in recent memory. overnight people posted pictures of the snowfall on social media. schools are closed and local officials are urging people to stay home. parts of the south are expected to get hit hard by the storm. nashville is expecting several inches of snow. we can see ice in arkansas and mississippi. georgia just declared a state of emergency for 15 counties north of atlanta. in louisville we are expecting to see accumulations into the dinner hour. the temperature is in the teens, but feels like the single digits. even when the snow blows through, the bone-chilling temperatures will stick around. carson? >> i will take it gabe. thanks so much. as we watch, we will put in the radar and the blue line is the 32 line the pink is the freezing rain and the purplish
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pink is the sleet as we watch it come down. look at the winter storm warnings and watches from oklahoma to just south of new york city. we are going to track this for you. by noon today, winter storm warnings for little rock. a half inch of ice. that is dangerous. lexington, kentucky 8 to 12 inches of snow. we move into 12:00, midnight. 7:00 to 11 inches of snow and it's snowing in washington, d.c. 5 to 8 inches of snow. new york city by noon. you may pick up three to five inches and boston is another two to three inches. there is ice to talk about. up to a quarter of an inch. snowfall-wise, we are looking from to six inches to the central parts. this icing is the big thing we are worried about. look at the temperatures they
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are brutally cold. stay cold today and moderate tomorrow into wednesday. savannah? >> thank you so much and now to a fight against isis. egypt bombed libya in the wake of the video of 21 egyptian christian murders. this is really disturbing. >> it is very disturbing. the egyptian government taught us to respond to these murders. the president delivered an address to the nation early this morning. egyptian fighter jets attacked about a dozen or so targeted and targeted weapons depots and training camps and the militant group. this is the first time they are over in libya and marks a turning point for isis. they declared themselves in libya and we saw it on the videotape similar to what we have seen in the past. a sharp escalation for the
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group. they had affiliates in other parts and this is the first time they spoke english and vowed to take the part to other parts of the region and promise to conquer rome in the propaganda video. >> egypt in terms of intervention. appreciate it. >> two men have been taken into custody accused of helping the gunman carry out deadly attacks. it comes hours after that man was killed by police. in copenhagen. good morning. >> good morning. i counted 27 bullet holes in the windows of the cafe behind me where reports say more than 30 shots were fired. those people were arrest and in court, facing a possible charge and meanwhile, europe is trying to understand another attack. copenhagen's flags are at half-staff. the mayor embraced by the mayor
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of paris in solidarity. this weekend the attacks may have been inspired by last month's shootings in france a free speech event killed one. >> i could hear the shouts in arabic. >> leaving another man dead. >> is the city under attack from u.s. ideology? >> i think we are all under attack with people that are in their ideology. >> detectives made arrests at an internet cafe and searched every apartment why the block where he reportedly lived. he was known to the security services. >> we do not have specific knowledge about him traveling to a conflict zone. >> israel's prime minister said jews have been murder again on european soil but the jewish
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community refuses to be frightened. >> i'm born here and i will stay here all my life. >> reporter: details of the killer's background are becoming clear. there is no indication he travelled to iraq or syria to fight as the paris killers did, but like those killers in paris, he appears to have moved quickly from a street crime to violence extremism. >> the story for us in denmark, thank you. >> we have disturbing news about a cyber attack this morning. >> shocking report from a cyber security firm. the company said a hacking ring has stolen up to a billion dollars from banks around the world after gaining access to the bank's computers through phishing schemes. they have been in the u.s. germany and china. tense moments during the night. gunfire in a wal-mart in
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northern mississippi. a driver got out of the car and ran into the store. when police followed the suspect opened fire on them. they fired back killing him. one officer was slightly wounded. a dramatic rescue on the height of the northeast blizzard. the coast guard reached a father and son stranded on their disabled boat about 150 miles off nantucket in 25 foot seas with 20 mile an hour winds. it was a tough way for one passenger when a plane was taxiing for take off in l.a. one passenger was stung on the hand by a scorpion. they went back to the gate and checked out by a medic. the plane was coming back from los cabos. the west beat the east in the
7:13 am
all-star game. the score was 163 to 158. that was the highest scoring all-star game ever. russell westbrook scored 41. one point shy of the all-star record and named the game's mvp. parents, bath time can be a chore, but here's how parents got their kids to bathe when the children were giving them a hard time. they concocted a story about a third child who turned into a mushroom. they added pictures to be more convincing. they can only imagine how clean the kids are now. >> i have a million questions about that scorpion story. we will get to that after the weather. >> who wouldn't want a brother who is a fungi.
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we will look at the forecast in the next 30 seconds. introducing new flonase allergy relief nasal spray, now available over the counter in full prescription strength. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over-producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. the leading allergy pill only controls one, flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase the 24 hour relief that outperforms the #1 allergy pill. so go ahead , inhale life. new flonase. six is greater than one. this changes everything. good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. it is bitterly cold out there. windchills range from 20 below this morning to 10 degrees this afternoon. the actual temperature is near 20 degrees. sunshine today with snow tonight. accumulating snowfall. looks like three to eight inches for the region. and philadelphia could see four to six inches.
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scattered snow shower on wednesday. then more record cold moving our way for thursday and friday. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. >> now to the reason our brains are on a 20 second delay. an unforgettable night of celebrating 40 years of "saturday night live." stars and sketches and jokes that turned the show into a pop culture phenomenon. we were lucky enough to host the arrival show. craig melvin was there as well. good morning to you. >> good morning. talk about must see tv. it was 40 years of comedy and culture packed into 3 1/2 hours and it might be another 40 before we all laugh that hard again. >> it's "saturday night live." >> on a night where even the stars were star struck. >> welcome to the "saturday night live" 40th anniversary. >> the special sunday night edition of "saturday night live" did not disappoint.
7:16 am
a big tribute to 40 years of late night laughs. >> king tut ♪ >> the classics. and updating some favorites. >> dear roseanne roseanna dana. >> don'ty bennett who scored a solo and can't be represented by a real number. i'm having a great, great, great, time. >> i'm matt foley and i'm a motivational speaker. >> footage from before they were famous. >> we are raising money while we are on the bus. >> i hate to interrupt you. >> it's a deal. >> actors. actors.
7:17 am
yes, tina. politicians. and comedians. >> was i really a writer on "saturday night live"? >> filling studio 8 h bringing the most famous alums back to the infamous stage. >> for feels like going back to my old high school. it's a good feeling. >> it wouldn't be "saturday night live" without big musical performances. ♪ baby i'm amazed with the way ♪ >> making for the ultimate lineup. concluding with a tip of the hat to the man who started it all. >> none of us would be here without lorne michaels. >> none of us can say something that hasn't been said. >> a funny and fitting tribute to a pop culture phenomenon 40
7:18 am
years and counting. >> it was a blast. a lot of fun to see our favorite cast members doing the iconic sketches. mine was will ferrell. that never gets old. >> weekend update was great with the ladies. >> king tut and all the classics. i was dying. >> how was the red carpet? >> fun. we had a great time. you looked out and saw everybody who was anybody hanging out together. >> definitely strange bed fellows. i looked to my left and it's sarah palin and alec baldwin. >> the world just exploded. >> and al roker is the king of the selfie. i think he put together dynamic selfies. you have to go on his instagram. social media dominated from the red carpet to the after party. social media got all a buzz.
7:19 am
other than al roker being the king of the selfie, the selfie stick. remember we talked about a city that wanted to ban the selfie stick? it's not going anywhere. every celebrity with the selfie stick. a crowd favorite betty white. you should see how many like this is got on our website. of course jimmy fallon and justin timberlake hanging in the elevator. the after party. taylor swift and paul mccartney. what's a party without prince? he was there. memorable for sure. we will be talking about this forever. it's incredible. >> i love the oscar party or otherwise known as the beginning of our work day. >> a lot of people were leaving. >> coming up a rossen reports investigation that will anger a lot of people. men posing as soldiers to cash
7:20 am
in and prey on women. >> a mother of four shot and killed in las vegas in a road rage attack. the massive manhunt for the suspect is now under way. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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coming up the untouched photo of cindy crawford and it's drawing rave reviews. >> coming up on trending. how kanye west pulled a kanye west on
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johnson's®. so much more™. it is 7:26. good morning i'm vai sikahema. let's get a first alert forecast on this frigid monday morning with bridget shipp. good morning. as we head into the day, temperatures will stay below average. 20 degrees below average. he's here's a look outside right now with the actual temperature in philadelphia 3 degrees. 1 degree below zero in allentown. the windchill for those areas is negative 18. stay inside if you can. heading throughout the rest of the day, temperatures stay down by noon. 17 and blustery. 21 by 3:00 p.m. we'll get a check on traffic with jillian mele with
7:27 am
information on septa delays. >> a number of problems out there when it comes to septa. the septa fox chase line suspended service between the lawn dale and chase lines. plus, you must board on the outbound platforms on bryn mawr and overbrokk. and the regional rails are seeing delays of 20 minutes. and crews had a hard time battling the fires this morning because of the bitter cold and wind. the first fire broke out at 4:30 this morning on 52nd street near locust and raged for several hours before it was under control. officials say it's a vacant building and they don't believe anyone was hurt. in the second fire that broke out a short time later at these apartments on erie street in north philly. we are told the flames spread to four buildings leaving 13 people without a home. nobody was hurt and officials are investigating the cause of both fires. we'll have much more coming up in 25 minutes.
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>> 7:30 on a monday morning, president's day. it is a cold one. let's take a tour. louisville kentucky. 15 degrees. feels like 5 though. poor boston have been through it. minus 1. feels like negative 24. here in new york it is 6. count em 6 degrees. feels like minus 8. >> if you can believe it even more snow is on the way to boston after yet another storm over the weekend. the city has been hit by more than 97 inches. the third snowiest wind or record in boston. >> the weather topping the headlines. testimony resuming today at the trial of the man who shot and
7:31 am
killed american sniper chris kyle and his friend chad little field. they told the court at the time of his arrest the defendant said he shot the victims because they wouldn't talk to him. >> new concerns over the amount of sleet that u.s. teens are getting. more than half of 15 to 19-year-olds surveyed said they sleep less than 7 hours, two full hours less than recommended. >> coming up inside camelot. the stories behind the never before seen photos of president kennedy and his wife going up for auction. >> we will start with a search for a suspect who shot and killed a las vegas mother of four after an apparent road rage incident. halle jackson has this story. good morning to you. >> police are asking for the public's help hoping a new video and new sketch of the suspect will turn up leads as the victim's stunned family begs for justice. this morning a manhunt
7:32 am
intensifies in las vegas as police release this video showing the car involved in an apparent road rage incident. tammy meyers shot and killed. >> a mother of four had to lose her life teaching her daughter how to drive. >> meyers was giving driving lesson to her 14-year-old daughter in the parking lot of a middle school. police say meyers got into an argument with another driver. he threaten and drove home calling for help and within minutes, the sedan pulled up and shots fired. tammy meyers hit. two days later she died at the hospital. >> i brought my wife valentine's flowers for the last time today. >> they are releasing this sketch in hopes someone will recognize this person who was in the sedan.
