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tv   NBC 10 News at 5am  NBC  February 21, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EST

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nbc 10 first alert weather breaking news. right now on nbc 10 news today, nbc 10 is tracking snow that will arrive later on anticipate mother nature won't stop there. tonight, a chance of freezing rain. right now, clear skies outside as we take a look over center city. a breeze out there this morning. the record cold is still with us as we get ready for the next storm. this is nbc 10 news today, i'm rosemary connors. 5:00 on this saturday. meteorologist michelle grossman is keeping tabs on the timing of this wet weather. good morning, michelle. >> we're kind of in the calm before the storm, a lot like last saturday where we'll have a quiet morning before the snow develops. we see the changeover to mix, overnight rain cold rain
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tomorrow morning. we're waking up to frigid temperatures. we're waking up to clouds as well, 13 degrees in philadelphia. look at allentown, zero 3 degrees in reading, 9 degrees in lancaster. lancaster, 1 degree in wildwood. you look at the feels-like temperature, feels like 2 in philadelphia, 10 below zero in allentown 5 below zero. radar showing us yes, we are tracking snow today. snow develops later this morning into the quickly at least for the start of the storm. the future weather as we go throughout time here here's the approach of the snow. by noon north and west of philadelphia crossing philadelphia throughout the afternoon. this is a look at 5:00. if you have dinner plans, take it easy. you may have to plan for snow across the area. then we'll see that warm air coming in. we'll see that mix by 9:00 changeover by 9:00 if you're still out and about. look to the south and east warm
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air by 9:00. we see that change over to rain. everyone sunday morning will be waking up to a cold rain before it's out of here. here's a look at the snowfall totals as we see for today, by tonight into tomorrow morning, 5 to 8 in the poconos because that's where we'll see the snow the longest, 3 to 6 north and west, 2 to 4 along the i-95 corridor and an inch or less along the coast and parts of southern new jersey. that cold rain on sunday and frigid temperatures in your seven-day, that's all straight ahead. if you have cabin fever and the snow isn't going to keep you in and you're going to get out of town good news amtrak is running on a normal schedule that includes the northeast corridor boston and new york and washington. this comes after four days of weather related disruptions. yesterday's service on the northeast corridor ran at half its normal capacity. amtrak blames the disrupted service on the frigid temperatures. it says all passengers this week
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were able to catch different trains. service on the cape may lewis ferry is suspended this morning, because of ice in the cape may canal and the delaware bay. here's video of the ferry trying to navigate through the icy waters. all trips are canceled through 9:15 this morning. officials say with the ongoing frigid temperatures and the storm expected additional service could be affected later on. the dangerously cold weather is being blamed for the death of this woman, police suspect that 80-year-old miriam renn. she suffered from dementia and frequently wandered away from her house. for the second time in less than a week moviegoers had to leave the theater early because of a broken pipe. this time it happened in new castle county at the cinemark theater. skyforce 10 was over the scene
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as customers evacuated. firefighters traced a burning smell to the broken pipe. philadelphia police say a fight over a woman is the motive behind the stabbing death of a member of nicki minaj's tour group. this happened early wednesday in east mount airy where 29-year-old devin picket was killed. a second member was stabbed but survived. investigators have identified three people involved in the bar fight and are close to making an arrest. the victims were in town rehearsing for minaj's tour set to begin next month. we are learning more about the limo driver gunned down this week in the olney neighborhood. they say that he was off duty when he was killed. police tell nbc 10 that he got into an argument with two men at nasher street and paber road. investigators don't know what led to the argument. so far, no arrests.
