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tv   NBC 10 News at 10am  NBC  February 22, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EST

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right now on nbc 10 news today, call it a one-two punch. after the storm dumped half a foot of snow across the area, now we're dealing with dangerous ice. here's a live look from storm force 10 showing us the frozen conditions out on the streets. how slippery is it? ask the divers who have had trouble navigating the slush this morning, especially on the hilly side streets. and here's a live look at the ben franklin bridge. if you can see it it's foggy out there this morning. speed restrictions are still in effect for drivers over area bridges, because of the conditions out there. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's 10:00 on this sunday. let's get right to that sunday forecast with meteorologist brittney shipp. and brittany there are some changes happening today, because the temperature is going to warm up just a little bit. >> that's right. the temperatures are going to push into the 40s, which will be nice as we head into the afternoon. but it will be short lived. we will drop right back down tonight. tomorrow, we're going to stay in the 20s. same thing on tuesday. but our main concern is take a
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look at all the snow throughout the city. icy spots, slick spots on the roads. even roads that have been plowed and treated. we're still dealing with conditions on our sidewalks and side streets, which are really icy, slick, and messy. so you want to be careful, whether you're walking or driving throughout the morning, until temperatures, at least, warm above freezing. so we're slowly starting to make some improvement with our temperatures, up to 36 in northeast philly. mid-30s in atlantic city and 36 degrees in millville. lingering showers right through atlantic city and starting to move away from cape may, which is good. so we're done with this moisture, but now the cold is going to settle in. and it won't be until after we head into the afternoon, with our temperatures warming into the 40s by 1:00 p.m. rosemary? >> thank you, brittney. the warning this morning, proceed with caution. there is ice and slush covering again, our sidewalks, our streets.
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this is the scene earlier this morning in logan square. you will definitely want to watch where you're walking today and take it easy while you're driving. nbc 10's jesse gary has been keeping tabs on the condition in manayunk this morning. jesse, are you seeing any improvement at all? >> reporter: rosemary yes and no. it is getting better but it's still tricky and deceiving. now, you see, we're on -- this is kingsley standing on kingsley, right at manayunk avenue. as you can see, traffic is moving down kingsley. i'll let this suv go past us. and he's not having too much trouble going down. but about 30 seconds ago, a woman in a hyundai tried to come up kingsley and she got stuck right over here on a patch of ice right around here so there are slick spots still on the roadway. so you've got to bear that in mind if you're driving. it may look clear and you may see vehicles moving up and down but you could still get stuck. take a look at our video. people are out this morning in manayunk and around the city. they've got their shovels, they have their salt and they are trying to clear the steps, clear
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the walk so they can make it to the car and shovel out the vehicle. we've talked to ken over in manayunk. he was debating about whether or not he should shovel last night or wait until today. and i'll let him pick up the story from there. >> i didn't really know if i was going to shovel last night, because i thought in my mind it might make it worse. if this was all snow with rain and ice on top of it it would probably be easier for people to walk. >> but it's just straight glazed over ice. >> it's just a mess. >> reporter: so ken went ahead and decided the shovel and that's what made it worse. just a thick coating of ice underneath, after he shoveled the night before. this morning, when you get up you might have to take something and break that ice and then shovel and then put down the salt to melt it away. and you want to try to get down to this. this bare pavement which is going to be a task this morning. we're live in manayunk this morning, jesse gary nbc 10 news. >> thank you for that jesse. from manayunk to north philadelphia, here is a live look around 12th and norris streets in north philly.
