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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  February 18, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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right now at 11:00 a.m. we're following breaking news out of montgomery county today. a stabbing involving two men at a meat packing facility. we just learned that victim has died. it happening in franconia township. monique just arrived on the scene. a news conference just wrapped up. what can you tell us? >> that's right. montgomery county assistant district attorney just talked to us. and confirmed two male employees got into some sort of altercation here at this plant. one of them was stabbed the other pass wassed away the other is a suspect and he's
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hospitalized. let me show you what is going on at the scene. you can see district attorneys, forensic services unit is at the scene. also if you look at the yellow cones that are on the pavement here. they mark crime screen evidence. we're not sure what they are marking, because we're so far away but we can tell you that at least the four that we see, and if you go further down the road, there's several others leading into the plant that mark etched. we have also learned that a knife has been recovered. looking at video that we captured earlier this morning, one person being air lifted to the hospital. another person was taken by ambulance to abbington, landsdale. we're not sure where the person who passed away was taken to but we presume that the person who was in the most critical case was taken to paoli and that made be the person who passed away. some is preliminary
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investigative information. let's listen to kevin steele to bring us up to date. >> appears there's not a danger to the community. one is deceased and one in surgery right now. >> according to the company's website. jf beforeself is a world leader producing animal protein. they process cattle by-products. for feeding of animals, not for human consumption or for dog food. we'll have another update for you. live for now, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> thank you monique. sky force with breaking news in wilmington. harlan middle school after
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students smelled case. the students are at the middle school until the fire department tells them it's safe to return. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> another cold day, but the sun is out and we're getting a break from the wind taking a live look at center city vifl. we found some roads are still covered in snow and ice. this is at hasbrook. you can see there's a lot of snow on that record. we have glenn "hurricane" schwartz with the forecast. glenn snfrmt some glenn? >> over all, it's try and the sun is warming up and keeping it dry. we do have snow that's not that far away coming into western pennsylvania. this band of snow showers that
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will be moving in, looks like during the night tonight as we go through the afternoon. there's no threat of any kind of snow but later on during the evening, you could see some of those snow showers moving through. that's just a brief thing. what's coming in after that is another round of brutal air. it's 27 degree at philadelphia now. we were down below zero in parts of the area this morning and there's not a whole lot of wind. so quite an improvement over this morning. temperatures up to 30 or right around the freezing mark this afternoon and then the clouds increase tonight with snow showers. we have more potential record cold along with a weekend storm. we'll have timing on both with the seven-day in just a few minutes. all right. thank you glenn. you can track the snow showers heading our way along with the record cold heading with it. you get it by going to the app store. we have new information about this frozen building in
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west phil. the owner tells us he hired a demolition company. water hoegss encased the building at 52nd and locust in thousands of pounds of ice during the fire. now the danger is that building because of the weight of the ice could collapse. we talked to chief of staff. >> taking this seriously, obviously, this is something we want to get. this is a commercial area and we want to make sure we get it up running as quickly as we can. >> the fire marshal is expected to rule on the cause of the police later today. philadelphia police continue to look at a suspect or suspects after a double stabbing that left one person dead outside of a bar. police say the stabbing followed the argument inside the bar. a 29-year-old man died. second victim right now in critical condition. a city crime camera captured recorded at least part of that stabbing. they are reviewing that video
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now. new video this morning. philadelphia police hope to catch a robber. they want to identify the suspect seen pointing a gun at clerks at 711 at aldi. he forced the workers to turn over money and cigarettes and took off on foot. if you recognize this guy please call police. sky force 10 was over this car crash that sent the driver to the hospital. it hit a telephone pole and overturned. it happened at 6:30. first responders had to pull the driver out. his condition is not known. the cause of that crash is under investigation. >> pgw crews had to fix a gas leak overmidnight. crews arrived to make the repair. they evacuated several homes. those people stayed warm on a
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bus. nbc 10 was also on the scene of a water main break in the fox chase section of philadelphia. water started gushing around 12:30 this morning at ripably and bingham streets. it caused a large sinkhole. we're working to fine out how many people lost water service. happening today, philadelphia officials will look at dozens of applications for new charter schools. critics say the city can't afford it. the school commission will grant or deny the applications at a public hearing this afternoon. a group of parents students and citizens all plan to demonstrate. more charter schools will take away funding from the public schools. >> mayor of atlantic city will address his state of the city address. the mayor will speak during tonight's city council meeting. he's expected to cut $15 million from the payroll budget.