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the westbound lanes of the route 30 bypass in westtown chester county are back open this morning after this accident last night. skyforce 10 was over the route 30 bypass where a truck cab slipped on to its side. crews were able to pull the driver from the wreckage. it's unclear what the driver's condition is this morning. and what caused this accident. skyforce 10 was also over two separate house fires in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood last night. around 8:00 you can see the flames and smoke coming from a home on east madison street. nobody here was hurt. the cause of this fire is under investigation. and then earlier in the night, skyforce 10 was over a house fire just after 6:30. everybody got out okay. no word on a cause of this fire either. now to news from our jersey shore bureau it's unclear why a real estate developer canceled a news karchs thatconference that was
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supposed to detail plans to revitalize new york city. the company says that tuesday's news conference is off. the company cited what it called unforeseen developments beyond its control. the press of atlantic city reports that the president of caesars has filed a lawsuit accusing the tower company of trespassing on the property. nbc 10 has not confirmed that report. we have left messages with towers and caesars but have not heard back yet. in mercer county they'll go to the polls to elect fire commissioners and budgets. happening now more than 700 penn state students are dancing the morning away for the annual thon fund-raiser. the dance marathon got under way last night and will not end sunday afternoon. students stay on their feet for
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46 hours straight. it's billed as the largest student-run philanthropy event. the money raised goes toward pediatric cancer research. we know more about the fund-raising effort for the pontiff's trip and how much money organizers still need to raise. plus the recent blast of brutal cold has many people cooped up indoors but that means big bucks for some businesses. find out who's capitalizing on the winter weather.
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this winter, experience something new in new york state. from the exciting slopes of catamount. to the soothing spa at the gideon putnam resort to hours of fun exploring the strong, the nation's museum of play.
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you can find something for everyone with the i love ny app. so plan your winter getaway at or with the i love ny app.... and see what's next now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> a good saturday morning, meteorologist michelle grossman. we're in first alert weather mode because we're expecting some snow later on today. quiet this morning, clouds outside right now. frigid start to the day. snow develops later this morning into the early afternoon. winter storm watch in white. that's to the north and left of
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philadelphia. 13 degrees in philadelphia 0 in allentown, 1 degree in wildwood. here's a look at the storm. you can see in the southern plains approaching the area. future weather as we go throughout time plan on some snow later on this afternoon. we could see heavy snow at the start of this at least an inch an hour at times. we'll ten to watch that later on this afternoon, we binner time you're out and about, everyone seeing snow with the exception of coastal points of new jersey. warmer air works its way into the storm, ice in philadelphia points to the north and west. everyone will see the cold rain by later on tonight. snowfall totals anywhere from 2 to 4 along the i-95 corridor. a little bit more to the north and west. we'll talk more about the snowfall totals also exact timing of the storm and a frigid workweek, all coming up in a few minutes. breaking news in philadelphia's east mount airy neighborhood.
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a fire has forced residents out of their homes into the frigid temperatures. >> reporter: the fire marshal is here investigating but the firefighters have cleared the scene. from what we've been told this is still a preliminary investigation. but the fire marshal says it appears to be accidental. they were called to it just before 4:00 this north for a fire on the third floor of a row home here in the 200 block of shark neck about six people were inside according to the fire marshal. they were forced out into frigid conditions. let me show you the street here. as you know when firefighting has occurred when water is released from the hoses and it hits the pavement all of it ices over. this entire 200 block of shark neck is a sheet of ice. i have good news for the residents, that is that the department has arrived on the scene to place down salt and sand de-icing mixer and they'll
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work on the situation as soon as the fire marshal clears the scene. we'll talk to the fire marshal some more get an update on his investigation and we'll have that for you when we next see you. live from east mount airy monique braxton, nbc 10 news. crews are putting out hot spots from an apartment fire this is in camden county. nbc 10 is live at the emerald ridge apartments this is a live picture of the scene. the fire here broke out in a two-story complex around 4:00 this morning. flames spread to several apartment units with the roof collapsing, however, as you can see, it appears that the firefighters do have control of this fire. they're really just putting out hot spots. no one was hurt and the american red cross is helping about two dozen people who had to evacuate from this complex. philadelphia is preparing for pope francis. nbc 10 has learned that the fund-raising efforts to help pay for the visit is in pretty good
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shape. the world meeting of families has raised $30 million so far, that's two-thirds of the way to its goal. the money will go toward the coast of hosting the event, including security technology, transportation infrastructure improvements, support and labor. the world meeting of families will be help the last full week of september. the pope is set to visit philadelphia the weekend of september 25th and will say mass on the ben franklin parkway on that sunday. it is never too early to start thinking about summer, especially this time of year. this year some big names in music will take the stage at major festivals in our area. we'll have a preview, next.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> a 5:15 on this saturday morning, here's a live look at camel back mountain resort in the pocono mountains. they'll see the most snow with this storm in less than two minutes from now, about a minute
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from now, meteorologist michelle grossman will give you the big picture of this storm in her full forecast. that's coming up. the bitter cold weather we're enduring can be painful but it can also be profitable. casey spencer walks a dog walking business. freezing or not she bundles up and takes other people's pooches for a stroll when the dog owners don't want to go outside. she says layers of clothing and the dogs themselves help her to stay warm. >> a lot of them like rolling in the snow. it's really cute. they kick it up and chase each other and hop around in it. it's worth it. they wear sweaters. you can take the sweater off and they're dry underneath. >> food delivery is also big business in the subzero cold. the orders stay hot while the mercury stays low. take a look at this picture of a frozen marina in longport, atlantic county. nbc 10 viewer bruce cassella sent us this picture.
