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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  February 17, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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nbc 10 news starts now. right now at 11:00 a.m. the snow has stopped for most of us. we're still stuck in the deep freeze. good morning. i'm renee chenault-fattah. the cleanup is under way as people work to clear away the snow that started falling last night and then lasted through the morning. here's what we know at this hour. septa regional rail lines are experiencing delays of up to 20 minutes because of the weather conditions. penndot lifted speed limit restrictions on several major roads in our area. all philadelphia city offices are open today. but city offices in wilmington delaware, are closed. you take a live look from our camera on the blue rock stadium. state offices in delaware are also closed. covering the snow and the
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cold, we're covering the story for you. and why don't we start off here with the team of reporters who have this covered. tim, why don't we start with you. you're in wilmington. what's it like there? >> reporter: more snow than we have up here. you can see wilmington did okay. we got a good chunk of snow here more than we had all season. if you're coming to wilmington, you'll find this a lot of slick, slushy streets, and in some cases you'll find -- i'll go over here and show you, most of the sidewalks are treated. but across the street here you see the empty storefronts. they haven't shoveled their walkways. it is a little messy here in the city of wilmington. a light fluffy snow. but it was certainly enough this morning to complicate things here in delaware. it was pretty to finally see some snow in delaware. not too much fun shoveling it certainly not much fun driving in it. route 202 slushy this morning. i-95 on and off ramps a mess. wilmington city offices and
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delaware state offices are closed for the snow. so are most schools and many companies let their employees come to work late. >> at this time of the day it was good. if i had to be here at 8:00 i probably would have had a lot more trouble. the roads seem to be okay. >> reporter: the icy temperature is not helping at all. at a news conference officials told me their salt was almost completely ineffective in the extreme cold temperatures but say even getting into the 20s today will help the salt get its job done. >> as we get -- the temperatures come up air temperatures come up, you'll see that pack on the roadways break up. >> reporter: coming back out here live on market street this is a good indication of how much snow wilmington got. a few inches. i live in north wilmington a little ways up. i think we got more up there at my house. you can see the cleanup is well under way. things going smoothly. we come back at 11:30 and we'll get the latest numbers from state police about accidents. there were some overnight. we'll talk about the bus systems
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and everything you need to know here in delaware. live in wilmington, film furlong, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, tim. well, a familiar sight across our area. we caught up with some people shoveling away the snow that fell overnight and well into the morning. this is in north wildwood. parts of the jersey shore saw the heaviest snow out of the system. ted greenberg is live now in galloway township atlantic county. what are conditions like where you are right now? >> reporter: we're seeing a few light snowflakes coming down here renee. put the tape into the snow we have about 4 inches of snow here along the garden state parkway in galloway township. take a look at the parkway. conditions are improving. see a lot of black top out there. the speed limit reduced to 35 miles an hour on this snowy morning at the jersey shore. a line of plow trucks moved several inches of fresh snow aside on atlantic city's boardwalk this morning. while on ventnor avenue omar
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hernandez used his muscles to get all the white off the sidewalk. >> very hard. we got to do what we got to do. >> reporter: earlier today, we found side streets in margate that hadn't yet been hit by snowplows. primary roads in better shape. still, it has been a slow go on the atlantic city expressway and garden state parkway with slick conditions on both. cape may county got the most snow with upwards of 7 inches in spots. north wildwood this guy couldn't get out of his own driveway without putting a dent in his car. >> i pulled out and i ran into a driveway, into my wall in my driveway. >> reporter: in ocean county about 3 inches on the ground. tom grayson said it could have been much worse when it comes to being cold. >> we don't have the wind today. no. >> reporter: that makes a big difference? >> big difference yeah. yesterday, that wind was cutting right through you. >> reporter: now, atlantic county emergency management
