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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  February 18, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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inch across the area for those who do see that accumulation. as we go through time future weather taking us 6:00 7:00. you see that area of snow moving in. 8:00 it moves throughout middle of the area. by 10:00, moving into parts of new jersey and leaving delaware. we'll be watching that as we go through tonight. otherwise temperatures will be getting colder. today we were around 30 degrees. as we go into tonight, 6 p.m. still around 30 degrees. the clouds increasing. snow moving in by 8:00 tonight for most of the area. by 10:00, those winds will start to increase overnight tonight. winds will really pick up especially tomorrow. that will make it feel a lot colder. especially as we go into friday morning. coming up we'll talk more about that record cold under way. and also what your weekend looks like. rain and snow in the forecast. >> sadly that record-breaking cold we've been suffering through is also a killer. >> three people have died this winter in montgomery county and the coroner says their deaths
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were all preventable. deanna durante live in conshohocken. >> reporter: they sell used clothes and use that money to help people offset their heating bill and things they need. the coroner says those who died didn't need that help. what they needed was people to look after them. >> this really shouldn't happen in 2015. >> reporter: three people are dead from hypothermia, all since january 19th and all had family and neighbors. >> i don't think people give a damn. unfortunately, they no longer care the way they used to. >> reporter: he deals with death every day. he says weather-related deaths can be prevented. >> only 1% to 2% of the people we say has nobody. >> reporter: the colonial neighborhood food pantry is open. the thrift store raises money for those who need help paying their bills. when volunteers deliver meals to shut-ins they say oftentimes those people are afraid to turn up the heat. >> the older they are, they don't really get out of their
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house sometimes and they don't realize how cold it can be. >> reporter: they say the organization tries to check on residents but they cannot check on everyone all the time. >> it's frustrating. because these are, in all intents and purposes preventable deaths. these people really shouldn't die. >> reporter: they have a list of regulars, people they check on. they also say they deliver more than 70 meals to people in the area who are shut-ins and they check on them as well. again, they say they can't check on everyone all the time. that's why the coroner is saying, that if you have a friend or a neighbor, someone you think is in need especially during this cold weather, check on them. reporting live in conshohocken deanna durante, "nbc10 news." we've all seen the ice palace as some are calling it now, but we're still waiting to hear what caused that building. now this structure drenched in a thick coating of ice, could be one step closer to being demolished. the city has deemed it an
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imminent danger. today the owner had a fence put up. some consider it a collapse zone. three demolition contractors are bidding on the work to tear it down. >> come down safely. this will have to be cut down until they bring this building down because this is a busy street. >> the contractor will have to submit demolition permits with the city. and then a demolition plan to ensure public safety. sheena parveen continues to track snow showers and another shot of cold air in the seven-day forecast. but be sure your smartphone or tablet has the first alert weather app and our new "nbc10 news" app. they'll keep you ahead of breaking news and weather. both apps are free. new reaction tonight from the philadelphia d.a. hours after he asked the state supreme court to get involved in the death penalty debate. seth williams announced today that he's petitioned the pennsylvania supreme court. he wants the court to reject governor tom wolf's recent moratorium on the death penalty. he calls the moratorium unconstitutional.