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this is from storm force 10 right around temple university's campus. they're dealing with that same kind of ice as well. this is a very different kind of snow and storm we had earlier this week. earlier this week it was that light, fluffy snow you could brush it off of your cars. but as you saw in jesse's video just a moment ago, as you get up this morning and head outside and try to shovel that walkway, you're going to have to dig into that ice to clear it. weather has certainly affected flights at philadelphia international airport. earlier this morning, an airport official told us that the airlines have canceled about half of the early morning arrivals and departures. they are expected to resume a full schedule in about two hours from now, midday. if you have a flight that you're trying to head out on today, if you're leaving today, if you're leaving the area or picking somebody up at the airport, be sure to check with the airlines first for the status of that flight or you can always call 1-800-phl-gate. some issues with septa to let you know about as well. if you take bus routes 2, 7, h, and xh, they are suspended because of the icy roads.
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there are some alternatives available. just be sure to check with septa for that information. remember you can always take the first alert weather team with you on the go. just download our nbc 10 weather and news apps to get first alert updates right on your smartphone or tablet. new this morning, investigators are looking into the cause of this row home fire in north philadelphia. it started just before 8:00 on north newkirk street. crews tell us that the flames spread to an abandoned home next door, but they had it under control within 30 minutes and everybody was able to make it out safely. now to news in north jersey as a family mourns a devastating loss investigators there will resume their work today to find the cause of the house fire that killed two young siblings. 6-year-old jayda mceachin and her 1-year-old brother, zion tony died inside the house in orange essex county. they were trapped on the third floor as the flames spread quickly on friday night. neighbors say relatives did everything they could to save
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the children. they even begged the 6-year-old girl to jump from the window. >> he was like jump daddy got you, daddy got you, and she wouldn't come. the oldest daughter was out here screaming and hollering, and everybody kept trying to go back inside with fire extinguishers, trying to get the baby out. >> one man tried to run back into the house to save the kids but firefighters pulled him away. seven people were home at the time of the fire. two of them went to the hospital. there's no word though on their injuries. in western pennsylvania a man is accused of killing his mother a retired college professor. the victim 72-year-old ruth shirey, taught geography for nearly 40 years, at indiana university of pennsylvania. her son is accused of beating her to death inside the home they shared near altoona. according to police, investigators were told that the suspect was being treated for mental health issues. we have some new information this morning about a bucks county man, accused of hitting a police officer with a stolen car. that man is now facing attempted
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murder charges can. investigators say 25-year-old matthew shipe backed the car into the officer, who was trying to stop him at a 7-eleven in morrisville. he then took off. the officer shot shipe and he eventually crashed the car. both the officer and the suspect are recovering from their injuries. happening now, the world's largest collegiate charity event dances on at penn state. only a few more hours to go. the three-day thon will run through this afternoon. hundreds of students are trying to stay on their feet the whole time. organizers hope to beat last year's donation record of more than $13 million. by the way, since thon began in 1977 students have raised more than $100 million to help young cancer patients and their families. a roof collapse from this weekend's snow. find out why it was a close call for the owner of this building. and even though the snow is over, the ice is still a concern this morning. whether you're out driving or even just walking on slippery
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sidewalks. meteorologist brittney shipp will be back after the break.
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all morning long we have been showing you live pictures of the conditions out on the roads, from the suburbs to the city. this is a live look from storm force 10. this is at 16th street right around diamond. in north philly around temples campus, you can see the roads out there are slick, they are snow covered in some spots. our real issues this morning have been the ice. even if the area is treated, you want to take your time because looks can be deceiving. keep that in mind when you head out the door. >> good morning. as we head into the next couple of hours, we are going to continue to see dangerous ice,
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slushy conditions also messy conditions as you head outside. whether you're walking on the sidewalks or driving on some of our overpasses you really want to be careful. the good thing is we're drying out and warming up but then cold conditions are back in our seven-day forecast as early as tomorrow. so a closer look at our first alert weather day, as we head into the rest of this morning, that's going to be our main concern is dangerous ice, and you just need to take it easy whether, again, you're walking or driving. so the 75 there, you can see barely anyone out. so hopefully people are staying home, because that's probably a smart thing to do if you can. for philadelphia 34 degrees, mostly cloudy skies, and then our wind speeds right now to the north-northwest at 6 miles per hour. so dealing with a bit of a windchill. but slowly our temperatures will continue to crime above freezing, and that's going to help us with some of the snow and also the ice. 36 degrees in northeast philly. temperatures in philadelphia at 34 degrees. i'll have your full seven-day forecast, coming up. certainly, the storm we had this weekend wasn't great, but things could be a whole loss worse. really haven't had a whole lot
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of snow this winter. here's what it could look like. snowpack on this roof turned on to ice and it collapsed this building in upstate new york. the lumber and custom furniture business inside is a total loss. nobody here was hurt but the manager says that he was inside the building yesterday, just hours before the roof caved in. firefighters say the lesson here is, be aware of any snow on your roof, try to clear it away safely with a roof rake. still ahead, a mileage milestone, we'll tell you just how far this suv has traveled and why the driver from pennsylvania says he's not let letting go of it just yet. and a whale's tail tangled in a fishing line. we'll tell you how this story came to a happen end.