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officials tell me that salt and brine were not applied to county roads for this storm because they're just ineffective in the low temperatures. live in galloway township i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. despite the snowfall offices in the city of philadelphia are open today. taking a live look now at 9th and walnut streets. this is near jefferson university hospital. whether you're driving or walking out in the city today, you can see there is still a lot of snow on the roads and on the sidewalks. so use extra caution on these smaller streets. continuing our team coverage now, nbc 10's mitch blocker live at city hall where the cleanup is under way there. mitch? >> reporter: the snow has now given way to sunshine here in center city. you can see about a couple of inches of snow this say good representation of what fell in center city. if you take a look out at 15th and market you can see we're just dealing with slush at this point. the streets pretty clear. they're almost glistening from the cold and wet conditions. we had a little video from
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earlier today where some of the 250 pieces of equipment used in the city as well as the 500 people clearing snow happened. we're out at dilworth park where some of that snow was cleared. dilworth park is actually a special case because of the granite out here. if we come back out live you can see the granite on the sidewalks here. this is a $55 million park. the city is very particular about what kind of shovels and snowplows are used in order to clear this park. nothing metal is allowed to touch the surface. at this point, we also know that septa is on 20 minute regional delays, 12 bus routes are at this point delayed. that's down from 30 earlier today. again, the city is open. and we will be back live in about 20 minutes from center city. renee, back to you. >> good information there. thank you, mitch. what is the storm doing now and what can you expect for the rest of your day? nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with a look at the current forecast. glenn? >> the storm is pretty much
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moved out, sunshine has moved in to at least a good portion of the area. a lot of sunshine in the poconos here. and the traffic moving along just fine. i-95 in philadelphia. and you can see the last of the snowflakes ending in central new jersey little bit in the upper portion of burlington county not enough to cause any additional accumulation. the temperature not getting anywhere near the freezing mark today. still in the teens north and west. 16 in pottstown. 18 in reading. allentown, 19 trenton and mount holly and in dover, delaware. but the sun's rays are still able to melt some of the snow. so we have some slush that is going to be around. that will freeze later tonight as it gets dark. temperatures today only into the 20s. not much wind. that's not an issue. we do have some more snow that is on the way coming in from the west. snow showers in the forecast. and we'll have the timing on
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that with the rest of the seven-day including record cold. more record cold on the way with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> thank you, glenn. snow and ice causing delays and cancellations of flights into and out of philadelphia international airport. now, arrivals are delayed an average of 38 minutes. if you are scheduled to fly out or pick someone up at the airport, you can check on the status of the flight by calling 1-800-phl-gate. from the skies now to the roads, stormforce10 in northeast philadelphia. drivers taking it slow on cottman avenue as some cars were sliding on the icy roads. check out this traffic backup in montgomery county this morning. it is the result of an accident on route 309 in upper dublin township. one of our crews on the road saw the mess police on the scene there, helping to clear the way for drivers. let's get a check on travel times. christine maddela has a look at first alert traffic. christine? >> if we look out on our roads, mostly in the neighborhoods of
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secondary streets, where you're going to see some problems. inner sections can be a little tricky. you can see on sanger street and take a look at route 1 in delaware. still some portions that are snow covered. but on the majors like interstate 95 here, 295 in cherry hill you can see for the most part it is clear, just watch out for any refreezing that could take place again. especially on those secondary streets in your neighborhood. look at the bridges, there are speed restrictions in place, 25 miles an hour on all the major bridges and walt whitman and betsy ross and ben franklin bridge. take it easy if you're traveling there, traveling on mass transit, be aware, regional rail, 20 minute delay, just due to the weather out there. the trolleys are on a regular schedule and bus detours are in effect. check our website, to see where they're detoured. when you're away from tv this winter you got to love technology. you can get the latest forecast and weather alerts by going to your nbc 10 app.
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we are not the only area dealing with rough winter weather. dangerous driving conditions in the south led to a close call for one tv news crew. wow. and as you see here it was all caught on camera. that's coming up. and while we're freezing there is one part of the country that probably wouldn't mind below average temperatures now. we'll show you a part of the u.s. where people actually are sweltderring.