7:33 am
meyers's family did not deserve this. parse parse she was teaching my little sister how to drive. >> they are preparing to say goodbye while searching for answers. >> mire son is one year and two months and i have to deal with my son growing up not knowing his grandmother. >> what are did this and why? >> her teen daughter was not hurt and they said she loved her kids and lived for her family. >> what are a sad story. thank you very much. >> a check of the weather from al. >> besides being the third snowiest season not just the snowiest february but the snowiest month ever. 58.5 inches.
7:34 am
that is 52 inches above normal of the record 43.3 january in 2005. they are continuing to break records. we will see record breaking temperatures out west but way above normal. palm springs is 85 10 degrees above average. san francisco is 71. almost 10 degrees above average in seattle. tomorrow it stays warm. temperatures will warm up as we move during the day into the eastern parts of colorado. we are also looking at a mess in the southeast. mid-atlantic states into the northeast. ice, snow and rain. look for snow through the rockies and fog in central california. san francisco looking at a good morning i'm meteorologist bill henley. bitter cold temperatures today and the wind is making it feel even worse. windchills range from 20 degrees below zero this morning to 10 degrees this afternoon.
7:35 am
actual temperature, near 20 degrees. sunshine today but here comes snow tonight. accumulating snowfall. looks like three to eight inches for the region in philadelphia where we could'four to six inches. we could see colder air on friday. have a great day. >> that's your latest weather. >> thank you, al. our team tracks down men who pretend to be decorated war veterans. why and how they do it. >> what were our favorite moments from the snl extr what's in a can of del monte green beans? ( ♪ ) grown in america. picked and packed
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7:40 am
they look like real soldiers. their uniforms are awe thendic and medals are impressive too, but they are not soldiers at all. they make it up hoping to impress women and line their pockets. so many of us fall for it. why wouldn't we? you are about to see the soldiers in action. the man inside this car is a phony. an imposter who pretended to be a decorated soldier to impress women and make money. just don't ask him about it. >> why are you pretending to be a war hero. when we did, this happened. >> don't hit the camera. >> there plenty more like him nationwide. alleged fake soldiers parading around in uniforms even wearing medals they never earned. >> they are terrible. they go to any length to keep the lie alive.
7:41 am
>> don is the real deal. a retired navy s.e.a.l. who exposes them online. >> there a lot of fakes. >> one after another. fake fake fake. >> is there anything more dishonorable than lie being service? >> it's terrible dishonorable. >> so fed up they are confronting them in public. >> you are not even wearing the proper uniform. >> the video is going viral. >> you know how many people i watched die for this uniform. >> i'm sorry, sir. i should have taken the patches off. >> that are one i'm going to take off for you. >> from california to pennsylvania. >> why don't you admit you are a phony. >> how easy is it to get the uniforms? i went online and bought it and it came in the mail custom-made with my last name on it. i bought online these
7:42 am
distinguished medals. here is the silver and the bronze star and look at that. even the purple heart. that brings us back to jonathan short who used a uniform and yes, a purple heart to dupe women into giving him money. >> he said he was a ranger and sergeant and he was deployed and injured. >> convinced he was an officer and a item, after all, look at the photos. ashley fell hard for jonathan short after meeting him online. >> we were talking about shrapnel still being in his body. all of it was a lie. >> he is not a soldier at all. never was. didn't serve a single day in the military. for this war hero was able to convince ashley to give him money for a sick child that never existed. >> i was hurt. i didn't feel very good about myself. >> short was finally arrested
7:43 am
walking around fort knox wearing a uniform. he spent a year in prison. >> i'm why nbc news. can i talk to you about the lies you have been telling. when we tried to speak with him, watch. >> don't hit the camera! >> me about the purple heart. where were you wounded? >> in your face. >> our lens now busted he threatens my producer. >> why not just enlist. why do all of this? huh? >> there is going to be a murder here? >> there is going to be a murder here. >> he calls the cops on us and when they arrive short comes after the producer again and he is arrested for harassment. >> it really hurts! >> his courage crumbling. >> this seriously hurts. >> for every jonathan short, there hundreds more waiting to take his place. >> i have been to a lot of memorial services for fallen
7:44 am
soldiers and you have a coward back here who would steal that valor, i'm not going to let it happen. >> as for jonathan short, the fake soldier he approached he wrote a letter of apology to the soldiers of ft. knox but has no apology whatsoever for the young woman he took advantage of. >> wow. are there laws preventing it? >> there is a stolen valor law that makes it a federal crime to wear the uniforms like that. >> wow. as low as it gets. thank you very much. >> coming up on trending we will have the must see moments from the s in, l special. people will be talking about this for a long time. >> the "fifty shades of grey" dominates the box they questioned, are there still bedtimes out here? (coyote howls) was that... a coyote? and who gets to choose the movie this time?
7:45 am
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dinner feels a million years away grab and go, let's take on the world with 100 calories, snack yoplait greek 100. there are hundreds of reasons to snack on it. hot in the movie theater, 50 shades. did you have a good weekend? >> i have wrangler here and i'm covering his eyes. 50 shades steamed up the box
7:50 am
office over the weekend by the numbers. take a look at this. best president's day opening in history. friday through sunday $81.6 million. that's a lot of love for 50 shades. here we go. i will use this for the first time. i'm taking my game up. i have this thing that circles. best weekend premier and the r rating. american sniper and the hangover part two and passion of the christ and 50"fifty sha grey" grey". we looked for some of your sweets. you guys were really online. take a look. opening weekend, 1.5 million tweets on social media. #orangeroom turned 50 shades of red. i don't think she was talking about valentine's day. people wanted to see it again. >> coworkers turned all
7:51 am
different shades of red. >> 81 million shades of green. >> coming up how people are reacting to an untouched photo of supermodel cindy crawford. >> never before seen pictures of jack and jackie kennedy that could be yours. the behind the scenes story after your local news and weather. americans... 57% of us try to exercise regularly. 83% try to eat healthy. yet up to 90% of us fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more, together. add one a day. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus, for women, physical energy support with b vitamins. and for men, it helps support healthy blood pressure with vitamin d and magnesium. take one a day multivitamins.
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7:56 am
just before 8:00 this monday morning, good morning, i'm vai sikahema. let's get the first alert forecast from brittney shipp. it is cold out there. make sure you put on lots of layers and cover the exposed skin. we are seeing a mix of sun and clouds right now, but our temperatures are in the single digits. only 3 degrees in philadelphia. 2 degrees in millville. negative 1 in pottstown. 7 below zero in the pocanos where it feels like negative 23. and heading throughout the rest of today, we are still going to see well below average temperatures. then by tonight heading into tomorrow, we are tracking snow. vai? thank you, brittney. stay with nbc 10 as the winter weather heads our way. you can get the latest forecast and alerts on the nbc 10 app.
7:57 am
we'll get our check on traffic with jillian mele. good morning jill. good morning. the delays are minimal this morning as it is a holiday. this is what it looks like along the boulevard, route 1 at fox street. no delays or accidents there. we have a problem on septa. fox chase line suspended service for part of the line there. delays up to 15 minutes on the paoli/thorndale line. and a gas explosion at a philadelphia apartment building has left more than a dozen people without a place to live this morning. this happened along ardley and venadez streets in the city's chestnut hill neighborhood. doors and windows, pieces of the building were blown across the street. officials tell us ten people including a 2-year-old were forced out of their homes this early morning. no one was hurt. police say the leaking natural gas caused the explosion. i'm vie sikahema with another update in about 25 minutes. you can always get the latest news and weather on the nbc 10 app. see you in about a half hour.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
the big chill. dangerous cold for tens of millions and more snow for the northeast as a nasty winter storm targets the south too. candid camelot. the never before seen photos of jfk and jackie hitting the auction block. >> live from new york, it's side night! >> and a night to remember. the stars align for snl spectacular 40th an verse air special. the favorite moments from the unforgettable event this monday february 16th, 2015.
8:01 am
>> it's colder here in new york than wyoming! >> good morning, boston. we are coming home to a lot of snow. >> good morning, houston, texas. >> dallas my 13th birthday is today! >> it's 8:00 on "today." the 16th of february 2015. it is president's day. we have a great crowd on the plaza. they are chilly but spirits are strong. hi guys. great. they are stronger than we are. good morning and nice to have you along. >> thank you all for being here. let's go inside and get i check of the top stories with natalie. >> good morning, guys. you said it. we have more on the record cold here in the northeast. single digit and subzero temperatures from the northwest
8:02 am
to the northeast. it was more than many roofs can handle. more snow for new england. we are in south boston in marshfield massachusetts. good morning. >> reporter: here in marsh field it is 1 degree but with the wind it feels like negative 17. anything hit with water is encrusted in ice. look at this door handle that is coated in about an inch or two of ice. all the window 59s and the gutters. anything hit with water is iced over. the storm system brought in several inches to a couple of feet of storm from boston to maine. about two feet of snow. the wind chill here is going to be the big problem. it's going to plummet to negative 20 or negative 30 in many areas. the coast guard will be out on the local waterways, trying to clear ice and protect folks here. with the next incoming storm we are expecting more snow.
8:03 am
everything iced over and a brutal winter storm. the frigid temperature will stay here for 24 to 48 hours. >> . >> go inside and warm up. more planes targeting the weapons supplies and training camps. cairo took the action in response to a gruesome video released on sunday. it shows the beheadi of 20 christian hostages in libya. police arrested two suspects for allegedly playing a role in the deadly terror attacks in denmark. a gunman killed two in separate attacks saturday. he was later killed in a shootout. the two men in custody of suspected of hiding the shooter and helping him get rid of a weapon. the skies could be more cluttered with drones snapping photos and chasing suspects and delivering pizzas. the government is laying the
8:04 am
ground work for that. tom costello covers aviation and has more. >> the faa unveiled the proposed rules to govern how and when and where unbanned drones are allowed to fly. commercial drones are ban and that could be about to change. >> if you haven't heard the buzz, you will soon to forest fires to surveys to inspections and movie chase scenes. they have unmanned systems or drones. it is also proposing strict rules. drones can only fly during daylight hours. pilots will be required to hold a flight certificate and maintain constant visual contact with their drones. that can make it difficult for
8:05 am
amazon's hopes of delivering packages by drone. the faa a's goal? >> making sure they don't endanger people on the ground. >> the faa has serious concerns. a drone crash landed on the white house lawn and both private and commercial pilots are reporting multiple cases of close calls with unmanned drones. >> american 190. use caution. a drone was reported on the runway. i'm not picking up anything on radar. >> rules are the same. at least five miles away from all airports and for now, under 400 feet. >> we could do much more and we are less likely to see close encounters. safety has to be paramount. >> the unmanned vehicle industry is applauding the rules as sensible. president obama has also issued new rules that limit how and when government agencies can use drones laying out first
8:06 am
amendment protections. natalie? >> tom costello in washington. >> feathers were flying sunday in california. it was a flash mob pillow fight in san jose. hundreds of people whacking each other for no apparent reason. they had a list of rules, but nobody paid attention. they are all having a good time. >> 8:06 is the time and let's get another check of the weather with al. >> we have a new teenager. i'm coming over to you. >> where are you from? >> nashville, tennessee. >> they are getting snow there. having a good time? >> yes. >> enjoy your birthday. that's lovely. let's show you what's going on. as you look at the satellite, let's check out louisville. they're getting snow and it is coming down.