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this morning, we're following a developing story out of new york. authorities there say that a former police officer killed two of his children before taking his own life. according to officials, glenn
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hoffman and his teenage daughters were found dead at their home yesterday afternoon. hoffman recently retired from the white plains police department where he served for more than 22 years. police in minneapolis are trying to determine if a man they have in custody is connected to the shooting of one of their own. the officer was shot just after handling a burglary call yesterday morning. authorities believe that the shooting was in response to that call. the officer is in fair condition. the suspect in custody was arrested on suspicion of violating probation, burglary and domestic assault. u.s. troops may be staying in afghanistan a little bit longer than previously thought. the new u.s. defense secretary, ashton carter says they're now considering a slow military exit. this m comes on the heels of his visit to afghanistan yesterday. while no decisions have been made yet, nothing set in stone, the president and carter plan to meet to discuss plans for a slow
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withdrawal next month. the move would keep a larger troop presence in afghanistan this year and next. two venues in the san francisco bay area have canceled shows by bill cosby in the wake of the ongoing sexual assault allegations against the comedian. the flint center and the wells fargo center for the arts postponed cosby's shows that were set for june. the venues have not rescheduled them. a petition has put pressure on those two venues to cancel the shows. more than 20 women have accused cosby of sex assault going back decades. he has never been charged with a crime. nascar fans are revving up for today's daytona 500, but they will not seat kurt busch behind the weal at daytona or any other tracks for a while. yesterday, an appeals panel upheld busch's indefinite suspension from racing. busch's suspension stems from an incident at dover international speedway. it happened last september. authorities claim that he beat and choked his former girlfriend. busch denies that. he is the first nascar driver
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ever suspended for domestic violence. he has not been charged yet with a crime. busch's lawyer has released a statement. it says that we are confident that kurt will be vindicated and that he will be back racing. until then we will continue to fight on his behalf by ensuring that the entire truth is known. a man in lancaster county believes in going the extra mile and getting the most out of his car, and by the most we mean half a million miles. wilson hershey owns this 1995 chevy suburban. it's showing its age a little bit. got a lot of mileage on it. on a recent trip, the odometer on hershey's vehicle hit 500,000 miles. he says he averages about 25,000 miles a year. his wife says he has a tendency to hold on to things. >> wilson always said he's had the same house, the same job, same wife so why not same car too? >> keeps the car, keeps the
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wife. wilson hershey says he'll try to keep his old reliable suv running, but when it tells him it's finished that'll be it. good morning. as we head into the next couple of hours, until our temperatures get well above freezing we're keeping an eye on dangerous ice. icy conditions slushy conditions, as you head out. so you want to be careful. we're drying out, pretty much done with this winter's storm, and lots of warm up as we head into the afternoon, but i am tracking another blast of arctic air, that's going to drop our temperatures about 20 degrees from today versus tomorrow. so it's still a first alert weather day until this morning, and again, until these terms are well above freezing. dangerous ice, and that's our main concern, is for the overpass the sidewalks the side streets, also some of our roads are very slick and also messy. we've been showing you all morning. really take it easy, we don't want you to slip and fall out there. and in philadelphia 34 degrees.