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atlantic city's budget is on shaky ground because of decline in real estate assessment. tomorrow bankruptcy judge is expected to rule on revel's casino. but after glen stroud failed to meet a deadline but stroud said he's trying to negotiate a deal with the owners to salvage a $95 million sale. eagles' safety nate allen is speaking out about being detained the police in the home state of florida. he said he did nothing wrong. allen said he was falsely accused of exposing himself in ft. meyers' florida. he was questioned for 4 1/2 hours before he was released. police say the 16-year-old accuser changed her story several times. allen said he is still upset. >> even just having this type of accusation tagged to your name something this disgusting or
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repulsive, that's what bothers me at the end of the day. 'my 'ft. myers police say the investigation remains active. and he wants to let his accuser know he forgives her. and the station recently named william h. gray station. a lot of people will pass through when the pope comes to visit and well as dnc comes through in 2016. senator bob casey will be at the station 20 minneapolises from now. he expects to call for amtrak to speed up the station's infrastructure. finishing that work boosts services as well as economic activity in that area. today christians around the world and our area as well is marking the beginning of the leapt season. it's ash wednesday. nbc 10 was at the basilica of
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st. peter and paul. masses will be had at 12:05, 12:350 and 12:15. lent is the 40-day period of reflection fasting leading up to easter. up next snow day emergency. the dangerous adventure that led to the dramatic rescue that was caught on camera in jersey. plus biden being biden. the latest example of social awkwardness by the vice president is taking social media by storm. i'm tracking some snow showers heading our way as well as potential for record cold and a storm that affects your weekend. the timing of it all, just ahead.
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we are learning more this morning about an oil train derailment and explosion in west virginia. we just found out the train's tanks were a newer model that already met a higher safety standard than federal law requires and this is new video from the scene of that derailment this morning. it appears the train cars no longer smoldering. investigators could get close enough today to figure out why this train derailed. >> happening today, president obama will host an international summit on violent extremism. joe biden will open the three-day gathering by meeting with mayor the.
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several city run pilot studies determining how to work with terrorism. the summit is to persuade year years to acts of violence. the ruling temporarily blocked the president's executive order to protect millions of undocumented immigrants from being deported. those rules were to take effect today. rules in the obama administration are appealing the judge's ruling. jeb bush is outlining his foreign policy in a speech today. the chicago talks, set in chicago. comes as bush is considering a run for the white house. experts released ahead of time show jeb bush will show his views will not be influenced by those of his father or brother. his views shaped by his own thinking and experiences. it's the first full day of the carper administration. ashton carter begins his first
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day as secretary of defense. after being sworn in yesterday. carter met with president obama at the white house. carter served as deputy defense secretary from 2011 to 2013 and he's a graduate of abbington high school. during ashton carter's swearing-in ceremony yesterday. it appears someone else stole his spotlight at least on social media. while carter was speaking the vice president waved over carter's wife from across the room told her to come over. then the vice president, as you see, put both hands on her shoulders, lingering 20 seconds before whispering something in her ear. many tweeted with this awkward moment. vice president joe biden is making news for all of the wrong reasons. joe biden takes being biden to a new heights or depths quote, biden gets creepy. the vice president's second most talked about moment came while
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discussing somalia americans. let's listen in. >> i might add, if you come to the train station. i have great relations with them. there are an awful lot driving cabs and are friends of mine for real. vice president biden made those comment between drawing parallel between somali youth in minneapolis and his home town of delaware. a teen was rescued from monmouth county. take a look at this scene as emergency workers pulled the 14-year-old girl from the sandy hook bay in middletown township. the teens and her friends cowled along the pipe. the girl apparently lost her footing and fell in. >> the two young ladies were playing on the ice probably and found themselves in a bad situation. none of the ice in new jersey is safe ice.
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you need to stay off especially salt ice on the bay. the teen was taken to the hospital but is expected to be sign. the bay doesn't usually freeze over. but this winter has been exceptional. i'll say. commuters in boston are fed up with continued delays in the transit system following record snowfall. it appears there's no end in sight. transit officials warn it won't run for at least a month or longer if there's a significant snowstorm. the governor hopes they get back on track sooner than that. they are working as aggressively as possible to remove the snow from their tracks. meanwhile. they are warning people to stop diving into the snow. stunts like this are foolish and people could kill themselves if they hit the ground under the snow. now your nbc 10 first alert
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weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> i have never seen that in all of the years of looking at lots and lots of snow. we're tracking snow showers. nothing that big but just enough to create a nuisance. then another round of potential record cold in our area and a weekend storm that looks to bring a different types of precipitation to the area. got a lot of sunshine now and a lot of ice on the delaware river. it's 27 degree feels like 22. where there's hardly any wind right now, and let's compare boston to philadelphia. since january 24th. boston has had over 90 inches of snow. in philadelphia we've had 7 1/2. last winter, philadelphia was snowier than boston. what a change in one year. now, this morning, we saw some places below zero.
