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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  February 17, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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uscle to clear all that white thanks to these rolling shovels. about 3 inches of snow fell in atlantic city where we spotted a line of plow trucks this morning, making their way down the boardwalk. road crews have been putting salt down all day. i've been told they'll keep working throughout the night to prevent as much refreezing as possible. ted greenberg, "nbc10 news." i'm tim furlong in wilmington, where you can see we got a few inches of fluffy snow. the sun started to melt it away. most government and school offices were closed today. sledding and fun for some. it meant shoveling and clean-up for others. the roads were dicey for a few hours this morning, on and off-ramps were slick. by midmorning the snow was gone. by late this afternoon we found huge stretches of route 1 and i-95 were drying up. the hilly and shady roads might
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have refreezing issues tonight. so in delaware or wherever you're watching us tonight, when you wake up tomorrow morning and you see spots that weren't shoveled today, be very careful. they'll be very icy, very slippery. we don't want you to wipe out and get hurt. to camden county, a frozen pipe burst, forcing dozens of senior citizens out of their apartments in gloucester township. >> they said they were going to evacuate the building because it wasn't safe because they didn't know with the electricity and all the water and everything. >> where does that leave you? >> right here. >> family and friends took in most of the residents while crews fixed the leak. a pipe burst in philadelphia's city hall as well. the pipe broke on the ninth floor of the building leaking water into city council
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chambers. crews trying to dry it all out. a committee hearing scheduled for tomorrow has been moved into a nearby courtroom. center city crews put in a little extra work to clear snow in dilworth park. they had to use delighted salt to preserve the outdoor granite and used shovelers with a softer touch. 500 city workers and contractors helped to clear roads in philadelphia. on the bright side we saw sun today. >> what's in store for the rest of the night? >> that sun did help to dry a lot of the main roads out. that's helped the commute home but the areas that did not get a chance to dry out, they're going to ice over. now, major roads like i-95 they'll be okay during the night tonight. but the temperatures never did get up to the freezing mark. they're already dropping. down to 18 in wilmington. 19 in dover. any of that slush that melted during the day is refreezing right now as the sun goes down.
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and the temperature will continue to drop through the 20s in some places already down into the teens. but this is nothing compared to the cold that is coming later this week. more record cold that plus two different chances of wintry weather coming up in the seven-day in a few minutes. tonight a guilty plea from pennsylvania's former treasurer. this is video of rob mccord leaving federal court in harrisburg. he already confessed to strong-arming contractors to donating money into his failed gubernatorial campaign. harry hairston joins us live. >> what kind of sentence could mccord face? >> reporter: well, according to court documents i went through, mccord could get up to 40 years in prison and a half a million dollar fine. former state treasurer rob mccord refused to comment as he left federal court in harrisburg today. the man who found so many words in the gubernatorial campaign
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trail has mostly remained quiet about his crimes since releasing this video confession before he was even indicted. >> i've always believed in accountability and talked about accountability. now i have to live it. >> reporter: in court mccord admitted to extorting two campaign donors. one in western pennsylvania and the other in philadelphia. >> i essentially said that the potential contributors should not risk making an enemy of the state treasurer. clearly, that was wrong. i was wrong. it was a mistake. >> reporter: for now, mccord's a free man as long as he doesn't break any laws among other cord-ordered conditions. a presentencing hearing is scheduled for late june. afterwards the judge will set mccord's sentencing date. before stepping down mccord was halfway through his second term as state treasurer. we also reached out to the state auditor who says they might investigate mccord's work from the past. harry hairston "nbc10 news."
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governor tom wolf hasn't announced mccord's replacement but said he was interviewing candidates. we're learning more about the victim of yesterday's deadly shooting at rose hill community center. nbc10 deanna durante spoke with his family. she has more about him and the search for his killer. >> somebody just to take his life, it's -- i don't understand it. >> reporter: there are a lot of people trying to understand what happened inside the rose hill community center yesterday. it was before 3:00 when police got call. 30-year-old jamar kichlt lgo was shot to death inside the basement recording studio. >> he wouldn't cause injury to person. i don't know why they would do this. >> reporter: the center was packed with people and kids at the time of the shooting. the killer took off before police got there. we spotted video cameras near the front doors but police have not said if it captured images
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of the suspected killer. parents wait outside as children were in lockdown outside. we reached out to board members and left messages for many of them. one woman we reached said she didn't have any comment and hung up. police said they had to clear the scene before releasing any children. they say he was targeted. they're just not saying why. >> we don't believe it was a random act. so, we do want to ensure the community that we are actively looking for the suspect. >> reporter: his family tonight is asking for that shooter to turn themselves in. the family along with police are asking for anyone who knows anything about this crime to contact new castle county police. in wilmington, delaware deanna durante, "nbc10 news." murdered for headphones. today a jury convicted a philadelphia man for killing another man just to get his hands on his popular dr. dre beats headphones. he was found guilty of
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second-degree murder in the 2013 shooting. garcia lashed out in the courtroom. they say christian massey was walking to a friend's house when garcia tried to steal his headphones. massey refused to turn them over and garcia started shooting hitting massey in the chest. a judge will rule thursday on whether revel casino can block a sale to developer. today a bankruptcy judge heard arguments on whether revel can call off the $95 million deal with the florida developer. revel says he could not meet a deadline under the agreement and should be able to keep his $10 million deposit as well. straud's lawyers say revel told him they have many other interested buyers. who will headline this year's firefly music festival? two big acts were just announced but find out which rumored performer was left off the list.