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>> reasonable people can differ on the death penalty, but it's up to the state lawmakers to determine whether it's criminal law, what the punishments are. not the governor. >> governor wolf issued an order putting the death penalty on hold in pennsylvania last friday. governor wolf's office issued a statement, in regards to the pennsylvania constitution it reads in part governor wolf has the power to grant reprieves. the governor took the action to place the moratorium on the death penalty because pennsylvania's capital punishment system is flawed it's ineffective, expensive and many times unjust. one man is dead, another wounded after a violent encounter at a montgomery county meat packing facility. >> police, medics raced to that scene this morning in franconia. randy gyllenhaal live at the scene. i have i know we've reported other police calls at that plant. >> reporter: today's stabbing is just the latest in a series of violent encounters inside this meat processing plant. this factory's been the scene of a riot and a shooting, and this
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morning a homicide the fight broke out near the loading docks. police say two coworkers began braulg. at least one of the men had a knife. both were stabbed during the melee. >> an altercation between two employees. one is deceased. the other is in the hospital right now. >> reporter: prosecutors say the victim is a 25-year-old worker named danny vazquez. he died after being rushed to the hospital with stab wounds. his family tells nbc10 that danny was a father to three young children and didn't have any known issues with coworkers. but police say his attacker still unidentified worked in the same plant and survived the fight. he's in custody undergoing surgery. now, this is the latest violent encounter at this very plant. in 2005 two workers were shot while sitting inside a vehicle. a third worker was charged. but told police the shooting was an accident. and in 2006 a riot broke out in the cafeteria. s.w.a.t. teams sdee sended on
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the factory after workers became upset with management. >> they refused to return to work. got into the faces of the officers. >> reporter: at the time workers told nbc10 they didn't receive planned christmas bonuses. today's incident is by far the most violent. so far police have not charged or identified that suspect. now, the company would not comment on those previous incidents at this plant but they tell me they are providing counseling to their team members and they're devastated by today's deadly encounter. live in franconia township randy gyllenhaal "nbc10 news." new information tonight on a deadly stabbing in west oak lane popular entertainer nicki minaj says both victims are employees of hers. one of the men killed and the second was injured. police say wednesday the suspect got into an altercation with the victims before stabbing them outside the che bar & grill. tonight nicki minaj says she can't believe it. we checked her website and did not find an upcoming date for a
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philadelphia show. she starts a tour overseas next month. right now the reform commission is hearing from testimony on both sides of the charter school debate. the decision at hand whether to approve 39 new charter school applications. opponents say the school district of philadelphia cannot afford new charter schools. they say funding those schools takes money away from the children at the already underfunded philadelphia public schools. but some parents want their children to have a better education that they say comes from charter schools. >> i prefer charter, but my charter school that's in my home area is packed to capacity so my kids couldn't get in there, so now they have to go to a public school. >> parents, politicians and education groups are protesting the new charter school applications. the src is scheduled to either grant or deny each charter application tonight. happening right now --
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history in atlantic county. for 40 years stockton college has been growing and evolving. >> today it officially changed its name and identity. ted greenberg is on the stockton campus. >> it's getting really big. i think this is a good change. >> reporter: a historic day of transition on the galloway campus of stockton college as the state school becomes stockton university. >> it will just enrich the students that are going here currently. it's going to allow us to be more competitive in the job market. >> reporter: stockton opened in 1971 with 1,000 students. it now has more than 8500 from across new jersey and beyond. the state secretary of higher education and the president's council of state colleges signed off on the change to university status late last week. >> stockton is always one of the smaller schools, so i think it will be bigger and becoming a university is great to have on applications and a good degree.
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>> reporter: the school is becoming a university just months before it makes history again. with the opening of a new campus in atlantic city at the building which previously housed the now closed showboat casino hotel. within the next five to ten years, the student body at stockton's island campus is expected to grow to about 4,000. >> acquiring the showboat casino and turning it into a university i really think this school's trying to compete with other higher institutions and universities. >> that was nbc10 jersey shore reporter ted greenberg reporting. we aren't the only ones stuck in this deep freeze. record-breaking cold a lot of the country is frozen solid. check out this snow-covered lake for instance. it's actually solid ice causing many people to worry about safety and wildlife to the area. speaking of ice, it's not just on the ground. can you see it during your commute, under many bridges, in the tunnels. one philadelphia man is turning winter's worst into a work of art.
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you will never believe this story. it seemed like a good idea at the time. a krispy kreme doughnut club for fans of the glazed treats. instead, it touched off an international incident. next why the doughnut giant apologized.
