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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  February 17, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EST

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factor on how much snow you're going to get. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm chris cato. >> i'm tracy davidson. an nbc 10 first alert weather day is posted and there on the bottom of the screen you will see the dangerous condition alerts. philadelphia public and parochial schools will open two hours late. dozens of other schools are delayed or closed. the list is growing. you can see that on our "nbc 10 news" app. and 120 flights are canceled into or out of philadelphia international airport. call ahead. also, delaware county offices are opening late at 10:00 a.m. and let's get to our team now covering this storm for us. the nbc 10 first alert weather team, bill henley and brittney shipp are tracking the snow and the frigid temperatures this morning. bill? so cold that this storm system is all snow. and brittney has been monitoring the snow amounts. some impressive totals already from southeastern delaware. >> that's really the bull's-eye of the storm in the central and southern parts of delaware.
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closer to the shore, those are the locations to see the snow for the longest amounts of time. >> but even those areas north and west that are seeing lower snow totals it's very slippery this morning. look at the light snow that's falling in center city. just enough to reduce the visibility. looking across the delaware that's the view from the adventure aquarium. it's a first alert weather day, accumulating snow overnight. lit only be happening this morning. it will be done this afternoon. in fact, long gone for some areas before sunrise. and heavier snow totals south and east but it's all very slippery. even with an inch or the ground, there's slipping and sliding going on this mo. there is the snow that's falling for just about the entire region. since we have been on the air at 3:00 this morning, we are really seeing it start to taper off in areas north and west. while the steadier snow continues in delaware and south jersey you can see some bands of heavier snowfall coming through philadelphia right now. while it's starting to end in the reading area. the cold hasn't ended. 11 degrees in reading.
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13 in trenton. wilmington is 13. and 14? philadelphia. light snow in the pocano mountains will be coming to and before it ends in philadelphia. at 6:00 14 degrees in the city. snow showers at 8:00 this morning, but most will be done by then. and at 10:00, just cold and 19 degrees. meteorologist britney ship now with a look at the updated snow amounts and what to expect. brittney? we are adding up the snow totals. as we take a closer look some the most impressive looks come from sussex county. that's fenwick island 4.5 inches. 2.1 in graterford pennsylvania. harrington delaware 1.7. and 1.5 inches of snow in green creek. so five to nine inches in the central and southern parts of delaware possible. dover, rehoboth beach, baking up more snow than others.
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two to four inches for norristown, west chester, wilmington to mount holly. trenton and doylestown are also in that range. closer to the lehigh valley we only expect to see one to three inches of snowfall in a more southern storm. that's where the most impressive storm totals come from. in the pocanos, two to four inches or less. i'm also breaking things down region by region. the next step i'm going to take a closer look at the pocanos and tell you when we expect to see the snow leave those regions. and extra travel time is your rule of the morning as you make your morning commute. a live look here from stormforce 10. one of our resources we have across the region covering road conditions for you. this is a live picture of stormforce 10 being driven by photo journalist john panfile. this is 76 approaching center stip. you can see there, really slippery surfaces still. we saw some plows earlier on 95 and some of the other major
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routes, but this surface is snow covered. go slow to give yourself extra time between you and other vehicles on the roads. and big following distances, ten car lengths behind another car or plow train. jillian mele is here with the latest on the roadways. >> speed restrictions to 45 miles per hour on the area bridges to near 25 miles per hour. you can't see the road out here snowy, slippery conditions for drivers in delaware. a live look at route 1 near the dover toll plaza. same situation there. in new jersey, this is what it looks like along route 47 in dennis township. very slippery conditions all across the board this morning. no matter where you're waking up, we are traveling throughout the area. make sure you leave yourself extra time and you slow down to reduce your speeds. speed restrictions on the bridges to 25 miles per hour. new jersey transit has system cross-honoring. and the northeast cars are
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traveling on a modifying schedule. a fixed route for new castle county and kent county with suspension in service. and the trolleys we are north reporting any delays there but we do have problems when it comes to the bus routes. septa bus route 35 is suspended. and we have a lot of other bus routes on detour with a full list on thank you. we'll talk more about travel with a live look at 33rd station in philadelphia. amtrak service in the northeast operates on a modified schedule. check your train times before you head out to the station. also, we stop by the train yard at 30th street at 1:00 this morning where you can see the septa trains covered in snow. septa is planning to move some trains into tunnels overnight to keep them a little warmer for passengers. now we'll check the airport. we can tell you more than 100 flights have been canceled. american delta, southwest have all canceled flights at philadelphia international. if you have plans to fly out or pick somebody up call
