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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 530a  NBC  February 18, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EST

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plummeting overnight. cape may is looking at temperatures in the teens right now. that's a frozen beach avenue. a view from the lafayette hotel. there's plenty of cold to go around right now in allentown. 8 in trenton. mount holly is zero. and it's 14d3úwç degrees right now in philadelphia international. the temperatures right now are going to be coming up and down in the next hour. they will come down more 12 degrees at 7:00. then with sunshine we'll see upper teens at 9:00. and then the 20s this afternoon. we'll be heading closer to the 30-degree mark. that's a nice warm up with sunshine today, but there are some snowflakes in store for us tonight. we'll take you through it hour by hour with the future weather when i'm back in ten. but right now we'll go to jillian mele with more on the weather. good morning to you at home. we are following a house fire in the taconey section of torresdale avenue. we have fire activity here with police blocking the intersection
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with levick street. one person was treated at the scene for minor injuries. the problem is here with firefighting efforts, the water being used to fight the fire turns to ice on the ground and sidewalks. so watch out for that this morning. the intersection here as you can see is blocked off. take robin street as your alternate in the area. 76 is not reporting any big delays just yet. as we get closer to 6:00 we'll see pockets of volume start to build. but drive times are looking to be average between 11 to 12 minutes near the blue route and the vine. we are following breaking news with a man dead and another in critical condition after both stabbed outside a bar. nbc 10's matt delucia is on the scene in west oak lane since before 4:00 a.m. bring us up to speed. >> reporter: within the past 15 minutes, philadelphia police reopened this intersection here that had been shut down for quite a while as the
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investigation unfolded this morning. but you can see right there that's the barring question, one man is dead and another is in critical condition. and police tell me that there was an argument inside that bar right around 2:30. the argument continued outside and that's where witnesses say this stabbing happened. the two victims were stabbed several times and witnesses put them in their car and drove them to einstein medical center. and the hospital workers were the ones who called 911 when the victims were brought in. take a listen to audio from the chief inspector scott small telling us about this incident. >> we believe both of the victims as well as the perpetrator were all inside of this bar. and that's when an argument started. the argument came outside of the bar where along strandton avenue we found the cell phone, a hat, broken glasses and a large amount of blood that we believe is the victim's blood. >> reporter: so quite a bit of
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evidence out here. detectives are working on the details of this crime, including a theory of a recently fired employee at this bar. but three witnesses are still being interviewed and there are several neighbors cameras out here as well as a city crime camera that recorded at least part of this stabbing. so detectives are looking at that video now. and the search is on for the stabber who took off. we are told they are in a gray buick lesabre. and at 5:33 a water main break in the fox chase section of philadelphia. water started gushing around 12:30 this morning at ripley and bingham streets to cause the sinkhole in the ground. water crews shut off the water and plan to return to fix the debris. we are working now to find out how many lost water service there. and some slick spots in some philadelphia neighborhoods could cause problems for drivers this morning. jillian was alerting us to that. we did find icy patches on some side streets in fish town.
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and that's because yesterday's snow turned to slush and then froze overnight. nbc 10's katy zachry is live in the fox chase neighborhood. how are the roads there as you show us pretty deep drifts there? >> reporter: we are right along central avenue. if i stick my arm in that's 3 inches. that's how much snow this area saw yesterday. but here it is extremely slippery. i'm putting my foot over slush that was -- that yesterday the slush has turned icy. now i just talked to a walker who lives in this area on the other side of central avenue where it is burro palm park. yesterday after the snow occurred, imagine that this area was completely plowed. and he said all of this snow is snow that blew over from the park. so that is pretty significant. and it was on the roadway after plows came through and it froze on the roadway. because this stuff is stuck to the road.