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an unwelcome surprise overnight for some residents in hollywood, california. a water main broke send being 100,000 gallons of water gushing into the streets for several hours. some cars were barely visible as the water rose. no word what caused the break. after nearly two days the scene of that tragic train derailment in west virginia is still too hot for investigators to inspect. 19 of the 109 train cars are still smoldering. more than 100 of those cars are oil tankers. today investigators will try to get close enough to try to determine just what caused monday's derailment. the train was headed from north dakota to virginia when it went off the tracks. the tankers rp redesigned and supposed to be better able to withstand a crash. >> that calls into question how resilient and how tough these tank cars may be. >> the derailment shut off water supply to nearly 2,000 residents. today the taps are back on but a boil water advisory remains in
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effect. the defense began its first full day of testimony in the trial of the man accused of killing american sniper chris kyle. prosecutors say former marine eddie ray routh killed kyle and littlefield on a trip to texas shooting range. defense attorneys argued routh was psychotic and her mother testified he asked kyle for help after returning from service suffering from post-traumatic stress. about an hour ago president obama held a long-delayed summit on violent extremism. the president said the problem is not the muslim religion and said quote, we should stop using the term islamic terror. nbc's steve handelsman reports from washington, d.c. >> reporter: as president obama convened his summit on extremist violence, an alarm bell was ringing. on the isis video of christians beheaded in libya analysts said they hear the isis spokesman
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ranting in what sounds like an american accent. >> and today we're -- >> reporter: there's a rush to identify him and other possible americans in isis. >> possibly the greater threat are those that have not been identified or can't be identified because they don't appear in a video and they can't come back home. >> reporter: terror back home was the summit focus. after the attacks in denmark and in france. but president obama said don't call it islamic terror, that plays into the claim that isis fights for all muslims. >> it is a lie. nor is should we grant these terrorists the religious legitimacy they seek. they are terrorists. >> reporter: trying to counter recruiting video from al shabab aimed at somalis in minneapolis. >> if you only knew how much fun we have over here. this is the real disneyland.
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>> reporter: with terror sure to be an issue in 2016 jeb bush criticized obama leadership. >> there's no trust right now the united states is serious about this. >> reporter: in the middle east and in the west, there is a problem right now. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news washington. "nbc nightly news" will go more in depth on the president's plan to stop isis tonight at 6:30 right after "nbc10 news" at 6:00. the grand traverse bay in michigan is completely frozen over. >> tonight there are concerns for those who want to explore the iced over water and for wildlife. ice covers the surface of the bay but that doesn't mean it's all solid ice and safe to be on. cracks and open water can still form. the frozen bay can impact wildlife too. the michigan watershed says if the bay stays frozen for too long, it can hurt some fish and animals. >> animals that either use the water for either resting or
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feeding, when those areas are frozen over it affects the animals in different ways. >> experts say the longer the bay stays frozen the bigger the effect on wildlife. for right now, though they say the animals are used to it. to another frozen lake in the midwest. check this out. this is a photo of lake erie, the biggest of all the great lakes and it's about 95% iced over. 95%. nasa satellite captured this view over the weekend. with the forecast, it will probably stay this way for quite some time. even though the snow has ended for now in boston the city is far from normal. it's a maze for drivers forced to navigate a wall of snow. i can't even believe that image. seven to eight feet high on either side of the road. the danger yougsous cold is sticking around for the next few days. >> sheena is forecasting temperatures lower than we've already seen. >> it's a never-ending story at this point. we have record cold before the week is over but believe it or not, by the weekend, we're going
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to be warm enough for some rain. as for tonight, though we are watching some snow showers approach the area. we will have some snow showers move through this evening. maybe a coating to less than an inch. that's really about it. then as we go into tomorrow thursday we're going to feel below zero degrees. but the coldest air, that gets here as we go into friday. we're talking about record cold in the morning with those windchills, the feels like temperature. that's going to be around minus 20 degrees for moels of the area. i'll show you that in a second. a live look at center city from adventure aquarium. ice slowly floating along on top of the delaware river. we've been seeing the clouds increase, too, this afternoon, quickly. it's all ahead of the snow showers we're watching. 30 degrees right now in philadelphia. feels more like 21 degrees when you factor in the breeze and enjoy this because it's going to feel a lot colder by friday morning. current temperature, 28 degrees in reading and allentown. around 30 degrees along i-95. 28 degrees for millvale. 26 in stone harbor. we'll be getting colder tonight
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and then tomorrow during the day. right now, though we are paying attention to the snow showers off to our west. they're approaching washington also parts of baltimore. there you see them still west of harrisburg. some is locally heavy. notice how it's not a wide area of snow. it's a skinny band. that will be moving through as we go through the next few hours. future weather pretty much picks it up exactly where it is. heavier snow showers kind of imbedded in there. by 7:00 8:00 we'll see it moving, a line of snow moving through the entire area. some could break up. again, if anything, maybe a coating to less than an inch. by 9:00 in the evening, this will be moving into parts of new jersey. by mid night, pretty much gone. then we get windy overnight tonight. starting off your thursday it's going to be windy. could be strong enough to even blow in some lake-effect snow showers. you notice thursday afternoon, the wind stays around. then you see a few snow showers blowing through. don't be surprised if you see snow showers tomorrow afternoon. that wind will try to drive them in. by friday morning, the wind sticks around and it starts to feel very, very cold. dangerously cold.
