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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  WCAU  February 20, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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and you can see the storm on radar, but the system will also bring ice and rain for the weekend. >> glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with a closer look at the snow and when it's expected to start falling. >> well, it is going to be falling right in the middle of the weekend. and after the coldest morning in 21 years, definitely going to be starting as snow. a first alert weather day because of that. and happening right during the daytime hours during the day tomorrow, and it's in the afternoon. so if you need to get stuff done tomorrow, the morning is the time to do it. or you can wait until sunday. it will stick quickly to unrighted surfaces because the roads are so cold. and change to an icy mix of sleet, freezing rain. may be part of this storm, too. it's in two pieces. one over the great lakes, one down in the deep south where we have snow down near atlanta right now. and as we go into the morning hours, it's dry but here comes the snow.
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right around midday hours, starting and by midafternoon, it's snowing everywhere. and it's accumulating everywhere. eventually some of the warmer air from the south will put an end to this snow and edgily change it to rain. but it's going to pile up a little bit before that happens. so at least a couple of inches 2 to 4 inches across the philadelphia i-95 area with even more 4 to 7 inches just in the northern western suburb. we'll break it down even more in just a few minutes. but right now we will go to sheena parveen withtzykyu? more on the other huge issue. >> before the snow gets here tomorrow, we're talking about your friday night. it will still stay cold but there is good news. winds will be lightening up. that's what made it feel close to minus 20 this morning. actual temperatures 17 in philadelphia. lee hey valley middle teens. 9 in this mt. pocono. south junior city still looking
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at the teens. that is actual temperature. when you fact or in the winds, feels like single digits. so if you're heading out tonight, it is still going to be frigid outside. feels like 4 in philadelphia so single digits everywhere. barely above zero. but like i mentioned, good you new, winds will be lightening up. we're not seeing much of a wind gust. and this is going to be good because how it won't make it feel like minus 20 as we go through tonight. tonight we'll be feeling close it zero. so as we go through the evening, actual temperatures will be staying in the teens. wins will be dying down. so even by 8:00 tonight, temperatures middle teens. by 10:00 tonight, still frigid around 13. but like glenn mentioned, we have snow heading our way. i'll have how much you can expect. >> and today's official low bottomed out at just 2 degrees about in philadelphia. the coldest morning in 21 years. the average low temperature for will time of year is actually warmer than we got all day.
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29 degrees. so today was much colder than what is typical for late february. and it is a similar weather story across our area. >> that means keeping warm is priorly number one. most of us cranking up the heat for week now. randy gyllenhaal is live. and low power companies are being put to the test. >> reporter: and they're handling it well december by theitwell. no major brownouts to report. we have had record use think in some parts, meaning a lot of people are using a lot of energy flowing through those lines. when brooke got to work her face was frozen over. >> it's the worst feeling. >> reporter: inside the store, the heat was cranked up. the same goes for homes and businesses across the region. according to perform pl power consumption broke all-time records this allentown, and
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here will this electric information many checks theforeman checks the usage. and all of the extra draw can cause real problems. just before noon they got the a call from a local business power was out and technicians quickly got to the root of the problem. in one of the main breakers burning up probably from heavy draw with all the heat they have running with it being so cold. >> so we're asking our residents to reduce their load in any way possible. whether it's just not charging their electronic devices now you or turning their heat down a few degrees. >> reporter: that advice can prevent outages and save you money on future bills. but of course it can be a pretty tough sell especially when your home or office feels like the arctic circle. >> i even thought of not using it, the on that thing i'm thinking about is to keep warm. >> reporter: one more note about the record breaking consumption. ppl tells us that 7.88 million
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kilowatt hours of electricity were used this morning. that broke the record set this january of last year. randy gyllenhaal nbc 10 news. >> and we know all too well as temperatures drop your power bills go up. pico is offering advice. open your drapes and blinds during the day to let the natural light in and then close them at night to keep rooms insulated. don't block the air flow from heater so is that rooms are being heated officially. and most importantly, manage your thermostat properly. >> something else customers can do is lower their thermostat one or two degrees health permitting of course. you can help save money on your energy bill. >> pico also offer as billing plan that allows customers to spread energy service costs evenly throughout the year. if you have a vacation house at the jersey shore, you might want to check on this weekend. here's why. this brutally cold weather has