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making for some slippery driving. you can see there are several cars here who yesterday their owners were home and they weren't going to dig out. there's considerable snow around many cars in this neighborhood in the fox chase section. so you want to go to your car with a shovel and be prepared to shovel it out. reporting live in fox chase, katy zachry, "nbc 10 news." and today is the day to do the shoveling because today is our one-daybreak from the winter weather this week. but as bill said record cold is ahead for the end of the week. and you want to stay on top of it using the nbc10 app to get the latest winter weather alerts and a free download in the app store. it is 5:35. you are looking live at what some are calling the ice palace that doesn't look real. it's ice colded and a building at 52nd and locust in north philadelphia. the opener wants to demolish it before it collapses. on one side this is the fire we brought you on monday morning as breaking news. and the fire was so intense
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firefighters dumped so much water on it. and then the other side is the result. what the poor medical building in west philadelphia now looks like covered in ice. and the city has deemed the medical building imminently dangerous and the owner wants to millionish it as soon as the fire marshall completes the investigation. and school officials will look at dozens of applications for new charter schools that critics say the city cannot afford. the school commission will deny or grant the applications this afternoon. parents, students and citizens plan to demonstrate outside the building saying more charter schools will take away funding from public schools. and happening today, atlantic city mayor don guardian delivers the state of the city address. he'll speak tonight during the city council meeting expected to talk about cutting $15 million from the city's payroll budget. atlantic city's finances are on shaky footing after the casino crisis and the decline in real
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estate. and protesting apparently pays off. a local university is scrapping its plan for a halfway house for mental health patients after hearing from police and neighbors. this morning we'll tell you what the university will do with this house now. and a taste of hollywood. nbc 10 takes you to the diner at the center of a filming of a "rocky" sequel in philadelphia. and 13 days here at nbc 10. we're tracking some snow that is going to be here tonight. your hour by hour forecast is here when we come right back.
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bundle up if you're heading out the door. temperatures have plummeted overnight. right now in philadelphia, we're at 14 degrees, but much of the area is colder than that. and still falling with clear skies and no sun. yet we're looking at 3 degrees in pottstown. doylestown, 5 degrees right now. 13 in wilmington. look at the cold for camden
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audubon, 10 degrees. single digits in voorhees this morning. the good news is clear skies for delaware south jersey southeastern pennsylvania. we'll be in the clear during the day today, but tonight these clouds will be moving in. and with those clouds a chance of some scattered snow showers. before they get here 3:00 this afternoon, 30 degrees in philadelphia. and the sunshine will feel warmer. then the clouds start moving in this evening as temperatures come down. at 7:00 this evening, we'll see scattered showers. very light showers moving through burkes and lancaster and chester county. those showers are destined for the philadelphia area. could see a dusting but less than an inch with the scattered light snow showers at 11:00 tonight. then as the showers clear, the temperatures will come way down and the wind will be blowing tomorrow. so tomorrow morning may feel colder than it is right now. we'll show you how long the cold will last in the seven-day forecast when i'm back in ten. 20 minutes until 6:00 hope
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your heater is working well in your car this morning. >> hope you have enough windshield wiper fluid after yesterday. jillian mele is here to look at the roads. the majors in and out of center city, philadelphia, look good right now. no delays or accidents on the highways. this is the vine street expressway eastbound making your way out to 95. the vine is clear, 95 is looking good with the blue route quiet and so is 76. coming up in a few minutes, a check on the drive times for the northeast extension. 5:41 right now. it's the touch that touched off a social media storm. we will show you what vice president joe biden has done to become the talk on twitter again. and nbc 10 is proud to partner with the blue cross broad street run. details on this year's already sold out event and how we're changing the way that you can watch the run.