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this video just in to nbc 10 where a plow truck caught on fire in bucks county. this happened as the driver was clearing a parking lot along doylestown road in new britain township. happened just about a little over an hour ago. we're told people nearby screamed to alert the driver who tried unsuccessfully to put that fire out. firefighters arrived. they were able to put out the flames and no one was hurt. listen to that. the snow may be light and fluffy, there is plenty to shovel of it and drexel hill delaware county. windows and windshields need to be cleared on your cars as well. don't forget about the roof. delaware bureau reporter tim furlong recorded this cell phone video along route 202 in north wilmington this morning. you see the roads are wet and slushy but most of that snow has been cleared. that's on route 202. in ventnor, atlantic county a snowplow on ventnor avenue still a lot of work to be done
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on this snow covered street. and for some it is a winter that just keeps on giving. this storm left its mark to our south as well. here is nbc 10's dylan dreyer. >> reporter: a close call for a reporter and photographer covering the snowstorm on monday for our nbc station in hampton, virginia. the camera rolling on a snowy road when an suv suddenly careens out of control, crashing into another vehicle and then barreling straight toward the news vehicle, stopping just inches from the camera. across virginia the storm blanketing much of the state, including up to a foot in lynchburg. governor terry mcauliffe declaring a state of emergency and warning residents to stay off the roads. in northgeorgeia snow and rain creating a coating of ice for residents not accustomed to extreme winter weather. >> it don't snow like this all the time. when it gets here it comes in with a vengeance. >> reporter: the snow coming down overnight in kentucky as crews attempt to keep the roads
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cleared. as the storm marches up the coast to the winter weary northeast. >> that was dylan dreyer reporting for us. roads turned into ice skating rinks across parts of tennessee last night. winter storm warnings were upgraded to ice storm warnings in the nashville area. forecasters expect what's on the ground will stick around most of the week with temperatures not expected to get above the freezing point until saturday. while we're dealing with the snow and cold the san francisco bay area is experiencing unseasonably warm temperatures. people are flocking the parks and beaches as this warm weather is expected to last there throughout the week. we should be there. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with a look at the current forecast. don't you wish you were in san francisco right about now, glenn? >> well, no i kind of like winter weather. i mean meteorologists do not get into weather for sunny days. we get into it because of the
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storms of one sort or another. and when we're kids we get a climb on the snow forts. i remember mount airy in the 60s, there were snow piles that were, like 20 30 feet high. >> you're a happy man today. >> only if i predict it. >> you predicted this. >> worked out okay. >> yes it did. >> it was fine. we have the one issue of this slush refreezing as we go into tonight. the sun's rays are able to melt some of that snow even if the temperature doesn't get above the freezing mark. we're tracking some more snow showers that are on the way. and a little more than 24 hours, and then the coldest air yet, just keeps getting colder as we go through february when that temperature is actually starting to go up a little bit, generally. now, the roads are still in pretty good shape here balance cynwyd we had 5 1/2 inches of snow as you'll see in a minute. 20 degrees in philadelphia. the wind is not much.
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very rarely see so little wind at the end of the storm. and still in the teens north and west, 13 in the poconos, 20s -- low 20s further to the south. now, as far as the snow totals let's go delaware. generally a little bit more in delaware and south jer are sysey than in pennsylvania. 6 1/2 inches in woodside. sell selbyville, 6 1/2 inches. cape may, that's pretty big storm for cape may. mcguire air force base 6 1/2. sewell, 6. millville, 5 inches. and in pennsylvania bala cynwyd biggest up in so far, 5.6. left town levittown, 5.5, drexel hill 5.1, and philadelphia, 3.7, as of 7:00 a.m. when they take the official reports. another one coming out later today to get the ultimate
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official report which probably would be a little less than 4 inches. you can see it moving west to east came in fast moved out fast. and that's why we had limited amounts of snow. and there is just a little bit left just east of trenton, mostly in burlington county and middle sex county in new jersey. the next thing that we look at is toward the west it is not as strong system not a storm or anything but watch the snow we'll have snow showers coming in late tomorrow and into tomorrow evening. you could get a bit of a burst of snow along with the wind gusts, mini version of what happened on saturday. and then we get another blast. we have got arctic air on top of us now. but it is going to get even colder. look at those colors. you don't see those in philadelphia very often and the low temperatures for friday morning, around 1 below zero in