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pipes freezing and bursting this houses all along the coast in ocean city. water leaks have left streets and sidewalks coated with ice well over 100 of those leaks happened just in the past week. real estate agents are using portable heaters to try to rm waup vulnerable pipes. they're also turning up those term stats. >> most of the houses i'm finding if the heat was on 55 that's not enough. the once up to 65 are not bad. >> experts say many more water leaks will likely be discovered this weekend as warmer weather thaws out frozen pipes. ahead, despite all the problem this is dangerous cold is creating there is a bright side. just ask some south jersey farmers. why they say this weather is good for their crops and good for business. west oak lane section, breaking news. a stabbing of two men with ties to nicki minaj. arrests are imminent. they believe three people are responsible. it happened outside the shay bar
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and grill wednesday morning. the victims are tour managers for nicki minaj. one was killed the other is in stable condition. police say they have one person of interest in custody, they're preparing arrest warrants in the meantime for two others. and we have more news out of monroe county. a psychiatrist testified that a man accused of killing three is not competent to stand trial according to the pocono record. prosecutors say newell fired gunshots into a supervisor's meeting because he was upset about losing his property. the doctor said he could stand trial if he takes med kaks but so far he's refused to do so. we have new video in connection to a deadly shooting. just one of several unsolved crimes. tim furlong live at new castle. >> reporter: police really don't know why somebody walked into the rose hill community center
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monday and went right down the steps to those doors to recording studio and shot a man, but they know somebody out there is knows who did it and why. today police brought together a number of murder victims' families pleading for help cracking the cases. >> tonight police want to you look at this video of a man about to walk into the rose hill community center monday afternoon. will this was right before 30-year-old jamar was shot and killed in the basement as he recorded a song. the center went into lockdown children hid in closets. gunman got away. >> there will be justice, there will be some resolution. >> reporter: today police brought victims of the rose hill case and other unsolved murders together in one room. >> i haven't slept in over a year. i miss high baby so much. >> reporter: this woman's 16-year-old son was killed after a community center dance just after christmas 2013 as he and 100 or so other kids ran from a fight they weren't involved in. deandre was killed by a stray bullet. over a year later, no witnesses
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have come forward. >> this no snitch street policy a perpetuating the killing because these shooters are not being held accountable for their actions. >> this woman lost the father of her children when he was murdered in his car in december. >> who is going to walk my daughter down the aisle? who will show my son how to drive? >> reporter: all these families say they need witnesses to talk to police so they can make sure their loved ones killers get locked up. they want to know why someone would kill the person they love. >> you owe me an exmanxexplanation. i'm holding you accountable. >> reporter: hard to listen to that. and these candles are from jamar. if you have information for police you could get $10,000 in reward money and you can call police, you can call crime stoppers or do this, go through the mobile app on your cell
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phone. or tablet. police say giving the information is just the right thing to do. tim fur long nbc 10 news. this afternoon we are learning more information about limo driver shot and killed last night in philadelphia's olney neighborhood. police tell us the driver got the into an argument with two men at mascher street and tabor road around 9:00 last night. one of the men took out a gun and fired six or seven shots in to the driver's car. police still didn't know what led to the argument. will beery is not ryery ryery ryery robbery is not a motive. >> listpolice are trying to find video to help the investigation. christine maddela found out this is not the company's first tragedy. you'll hear from her at 6:00. a woman accused of illegally injecting silicone in women
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wants to did a tell and show. wind wind lowe wants to show her body work to the skrir. not clear yet whether the judge will let it happen. it takes only a few seconds to feel the brutal bite of the cold. it's damaging to your car, as well. next, what experts say you should do the meant you unlock your vehicle. and commuters went no where fast d.c. today. train service was slow because of the cold. we'll tell you what old man winter did to the rails here. plus this. you take one step and you're back on the ground. just that's it. >> dangers can old impact your home. ahead the work should you let the professionals ham.
