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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  February 20, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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nbc 10 first alert weather breaking news. >> right now at 11:00, dangerous cold for people outside, waiting for their bus to arrive this morning. this is at ridge avenue anded myville streets. we're dealing with the coldest morning in 21 years. the wins are making it feel below zero out there right now. here is a live look at center city, philadelphia with the flag flapping in the wind there. it is cold. live team coverage with a look at how people are dealing with the dangerous cold. we begin with nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> it is the coldest february morning in 36 years. and we have a first alert out
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for this extreme cold. dangerous cold that is going to last today and into tonight, but we also have snow coming on saturday. first alert for that as well. we are going to see a change to an icy mix. it is not going to be all snow with this system. it is only 10 degrees outside right now and in many places it is in the single digits. that's the temperature. it feels much colder on the exposed skin below zero. 14 below in lancaster. 11 below in atlantic city. 10 below in millville. and in trenton, and in allentown. that is bitter bitter cold. now, as we go through the day today, the wind will diminish somewhat later this afternoon. our feels like temperatures may actually go above zero. but not by much. and then as we go through the night tonight, it is going to be bitter cold once again. you can see some of these feels
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like temperatures going back below zero. now, the other issue we have is a system coming in from the west. snow, of course it is cold enough for snow. and here's the future cast, not going to start off snowy on saturday. but saturday afternoon, much of the area getting snow. and some of that is going to accumulate and, of course immediately stick to untreated surfaces because of this extreme cold that we have here. more on the timing of that snow and how much you can expect where you live with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> we'll see you then glenn. the dangerous cold meant kids had to bundle up for their trip to school this morning. nbc 10's monique braxton is live in middletown township to show us what students were doing to keep warm. hi monique. >> reporter: hey, vai. look at this picture. it is picturesque. beautiful, snow covered school grounds. but when kids headed out to school this morning, it was 2 degrees, hovering around 2 degrees, the coldest day yet.
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it felt anything but pretty. a quick gallop gives you an idea of how the elementary school students feel. snuggled up, there is no timel dili dalai. >> you have to make the most of it. >> reporter: did you put on extra colonials. >> leggings and sweat pants on. >> reporter: to be honest with you, the children were not complaining, but they were walking so fast too fast to even talk to me. so we also went by a middle school to find out how the older students were coping with the frigid temperatures. we're working on that for you at 11:30. monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> we'll see you in half an hour. the temperature is downright dangerous for everyone especially for older adults. expertes say seniors don't regulate body temperature as well as they used to so they're
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at a greater risk for cold related injury or even death. the philadelphia corporation for aging fields calls from people worried about neighbors or loved ones in cold houses. if they won't or can't turn up their heat a nurse suggests adding layers. >> and by layers i mean loose layers, nothing tight to the body because you want the air to be able to circulate among your clothing so to keep you warm. they want to make sure they're wearing a hat, they're wearing a scarf, wearing gloves and warm shoes and socks. >> and a reminder neighborhood senior centers offer a safe warm place for older adults to go if their home is not warm. an icy mess in overbrook park due to a broken pipe. look at this. a resident on 76th street between brentwood and brook haven says a pipe burst inside a home and the water has been running ever since. one car even gets stuck in the ice there. neighbors are worried that ice that -- that once the ice melts