8:07 am
they are looking at a lot of snow through 6:00. winter stormwatches and warnings. all the way to central new jersey. as we push in and a half inch of ice. 8 to 12 inches of snow moving into tomorrow. roanoke will see about 7 to 11 inches and d.c. picking up 5 to 8 tomorrow morning. new york city gets about 3 to 5 inches of snow. boston will pick up another two to three inches of snow by this time tomorrow night. looking at a lot of snow. from a tenth to a half inch of ice or more from little rock to raleigh. that can be dangerous. good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley.
8:08 am
bitter cold temperatures today and the wind making it feel even worse. windchills will range from 20 degrees below zero this morning to 10 degrees this afternoon. actual temperature near 20 degrees. sunshine today, but here comes snow tonight. accumulating snowfall. it looks like 3 to 8 inches for the region. in philadelphia we could see a good 4 to 6 inches. scattered snow shower wednesday, then more record cold moving our way for thursday and into friday. have a great day. the >> hot chocolate! >> we have to warm him up. >> group hug. >> coming up on trending stage or impromptu. the headline making moment between matt lauer and kanye west. >> keeping it real. the unaltered photos of cindy crawford that got a lot of people talking.
8:09 am
>> i'm with mr. chunk and he was up early. he went to the snl last night. the live finale. >> it will be a lot of fun. it will be tremendous. >> it will be tough. >> you are in the mood to be tough? first these messages. don't fire me. [ julie ] the wrinkle cream graveyard. if it doesn't work fast... you're on to the next thing. clinically proven neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair. it targets fine lines and wrinkles with the fastest retinol formula available. you'll see younger looking skin in just one week. one week? this one's a keeper. rapid wrinkle repair. and for dark spots rapid tone repair. from neutrogena®. ♪ ♪ stick it... temptation with new special k protein cinnamon brown sugar crunch. each hearty bowl is packed with protein and fiber. satisfy your hunger with special k.
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whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. you should not start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if you have symptoms such as persistent fever bruising, bleeding, or paleness. enbrel helped relieve my joint pain. but the best part of every journey... dad!!! coming home. ask if enbrel, the number one biologic medicine prescribed by rheumatologists, can help you stop joint damage.
8:12 am
we are back and time for what's trending. last night's anniversary. so many good moments. we will share our favorites. natalie, you get to start. >> the opening act said it all. jimmy fallon and justin timberlake. the most famous catch phrases. >> we're here to pump you up. >> paw look marvelous. >> the nerds, the bees and on the pedal. >> isn't that special. >> bring it on down to snl. >> debbie downer here.
8:13 am
>> sadly, history taught us that opening the show with a musical number leads to a sharp drop in ratings. >> we would disagree. love her. a little debbie downer. >> going into work, martin short sharing the stage with beyonce. maya redolph playing beyonce. bringing back snl's most memorable sketches. take a look. # ♪ >> is that al roker?
8:14 am
there is something for everyone here but i think my favorite moment can be summed up in two words. celebrity jeopardy. >> next justin bieber and negative 17,000. >> he's amazing. >> there hasn't been a lot up here but there is so much in here and i want to get it ow out, girl. >> matthew mccorn hay, what are you doing here? >> any others still here? whether i get your question right or wrong, free will is an illusion. >> just will ferrell doing that for three hours. >> alex trebeck was in the audience. >> he was. so good. >> so many cool moments at the weekend update desk. but last night was extra special for me. one of my favorites.
8:15 am
>> good evening. i'm jane curtain. >> i'm tina fey. >> i'm amy poehler. here are the top stories. >> melissa carthy doing her favorite character. >> how are you doing? good good good. my name is matt foley and i am a motivational speaker. i am 35 years old, i am divorced and i live in a van down by the river. i am definitely dancing with you. >> so good. classic. >> amazing topical jokes. >> tina and jane still has it. she can do it next saturday night. >> even the land shark came back. i am so happy. >> i love when jerry seinfeld took the stand and answered burping questions from
8:16 am
celebrities to the crowd. >> michael douglas. good to see you. >> i was just wondering why i only hosted the show once. >> michael, you really had an amazing career. >> but no i don't need any information like that. it's not the royalty and i'm a sexual icon. >> it's unableable! hey! >> so many good moments. there was a moment that a lot of people are asking us about. let's roll some of that down. you can watch it. this was our goodbye about 20 seconds left. >> kanye. >> none of us saw this coming. >> when does it start? >> right now. >> kanye surprising us all. the special begins -- he walked
8:17 am
by us as we were just about to go live. we thought it would be funny, but he left. he came back when we were live. >> you probably thought we escaped that but he greased by and he made a joke about it. that guy spins it. >> he was a great movie. he was having fun. # >> he was lying down which is kind of cool. >> such a production. >> special as well. that is what's trending today. >> something else that is causing a stir and an apparent unretouched photo of supermodel as i understand crawford. fellow stars are weighing in on it. hey, kristin. good morning. >> let's be honest.
8:18 am
it's probably not the first time a lingerie photo of cindy crawford made rounds on the internet but this time for a different reason. >> cindy crawford graced countless magazine covers and featured on the pages of "sports illustrated" and considered one of the world's most beautiful women. this image spreading like wildfire online because it shows the 48-year-old might actually be a little like the rest of us imperfections and all. it's a leak from a 2013 cover story from marie clair in latin america. showing her unretouched. her stomach and thighs not the usual airbrushed perfection. >> to see a photo like this which is very real and raw is what i think is so powerful. we can actually see ourselves in her. >> the image that is not authenticated was posted by an
8:19 am
itv news reporter who found it on a fashion blog. in a statement they said it is real it is honest and it is gorgeous. no matter where the photo came from it's an enlighten am. we have always known she was beautiful, but this makes us love her more. it seemed social media agrees. this is why cindy crawford holds the title. finally i can show my teen daughter that show real beauty. even celebrities chimed in. hey, i recognize that skin. crawford remained silent and her husband tweeted this bikini pick on valentine's day. she got flowers and i got her. happy valentine's day. that's amazing. she has a famous quote when she said i want to lock like cindy crawford. she said even i don't look like cindy crawford and saying you
8:20 am
need to be comfortable in your skin and being a good person and a good mom. >> we are acting like this photo is unattractive but she still looks amazing i think. i think it's a beautiful picture. it's not photo shopped out, but she looks good. >> it's refreshing. >> i'll trade. >> there is this climate of trying to shame women. let's love ourselves and be natural. someone leaks this out in an attempt to hurt her. >> it makes her more powerful. >> but the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive and women are happy to see the real images. >> she is an icon. >> we are on the top of those pictures. a series of photographs with president kennedy and his wife jackie. chanel jones has a look behind it. >> 42 photos in all. what is striking is they depict
8:21 am
the first couple in a way many of us are not accustomed to seeing. enjoying another day at the beach. >> ask not what your country can do for you. ask what you can do for your country. >> camelot's first couple president john f. kennedy and wife jackie american icons to this day. now we are getting a rarely seen glimpse of the couple in never before seen photographs that are going up for auction. these unpublished images were taken at the cape cod estate of buddy melon and her husband paul in an office visit in 1961. "the washington post" publisher bill graham was there with his wife catherine who took many of the pictures. >> they are visiting and it's a massive house with maids and all kinds of servants and grounds keepers, but the kennedys the president decides to go to the beach shack down by the water.
8:22 am
no amenities. you can see how casual it is. >> bobby livingston is an executive vice president. >> i believe the kennedys to america are the closest thing we have to a royal family. here they are back stage. incredible. >> jfk's sister eunice is also in attendance. her bright smile seen as she sits behind her brother in firm control of the boat with jackie by their side. on this day the kennedys don't have a care in the world. laughing and talking with their friends and may not even know they are being photographed. no sign of jfk's painful and chronic back problems. >> we are not seeing a back brace. he is am category out of the ocean and you feel as if you are getting a glimpse of how they actually were. >> you may be surprised to see the images of the dignified first lady always so in control of her public image. >> this house will always grow and should.
8:23 am
>> here seen smoking cigarettes in a bathing suit. >> she was so beautiful and had great taste and fashion. here we see her smoking. casual legs crossed. not the jackie you are used to seeing. >> private and lighthearted moments. a look at one of the nation's most cherished couples. >> she said what her husband wish side that he had more simple good times, giving the back pain and the troubles he had. here is one of the simple good times and it's fun to see. >> simple good times. i like that. the action takes place this thursday. he is not sure how much it will go for, but he is hoping it will be in the tens of thousands of dollars. >> that's incredible. >> the picture i like with the president in the water with his eyes closed. like bliss. >> thank you so much.
8:24 am
over to carson. >> it has been a roller coaster ride on celebrity apprentice. going head to head in the season finale. take a look. >> through ian ziering. $10,000. >> this is a donation for $120,000. that's how we say it. >> a great show for you. >> thank you so much for this opportunity. i will make you proud. >> last night, snl's big party. we will get to that in a second. what can we expect? >> this guy is a good golfer. it will be a tough evening. lisa and geraldo. they have been terrific and they have been stars and really great. everybody agrees they are the final two. it has been a real roller
8:25 am
coaster. >> you don't know who you will select going into the live show. >> i don't know tonight. >> you really don't know? >> on occasion i will know but this is not obvious. both have been tough and lisa has become the star and geraldo is geraldo. he's a smart guy and co95ing and played the game tough. >> some of the people you fired are coming back to help them out. >> they are all coming back. we have the whole cast. kenya and vivica. it's not going to be pretty. they have been nasty and it's one of the reasons that the ratings have been through the roof. nbc likes me. >> the run of the show they had. >> 15 copies all of whom -- every one failed. most of them immediately are happy. we had a great run. we raised $15 million for charity. >> it's fun to watch. the season finale is live.
8:26 am
the hottest trends from fashion week. but first, your local news and weather. good morning, i'm rosemary connors. it is 8:26 on this first alert weather day and we are seeing record cold temperatures all across the area. let's get right to meteorologist brittney shipp who has the forecast. >> we're still dealing with dangerously cold conditions so keep that in mind if you have to head out. make sure you bundle up and put on your layers because you are going to need them. this is the coldest air of the season, record-breaking cold you can see. plenty of sunshine but it is freezing outside. tfrs temperatures are only 4 in wilmington zero in pottstown and allentown. it feels like negative 14 in philadelphia. the rest of today we'll stay in the low 20s. by 3:00 p.m. 21 and blustery.