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as we go into tomorrow morning, we'll start with thursday morning. fields like temperature could be at a minus 5. through the afternoon, 3:00 in the afternoon, barely feeling above zero degrees in philadelphia. thursday night we started to feel even colder around minus 10 to minus 15 through the lehigh valley. friday morning, we'll be the coldest, record lows possibly around minus 15 to minus 20 degrees across the area. it will be very cold start to your friday. that is the day where you really do not want any exposed skin at all outside. you really want to try not to be outside for very long. for tonight, though snow showers mainly after 7:00 this evening. 14 for the low in philadelphia. 12 degrees north and west. tomorrow very cold winds through the day. chance of some flurries. temperatures will be in the mid to upper teens. won't feel like that unless you're inside watching it. friday morning, that's going to be our record low. 1 degree possibly. through the afternoon hours only reaching the teens. remember with the wind, it could
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feel like a minus 20. over the weekend we get warmer, 45 degrees. but that comes with rain. wait until you see this. a criticismy creamkrispy kreme branch in united kingdom apologizes for an advertisement. here's a look at the ad. it called it kkk wednesday. i kid you not, kkk. for them it stands for krispy kreme klub. they drew outrage. the company says it was an unintentional oversight. right now there are only a handful of places nationwide where recreational marijuana use is legal. >> including the states of washington, colorado and oregon. what about new jersey? ahead, how the move to legalize the drug is gaining new support. festival pier may soon look
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quite different. we'll show you the plans for an expanded 11-acre space for riverfront entertainment
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. bringing home the reality. an officer-involved shooting that's the goal of the atlantic county prosecutor's office. speakers focused on relationship between civilians and law enforcement officers. gusts learned by-b dynamics of human whatever during-life threatening behavior as well as how evidence is gathered and presented to gand jirs. it's been five years since an atlantic city police officer died in the line of duty. today the department honored his
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legacy. >> attention! >> officer kevin wilkins was a two-year veteran at the a.c. police department. nbc10 attended today's vigil at city hall. police chief gathered alongside family and friends and colleagues. the intersection of north carolina and baltic avenues has been renamed officer kevin wilkins way. new at 5:00 -- new numbers out today on the number of people who have signed up for health insurance through obamacare. people had until february 15th to sign up under open enrollment. in pennsylvania there are more than 470,000 now with coverage. in new jersey more than 252,000. in delaware, close to 25,000. these numbers include people newly enrolled and those whose coverage automatically renewed from last year. get this nearly 40 years since the original "rocky" has returned to philadelphia. crews are in town to film the newest movie in the beloved franchise. so was rocky himself. we spotted sly stallone at 13th and dickinson where they're
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filming at victor's cafe. crews have transformed it into adrian's restaurant for the movie. the latest movie will be titled "creed" focusing on the grandson of apollo creed who was rocky balboa's rival in the original film. ♪ one of the first things do you when you get to philadelphia right? "rocky" was released in 1976. "creed" is expected to be released november 25th. seventh film in the franchise. yes, it's winter. yes, it's supposed to be cold. >> and that looked very cold as he was running the steps in that movie. as we've been telling you, the deep freeze we've been in puts us well below where we typically are in late february. it's creating all kinds of problems. >> reporter: well f you're turning down your thermostats in these temperatures to save a few dollars when you're not home you may want to rethink that. an explanation coming up. and a new fight is being
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waged over marijuana. it's already legal in new jersey for medical purposes. now who is pressing for the state to make it okay for recreational use. tomorrow on "nbc 10 news today," the extreme cold is starting to make its comeback. a blast of cold air and temperatures that will feel like they're below zero. your hour by hour forecast before you head out the door. plus what parents need to know before they send their kids to the bus stop on one of the coldest days of the season. sky force 10 will be the first on the scene of all the news that breaks the morning. we'll see you back here tomorrow morning from 4 a.m. to 7 a.m.