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where people in our area could take part in a study for alzheimer's drugs. big news for blue cross broad street run. how runners and nbc10 will work together to make history.
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on this cold tuesday night, let's take a live look here at 76th and vine street where it looks like traffic is moving along pretty well here. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz will bring you his full forecast coming up in a few minutes. take a look at this. a layer of ice and snow covering the service of the delaware river. sky force 10 over the water near the betsy ross bridge. coast guard crews were breaking up some of that ice today. they say the water is flowing underneath. tonight a warning from thoerlts in south jersey. they're telling kids who want to step onto frozen lakes to ice skate or play hockey be careful out there. despite below freezing temperatures for several days in a row, not all area lakes are frozen solid. medford police have stepped up patrols to check on kids. sky force 10 back over an ice-coated building in west philly are where there are growing concerns of a collapse here. following a fire here yesterday, freezing temperatures turned the place into an urban glacier.
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well, now the ice is adding weight to the damaged building and the city may speed up the demolition process. now in south jersey. talk about four-wheel drive. check out this monster of a truck in camden county. a local free company hauled it out to remove limbs. with the overnight snow the off-road truck with its massive tires is the only way to get in and out. new at 6:00 just announced this year's lineup for the popular firefly music festival in dover, dell. kings of leon and the killers are two of the headliners. third is still being chosen. paul mccartney was rumored to be the top headline but was not announced. the concert begins june 18th. opponents took another step to stop a standardized test for new jersey students. teachers union launched an ad campaign. students through 3rd through
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11th grade will start taking the test next month. they say it's unnecessary and students vaeptd had enough time to prepare. the general assembly is considering a bill to allow children to opt out of this exam. doctors are testing a new experimental drug for alzheimer's disease. by the year 2020 doctors believe the number of americans living with alzheimer's could triple to 15 million people. despite those numbers, researchers say they have a hard time recruiting people for these studies. they blame a variety of factors including fear shame and denial. this new noble study is looking for 450 patients aren't the country. testing sites in our area including the hospital of university of pennsylvania in philadelphia and abington neurological societies. >> it's the largest ten-mile race in the country and today nbc10 and telemundo 62 are making history. >> we're very proud to announce we're the new broadcast sponsors
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of the blue cross broad street run. we're excited to partner with blue cross and philadelphia parks and recreation to broadcast the race from start to finish for the first time. runners have hit broad street for 36 years now. nbc10 and telemundo 62 will showcase all the events leading up to the race on may 3rd. >> it really makes a great deal of sense for nbc10 and tell menemundo 62 to bring this race, this fine tradition, into the living rooms of people throughout our region. they'll understand why it's so special to all these runners and their families to be a part of the event. and it's truly a philadelphia tradition. >> the ten-mile run starts at olney avenue and finishes at the navy yard. can you see every mile when we broadcast the race live on nbc10 and telemundo 62 sunday may 3rd. 40,000 people will take part. those lucky runners got the news today through a lottery system.
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6600 did not get a spot. >> but you still have one more chance to get in by running with us. so, make sure you have the nbc10 app. that's where we will reveal how you can win a spot on the nbc10/telemundo 62 team. the snow ended soon enough where we had enough sunshine to melt some of that snow dry up some of the roads. areas that did not dry up that got some melting and they're wet now, is going to refreeze. as temperatures continue to plunge. we're tracking some snow showers around this time tomorrow or a little bit later. and the coldest air of the season is on the way in. we had a lot of sunshine during the day today. once that snow moved out, the ice on the river continues to increase. 26 degrees, 27-mile-an-hour wind and makes it feel like 18
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degrees. it's 10 degrees warmer than it was at this time yesterday. since january 24th boston has had 90 1/2 inches of snow while philadelphia has had 7 1/2 inches of snow. last winter we had more snow than boston. so, that is just an amazing contrast. boston is not that far away, really. when you see the temperature already dropping into the teens with the clear skies and light wind and that fresh snow cover, so it will be a very cold night. we have snow back to the west. not very impressive. some snow showers, it's not a storm or anything like that. as we go into the evening tomorrow, we could get a burst of snow. could provide a quick coating, maybe an inch in some spots. wind gusts and then it's out of here. then the arctic air returns, along with it the northwest winds.