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wind speeds out of the north-northwest at 6 miles per hour and a closer look at our temperatures, which are starting to rise above freezing 36 degrees in northeast philly same thing in atlantic city we're at 36 in millville. 32 degrees here in pottstown. 29 still in the poconos. 30 degrees in allentown, and temperatures in reading at 30 degrees adds well. our visibility is still down. a foggy start to the morning. down to 3 in northeast philly 3 in wilmington, and 2 miles in reading. just take it easy really if you can stay home that's your best bet, at least for a few hours. and if you take a closer look a few lingering showers near atlantic city but most of the moisture is out of here. into the afternoon, by 2:00 p.m., we're in the 40s for philadelphia wilmington northeast philly, doylestown at 40. 42 at trenton. that's at 2:00. but right into your evening hours, we already dropped back down into the 30s. and if you take a look at what happened as we get into tonight, we'll start to see our wind speeds organize out of the northwest. and that means that's cold air
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that's going to be coming in from the northwest. that's going to set us up by tomorrow afternoon, 18 degrees, our actual temperature. our windchill will be a lot colder than that. here's how it's going to go. the arctic air is going to dip down monday into tuesday. early morning tuesday, it will retreat for wednesday, but right back down thursday into friday. so we'll start to recover with our temperatures, as we head into the weekend, but it's still going to be cold. the mild air the still stuck to the south of south carolina. our feels-like temperature, monday morning, as we head to work starting off at 21 but by late morning, it's going to feel like 10 degrees. it will feel like negative 22 by 8:00 p.m. minus 6 in allentown and temperatures will be back in the negatives as we head into your overnight hours monday night into tuesday. so a very cold next couple of days. once again, on tap for us. here's how it will all break down. our average is 45 degrees today, 42, but by monday we take a nosedive, temperatures at 28.
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seven-day forecast shows we are going to see those temperatures staying in the 20s monday tuesday, back to 30s on wednesday, thursday, friday 27 and 26 degrees. we want to show you this new video this morning of rescuers freeing a humpback whale that was tangled in fishing line for over a week. this is off the coast of hawaii. the 40-ton whale wasn't really able to swim wasn't able to use its tail to swim because the lines were attached to a bowie. two experienced divers cut the lines and the whale swam away. experts believe that the whale has a good chance of surviving the ordeal. you can't arrest him simply because he's a bloody immigrant. take your hands off my lobby boy! >> it is one of hollywood's biggest nights. we'll take a look at some predictions for best picture at the oscars. i'm jim rosenfield for "nbc 10 @ issue". join me this morning when our
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guest is u.s. senator chris koonce of delaware. business appears to be booming if delaware but could a jump in violent crime cause the good times to come to a screeching halt? >> this city has a significant problem with violent crime. >> we ask u.s. senator chris koonce about that and other issues facing the first state. plus a potential breakthrough against a damaging disease and it's happening right here. and a celebration of black history. one local group puts the focus on men. coming up this morning at 11:30, following "meet the press," only on nbc 10. jacklyn: our middle schools have classes that are devoted for test prep. my kids only have a half a year science and a half a year social studies to make room for preparing for the test. gina: we have no after-school programs, we have no freshman sports, we have no extra anything... okaikor: we're cutting those programs to make way for test prep. and we're not taking in to all the other things that makes a child whole. gina: we are setting our kids up to fail.
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today is a celebration of a new year in philadelphia's chinatown. the china's new year parade is scheduled to step off at 11:30 this morning on north tenth street. it will wind through the streets of chinatown, so drivers, keep that in mind because there may be delays.