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right now. stuck in old man's winter grip. >> plumbers have been running nonstop lately. >> the cold is creating all kinds of problems. nbc10's doug shimell is live in south philadelphia to show us. >> reporter: you know today is ash wednesday. for some reason almost half of mike daley's calls were churches. >> when i came to open up for ash wednesday, the basement landing was full of water. >> reporter: it was leaking from the frozen water meter at divine
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catholic church in southwest philadelphia. >> nothing but water. water from one end of the building to the other. >> reporter: what starts going through your mind? >> i don't know what to do. >> reporter: so plumber mike daley got the emergency call in the middle of all the other emergency calls. you think there are other things tied? ? >> we think maybe the heater failed. in doing so the building got so cold that it eventually froze and burst. >> reporter: he says this hams when the temperature falls below 20 degrees and high winds hitting all the drafty areas of your house. >> the wind pushes that air in and almost creates a fan effect on whatever piping system is around. >> reporter: tony's reaction is like most homeowners. >> it's an expense we don't need. this parish is struggling right now. finances are difficult. >> reporter: now, of course insurance will help up to a certain extent but mike daley says, keep in mind that most
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homeowners insurance policies will cover the cost of the plumbing repairs but not what the leak did in damage to the house. live in south philadelphia, doug shimell, "nbc10 news." as nbc10 told you earlier this week the cold is also being blamed on several fires. this one was sparked by workers trying to thaw out frozen pipes. right now on the "nbc10 news" app what firefighters want you to know about keeping yourself and your home safe during winter's worst. >> another shot of snow is headed our way. this one shouldn't be too much of an issue. >> nbc10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is tracking the snow. what can we expect? >> not too much like jacqueline mentioned, not too much snow tonight but a few snow showers will be moving through the area. here's a look on radar. it's all still to our west approaching washington also baltimore and harrisburg. it's making a little progress. it's not a very wide area of snow. as it does move through, it will be a thin area of snow. some could be lowering visibility for a time. we could see maybe a coating to less than an inch.
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i don't think it will be a big issue. future weather takes that line of snow moves it in around 7:00, 8:00 tonight. approaching the philadelphia area by 8:00 or 9 p.m. kind of breaking up through parts of the area too. by 10:00 it's moving into new jersey. overnight tonight, those winds start to increase and then we're talking about some very cold temperatures. coming up, we have temperatures well below zero degrees. that feels like temperature. also record cold before the week is over. going into the weekend, we have some rain and snow in the forecast. it's going to be warm enough for rain for one of the days. we'll talk more about that and the timing coming up. moving day no one expected at the emily bissell hospital in new castle county. the hot water system has been on the fritz for the last eight months or so. now administrators have decided to move the 80 people who call the facility home. they'll move the next residents a few at a time over the next 45 days bringing them to other state facilities. >> another facility can't accept
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that many people without some major problems. we want to make sure there are no falls, everybody gets the right medication the right documentation. >> the hospital is home to people with a number of issues including drugs, mental health and hiv. staff members will be reassigned to the facilities where their patients go. the former security director at comcast cable here in philadelphia is now officially the director of the u.s. secret service. today president obama removed the interim from joseph clancy's title. this is a picture of clancy in october when he took over the department. clancy from havertown has plenty of experience. almost 30 years with the secret service. president obama gave the job to clancy after a series of security breaches at the white house cost julia pearson her job. a white house spokesman says clancy already intemented new security merchandise and he stepped up during a difficult time for the agency. tonight two armed men are on the run after robbing a grocery store in philadelphia's east germantown neighborhood. this is surveillance video from
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inside the grocery store on eastwoodlawn street last thursday. one of the men held up the cashier while the second suspect held up a customer and an employee. they got away with about $350 and a cell phone. it is now easier than ever to get in touch with philadelphia city officials thanks to a new and improved philly 311 system. they beefed up that system. now you can report problems and get information -- any city information by dialing 311 on your phone or downloading the philly 311 mobile app. there's a new neighborhood community portal which lets you connect with your neighbors who might share your concerns, too. there's a plan to integrate the system into police squad cars. officers will be able to monitor requests and respond to nonemergency calls. there's no time frame yet on when that's going to happen. along those same lines, there are opportunities for residents in philadelphia to learn more about their city. today a newly designed open data portal was released.