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philadelphia. we haven't been below zero since 1994. 21 years. on any day. so that would not only set a record for the date that would be pretty big milestone here. 5 below zero in allentown. 9 below in poconos. so for the rest of the day, we have clearing conditions it is very cold highs in the mid to upper 20s. not a whole lot of wind either. and then the 7 day forecast snow showers, late wednesday and into wednesday evening. at the most quick inch in some spots. some places might not get any is now out of that. everybody is going to get the frigid air as we go into friday. thursday and friday. there is that low, friday morning, but the record cold in many parts of the area. and then we watch to the south. it is going to be moisture moving in. and being so cold to start off with the atmosphere is going to try to warm up. but just a question of how much
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it can warm up. i think we'll start off as snow. maybe change to an icy mix and then rain in parts of the area. >> all right, we'll check back with you. thank you, glenn. this morning, police are still looking for the person who shot a man to death inside a busy community center in new castle county. dozens of children ran for cover when shots were fired in the basement at the rose hill community center in new castle. shooting happened around 3:00 yesterday afternoon. there is a recording studio and a gym in the basement of the community center. police haven't released the name of the man who was killed. parents rush to pick up their children who hid wherever they could when the center went on lockdown. >> just in the closet just in the dark just making sure that we were safe. >> how frightening. investigators say the shooting was not random but haven't revealed the motive behind the attack or names of any suspects. a man who played the last several years for the eagles is detained by police. this morning, there is new information on the case involving nate alan. we'll tell you what he's accused
11:21 am
of and what he says he'll do to clear his name. and the case against pennsylvania's former state treasurer takes another turn. we'll have an update.
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it's so peaceful! so peaceful! call citizens bank at 1-866-999-0218 or visit now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> as we deal with snow and cold, here is a live look from our camera on the blue rock stadium. city offices in wilmington are closed. state offices in delaware closed as well. glenn "hurricane" schwartz will
11:24 am
be back with another check of our forecast in a few minutes. and harrisburg this morning, former pennsylvania treasurer rob mccord pleaded guilty to two counts of federal extortion charges. mccord resigned as state treasurer three weeks ago after claims surfaced he used his position to strong arm campaign donors during his run for governor last spring. in a video apology, mccord admitted he had, quote, stepped over the line. no sentencing date has been set. new information this morning on eagles safety nate alan. alan was detained by police in ft. myers, florida. 16-year-old girl accusing alan of exposing himself to her. but, police say she changed her story several times. alan was released without being charged because of lack of evidence. alan sent a text message to comcast sports net saying quote, someone definitely lied and he vows to clear his name. we could learn today if a judge will allow revel to cancel
11:25 am
the sale of the closed casino hotel to a developer. they have many interested buyers. revel moved to kill the sale after the closing deadline passed last week. the judge will also decide if the developer loses its $10 million deposit. our region is recovering this morning from a blast of snow. we'll check back with our crews out in the field in just a few minutes and we'll give you a look at the conditions in new jersey. we'll also get a check on conditions in center city. see how the cleanup is going along. it is all ahead in our next half hour.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> right now at 11:30, the snow is moving out, but bitter cold temperatures left behind the flakes that fell today will not be melting because of the temperatures for days. here is the latest on the
11:29 am
aftermath of the snow that fell across our region. septa regional rail lines are experiencing delays of up to 20 minutes because of the weather conditions. penndot has lifted speed limit restrictions on several major roads in our area. all philadelphia city offices, they're open today, but city offices in wilmington are closed. as you take a live look from our camera on the blue rock stadium. state offices in delaware are closed today. parts of delaware saw some of the heaviest snow from the winter storm. delaware bureau reporter tim furlong live on market street in wilmington. tim, what are the conditions like right now. looks like the sun is shining. >> reporter: it is glorious. the cold doesn't feel so cold. this is great. you feel like you have a ski resort. we got some in wilmington a light, fluffy snow not too bad. the sidewalks, most of the sidewalks have been cleared. the main roads, they're doing okay. you can see some of the side streets are slushy and the further off the main street you go, the slushier it gets. take a look at the video we have from earlier, up and down the