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two horses are dead after a barn collapsed. crews rescued another five. authorities believe the barn collapsed because of the combination of heavy snow and winds. more than 100 roof collapses have been reported throughout the state of massachusetts just this past week. $14,000 a day is how much the federal government is fining takata corporation. the reason? u.s. transportation secretary anthony fox says they are not
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cooperating with investigators. came ta cat the today's air bag inflaters can explode viewing shrapnel into drivers and passengers. at least six people have been killed. the u.s. transportation secretary says takata refuses to recall the air bags, some carmakers is issuing their own recalls. controversy and questions tonight following the release of details about a plan to retake the biggest city held by 150is. we know there an offensive set for april to take back the city of mosul. the iraqi arm let the group take its weapon but people are asking why announce the attack, why warn the enemy. experts disagree. >> i think the logic is to say that f. we can persuade isis to dessert without a fight, all the better. >> it will give those guy as chance to prepare the battlefield. >> so who will be fighting isis?
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the kurds and iraqi army, 10,000 hand picked forces, a few american advisers will help guide u.s. air strikes. if it's any comfort, we're not the only ones shivering through the extreme cold. >> one of the places hardest hit is nashville, tennessee. and as jay gray shows us people there are not used to bitter conditions like these. >> reporter: breaking the ice in nashville. where for this bachelorette party and for the weekend, getting cold feet isn't just a chance. it's a sure thing. >> we're not worried. we have options. we're probably going to try to see if we can get out and listen to music and hang out. if not, we have wine back at the hotel room. >> first responders say staying in may be the best bet for the next couple of days. >> if you don't have to be out, don't be out. and if you do have to be out, be prepared. >> though there is only so much you can prepare for. brutal conditions stretching teams to their limit, including
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these firefighters in massachusetts struggling to save a group of horses after a barn roof collapsed under the weight of all the snow. s winter that won't go away is taking its toll on millions from the south through the northeast. >> the freezing rain. >> reporter: looking to ease some of the stress tom travelled from philadelphia to music city. but his trip has hit a sour note. >> left philadelphia was minus windchill minus 19. and got here thinking we'd be in sun and fun and not so much. >> reporter: because there is just too much winter right now. thankfully there could be a bit of a relief this weekend. forecasters say many of the areas suffering through this arctic blast are going to warm up. jay gray nbc news nashville. trains are running in the nation's capital again after the temperatures forced transit delays. service was suspended on washington's metro system this morning after rails cracked in the cold.
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fortunately, the metro rail signal system can detect cracks before a train passes over. >> the blast of cold air may affect orange growers in florida and california for the next two years. while they aren't spernsing theexperiencing the same kind of cold the problem, new fruit trees are already blooming. if it they freeze over next year's crop will die before it even starts to grow. in california there are labor disputes, too. boxes of citrus sit rotting on the docks. the good news, we're only in the deep freeze for a little bit longer. >> thankfully for that. temperatures will warm this weekend. but the snow and rain come with the warmer weather. >> so snow comes first and then we're talking about rain and then those warmer temperatures move in. so i think the weekend won't be so bad. first alert weather day saturday. snow. this will be falling through the area mostly the second half of the day sticking very quickly to
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roadways. be very careful if you're driving or if you're walk around outside. once that snow fall it will stick to pavement. then it changes over to an icy mix come saturday night and overnight and in to sunday we're looking at rain warmer temperatures. here is a live look out at center city skyline. we have sunshine so hopefully the sun was able to maybe warm up your house today. but when you step outside, very cold. feeling like 4 degrees. and not even as windy as it was this morning. but still feeling like single digits, actual temperature 27.. 17. north and west, only 2. 0 in lancaster. 4 in northeast philly. south jersey and delaware temperatures here feeling just below 5. but the good news is as we go through tonight, winds will get lighter. so if you have those plans tonight, it will still be very cold, but the we said won't be a big factor. thousand we're watching snow off to our west. snow around chicago and atlanta. both of these pieces will come
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together and by tomorrow we will have snow falling and accumulating. so here is future weather saturday 8:00 in the morning, we don't expect the spoke aroundnow around just yet. 11:00 a.m. it approaches lee hey valley and the poconos. skiers will like this. by saturday afternoon that snow continues spreading across the area. accumulating because it will be very cold. but well below freezing. then saturday afternoon, 4:00 p.m., there you see snow covering pretty of the entire area. here's what we expect through the afternoon saturday. possibly 4 to 8 inches in the poconos. maybe 4 to 7 through thebp-cñ lehigh valley. 2 to 4 inches lower bucks county. this moves in to mercer as well as northern delaware. it won't last very long as we go into saturday night. watch how the temperatures slowly warm. saturday night into sunday morning, we start to see the containing over and then quickly we see temperatures warming to rain clearing sunday by noon, and then we'll be talking about
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some areas possibly in the 40s. so i think the second half of your sunday really isn't going to be too bad at all. especially when you see more sunshine and you get the warmer temperatures. for tonight, though frigid less wind around 9 degrees for a low around philadelphia. 2 north and west. so the wind not an issue tonight. still cold though. tomorrow the snow comes later in the day. mostly the afternoon showers. and then we see a change over to icy mix. be careful of that if you're heading out saturday night. and then rain temperatures will be staying in about the mid-20s to around 30 degrees in the afternoon. and then we go into sunday the morning rain will be around. look at the temperatures mid-40s possibly. and then we go in to mop, the cold air is back. we're back in the 20s. walk to your car could be painful enough but if you're not careful, your vehicle could become a casualty of the cold. extreme temperatures like this could cause batteries to fail and freeze to leak or gaskets and hoses to crack. as simple as it sounds, experts say the best thing you can do is let your car warm up to let fluids to circulate.