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it's called open data philly and includes information about neighborhood crime and maps. it was first launched in 2011. now there's more access to information. christians throughout the region are marking the beginning of lent. today is ash wednesday. nbc10 at cathedral basilica saints peter and paul in center city. people received ashes on their forehead marking the sign of a cross to remind them of their mortality. lent concludes with the celebration of easter in 40 days. a u.s. senator is pushing amtrak to speed up upgrades to 30th street station ahead of the democratic national convention next year. here's a look at 30th street station. today senator bob casey high lated the importance of moving renovation plans forward. casey says plans to upgrade the station's infrastructure will improve services and increase economic activity in the area.
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he insists construction plans be pushed forward due to increased activity in the coming months including the world meeting of families this year and next year during the democratic national convention. the delaware river water front could get a makeover. the owners of the festival pier are looking at whether developers have interest in the 11-acre site according to our partners at philadelphia business journal. right now the pier is used as a live nation concert venue. the site is located at spring garden street and delaware avenue. developers have about a month to express any interest. everywhere you look is a thick coating of ice and snow. as we've been telling you, it's going to be here for a while. one philadelphia man though is trying to make the best of it. see how he's turning these icicles into art.
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>> such skill, wow. tonight the fight to legalize mayorlegal iz legalize marijuana in new jersey is under way. hear the reasons to make the drug legal for recreational use.
5:41 pm
and we have some snow approaching the area. coming up, i'll show you the timeline on tonight's snow showers, record cold before the week's over and snow and rain as we go into your weekend. all those details ahead.
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here are some of the stories making headlines on "nbc10 news." one person dead another injured following a stabbing at a west
5:44 pm
philadelphia meat packing plant in franconia township montgomery county. police say two workers got into an argument and things escalated. right now the school reform commission is hearing testimony from both sides on the charter school debate. the issue at hand whether to approve 39 new charter school applications. in west philadelphia the city now calls this charred structure an imminent danger. the medical building caught fire earlier this week. water used by crews to extinguish the flames eventually turned into ice. city officials confirm three demolition contractors are bidding to tear that building down. we have new information now on a philadelphia murder case. a preliminary hearing was waved today for randolph sanders, the philadelphia man accused of murdering his co-work last month. sanders was held for court on all charges. investigators say sanders shot kim jones execution style near a
5:45 pm
north philadelphia bus stop. further investigation revealed the victim was planning to report sanders to dhs. jones accused sanders of mismanaging money for the center city nonprofit that they both worked for, turning point for children. in the days leading up to sanders' arrest we showed you this video of jones walking to a bus stop at 12th and jefferson. police say surveillance video places sanders in the area at the same time as the shooting. he remains in jail tonight facing first-degree murder. new information on a montgomery county woman accused of having sex with a high school student. iris gibney waved her arraignment today. married mother of three, and the victim is a 17-year-old potts grove high school student. they were caught having sex in a car at a public park last fall. they say the two met at a football game while gibney was volunteering for her daughter's cheerleading squad. philadelphia's oldest latino organization has a new home. just 90 minutes ago council of
5:46 pm
student organization of philadelphia held this ribbon-cutting. new facility is much larger than the franklin street location and will be able to better accommodate after-school programs. we're talking about more snow moving in but not the kind of snow we had the other day. just snow showers. we have those that will move flew as we go in the next few hours. very little accumulation. if anything a coating to less than an inch. going into tomorrow, it will be feeling below zero degrees for most of the day. we'll barely feel above zero, even if we do for most of the area in the afternoon tomorrow. then friday morning we're talking about record cold. when you combine the wind with that record cold could feel like minus 20 degrees through parts of the area. here's a look out at boat house row along the schuylkill river. a nice sheet of ice on top of