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two people are stabbed outside of a bar in the west oak lane of philadelphia. one victim is dead and another in critical condition. it stems from an argument that happened inside the bar. and two school districts can earn college credits while still
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in high school. the west chester school district and the downing town school district will allow students to enroll in college credits and learn from faculty members. and students are battling against standardized tests and doing it with an ad campaign. >> the fact that these tests are having on our students is already coming through. it's already showing, and they have not even taken the tests yet. >> the largest teachers union launched this ad against the park exam. students in grades 3-11 will start to take the tests next month. state application officials say this better measures how students are learning. lawmakers are considering a bill to allow children to opt out of the test. happening today, president obama will host an international summit on violent extremism. vice president joe biden will open the three-day gathering
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with policymakers by meeting with big city mayors. several cities have been running pilot studies on how to work with citizens who deter terrorism. some will stop others from recruiting violence. and at the national cathedral in washington, they will mark the end of the first phase of repairs following damage caused by the 2011 earthquake. more work needs to be done in the cathedral and officials have an update on the money and time needed to complete the restoration project. and what did he whisper? vice president joe biden's awkward moment with the new defense secretary's wife remains a hot topic on twitter this morning. here's what we're talking about, during the swearing in ceremony the vice president signaled carter's wife from across the room and put both of his hands on her shoulders. lingering for 20 seconds before whispering something in her ear. >> and here's a look at the twitter commentary about the
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exchange. vice president joe biden is making news for all the wrong reasons today. joe biden takes being biden to new heights or depths. and then another post biden gets creepy. we have new information this morning about a high school hazing case in middlesex county. the court rules that the seven high school students will remain closed to the media. and the seven face charges from hazing to aggravated sexual assault. the school district canceled the rest of the team's season last october amid the investigation. and princeton university is marking the largest gift in history. the fiphilanthropist left his large value of books and man you scripts valued at $300 million and houses in the library named for shy. and there's a plan for a proposed group home in this camden county community. rutgers university behavioral
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health care will not be building that home in berlin after dozens of people came out to protest the plan citing their safety concerns. under the plan up to eight people who have mental health issues would have been able to live in the group home at any given time. and gloucester county is working to fix a rusty water problem mostly in the bellmeade and royal oaks part of town. officials urged residents to run their faucets until the water clears. they say the discolored water is not a health threat. and new jersey is offering training programs to help get residents ready for new jobs coming to camden. potential workers learn skills from the camden county college partnered with business and construction labor unions. the program will serve just 20 residents the serve year as they will be trained in specific jobs currently available at four businesses. and more than 11 million people are now covered under president obama's affordable care act but the final number could grow or shrink because some people didn't finish their
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applications before the february 15th deadline. they have until this sunday to do that. and if consumers don't pay their premiums, the number could go down. some lawmakers want a chance for uninsured people facing tax penalties to sign up. and plenty cold outside this morning. the temperatures are still falling at this hour. clear skies, that's a clear view across the delaware. but that's ice flowing on the delaware. the temperatures have dropped into the single digits for reading and 4 degrees. 16 in cape may. we'll see sunshine in philadelphia. 14 degrees right now up. but the sun will warm things up in the pocano mountains into the 20s this afternoon. right now it is right near zero degrees in mount pocano. and camelback, plenty cold. that's the view from camelback where they are grooming the slopes this morning. not a lot of wind. that's the good news. the windchill is not really a factor this morning and won't be during the day today. but it will be tomorrow morning. the difference is what is coming
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in tonight. see these clouds? these will give us a few scattered snow showers. and behind those clouds a blast of cold air that will bring us close to record levels come friday morning. for today, sunshine. and after a very cold start, we'll be near freezing this afternoon with enough sunshine to start the melting process during the day. but anything that melts doesn't dry up and will be refrozen tomorrow morning. 14 degrees and colder with a blast of wind that will stay with us during the afternoon. and make for an even colder morning on friday. so potentially record-breaking in parts of the area. 3 degrees friday morning with the record 1 degree in philadelphia. 12 on saturday. but on saturday temperatures will climb. as wet weather moves in any snow changes to rain saturday evening and rain is likely for sunday as well. and it will get colder monday and tuesday. which people at home could see jillian throwing visual daggers at bill henley as he delivers the record cold for
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friday? >> they are like this or this. >> like this. i have good news on the roads. we'll take that while we have it for sure. this is a live look at the blue route near the mid county toll plaza. a few drivers are out there, but the blue route is clear the entire length of the way with drive times between 95 and 76 at 16 minutes right now. so a good start for drivers there. and if you're heading out on the northeast extension this morning, your drive times are pretty quiet. 21 to 22 minutes between quakertown and the interchange. even the majors in the lehigh valley are quiet including 22 78 and 309. organizers have named the grammy rock band kings of leon has co-headliner of this year's firefly music festival in dover. the killers will also headline
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the event, snoopdogg is there, too. it begins june 18th. we can all look forward to june can't we? >> that would be nice. and here's another thing to take your mind off the cold maybe you would like to be an extra in a movie. >> nbc 10 got an exclusive look at the set for a spinoff movie from the "rocky" franchise. the film is entitled "creed." here's a look at "rocky's" adrian restaurant. the owner told keith jones about his experience with the cast and crew members who were there yesterday, including sylvester stallone. >> sometimes he would come up to the boar and say, yo greg, pour me a drink. last time he was doing that. and i just stay out of the way. >> they need a lot of extras to be in the movie, so if you want to be an extra, contact erie casting at and big business for local restaurants. this morning we're taking a look at the economic impact of
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philadelphia's hosting of the 2016 democratic national convention. we'll tell you how restaurants change their strategy in terms of getting the most bang for their buck. and new concerns for trains carrying dangerous cargo across the country following the massive explosion. what experts have to say about the environmental impact of the explosion in west virginia.