8:27 am
snow moves in late night tonight heading into tomorrow. now to this new video from from sky force 10. it just came into the newsroom. it shows the scene of a multi-car crash in hunting park. the accident happened in the southbound lanes. emergency crews did have to take one person to the hospital. we are hearing that this accident has cleared. jillian mele has a check on the rest of the roads. >> it's pretty quiet out there, we're not reporting any major accidents on the highway. we do have a little volume. 76 westbound slow moving at south street and a lot of problems on mass transit. part of the fox chase line is suspended. paoli/thorndale line. you can expect to see delays up to 20 minutes. thanks. we'll see you in 25 minutes for another local update. now back to the "today" show.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> it's 8:30 monday president's day, the 16th of february and the coldest day of the year. >> out west it's above normal. >> that's where we should be. part cold weather and ideal recipes for daying like this. how to throw together a terrific meal with odds and ends you have in the pantry so you don't have to go to the market. >> one of the hottest trends for
8:31 am
fashion week. we will take you behind the runway and how to put together the looks before you hit the stores. >> the oscar nominees edward norton will talk about his project and his appearance at snl celebration. >> so good. but first a check of the weather. >> let's go there. as we walk across this is what we do with the third hour. today a talk. we will walk it through. we are walking, we're walking and stopping. this is the 32 degree line and the difference between freezing temperatures and not freezing. this is freezing rain and the white snow. you can see it is isolated and you will be in a winter storm
8:32 am
warning. a half inch of ice which is dangerous. power outages of bad roads. lexington kentucky. 8 to 12 inches of snow. around midnight the snow is falling in roanoke. 7 to 11 inches of snow. by 6:00 in the morning, a rough commute for d.c. and surrounding areas. 5 to eight inches and heavy snow falling. snowing in new york. about 3 to five inches before it all ends late afternoon and boston. yes, boston. this system will bring you another two to three inch snow accumulation. the heaviest will e be in the mountains with a foot to a foot and a half. anywhere from 6 to nine inches. this is what i'm most concerned about. this ice anywhere from a quarter inch to a half inch of rain. ice from raul tow little rock. very, very
8:33 am
good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. bitter cold temperatures today and the wind making it feel even worse. windchills will range from 20 degrees below zero this morning to 10 degrees this afternoon. actual temperature near 20 degrees. sunshine today, but here comes snow tonight. accumulating snowfall. it looks like 3 to 8 inches for the region. in philadelphia, we could see a good 4 to 6 inches. scattered snow shower wednesday, then more record cold moving our way for thursday and into friday. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. >> fashion week is in full swing and we are getting a peek at what is on the runways. megan played the very stylish rachel zane on suits. megan has her own lifestyle website called the tig. making good morning. you are an actress, but you are in your fashion expert role right now. >> so i'm told.
8:34 am
>> the fashion is so important. when i launched the tape the fashion coverage for me is my personal style and love for all the designers. this fashion week has been pretty amazing. >> you will show us looks that we can as normal people wear. that's exciting. >> absolutely. >> this is all what we are looking at. you see what will be big. a lot of elements that you are picking up now. >> this is heidi and this is the slit and the slit is coming back for the pencil skirt. >> in a big way. the pencil skirt is a very important part. the slits in can skirts right now, i wore a similar look. everything hidy is wearing is affordable. this is adorable and she looks great. the work ware. the date night the slit might be higher. >> if you want to wear it to
8:35 am
work you can't have a real short skirt, but the length is great. >> the tea length is important and it's appropriate. it's a good transitional piece too. >> thank you so much. our next model is donna. donna is rocking the 70s look. the 70s are back. >> in such a big way. i saw my friend the other day and she had head to toe 70s. you will have a wide leg trouser and a lot of prints on the runway. for me i don't wear a lot of prints close to my face but you can do it in pants and a nice platform. think ali mcgraw. >> the hem is what's important. >> the cropped length. modernize it so it doesn't feel like a costume. a lot of them are coming back. the summer and prefall. she makes it look adorable. >> you have to wear a heel if
8:36 am
you do the wide leg pant. >> it will be more flattering. you can go into a platform. they make us fall and want to go home. >> she is doing every piece of the trend so well put together and comfortable. >> thank you so much donna. love your outfit. let's bring heidi out. she is wearing the color of the season. mar sala. >> pan tone every year has the color of the year. when i hear mar sala i'm thinking wine. >> i'm right there with you. >> not in the world of burgundies but almost purple. you saw this on so many runways. you can do it with a dress or lipstick if you want that mar sala tone. the hat had that color. this color will be super present for fall. >> a lot of people think you can put it with black, can you put it with a neutral?
8:37 am
>> camel or navy. even white to freshen it up. she has that belted. belting is a really big trend. >> she is wearing a skinny belt. >> kbr belt goes. you are belting everything. even if you had a scarf on. you put the belt over that. it's interesting how it does give you a nice waist. so that dress with her belt she as on trend as can be. >> let's bring the models and get a look at them. thank you so much. >> it's my pleasure. >> you are multitalented. you can catch suits onnure our sister network wednesday at 10:00, 9:00 central. check out the tape. thank you. coming up next, the stars tackling bullying head on. an important message for teens. first on a monday morning, this is "today" on nbc.
8:38 am
8:39 am
i get out of work, and i go to the store, and somebody says, smellin' around, "i smell cookies." i said, "oh no you just smell me, i just got out of work that's honey bunches of oats, that's all." i said "don't eat me now."
8:40 am
>> we are back at 8:40 with a serious message for teens when it comes to bullying. joe friar has more. >> there is my favorite. duff duff. designated ugly fat friend. >> what are did you say to me? >> it's a movie about an ugly acronym. the duff explores how teens no matter their click, jock geeks, princesses loners. >> i'm my own best friend. >> that are i can be made to feel like they are not good enough. >> i'm not insane. oh yes you did. >> that feeling is amplified by social media. >> i would hate it if that was me and people saw this. >> i should forward this. >> me too. >> eventually she learns to accept herself. >> fine. i'm a free woman. >> there kids who will see this
8:41 am
movie who are probably in that place where they are bullied a lot. what do you hope they take away? >> it's not just for kids who feel bullied. kid who is feel the need to bully. >> why the stars partnered with a program called mean stinks. they paut on an assembly tackling cyber bullying by flooding the internet with kindness. >> it's impossible to make bullies go away. focus on here's what i like about me. >> there is always someone more athletic or smarter or richer. it's the idea that there labels that exist and it's what you do with them. >> even though these three are movie stars. >> raise your hand if you have been bullied. >> they face the same challenges as most high school students. >> how many of you have been
8:42 am
bullied. >> they say these days bullies might be anonymous, but actions are not. >> because many people can see it. i think it hurts more when you find out about it on the internet. >> when you say something on the screen you are not seeing the person's face and how you are hurring them. >> when you see a program like this how did it make you feel? >> even if it makes one person decide to not post something mean or not say that mean thing, it's worth it. >> mean stinks! >> it might create a culture that teens would truly like. for today, joe friar, nbc news los alamitos california. >> we have young kids and that will be an important topic. >> i was thinking about going through the teen years how painfuls that. >> my 5-year-old asked me what a nerd was. i almost didn't want to answer it.
8:43 am
things we have to discuss. >> hopefully it gets the conversation started. it opens on friday. >> who are wants to go outside when it's so cold. we have recipe that you can whip up. we have ingredients that you already have in your house. first, thi
8:44 am
8:45 am
for millions it is the coldest day of the year. here it feels like negative 11 and feels every bit of that. the last thing you want to do is step outside and head to the grocery store. with that in mind our food editor is here with meals you can make. things you probably have in your pantry right now that you can put into five meals. >> all this you have on hand. the first thing is rigatoni with a lemon chili pesto. it's super easy.
8:46 am
you have all of the stuff on hand. i have butter melting in the skillet and we will add lemon juice carefully. lemon zest. >> you might make it like marinara but this is a nice way to step it up. >> lemon is a great way to brighten up a dull winter day like this. lemon juice, zest chili flakes and the pasta. >> pasta is already cooked. >> it's cooked and we still have the pasta water. >> why do you keep the water? >> it's starchy so we will add a little bit. as it simmer it thickens and create a silky sauce. if you didn't have rigatoni, spaghetti or penny. >> we have the apartment that we have. that's good. a little butter to smooth it out. >> that are looks delicious. >> that's it.
8:47 am
the last thing we will do is a cool way to brighten up pasta. grated hard boiled egg yolk. hard boiled and let them cool and great them over the top. >> excellent. >> easy. what's next? >> next we have roasted tomato soup. canned tomatoes always in the pantry chicken stock, onions and garlic. we roasted up the tomatoes great way to intensify the flavor. also good for any out of season tomato. >> take it out and put it in the pan? >> roast it first so the garlic gets soft enough to mash with a fork. while that is roasting saute onions and adon toimato paste that gives anotherilater of depth to the soup. that really comes together when the tomato is roasted.
8:48 am
>> it's two parts. you put it in with the onions. >> exactly. if you add stock. this is just boxed chicken stock. you can use vegetable stock if you are vegetarian. >> the easy meals you want to eat when it's freezing out. >> exactly. we will let it simmer and let the flavors melt. >> this is like homemade. >> they are homemade croutons. >> grilled cheese is a great way to go. we toasted them with rosemary. >> the bread starts to get steal, it's crouton time. >> the end of the bread to stick in the freezer. we will have croutons whenever you are ready. >> that looks delicious. meal number three. what is that? >> these are carmelized onions, shallots garlic and thyme.
8:49 am
we have cooked beans here. if you have dried beans, simmer them with garlic and onion for flavor. canned will work just as well. >> shallots beans, bacon and onions. things you have lying around. >> we will toss them with this delicious onion mixture. bacon too. it never hurts. into a baking dish with a little bit of cooking liquid. if you started with dried beans or chicken stock. >> then you bake it off with a topping and it's like a hot dish. >> exactly. top it with more croutons because we are looking to keep on the winter weight. we toss it with bread and olive oil on top and you bake it until the onlies of bubbly. then the top is going to get golden brown and crunchy and it will be awesome. >> delicious. dawn excellent.
8:50 am
one more. >> this one we have oi a mixture of butter hot sauce and sugar. if you have microwave popcorn as long as it's unflavored. carefully i will add salt cayenne and baking soda. we are making a popcorn brittle. the saking soda helps it not stick in your teeth. add that and carefully it's hot. >> drizzle it on top. >> drizzle it over the popcorn. >> how do you get it this good. >> you work quickly and also if you spray the mixing bowl with nonstick spray, that will help the sauce stick to the popcorn and not the bowl. >> you use the same glaze? >> different glaze. we will put this on a sheet tray and bake it until it's dry.
8:51 am
>> it's delicious. >> last one, chick pea s are good and good for you. why not fry them? olive oil and just cook and stir until they get crispy. they have the thin skin around the outside. you will see that toast up a bit. just going to plop those on the paper towel. they get a seasoning of salt and paprika. >> you have outdone yourself. now people can stay home. >> we are back in a moment. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:52 am
8:53 am
>> time to get birthday wishes from willard scott. hey, willard. >> hello, new york. we are down here in florida. happy birthday beatrice. from birmingham alabama. her secret to success is traveling. she is 101 years old today. happy birthday. this is johan. she is from allendale, michigan and she is 100 years old and loves growing flowers. keeps them in the house in the winter time. this is dorothy and el thomas
8:54 am
and they are from tulsa, oklahoma. one of the prettiest towns in the country. they are married 78 years. how about that for an anniversary. their secret to success is keeping love alive. how about that. forest is from did you buick, iowa. happy birthday. secret to success is watching and playing sports. he is a participant. we are still in florida at the marriott. how sweet it is. we would love to have you. >> thank you. >> earlier we showed you the weather channel's jim cantore getting excited. that's an under statement. a thunder snow up in new england. if you missed it take a look. >> oh, yes! yes! we got it baby. we got it! we got it! woo! oh! again! again! that's a two for.
8:55 am
>> and for the three for. >> you gotta be kidding me! you gotta be kidding me! >> jim is making al roker look like a mellow guy. jim is in plymouth mass. why were you freaking out? what was going on? >> it's just you feel like you win the super bowl when you get thunder snow because it's a rare event. to be in a spot where we get it like six times. the fifth time during a live shot. it kept going and going. it was awesome. it lights me up. what can i say? it's my thing. >> what could top that? >> wow. that's a great question. in weather, probably a big tornado that is not hitting a city. out in the middle of a cornfield or a dust storm coming into phoenix. >> how about a sharknado?