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1-800-phl-gate. and we shot this video a couple hours ago in penssauken this morning at 2:00 a.m. we found this utility crew out fixing some wires in the area that had come down but at this time we can tell you there are no widespread power outages. this was along route 38 in burwood road in penssauken. now to cape may county matt delucia is standing by live in north wildwood where they may get five to nine inches of snow depending on what the conditions look like there. >> reporter: well, bill and brittney earlier were talking about how cape may county should see the bulk of the snow this morning. and we are really seeing it out here with the snow continuing to fall. we were driving on the atlantic city expressway, the garden state parkway coming in here. we are seeing the plows and trying to salt the roads, but fortunately not too many people out on the roads here. you can tell, this is not a summer day here. just one car out there in the distance. and we have seen a few plows out here on the roadways right here
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by this wawa parking lot. we have not seen a car come in here yet but this is not a busy time down here at the shore. but, of course there are people who still live here year-round. and at this point we are not seeing too much in the way of incidents. not too many accidents. people are being advised to take it slow on the roads, but we have quite a bit of accumulation out here right now. we are live in north wildwood, matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." and with the roads snow covered all across the area we have more video to show you that just can him in and was shot before midnight on dupont highway in wilmington manner. as we have been saying drivers are being asked to take it slow this morning on the roads. now to a live picture. this is a live picture from eighth and market from our camera atop the lowes hotel in center city. if you're walking this morning, it is just as slippery on the sidewalks. so be careful with that rosemary connors has been talking with early risers out this morning in center city
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rosemary? >> reporter: yes, a few people already up and at it this morning heading into with. fortunately, the sidewalks are plowed and salted because it is slick. this is that kind of -- it just glides right under your feet. you have to be careful. meteorologist bill henley talked about the heavy snow band coming in for philadelphia right now. you can see up in the light, we are getting some thicker flakes. nothing major, i mean it's not like it's coming down to the point where it's a whiteout. nothing like that. not whiteout conditions but a heavier snowfall. about an hour ago it was starting to look like it was tapering off. however, we do have this accumulation on the ground. it's that light, fluffy snow that you can move around and push it off your car. but again, it's going to be slick out there. that's what we're hearing from drivers. that's what we're hearing from people walking to work this morning here in center city. so as you are heading out, be careful and take it easy. reporting live at ninth and walnut rosemary connors, "nbc 10 news." and again, philadelphia public schools and parochial
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schools opening on a two-hour delay this morning. just to give street crews extra time to clear the streets. >> i'm just checking the app and website. and the school closing numbers and delays are growing because delays in some areas really are appropriate because bill has been talking about how the storm has been moving out. bill, what can you tell us? it's right on schedule. we are seeing it taper off north and west. the steady snowfall rosemary was describing in center city you'll see periods where it comes down heavier. right now it's just a gentle snow from this vantage point in center stip. this is the view from the melon bank building on and off as far as intensity. very light snowfall in reading at 11 degrees. philadelphia international, 14. and 13 in wilmington. everybody has similar temperatures, well below freezing so that is giving us the light, fluffy snow. accumulation is greater at the shore and portions of central and southern delaware. in fact, southern delaware has close to five inches of snow on
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the ground. that's in portions of sussex county. there you can see the snow. it's steadier in philadelphia and a little bit lighter farther to the north and west. that snowfall in cape may a bit heavier than northern cape may county. and you can see in dover it's starting to lighten up a little bit. but it's still coming down and still accumulating. and it doesn't take much of this very light fluffy snowfall to make for very slippery conditions. allentown to lancaster county seeing the snow taper off. and you can see the back edge headed for delaware too. so we will see most of this come to an end before 7:00 for areas north and west and portions of delaware, same story. look at the hour by hour forecast. 7:00 this morning, some light snowfall along the northeast corridor to trenton and northeast philadelphia. but wilmington sees it tapering off, even southern and central delaware will see it start to end. and allentown and reading, we will be looking at cloudy skies. 8:00 this morning, the steadier snow accumulating snow for
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eastern new jersey. while north and west and in philadelphia and wilmington we will be drying out. there's still snow on the ground with temperatures staying below freezing, but it's easy to clear. just not easy to drive in. it's so slippery with these conditions. late day sunshine there is some colder weather on the way. colder than what we saw just yesterday. the seven-day forecast with details when i'm back in ten. the wintryiestest day of the year so far. >> right now i'm going to take you on a tour around pennsylvania to show you the conditions in different areas. this is a look at the 95 with a split of the expressway definitely dealing with slippery condition there is. in northeast philadelphia, your side streets and neighborhood streets, on and off-ramps, watch out for those this morning. this is a live look at cottman avenue. you can see snow covered roads there as well.