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so the weather is not going to stop that parade in chinatown, but it is stopping the mummer's mardi gras parade in manayunk. it's postponed until next weekend. organizers made the call early on thursday after seeing the weekend forecast. the parade is a fund-raising event for the string bands association. again, the parade in manayunk is now set for next saturday morning, from 10:00 until 2:00. the countdown is on to hollywood's biggest evening. tonight, the 87th academy awards will honor the best movies actors and actresses. nbc's mark barger has a preview. >> reporter: life as a best actress oscar nominee is a tad surreal for felicity jones. >> you go to all these events and you're so nervous that you reach a point that you can't get anymore nervous. >> reporter: jones' "theory of everything" co-star eddie redmayne has gotten past the nervous, but airport security is tougher, especially when you're toting a golden globe for best actor. >> i saw the bag going through and i saw the woman stop the thing, and then go like close-up on this weird-shaped thing.
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and she's like i think it's an award or something. and i'm like -- and i -- and i -- and i zsh-- and i was praying they would make me open it up and they did. >> reporter: redmayne's performance of stephen hawking could give him an oscar to show off. "birdman's" michael keaton is seen as his main rival. >> i think michael keaton has a shot, but if i were putting money on it i would say redmayne is going to win. >> reporter: keaton certainly has his eyes on the prize, but the nomination and the career comeback were also victories of their own. >> look, you're talking about a dude that get up in the morning and goes two arms two legs lungs, eyes i'm -- i'm pretty much good to go. >> reporter: keaton's film about an actor trying to make a comeback has racked up numerous best picture honors. >> you guys ready to have some fun?! >> yeah! >> reporter: but so has the coming of age tale "boyhood," which followed characters through 12 years of filming. >> so i have a feeling that the academy is can going to go for "boyhood," because it's a little bit more of a film that tugs at the heartstrings than "birdman."
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>> reporter: tonight's wild card is the blockbuster, "american sniper." best picture and best actor for bradley cooper are among its six nominations. >> i think its best shot at an actual win will be in one of the two sound categories. not the most exciting wins that it could have but at least it would wouldn't then go home everyonehanded. >> reporter: but being handed any oscar remains a pinnacle achievement. mark barger nbc 10 news. >> in addition to the fashion at tonight's oscars that we i'm sure, will be watching we're also keeping an eye on the weather today. that's the big story. it is getting a little bit better, certainly has improved over the morning. >> yeah as our temperatures get warmer, which we're lucky we're going to push into the 40s today, but that will give us a chance to melt some of the snow. here's a live look at storm force 10. it's stopped right now, but you can see the snow-covered roads and we're dealing with icy conditions that are making it dangerous out there. you could easily slip and fall especially for sidewalks, some of our parking lots those
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secondary roads. you want to be very careful. we'll warm into the 40s, but an arctic blast sends us back down 20s monday, tuesday, thursday, and friday. >> so the same problems for this morning, watch out tomorrow morning. that's going to do it for us. i'm rosemary connors. for brittney shipp and everybody here at nbc 10 have a good one. "meet the press" is next and you can see brittney tonight at 6:00. she'll have the latest on the conditions out there. have a good one.
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narrator: gas prices are down helping middle class families. but now, the white house wants to impose title ii regulations on your internet meaning new government taxes and fees. every month: you'd pay more. 11 billion dollars a year in new taxes and fees. internet freedoms can be protected with the white house and congress working together, but imposing new tax increases through public utility style regulations will hurt middle class families let's protect the internet we love without regressive taxes and fees. no to title ii.
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controversy over how president obama talks about isis. >> doesn't invoke the sense that he loves this country. >> ask yourself. >> we're not at war with islam. we're at war with people who have perverted islam. >> really sound much different than this. >> by no means a war against islam. >> plus after another week of unspeakable atrocities committed by isis, the threat abroad and the threat at home. i'll be joined by homeland security secretary jeh johnson. >> as kevin spacey from house of cards moves into the white house -- >> there is but one rule. hunt or be hunted. >> we'll have a look at famous fictional


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