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>> average warm up should be anywhere from 5 to 8 minutes or until you get heat whichever comes first. >> not warming up your car properly could cause your engine to overheat. from bitter cold to snow rain and then warmer weather, it is the seasonal recipe that means just one thing. drivers love to hate. potholes. and lots of them. this weekend's weather will lead to even more potholes. next what penndot wants drivers to know and how you can help them keep the roads in good shape. and governor chris christie hurting his own chances for a white house bid. some republicans think he is. what they say he's done wrong and this is before even throwing his hat into the presidential ring.
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a look at radar. we're tracking snow and rain for the weekend. coming up sheena parveen tells us when it will arrive and how much snow we're expected to get. we've all been bracing on the steering wheels. snow rain dropping temperatures. perfect recipe for potholes. they're back with a venlggeance too. penndot vows to tackle the problem. this is some new video on their
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website. it lets people know how potholes form how they fix them and how to report them. speaking of which, our pothole portal is up and running. come to to learn how to report a pot the hole. an investigation into potential fraud by insurance companies handling hurricane sandy claims may soon expand into new jersey. two u.s. senators want the state's acting attorney general to look into insurance agencies that may have reduced damage payouts following the 2012 storm. a similar investigation is already under way in new york. federal judge is investigating whether they minimized payouts to hundreds. chris christie is hurting his chances to be president according to the "new york times". he has yet to officially announce a run, but the "times" says he's already trailing the field because he's losing backers. the report says some of that has
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to do with the fact he's not returning calls, he's showing up late for meetings and he's seemingly unaware that his excess tors have already made large strides. we called christie's office for a response and still waiting to hear back. even people who love the cold weather have their limits. >> believe it or not, winter weather can have a positive effect. cydney long is here to explain. >> and red meansnup numbers are in. wait until you hear how much money communities made in issuing traffic tickets. the governor of florida is heading to philadelphia trying to take our businesses down south. we're talking to business leaders around the city about what is being done to make sure philly's jobs stay in philly. and i'm tracking another round of cold weather and more snow. your hour by hour forecast before you head out the door.
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it looks like an arctic tour, but this is actually the schuylkill river. the effect of the cold conditions can be seen clearly here. nbc 10 today in philadelphia spring garden section, the
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brutal cold is proomting people to cover up as much as they possibly can. we're all limiting the time we spend outside. >> radar will bring rain and snow to our area tomorrow. in not to mention much warmer air. we have our sights set on that for sheena parveen is here. >> and we can expect snow and then milder temperatures. first alert weather day out because of the snow tomorrow. and it will be for mainly your saturday. snow will be falling tomorrow and it will be stick to go roadway, sidewalks and basically any surface very quickly. temperatures well below freezing. as we go into saturday night, whether he start to see the transition to an icy mix which could be dangerous on the roadways and into sunday morning, we'll see a transition over to some rain. so now we look off to the west. both of these pieces will will come together and take will give us snow as we start off your
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weekend. so future weather here takes us through tonight. we stay dry. saturday morning, we're dry. and then by 3:00 snow covering the area. is it if you ever plans tomorrow, keep in mind we will see snow falling and accumulating. philadelphia area around 2:00 to 4 inches. farther south we'll see totals around 1 to 2 inches before the transition over to an icy mix and rain. tonight temperatures are in the teen but they still feel like the single digits. coming up we'll talk about how cold temperature be tomorrow plus the snow. and how warm it will be going into your sunday. and the cold is not affecting a local crop. at least not yet. but there is the magic number farmers worry about. >> 10 degrees below zero is when the damage begins.