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it will flow into their properties. skyforce10 was over a broken sewage pipe in atlantic city this morning. the problem started just after midnight. the break closed new hampshire avenue between melrose and madison. repair crews are working to fix the problem. the weather is continuing to have an impact on amtrak service. this is a live look now at 30th street station where amtrak's northeast corridor is running at half its normal capacity for the fourth straight day. a spokesperson says the company has been notifying passengers about cancellations and has been able to put all affected travelers on other trains. no word on when service will be fully restored. with the record-breaking cold and weekend storm on the way, be sure to check the nbc 10 news app often for important updates, directly from the first alert weather team. skyforce10 live over breaking news in northeast philadelphia. an accident that happened in the past 15 minutes is blocking the on ramp there to the northbound
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195 lanes at bridge street. we're working to get more details about what exactly happened. and trying to find out if anyone there in this accident was hurt. middletown township police are looking for the driver that struck one of their officers this morning and kept going. this happened on langhorne yardley road. someone driving a black nissan pickup clipped the officer with the side mirror. the officer was helping a disabled motorist at the time. anyone with any information that may recognize this vehicle, you're asked to call police. an early morning fire forces a bucks county family out of their home. the two alarm fire broke out on pennsylvania avenue in homeville. officials say a van parked next to the home caught on fire and the flames spread to the back of this house. it took ten minutes to bring the fire under control, but there is heavy damage to the back of the house, which is now
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uninhabitable. two people were able to get out safely. no word yet on how that van caught on fire in the first place. and 29-year-old man is hospitalized in critical condition after police say he accidentally lit himself and an abandoned house on fire while getting high on drugs. police say the man suffered second and third degree burns on over 60% of his body. the fire started early this morning on are reed street in kensington. no one else was hurt. look at the columns of black smoke and white smoke as well wafting through the philadelphia sky line. energy solutions refining complex in south philly this morning, the plant says it is just a flare-up something that it does from time to time but there were people who saw this and were concerned and called. officials tell us the situation is under control. there is new information into a deadly shooting that killed a limo driver in philadelphia. police say a 44-year-old man is the victim of that attack that happened in the olney section of the city. skyforce10 was over the scene of
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the shooting last night at masher and taber streets. investigators tell us someone fired four shots into the limo. the limo jumped the can curb and crashed into a telephone pole. one of the bullets hit the driver in the leg. he died at the scene. police are looking for two men in the case. philadelphia police are investigating another case of a man who was shot to death inside a car. this happened around 12:30 this morning at 26th and lehigh in north philadelphia. police say the victim was shot several times. investigators believe it was a drive by shooting. and now to the measles scare at princeton university. the school is banning some faculty and staff members from campus unless they can prove that they're protected from the virus. the preliminary test showed a princeton student has the measles. the school is waiting for additional results. officials said the student has recovered and is no longer contagious. but they want certain workers to
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show they have been vaccinated or take a blood test to prove they're immune to the virus. this morning, five new charter schools are on their way for philadelphia. the school reform commission finalized a deal to approve those applications last night. teachers and parents opposing the plan say the charter schools would only take away money from the public schools that are already underfunded. we're following breaking news this morning, it affects nearly a million people who enrolled under why you might need to delay filing your taxes or remitt ifsubmit if you already filed. another royal visit. find out who is expected to visit this time around. brutal conditions out there, we're dealing with dangerous cold and another winter storm on the way. i'll break down the timing of that just ahead.
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breaking news. more problems with the obama administration says it sent out 8,000 customers the wrong tax information. the white house is now asking customers to delay filing their 2014 taxes. that means those customers may have their tax refunds delayed. about 50,000 people who already have filed may have to resubmit their returns. as dangerous cold grips the area, the united gas improvement company is asking certain customers to limit their usage.