11:30 am
state, the roads have been an issue. i-95 was sloppy especially as you got on the ramps. the problem has been the extreme cold. road solt, i'm told, isn't as e effective in extreme temperatures. temperatures in the 20s. the sunshine will let the salt activate and the roads should be better soon. after talking with experts and looking out his own window delaware's governor decided to close all state offices. >> made me feel like we made the right call in terms of the secondary roads. ours were pretty slippery. >> reporter: and you can see here, there is a lot of snow pushed off. it is a light fluffy snow melting under the sun, still really cold. that salt will kick in will be activated. most state schools up and down the state are closed at this point. a lot of businesses are closed. people at chase and big
11:31 am
companies in downtown wilmington were allowed to stay home and work from home today. you can see, this is how much snow we have here. pretty good chunk. enough to complicate things in delaware. at 4:00. we'll have some sledding video. rehoboth got hit harder than we d we'll have that for you at 4:00. we're live in wilmington film furlong, nbc 10 news. >> sun always shining on tim furlong. thanks, tim. people at the jersey shore are digging out from the snow this morning. ted greenberg live in galloway township atlantic county. the cleanup is under way. hey, ted. >> reporter: hi, rein a renee i'm jealous of tim. we're along the garden state parkway in galloway township cloudy skies, few flakes flying through the air, perhaps a result of wind. still cold and snowy here nonetheless. we got about 4 inches of snow
11:32 am
here in galloway township where we are. it has been a busy morning for folks at the shore shoveling out that snow. look at the video we sent in a few minutes ago. 3 inches in atlantic city where the plows were out on the boardwalk to clear away the snow. higher amounts as you go south with 7 inches reported in cape may. cape may county officials tell me road crews have made good progress clearing the roadways and most schools in the area are closed as well. a lot of offices too. they opened late. so that really helped those crews do their work without having much traffic on the roadways. we are along the garden state parkway in galloway township. look at the road. we're seeing a lot of black top. there was some really some slick conditions earlier today on both the parkway and the atlantic city expressway. earlier in the morning. you can see conditions have definitely gotten better though a speed reduction speed limit reduction is still in place here on the parkway, 35 miles an hour. we're going to hop back on the parkway as soon as we get off
11:33 am
the air and break down head down to cape may where we got the 7 inches of snow lower township too. southern part of cape may county. we'll have that part of the story coming up starting at 4:00. live in galloway township, ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. we'll see if there is snow for you there at some point. there is snow. see if we can find you some sun. in north jersey, a picture of a plow truck swallowed by a sinkhole. this is on wordsworth lane in warren county. it happened around 7:30 this morning. now, the driver of the township owned truck was in the truck when the ground just gave away. look at this. he climbed out of the cab to safety. he was shaken up but otherwise okay. crews are still working to get the truck out of the hole. city offices in philadelphia are open today as people continue to clear sidewalks in center city. that's where mitch blocker is. what is it like outside where you are? >> reporter: the sun has just
11:34 am
started to peek over the buildings and making it very bright in center city. not that much snow about three, maybe four inches. all clear to here at dilworth park. if you look down at the intersection at jfk, and 15th, you can see traffic running pretty smoothly the streets just wet at this point, not just slick. we have seen trucks and salting trucks coming through by the threes. we took video earlier today in dilworth park as the crews are clearing the snow there. about 225 pieces of equipment out in center city today as well as 500 people. back out here live you see there are some folks down there clearing off the very end of the sidewalk. that's all that is going on in center city at this point, just that little little bit of cleanup. last thing we want to pass along, there will be no rear driveway trash collection any trash pickup will have to be on the curb. we're live in center city mitch
11:35 am