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allentown and quaker town, 2 below. pottstown, 1. mt. holly. 1 begrow womenington, minus 3, one of the warm spots philadelphia 11 degree. right now, it's 30 in wilmington. the sun is helping us out. the sun's rays are stronger in the second half of february than january. we can melt a little snow even if we don't get to freezing. here's additional snow approaching the west. some snow showers on the heavier side. watch what happens as we go through the rest of the day and into the evening after 7:00, here comes those snow showers. it's scattered around. it's not like saturday where everybody gets it. it's scattered but could get a
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burrst. burst and that moves out and cold winds come in. what kind of air is headed this way? well, it feels like it's 14 below in chicago. close to 50 below in central, canada. so, these windchills, this afternoon, in the 20s. go down to the single digits north and west. this evening and below zero across much of the area by tomorrow morning does not really improve during the day. it's going to feel like it's below zero much of the day tomorrow if not the entire day, then, look at that. thursday night. windchills, 10 to 20 below zero and more than 30 below in the poke nose. that's dangerous cold. you have to protect every square inch of your skin. mostly sunny skies today, not
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bitter cold but plain cold. high temperatures actually get to the freezing point in a couple spots. but not tonight. tomorrow, highs only in the teens with the wind all day. so, again, it's going to barely feel like zero then the low temperatures friday morning, that's in philadelphia. and we have wind on top of that. we're feeling like 10 to 20 bow low there. saturday morning could set some records in a couple places depending how much snow cover. then the storm saturday looks like snow late in the day. changing to a bit of an icy mix, and then eventually rain. looks like most of that next storm, weekend storm, would be rain as warmer air comes in. can't wait for the warmer air. thanks glen. >> when is the right time to drop your toddler's daytime nap? the results of a new study shows children may want to give
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mid-day snoozes a rest. parents really don't want to hear that. and a local artist is making the best of our frigid weather. find out where you'll find a masterpiece that's not likely to melt away any time soon.
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this week's wednesday's child is a bright and bubbly girl filled with energy. she's looking to find a forever family making her dreams come
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true. vai sikahema introduces us to gee ana giana. >> giana loves fashion and makeup. she loves to have fun and we went to the right place for that. she had a great time burping up the track. >> giana has a lot of personality. she's very bright. she's very articulate and is enthusiastic about life. she throws herself into whatever she's interested in. >> she is in the seventh grade and enjoys school. >> i really like computer, math lab, science lab. i am really good at math really really goode. >> giana is a smart young lady who knows what she wants in a family. >> i would like to have a loving family to take care of me. if i'm upset to be there to talk to me.
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>> the ideal family would be loving and nurturing. >> i think giana would be well with a family that could provide her with a lot of structure. she does well when there's clear expectations. either two parents. >> i would love mom and dad. baby brothers. i would love a dog and a cat. >> you would? >> she's ready for her forever home. giana is this week's wednesday's child. >> if you would like to make giana's dream come true. go to our website and search wednesday's child. you can also call the national adoption center at 1-866-20-adopt. we continue to follow breaking news in montgomery county this morning. a stabbing at a meat packing facility in franconia township.
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we're gathering new information what happened. we'll have a live update ahead. as family and friends gather to remember a woman shot and killed in an apparent road rage incident, there's a new twist to this case. i've been working with wednesday's child for ten years. during that time we have found home force hundreds of children. >> with the support of the dave thomas foundation every week we show a wednesday's child. jim: standardized testing has gone from a nuisance to a concern to a crisis. michael: we have this finite amount of time, and yet we're spending so much of it on this unproven standardized test when we really should be using that time in a better way focusing individually on our students.
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dave: education is supposed to be about our students, and it's becoming about a test. ros: what is our end goal in education? to be masters of a test?
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nbc 10 breaking news. right now, police investigating a workplace stabbing in montgomery county. one person dead and another in the hospital. it happened at a meat packing plant in montgomery township. monique braxton is live with an update. monique? >> reporter: two men got into a fight and both were stabbed but one has died.