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this will mainly impact people in the easton area. ugi officials say its natural gas distribution is working fine. but gas conservation in these areas could prevent issues in neighborhoods expected to see colder temperatures. the voluntary conservation began last night and runs through saturday morning. now, if you think it is cold here listen to this cotton minnesota, made headlines for being the coldest spot in the entire country. you're wondering how cold it is temperatures dropped to 43 degrees below zero. the national weather service says it could have been colder but there was virtually no wind. the arctic weather is taking a toll on niagara falls. look at this. people are showing up to get a glimpse of the fall which have never frozen over. the last time the water flow stopped at the fall was in 1848 because of an ice jam. not even florida can escape
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the deep freeze. it is causing problems for businesses home improvement stores had to move thousands of tropical plants flowers and trees inside before they were hit with frost. the cold could kill them and cost companies thousands of dollars in losses. to a frozen story of a different kind in kentucky. all points bulletin has been issued for a blonde queen in a blue dress. may have seen her. police say she's responsible for freezing everything in sight. her name happens to be elsa. police say she shouldn't be hard to spot and left a lot of evidence behind. her latest defense, casting an icy spell on harlan. the area has been hit with more than a foot of snow. glenn, can you top that? now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> all right how about this? it is warmer in northern alaska and in parts of antarctica than it is in here right now. we have a first alert out as we
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go through the day today and into tomorrow. we have the dangerous cold today and on top of that as we go into tomorrow we have got snow. accumulating snow in much of the area changing to an icy mix in parts of the region. we have sunshine out there right now. of course, it is bitter cold. 10 degrees with the 16-mile-an-hour wind gusting to 26. it feels like it is 7 below on the exposed skin. and we did set a couple of records this morning. the ones that we had expected wilmington set the record and they are now up to 11. trenton set a record as well they are now up to 7 degrees. so we set a couple of records, came within one degree of the record in philadelphia. it is 10 degrees now, single digits across much of the rest
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of the area. but as you can tell the wind is still howling out there, still out of the west. and gusting 20 to 30 miles an hour. it was gusting to 40 yesterday, but the temperature wasn't as low. so look how cold it feels. it feels like it is near 10 below zero in parts of the area. now, we have no precipitation around the area right now. but there is some that is on the way. and it is going to be obviously moving into this very cold air, so it is going to start as snow. no question about that. the timing is a little bit in question here. models are going back and forth about how fast it comes in. but sometimes it comes in faster than the computer models suggest. by 1:00 tomorrow i think we could be in the snow even in the philadelphia area. and, of course the quicker we get into it the more it is going to accumulate. there is the darker blue at 6:00. leave the afternoon and for
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6:00 pretty good bet that there is going to be significant snowfall and it will be sticking to untreated surfaces and lowering visibility. lower air from the south and that's going to limit the snowfall totals. and melt of course some of the snow. as we go through the night on saturday, so by the time we get up on sunday the snow will be gone and there is sunday morning. it is rain. and then it is over. so sunday is going to be way better day than saturday. and, of course warmer. 11 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. i think the snow is going to start. it is going to stick quickly to untreated surfaces. in the afternoon, 2 to 6, the heaviest snow changing to that icy mix, delaware and south jersey. during that period of time a quick changeover. and then during the evening, 6:00 to 9:00 it is going to change to that icy mix in
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northern areas and rain to the south and then later on at night, it is just rain. some of it on the heavy side with some icing in the poconos. more snow to the north with this one. 4 to 8 inches in the poconos. 3 to 6 in lehigh valley. northern bucks, montgomery, chester, berks county 3 to 6, could even be a little bit more some new data coming in and may have to raise some of these numbers as we go into the afternoon shows with that new data coming in. 1 to 3 inches in and around the philadelphia i-95 area and less than 1 down toward the shore. but even those areas could see a little bit of snow. during the day today, it is bitter cold. temperatures not getting out of the teens. and it is going to feel like it is around zero or even below zero. temperatures level off tonight.
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down to about 12 in philadelphia. single digits in the suburbs, very, very cold but at least there is not much wind. then the snow comes in tomorrow afternoon, changes to that icy mix and then to rain and so sunday, the temperature gets up to 42 degrees, but then another arctic blast comes in for monday and a chance of more snow coming in by wednesday. happening now, we're going to drop in and listen in to president obama -- we won't listen in but we'll show you the picture live here. this is president obama speaking to fellow democrats. the commander in chief is addressing the general session winter meeting in washington, d.c. he's addressing his congressional agenda and he was introduced by debbie wasserman schultz as well as philadelphia mayor michael nutter who talked about the excitement of the democratic national convention coming to philadelphia next year. this afternoon, president obama
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will speak to the democratic governors association. mummers mardi gras parade will strut through manayunk but not on the day that it was planned. ♪ the parade was actually scheduled for this sunday but it has been pushed back because of the rain in the forecast. and now it will be next saturday, a week from tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. a new event for the mummers aimed at raising money for the bigger parade that happens on new year's day. coffee lovers rejoice. the new government endorsement that may have you reaching for another cup of joe this morning. time is everything. >> plus cutting edge technology to the rescue. when every second counts how first responders are using google glass to work with doctors in saving lives.