blocker, nbc 10 news. thank you, mitch. well what is the storm doing now? what can we expect for the rest of the day? glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. and, glenn, it looks like the sun is out in a number of areas throughout our region. >> yes. the storm moved in pretty fast and moved out prest fast. that's what limited the snow accumulations across the area. was coming down pretty hard in the middle of the night. one place that would have liked it even more snow probably. camel back mountain in the poconos. mix of sun and clouds right now. it is very cold. and they're going to be unbelievably cold as we go into the end of the week. this is the last of the snow in new jersey. that's it. just a few little flakes in central jersey near toms river and then it is gone. and we have dry conditions the rest of the day and tonight. look how cold it is. it is in the teens. it feels a little bitetter because
11:36 am
there is not much wind and the sun is out in some areas. the sun's rays are more powerful this time of the year than january or late december. that's going to help melt snow even though the temperature doesn't get near the freezing mark. then it will refreeze tonight as the sun goes down. we only go into the 20s during the day today. not a whole lot of wind. so compared to what we have seen it is not that brutal. but it will be bruteal as we go to the end of the week. record cold. the snow and ice causing delays and cancellations for flights into and out of philadelphia international airport. right now, arrivals are delayed an average of 38 minutes. that's gone up in the past hour. if you are scheduled to fly out or pick someone up at the airport, you can check on the status of the flight by calling 1-800-phl-gate. here is a live look at 30th street station. amtrak is operating on a modified schedule today because
11:37 am
of the winter storm. so let's get a check on travel times. christine maddela has a look at first alert traffic. >> on our major roads we are seeing a lot of black top as we look outside right now. you can see there are some -- there are a couple of cars off to the side of the road. this is along route 309. some people have to come and get their cars it looks like they ran off the road when the conditions were worse out there. it looks like right now things are pretty clear on the majors. it is the side streets. it is the intersections where you'll see slushy conditions overpasses and bridges, things like that. look at route 1 in delaware. you see some areas are still snow covered. just take it easy when you're out and about today. taking a look at the bridges, there are speed restrictions in place on the major bridges. 25 miles per hour in that area. you heard ted greenberg talking about speed restrictions on the garden state parkway. there are some speed
11:38 am
restrictions in place from the delaware memorial bridge to pennsville, if that is part of your commute this afternoon. so take a look at our drive times. not looking too bad. a slowdown from the pennsylvania turnpike to 676. that will take you 22 minutes. 95 southbound 14 minutes. the blue route looking good if you're heading northbound from 95 to the schuylkill expressway that will take you average, 16 minutes. >> thanks christine. when you're away from your tv this winter remember, you can always get the latest forecast and weather alerts on the nbc 10 app. an explosive scene after a train derailment in west virginia. the fiery scene was caught on camera. question now is how does this happen. we'll have an update on the disaster that is affecting thousands of people right now. and the melee at a movie theater showing a controversial movie. we'll tell you what started the chaos.
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as we deal with snow and cold let's take a live look at center city. glenn "hurricane" schwartz will be back with another check of our forecast in a few minutes. jury selection under way in the trial of philadelphia's so-called black madam accused of causing a woman's death after giving her an illegal buttocks injection. she is facing several charges including murder. prosecutors say winslow gave a london woman injections in february 2011 at a hotel near
11:42 am
philadelphia international airport. police say she got sick and eventually died due to complications from the injections. winslow was also arrested for another botched injection. that woman suffered serious injuries. montgomery county native ashton carter will be sworn in later today as the nation's new defense secretary. the 60-year-old made his pentagon debut this morning and his wife stephanie made an entrance as well as the two got out of -- you heard that. they got out of their car to enter the building she slipped and fell on the icy pavement. don't you hate when that happens. we have all been there. fortunately she wasn't hurt. she was able to laugh it off with reporters. carter went ahead with most of his plans for the schedule even though the federal government was closed because of that weather. carter replaces chuck hagel. prosecutors are expected to rest their case later today in the trial of the former marine accused of killing american sniper chris kyle and his friend. eddie ray routh confessed to the
11:43 am
february 2013 shooting but pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. in a video confession showed to jurors yesterday, routh told a texas ranger that he shot kyle first and added, quote, i'm just sorry for whenat i've done. he testified that he said routh knew his actions were wrong. the murder trial of former new england patriots player aaron hernandez resumed this morning with testimony from an officer who responded to the crime scene. hernandez is accused in the 2013 killing of odin lloyd who was dating his fiancee's sister. a live look now inside that courtroom. the pace of the trial has been slower than expected. that's because snow days and scheduling issues have caused delays. and federal officials are trying to figure out what caused a fiery train derailment in west virginia yesterday. the cfx train was carrying more than 100 tankers of crude oil during a snowstorm when it slammed into a house and look at that flame billowing into the