5:47 pm
the schuylkill river. in philadelphia right now it is 30 degrees. we've seen the clouds increase. very quickly ahead of the snow showers. feels more like 21 degrees when you factor in the light breeze. a look at satellite and radar. snow is just off to our west. it's approaching the washington area. it's slowly moving in our direction. as we go through the next couple of hours, some of the snow will be moving in. it won't be hanging around all night. it's not a big area of snow. it's kind of just a thin area. approaching harrisburg baltimore as well. some of the snow is locally heavy and it could be lowering visibility as it moves through. future weather picks up on that snow line. approaches the area by 6:00 7:00. 8:00 philadelphia. 9:00 through parts of the south jersey. it won't be very long lasting. again, anything that would accumulate would be about a coating to less than an inch. by 10:00, 11:00 it will be moving out of the area. the winds start to pick up overnight tonight it gets windy, even into your thursday. thursday morning it gets windy and by thursday afternoon, we could have strong enough winds
5:48 pm
to even blow in some lake-effect snow from the great lakes. so, don't be surprised tomorrow if you do see some snow showers passing through. feels like temperature tomorrow morning, we could feel like 5 degrees below zero through tomorrow afternoon, barely above zero. 3:00 thursday afternoon, and we could feel like minus 5. it's going to be a very cold day tomorrow. friday morning, we're talking about record cold temperatures, record lows. and with the wind we could feel like minus 15 in philadelphia. minus 20 north and west. it's going to be a very cold start to your friday. for tonight, though we are tracking snow showers moving in mainly after 7 p.m. tonight. approaching mostly the lehigh valley and poconos first and moving into the philadelphia area after that. 14 degrees for the low in philadelphia. 12 north and west. then tomorrow frigid winds making it barely feel above zero degrees. chance of flurries through the afternoon. actual temperatures will be in the mid to upper teens. but it is not going to feel like that. friday morning we're talking about possible record lows across the area. again with the wind feeling a
5:49 pm
lot colder into the weekend we have some snow and rain mix. mostly saturday night. here's what we expect akrols the area. philadelphia mainly rain. a small area to the north a mix. closer to the poconos, about snow to a mix. then we'll see it all change over to rain as we go into sunday. look how warm it will be sunday. 45 degrees. so, quite a difference on saturday. but by sunday everyone should be seeing that rain across the area. we're back in the 20s next week. as we deal with more record-breaking cold there's that warm feeling, though. this time of year especially. about hope springing eternal. >> phillies spring training is usually an escape from winter's worse. that's not the case this season. comcast's marshall harris is in clearwater. >> reporter: would he officially less than 24 hours away from the first spring training workout. you would think things would be heating up here in florida. that's not the case. i have a jacket on. things getting a little chillier. in fact, record lows expected
5:50 pm
tomorrow. the forecast calling for a low of 33 tomorrow night. and into tonight going into tomorrow, we've got a windchill advisory down here in florida, including a frost warning. things getting colder. just because it's not baseball weather, that doesn't mean there won't be baseball players ready to go. players reporting today pitchers and catchers. and they are having their first official teamworkout tomorrow. ryne sandberg understands. his team last year finished at the bottom of the national league east standings. they are cellar dwellers. but that doesn't mean he's not comfortable with the term rebuilding. >> i don't look at rebuild. it's transition. it's where we're at. i'm excited to see some young players. i think young players are needed in the game mixed in there. also the fact that where we're at anxious to see who's going to be some of the guys that step up in this year to continue to
5:51 pm
be philadelphia phillies. >> reporter: the manager making it clear he'll try to win with what he has. only problem is by the time these guys are officially the boys of summer some of his best players, including you know the 2008 world series mvp cole hamels may have been traded away. from a chillier clearwater florida, for nbc10, marshall harris, comcast sportsnet. >> keep up with all the breaking news of spring training in clearwater, our comcast sportsnet team will be in florida with the phillies. can you get updates at your fingers with the "nbc10 news" app for smartphones and tablets. it is legal to use marijuana for medical reasons in new jersey. >> but how long until everyone can get pot in the garden state? the fight to legalize marijuana is gaining support. next why some think new jersey needs to join the ranks of colorado and washington states.