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release a devastating avalanche of taste on your tongue. bury yourself in the flavor full of sweet icing and filling. call off the hounds! rescue is unnecessary. pillsbury toaster strudel, the snow day of breakfasts. (humming) oh yeah. (humming)
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they're magically delicious. ha! very funny, kyle. if you're enjoying the hot cup of coffee have a second or a third. the government says it is good for you. the coffee conclusion is part of the new set of nutritional guidelines from a federal advisory committee. the panel said there is strong evidence that the caffeine in three to five cups of coffee a day can be part of a healthy diet. the evidence also points to a lower risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease. the new guidelines suggest a lot of eggs are okay for your diet. the old rules about cholesterol
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no longer apply. and lean toward more veggie and nuts. cut down on salt and watch the added sugar in the sodas and snacks. for emergency medical workers, every second counts. now technology is allowing doctors to see what is happening in the ambulance transporting a patient to the hospital. charlie wojciechowski shows us how it works. >> are you getting this image. >> reporter: a simulated run aboard an ambulance equipped with google glass. >> i got a pulse of 72 regular. seeing that, doctor? everything okay. >> reporter: everything the paramedics see in the back of this emergency room on wheels a doctor can see on a tablet like this one. >> pick up our cell phones to call them and tell them what is happening. now we can send them real time live streaming video. >> reporter: the ambulance has to become a high powered mobile hot spot with a computer and cellular equipment tucked behind the front seat. >> we're seeing a patient's face and this is what the doctor is
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able to see on his end and he's able to zoom. >> reporter: what he sees is determined by what you're looking at correct? >> correct. >> reporter: and enabling a better diagnosis will mean better outcomes for patients. >> it saves time. it can help diagnose things faster. and in our business minutes can be brain cells, can be heart cells, time is everything. >> reporter: right now the system is just set up to transmit video. but google glass has the ability to pump an image into a small screen on the glass device. that means information could be displayed for the paramedic on board the ambulance. connecting the bluetooth equipment inside the ambulance will be phase two of the project. >> i can keep maintaining contact with my patient, looking in the corner of my eye seeing all the visual of his vital signs without taking my eyes off of him. >> reporter: like star trek. >> absolutely. it is great. >> that was nbc's charlie wojciechowski reporting for us. dangerous cold grips our region. if you have to be outside,
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bundle up. wear layers and keep yourself protected. a live look over market street in center city philadelphia. glenn is tracking the cold and the weekend storm. he'll break that timing down for us just ahead. and body slammed during a basketball game. the violent move caught on camera that landed a school worker behind bars.
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nbc 10 first alert weather breaking news. >> just about 11:30. dangerous cold across our area. some places are breaking records on one of the coldest mornings we have seen in decades. we're looking live at philadelphia's boathouse row. you see the schuylkill's iced up and snow there as well. conditions are even more brutal in the poconos. live look at the camel back mountain resort few skiers out there, however.