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we are learning more about the train derailment and explosion in west virginia. we have just found out that the train was a newer model that already met more rules and regulations than the law requires. some of the cars there in west virginia are still smoldering and environmental experts do not believe any oil spilled into a nearby river. now here at home you know nbc 10 has done several stories on the safety of trains that carry crude oil through this area. nbc 10's george spencer talked to several local groups trying to stop the trains from going through big cities. federal officials will also discuss if the trains should be rerouted around highly populated
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areas. it's a story we will continue to follow. and we're learning how philadelphia was chosen to be the host city for the 2016 democratic national convention. debbie wasserman schultz wrote an editorial in "the philadelphia inquirer" talking about the year's long process of choosing the city. she also wrote, quote, philadelphia stood out with respect to our essential security logistics and resource search criteria. and i'm thrilled that the next president will be nominated in the cradle of american democracy. and one decision restaurant owners have to decide is whether to serve people during normal hours or just host special groups. restaurant owners have to determine if money made from private parties will outpace business as usual. economists say normal hours do have their perks as some restaurants could see a 30% jump in sales during the dnc. well, in less than three months, 40,000 runners will take off down broad street in
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philadelphia and nbc 10 will be there with them every step of the way. we're proud to announce nbc 10 and telemundo 62 are the television sponsors of the blue cross broad street run. this is the first time in the 36-year history of the race it will be broadcast live from start to finish. the ten-mile blue cross run will be on may 3rd and start at olney avenue and finish at the navy yard in south philadelphia. >> it would be really wonderful for the citizens to see this in action when they stretch ten miles, almost the full length of broad street. >> it's become such a tradition, it's a race that families participate in together. neighborhoods pin each other against themselves and enjoy participating in this race. >> and if you would like a spot on the nbc 10 team we'll have the details on that revealed soon on the nbc 10 app. you can also check out our app closer to race day for reported
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information on the race whether you are running or just watching from the sidelines like i'll probably be doing. or reporting from the sidelines, perhaps. >> no i think it is cool if you didn't get a bid, maybe you can be on our team. >> it is weird watching mid-february and seeing people running in shorts through philadelphia. >> for the first time i'm eager about participating in a run just looking at that video of people in warm weather. i'm not saying i'm going to run. >> okay. >> thank you very much chris. see you on the course. you're watching "nbc 10 news." "nbc 10 news" at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. and there is a murder investigation going on right now in the west oak lane section of philadelphia that happened outside this bar. and police tell us the fired employee may be connected to the deadly stabbing. and neighbors are calling it an ice palace. the city calls it dangerous. why the rush is on to take down
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this building covered in ice. and speaking of frozen, some people are waking up to frozen sidewalks and streets. be careful with slick spots still out there. and we are off to a frigid start this morning with a slight warm-up before it gets colder. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. it is frigid out there and there's good news that you need sunglasses this afternoon. we'll go right to meteorologist bill henley and the forecast. we'll see lots of sunshine today. so a lot of that will be melting even though the temperatures will be just below freezing for much of the afternoon. and it's a treadmill sort of morning with clear skies overnight. the temperatures have plummeted. lots of icy spots. that's a live view from the comcast center in center city. the temperatures we'll take a look. they plummeted into the single digits for pottstown rightstown toms river. trenton at 7 degrees. and it's 15 in roxborough and northeast philadelphia. south philly, 21 degrees. we'll see bright sunshine


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