8:56 am
>> that's the top. why didn't i think of that. the sharknado. >> check it out. you are looking at the shots here. we are right at plymouth rock here. 1620 the may flower pilgrims landed here. they have snow right now. >> we are out of time my friend. we l good morning, i'm rosemary connors. we have an update from the scene of a building fire in west philadelphia. sky force 10 is live over 52nd and locust streets where you can see the building is completely iced over. fire crews were out here for several hours this morning dousing the building with water, which is why can you see all that ice. i was out at the scene earlier. as soon as that water was coming
8:57 am
out of their hoses, it was practically turning to ice. the building was vacant and nobody else was hurt here. now let's get to the first alert forecast from meteorologist brittney shipp. >> record-breaking cold and it's still dangerous so you do want to be careful if you have to head out. the rest of today temperatures will stay well below average. we'll see blustery conditions as we head into the afternoon. you can see the flags are blowing there. temperatures are in the single digits. 4 degrees in philadelphia 6 degrees in wilmington only 7 in atlantic city. negative 4 actual temperature in the poconos and windchills will stay in the negatives throughout most of the morning. in the afternoon it will only feel like 15 degrees in philadelphia. next up we're tracking snow as we head into tonight and into tomorrow. a gas explosion at a philadelphia apartment building forced more than a dozen people into the cold early this morning. it happened along ardley and bennett streets in the chestnut hill neighborhood. doors, windows and pieces were
8:58 am
blown across the street. officials tell us that ten people, including a 2-year-old child, were forced out of their homes. nobody was hurt here. police say leaking natural gas caused the explosion. the extreme cold may have played a part in a water main break at a delaware county movie theater. the amc theater in chatsford will be closed today. last night theater goers were evacuated in the middle of their movie because of flooding. now back to the "today" show. i'll see you right back here in 25 minutes.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> this is today's take with al roker, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on this frigid monday morning, february 16th president's day. a lot of you lucky enough to have the day off. it's a holiday. this is where we would all like to be. >> i'm telling you, it's brutal. >> beyond brutal and dangerous. >> it's above average out west? >> out west. >> what a contrast. that's where we want to be. >> i'm natalie morales and tamron hall. nice and warm on a beach, i'm
9:01 am
hoping. >> good for him. >> hopefully he took the family. >> president's week for them. they enjoy holiday time. you had quite a night. >> it was exciting. we all got to take part in the "saturday night live" red carpet yesterday. then of course the 3 1/2 hour extravaganza. >> did you stay for the whole thing? >> i left about 10:30 because eventually we had to come in. >> we got it all on the red carpet. >> watching the people interact and hang out and go into the show. not knowing what was going to happen is part of the excitement. they started it early. my favorite moment i think just about everybody. celebrity jeopardy. you department know it would turn out like this. check it out. >> what in the -- burt reynolds what are you doing here?
9:02 am
>> that's not my name. >> all right. toured ferguson. >> you are not late. you weren't invited. >> that's so great. >> spot on. i love matthew mcconaughey. >> you hear his voice and he said did you record a voice over? of course sean connery. our producers were too squeamish to show the sean connery thing. it was funny. an abomination of the category of who leads. >> if you missed it go and watch it. >> trebeck! hey! >> i love him in that role. my favorite is tina fey and amy
9:03 am
poehler reuniting and two notable guests. take a look. >> i got a letter from a mr. richard at ft. lee new jersey and he said dear roseanne roseanna dana. i quit smoking and i am depressed and i gained weight and i'm nauseous and constipated and my gums are bleeding and sinus are are are clogged and i have gas. what should i do? you sound like a real attractive guy. >> my name is matt foley and i am a motivational speaker. first off, i am 35 years old. i am divorced. and i live in a van down by the river. >> melissa mccarthy nailing the roles literally. >> and then the land shark comes
9:04 am
in. >> we also love the californias that ended with the kiss seen around the world. take a look. >> you never said what happened to that balloon operator. >> oh, yes. he took good care of me. if you know what i mean. his name was -- >> his name was greg. and it's been a long time. >> bravo, betty white. carrie washington was in that skit. what is it like when she walks across the carpet? >> everybody loves her. they love betty white. she is just as sharp as ever. funny as ever. >> she licks her lips and lands it on bradley cooper. >> he's the lucky one.
9:05 am
>> a wonderful night. very, very funny. >> very, very special. >> someone is not honored, this poor woman on a flight stung by a scorpion. we talk about snakes on a plane. scorpions on a plane. a flight that was on an alaska airlines flight leaving lax heading to portland and the woman was stung. the flight originated in mexico. she refused further medical treatment and was able to travel to portland but there you are on a plane. >> i can't imagine. what is that? >> where was she stung in. >> i don't know the location. south of the border? >> that's creepy. she is okay. >> having to suck out the poison. that's another story. >> watch your seats next time. >> this is a great creative
9:06 am
parody of uptown funk. a suburban mom decided with a couple of friends to create a parody of the bruno mars hit. >> got good skills for the young kids. grilling and liveing it up outside the city. got sneaks on and yoga pants. hot damn. pushing my baby in the stoler ♪ ♪ buying in bulk ♪ ♪ hot damn. cruising the town in a minivan ♪ ♪ we go see the neighbor. break it down. girl scouts selling cookies. boys getting all sticky ♪ ♪ moms on committee. suburban funk gonna get to you. suburban funk gonna get to you.
9:07 am
saturday night not folding laundry. don't believe me just wash ♪ >> the kids and the adults. >> you almost feel like a slammer if you are not doing something on the weekend. we should be making videos. >> at costco you should be doing that. >> that's a lot of work. >> that's a lot of work. >> that's orange juice. >> that's called suburban funk. >> the juice box. >> how long did it take to do that? >> that's a lot. a lot of work there. >> you were at the all-star game. >> it was amazing. >> i'm sure you saw the action. the 19-year-old rookie for the timberwolves did an incredible slam dunk night. unbelievable. saturday night. it was set to the space jam
9:08 am
dunk. that's what they call it. the judges giving him a perfect score. amazing. everybody cheering him on. how can you not? he's a rookie. you can imagine where his career is going from there. >> he had the place on fire. people were talking about him. the game was last night. this kid, unbelievable. >> meanwhile, you all remember renee davis. everybody loved her during the little league world series. she is an incredible basketball player as we see here. she has skills and even schooling kevin hart on the court. take a look. she gets around him and it's in. beautiful moves there. she is so impressive. such an athlete. she can do anything. >> it's interesting to see her at the celebrity game and they all want to meet her. it's fun to see her.
9:09 am
>> and she recorded a version of uptown funk in the suburbs. >> and she was at snl. >> boom. we have rough weather to talk about in the mid-section of the country. this is the 32 degree line the line of freezing. above it we are looking at colder frozen air. it's warmer. so the area is purple. that's freezing rain. pink is sleet and you have snow in the white. we are looking at st. louis. look at the snow coming down. it should end by later this afternoon, but not before dropping from three to six inches of snow. by noon storm warnings for little rock. about a quarter to a half inch. by 6:00 in the evening, by midnight it's snowing. 7 to 11 inches. 5 to 8 in d.c. and new york city to five inches. boston before it's over by 6:00
9:10 am
tonight, two to three inches of snow. a widespread area of around nine inches to a foot. from parts of kentucky to the peninsula. boston with two to three inches. what i'm concerned about is this. the areas in aqua. a half inch of ice to a quarter inch from middle rock to raleigh. roads will be treacherous and power lines come down. power disruption will good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. bitter cold temperatures today and the wind making it feel even worse. windchills will range from 20 degrees below zero this morning to 10 degrees this afternoon. actual temperature near 20 degrees. sunshine today, but here comes snow tonight. accumulating snowfall. it looks like 3 to 8 inches for the region. in philadelphia, we could see a good 4 to 6 inches. scattered snow shower wednesday, then more record cold moving our way for thursday and into friday. have a great day.
9:11 am
>> and that's your latest weather. >> up next estefan on snl. edward norton will be joining us. two movies up for academy awards. bird man nominated as well. we will talk to you about all of that and i want...regularity. i want good digestive health. i just don't want to have to think about regularity. natural benefiber helps support digestive health...and maintain...that word. you know what it tastes like in water?
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9:15 am
keaton and one nomination is best supporting actor nod. >> he is teaming up with director and executive producer of my own man. a documentary that details the changing relationships between fathers ands. >> and it follows david's own journey into parenthood. >> it all seemed to happen at once. my girlfriend moved in with me. one thing led to another. >> i'm pregnant. >> and then the really big news. wow. >> you are having a little boy. >> if i was going to be a father to a son, he needed me to be a man. i didn't feel like one. >> that's so wonderful. good morning. >> good morning. >> david, this is a really special movie. it touched me. i'm father to two girls and also
9:16 am
to a son. it really is a difference between raising a boy and raising a girl. >> i have not raised girls. >> it is a special bond between father and son. >> it is more challenging than i could have ever imagined. i have predictably a lot more compassion for my father. who also raised two sons. >> people sort of man up in the film right? there is a whole idea to put yourself in things to discover your more masculine side? >> it is. i felt like i had manning up to do in a sense. at least at the beginning. i didn't feel like enough of a man. i wanted to feel more of one. it changed during the course of a film. it had a lot to do with my father and figuring out things with him. >> sounds like therapy in a
9:17 am
sense. there so many layers to it. >> david and i have known each other since we went to college together. apart from being friends, we produced david's films in the past. he is in the rare category of people who are make -- what i call long indepth studies of certain aspects of our lives that we don't often take a look at. his first film was about aspects of our life. death, where our food comes from and waste. that started off being humorous and deepened to reveal themes that we don't think about that much. about all of our lives. this film that he worked on for over seven years and almost eight years. to me what really struck me about it was it was therapy, but in a lot of ways through self
9:18 am
investigation through the process of looking at his own feelings in an authentic way. he unearthed things they think are very universal to a lot of men, their fathers and their sons and the difficult dynamics of how do we convey what it means to be an adult. what it means to be a man. what are the responsibilities and the opportunities and the connections and there is a lot that people don't grapple with with their parents. what struck me is not only that it was a very rare piece of personal filmmaking but also an enormous number of people would relate to in relationships. >> coming up we have oscars next week. you were nominated for best supporting actor in bird man. what is going through your -- are you excited about that? >> yeah sure. it's a compliment.
9:19 am
you have to take it as a compliment and not let it swing too high or too low. it's a cliche to say it's nice to be nominated, but it is. the academy is special because that's truly the body of our peers. 6,000 or 7,000 people that make documentary filmmakers and directors and camera men. i think of all the awards it's the that people who make films feel complimented by. >> you had a late night last night. on snl, what was that like for you? >> i'm not sure why i was included in that. >> did you make an extraordinary stephan. >> look at that hair. how long did that take. would you do that outside snl? >> why does bill look three feet taller and i'm sha short.