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we have live team coverage of the look at how people are dealing with the dangerous cold. we begin with first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz here in the studio. glenn? >> this is one of those times where you really have to protect yourself. we have a first alert weather day out, obviously. it is extremely cold. but it is also dangerously cold. you have to protect every square inch of your exposed skin because if you have frostbite, it just 30 minutes out there. but we also are talking about snow on saturday. significant snow accumulating snow sticking snow to untreated surfaces. plus a change to an icy mix. don't just get lost in the concern about the cold. there is going to be snow issue over the weekend. temperatures are in the single digits across a good bit of the area. we saw a couple of record lows this morning. and it was the coldest morning in 21 years in philadelphia. and it feels like it is 5 to 10 below zero right now across much
11:31 am
of the area. lancaster, 14 below. mount pocono 22 below. not really warming up very much as we go through the day. now, the wind is going to diminish as we go through the afternoon. so the windchill feels like temperature won't be quite as extreme later today as it was early this morning. but that is still mighty mighty cold through this evening and overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning. then our attention goes to the west where there is snow moving in. this area of snow from near chicago all the way down south, can see there is snow even down to alabama. very cold in the eastern united states. and obviously if this moisture moves into the cold air, it will start as snow. question is related to the timing. could start as early as 11:00 or 12:00 tomorrow afternoon in parts of the area. especially western parts. and, like i said would stick
11:32 am
immediately to the unexposed surfaces. but warmer air is going to be coming in. it is going to eventually change to rain. tricky timing into that in more detail with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> thank you, glenn. the dangerous cold parents had to take extra precautions with their kid as they send them off to school. monique braxton is live for us to show us how students are dealing with the cold. i'm guessing when you sent your son to school, you told him to take a coat he heeded your advice. >> reporter: absolutely. even though he said he also put a hat on for first time in months. anyway vai, you mentioned dangerous. it was a dangerous 2 degrees when kids headed out to school this morning. but bucks county had school even though it looks kind of quiet here where we are now in middletown township. unlike delaware and parts of chester county where schools were closed or delayed, students in bucks county did go to classes on time. our first stop was albert schweitzer elementary.
11:33 am
a quick gallop gives you an idea of how these elementary school students feel. snuggled up no time to dillydally. >> walked rest of the way. >> reporter: we talked to moms who wanted to spare their children frostbite. >> it's cold but have to make the most of it and get to school. >> reporter: did you put on extra clothes this morning? >> everyone had leggings and sweat pants on. all they want is leggings or tights. sweats are the best way to go. >> reporter: the flag flaps in the frosty wind outside maple point middle school. the snow coated grass is frozen solid. we found the crossing guard at her post awaiting 20 to 30 children but she says this winter, most students are taking the bus to class or their parents are dropping them off. >> we haven't had had students crossing in the mornings for probably two weeks now. >> reporter: how do you keep warm? >> i stay in the car. >> reporter: smart lady right? well, we checked with the archdiocese to find out what schools were open or closed in the counties because the school
11:34 am
clath catholic schools are closed in philadelphia. we're told archdiocese schools in bucks county were open all day. latest now from middletown township, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> you stay warm, monique. subfreezing temperatures vacant home and broken pipe are combining to create a river of ice in one philadelphia neighborhood. a resident on 76th street between brentwood and brook haven says a pipe burst inside a vacant home on the block on monday. water has been running there ever since as you see here. one car there got stuck in place. neighbors are worried that once the ice melts, it will flow into their properties. there are big concerns over west philadelphia building hit by fire earlier this week. a civil engineer telling us that a thin shell of ice is keeping that building from collapsing on monday. the firefighters doused that building with wire to put out the flames. that water froze. a local professor tells us there
11:35 am