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you can see the scene is marked off with police tape. in the far distance you see forensic services unit. i want you to pay special attention to the yellow cones at the trail of them that mark evidence leading down into the plant. now, sky force 10 was over the scene shortly after the incident at 8:00 this morning. we have one video a person being air lifted to paoli and another taken to landsdale hospital. when i asked the assistant attorney, he declined comment which died. one is considered to be the sole suspect. he's in surgery and police are guarding him. >> there was a knife involved and the knife was recovered. so we're processing the scene at this point. there's a lot of work still to do on the investigation. >> now according to the company's website, this is jbs,
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the former meat packing plant. they are considered a world leader in producing animal protein. an employee on sight tells us they process cattle by-product used for dog food, feed and other things but it's not used for human consumption. we're going to follow this investigation and have an update for you in our evening newscast and also on the nbc 10 news app. live for now, monique braxton nbc 10 news. thank you, monique. checking our other top stories this wednesday, an owner of a frozen building in west phil said demolition crews could tear down sometime today. water hoses encase this building in thousands of pounds of ice during a fire on monday morning. well, now the danger is this building could collapse. so it has to be demolished. >> still no arrest in a double stabbing in a bar.
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one victim died the other in critical condition. investigators are reviewing surveillance video. philadelphia school district will review applications for new charter schools. a group of parents students and citizens plan to demonstrate outside of the hearing today. they say more charter schools will take away funding from the public schools. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. it is cold outside but not feeling nearly as brutal as it has been over the last several days. take a live look at philadelphia's boat house road. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with us glenn? >> it was cold this morning some places below zero. we continue to see ice on the delaware river. we don't generally see that in most winters. that's how cold it's been. right now we're seeing clear skies. there's nothing on the radar close by. but, back to the west there's
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snow in western pennsylvania and in west virginia. moving this way. with an arctic front and we may very well see some by tonight. temperatures are below freezing but there is still some melting going on because the sun's rays are getting much stronger as we head through the end of february and, during the day today the clouds will be increasing late in the day. the temperature may get up to about the freezing mark. but then we watch those snow showers approach through the west generally after 6:00 or 7:00 tonight. and that is just the beginning of the next arctic blast. talk more about how cold it will get with the rest of the seven day in just a few minutes. >> all right. we'll see you then, glenn. tracking the show showers heading our way and record cold coming along with it with the nbc 10 app. you can get the latest forecast and alert. it's a free download. defense attorneys expert expected to present their full
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day of testimony against the man who killed chris kyle. eddie ralph is claiming insanity defense. his mother testified saying that he was never the same after military service. he was accused of killing childkyle and his friend. new information about a woman killed in a road wage incident. she was searching for a driver who cut her off while giving her teen daughter a driving lesson. friends and family gathered to remember 40-year-old tammy meyers. after she dropped her daughter off. she went looking for the other car. at one point she followed the other driver before returning home. police say that suspect's vehicle later pulled up in front of the house and someone inside opened fire. meyers' husband said his wife made a mistake and paid the
11:36 am
ultimate price. >> people are panicked things happened you know. and not always the right things to do. and emotions get ahead of what you should do. >> meyer's 22-year-old son exchanged gunfire with the suspect. police are still looking for the shooter. police are investigating excessive force during an arrest last april. police say they pulled over the man after his car matched a description about a call about shots fired. the man was screaming and kicking then one of the officers pointed out that the camera is rolling. >> hold up. hold up. everybody hold up. you guys are worried about camera, just wait. >> oh wow. ten seconds later the camera appeared to be turned off. police eventually dropped drug charges against the man on the video and the police department did not discipline any of the
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officers. in connecticut a crux company is offering to demolish the home of the sandy hook school shooter for free. the company is expected to meet to discuss details. they could also share a date to tear down the house where adam lanza lived with his mother. he killed his mother after he headed to a school and shot and killed students and teachers. authorities are looking for vandals at a cemetery in northern france overnight. the incident come days after a separate attack in a jewish secretary in eastern france where 250 graves were desecrated. five local teens were tea daned to for that desecration but so far no arrests in this more recent case. imagine learning you're accepted to college. you're all excited about it only to find out it's a computer error.