9:20 am
they gave me a low chair. that's an old newsroom trick. >> how did you know that? >> stephan is in twouf his masculinity in ways that are unique. >> we will leave it at that. >> my own man premiers exclusively march 6th on netflix. >> congratulations. >> very special, thank you. >> what your kids are not getting enough of that may impact their health. >> secrets to there's only one egg that just tastes better. so fresh from the farm. delicious. perfect. only one egg with more great nutrition... like 4 times more vitamin d and 10 times more vitamin e. and 25% less saturated fat. only one egg good enough for my family. because why have ordinary when you can have the best. eggland's best. the only egg that gives you so much more: better taste.
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9:25 am
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9:26 am
toast crunch. crave those crazy squares. good morning. i'm rosemary connors. it is 9:26 on this first alert weather day here on nbc 10. let's get right to the forecast from meteorologist brittney shipp. the wind stillic can ickicking up. >> we're going to see dangerous cold conditions. you want to be careful because temperatures will not warm out of the 20s today. with the windchill it's going to feel like the teens as we head into the afternoon. it's 2 in allentown, 2 in potston, 6 in wilmington same in philadelphia with a windchill of negative 13. hour by hour the clouds will continue to increase throughout the day. temperatures stay at 22 degrees for philadelphia. take a look at that by 11:00
9:27 am
p.m. we are tracking snow moving into the region. i'll have more details in 30 more minutes. the bitter cold and the gusting winds certainly made it difficult for crews battling not one, but two fires in philadelphia this morning. this is video that shows the intense flames at the first fire. this is a vacant building along 52nd street and locust street in philadelphia. firefighters were able to get it under control in just a few hours. here's what it looks like out there right now. it's just been icicles practically. sky force 10 was over the scene and you can see all the water that they used to fight that fire has turned to ice over that building. now, the second blaze that we're talking about hit these apartments in north philadelphia. flames jumped to four different buildings forcing people out to the cold. officials are now investigating the cause of both of these fires. i'm rosemary connoerz. we'll have another update in 25 minutes. remember you can track the weather with the nbc 10 news and
9:28 am
weather app. again, as you heard britney say, in addition to the cold we're tracking snow. i'll see you in 25.
9:29 am
9:30 am
the poor folks. it is too cold to be outside. >> you should be snuggling. >> we love you guys. >> tears coming out. >> they win the prize this morning. >> out on the plaza, we had the big tent up on the rhett carpet and all the flags. they said snl. they had the logo on it. within six hours, tenting gone and the american flags up. >> think about president's day. like the nameless faceless people who make everything back to normal. they are heroes.
9:31 am
>> president's day and that's why they are all-around the plaza. stunning. >> one of my heroes is the weather channel's jim cantore. he is the storm tracker extrordinaire. he loves weather. >> clearly. >> but jim takes it and he takes it to the next level. he is so dedicated. he has been in boston. >> jim was on the air yesterday. thunder snow gives you an impression of thunder in it. you have to hear this reaction if you haven't seen it. check it out. >> yes! yes! yes! we got it baby! we got it! woo! oh! again! again! that's a two for!
9:32 am
yes! again! that's a 3 -- you have got to be kidding me! and there is another one. you have to be kidding me! you can hear thunder so we had another one. we had five. was that another one? oh my god. dude that's number six. you got to be kidding me. >> we didn't show any more because jim exploded. there is going to be a retrospective tonight. >> have you been that excited about weather ever? >> not about weather. >> i was thinking about that. wow. >> i like weather as much as the next guy. >> some things you like more than weather. i love that he was like winning the power ball. you can take your power ball. i will take thunder snow. >> i'm taking the power ball.
9:33 am
>> me too. >> in like ten minutes. >> that is pretty exciting in the weather. it's one of the things that you see a certain phenomenon can be life-threatening. this is cool. my buddy jim cantore. we love him, we love him. let's show you what we have got going on. a vigorous system on the weather channel. it could be me. i don't know. yes! we are looking at the storm system that is bringing snow ice, and rain. fog in central california. the western third is mild. 60 in seattle and portland. 68 in san diego. 75 in los angeles. tomorrow we have got snow in the northeast. we are watching the system make its way up and again dumping about five to six inches here in new york. and washington, d.c. as you get
9:34 am
up into boston one to three good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. bitter cold temperatures today and the wind making it feel even worse. windchills will range from 20 degrees below zero this morning to 10 degrees this afternoon. actual temperature near 20 degrees. sunshine today, but here comes snow tonight. accumulating snowfall. it looks like 3 to 8 inches for the region. in philadelphia, we could see a good 4 to 6 inches. scattered snow shower wednesday, then more record cold moving our way for thursday and into friday. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. >> there is an old saying in real estate location location location is one of the most important factors. >> there a lot of other ways to boost the return of your property. here to put us to the test is mike. good to see you. >> all right. i feel like richard dawson or something like that.
9:35 am
we have a true-false quiz. first, buying a home on a street with a certain name will create equity overtime. true or false? the answer is true. in a new book called zillow talk the ceo and chief economist did good booking at solid facts. the number one priced street in the united states is lake street. it goes out to city levels. as an example. sunset or ocean also bring big money. >> what about garden? >> exactly. see if you can make it up. buying a home close to stores restaurants and schools will decrease the value because of heavy congestion. true or false? it is false. people want walkable commuting in the metro area here in new york and suburban areas where
9:36 am
new urbanism is a cool concept. they put a location of a starbucks and the walk to your house. this is a good one. using the number nine in the asking price of your home speeds up the sale. that is correct. car dealers have been doing this for years. they put proof to it. a home ending in a 0 will sell slower than a home ending in a 9. if you are selling your house, having a 900 on the end of it makes a big difference. >> because it's not quite a dollar. >> all right. painting and replacing your front door will give you the biggest return on your investment. true or false? >> true. >> absolutely. our friends did a study and if you replace your front door with a steel door you get 102%
9:37 am
return. painting it alone will give you curb appeal that makes it nice for people to want to buy the house. >> absolutely. >> let's hope that al gets this one wrong so you can be even. a mid-level kitchen upgrade gets you a better investment than a mid-level bathroom. >> true. >> i knew i would trip you up on this one. it's false. what they are saying is a mid-level upgrade or $8,000 upgrade, you get a higher return for the bathroom than the kitchen. >> is that because you get more stuff done for that $8,000? >> exactly. >> appreciate it. >> thank you so much. >> the organization that believes family is the best medicine for our wounded how do i get hotel deals nobody else gets?... i know a guy. price-line ne-go-ti-a-tor! i know this guy... konohito... and this guy... who knows
9:38 am
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9:42 am
this morning reunite wounded warriors with their families. >> we're need more than just good medical care. >> we need the support of their family and friends and that helps them reunite with loved ones. >> three years ago they flew from alabama to maryland to spend christmas with their parents. the children made the journey because their father could not. he was badly injured while stepping on an ied bomb. >> it felt like i was spinning in the air and i was thinking please be alive. i lost my right leg below the knee and i had tears in the meniscus and i broke my left arm and pinky and shattered my right
9:43 am
wrist. >> after 61 surgeries, eric is still recovering at waller reed hospital. >> my left leg is what's caused us to be here so long. they are doing everything they can so i don't have to amputate it. >> my injury impacts everything about the way i live. >> for over a year her kids stayed with their grandmother in al bam a. >> there were times that i would just wake up like crying for the kids and i would book a flight and be gone in a couple of hours and the flights were over $1,000. >> that's where the nonprofit came in. we are providing comp limitary airline tickets throughout the recovery and rehabilitation process. we would fly the kids up so we
9:44 am
never went long without seeing each other. >> he heard about a soldier named luke who lost an arm and a leg in an ied blast. he set out to help other u.s. veterans. >> it's our service members who have willingly volunteered to go out and get injured on our behalf. we owe it to them. >> luke provided over 1800 flights to soldiers in need. >> most people don't realize how long the recovery process is. often two to three years. it's not a weekend stay or a week at most. it's years. >> wounded soldiers are placed in one of 10 medical follows, often creatinging a long distance between them and loved ones with the average flight $350 or more, transportation costs add up quickly. last year jason kenzly moved to maryland to be with their parents, but with extended
9:45 am
family far away they continue to go give the gift of flight. >> i can't express what it is to him. >> i think i would have lost my sanity without this. there days where eric needed his mom or i needed my mom and sometimes a phone call is not enough. you need that hug and that person there for you. >> incredible organization. luke provided the hunter family. more than 20 flights and there is no limit. flights can continue until a soldier is home for good and if you would like to help donate any dollar amount. they also accept delta sky miles. head to just tell us your budget and the "name your price" tool helps you find a whole range of coverages. no one else gives you options like that. [voice echoing] no one at all! no one at all! no one. wake up! [gasp] oh! you okay, buddy? i just had a dream that progressive had this thing called...
9:46 am
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9:47 am
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9:49 am
is. >> go clubbing and go loving. it's a valentine's post edition. what's wrong with loving? the supermodel's husband posted a smoking hot photo of his beautiful wife. the caption reads she got flowers and i got her. happy valentine's day cindy crawford. they are calling this unretouched photo of a photo
9:50 am
shoot with as i understand crawford with the magazine marie clair. it claims to be from 2013. but i prefer the picture of him tweeting from his lovely wife. they have been married for 16 years. a lifetime in hollywood and they look extremely happy. she looks amazing in both of the pictures. it's just that it was leaked out that meant she had no part in it. >> i think she is smoking hot. i haven't had kids and she still looks better. i wish i had her body. miley cyrus and patrick posting a photo with flowers and balloons saying i woke up like
9:51 am
this. # they are so cute together. making his feelings known posting a picture with miley saying luckiest guy in the world, still going strong. she was at the snl party. loved it. love her. celebrity parents could not help but join in. beyonce posting a selfie with blue ivy. with the little face and the decorative beads and the caption reads happy valentine's day. j-lo was loving on the twins of hers posting a photo. they are like a perfect mix of marc anthony and j-lo with the option my funny valentines. the most romantic star ever because he got married. the oscar nominee and his fiance sophie hunter exchanged vows on
9:52 am
an english island on valentine's day. the times with benedict and sophie. they are also expecting their first child. >> i have a major crush on her. getting married on valentine's day. it's so romantic. he is the perfect guy. that's the man crush monday. have a good one. this is "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
9:54 am
>> you want to know how cold it is. this is from robbie extreme. >> give me a break, al. i'm heading south. the snowman said i'm done with it. >> heading to florida. >> i love it.
9:55 am
>> in summer ♪ >> i didn't know you joined the show. >> that's the only thing i could do. it did work. >> i love that. more creative photos like that we want to see them. >> we will be here tomorrow. >> coming up next how much kathie lee and hoda know. >> that gets us ready for swimsuit season. the countdown. >> that's right and must see celebrity impersonations. do you do any? >> not like you do. >> like beyonce or anything? >> no. you are the variety act
9:56 am
good morning. i'm rosemary connors. it's just a few minutes before 10:00. meteorologist brittney shipp is tracking the bitter cold and those biting winds. >> that's right, record-breaking cold this morning and we'll still see dangerous windchills adds we head into the rest of your morning hours and even as we head to the afternoon, temperatures will feel closer to 10 15 degrees. actual temperatures will warm into the low 20s, but it's only at 8 degrees in philadelphia right now. we're at 9 degrees in
9:57 am
wilmington, 5 in allentown with the windchill feeling more like negative 11. it feels like it's 9 degrees below zero in pottstown. as he head into the rest of today, temperatures will only range between 18 and 21 degrees. then as we head into tonight, we'll track snow moving into our area lasting until tuesday. this morning the american red cross is assisting more than a dozen people forced into the cold after an explosion at a philadelphia apartment building. this happened along ardley and bennett streets in the chestnut hill neighborhood. the explosion blew doors, windows and pieces across the street. nobody was hurt. police say a natural gas leak is what caused the explosion. there are a number of events happening today in honor of presidents' day. here as valley forge national historic park they'll focus on one president in particular george washington. of course valley forge is where he led the troops for their winter quarter. this this month, by the way, marks the appellate's 283rd birthday.