could be problems when the weather warms up this weekend. >> we would recommend somebody take some action before sunday. >> the city tells us it will speed up the demolition process if necessary. the cape may-lewes ferry is suspending normal operations through torm morn through tomorrow morning. we showed you this video earlier this week of the ferry navigating through icy waters. all trips are canceled through 9:15 tomorrow morning. there may be additional cancellations as officials continue to monitor this situation. and with these bone chilling temperatures, plus a weekend storm on the way, check the nbc 10 news app often for important updates coming directly from the first alert weather team. trains in the nation's capital are running once again after the cold weather forced transit delays. service was suspended on washington's metro system this morning after rails cracked in
11:36 am
these cold temperatures. fortunately the metro rails signal system detects most cracks before a train ever passes over them. in new york one little girl learned the hard way how dangerous the subfreezing temperatures can be. 6-year-old olivia has frostbite. her blisters and burns are covered by bandages. but this is what it looked like before her mom rushed her to the hospital. snow got inside her boot and her skin was exposed for about half an hour why is why the frostbite developed so quickly and landed her in the burn unit. >> it wasn't what i thought frostbite looked like. i thought it would be purple and black. i thought you would have had to be outside longer. she was well dressed. >> i was very scared. and it was painful because i looked at it. >> olivia needs surgery to remove the dead tissue but she is expected to make a full recovery. this morning, two dogs in massachusetts are recovering after they became trapped on a frozen marsh. their owner also got stuck when
11:37 am
he tried to rescue them. >> my daughter called 911. the police came and the fire department and saved him and now look -- >> firefighters managed to bring the dogs to safety. they put lola and thunder on a small boat and took them to shore after being stranded there for hours. earlier crews rescued one of their owners. he's expected to be okay. and luckily so are the dogs. we have an update on breaking news that we told you about a little earlier. we found out this a tractor trailer got hit on i-95 northbound on bridge street northeast philadelphia. it hit some vehicles already on the ramp including a penndot tow truck. the penndot tells us that the driver was alert enough to get details about the truck that struck him and contact the police. well, police stopped the driver of the tractor trailer on route 413 off of i-95 north in bristol, bucks county. that's the live picture that
11:38 am
we're showing to you right now from skyforce10. no one was hurt. pennsylvania state police are right now investigating. breaking news, about problems with the obama administration says it sent 800,000 customers the wrong tax information. they're asking customers to delay filing their 2014 taxes. that means those customers may have their tax refunds delayed. about 50,000 people who already filed may have to resubmit their returns. a major military offensive against the isis militant group is said to be in the works in iraq and it could see american boots on the ground. nbc's richard engel reports from istanbul. >> reporter: there could and quite son in fact be a major military offensive against isis. in fact, military officials say around 20,000 iraqi troops and
11:39 am
kurdish peshmerga fighters could be called into a battle to retake the city of mosul, in northern iraq which has been held by isis since the summer. mosul is the main isis stronghold in iraq. this offensive would be an enormous undertaking and according to u.s. military officials, it could also see american boots on the ground. perhaps very small number of special operation forces involved in the battle guiding iraqi troops and kurdish troops right on the front lines, which would be something that we haven't seen so far in this campaign against isis. also seeing american troops forward deployed calling in air strikes. there are many questions about this potential offensive which military officials say could take place as early as april. but according to the military officials, this operation, a major offensive, is in the works. now we'll have to see if it happens and at what cost. richard engel, nbc news istanbul. several people are hurt in switzerland after two trains
11:40 am
collide there. one of the trains was knocked off the tracks. five people were injured. one of them seriously. both trains were carrying passengers and one of the trains rear-ended the other near the german border. no word on what caused the accident. new arrest in the twist in the shooting death of a las vegas mother following an apparent incident of road rage. 19-year-old has been taken into custody in the case. and the husband of tammy meyers revealed his family knew the alleged shooter. s.w.a.t. officers arrested erich nowsch yesterday at his home a block away from where meyers lived. police say after the initial road confrontation between meyers and nowsch the mother of four dropped her daughter off at home and picked up her 22-year-old son, who was armed with a handgun. nowsch later allegedly shot tammy meyers to death outside her house. >> there's the animal, a block away! are you happy! >> we knew how bad we was, we didn't know he was this bad.