11:38 am
it happened to 800 applicants of carnegie melon university in pittsburgh. the university e-mailed acceptance letters monday and sent corrects letters out seven hours later. they explained serious mistakes in the e-mail generating process. the school apologized and is now conducting a review. great news here. we're proud to announce nbc 10 and telemundo 62 are the new tv sponsors of the blue cross broad street run. we'll broadcast the entire race live in english and spapish. we're excited to partner with blue cross and philadelphia parks and recreation center to broadcast the race from start to finish for the first time ever. now, this is the 36th year for the race. it draws some 40,000 runners. the ten-mile blue cross broad street run finishes at the navy
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yard in south filly and starts at olnec avenue. >> it's wonderful to see this in action as it stretches ten myles the full length of broadcast. >> it's such a tradition. neighbors pit themselves against each other and enjoy participating in this race. >> for those that didn't get a bid there's still spots on the nbc 10 team being led by our very own keith jones. details will be revealed soon on the nbc 10 news app. and check our app closer race day for morn information for the race. >> up next millions of americans suffer from them but there's a brand-new treatment for those debilitating migraine headaches. we have details just ahead. and i'm tracking snow showers as well as potential for record cold as well as a storm that affects the weekend.
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we'll break down the timing of it all straight ahead.
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new research suggests kids should not take a nap after the age of 2. who knew. australian researchers found that kids who napd over the day had a difficult falling asleep overnight. they found it difficult sleeping overall. experts recommend changing with the pediatrician before this study.
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if you suffer from migraines a high-tech device could keep the pain from coming back. we explain why it could be a good option for you. >> jane loved in constant fear of getting a migraine. her life came to a halt. >> feels like somebody has a knife and is driving it through your eyes or temples. it's not as bad as child birth but it's close. >> too close for comfort. she looked everywhere for relief. she tried medicine but did not like the side effects. >> if there's something i can do that can decrease the medication i'm taking into my body, i want to give it a try. >> there was. >> this is a great option for you. dr. vernon williams thought this new battery-powered device might help. >> this device is called cephaly. it's a way of applying
11:44 am
electrical stimulations across the forehead. overtime h. with stimulation of the nerve it's less likely to generate headaches. >> kim places a electrode to the forehead and attaches it to a head band. she wears it for 20 minutes for treatment once or twice a day. she says it feels a little tingly but it's not uncomfortable and so far presenting the pain. >> about two months i was 75% to 80% less of that type of migraine. it was amazing. it's a completely different quality of life and it feels good not to be taking the medication. >> and that was nbc's dr. hensel reporting today. the device $350 it's not covered by insurance. you also need a doctor's prescription to get it. now to florida where a theme park is banning water bottles.
11:45 am
as of now visitors cannot bring their own water bottles or other drinks to universal orlando. the ban started monday. a spokesman said it's part of reviewer procedure. it's not permanent but would not give any other details. the ban does not apply to baby formula or medication. the parent company of university orlando, ands in nbc 10. if you're fan of starbucks coffee you could soon have it delivered to the door. starbucks launched a new delivery service. it's part of the efforts to entice customers who require upscale cup of java. subscribers can have pack annuals of small batch reserve starbucks coffee delivered right to their home three to five days after the beans are roasted in seattle. all right. if you have a passion for fashion and also for doing
11:46 am
something good for others. well, boy do we have an event for you. we are right in the midst of the first ever philly small business fashion week. it's a series of events all benefits a great cause and joining me now to talk more about philly small business fashion week is terry matthews president of the nonprofit jaden's voice. it's good to have you with me. it's good to see you again. we all know fashion week is taking place in new york right now. >> absolutely. >> but philly has its own fashion week. >> oh, my goodness. >> phil has some of the best fashion we have. and creativity in the city which is awesome. to be part of the fashion week, right here in the city is a lot. i love it. >> what are some events people can expect to see take place? >> there's quite a bit. last night we had philadelphia fashion week for kids. it's so amazing. little kids hitity runway. we have accessories.