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cydney long is live to explain. i'm sure farmers are concerned. >> reporter: absolutely they are concerned when the temperatures get near or obviously drop below zero. they're also concerned if our temperatures would fluctuate really rapidly. let's say from going kldcold to really warm really fast. all by itself, the extreme cold would not serve farmer well. >> >> snow cover becomes an inside later. >> reporter: but the cold coupled with the snow and even this blistery wind. >> windchill is good for us because it keeps the air mixed. >> reporter: a terrible recipe for farmers like bill heritage who agrees plums peaches. so right now mother nature isn't causing any hiccups in protection but they're watching the thermometer closely.
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>> anything below zero normally around minus 10 can be detrimental to our fruit crops. >> reporter: as is dove field's farm. from the field to the market they don't want temperature it is to rise too rapidly to cause any budding crops to be confused by the cold to warm weather, then cold again. >> and bless ops are out and it could damage the crop. >> reporter: he says prices on store shelves are stable but it could change even if other states ship produce suffer frozen crops. to be one step ahead they're already growing summer tomatoes and peppers in green houses and shelling out extra coin to do so. >> fuel oil costs will go up because we have to keep the green house at a certain temperature. >> reporter: and we also asked a local vineyard in fer's interested in making the popular ice wines. their answer would you say no because they would need frigid
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temperatures like this every day. cydney long, nbc 10 news. >> the thumb of people who died from hypothermia is on the rise. a new cdc report finds elderly are most at risk for hypothermia. also people who are mentally ill, living alone and thosed a difficulted to drugs and alcohol. there are more than 13,000 hypothermia deaths between 2003 and 2013 with a steady rise in the death rate over that decade. and this is a dangerous time especially for seniors. as we get older, it is more difficult for our bodies to regulate body temperature. and that puts that age group at a greater risk for cold related injuries or even deaths. philadelphia corporation for aging takes calls from people worried about neighbors or loved ones living in cold houses. if they refuse or can't turn up their heat a nurse suggests piling on the layers. >> by layers i mean nothing
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tight to the body because you want the air to circulate amongst kror amongst your clothing. wear a hat, wear a scarf warm shoes and socks. >> and senior centers are safe warm place for older adults to go if their own home isn't warm. >> these are challenging times for firefighters. single digits temperatures are dangerous for local crews. not only are they exposed for so long but the water often freezes on contact. the fire commissioner says while it is challenging, there are things they do to keep their men and women safe. >> we have to do a good job of getting them rest and rehab so they don't get frostbite. they're fighting fires this these temperatures so it's very challenging. >> fire commissioner says it's important for the department to have enough crews so they can rotate firefighters in and out of service. with more snow and rain moving
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in tomorrow, now is the perfect time to make sure you're prepared. download the first alert weather app. it's free. you can keep track of the radar temperatures and the extended forecast. new information tonight about the red light camera program that just ended in several new jersey towns. tonight the cameras are down, but new numbers are in. the program generated $156 million in fines over five years. the cameras were placed at 73 intersections in 24 towns. supporters say the cameras may the roads safer. opponents say people paid more in fines than the state saved from preventive crashes and injuries. for months ton alddonald trump has ben fighting to have his name removed from the troubled taj mahal. and today a bankruptcy court judge sided with trump so now he can move forward with his lawsuit to strip the trump name from the taj. he says the parent company trump
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entertainment resorts let the casino go downhill damaging his personal brand. donald trump no longer has ties to that company. and nbc 10 was there as dr. benjamin franklin jr. led a discussion on diversity and education. al month pico is hosting events to commemorate those who shape the past and continue to make history. >> the cold weather is causing travel headache this is parts of new jersey and delaware. we first showed you this viewer delaware earlier this week as cape may-lewes ferry struggled in the ice. now the service itself has been frozen. >> and we aren't the only ones dealing with the extreme weather. next i'll show you the coldest and warmest places.