11:41 am
>> the 19-year-old could face murder charges as early as today. and police say they didn't know the family knew the suspect until yesterday. they are still searching for a second suspect who may have been involved in the shooting. and today in texas, prosecutors plan to question rebuttal witnesses after the defense rested in the american sniper trial. discharged marine eddie ray routh is accused of killing chris kyle and a friend. kyle was a navy s.e.a.l. portrayed in the movie "american sniper." routh's lawyers put on an insanity defense. he did not take the stand and yesterday a psychiatrist told a jury routh showed symptoms of mental illness before the deadly shootings in 2013. virginia's former first lady set to be sentenced today on corruption charges. maureen mcdonald arrived in court earlier this morning. she and her husband, former governor bob mcdonald, were found guilty last year of giving access to the governor's office in exchange for gifts and loans. the court sentenced the governor to two years in prison.
11:42 am
mrs. mcdonald is expected to get a lesser sentence. and surveillance footage from florida shows an elementary school adviser body slamming a teacher on the basketball court. here it is. the authorities charged the adviser with aggravated battery. the school suspended him while they investigate. some exciting news for parents looking to keep their little ones occupied. get the details on a new youtube app made just for kids. dangerous cold out there today. and more snow is heading our way. tracking another winter storm that is going to affect your weekend plans. that's just ahead.
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just call 1.888.774.4418 today.
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new this morning we're getting word the white house will be getting some royal visitors. prince charles and his wife the duchess of corn wall will meet with president obama in the oval office. this will happen next month. vice president biden will join in that meeting. they're expected to discuss areas where the u.s. and great britain can cooperate, such as combatting climate change and creating opportunities for youth. and first lady michelle obama will celebrate the women of the civil rights movement today. she'll speak at a white house event as part of black history month. mrs. obama will introduce a panel of intergenerational women who play pivotal roles in the fight for equal rights for african-americans. and new information about
11:46 am
apple's reported plans to develop an electric car. this appears that venture is shifting into a higher gear. reports say apple aims to begin production in 2020 and has assembled a team of 200 people. typically takes designers five to seven years to develop a car. a decade if they start from scratch. apple is not commenting on the reports. meanwhile, youtube is set to release an app just for kids next week. it will feature kid friendly content and a special design with big icons. the free app will have parental controls including a timer to limit a child's screen time. we're far from the only place with record-breaking cold. records being set across much of the nation today. we have reports from peter alexander and dylan dreyer each in places experiencing extreme cold. >> reporter: good day from the upper chesapeake bay channel now. the temperature doubling since we got out here at dawn. 2 degrees then.
11:47 am
4 degrees now. the windchill making it feel like 18 degrees below zero. we're on board the u.s. coast guard cutter. you can see what we're trying to carve our way through right now. this is thick ice, as thick as any we have seen all day so far. up to two feet deep in places. this cutter can only get through 18 inches. the ice is packed and stacked. you can hear that noise. that's the sound it makes right now. and if it gets too thick, we have to go back and ram, back and ram, they'll be out here all day in what is one of the busiest ports in the mid-atlantic. dylan? >> reporter: i'm dylan dreyer in genesee falls, new york where we have captured what cold looks like here as well. this is lexwood national park and a giant fountain man made fountain that shoots water five stories high. you can see the water is still coming out the top of it. then it just freezes and creates this absolutely gorgeous ice sculpture. it happens every year. but this year it is just a
11:48 am
perfect way to show you just how cold it is. we were at 8 degrees below zero this morning. we're breaking records across the eastern half of the country, in baltimore, the old record was set back in the late 1800s. and we bottomed out at 1 degree today. we're shattering records of all kinds and, again, sometimes you just have to put it into a picture and i think this fountain makes the cold look pretty. i'm dylan dreyer in genesee falls, new york. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> wow. loads of records all over the eastern portion of the country. the most impressive to me lynchburg, virginia, the coldest it has ever been recorded. anytime of the year any day, in recorded history. we have a first alert weather day. we have dangerous cold around here. you know that. feels like 10 to 20 below zero