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
break news. sky force 10 is headed to newark delaware, right now. >> a shot from inside the cockpit. a fire is burning. no one is inside but the fire is not under control. sky force 10 is headed to that scene. we'll update you as soon as' get any new information. some residents want new jersey to be more like colorado and washington state when it comes to recollectional marijuana. several groups came together in newark today to announce a push
5:55 pm
to get the state to legalize tax and regulate the sale of pot. right now in the garden state, it's only legal to smoke mayor wan -- marijuana under doctor's orders. >> i'm proud to be here today to announce the launch -- >> reporter: a princeton mother got the honors to announce the campaign to bring legal marijuana to the garden state. >> the war on marijuana is a government program that does not work. >> reporter: except in suburbs, not everyone is convinced. >> i don't like the idea of my kids being able to walk into a store and get marijuana. >> it's a drug and it's addictive. >> i don't think smoking is good to begin with. >> reporter: the campaign announced today includes seed money for posters like these from the aclu naacp, even the municipal prosecutor's association, among others mostly concerned over the criminal stigma tens of thousands get every year after
5:56 pm
arrests. they noted four states and the district of columbia have already legalized recreational use. >> for an activity that the last 22 years of u.s. presidents have admitted to engaging in. >> reporter: but while we found opposition here at jack's cafe from one patron -- >> because it's a lead in to heavier drugs. >> reporter: we also found long-time admitted users, among others. >> the only reason they don't want it legal is because it sxeets with the pharmaceutical industry. >> i'm a pharmacist. i don't see anything wrong with recreational use. >> reporter: it took almost a decade to get medical marijuana in this state. brian thompson "nbc10 news." coming up next on "nbc10 news" at 6:00 -- their loved one disappeared a decade ago but the pain as strong as ever. >> tomorrow marks ten years since richard patrone and danielle disappeared.
5:57 pm
we sit down with family members to find out where the case stands. >> i'm tracking snow showers tonight. when they can move into your neighborhood. plus, the wind and bitter cold temperatures that are going to follow. happening now -- parents in philadelphia facing off in the debate over charter schools. how many the city could add and why it's such a divisive issue.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
a look at first alerted radar. nbc10 tracking snow showers that will move in tonight. >> after that the winds pick up and the temperatures drop into record cold territory. let's get to chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> big changes on the way. >> yeah, absolutely. it seems kind of balmy right now compared to what's coming and what we've seen earlier in the week. no problems for the ride home. we have snow showers not around this area but back to the west, they're coming into washington, d.c. right now. central pennsylvania charging to the east. if they hold toeshgs you get a burst of snow. this one comes into extreme delaware and south jersey. it will take a couple hours before it gets into our area. there's 8:00. that's when we expect it to be at its heaviest right in delaware up into portions of chester county and berks county.
6:00 pm
it moved through very rapidly up. get a burst of snow, a quick dugs a half inch or an inch. in just about 15 30 minutes, strong gusty winds, low visibility and then it's gone. behind it some of the coldest air we've seen in 21 years. so these temperatures now, well by tomorrow morning it's going to feel like it's below zero. and that's just the beginning. we'll see how low it's going to go and talk more about the weekend storm with the seven-day in a few minutes. this record-breaking cold snap has already led to three deaths in montgomery county. deaths the county coroner says could have all been prevented. dr. hoffman says when it's extremely cold checking on neighbors, friends and family could mean the difference between life or death. in the past two months two men died in montgomery county from hypothermia. and an elderly woman died when she slipped outside her own home. hoffman says any weather-related death is easily preventable if neighbors will just check on one another.


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