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these are lake-effect streamers, as we call them coming down from the great lakes. can you get some nice little snow flurries out of that. the other thing that happens is how much colder it's going to feel. by tomorrow afternoon it will feel like mid-20s. it's not bad. we can handle that. there's tomorrow night. mid-20s gep. now it's starting to get colder as we go into thursday morning. feeling like it's close to zero. even below zero in some spots. thursday afternoon, thursday afternoon feeling like it's below zero north and west. and then tomorrow night -- thursday night into friday morning, that's when temperatures are the lowest. that's when it's going to feel the coldest. 10 to 20 below zero. and the air temperature may be near zero for the first time since 1994 in philadelphia. that arctic air, that's coming. it's already here but it's
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intensifying. look at the colors getting brighter and brighter. that indicates the coldest air. we're expecting it to get close to zero maybe a little below in parts of the region and some records are going to be falling there. now, after that we have a system coming in over the weekend that's going to cause some issues. more on that in a minute. very cold tonight with sha slush, refreezing. 14 for the low in philadelphia. 9 in some suburbs, including some places that had a lot of snow. yesterday, last night and into this morning, like delaware and south jersey. tomorrow the clouds increase. it's cold. it's not that windy. highs in the mid to upper 20s. considering it was mid to upper 20s today, didn't feel that cold because of what we've gone through. but after 5:00 and in most cases after 7:00 or 8:00 tomorrow night. that's when you get those snow showers. and then the frigid air comes
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in. highs only in the teens. you saw the windchillings 10 to 20 below zero. near records for friday morning. and then over the weekend we get this storm coming in. it looks like it would start as snow because the atmosphere is so cold. but it looks like it will warm up. that means a change from snow to an icy mix saturday night to rain on sunday. most of sunday could be just raining. and then change to rain at end on sunday night. sheena will have new, updated information coming in at 11:00. nate allen reacts to being detained last night. we go to clearwater and teemu takes a big step in his recovery.
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i'm john clark. nate allen is very upset after being detained in ft. myers, florida. he was questioned for indecent exposure. he tells the news press of ft. myers, it's disgusting to even be associated with something like this. just the fact there's an accusation with my name about doing something that repulses ive, he says the whole time i was sitting in this holding cell i'm thinking, football isn't even worth all this. phillies pitchers and catchers report to clearwater in two days. let's head to florida. marshall harris joins us. could the bull pen be the best part of this team? >> reporter: well there's plenty of concern about the phillies. certainly the bull pen is not one of them. you look at the fact they have jake dekeman kenny giles and back of the bull pen, pappen
6:24 pm
bone palin papelbon. i asked, what if he gets traded? >> i hope not because he's a great teacher. he teaches you the mentality what to have in the bull pen, physically what to do talking to hitters. we have a core group of young guys down there, and i feel like we're in pretty good hands. >> reporter: as for papelbon himself, you know he has a way of words. you don't have to wait too long to hear from him. that's because he has a press conference scheduled for saturday after the phillies workout. live in clearwater florida, for nbc10, marshall harris comcast sportsnet. >> flyers back home tonight hosting columbus. they can move within four points of a playoff spot if they win tonight. look at this today. teemu skated with his teammates for the first time. the ultimate respect, a stick tap, that very rarely ever
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happens in a practice. he joked he felt like he was 50 years old. >> it takes time. it's not like it's going to get back in a day or two. good seven, ten day, good practices. i'm ready to go, i think. seton hall sterling gibbs is suspended two games for this cheap shot. gibbs apologized. ryan tweeted, it's all good. john clark at comcast sportsnet, back to you. for a look at what's coming up on "nbc10 news" at 11:00 -- the talk of the town. the new rocky moving filmy in philadelphia. how crooks are scamming people in our area who are looking for a taste of hollywood.
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not a lot of snow in our area but just as predicted. >> more snow in southern delaware and extreme south jersey.
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some of the specific amounts out there, 6 1/2 inches in -- i can't even reason. >> in selbyville -- >> brandywine. >> those are the delaware numbers. in new jersey cape may wins with 7 inches. mcguire air force base got 6 1/2 as well. officially in philadelphia only 3.7. that puts us over the 10-inch mark for the season so far compared to 90-plus for boston. we have more snow coming in. we first have a system moving in on saturday to give us some snow. changing to some icy mix. maybe a little freezing rain saturday night and then to rain on sunday. this is not going to be an all-snow system like this last one was. each storm is different and this
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one is very different. >> never a dull moment. >> for all of us here at "nbc10 news," thanks for watching. >> the news continues now with "nbc nightly news." on the broadcast tonight, out of control. cars flying off the road. people trapped on ice. tonight this unending snow and freezing rain grinding highways to a halt deep into the south. the showdown over immigration takes a dramatic turn. a last-minute ruling dashes american dreams for millions of families under the threat of deportation. the train disaster. still burning tonight. so hot, investigators can't even get near it. as new questions emerge about all the dangerous cargo moving through so many cities and towns. and paying it forward. one restaurant's secret recipe that's helping to change the lives of the people who work there. "nightly news" begins now. >> announcer: from


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