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there's so much ice collecting around the docks that several boats are now stuck. the dangerous cold turned part of philadelphia's overbrook park neighborhood into a skating rink of sorts. a pipe burst inside of a vacant home near 76 and brent wood. the water ran for days and left behind this icy mess. the water department tells us due to an overwhelming number of calls right now, it prioritizes based on severity. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> all right. a good saturday morning, meteorologist michelle grossman. we're under a first alert weather day once again. this is the calm before the storm, before we see the snow developing later this morning into the early afternoon hours. we're looking at potential for significant accumulations, at least to the north and west. we'll go over them in just a few minutes. otherwise we're looking at calm conditions right now looking at some clouds. it is a frigid start to the day. bundle up you'll feel that cold air once you step out. otherwise, saturday, snow it
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will stick quickly once it starts. the roadways are so cold especially on untreated surfaces. we see a change over to rain later on tonight. it will be a cold ran as we wake up on sunday morning. the feels like temperature, feels like 10 below zero in allentown, 2 in pottstown 2 in philadelphia to the south and east, feeling like 1 in mt. holly, 4 below zero in atlantic city and 5 in georgetown. as we look at radar we are tracking this system that will affect us today. over the next few hours we'll keep it dry before the snow does arrive. we'll see snow coming down quickly in spots once this does start before we see that changeover later on this evening. something to keep in mind as we head out this morning and even for your saturday night plans. temperatures cold 13 in philadelphia, 7 in mount pocono 9 degrees in lancaster, 4 below zero in atlantic city. that's the actual air temperature. 5 in dover and 3 degrees in wildwood. this is what we have going on for the national weather service. where you see the white, that's
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a winter storm warning. parts of bucks county montgomery county, northern montgomery county, upper bucks, parts of the lehigh valley berks county into chester county. we have an advisory where you see the purple along the i-95 corridor we're looking at lower bucks county southern montgomery county, parts of new jersey delaware where we have a winter weather advisory posted. here is a broad view of the storm that will affect us later on today. we'll see the clouds first. the clouds build in right now. we see the snow developing later on today, probably around lunch time to the north and west. it will scoot to the east as we head throughout the afternoon hours. the future weather as we go through timing here the weekend is important and that's why we wish that first alert weather day. by lunch time snow to the north and west. we're looking at clouds all across the area and this will slowly work its way in. by 5:00 we're looking at snow for pretty much everyone. it could be heavy at times as we head throughout the afternoon hours. then something interesting starts happening. warmer air works into this
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system. see the changeover in philadelphia. lower bucks county, southern montgomery county, parts of chester county, rain in parts of southern new jersey also delaware. then that warm air works in for everyone. we're seeing snow in the poconos but everyone is seeing that rain, we're waking up to cold rain on sunday morning before it's finally out of here. drying conditions on sunday. it will be a cold workweek. the snow forecast 5 to 8 in the poconos, 3 to 6 north and west of the city 2 to 4 along the i-95 corridor and an inch or less in parts of new jersey and delaware. today, plan on snow developing it changing to an icy mix and then to rain overnight. we're looking at temperatures around 29 degrees today. and then seven-day forecast 29. there's your temperature today. the snow changing over to a mix and a rain overnight. by sunday drying mostly cloudy. we'll start out with a little bit of cold rain. it's out of here pretty quickly. by 8:00 everyone starts the drying process. monday frigid winds, 28 degrees on tuesday with that bitter cold
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air. wednesday not as cold, 36 degrees. that's getting closer to normal and back into the 20s thursday and friday with mostly sunny skies. now to news from our delaware bureau the brewgrass festival is coming to milford in june. another sign the music is becoming a music destination. it combines bluegrass music and craft beer ♪ all about the night ♪ >> it's shaping up to be a big summer for music fans. carrie underwood, toby keith, blake shelton and florida georgia line are some of the acts set to perform there this summer. next in sports we'll head to clear water, florida, for spring training with the phils. we'll have an update on jonathan papelbon. what he has to say about the trade rumors and the state of the team.