11:44 am
sky. one tanker landed in the river. that caused concerns about contamination. power went out and officials shut down two water plants just as a precaution. officials are letting the fires burn themselves out. crews evacuated more than a thousand people. only one person was treated for snoke inhalation. talk about 50 shades of angry. about 100 teens stormed a florida movie theater over the weekend after it refused to sell them tickets to the r-rated movie "50 shades of grey". the theater where the mall is located is enforcing a new policy rehring minors to be with an adult after 9:00 p.m. each night. it is fat tuesday in new orleans. the big easy is set to end this year's carnival with a big party. this is a look where parades are under way. beads, boas masks, costumes. the final and biggest parade
11:45 am
the party of the mardi gras season, will take over the french quarter. >> do it now. you have fun. you got to enjoy life when the party starts. you start the party. >> it is so much fun. all the people the crowds everyone is nice friendly great time. >> let the good times roll. the parades all wind down late this afternoon and an outdoor celebration ends at midnight when the catholic season of lent begins. let's take a new direction. a campaign to empower women will hold day long events in five cities starting here in philadelphia. the know your value tour is part of an expanded partnership between the nbc universal news group, the parent company of nbc 10 and mika brzezinski co-host of "morning joe" on msnbc. she joins us now live to tell us more about the tour. mika this is so exciting. of course, based on your book knowing your value, tell us about the tour what can women expect? >> well we're coming to philly.
11:46 am
let's see, we're going to be there april 10th. we're so excited. and this came out of writing my book four years ago. people kept coming up and saying i read your book i got a raise. i read your book i got a raise. i read your book i got a raise. women at a high level, over a million dollars, making tons of money, but having the same challenges that women who were starting out in their careers or in the middle of their careers. and they needed that extra emphasis on what their instincts are and what they really should be doing. because our instincts are often to apologize our way into a conversation, to self-deprecate our way into a conversation to make everybody feel comfortable and make sure they like you, to maybe, you know add some drama to the conversation and threaten -- none of that stuff works because, first of all, it doesn't matter if they like you. and you're not there to make friends. secondly, you're not sorry. thirdly, you shouldn't be self-deprecating when you're telling people what your value is. these are things we do. >> i think what you're saying
11:47 am
here resonates with all of us. what can we expect during this conference. there are conferences like this that take place. i think sometimes women feel like it is not for me or women at a certain level, you think of cheryl sandbergs or marisa myers. >> you go to those conferences and sometimes you feel like i'm not going to get there. and so i actually have been on stage at those conferences. and i think they add incredible value to the conference especially at a high level. but what i wanted to do was something really interactive, almost like a workshop where the audience is very involved we're doing role playing, and we're giving women tangible tips and advice that they can use tomorrow in their lives. so everything from body language, how do you hold your body when you're at the negotiating table, you're walking into the room for first time, you're starting a job, you're going to a job interview, to what you wear what is the message that you want to send. by the way what is your brand? can you put it into words?
11:48 am
let's practice that. what's the confidence you have that you know that you bring value to the table? we're going to work with women who feel like they have no idea how to articulate their value, and you're going to watch them transform on stage, with the help of a lot of experts, and a lot of our partners who are going to really take part in this event in a multimedia way. you're going to see things happening on our website that stream the conferences together city to city. the "today" show and "morning joe" are going to take this on as a project and cover some of the interesting competitive aspects that we have that we're going to be announcing soon that will be coming to your city. but you're going to feel like you're part of this whether you're watching it online or in the room. and this will be unlike any other women's event there and i think the difference is that it will be reachable, aspirational and actually useful. >> wow, mika, you sold me. i'm going to be there. i'm going to tell my friends about it my girlfriends.