9:58 am
festivities will start in just a few minutes at 10:00 and run until 2:00. we'll have another update in 25 minutes. now back to "today." the have a good one and stay warm.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news. this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda cotkotb. from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> did they say it's better? ♪ >> yeah i like it too. >> funday monday. february 16th. happy president's day, everybody. >> happy president's day mpl we finally found a hit that fits hoda. look at this. yeah got to be a big one. >> by the way, these are -- [ laughter ] that is just sad. by the way, it does fit.
10:01 am
a little snug but i'll take it. >> i know we always say this but we do. we've got a fun, fun show. do you have food stuffed way back in the back of your pantry and you're not sure it's good to eat? madeleine helps you figure out which things to keep and which things to toss. >> she's the little lady with a vous. christina bianca is here. she does a great -- ♪ >> she's amazing. >> a great singer and a terrific mimic. we're going to talk to her. also you know what time it is? >> similar suit season. >> see our enthusiasm. >> denise austin is here. >> she's always gotten on my nerves. she's so happy to be working on. >> look what she's going to work
10:02 am
on. this flock um. we're going to watch her work on it. we told you that we finally reached a million followers. >> which is really sad. >> here's what we're going to do. something brand new and it's hot. starting on friday we're going to give it away. we're going to give five lucky viewers a special prize. what might that prize be? we don't know. >> we don't know. but for the complete rules and regulations and how to enter for a chance to win, go to klg and >> let me put it this way, it will be worth it. we want you to clickty clack. >> as soon as they tell us what it is we'll tell you. >> this hat, it's falling off. >> let me pull it. >> ow. >> it won't go.
10:03 am
federal holiday. >> president's day. we decided that we are going to celebrate president's day by playing a game. >> yes. andrew is here as our referee. >> that's bad that that's his roll now. he used to be an award winning producer. now he's a referee. thank you, andrew. >> we are going to go to our boards. look it -- she just took off her bracelet like she meant business. >> i can't do it with a bracelet on. >> we're going to write in 20 seconds as many president's names as we can. put 20 seconds on the clock. okay. and go. ♪
10:04 am
♪ [ buzzer ]. >> what happened within andrew. what are you doing? >> one of the rules is that it was more than one president with the same last name you had to put a first initial up there. so -- >> nobody told me that rule. wait. >> six. >> how did you know. >> quincy adams, bush 43 -- >> you said there has to be an initial. >> i was told it would be a number. >> somebody had rules before this? how much did you get? >> counting bush which should be two, i have eight. wait a minute. you won. >> i did. nixon, bush clinton, adams, obama -- i went recent and then i went old school. >> you sure did. >> you went old, old school.
10:05 am
>> >> nobody ever remembers van buren. >> what about william henry harrison. >> i loved him. >> me too. >> he's my personal favorite. >> a new study out. >> i talked with my girlfriends who are not married all the time. thank you. >> you know who grave me this? >> liliana vazquez. >> you know how they say you should wait for mr. right. there's a study out that says actually you should go ahead and settle for mr. okay because you might not end up finding mr. right and you might end up with zero. so you might as well have somebody. that's what they're saying. going with the safe bet. >> you've been married before. i would say i've been married twice but i've only had one husband, if you know what i mean. he's not a bad guy. it was a bad marriage.
10:06 am
>> bad match. >> i knowing what i know about being in a bad marriage i would rather be single for the rest of my loif than ever be in a bad marriage again. >> what if it's not bad. what if it's good. >> i'd rather just be alone. i'm not alone. i'd never be alone. i'd have family and friends and you and i would go to italy a lot. yes, we would. >> i would study a lot. i would be busy. but if i can't have the real thing that's exciting and means -- >> everything. >> it's too much work otherwise. >> sometimes you're thinking well he's a great guy, he loves me he's kind he's got a great job, loving all of the things that matter, the faith we share. >> ultimately it's a disservice for him if you don't love him that way. let me find somebody that really loves him. and you know who i'm talking to out there. >> yes. most people. let's talk about the best cities for singles.
10:07 am
if you had a rough valentine's day, it's totally fine. we wanted to help you out. travel and lee sure listed the top cities for singles, based on good looking locals great shopping bars and night clubs. number three, one of the finest cities on the planet. new orleans. a great city. >> number two is -- >> mime of course the beth weather. >> so if you are -- let's pretend that your teen is texting left and right -- >> what is? >> your teenager. texting. let's say you're peeking over their shoulder. you don't know what a lot of those acronyms mean. we know that lol means laughing outloud or online. yahoo! parenting revealed the newest texting things you should be aware of. what does this mean bae?
10:08 am
i think it means bae, hey, bae. what do you think it means? >> hey, bae. >> be a european. i have no idea. >> before anyone else. >> or it could be short for shab. >> sort of like what you say to your honey, hey, bae. that's so crazy. >> what is ilysm. i love you so much. >> good one. >> okay. ship. s-h-i-p. short for relationship. >> i see a ship happening between liz and my bae. oh my god. >> everybody is going to sound completely ill literate lyly ill lit rate. >> i ship you. >> oh my god.
10:09 am
>> i shipped my pants. remember that? [ laughter ] >> can we see that every day. 53 x. >> 53x. >> i have no idea. >> sex. they don't want their parents to see that. the 5 looks like an s and 3 looks like an e. pa is parent alert. that means pof, parent over the shoulder. pol, parents are listening. >> so creepy. >> we've got to do this cute little thing that amanda found. an adorable little two-year-old from opinion. her mom and dade said every time he looked in a book she loved
10:10 am
pigs. so what did they do? they got her a pig and started taking adorable pictures of the two of them. look at this. >> oh my if god. i can't take it. o my gosh. >> they adopted the pig into the family. the mom said she started posting pictures and everybody loved them. >> now will that pig get big or is that a little baby pig. they're not that cute when they get to be 600 pounds. >> living in the apartment. all right. anyway. liliana got that bracelet from keep >> we have a crack team who works behind the scenes. that was crazy. we're going to show you our favorite things a little later in the show. how about that onion. madeleine is here with a came of keep or toss.
10:11 am
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10:14 am
time to play -- ♪ >> there we get our music back. >> we're on it baby. >> one of our favorite games keep or toss where we try to figure out what in the house stays or goes. we're not talking about your husband. >> the pact of french onion soup mix, the forgotten can of soup. before you make yourself ill, madeleine is here to tell you what's safe to eat and what is not. >> she's got a lovely cleavage
10:15 am
going on today. >> back to the game. we have all this stuff in the panty, you look at the dates, best by you by. we're going to take popular pantry items and take a look at them. let's start with instant rice opened one month ago in your pantry. should you keep or toss. >> i say keep. >> i say keep but you should have closed it off with something. >> it is a keeper because it's stable. there's nothing much in it. you can put a rubber band around this a little saran wrap or something. >> so we have that. >> off to a good start. now we have instan mashed potatoes that were opened five months ago. >> it's a keep. >> keep or toss. >> i'm going to say toss. >> kay thy lee would be right with this one. i can still be safe to eat. when it's open it can retain a lot of water. it can taste pretty stale after
10:16 am
five months. >> cody doesn't care. >> i like mashed potatoes in a box. >> who doesn't? >> i really do. >> we have this french onion soup mix that is best by eight months ago. it's best used by eight months ago. would you keep or toss? >> i would keep it. it's powder. >> it's okay to keep. it's just not going to taste as good. >> you're both wrong. it's going to be a toss because this is safe to eat but it is mostly flavoring. you're going to want to toss it because you're not going to have any flavor. >> that's what i said. >> it's in the middle. >> not in the middle. she said to toss it. >> you know what you do when you get to be my age? you loern to pick your fights. >> let's go on to something that is soup in a box, best by six weeks ago. >> soup. is it liquid? >> yes, it's liquid. >> toss it definitely.
10:17 am
>> six weeks? >> six weeks. >> i'll say keep that if she said toss it for fun. >> you can keep this. things are stable in a box. they seem like they're not but you want to keep it. >> i would never have liquid in a box that's six weeks after it's expired. >> it says best by. that means it won't have the optimal flavor. >> i also like shopping at best buy. >> okay. >> let's move to chicken stock liquid in a box. >> that you could use for forever. >> you buy nine months ago. would you keep or toss. >> i would say throw it away because of salmaonellasalmonella. >> to. there would be no flavor left. >> these things stay in the grocery stores shelves forever. >> unopened. they have a two year shelf life. you can keep it a little after but don't go crazy. let's go to everybody's favorite. tuna in a pouch.
10:18 am
>> i've never had tuna in a pouch. >> one month ago. keep or toss. >> never been opened? >> never been opened. >> i would say keep it. >> and you would keep it. these get about two years after this. a month later is not going to be a problem. we're going to keep that one. let's go to tuna in a can that was best by six months ago. >> definitely keep it. >> i think so because it's completely in air gets in there at all. >> no air will get in this -- >> if there's in dent. >> at six months we make this a toss only because the taste and flavor and texture is going to be get compromised. >> it's going to get funky. >> if you're looking at optimal taste, throw it at six months. next we go to room temperature salsa best three weeks ago keep or toss. >> keep. >> keep. >> if you have a compromise of flavor toss a little hot sauce? we're going to show you how
10:19 am
to spruce up some rooms. >> with simple and inexpensive decorating trips. is your phone ringing? >> could you be our fan of the week? request. >> we're going to find out right after this. by a heart valve problem. that puts jim at a greater risk of stroke. for years, jim's medicine tied him to a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. but now, with once-a-day xarelto®, jim's on the move. jim's doctor recommended xarelto®. like warfarin, xarelto® is proven effective to reduce afib-related stroke risk. but xarelto® is the first and only once-a-day prescription blood thinner for patients with afib not caused by a heart valve problem that doesn't require regular blood monitoring. so jim's not tied to that monitoring routine. gps: proceed to the designated route. not today. for patients currently well managed on warfarin, there is limited information on how xarelto® and warfarin compare in reducing the risk of stroke. xarelto® is just one pill a day taken with the evening meal.
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10:22 am
ohhhh! when we return we'll find out whether doug is the father. wait, what? now to surprise our fan of the week. >> drum roll please while we spin the globe to see where it lands. >> who is the winner? >> the winner is mary fleming from lancaster, pennsylvania.
10:23 am
mary watches on wgbl channel 8. she's with us by skype. who is that little one? >> that is way len, my son. >> and he likes us too? he watches with you? >> he does, every day. >> so sweet. okay. mary we're going to put you to the test. we're going to ask you a question. she's been watching us first of all since the beginning and since hoda first got those shoes. she says this's nothing better in the world than being home with our son for that special bonding time. she also sharing that kathie lee and i provided the adult humor she desperately needs. anything we can do. >> ready for you fandom test. >> i am. >> you need to answer correctly to win the great prize here we go. >> kathie lee has three dogs. but she talks about all of them. what is the name of the one she
10:24 am
can't stop talking about all of the time? >> bingo. >> you and a guest are headed to a resort in ft. lauderdale florida. four days and three nights in the sunshine. >> you can lounge on the beach and by the pool, dine at the resorts and restaurants. round trip airfare is included. have you picked who you are going to take and have you packed yet? >> i'm going the take my muz. >> bring that cute baby. >> why am i the only one with wine here? it's christie that bianco with her celebrity impersonations. >> look at these rooms and how they look after some simple decorating tips. back after this.