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now your nbc 10 first alert
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weather. >> at 5:23 on this saturday morning, here's a live look at the center city skyline. clear skies right now, however, as the day progresses we are expecting a storm to move in and to drop snow and rain in philadelphia. expect anywhere from 2 to 4 inches. sixers gm sam hinkey got a first round pick. here's mcw being introduced last night. he got excited playing for coach jason kidd. here's mcw on his losing seasons in philly. >> i believe that you know i'm a winter. i won pretty much my whole life. these last year and a half has been a struggle. >> sam hinke says he was blown away by the offer of getting the lakers first round pick. here's brett brown on trading
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mcw. >> it's going to free up some things to put us in a position to better identify one of those, you know true great players, somebody that you'd label as a legitimate cornerstone of a program. >> sixers with debuts last night against indiana. franklin's first game also jason richardson first game in over two years. how about a big block. the newcomer magee, debuted dunk right there. the sixers lose to the pacers 106-95. let's go to clear water florida, for our phillies spring training update. here's marshall harris. >> cold spells come and go. can the same be said about jonathan papelbon? the question now is will he be traded by the phillies? he says he doesn't know. what we do know is he hasn't written off this season before it even starts.
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>> my opinion, i'm not so sold on this entire rebuilding. i know that that's one of the things that myself and some of the veterans are going to be coming into camp want to probably sit down with pat and rubin and rhino and say let's get a better feel on the state of the organization. >> if the phillies do decide to move papelbon he won't necessarily make a team guarantee that 2016 vesting option worth $13 million. in clear water, florida, for nbc 10 marshall harris comcast sports net. flyers shaking things up vinnie lecavalier is being replaced. voracek, they're being put on different lines. cam piece campisi is hosting tony.
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he shoots right there. go get 'em. i'm john clark. enjoy your weekend. two fires have forced people out into the cold. this one is an apartment fire in camden county. we'll have an update coming up. it's a cold start to the day. many spots feeling like below zero this morning. that's setting the stage for a snowy afternoon. here's a live look outside. we're looking at mostly cloudy skies, the clouds building in. we'll see the snow arriving later this morning into the early afternoon hours. also what you can expect as far as totals. that's all coming up.
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nbc 10 first alert weather breaking news. the first alert radar shows a storm system that will dump snow and rain on our region this weekend. we'll show you the totals in the first alert forecast. call it the calm before the storm, a live look over center city where it's dry right now, breezy but by later today, the wet weather will be hovering over our neighborhood. welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's just before 5:30 on this saturday. meteorologist michelle grossman is watching the winter storm. michelle, it sounds like everybody is going to get something. >> that's right. i think with this storm everyone will get something. we'll watch that as we go throughout the afternoon hours. everyone will start out as snow everyone will see a mix and everyone will end with cold rain.
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it will be an interesting storm. we're not seeing anything falling right now. it's dry this morning. it will be dry for most of the morning. most of the activity starts late this morning into the early afternoon hours. temperatures right now, zero in allentown, 9 degrees in lancaster, 11 in wilmington 3 degrees in wildwood. the big story this morning are the frigid temperatures. they're setting the scene for a snowy afternoon. it feels like 8 below zero in mt. pocono factor in the wind it feels like zero in wilmington. we'll see warmer air working in. that will change the storm system over to rain by the overnight hours. radar showing us yes, we are tracking the storm system and the potential for accumulating snow. as we head throughout the afternoon. so future weather we'll time this out for you as we go throughout the afternoon hours. i stop this clock at 1:00. you can see to the north and west, those county gets the snow. we could see significant snow to


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