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heading into delaware county right now for a live look at the blue route near macdade boulevard, you are dealing with slippery spots there. we are not seeing too many people on the roads. the people are staying in later this morning or they are just taking their time to reduce their speed. because we actually haven't seen too many big accidents, which has been a really positive note. this is a live look in chester county route 202 near route 252. same situation there. and heading north to the lehigh valley, this is what it looks like along route 202 near 309. no accidents on 22. then to report on the northeast extension as well. 12 minutes past 5:00, we have a number of school closings or delays. more than 250. and they continue to come in. every time we check the nbc 10 app, the number goes up. we will text you or e-mail you about your specific school if you would like to make it easy for you, go to and search school closings to sign up. we have a team of reporters and photographers covering the
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snow and showing you conditions all across the tri-state area. here's a live look from skyforce 10. we mentioned speed restrictions in place on the area bridges at 25 miles an hour and most of the major highways. ♪ good morning, usher!
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we have a feel of reporters out there, this is a live view
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from skyforce 10. stormforce 10. this is 76? >> it doesn't look like 76. he got off 76 and is in center city near 76. >> what is it, jillian? mlk drive, thank you. while they recommend limited travel during storms if you have to head out, call 511 to check the road conditions warnings and alerts 24 hours a day. or just stay with us on the nbc 10 app. we have live pictures across the area with updated information from our team of meteorologists, from jillian mele and from penndot. >> and joining us on the phone is charlie metzger, thank you for joining us. >> good morning guys, how are you? >> we saw live pictures from 76 earlier. at the time 76 didn't look to be touched and stormforce is
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equipped for all weather conditions was slipping a bit. so are you guys getting to 76 yet? >> we have 430 trucks out on the roadways during the overnight hours. we have been treating the roadways, but because the temperatures have been so cold we're waiting -- the snow has been coming down we have salt into the snow pack. once traffic is out onto the highway, the salt will start to break up the snow pack and we'll be able to push the salt off the road as the day continues. the snow seems to be tapering off and starting to move out over the next couple of hours where people continue to be out through the morning rush but we remind people that speed restrictions are in effect on the major highways and expressways. so you need to take your time. leave plenty of time and space between you and the car in front of you. just take it easy, go slow today. >> charlie when do the plows start to work? i know you talk about treating the roads and how it's difficult with these temperatures, but what about the plows?
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>> the plows will start to push snow off the highway when we get about an inch and a half of snow on the ground. so as soon as we hit that threshhold, that's when the plows go down. but we're still putting material down as we know. >> so there are no plows out just yet? >> the plows have been out. like i said, as soon as we hit an inch and a half that's when we start plowing operations. >> but you're not going to start plowing until you see an inch and a half? >> yes. >> got it. >> we did see you guys plowing 95 earlier, maybe because they had an inch and a half on 95. this was going into bucks county. >> yes. different areas are getting different amounts of snowfall. so in bucks county we're getting anywhere from one to three inches. so you know we are out where we have our crews out. it's just the cold temperatures are what is posing the biggest problem in addition to the snow. >> all right, charlie. thank you for the update.
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charlie metzger with penndot. and as the salt is less effective with the colder temperatures, it's so cold that it makes for a very light fluffy snowfall. but that makes for some slippery conditions. virtually no wind with this storm. and it is going to stay light during the day. so blowing snow is not an issue either. though a wlingtd wouldlight wind would likely blow the snow. look at the temperatures in mount pocano 5 degrees. 13 in trenton and wilmington. the cold temperatures are making for that very light, slippery snow. it's really tapering off some in the pocano mountains. not much left in the storm for the mountains or portions of the lehigh valley. but other areas will see accumulations continuing into about sunrise for philadelphia northeast philly. look at the temperatures p 10 degrees rights now in coatesville. roxborough 13 degrees.