11:49 am
>> you should come. >> i plan on it. >> be a part of it. >> i can't wait mika. you got us all excited. for more information on the know your value tour use the twitter #know your value. you can go to mika brzezinski, thank you for taking time to talk us to. we'll see you tomorrow on "morning joe" at 6:00 a.m. >> thank you. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> dry this time yesterday. dry now. in between, nice little storm there. but the slush that is around now is going to refreeze tonight. so you got to watch out for that. no more snow falling tonight or tomorrow morning. we're attracting snow showers before the day is over tomorrow and the coldest air of the season moving in. as cold as it was yesterday it going to be even colder. we see some clouds and sunshine and a lot of ice on the delaware
11:50 am
river. don't see that a lot. 20 degrees, the wind is only 7 miles an hour. feels like it is 10. it is 10 degrees warmer than it was at this time yesterday across a good bit of the area. but look what's coming. 20 in philadelphia. 4 in buffalo. that's nothing. head up to canada here we go again. these are temperatures, not windchills. this bitter brutal air in central canada we got another shot of it, it is going to be coming down here. in the meantime with the fresh snow cover that we have that allows the atmosphere to cool off, even more when we get clear skies and light winds. that's why friday morning is expected to be so cold. 6 1/2 inches of snow in woodside delaware and selbyville. 3, 3 1/2 in the wilmington area. cape may, winds in new jersey 7
11:51 am
inches pretty much as expected the southern part got more. mcguire air force base 6 1/2. sewell, 6. in pennsylvania a little less in general. couple of places got 5 inches. drexel hill levittown, bala cynwyd abington had 5. philadelphia international, latest report 3.7. still the biggest storm of the season. now, over the last 12 hours, snow moved in quickly and moved out quickly. came down hard at times in the middle of the night as expected. and now it is ending. and you can see a few little snow showers left over monmouth county and middle sex county in new jersey. now to the west and we see what's coming for tomorrow. not a storm. it is just snow showers and they're fairly well scattered here on this particular computer model. it is a mini version of what happened on saturday where just about everybody had some snow showers and some accumulation. don't expect anything widespread
11:52 am
out of that. this is going to be widespread the arctic air. it is already here but it is going to get even colder. another surge. look at the pink colors there. that's incredibly cold for this part of the country. rarely happens this late in february. and so we're predicting a temperature of 1 below zero friday morning with that radiational cooling as we call it, clear skies, light wind low humidity and the fresh snow cover. and below zero across good bit of the area 9 below in the poconos. for today, with a little bit of wind and the sunshine feeling a little better. mid to upper 20s. some snow melts with that. the sun's rays come through and some of that refreezes at night. so want to take care of your walks and driveways before it gets too cold tonight.
11:53 am
snow showers late tomorrow and tomorrow evening and then that other blast of the arctic air, record cold. on friday morning, good bit of the area only in the teens thursday an friday afternoon. and then we watch for a bit of a storm over the weekend. this one does not look like it would be all snow. it could be snow changing to an icy mix and then rain. so we'll have an update on that coming later this afternoon. we'll be right back.
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coming up this afternoon, at 3:00 ellen is all new with keira knightley, the co-star of the hit film "the imitation game." and at 4:00 seven years of suffering, all part of getting older, what many women dread. the new findings that show your symptoms may ling are aer a lot longer than you first expected. glenn, the last word. >> and it is going to be pretty cold tonight, but then bitter cold again coming up later this week. the coldest air yet. we have snow showers coming late tomorrow and tomorrow evening. and then another storm coming over the weekend teedetails remain about that and new information. update at 4:00. >> we'll see you then.
11:57 am
thank you for watching inging nbc 10 news at 11:00 a.m. have a great day.
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[knocking at the door] >> marlena: ah, at last. janet, thank you, thank you, thank you. oh. kate. >> kate: what? are you waiting for the babysitter? >> marlena: yes, i am. ari's got a playdate, they're picking her up, and i've got patients that i have to see. >> kate: okay, well, i just stopped by to see ari and will 'cause i have an office to get to, and i have a lot of things to do too, so-- >> marlena: oh, well-- >> kate: no, no. if you think you're gonna stick me here waiting r her, forget about it. >> clyde: this damn well better be important. >> victor: [sighs] believe me, it is. >> lucas: hey, adrienne. >> adrienne: oh, lucas, hi.


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