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limo driver shot. police searching for two men. new at 6:00, nbc 10 checks in to the company's history and how dangerous the job is for their drivers. also phony i.d. for teens. coming up out original was busted when one ended up in the dean's hands. plus a jersey shore town messing with the drinking water. the chemical lawmakers want to take out.
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the cold is cans listening service for the cape may-lewes ferry. all trips are canceled through 9:15 tomorrow morning. this guy can it his best to bundle up while installing this light fixture. and you can see how far reaching this cold air is. s s's reaching down to parts of florida. we're seeing mild conditions closer to the southwest. so if we take a closer look at how cold it is this is one of the coldest places in the entire country, only 5 degrees in buffalo, norg. syracuse with a windchill today of minus 23, but closer to hugh made, arizona assist a high of 85, an 80 degree difference. just for fun, we'll throw in
5:42 pm
alaska where temperatures are in the 40s today, but today officially our high at 18 degrees. so the big question, when will all the cold go away? we'll turn to sheena. >> that's right, the cold will stick around as we start the week epdend weekend. and we are tracking snow. i'll show you the updated totals and the timing coming up. fp the combination can take a toll on your house. it's important to keep the roof clear. we'll show you why this isn't a do it yourself project. plus a new rail line and an urban pier. still ahead, details of a design plan that could change atlantic city's landscape and help struggling economy.
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we have a first alert weather day out as we start off the weekend for your saturday we have snow moving into start the weekend. it will mostly be in the afternoon hours saturday. everyone will be seeing it and as it falls, it will start sticking pretty quickly. so driving could get dangerous come saturday afternoon. and it will see a change over to an icy mix and then changing over to rain overnight into early sunday morning. tonight it will feel like single digits. 2 in allentown, 0 in pottstown. four in philadelphia. and northeast philly. so the winds are not as high as they were earl i didn't today. they're a little bit lighter, but still enough to make temperatures feel a lot colder.
5:46 pm
winds will be light are than this morning. we have snow off to our west. locally we're dry, but snow around chicago and atlanta and this will move into start your weekend. . sat morning, saturday morning we're dry, but then snoefw will start to approach. by the afternoon, 4:00 p.m., almost everyone should be seeing snow. we could see 5 to 8 inches in the poconos. and for the lehigh valley upper bucks county chester, we could see 4 to 7 inches. around the philadelphia area, about 20 miles on each side of the i-95 corridor we could see 2 to 4 inches. then it transitions over as temperatures warm up. so saturday 4 ouk, we:00, we have
5:47 pm
the snow. as temperatures get just above freezing, we start to see more of a wintry mix take place. rain also. and this continues to move north. this will be ng rain lingering. mid-30s. but again, with this mix, we could even have freezing rain, icy roads. be careful if you're heading out. and by noon on sunday, we could see some peeks of sunshine. that will warm us up into the 40s. so it will be a much wilder day sunday and snow on saturday before that. for tonight frigid temperatures. we will have less wind around as we go into tonight. so that will make it feel different. then tomorrow we'll see afternoon snow changes over to icy mix, also rain. temperatures will stay below freezing tomorrow but they warm well above freezing as we go into sunday. and starting next week we get cold again. >> spring training feels more
5:48 pm
like fall in florida. >> marshall harris is in clearwater with the it phillies. >> reporter: trade rumors not the only thing blowing in and out these days. a windchill advisory this effect overnight as temperatures drop into the 30s into today's workout. as for spring training itself another player that could be traded speaking his mind. he was the highest paid closer in baseball, but now known as the one philly who directed a lewd gesture toward spectators. here is papelbon on his relationship with the phillies faithful. >> i think if you want a guy that goes out there and competes and grinds it out every day and is happy to show up to work and happy to be in the clubhouse, be a positive include, that's what you'll get from me. but i can't speak for everybody.