11:47 am
a couture night. >> as great as it is. couture, fashion parties. you're about more than that. this is going towards nonprofit. something you're passionate about. >> jaden's voice is name affidavit my son, jaden. who was diagnosed with autism. we recognize not all people could in this process. and in my journey, i was jaden's voice because he was nonverbal for quite some time. we joke and say he should have a t-shirt on because we pay that much money to get him to speak. >> not everybody can afford that. >> not everybody can. you're talking about 900 doctor's appointments. $200 grocery, $200 for speech theater. very costly. we're bidding this to make sure it's available for all children despite their economic status, who they know what they have. in addition to that making sure there's services also for caregivers and parents because
11:48 am
they get forgotten about. all 100% from phil small business fashion week go to jaden's voice and we're so grateful. >> doesn't get much bet are than that. >> no. >> it's philly event fashion week. go to our website or go to the nbc 10 mobile app. karen matthew, so good to see you today. good luck with everything. >> i appreciate it. thank you so much. >> glenn? >> now your. >> announcer: 10 first alert weather with glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> we saw some places get below zero this morning. now we have more snow showers on way. at least parts of the area coming in before midnight. another round of record cold for parts of the area. then a storm affecting us over the weekend. believe it or not most of that storm should be rain. but not all of it. we've got a lot of blue in that sky there now. not much wind.
11:49 am
so combination sunshine very little wind making it feel a lot more tolerable, 27 degrees 7 degrees warmer than yesterday. 20s just about everywhere. mt. pocono. up to there 30 in wilmington. we'll not see temperatures near that over the next couple of days. here's the first round of the snow showers coming through western pennsylvania, west virginia. not a solid area like it was on saturday. so we're not going to get that. the wind will not gust quite as strong. we'll get a gusty wind and some places could get a dusting up to an inch as it comes through. this is generally 7:00, 8:00 tonight. then by midnight it's pretty much gone except for perhaps the shore. and then the wind picks up and then it gets colder. and colder and colder.
11:50 am
here we are this afternoon. with the feels-like temperature, not too terrible. but as we go through the night, by 11:00, it's already feeling like single digits. tomorrow morning it's feeling like below zero across much of the area, if not the entire area. even the middle of the afternoon tomorrow feeling like it's 6 below in alantown, 7 below in redding, even 3 below in atlantic city. 7 below in dover. then by midnight look at that. down to minus 20 in allentown and close to minus 20 as you saw in philadelphia even, early friday morning. that's going to be the coldest air of the season so far and some record low temperatures may be broken. now, let's see if we can break this pattern before the month is over. well here's that next round of arctic air, and an awful lot of it.
11:51 am
areas on thursday covering much of the area. friday over the weekend, we start arctic. we warm up a little bit. just enough for the storm to change to rain. and then here comes another round of the arctic air and now we're talking about the end of next week, the end of the month, and you still have arctic air on top of us. so we're not changing this pattern at least through the rest of february overall. mostly sunny today. high temperatures around 30 or into the low 30s. that's the warmest it's going to be until we get to the weekend. starting tonight snow showers come and then it gets windy and bitter cold and potential record cold friday morning. some snow comes in late saturday but it looks like it may quickly change over to an icy mix and then rain as warmer air comes in. but that's only a temporary thing. colder air comes back next week.
11:52 am
well, you might be sick of sneeing snow and ice, but an artist is hoping you're going to change your mind when you see his work in philadelphia's fairmont park. don harris has been driving past a natural piece of ice from a road bridge. he decided to carve the ice into the shape of a goddess. the artist started at 1:30 this morning. he was still at it around 7:30. >> everybody is down about the weather and how it's so cold. i figure why not give somebody something to smile about. >> you can see drivers passing by were doing just that. with temperatures staying below freezing it shouldn't be melting any time soon. we'll be right back.
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coming up this afternoon, ellen is all knew. with neil patrick harris. today how one jersey shore town with reinvent an historic spot. and now to update our top stories. breaking news out of montgomery county. one person died another in a hospital after a stabbing at a
11:56 am
meat packing plant. it happened this morning in franconia township. two men that worked at the plant both were stabbed. one from the men being air lifted to the hospital. the surviving man is the sole suspect, authorities say and there's no threat to the public. i love this story. a beagle is america's top dog this year. miss p won best in show at the 139th westminster kennel club dog show. the soft spoken 4-year-old beagle -- soft spoken? she's from canada. related to uno, who were 2008 bade his way. and now, miss p. is that an upset? >> i want to think it was. turns out miss p was an upset. >> all right, glenn. >> you're upset the way winter
11:57 am
has been turning out even colder the last winter and we have snow showers coming into tonight and bitter cold air. all right. glenn and i will see you right back here today at 4:00. thanks for watching.
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>> aiden: so... now you know the truth. what are you gonna do about it? you're an officer of the court. you're obligated to report that chase accidentally shot his mom... and i covered it up. >> hope: before i decide... anything... i need you to tell me the whole story. i need to know exactly what happened the night that meredith died. please...


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