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very slippery in northeast philadelphia with steady snow. at times, heavier snowfall. teens for south philly. that's not going to change much in the morning, but we'll see some sunshine. and the first to see it will be the pocano mountains where they saw very light snowfall. allentown is seeing it taper off. heavier bands moving through philadelphia. trenton, that's a heavier band. but farther to the south and east, there's signs it is about to taper off for portions of delaware while cape may is getting another band of heavier snowfall. just to the north of cape may in central cape may county for cape may courthouse. there's more accumulating snowfall ahead with the snowstorm, but it's just going to be a morning snow for us. so a snowy start to the day and cold throughout the day. teens this morning with breaks of sunshine. we'll be in the 20s this afternoon. snow accumulating today. a scattered snow shower not amounting to much on wednesday. we will see some breaks in the clouds and temperatures will climb to 30 degrees at least on
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wednesday. it's thursday and friday that they go the other direction. record cold temperatures after a cold morning on thursday 6 degrees. it's 1 below zero on friday. just 17 in the afternoon. we'll see lots of sunshine on friday but come this weekend clouds will return. and on sunday there's a possibility of more rain and snow with temperatures climbing into the middle 30s. all right, so concentrating on today, how much snow is on top ground and what to expect in your areas? north and west brittney shipp is keeping an eye on this system. brittney? breaking it down region by region, if you live closer to the pocanos and lehigh valley and the suburb locations, those are the first areas to see the snow tapering. so here's a closer look to break down hour by hour for you as we head into the rest of the 5:00 hour heading into 6:00 a.m. we will start to see from west to east the snow tapering off. so pottstown, still going strong at 6:00 a.m. lancaster county all going to
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see more of the snow tapering off by 7:00 a.m. we are pretty much done with all the snowfall. when all is said and done we expect to see one to four inches of snow in this area. along the delaware shore, the upwards of five to six inches of snow coming down. i'll be going over how much to expect in your neighborhood when i see you again next chris? as we continue to see the snow, i just want to say we just checked school closings and have more than 360 school closings now on so follow your "nbc 10 news" app for the latest on school closing and traffic as well. jillian, what are you seeing? >> well, we are seeing this in delaware right now. to be honest i'm not sure what we are looking at there, but this is route 13 at state street completely snow covered. we just have a blanket of snow on the roads out there. in delaware that includes route
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13, route 1 is very snow covered getting down to bethany and rehoboth. this is a live look at 95 near route 1. you can see a little bit of blacktop in the center lanes, but you really have to slow down to use caution. speed restrictions on a lot of the area highways. 495 specifically is down to 45 miles per hour. most of the pennsylvania majors are down to 45 miles per hour. even in new jersey the turnpike, watch out for speed restrictions there. heading into new jersey this is a live picture of route 9 outside of sea isle near route 50. this is snow covered along route 9 with a live look at a pretty much untouched entrance to the garden state parkway outside of summers point. the on and off-ramps, watch out for those this morning. coming up i'll take you to mass transit. we'll be right back. so predictable and so unsatisfying? what about pulling up a chair, a stool, a beanbag, and actually tasting our food. we are a creamy cheese that still believes in the beauty of a knife, in the elegant swipe of a . . . swipe. of course, that doesn't mean
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we have resources out there moving to southern philadelphia. they have not started plowing 76 yet, so it will be slippery there. take your time heading out. a live look at the shore, cape may county stands to get some of the higher snowals alal totals this morning. five to nine inches for cape may. matt delucia has a live report from there coming up. and remember if you can't stay with us on your television at home always take us with you
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wherever you go through the "nbc 10 news" app and get weather warnings radar and the forecast for your neighborhood right there at your finger tips. just download the free first alert weather app and the "nbc 10 news" app. we are right back after this.
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snow covered streets from a southerly storm coming down for hours here in center city. take it easy out there because it's slippery stuff. and that's why we have deployed stormforce 10 driving around and checking on the road conditions so you know what to expect as you head out the door this morning. and speaking of what to expect it depends on where you live. this is a live look from north wildwood. this is one of the areas to expect the most snow. and you can see there are several inches on the ground there. it's 5:30. good morning, welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. nbc so10's first alert weather is in effect there to alert you of the dangerous weather conditions. here's an update of what is happening across the region. in the last 30 minutes, we have learned close to 450 schools at this point are closed or delayed. remember, that number is going to continue to increase. so continue to check on the nbc 10 app and


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