5:49 pm
i can't do that. just try to do my best. >> reporter: he says he has no regrets about signing in philadelphia. kind of like i have no regrets about being bundled up here in florida. that's because you better believe i bond bewon't bewaring that jacket top. temperatures expected to be back into the 70s. marshall harris, comcast sports net. >> not rubto rub it in or anything. our comcast sports nets team will be in florida. you can get news and krup dates with the nbc 10 news app. we want to tell you about a big boost for an organization teaching job skills to montgomery county teens. a $30,000 check from at&t. the money will support the norristown area high school
5:50 pm
program. the program teaches real world job skills. >> class basically just teaches you about the stuff that you like and technical skills needed. in new jersey gamblers who want to band themselves from placing bets on the internet can now sign up for a self exclusion list. the state division of gaming enforcement is offering the option. as of today, there are nearly 3,000 people on the self inclusion list. through no tuition increase at a local college thanks for sacrifices from staff members. they agreed to give up a 2% raise that was part of their contract with the school. basically giving the college back $420,000. officials say the extra money will cover a big chunk of the
5:51 pm
$500,000 budget deficit. the school is facing because of declining enrollment. it has been so cold lately. most of us haven't been doing much of anything outside. >> winter isn't the time to overlook all the snow and ice up on your roof especially with more on the way this weekend. next see why it's vital to clear it all off but not without the pros. then coming up on nbc 10 news at 6:00 funding desperately needed for local 911. the change needed to respond to your emergency calls.
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today service on the northeast corridor is running at half its normal capacity. amtrak blames the cut backs on the frigid temperatures, but says all passengers have been able to catch different raintrains. no word on when full service will be restored. >> the rain and snow combined with subfreezing temperatures spell trouble for homeowners. >> snow and ice needs to be removed before it becomes dangerous. but as matt delucia shows us that can be a dangerous job for the pros. >> reporter: as it starts to melt again it starts to freeze. and it adds more weight to the
5:55 pm
roof. you already have you thousands of pounds up there already. so it increases risk of roof collapses. and that's partly why matt the and justin are at this home. the homeowner wanted to get the leftover snow and ice off his roof. >> more ginkdangerous. if i fall, i'll be out of work. so getting this prevents me from gegt up on the ladder. >> not worth getting injured. >> no. too expensive to be out of work. >> reporter: knocking ice off the roof is just part of the job job. >> people at home, don't do this. absolutely not. >> reporter: the home's most at risk of collapse they tell me are older and flat the top ones like those common in the city. thousands of pounds of snow and ice can cause massive damage if it falls through.
5:56 pm
>> invest in buying a new home because not only do you have to get the structure reframed for a new roof you're also damaging roomses on rooms on the inside. so you're danmaging all that material. >> reporter: matt delucia, nbc 10 news. coming up next a fridge i had friday night with low temperatures in the single digits. >> that's into the thenot the only weather worry. >> yeah, saturday snow could impact your weekend plans. >> we're tracking the timing how much you can expect and the warm-up behind it. spraying water and sheets of ice, brutally cold weather is taking its toll on vacation homes at the jersey shore. >> most of the houses i'm finding that if the sheet on 55 that's not enough. >> how one woman is working hard to keep pipes from freezing. plus how a fake i.d. scheme
5:57 pm
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5:59 pm
this east falls bus stop. >> taking a live look at the frozen banks of the schuylkill river, some of the ice could break away when we see a warm-up later this weekend. >> but ahead of that warm-up, we have too get through the next round of snow and the typing could immapgtpact your plans. >> let's begin with glenn "hurricane" schwartz tracking the timing of tomorrow's snow. >> pretty straightforward here. we have a first alert weather day for tomorrow. but not the entire day. the moorpg is going to be fine. you have stuff you have to do, tomorrow morning is the time to do it. so tomorrow afternoon, snow comes in, it will come in quickly. it will stick quickly. the roads are very cold. any untreated road will be snow covered quickly. and it will change to an icy mix before eventually changing to
6:00 pm
rain. two areas of snow, main area is farther to the south. snow even in atlanta right now. we'll be dry tomorrow morning. you can see nothing around. but it's going to come in quickly around midday early afternoon, and by late afternoon, it's snowing everywhere. accumulating everywhere. warm air changing it to icy mix and then eventually to rain. the overall picture more snow to the north and west because it will be more hours of snow. 2 #to 4 inches along i-95, less south and east, 4 to 7 north and west. more in just a bit. sheena parveen has the extreme cold. >> a lot of you probably have plans and it is still going to be frigid. the good new, though and do i have newgood news we


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