11:49 am
this morning. we also have snow on saturday. you need to be alert about this. could be affecting your plans and a change to an icy mix with that storm. so the streets are nice and dry now, but not going to be that way by tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. it is 10 degrees now. 16-mile-an-hour wind gusts, 26 the windchill. the way it feel on your exposed skin 7 below zero. single digit temperatures were all the way up to zero in the poconos. and 11 degrees in wilmington is one of the warm spots. they set a record low this morning. we continue to see those gusty westerly winds. not quite as strong as it was a couple of hours ago. 20 to 30-mile-an-hour wind gusts with these kind of temperatures is just brutal. and it feels like it is 11 below in atlantic city now. 14 below in lancaster. now, we have no precipitation anywhere around for today or
11:50 am
tonight or the first thing tomorrow. but this system is going to be coming together moving a lot of moisture into this cold air. and that adds up to snow. just a question of the timing this particular model seems a little slow by 1:00 we could be seeing snow even up to the philadelphia area. and it is going to stick, obviously, immediately on untreated surfaces. and snow all the way down into delaware and south jersey. but there is warmer air going to be rushing up rushing up and it is going to change quickly. but before it changes, we could have this burst of snow and this is right around dinner time. late afternoon, into early evening, they had dinner plans tomorrow and at least leave extra time to be able to handle this. and then by later in the evening, it all changes to rain and the roads would become just wet. so it is a limited period of time where we have those problems. and by sunday morning, it is too
11:51 am
warm for anything but rain. and then the whole thing moves out. sunday is a way better day for travel than saturday. here is the poconos lehigh valley, again, all going to start as snow. and you're going to get a good bit of accumulation several inches in just a few hours. tomorrow afternoon and into tomorrow evening and then you get a little bit of this icing, sleet, freezing rain. i don't think that will last that long. warmer air will be surging up and even in allentown, bethlehem, and kuts tuneown, looks like you change to rain during the night tomorrow night. in the philadelphia i-95 area here it comes, starts to snow accumulates pretty quickly, and then changes over to rain pretty quickly. so a lot going on here. so the more hours of snow more snow you're going to get up in the poconos, 4 to 8 inches. 3 to 6 inches lehigh valley.
11:52 am
berks county much of chester, montgomery bucks, parts of mercer county. 1 to 3 inches in and across the philadelphia i-95 area. and less than 1 toward the shore. and we'll update those this afternoon. new data coming in may have to raise the amounts. bitter cold for the rest of the day. temperatures only in the teens. and then tomorrow there is the afternoon snow. changing to the icy mix, changing to rain and we get into the 40s on sunday. but that's just a brief thing because here comes more arctic air and another blast coming early next week and another chance of snow by wednesday. as we inch closer to noon breaking news. skyforce10 is hovering over this house fire. this is a live picture we're showing you. this is in north philadelphia, this house is on north franklin street. lots of smoke there. see a firefighter in that
11:53 am
window. we're working to find out how the fire started the initial reports we're getting. in one here was hurt. so that's a good sign. and we'll continue to monitor the situation and update you should we need to. we'll be right back.
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an update on breaking news we brought you. skyforce10 is live over this house fire in north philadelphia. this is on north franklin street and we're told it is obvious that the fire is under control. no one there was hurt. coming up this afternoon, starting at 3:00 "ellen" is all new and her guest, someone at the center of controversy lately, music star justin bieber. then nbc 10 news at 4:00 a click away from help. the new option for those in our area who don't want to be tempted by online gambling. gamblers don't even have to do it in person. we'll explain this afternoon at 4:00. and a quick check here with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> gambling with your health if you go outside without being totally covered up. it is extremely cold day. tonight is going to be extremely cold. not as cold as this morning, though. tomorrow, the snow comes in during the afternoon, so want to keep in touch with the weather this weekend. got our nbc 10 app. got twitter, got facebook.
11:57 am
we got and tv. >> watch it here as well. >> yes. >> thank you for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at ♪
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