10:25 am
good morning, usher! hey! did you know bees communicate through dance? me too... we're practically twins! let's embrace snuggly softness. let's breathe in freshness for 30 days. let's find a value to feel good about. let's make the world a softer place. let's snuggle. all your life you're told to tame your curls... ♪
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when you try to tame my curls, it feels like you want to tame me. dove wants you to unleash the beauty of your curls. that's why we created new dove quench absolute. this system deeply nourishes curls to quench dryness for 4 times more defined natural curls. new dove quench absolute. >> announcer: this is nbc 10 news first alert weather. >> good morning. i'm rosemary conners. it's 10:26. let's get right to the forecast with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> dangerously cold conditions as we head into the rest of the
10:27 am
day then tracking snow heading into tonight and tomorrow. there's a look outside right now. gusty wind speeds and temperatures in the single digits. only 8 degrees for philadelphia 9 in wilmington 8 in millville, 10 in atlantic city. as we head into the rest of today temperatures will only warm into the 20s. 28 degrees by tomorrow with snow expected to fall. wednesday snow showers 32 degrees and record cold possibly again on thursday and friday. >> now would be a great time to download nbc 10 app for important alerts and weather information about the extreme temperatures today and the snow that's to come. this morning the bitter cold and gusting wind made it very difficult for crews battling building fire in west philadelphia. this video shows intense flames at that vacant building along 52nd and locust street. nobody was hurt and firefighters were able to get it under control in a few hours. here is what this scene looks like right now. skyforce 10 over the area about two hours ago. you can see all the water that
10:28 am
was used to fight that fire has turned the entire building into ice. this morning investigators are working to figure out exactly what caused it. >> happening right now, the national constitution center is offering free admission for president's day, if you can get out and brave this cold. visitors invited to participate in the kids town hall with presidential actors. also a kids costume contest. we'll see you back in 30 minutes for a full hour of news on nbc 10 at 11:00.
10:29 am
10:30 am
we're back on this funday monday with more of "today." it doesn't have to be overwhelming if you don't know where to start. >> here with some before and afters is libly lang don. >> hello. >> hello. >> work now the living rooms. >> there are some things if you've already got an existing space where you can make some little changes that really it's a dramatic difference. >> let's take a look at the before and after. >> the living room right? >> this is actually a great looking living room. it looks great. but what's happening is the so ma sofa is in the front and
10:31 am
blocking the entry. if you look at the after, the sofa has been moved to under the window. >> what a difference. >> it's all the same stuff, just -- >> the same furniture. and also getting something over the fireplace was sort of important. you know you can't really see it here but there's a great mirror and sconces. >> little things there. >> and that helps to sort of balance it. >> and makes the room look bigger too. >> take the things you've got and try moving them around. >> the next one you redid from top to bottom. >> yes, it was top to bottom. >> i'm glad. >> funny squatty windows. and the same artwork, you know it's just dying there on the wall a little bit. so what i did was actually hang drapes that are on the walls trchlts windows were funky. >> and doing a bamboo shade on the top going up to the ceiling helps cover it. >> that didn't cost that much.
10:32 am
and you change the color of the couch. >> it's a new sofa. it's a new one. >> and a new carpet and everything. >> yes, exactly. >> sometimes you just got to go there. >> you got to go there. >> what's going on here? >> okay. this is a fun little thing. if you have a bookcase that's a little boring, needs a little pizzazz, you can always wall paper the inside back of the bookcase. >> or fabric it, same thing, right? >> exactly. it makes the items that you have in there sort of pop. >> is this an after? >> exactly. >> is that hard to do? >> it's not hard to do. there is peel and stick adhesive wall paper. it's like a big sticker. i'm not a wall paper hanger but i can use the other stuff. >> we've got a last before and after. >> i could do this all day long. tell us about this one. >> it's sometimes funny because people are scared to put furniture in front of windows. if you have a low window don't
10:33 am
be worried to place a chair or a sofa in front of it. and the layout here is just kind of peculiar. so i think what was great in the after was to really create multiple seating areas where people can really sit and kind of gather. and i think what's a great recipe is if you're not sure about layout flank your sofa with two entables and then chairs. that really helps ground the space. >> is that a sofa or a love seat? >> that's a sofa. >> it's two over two instead of three over three. >> i love that coffee table. that is so cute. >> and if you have really big windows, you don't always need to put shades on them. >> unless you need them for privacy or too much sun coming in. >> yeah. >> let's do some more? >> thanks so much. she's all your favorite singing divas but she's under one roof. christina bianco and her amazing
10:34 am
celebrity impressions. denise austin is here and she's going to help us with all of our trouble spots right after this.
10:35 am
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10:38 am
she is a you tube sensation with a voice that knows no limits. >> and her videos of celebrity impersonations have garnered millions of views including this one where she sings "total eclipse of the heart" in a couple of different keys.
10:39 am
take a look. ♪ >> a come of many voices. christina bianco stars in a new off broad day play. >> called "application pending." where she plays the person on both sides of every call. how many characters do you play in this? >> i think the count is now 40 41. >> and it's just you on stage? >> just me. i've said this and i don't know how to say it any other way. it is so hard but so rewarding. >> and it's not a musical. it's a play. >> it's a play. there's a little bit of sing in there. i may or may not sneak? a little celine dion impression. >> do you have a favorite singer? >> growing up i had a lot of
10:40 am
influences. i listened to every style of music. i wanted to be a singer. i wanted to sing like everyone. my influences were celine dion, country, dolly parton reba mcintyre. that helped me find the comfortability. >> you found an interesting niche in your life. we saw you in "forbidden broadway". >> you did years ago. >> we're going to prove how brilliant she is. we're going to play this little game. >> we're going to play a little game. kathie has a jar full of different sangers and i have a jar full of different scenarios. you give the name. >> you are miley cyrus. >> putting on makeup. >> okay. i'm really young, i don't need a lot of makeup. you know i heard one time that one used a bottle of efian water
10:41 am
on your vase. it's got to make you really smooth. that and lip gloss is all i really need. >> that's so awesome. >> chris when chenoweth. >> and winning the lottery. >> oh my god i cannot believe this. i am so excited. thank you so much. i am going to donate all of my wings to all of the children who are trying to get their children into kindergarten here in new york. >> i love this. >> me too. >> celine dion. >> ending a romance. >> a lot of chest pounding. >> you know what i have to say, this has been a beautiful thing between us but the problem with you is that you snore. the snorg keeps me up out night and then i cannot sing to become the greatest singer in the world. i must get my beauty sleep and my vocal rest. okay? it is over.
10:42 am
>> sarah jessica parker. >> i like this one. >> applying for a job. >> okay. i just want to say that growing up in new york i had many jobs before i became a famous actress. i folds gloves at blooming dales and i love fashion and new york city. i don't know. there you go. >> last one. >> two more. >> liza. >> ordering a cheeseburger. >> oh my gosh. >> you know the thing, the thing about a burger it's got to be just right, medium well first of all. do you have those pickles? i love pickles. mo ma didn't eat onions so no onions for me. but the best thing is if you can make the burg wer a egg on top. it's terrific. thank you so much. >> do we have time for one last
10:43 am
one? oh yes. drew barrymore. >> finding out she's pregnant again. >> this is overwhelming. i am amazed. i had no idea it would feel this good to be a mom again. and i must say i am already feeling the beautiful glow. do i look beautiful like my makeup line beautiful? >> yes. genius. >> that was awesome. >> you are so terrific. >> come back with us tomorrow. >> anytime ladies. i'm happy to be here. >> love to see talented people. >> thank you. don't let the winter weather stop you for getting into shape for swim wear season. >> denise austin will get you started after this.
10:44 am
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when you're young and in shape you think that beach body
10:49 am
is going to last forever. >> well it can if you work at it. but if you took a little break to keep your career going, to raise a family chances are exercising did take a back seat. >> well one woman who knows thou stay in shape is fitness expert denise austin. and she is here with exercises from her new program, called if the can ten week 360 plan." it will keep you in no matter how young or older you are. >> i've been interviewing denise for over 30 years. she's never changed. >> you know what i love? >> and donna. >> we're going to hit the trouble spots for all women from young to old. no matter who you are, what age you are, you need to target tone the tummy. waistline. how do you do that. >> the first one is so easy. twist that waist, rotate around. getting 360 with. keep your tummy really tight.
10:50 am
zip up your abs. that's it. great. get the love handles that go low like this. >> how many should you do? >> and back to back. just a minute and you really feel it all around the middle. lose an inch around the middle. >> come on. >> oh my god. >> crazy. let's do the underarm flab. >> no more underarm flab. shape it up right now. target tone the triceps. >> you should feel that. i feel it. >> it's one of the most underused muscles of the body. the biceps get used all of the time but not -- >> not the back. >> that's the best way to do that? ♪ let it go let it go ♪ >> let's go to advanced tri because we want to look good in the sleeveless dresses.
10:51 am
we're going to do a tricep dip. this is really focusing on the muscles back there. this is easy. >> you're 22. >> okay. now for the lower tummy. you know after babies that little pouch begins below the belly button. here's the best exercise. i call it a natural tummy tuck. i do this every day, reach in and out, really pull in the abs. zip it up. this is target toning. >> that's hard for the back of the neck. >> no. you're not sitting. good posture up here and all you do is target tone the tummy. it's all in here right now. >> all right. good. what's another one? >> now for the waistline so that we all go in. >> what are you doing? >> this is more challenging workout for the waistline. stretching up and down. this is working both sides. really go in.
10:52 am
>> what about the derriere? >> the booty. everyone wants a nice tone tight tushie. look great from behind. i kind of do two kpesh sizes in one. a squat and squeeze it. if you don't squeeze it nobody else will. this is a great exercise for the outer thighs. the saddle bags that we get. this will slim them down. >> what's the last one? >> butt. >> that's the one. >> this is a good butt one too. you can do this in the kitchen, anywhere. >> you rock. donna, thanks for your help. we're going to share our favorite things. >> but first this is "today."
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
it's time for our favorite things. mine is dove, whom we love came
10:56 am
out with a new deonrant rmt it is awesome. >> called dove spray. >> only $5. everybody says it smells unbelievable. that's so nice. >> great deidea rant. >> i discovered a little company called sky is the and they've got all kind of little tops and cargo pants and long dresses and every single time i wear something from sky is the limit, what do you days do in the dressing room. >> where did you get that? >> oh my gosh where did you get that. check them out. it's 69 dollars, adorable. >> billy bush going to join us tomorrow. >> plus it's fashion week in new york. we're going to show you how to create runway ready makeup. >> plus it's mardi gras cook in our kitchen. get ready to party.
10:57 am
>> have a great day, everybody. >> have a awesome day. tomorrow is hoda's favorite day. >> there you go. >> see you later. >> bye-bye.
10:58 am
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